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  1. 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development (Wordware Game Math Library) by Fletcher Dunn, 2002-06-25
  2. Mega-fun Card-game Math: grades 3-5 by Karol Yeatts, 2005-02-01
  3. Math Games & Activities from Around the World by Claudia Zaslavsky, 1998-05-01
  4. Games for Math by Peggy Kaye, 1988-01-12
  5. Math Games to Master Basic Skills: Time & Money: 14 Reproducible Games That Help Struggling Learners Practice and Really Master Basic Time and Money Skills ... Concepts (Math Games to Master Basic Skills) by Jennifer Prior, 2007-04-01
  6. Instant Math Games That Teach by Adela Garcia, 1995-05
  7. Engage the Brain: Games, Math, Grades 6-8 (Engage the Brain) by Marcia L. Tate, 2008-02-25
  8. The Complete Book of Math Games (Grades 1-2) by School Specialty Publishing, 2000-05-30
  9. Anno's Math Games 2 by Mitsumasa Anno, 1997-09-22
  10. Math Games to Master Basic Skills: Fractions & Decimals: Familiar and Flexible Games With Dozens of Variations That Help Struggling Learners Practice and ... Concepts (Math Games to Master Basic Skills) by Denise Kiernan, 2007-04-01
  11. Math Games to Master Basic Skills: Multiplication & Division: Familiar and Flexible Games With Dozens of Variations That Help Struggling Learners Practice ... Facts (Math Games to Master Basic Skills) by Denise Kiernan, 2007-04-01
  12. Math Games: 180 Reproducible Activities to Motivate, Excite, and Challenge Students, Grades 6-12 by Judith A. Muschla, Gary Robert Muschla, 2004-07-12
  13. 25 Super Cool Math Board Games (Grades 3-6) by Lorraine Hopping Egan, 1999-01-01
  14. Math Tricks, Puzzles and Games by Raymond Blum, 1995-06-30

1. : Games
A Plus math games, including multiplication, addition and subtraction, and division.

2. Kids Domain - Math Games
Fun for Kids! Online Games with Math. Child Safe Site. math games. These games are appropriate for kids ages 6 up. Click here for math games for younger kids
Math Games
These games are appropriate for kids ages 6 up.
Click here for math games for younger kids
Deal out a deck of cards so that the rows and columns you create total 31. A great thinking game using Math, Strategy, and a little luck!
Bobber's Farm

Identify fractions, odd numbers, even numbers and prime numbers to do chores on a farm.
Bread Winner

Cut off 80% of a piece of bread while avoiding some nasty germs. A fun arcade game which also teaches the concept of percentages.

Plot the angles necessary to aim stategic lasers to destroy incoming comets before they destroy our planet.
Cows and Bulls

Logically determine a sequence of numbers based on a set of clues. Crazy Pattern Machine (The) Fill in the missing piece from each patterned sequence. Uses shapes, letters or numbers. Frog Palace Master the skills involved in using decimal places to complete transactions as you help some frogs to purchase precious stones for their king! Go-Go Go-Karts This kart game is for you! With no virtual dice or virtual spinner, it's just you, and your math skills. See if you can be the first to cross the finish line! On your mark...get set...add!

3. ABC Spelling Games, Math Games And Quiz
Spelling and quiz game that allows users to add spelling lists and quizzes.

Email Us
Home Download Pricing ... AFFILIATE PROGRAM
ABC Spelling Games and Math Games
Spelling games, math games and quizzes that let you type your own spelling lists and quizzes into the games. Make homework and study FUN !
* Designed to make learning an adventure. * Lovable interactive characters, Merlin, Genie and Peedy talk to your children by name. For example, if your child's name is Tom, the characters will say "Tom, how do you spell cat?" and "Well done Tom". Kids just love this! * Create your own spelling lists, maths lists , history and geography quizzes and more. Making a new list is quick and easy - just type in your spelling words, math questions or quiz questions. When your child plays the list, Merlin and Co. will read out your questions or words using a sophisticated text to speech engine. This is a great innovation in kids games. A game that can be tailored to exactly meet your child's individual needs. Enter current spelling lists, math questions, schoolwork and homework into the program. When homework becomes a game, your kids will ask for more.

4. GNUmber Munchers
Free math software based on MECC's early 80s munchers games, with all new graphics, intuitive keyboardcontrolled play, elementary and more advanced versions offered for both PC and Mac.
Updated: 1/1/2004 Downloads : Munchers Elementary V2.5 for PC
Download the elementary version. Requires shockwave, available here
GNUmber Munchers Standard for PC
and for Mac OS
Download the standard freeware version based on MECC's Number Munchers games.
GNUmberMunchers Source

Free for non-commercial use, *.rar compressed .dir movie.
GNUworlds Pond Beta

Freeware ecosystem game, early beta version
Instructions for Playing GNUmber Munchers :
> Eat all of the boxes on the board equal in value to the "Answer"
Screenshots Gnumber Munchers Elementary Version The Cast Pond Game Beta ...

5. Coolmath4kids - An Amusement Park Of Math And More Designed Especially For Fun!
math games lemonade stand brain benders jigsaw puzzles geometry fraction lessons fractals cool things coloring book calculate stuff ages 35 about me.
An amusement park of math and more especially designed for FUN FUN FUN
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... Thanks for visiting Coolmath4kids!

6. Coolmath4kids - Math Games
HiLo Learn about probabilities! IQ Game - Can you leave just one peg? Tower of Hanoi - This is a real thinker! Word Search - Find the math words! ALL NEW!
This site is FREE
thanks to our
generous sponsors: Have fun! ArithmATTACK! - Race against the clock! Concentrate - Build your memory! Concentration - Build your memory! HiLo - Learn about probabilities! IQ Game - Can you leave just one peg? Lemonade Stand - Start a business! Lunar Lander - Learn about gravity! Number MONSTER! - Practice arithmetic! Rush - Can you find a way out? Simon Says - Can you keep up with Simon? Tower of Hanoi - This is a real thinker! Word Search - Find the math words!
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7. - The Internet's #1 Education Site For K-8 Kids And Teachers
Games that improve math skills for the gifted and talented.
Math Baseball
Math Brain

Just For Fun Brain

Stay Afloat
Powerful,Web Based instructional and teacher-productivity solutions that are easy to learn and easy to implement. Create paperless, automatically-graded quizzes from home. Manage grades and assignments from school or home. Find a game by subject: Art Geography History Languages ... Technology Help your child with tonight's homework with these inexpensive printables. Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Funbrain to Go Get the best new version of "Math Baseball" and others for your kids to play offline.
Parent's Home


The complete website building and hosting solution for classes and schools. Curriculum Guide
Find free lesson plans and classroom management resources. TeacherVision
Your headquarters for lesson plans and classroom management resources. Standards Finder
Find an activity based on the MCREL standards.

8. Kids Domain Math Games
math games for Young Kids. These games are appropriate for kids ages 36. Click here for games for kids 6 up. Coloring Book Fun Paint by Letters and Numbers.
Math Games for Young Kids
These games are appropriate for kids ages 3-6.
Click here for games for kids 6 up
Coloring Book Fun
Paint by Letters and Numbers. Drag colors to appropriately marked parts of a picture.
Connect the Numbers

Connect a sequence of numbers to make a picture.
Counting on a Cloud

With pictures, numbers, and sounds, this game will quickly teach you your 1, 2, 3s! In no time at all, you'll be counting like the big kids you know!
Farm Addition

Correctly add up groups newly hatched chicks.
Fishing for Numbers

Drag numbered fishing lines to the corresponding numbers of fish. Monster Numbers Find hidden numbers in a spooky setting. Number Match'em Does the number "1" sound like "too"? Does the number "4" sound like "ten"? With Match 'Em, you have to match the number with the right way to say it. Number Matching Count various objects and match the correct number to them.

9. XMG Home
math games for students. Focuses students on their basic mental math skills. Includes game information, testimonials, and an FAQ.
Level the Playing Field for all students with eXtreme Math Games! Xtreme Math Soccer (XMS) and Xtreme Math Football (XMF) are used as a motivating teaching tool for almost any mathematical concept Use in the Classroom or at Home with the whole family! [XMG Home] [ About In the Classroom Products Order Products ... Contact Us

10. Math Games

11. Primary Arithmetic, Or Math
Four booklets, and more, that you can easily copy. One of math games for ages 48., two about teaching early math, and one that is more general. Some worksheets, number charts.
Gordon's Games, Simple Math,
Not So Simple Math, and Not Just Math

The above four booklets, and more, on this website are intended to be a resource
for those who teach Primary Math, K-3, ages 4 to 8
Beginning teachers, home schooling parents, spec. ed. teachers, teachers of teachers,
and teachers wishing to supplement a text could find ideas of value here.
C H O I C E S CONTENTS : a short description of the four booklets and links to them. BOOKLETS : how to copy from this site, plus links. TERMS : if you wish to buy the booklets, postage paid. No profit is being made.
This is intended to be a service to those who can't make copies, or don't wish to. NEW : more games and activities; using playing cards with the games. NEW! Make a simple bookmark or email address page your browser can read.
-for all who gather up a lot of these
-allows you to sort and name as you wish, get what you want quickly, easily save a backup copy to disk, and use your addresses with other browsers. MORE MATH SITES : links to other sites. WEB CENTER : will take you to most of the many places on this site and speed up return visits for those copying material.

12. Math
see what number is made); Primary math games Index; Teach R Kids. Mahjongg Puzzle; Math Puzzles (from Discovery School); math games from BBC s Count On);
Back to King's Home Page King's List of On-line Math Activities
click on Calculator to see links this page was compiled
and is maintained by
Mrs. DeWitt
Many of these programs need shockwave: (if you don't have it is free)
Beginning Math Activities
Basic Facts Basic Math Skills Factors/Multiples ... ISAT 8th Grade Word List Beginning Math Activities
  • BBC Education's Number Time Games
  • Simple Add and Subtract
  • Test the Toad + and - problems with numbers 1-15) Little Animals Activity Center ( interactive number games for addition and subtraction) Number Recognition/Sequencing
  • Dart Board Level 1 (recognize numbers 1-9) Find the Number (Recognition activity for numbers 1-10) Mend the Number Square ( Place missing numbers on 1-100 grid) Find One More (matching game) Snakes and Ladders (1 player or 2 player activity.. works like chutes and ladders) Watch Addem (Number Movies) Number Songs FunBrain Activities
  • Number Recognition/Sequencing
  • Bunny Count ( count and match numbers and characters) One False Move (sequence numbers from lowest to highest) Guess the Number (guess number with high low clues) Learning Planet Activities
  • Number Recognition/Counting/Sequencing
  • Count Your Chickens ( counting activity) 1 2 3 Order (what comes next... up to 10)
  • 13. Interactive, Educational Activities And Fun Games For Children 5 -14. Kids Learn
    Online activities for kids including a Pokemon scrambler, math games, and a place to publish stories, jokes and poems.

    Software Metrics
    Pilates Site

    Holiday Accommodation Victoria Australia
    Allergy Glossary

    GETTING AROUND Home Kids Activities Special Needs Corner Special Needs Software ... EBD Store NEW!! Learning Resources Learning Disabilities ADHD Learn to Spell Learn to Read ... Practical ideas Kids Activities Children's Stories Kids Art Scrambler Automaths ... Software Metrics
    Education by Design.
    . Online since 1997, we make learning fun and educational.
    Kids Online Activities - All our activities here are educational and promote learning in reading, writing, spelling, math, problem solving and art. Schools and parents around the world have used us in their teaching activities to develop literacy and number skills in their children.
    Learn to read and write.
    Publish your stories online. Kids Stories Kids Art ART IS FUN!! Our latest section is the full of art activities. Learn about famous artists , boggle your eyes and create your own drawing! NEW!!

    14. Games And Puzzles
    math games. Element Math Game Calculate the number of protons, neutrons or electrons in an atom based on information from the Periodic Table of Elements!
    Privacy and Security Notice
    Science Education
    All of these internet based games require a JavaScript enabled browser. Science Games Who Wants to Win $1,000,000? - Answer 15 science and math based questions correctly and become a (pretend!) millionaire! Virginia State Standards of Learning Practice Tests - Practice taking the SOL tests! Subjects currently include algebra, math, science and technology. Science Vocabulary Hangman - Use the clues to discover the computer's secret word! Science Crossword Puzzles - Use the clues provided to solve each crossword puzzle! Math Games SpeedMath Deluxe - Use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve an equation as quickly as possible! Speed Math - Addition and Subtraction and SpeedMath - Multiplication and Division are also available! SpeedMath - Inequalities - How fast can you determine if one expression is greater than, less than, or equal to another? Mystery Math - A math 'magic' trick that will astound your friends! The Nim Number Game - Can you beat your friend, or the computer, in this game of logic? Place Value Game - Use logic, strategy and a little luck to create the largest number that you can!

    15. Billy Beaver's Game Show!
    Arcade games, puzzles, mazes, word games, math games, tictac-toe, online coloring books, and jokes.
    document.write("") Advertising Banner Let's Have Some Fun! A note on the games and activities at BlackDog
    Choose your Game!
    Arcade Games
    Action Games Here!
    Protect your cities with Missile Command, escape the monsters in Centipedo, or save the world from alien invaders in UFO Attack. Play Catch Miss Kitty and Break-a-Brick, too. Oh - Don't miss Falling Stars, either! If you enjoy action games, here they are!
    If you're looking for Pixie Roundup or the Bridges Game , they've been moved here.
    BlackDog's Puzzle-O-Rama!
    Daily Puzzles
    - A different puzzle every day of the year!
    Word Games
    BlackDog's Word Games
    At BlackDog, words dance, whirl, hide, mix themselves, encrypt themselves and get crossed up. Lots and lots of word games to play on and off-line. There are hangman games, word meister, and even a typing test!
    Kids: If you're looking for the Olympics, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Pokemon word games, they're here, too. And don't miss BlackDog's Daily Word Search Game . A new word search game every day of the year. Fun!
    Need some practice with math? With BlackDog's Math Flash Cards you'll be a math wizard in no time. They're fun, too!

    16. Evaluating Math Games
    A math game, that is. Your group will be playing educational math games and deciding which ones are worth recommending and which ones are just junk.

    Game Links

    Teaching Tips
    Jennafer A. Loosli
    Menlo Atherton High School. CA

    Shall we play a game? A math game, that is. We are going to explore the vast world of games (educational) on the net. In fact, there is so much fun out there that we need to be a little selective. Your group will be playing "educational" math games and deciding which ones are worth recommending and which ones are just junk. Now, of course, people have different opinions on what makes a game "fun" or "boring" or "educational" or "worthwhile" so you will be evaluating the games from several perspectives. One of you will take the roll of teacher, looking for the math content, difficulty level, and appropriateness of the game. Another will take the roll of parent concerned with the general educational content and challenging "why not just use a book?" The final role is of a student concentrating primarily on the graphics and actual enjoyment of the game. After playing around a bit you will compile your observations and make a recommendation. Your Goal
    To evaluate a net-accessable math game AS A TEAM, rating it's success in various categories.

    17. Home Page
    Many links to math activities are shown. There is an emphasis on problems solving, geometry, and math games.
    Beyond Classroom Math
    Enter Here for Math Fun!

    18. Online Math Games
    Online math games. An interactive web site that includes math flash cards, games and worksheets . Elementary math games Addition. Addition with numbers 010.
    Online Math Games An interactive web site that includes math flash cards, games and worksheets . Elementary and middle school kids can use these activities to improve their skills. Parents use our tools to allow kids to practice up on the areas the class is working on, or on the next grade level. These flash cards , games and worksheets are free for the general public. Elementary Math Games Addition Addition with numbers 0-10 Addition with numbers 0-20 ... Mathematics Flash Cards To play these math games you must have Macromedia Flash 6 Plugin installed Best Teacher Sites Just Free Stuff! Mathematics Activities Educational Toys ... Mesothelioma

    19. Batter's Up Baseball (Math Games)
    macromedia. Play, Batter s Up Baseball (math game). Tell your friends about this page! Select which game you want to play.

    Tell your friends about this page!

    Select which game you want to play. Multiplication Addition
    How to Play

    Start the game , then select a single, double, or homerun
    After you select the pitchers challenge, a screen will come up with a math problem. Get the answer right and you move your men around the bases. Get it wrong and you get a strike. Three strikes equals an out.
    If you get 3 outs the game is over.
    Correct answer single=you move one base double=you move two bases homerun=you get a homerun Wrong answer One wrong answer=One strike Two wrong answers=Two strikes Three wrong answers=Three strikes Three strikes=One out Three Outs=Game over After you get the right answer or 3 strikes (1 out) you are allowed to pick Single, Double, and Homerun again so you can change your levels.

    Selection of interactive Flashbased puzzles including jigsaws, jumble puzzles, tangrams, spelling, math games, and virtual travel. Games are suitable for all ages.
    The website for can be found by clicking here . is registered through - get web site hosting or domain name registration here

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