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         Math Students:     more books (100)
  1. Life Skills Math Student Workbook by JACOBS, 1997
  2. Package of 5 Everyday Mathematics Grade 4 Volume 2 Student Math Journals 2002 by Max Bell, 2002
  3. Mathematics: Concepts and applications. Student math lab manual (ITP Custom courseWare) by Carole Bergen, 1996
  4. Houghton Mifflin Math Chapter Challenges Grade 4 (Houghton Mifflin Math, Grade 4)
  5. MCP Math Grade 4 Student Edition by R. Monnard, 1994
  6. Illustrated Math Dictionary: An Essential Student Resource by Judith De Klerk, 2001
  7. Applied Calculus and Finite Math Student Solutions Manual, pb, 2001 by Garlow, 2001
  8. Maths and Statisticsfor Business (Essential Maths for Students) by Michelle Lawson, Stephanie Hubbard, et all 1996-03
  9. Investigations in Number, Data, and Space, Grade 3: Student Math Handbook by Economopoulos Russell, 2008
  10. Math Engagement: Teacher Resource and Student Activities (Math Activity Book, Grade 4)
  11. Investigations in Number, Data, and Space, Grade 5: Student Math Handbook by Economopoulos Russell, 2008
  12. Lets See Math Student Bk/Gr 6 by Edward Manfre, 2001-08-01
  13. Improve Your Math!: A Refresher Course (Essential Maths for Students) by Gordon Bancroft, Mike Fletcher, 2001-10
  14. Real Math Student Materials - Practice Workbook

121. New Brunswick Math Competition
Middle school contests available to students in New Brunswick, with results and problem archive.
New Brunswick Math Competition
New Brunswick Department of Education Students from across the entire province come to the Fredericton campus of UNB and the Moncton, Edmundston and Shippagan campuses of U de M to write a multiple choice exam during the morning in either French or English. With computer grading we are able to present prizes to provincial and district winners in the afternoon. While the students are waiting, the universities conduct tours and demonstrations of various university facilities. Some of the features of the competition are:
  • The competition rewards students for academic excellence for a change.
  • The interaction between universities and schools is promoted.
  • It is a bilingual effort.
  • We also have several sponsors - in 2004 they include CIBC Wood Gundy, Morneau Sobeco and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC). Click on their logos for more information.
Results of the 2004 Competition
Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9
Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9
Mailing Sent to the Schools for the Competition in 2004
UNB Program
The 2004 Program for those students writing at UNB has been sent to the schools for prior distribution.

122. Synergy Learning
Specializes in math, science and design technology for K8 students. Encourages life-long learning in teachers, and educational techniques through on-site workshops, short courses. magazines, and supply list recommendations, using everyday concepts.
Welcome! Synergy Learning International, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, engaged in publishing and professional development for educators, pre-K through middle school. We are dedicated to supporting schools, teachers and families with challenging science, math and technology learning for children. In support of this mission, we conduct these interrelated programs: magazine. We publish firsthand writing by teachers in our award-winning magazine. Get the whole story on Connect and our extensive archive of past articles Connect is now available to individual subscribers as a PDF version e-mailed as an attachment for $20.00 a year. Site licenses for the PDF version are available to schools, school districts and institutions of higher learning for $160.00 a year. Allows distribution throughout school or district.
Professional Development
. We design many of our programs to meet specific school needs and opportunities. Institutes are open to all educators Partnership Projects . We collaborate with others to extend the reach of our own efforts within our overall mission. . A listing of science, math and design technology resources to aid in problem solving, hands-on and minds-on work.

123. IPFW Math Student And Alumni Pages
Mathematics students and Alumni Pages. Student and Alumni web sites.
Mathematics Students and Alumni Pages
Student and Alumni web sites
See also: Former PI club officers Christian MacLeod President (2002-2003)
David Love Vice-President (2002-2003)
Angelia Niederhelman Secretary (2002-2003)
Stacci McVay Treasurer (2002-2003)
Jeremy Swander
President (2001-02)
Matt Smith
Vice-President (2001-02)
Deb Medsker
Secretary (2001-02)
Julie Slater
Treasurer (2001-02)
This page is maintained by the Technology Committee of the Department of Mathematical Sciences and was last modified by Adam Coffman on Thursday, August 28, 2003. To the Department of Mathematical Sciences If you have comments or suggestions, email

124. NASA Celebrates - A Century Of Powered Flight
A wide range of NASA online educational programs, products, and services that are designed to capture the interest of students while helping educators incorporate the exciting work of NASA's Aerospace Technology Enterprise into math, science, and technology curricula at all levels.

125. Mr. Titen's More Than Math Page
Mathematics teacher provides puzzles for students.
Go Where Ya Need To! Home Challenge Problem The Home Work Place Mrs. Mackinney's Place ... E-Mail Me: suggestions, comments, things to add. Hello, I'm Mr. Titen. I teach math in New Jersey. This site has many different pages. So check them all out. Contents descriptions down below. A WEEKLY MESSAGE FROM MR. T Hey check out the new problem... it's a real mailer... hehehehe.. bad joke sorry. Quote of the Week! Never Judge a Day by the Weather. mR. t :-) GOOD LUCK!!! See ya next week. Same BAT time, same BAT channel! Challenge Problem Here is the challenge problem for the week. For my student's it is extra credit. Topics are from basic math to basic algebra to basic geometry. Some use straight foward thinking, some need more creative lateral thinking. Are You Ready for the Challenge?!? The Home Work Place : Calendars of HOME WORK for all my classes. These cover the next two weeks of school and should be updated weekly. Mrs. MacKinney's Web Page A link to the coolest English/Science teacher in the school. Fun with Numbers Different tricks to do with numbers. Some use cards, some use dice, some use calculators, ..., all

126. NEU Math Student Seminar
Department. Student Seminar. About the Student Seminar. The students Seminar is designed and organized by graduate students. It
Northeastern University
Mathematics Department
Student Seminar
About the Student Seminar Schedule of speakers date speaker title Tues, 10 Feb. 2004 Alex Suciu
Northeastern University
What is a hyperplane arrangement? Tues, 17 Feb. 2004 Jose Pablo Pelaez-Menaldo
Northeastern University
Commutative C* Algebras Tues, 24 Feb. 2004 Aaron L. Bramson
Northeastern University
Game Theory: the Logic of Strategic Analysis Spring Break Tues, 9 Mar. 2004 Canceled Tues, 16 Mar. 2004 Himadri Mukherjee
Northeastern University
Proofs from THE BOOK Tues, 23 Mar. 2004 Marcus Fries
Northeastern University
A short introduction to the p-adic numbers. Tues, 30 Mar. 2004 Thao Tran
Northeastern University
Some Combinatorics of Hyperplane Arrangements Tues, 6 Apr. 2004 Stan Dubrovskiy
Northeastern University
Jets, camera, action!
Moduli spaces in local geometry and how to be natural.
Tues, 13 Apr. 2004 Dean Serenevy
Northeastern University
Cohomology of Arrangements The Northeastern Mathematics Student Seminar is being organized by Abdeslam Elhajjajy ( ), Himadri Mukherjee (

127. SAM - Students For The Advancement Of Mathematics
students for the advancement of mathematics. Hosts events and meetings. Includes recent news and fun links.
SAM : Students for the Advancement of Mathematics Hi everyone! We are extremely sorry about the lack of activity this semester, we have been very busy! Because of this, we have decided to hold elections for a new board. Please email either Ray or me to place your votes on anybody. With new leadership, the club might actually be active in the upcoming semester. Past Events : Pictures from the first talk and the Putnam exam Members Fun Links : For easy ways to have fun with math
This page was last updated: November 6, 2003 Comments? Mail to william lindsey or

128. Stevenson Learning Skills
Methods and materials for teaching reading, math, and basic skills to both learning disabled and regular students.
New Materials. See "Latest News." Our Programs: Stevenson Reading Semple Math Cursive Writing Essential Grammar ... Teaching Resources elcome to Stevenson Learning Skills the company that publishes the Stevenson Reading Program, Semple Math and other materials for teaching essential skills to both regular and learning disabled students. Our methods are unusual and innovative. We use established techniques like mnemonics (memory aids) and multisensory instruction in imaginative new ways. The materials accommodate common learning problems, such as attention deficits, phonological processing difficulties, memory weakness and sequencing confusion.
In addition to publishing, we offer training and consultation services. The Stevenson Language Skills Program covers reading, spelling and language arts. Semple Math teaches arithmetic operations, place value, word problems and more. Additional materials for teaching grammar, cursive writing and telling time is also available.
Visit Our Forums We have created both a Professional Educator and a Homeschool Forum so you can ask questions and get answers at your convenience. Receive responses from fellow educators, parents or any of our Stevenson Moderators who are attending to the forums regularly to help in any way they can. Click "

129. Science, Math, And Engineering Career Resources Science, math, and Engineering Career Resources. allows supervising PhDs to steal and patent inventions that were rightfully discovered by students.

130. Math Forum: Search Sci.math.num-analysis
Teachers and students of numerical analysis will find others who share their interests at the sci.math.numanalysis discussion list. Searchable archive at the math Forum.
Search sci.math.num-analysis
sci.math.num-analysis: Recent Messages Search the Entire Math Forum
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The Math Library Quick Reference Search ... Contact Us

131. Math Worksheets
Features printable worksheets for students to practice with.
Best Sites

Daily History

... Professional Development Enter your email address for
FREE weekly teaching tips! Worksheet Categories: Countries
Critical Thinking

Early Childhood
... Math Worksheets Types Of Math Worksheets Description Of Math Worksheets Go To Math Worksheets Algebra Equations involving addition, division, multiplication, and subtraction. Click Here Area and Perimeter Of a rectangle. Click Here Basic Arithmetic Over 200 Addition, Counting, Division, Multiplication, and Subtraction Sheets. Click Here Complete Math Workbooks Basic Math Workbooks. Click Here Decimals Addition, Counting, Division, Multiplication, and Subtraction Sheets. Click Here Do Now! (Grade Specific)

132. University Of South Carolina
Competition for South Carolina high school students. Sites contains results, statistics, problems and solutions.
High School Math Contest
University of South Carolina
High School Math Contests (1986 - 2004)
The Department of Mathematics at the University of South Carolina hosts a mathematics competition for South Carolina high school students. Our goal is to stimulate interest in mathematics among high school students and to recognize those who exhibit exceptional talent. If you would like to see the problems, solutions, winners, etc. from previous years, then please choose the appropriate link below.

133. The Science And Math Section Of Worsley School OnLine.......................
Comprehensive Science and Mathematics section with hundreds of pages of ideas and information for students, teachers, and parents.
Welcome to Worsley School OnLine's comprehensive 'Science and Mathematics' section, with hundreds of pages of ideas and information for students, teachers, and parents. Use the links below to visit the various areas, or you can search our site for what you're looking for. New pages are added on a regular basis ... check back often.
Science and Mathematics Sections:
Physics Biology Chemistry ... Science Links
You might also want to visit our extensive Social Studies and the Arts section for Language Arts, Social Studies, Music, and Art resources.

Our Science and Math section is now featured at ScienceMaster
Some of our pages have been selected as a featured site in Lightspan's StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the Web.
The Worsley School Science Files are meant to be a secure, safe place for students to find out about science and math, and our pages are written with them in mind. We have resources for all grades from middle elementary through senior high school, as well as specific pages for teachers looking for lesson ideas.
The Arts Section
Teacher Resources Student Resources Worsley School ...
Wunderland Website Design

134. Undergraduate Mathematics Majors
Trends in the mathematical Sciences an article for math majors who are of underrepresented minority and female physical science and engineering students.
Undergraduate Mathematics Majors
Graduate School
Summer REU Special Semesters ... Brochure

Free videoconferencing programs for K12 and college students and teachers that enrich math, science, and technology instruction; provide professional development, and facilitate communication with NASA researchers in an interactive, virtual environment.
2002 Telly Award
Program 8 won 2 Telly Awards in two categories: Informational and Educational Programming.
United Paramount Network (UPN) in St. Louis Missouri has agreed to include NASA's Destination Tomorrowª series in their summer program line up. Each videoconference connects its audience with NASA engineers, scientists, and specialists who will explore past, present, and future NASA research and educational opportunities. Discover exciting, content rich presentations focused on student learning, instructional enrichment, and professional development. Register today to begin your interactive, virtual NASA experience. Produced by the NASA LaRC Office of Education
Responsible NASA Official: Dr. Thomas Pinelli, Distance Learning Officer.

136. TSBVI Teaching Math To Visually Impaired Students
the reference site for Teaching math to Visually Impaired students, with links to materials, research, ratings and more.
Home Site TOC Site Search Education ... Presentations and Workshops
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse. (2003). Mathematics and science for students with special needs. ENC Focus, 10 (2), p 43. The web site was selected as an exemplary resource from the ENC Collection to illustrate this issue's theme of turning special needs into special opportunities. Eisenhower National Clearinghouse. (2000). Making schools work for every child. ENC Focus, 7 (4), p 66. The web site was selected as an exemplary resource from the ENC Collection to illustrate this issue's theme of meeting the needs of all learners. The catalog record printed in the magazine contains just the highlights of the full cat alog record. To go directly to the specific record:,1240,017234,00.shtm
About Susan A. Osterhaus M.Ed.
Secondary Mathematics Teacher
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
1100 West 45th Street
Austin, TX 78756
Susan has refined teaching strategies related to math content to enhance the understanding of visually impaired students. She shares this level of experience freely with colleagues at TSBVI, throughout Texas, nationally, and internationally through presentations, workshops, videotapes, publications, and curriculum development. Susan developed and maintains a math homepage on the TSBVI Website, a resource through which she further shares her expertise in mathematics. She answers specific questions from around the world on the homepage and through phone calls and e-mail.

137. Colorful Mathematics
Educational software presents advanced mathematics to K12 students in a game-oriented approach, using coloring and drawing techniques to illustrate concepts from graph theory and computer science.
Mathematics computer games
Colorful Mathematics is a series of educational software presenting advanced mathematical concepts to K-12 students in a game-oriented approach. The five games offered utilize simple coloring and/or drawing techniques to illustrate some state of the art mathematical concepts from graph theory and computer science.
Funding for this project was made possible through Industry Canada's SchoolNet initiative and through the cooperation of the Canadian Mathematical Society.
Chosen as a Selected Web Resource
by the National Council of Teachers
of Mathematics Illuminations Project

138. UWM Math: Student Information Page
Some students are drawn to mathematics because of the beauty they find in its structure and logic, others because it allows a deeper understanding of an allied
Dept. Contact Information





Alumni Page

Programs Actuarial Science Atmospheric Science Center for Industrial Mathematics
Mathematics is the principal language of modern science and technology. In such diverse areas as physics, engineering, economics, and computer science, most of the subject matter is presented in mathematical terms. In addition, mathematical techniques are now being used in many areas which formerly were non-mathematical; for example, history, political science, and biology. Some students are drawn to mathematics because of the beauty they find in its structure and logic, others because it allows a deeper understanding of an allied area of study. UWM SCHOLARSHIPS for undergraduate study in Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics

139. Stanford University Mathematical Organization
Bystudents-for-students math club.
The SUMO website has been moved to . Please update your links!
Math 50 Series Tutoring has ended for Spring 2003!
2004 Stanford Mathematics Tournament (updated!)
Current Events
Thursday Lunches
SUMO's weekly lunches are on Thursdays this quarter (Winter 2003). They are good opportunities for us to talk and to get to know each other. So if you have time, drop by at around 12:15pm in the grassy area behind the math building (between 370 and 380, by the math library book drop). You can get food at the nearby Thai cafe for $4-5. Feel free to stay for as long or short a time as you like, bring a friend, etc. We meet in the grassy area behind the math building (by the math library book drop); click here for a map.
Subscribe to our mailing list!
Our mailing list has very low trafficabout three emails per monthbut often has very useful messages.
What is SUMO?
We are the by-students-for-students math club on campus. Our events are open to everyone, math majors and non-math majors, graduate and undergraduate, etc. Non-Stanford people are also welcome. Some of the things we host are...
Speaker Series
A chance to hear Stanford faculty talk about various math-related topics. Hear about interesting topics and meet cool people. Also free food.

140. Cynthia Lanius' Lessons: A Fractals Lesson - Introduction
them understand what the weird pictures are all about that it s math - and that students in Mr. Lynch s class in Sandpoint,Idaho created this 12th iteration
Cynthia Lanius
Pictured: A Famous Fractal - The Mandelbrot Set
A Fractals Unit for Elementary and Middle School Students
That Adults are Free to Enjoy
Table of Contents
Introduction Why study fractals?
What's so hot about

fractals, anyway?
Making fractals
Sierpinski Triangle

Using Java

Math questions

Sierpinski Meets Pascal
Using Java
Fractal Properties

Fractional dimension
Formation by iteration For Teachers Teachers' Notes Teacher-to-Teacher Comments My fractals mail Send fractals mail Fractals on the Web The Math Forum Other Math Lessons by Cynthia Lanius Awards This Site has received
What are Fractals?
They're everywhere, those bright, weird, beautiful shapes called fractals. But what are they, really? Fractals are geometric figures, just like rectangles, circles and squares, but fractals have special properties that those figures do not have. There's lots of information on the Web about fractals, but most of it is either just pretty pictures or very high-level mathematics. So this fractals site is for kids, to help them understand what the weird pictures are all about - that it's math - and that it's fun! Teachers: Every lesson has a print version for classroom use.

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