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  1. Consumer Math: Student Activities by Peggy Paton, 1987-06-30
  2. Moving with Math (Conquering the CAHSEE, Student Activity Book)
  3. The Timbuktu Academy: the genius factory at Southern University.(mentoring students in math, science, engineering): An article from: The Black Collegian by Kojo Livingston, 2005-02-01
  4. Saxon Math 4 Student Workbook Part 2
  5. The Prentice Hall Guide to Scholarships and Fellowships for Math and Science Students: A Resource for Students Pursuing Careers in Mathematics Scien by Mark Kantrowitz, Joann P. Digennaro, 1993-08
  6. Harcourt School Publishers Think Math! Student Handbook by Harcourt School Publishers, 2007
  7. Basic Math Solved 2005. Teaching Students Math, One Step At a Time. Cd. by Bagatrix, 2004
  8. Teaching math effectively to elementary students. (The scholarship of teaching and learning).(teaching global, tactual, and kinesthetic learners): An article from: Academic Exchange Quarterly by Karen Burke, Rita Dunn, 2002-03-22
  9. Math Expressions Student Activity Book Volume 1 Houghton Mifflin by Dr. Karen C Fuson, 2006
  10. Package of five Everyday Mathematics Gr 2 Vol 2 Student Math Journals 2001 by Max Bell, 2001
  11. Basic College Math: Mymathlab Student Starter Kit by Margaret L. Lial, 2002-07
  12. Math XL Student Access Kit by Pearson Education, 2006
  13. Houghton Mifflin Math Student Manipulative Kit
  14. Real Math/Student (6th Grade) by Willoughby, 1991-06

101. ENC Online: Web Links: Digital Dozen
Each month the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse selects a dozen useful math and science sites for teachers and students. Includes archives.
Skip Navigation You Are Here ENC Home Web Links Digital Dozen Search the Site More Options Classroom Calendar Digital Dozen ENC Focus ... Frequently Asked Questions Find detailed information about thousands of materials for K-12 math and science. Read articles about inquiry, equity, and other key topics for educators and parents. Create your learning plan, read the standards, and find tips for getting grants.
Digital Dozen
June! School's out, but the learning is just sizzlin'! When the kids are sunsoaked and waterlogged, bring them inside for a digital cooldown. These Digital Dozen Classics were picked with summer fun in mind.
Check out ENC's Classroom Calendar!
Reality Show: The Falcons
Long before the current boom of reality television, the beautiful and stealthy peregrine falcon was putting on a real-life show of its own. In this month's featured Classroom Calendar entry, you'll find out how this graceful and plucky predator clawed its way back from the endangered species list and is now an intrepid city dweller on skyscrapers across North America.
June 2004
  • Amazing space
    K - 12 ENC#:
    Go wild in the Final Frontier! When it's too hot to be outside, cool off in the deep dark recesses of infinite space. Find out what the big deal is about black holes; make a batch of comets in your very own kitchen; or attend the Hubble Deep Field Academy and train to be a scientistall from the air-conditioned comfort of your own desktop.
  • 102. Beginner's Guide To Aeronautics
    The site was prepared at NASA Glenn to provide background information for secondary math and science teachers on the basic aerodynamics of airplanes. students of all ages are welcomed.
    NASA Glenn Research Center
    The Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics
    Welcome to The Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics
    How do airplanes work? Why does a wing change shape on takeoff and landing? Index
    Guided Tour
    Beginner's Guide to Propulsion
    How do jet engines work? Why are there different kinds of jet engines? Index
    Guided Tour
    Beginner's Guide to High Speed Aerodynamics
    What is a shock wave? What happens in hypersonic flow? Index
    Guided Tour
    Beginner's Guide to Model Rockets
    The Beginner's Guide to Model Rockets will show you the basic math and physics that govern the design and flight of model rockets. Index
    Guided Tour
    Beginner's Guide to Kites
    The Beginner's Guide to Kites will show you the basic math and physics that govern the design and flight of kites. Index Guided Tour I n the 21st century, airplanes are a normal part of everyday life. We see them fly over, or read about them, or see them on television. Most of us have traveled on an airplane, or we know someone who has. Do you ever wonder how airplanes fly? What causes the lift that gets the airplane off the runway? How does a pilot control the movement of the airplane? Why are the engines on an airliner different from the engines on a fighter plane? How does aerodynamics affect the flight of a model rocket or a kite? The information at this site is provided by the NASA Glennn Learning Technologies Project (LTP) to give you a better understanding of how aircraft work.

    103. The Math Forum Home Page
    Resources, problems and forum for teachers and students in mathematics.

    What's New
    Join an Upcoming PoW-Wow
    Varnelle's New Primary Math Unit

    Order Dr. Math Algebra books

    Forum Features
    Search for Math

    or browse our



    Ask Dr. Math
    ... in Math Innovations and Concerns About the Forum Join the Forum Awards Text-Only Home Page

    104. CAARMS, The Council For African And Americans In The Mathematical Sciences
    CAARMS addresses critical issues involving AfricanAmerican researchers and graduate students in the mathematical sciences.
    CAARMS, The Council for African and Americans in the Mathematical Sciences CAARMS main page CAARMS, the Council CAARMS Books HISTORY This organization became known as the Conference for African-American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences (CAARMS).
    Since opening 5/25/97, visitors to MATHEMATICIANS OF THE AFRICAN DIASPORA Black Research Mathematicians Profiles of all Black Mathematicians Modern Historical Significance ... Sources/References
    These web pages are brought to you by The Mathematics Department of
    The State University of New York at Buffalo
    created and maintained by
    Dr. Scott W. Williams
    Professor of Mathematics

    Curriculumbased lessons and practice tests in math, English, chemistry, physics, and biology. Created especially for middle and high school students.

    Forgot My User ID or Password's mission is to create the best possible educational software and services for middle school, high school, and college students. It is our hope that our creative, innovative and interactive products can empower students of all ages to achieve their educational goals.

    106. The Students
    What would you like to know more about? Current students mathematics Alumni. USF math Club. Last Modified 15 Sept, 2001. USF Home, Search USF.
    What would you like to know more about?
    Last Modified 15 Sept, 2001.

    107. Materials For Linear Algebra: Mathematica
    A group of tutorial notebooks to assist students studying Linear Algebra topics.
    Materials for Linear Algebra: Mathematica
    Modules Helper Application Tutorial Systems of Linear Equations Matrix Arithmetic Inverses and Elementary Matrices ... Linear Transformations

    108. Math And Computer Science - Students
    Home students - mathematics students. mathematics Majors/Minors. ZYBURA, KRISTEN ANN. Last Modified Apr 2004 Maintained by math/CS @ (bgw).
    Math and Computer Science Contact Search Help
    • News ... Students
      Mathematics Majors/Minors
      Data collected for Academic Year 2003/04.

    109. Math Forum: Search Sci.stat.math
    Teachers and students of probability and statistics will find others who share their interests at the sci.stat.math discussion list.
    Search sci.stat.math
    sci.stat.math: Recent Messages Search the Entire Math Forum
    Find items containing:
    Click only once for faster results:
    Do you want to find items that have:
    at least one of your keywords, all, in any order, or that exact phrase? Do you want to find items containing your keywords as:
    complete words only, or as parts of other words as well?
    The Math Library Quick Reference Search ... Contact Us

    110. MS: A Math Website
    A Learning Site for Middle School students. Some Great math Sites To Visit! About The Numbers In Today s Date This site was created
    A Learning Site for Middle School Students
    Some Great Math Sites To Visit!
  • About The Numbers In Today's Date
    This site was created by Richard Phillips at the University of Nottingham.
    A Suggestion
    Visit this site. Read all about today's date. Then do the same thing he did - for tomorrow's date or for your birthday - without peeking.
    Beat the Calculator!

    Much thanks to The Math Forum for this website.
    A Suggestion
    Check out this site and learn how to do mental math FAST. Then put a handout together for your classmates. Share five things that you learned using your own words and your own examples. Make sure your explanations and your example problems are clear.
    Brain Teasers

    Much thanks to the Houghton Mifflin Company for this website.
    A Suggestion Ponder, ponder, ponder! Join forces with a classmate, go to this site and solve one or two of these brain teasers. Another Suggestion Find a brain teaser that you want to solve. Print it out. Solve it. Then share that problem and your solution with a friend. Be prepared to explain HOW you solved it.
  • 111. Abstract And Linear Algebra :: Index
    A forum for students on abstract algebra and linear algebra.
    Abstract and Linear Algebra
    A worldwide classroom on abstract algebra and linear algebra with the internet as blackboard and students as teachers.
    FAQ Search Memberlist Usergroups Register Profile Log in to check your private messages Log in
    The time now is Sun Jun 06, 2004 2:33 am
    Abstract and Linear Algebra Forum Index
    View unanswered posts Forum Topics Posts Last Post Category: abstract and linear algebra General Discussion
    Discussion of all topics related to abstract and linear algebra.
    Moderators Moderator edwin connell buka Sun Apr 18, 2004 10:56 pm
    Discussion of Textbook

    Discussion of topics directly or indirectly related to the online textbook Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra
    Moderators Moderator edwin connell buka Mon Jan 12, 2004 10:52 pm
    Mark all forums read All times are GMT - 4 Hours Who is Online Our users have posted a total of articles We have registered users The newest registered user is In total there are users online :: Registered, Hidden and 2 Guests [ Administrator Moderator Most users ever online was on Sun Sep 08, 2002 1:50 pm

    112. Education Place
    Elementary resources for teachers, students, and parents. Includes reading/language arts, math, science, and social studies centers, intervention, professional development, searchable activity database, educational games, and textbook support.
    K-8 resources for teachers, students, and parents. Includes Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Intervention, Professional Development, activities, games, and textbook support.
    Find out all about the ninth annual Summer Contests for educators and students. Monthly Theme: Safety Review safe practices with students during National Safety Month. Check students' safety savvy with the "Fire Safety" quiz (PDF file). Or have students try the Minnesota Safety Council's Snappy Surfari, a game that provides messages about how to be safe in cars. Monthly Theme: Summer Fun Start the summer fun early. Have younger students imagine themselves enjoying the summer in the "Summer" activity (PDF file). Wacky Web Tales Students can take a wacky trip to "The Beach." Current Events The European Union votes on its new constitution this month. This month's Current Events article tells about the recent big changes to the European Union and how these changes may affect people around the world. "An Ancient Treasure Fished from the Sea" describes the newly-found statue of a mythological Greek creature and explores whether it might be a rare work by a great sculptor.

    113. Achievement Technologies, Inc. : Educational Software And Online Tutoring
    Online tutoring and instruction helps students in K12 and adults master skills in reading, writing, math, language, and science. Subscription-based. Web interface delivers diagnostic tests, prescribed tutorials, and reports.

  • SkillsTutor
  • Learning MileStones
  • K-2 Learning MileStones
  • SkillsBank ...
  • Citizenship Skills
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Individualized, Assessments, Accountability
  • Supplemental Teaching Tools
  • Before, After, During Class
  • Summer School, Special Ed, GED
  • Workforce Productivity

  • Customer Rewards
    Distance Learning Report NEW Accountability Reports Effective Schools Research ... 1 Million Users MileStone Event Westbury, NY Superintendent, Dr. Constance Clark shares, "We hope to see continued gains using SkillsTutor. The program not only serves our home and hospital bound students, but is also available to our general student population who wish to improve their skills and test scores." more ...
    All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  • 114. High School Aerospace Scholars :: Home Page
    An interactive online learning experience highlighted by a week-long internship where selected students are encouraged to study math, science, engineering, or computer science by interacting with engineers at the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC).
    Welcome, Guest. About The Program Students Teachers Mentors / Co-ops ... Highlights June 06, 2004 Lessons Sign In Welcome to the High School Aerospace Scholars (HAS) Website.
    Check out NASA's new vision: "A Renewed Spirit of Discovery" This Page was Last Modified : 05/21/2004 02:19:15 PM Curator : Wendy Busscher Arturo Sanchez
    Web Accessibility and Policy Notices

    NASA Home
    ... JSC Education Home

    115. Math Student Activities At St. Norbert College
    math Competitions. Some students enter mathematics competitions such as the Putnam Exam and modeling contests. A team of three students from St.
    Activities for Mathematics Students
    Mathematics Home Page
    St. Norbert College Home Page

    • Math Club. SNC Math Club
      The Sigma Nu Delta mathematics club provides a means by which students who enjoy mathematics can congregate and organize social, academic, and community service activities. Dr. Poss is the advisor.
      The math club homepage provides several math related links.
    • Honor Society. National PME Mathematics Honor Society
      The St. Norbert College chapter of the Pi Mu Epsilon mathematics honor society works with the Math Club to organize a conference each November. Conference Information . Students give mathematical presentations at this and other regional and national conferences. Dr. Poss is the advisor.
      Two St. Norbert College students received cash awards for their talks at the Mathematical Association of America's summer meeting in Los Angeles in August, 2000. In August 2001, at the meeting in Madison, for the second year in a row, Erin Bergman received an award for her presentation.
      Dr. Poss received the C.C. MacDuffe Award for Distinguished service

    116. Dodge's Math Site
    Geometry, algebra and prealgebra help site, including assignments, important dates, and quizzes for his students.

    117. Can Do Kids Home Page
    Videotapes to exercise and memorize simultaneously. Information on products that teach students to memorize their math facts while engaging in physical exercise.
    Can Do Kids Videotapes Welcome to the Can Do Kids Web Site. At this site you will find out what the biggest gap in Christian Home School education is and how we can fill it. You will learn about learning styles, what they are and how you can use them for your benefit. You will see how our videotapes make learning math facts and concepts so fun and easy that your kids will ask to watch them over and over. Can Do Kids Videotapes Christian Home Education Meet The Can Do Kids Learning Styles Physical Fitness Fundamentals Web Page Feedback Request Information
    Buying and product questions:
    Can Do Kids Videotapes
    P.O. Box 1925
    Oakdale, CA 95361
    209-881-0893 TEL
    209-881-3901 FAX

    118. The Maine Page - Math Problems For High School Students
    Creative and challenging math problems appropriate for high school students, updated weekly. Questions are archived.

    The Problem Site

    The Maine Page
    The problems on this page are designed to help Maine math students prepare for the MAML competitions. Most problems will be approximately as difficult as a five-point individual problem, and when practical, I will write problems that incorporate more than one round of the upcoming meet.
    This page is maintained by Sasha Joseph.
    On Vacation
    This page is currently on vacation. Please check back later.
    'The Maine Page' is maintained by Sasha Joseph , who writes:
      "I'm a freshman undergraduate math major at NYU's College of Arts and Sciences. I competed in MAML when I was in high school."

    The Problem Site is designed and maintained by Virtu Software , a software company specializing in educational software solutions for both schools and homeschools. We encourage you to visit our site and learn about other great educational resources.
    Check It Out
    MathMadness Zany and fun online math competition designed for high school students. Open in this window Current Problem Previous Problem Problem Archive ... Online Games

    119. X101: Learning Strategies For Math: Student Academic Center, Indiana University
    X101 Learning Strategies for math, students Academic Center, Indiana University Bloomington. Student Academic Center
    Courses Staff Information Employment Student Advice to Students ... FAQs
    X101: Learning Strategies for Math
    • Semester course 2 credit hours Letter grade In addition to scheduled class times, students will attend a one-hour peer learning group weekly (times to be arranged) Additional support is provided in the form of specific M118 tutors who are reserved and assigned to work only with X101 students. For information related to current sections, dates, and times, you can consult the Schedule of Classes under Insite . When using the Schedule of Classes to review any current section listing of courses on campus, you will need to know the department (EDUC) and course number (X101) and title (Learning Strategies for Math).
    ..."M118 is "word" problems, not math! When I learn how to do one, the next one is totally different. How can I do a problem I've never seen before if I haven't been shown how?" ..."I've never taken a math course where the exams are multiple choice. Are there math study strategies that can prepare me?"

    120. K-8 Kids' Place
    Free games, activities, and resources for students studying math, reading, social studies and science.
    Kids' games and activities for math, reading, language arts, social studies, and more!
    Children's Privacy Statement
    About Kids' Place Frequently Asked Questions Send Questions and Comments ... Privacy Statement

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