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         Math Students:     more books (100)
  1. Investigations in Number, Data, and Space, Grade 4: Student Math Handbook by Economopoulos Russell, 2008
  2. Fundamentals of Math Student Text Grd 7 - (Softcover) by Hal, III Oberholzer, 1994-06-30
  3. Today's Math: Student Workbook Grade 1 Daily Practice - Mixed Review - Test Prep by Scott Foresman, 2005
  4. Investigations in Number, Data, and Space, Grade 2: Student Math Handbook by Economopoulos Russell, 2008
  5. Theory and Problems for Senior High Math - Student Wookbook - Third Editon by R.J. MICKELSON, 2001
  6. Everyday Mathematics, Florida Student Math Journal, Vol. 2, by The University of Chicago, 2004
  7. Miquon Math All Six Student Workbooks
  8. Florida Student Math Journal, Everyday Mathematics, ISBN 0076000311 (The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project, Volume 2, Student Edition--4th Grade) by McGraw-Hill/SRA, 2004
  9. Everyday Mathematics: Student Math Journal 1 by Max Bell, Jean Bell, et all 2004-10
  10. Everyday Mathematics, Grade 4 - Student Math Journal, Volume 2 by University of Chicago, 2007
  11. Mastering Math - Every Student in All Schools by NBCT, Ph.D. Susan Elizabeth Neece, 2007
  12. Package of Five Everyday Mathematics Grade 5 Volume 2 Student Math Journals (The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project) by Max Bell, 2002
  13. PRACTICAL BUS MATH PROCEDURES With Student DVD, WSJinsert,BMathHandbook by Jeffrey Slater, 2007-10-17
  14. Saxon Math 2 Student Workbook Part 1 Nancy Larson by nancy larson, 2004

81. Our First Grade Backpack
Sites appropriate for first grade students. Includes links about reading, math, science, and geography.

Contains many of the definitions and theorems from the area of mathematics generally called abstract algebra. Intended for undergraduate students taking an abstract algebra class at the junior/senior level, as well as for students taking their first graduate algebra course.
This site contains many of the definitions and theorems from the area of mathematics generally called abstract algebra. It is intended for undergraduate students taking an abstract algebra class at the junior/senior level, as well as for students taking their first graduate algebra course. It is based on the books Abstract Algebra , by John A. Beachy and William D. Blair, and Abstract Algebra II , by John A. Beachy. The site is organized by chapter. The page containing the Table of Contents also contains an index of definitions and theorems, which can be searched for detailed references on subject area pages. Topics from the first volume are marked by the symbol and those from the second volume by the symbol . To make use of this site as a reference, please continue on to the Table of Contents.
TABLE OF CONTENTS (Frames version)
Interested students may also wish to refer to a closely related site that includes solved problems: the
OnLine Study Guide for Abstract Algebra
Abstract Algebra Second Edition , by John A. Beachy and William D. Blair

83. FlashCardMath Offering Free Printable Math Work Sheets, Free Printable Math Flas
A learning tool which teaches the multiplication table and simple division to elementary school students. Free to schools. Free printable flash cards and math worksheets.
Home AboutUs Products Fundraising ... Print your own FlashCards . Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication Flash Cards. [more...] Animated Flash Cards . A fun and entertaining way to learn and practice simple Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Click here to try it, you'll like it! [more...] Earn Money - Use FlashCardMath to raise money for your school, yourself or your organization. For School Fundraising or... [more...] FREE Print your own Work Sheets Addition, Division, Subtraction and Multiplication Worksheets. Dynamic Worksheets...develop thousands of different worksheets and work sheet keys. [more...] Use our Worksheet Generator for FREE . Develop your own worksheets. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division work sheets. Single or multiple digits, decimals or not, regrouping, simple to not so decide. [more...]

84. Math Biographies
Mathematicians are ones who have studied pi, have used pi in their work or were chosen by students for personal reasons.
Mathematics Biographies
The following list are biographies that have been submitted by students participating in the Mathematics project. The mathematicians are ones who have studied , have used in their work or were chosen by students for personal reasons. If you wish to add to this list submit your biography on the History page.
Muhammed idn Musa Al-Khwarizmi
Muhammed was born in 780 A.D. and died in 850 A.D. He was an Arabic mathematician who introduced the Hindu decimal system and the use of zero into Arabic mathematics. He also extended the work of Diophantis on algebraic equations in a book, the title which included the word al-jabr (transposition) from which the modern word algebra is derived. I chose this mathematician because he sounded interesting, and important to the world of mathematics. Jennifer, 1996
Archimedes of Syracuse
Although no one knows for sure, people speculate that Archimedes was born sometime around 287 B.C. As a boy he probably attended school in Alexandria, which was the center of Greek learning. After school Archimedes went to live in Syracuse, Sicily, which was then a Greek colony. Here he did much work for the king, Hiero. Archimedes made many discoveries in Math and Physics. One of his mathematical advances was with pi. Archimedes found a way to determine a more exact value of pi. He showed the value of pi was somewhere between 3 1/7 and 3 10/71. This discovery made it possible to solve many problems relating to the area of a circle and the volume of cylinders. Another invention was that of a new type of numeration system. Archimedes' new system worked much better with large numbers than the Roman and Greek systems.

85. - World Of Math Online
algebra, geometry and beyond. students, teachers, parents, and everyone can find solutions to their math problems instantly.,
Home Teacher Parents Glossary ... Email this page to a friend Select Subject Basic Math
Everyday Math



New Game


Math Super Fighters

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Square Roots
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86. Singapore Math, Singapore Bookstore, Singapore Education, Singapore Maths, Singa
Free English and math online educational and leisure resources, books, worksheets, stories, club memberships and other freebies for students, teachers, parents and home tutors.
var date = ""; var currency = "eu"; var currName = "EUR"; var US199 = "1.55"; var US3 = "2.33"; var US6 = "4.67"; var US7 = "5.45"; var US9 = "7.00"; var US999 = "7.77"; var US10 = "7.78"; var US12 = "9.34"; var US15 = "11.67"; var US16 = "12.45"; var US19 = "14.78"; var US20 = "15.56"; var US21 = "16.34"; var US23 = "17.89"; var US25 = "19.45"; var US27 = "21.01"; var US28 = "21.78"; var US29 = "22.56"; var US32 = "24.90"; var US30 = "23.34"; var US36 = "28.01"; var US375 = "29.18"; var US38 = "29.57"; var US39 = "30.34"; var US49 = "38.12"; var US74 = "57.57"; var US60 = "46.68"; var US63 = "49.02"; var US81 = "63.02"; var US90 = "70.02"; var US101 = "78.58"; var US122 = "94.92"; SGBox Singapore's Best Selection We deliver worldwide Search and browse thousands of products and free stuff updated daily.
Book Store
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87. Quiz Hub
online interactive learning quizzes that help K12 students enhance their core knowledge of language arts, foreign languages, social studies, math, and science
- The Center for Fun Online Interactive Learning Quizzes -
Free Quizzes
Spelling Pictures
Compound Words

Multiplication Facts

Equivalent Fractions
Chemical Elements

Free Trial for Teachers Request a Free Trial for Your School
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Hundreds of Quizzes Subscribe Chess Game Chess Puzzles ... Word Games June 5, 2004 Current Events Daily News Quiz Daily Test Prep Today in History ... Word of the Day Spelling Character Traits Computer Terms Halloween Words Poetry Vocabulary ... Words with ei / ie Vocabulary Animal-like Polygons Prefixes: im- Roots: -vor- ... Suffixes: -ology Learning Hubs Kids Hub Middle School Hub High School Hub Homeschool Hub ... Teachers Hub This site requires the latest version of the Free Flash Player Quiz Hub subscriptions include full access to Spelling Hub and Words Hub Subscription Information english language arts biology chemistry geography history math science social studies educational software elementary enrichment activities instructional technology home school curriculum teaching resources interactive lessons educational games 534 Village Blvd North, Baldwinsville NY 13021 USA

88. A Message To Students
Are you bored on the playground? Try out some math games for the playground. Read the mail. from other students. Write a letter to Megamath.
A Message To Students
Guess what?
  • None of these things are true!
    • Mathematics is mostly about numbers.
    • It takes a special kind of brain to do mathematics.
    • You have to learn a lot of special symbols if you are going to be good at math.
    • You are good at math when you can get the right answer fast.
    • Only a specialist can understand the newest discoveries in mathematics.
  • All of these things are true!
    • Only a very small part of mathematics is about numbers. Knots, logic, infinity, and imaginary shapes are important mathematical topics.
    • There are so many different topics in mathematics that everyone can find something that they like and are good at.
    • Mathematicians use symbols as a shortcut for writing down their ideas. The ideas are important, not the symbols.
    • Mathematicians sometimes try to find an answer to a question that nags them for years! Some problems have been unsolved for hundreds of years. You are good at math when you can be patient with yourself and give your brain time to think and work in the ways that it does best.
    • MegaMath is full of the newest discoveries and hottest topics in mathematics, and you will see that they are easy to understand and fun to play around with. Not only can you understand them, but you might be the one to make a new discovery.

89. Women And Minorities In Math And Engineering: Home
A program designed to provide opportunities for success to underrepresented students in the College of Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Vermont.
Home About Us News Recruiting ... UVM "Before you can make a dream come true, you must first have one" Ronald E. MacNair, Astronaut, U.S.S. Challenger Space Shuttle
WAMMIE's Dream is:
To ensure that every young woman or minority student who dreams of becoming an engineer or scientist has the opportunity to do so.
Our Mission is:
  • To foster a commitment to educational, personal and scientific excellence in all our students, with an emphasis on our underrepresented student population, by leveraging a strong support system based in our undergraduate and graduate programs, our faculty, staff, and administrators, as well as in our alumni, corporate partners, and community leaders
Our Goals are:
  • To increase the number, and improve the retention and graduation rates of multicultural and women students in engineering, computer science and mathematics To promote student professional development by providing opportunities and encouragement to participate in activities that enhance their professional, scientific and leadership capabilities

90. Texas Academy Of Mathematics And Science
TAMS is a unique residential program at the University of North Texas for high schoolaged Texas students who are gifted in math and science. While living in McConnell Hall, students in this two-year program complete a rigorous academic curriculum of college coursework at the University of North Texas (UNT).
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91. Math Forum: Suzanne Alejandre: Magic Squares
Resources for including magic squares in the curriculum, with activities for students and explanations of these interesting puzzles.
A Math Forum Web Unit
Suzanne Alejandre's
Magic Squares
Suzanne's Math Lessons Suzanne's Tessellation Lessons
Magic squares received their name because there are so many relationships between the sums of the numbers filling the squares. Students often believe that "mathematics" was "written" by one person. In these pages you will find that the magic square mathematical game has existed throughout history and in many different parts of the world. Math is all around us and your mind will see it when you're ready!
What is a Magic Square?
Allan Adler defines and discusses some special properties of magic squares.
Magic Squares - History, Mathematics, Geography
Lo Shu Magic Square The Back of the Divine Tortoise
Classroom Activity

China - the country of Lo Shu
- Ralph Martel
Benjamin Franklin's 8x8 Magic Square
The World of Benjamin Franklin - the Franklin Institute
Classroom Activity

Pennsylvania, U.S.A. - Benjamin Franklin's State
Classroom Activity
Where's the Math? - with Allan Adler
Classroom activities: multiplying magic squares
Constructing magic squares
Defining the magic square; special properties ... Review: Squaring a magic square
Mike Morton's Magic Square Java Applet
Updated Magic Square Java Applet by Pavel Safronov and Michael McKelvey
Dubi Kaufmann's Magic Square Puzzle
H. B. Meyer's

92. Homepage For New Math Teachers
by your students. Also, when you take time to see math as your students see it, you will become a better math teacher. It is time
Welcome to Terri Husted's Homepage!
A Homepage for New ( And Not So New ) Math Teachers
This homepage was created to give new math teachers ideas and suggestions to help with their teaching. Even though I've been teaching for more than twenty years, I do not have all the answers. My first advice to anyone starting in teaching is to be careful of those who claim they know the perfect method of teaching. Teaching is an on-going learning experience. You will be challenged to use many approaches and methodologies. You must keep a balance between teaching skills, concepts and problem solving. Children learn mathematics in different ways and at different rates. What is often forgotten in math education is what is most important: You , the teacher . The way you present your lesson involves all of you and the connections you make with your students. Your honesty, your beliefs in what you do, the climate you create in your classroom, truly carry your lesson. These are the elements you bring into the classroom which are most remembered by your students. Also, when you take time to see math as your students see it, you will become a better math teacher. It is time in educational reform that we focus on the qualities of good teachers and not just good programs.

93. Math/Science Help For Middle/High School Grade 7,8,9,10,11,12
Offers students and parents a guide to succeed in math and science classes.

About Us Contact Us Affiliate Program ...
Presented by Anita Delmar, B.Sc., B.Ed.
With the Right Tools,
Grade Student
Can Achieve Awesome Grades
in Math and Science
Awesome Grades in Math and Science (AGMS) is the complete, one-stop-shop math and science success system for grade students. It gives them all the tools they need to excel in math and science subjects... all tied together into a motivating, easy-to-use, step-by-step process that gets results
Students, parents, and educators agree... this program works!...
"My daughter was getting a C in physics when she started learning the skills taught in this program. By the end of the year she attained an A. We will forever be thankful to Ms. Delmar..."
Rebecca, Parent
"… With the help of Ms. Delmar, I approach math and science with confidence, knowing that with the combination of effort and motivation, anything is possible..."
Dan, Grade 11 Student "... my high school science marks improved by two full letter grades..." Sari, 1st Year University Student Life Sciences Program "... Having had the privilege of helping to 'field test' a few of these methods I can attest first hand to their efficacy - they work!"

94. Mr. Dodge's Math Site
For his geometry and algebra students at Fife High School. Offers online grades, pointers, and syllabi.
Geometry Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Other Math Links Geometry Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Other Math Links ... E-mail me

95. Math Student's Handbook
University of Waterloo, prospective students current students alumni research. course pages handbooks forms policies plans first year students.
University of
Waterloo prospective students current students alumni ... Use Menus
Mathematics Undergraduate Handbook 2002-2003 - the 2003/2004 will be on the web shortly

96. Integrated Optimization - Artificial Intelligence - Scientific Marketing
Site dedicated to research of artificial intelligence algorithms applied to information retrieval, data mining and optimization methods. Includes FAQs and AI resources for math/science teachers and students.
H o me C ... Integrated Optimization :: INDUSTRY WATCH Business Scene Critical Reports Ecommerce Techno Events Worm and Virus Alerts :: KNOWLEDGE BASE JavaScript Optimization Artificial Intelligence JavaScript Math FAQs Security Strategies ... Source Code Extractor :: RECOMMENDED LINKS Homeland Security Department US-CERT.GOV SEC Filings W3C Organization Get Integrated Optimization
:: Why pay full price for partial
:: optimization services?
Integrated Optimization
Artificial Intelligence - Scientific Marketing
Integrated Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Scientific Marketing, Search Engines Research and more.
I ntegrated Optimization Services Optimization consists in fine-tuning a set of experimental variables until a true optimum response is achieved within a feasible region. For all practical purposes optimization is the art of finding a happy medium or the best possible solution to a problem. Contrary to popular opinion, optimization is not a one-variable-at-a-time technique or a second-guessing approach. Optimization involves the use of scientific methods and analytical tools. 'Tools of the trade' include sequential simplex optimization, factorial designs and numerical analysis, among others. These tools and techniques predate the Internet and search engines and for years have been used in many dissimilar fields (e.g., Scientific Marketing, Chemistry, Economics, Applied Statistics, Engineering, Operations Research, Process Optimization and other fields).
Information Optimization
O ptimization methods and techniques can be applied to information retrieval (IR) and artificial intelligence (AI) problems. For example

97. Homepage
Dedicated to students who need help with their math courses. It contains a brief description of each branch of mathematics.
Algebra Formulas
Trigonometry Formulas

Conversion Factors

Calculus I, II, III
- Derivative, Integration, 3D, partial derivative, etc...
Differential Equations
-Get all the solutions!!! Steve's Math/Physics

Any questions?
Email me []
Click the image on the left to post your question or comment.
Last Updated 2/15/2001 You need Java to see this applet.

98. Macmillan / McGraw-Hill Companies Education Publishers
Introducing our new math program, integrating reading and writing skills to help students succeed on state and standardized tests—leaving no child behind.
Related McGraw-Hill Links CTB/McGraw-Hill Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Children's Publishing Digital Learning Professional Development SRA/McGraw-Hill Wright Group "Hi, Kids! Brown vs. Board of Education Click here to see our exciting movie ."
  • Travel to the Museum of Modern Art through your computer. Click here to see how. The last Monday in May is Memorial Day. Learn about the history and meaning of this holiday at this interesting Web site See what's new at CyberSmart! , a free K-8 curriculum that teaches Internet safety and responsibility.
Click here for quizzes, crossword puzzles, games, and more.
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99. The Woodsy Exam Study Guide
math and science resources for British students in years 9 and 10.
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100. Bay Area Math Circle
Features The Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad (BAMO) and weekly program for San Francisco Bay Area high and middle school students.
Berkeley Math Circle A Hilde L. Mosse program for education at Mathematical Sciences Research Institute. Berkeley Math Circle Project of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute and co-sponsored by the UC Berkeley Mathematics Department and partially supported through the NSF Career Grant to R. Vakil of Stanford University. BMC Featured in New Book Teachers - Bring Your Students to the Circle - $100 Compensation Other Circles
A BMC Student Teachers - Bring Your Students to the Circle It is difficult to ensure participation from economically disadvantaged and previously untouched by the Program school areas, where students may not even hear about the BMC, may not have a willing teacher to proctor BAMO, or may not have anyone to drive them to the Circle every Sunday. To address this issue, we have several thousand dollars allocated under the new grant from MSRI: teachers from ecomonically disadvantaged school areas will be compensated $100 for bringing/ carpooling 2 or more students to Circle on a Sunday. We believe that this will encourage teachers from such areas to spend 3 hours on some Sundays driving students to and from the Circle. As an additional benefit, the teachers may also stay during the 2 hour Circle lectures, which will inevitably give them some wonderful mathematical problems and ideas to utilize in the school classes.

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