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  1. Graphing Calculator Manual by Marvin L. Bittinger, 2002-02-27

101. Dalrymple S Coastal Engineering Java Page
The article is entitled Sharing Pedagogy with java, by Robert A. Dalrymple. Applets.Hydrodynamics Wave Calculator Using incident deep water wave data, it
Java Applets for Coastal Engineering
This page ( Note: On Feb 16, 1999, the applets were modified to the jar archive format to reduce download times. This should provide no problem for your brower, but if so, try the old format at A Sharp Zaurus PDA can run modified versions of these applets. They are available here. ), as well as a Sun Sparc 5 and Solaris. You can find the latest JDK at for a variety of operating systems. Information on other Java development projects is found on The applets take a while to download and run, so be a little patient. However, you can install these applets on your own machine and avoid download times. Click here for instructions. Several of the applets have been modified for use on the Sharp Zaurus PDA. Click here for instructions for downloading to your Zaurus. University of Delaware. They have been described in an article in the Linux Journal , v. 56, December, 1998. The article is entitled "Sharing Pedagogy with Java," by Robert A. Dalrymple.

102. - Free Java Scripts, Java Applets!
VMax Calculator, Cool java Mortgage calculator, just fill in the blanksto calculate how much you can afford for a mortgage. = javaScripts

Animation Audio Effects Backgrounds ... JavaFile Forums
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103. CalculateForFree:Free Online Calculators For Home, Work, And School
free online calculators for house and home, car and travel, finance,health and medical, business,engineering, and mathematics.
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java. Online Calculators Links to Hundreds of free calculators
Search for specific calculator
Enter Keywords, Spelling Counts!! For best results, Don't use the word calculator

Calculator Menu Accident reconstruction Acreage Annual fuel cost Aquarium Area,Volume,Speed Astronomy ATM Locator Automotive Baby due date Beer brewing Bicycle,cycling Birth/Death Blood/Alcohol Boating Bodyfat Bonds BTU Bug calculator Business Calendar converter Calories Carbon Dioxide Car buying/loan Car loan vs. lease Chemistry/Physics Cigar Clothing Size College tuition Communications Compression Concrete Conversions Cooking Measures Cost Estimating Cost of living Cost of smoking Credit card Crime CSRS Currency conversion Day care costs Debt consolidation Dental cost Depression Distance Download time Drag force Drug Dosage Drug Interaction Election/Politics Electronic Engineering Food Fence Fers Financial Firearms/Archery Flight/Aviation Floor covering Fluid flow Food storage Frequent Flyer points Gambling/odds Gardening Gems/Metals Graphing Gravity Health/Medical Hiking Calculator Home improvement Home rebuilding cost Horsepower House contents value Household appliances Inflation Insurance IRS audit chances Internet calculators Irrigation Java calculators(free) Just for fun Law Life expectancy Lighting costs Loan Love Marrige/Divorce Mass/Length Math Metal Miles per gallon Monthly payment Morse code translator Moving cost Music Nerd New Age New home Paint Personal budget Personality Pet Phone rates Photography Pipe Pollution Pool size/Volume Population Postal Power caculators

104. Triangle Calculators
Triangle calculators. All of these applets allow you to calculatea triangle based on the specified parameters.
Saltire Home
Geometry Applet Gallery

105. GE Quartz Tools
GE Quartz offers an array of easyto-use calculators and other tools to help youdetermine the type of quartz material you ll need for your special application
Window Thickness Calculator
This calculator determines window thickness in millimeters for quartz used in view ports and IR windows in pressure chambers. Sag Deflection Calculator
Use this calculator to estimate the amount of sag (deflection) in a horizontally supported quartz element.
Transmission Calculator

This calculator estimates the amount of energy transmitted through a thickness of quartz. Material Comparator
Use this calculator to compare materials for a specified property type.
Internal Pressure Stress Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the required wall thickness or the allowable internal pressure for a fabricated pressure vessel at low temperatures. Ovality Collapse Calculator
This calculator determines the amount of viscosity and collapse for the selected material and diameter in relation to the given temperature.

106. Online Tools - Maths Online
Numerical tools on linear algebra java Script Linear Algebra Calculator(compute sum, product, determinant and inverse of 3 ×3 matrices);
List of useful links
to online tools
This page contains prepared links to more than sixty online tools for every day purposes, and some hints where you find more. Some selected links which will be used very often (on account of their generality) are designed as buttons. Below these you find a list of more specialized tools. Each tool is started in its own browser window, so that it may be used simultaneously with other pages of maths online. For a refined search on this page use your browser's search functionality (Menu Edit Find in Page or the key combination Ctrl F
Online tools
JavaCalc - Calculator One of many scientific calculators on the web. It accepts brackets, functions like sin, cos, tan, exp, log, sqrt, pow, asin, acos, atan, gamma, the constants E und PI. On the calculator's web page you find a detailed description. In a cooperation between the author and maths online in the beginning of 2000, the calculator's functionality has been extended. (The above version is loaded from the maths online website. Its original location is there If you are not pleased with this calculator, you can choose out of huge collections of

107. Ballistic Tools In Java.
IMHO this is where java is good, small applets for some nice animation effects On both pages there s a link that switches one calculator to another.
This section will be expanded, at least planned so, depends on many different things though.
So far we only have:
New Switch
Muzzle Energy Calculator/Graph Builder
ME Calc - English/Metric
Power Factor Calculator/Graph Builder
to Scott Rutter without whom the metric system calculation wouldn't be available for a long time I guess :)
PF Calc - English/Metric
Scott Rutter
for all his help :).
Recoil Calc - English/Metric
Shotgun Recoil Calc - English/Metric

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Muzzle Energy
Power Factor Recoil Energy Shotgun Recoil Main Menu
Desert Eagle Computers Firearms ... Select Skin Contact me at: GuestBook

108. Java/Calculator
If you aren t computer literate, this is help you overcome this and createwhat most programmers can create! java applet of a calculator!
the entire directory only this category My Favorites Newsletter What's new What's cool ... Contact us Visit our new sites: Totalscripts Forum Totalscripts Templates PSI Comprehensive Website Analyzer (Free Download) ... Have your link appear hear for only $25 per month for up to 10 categories. Contact us now to get started!
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Java : Calculator Links:
Pages: 1 Calculator/ Recommend it Add to favorites Review It "This is very user friendly and webmaster friendly! This is an easy program to use! If you aren't computer literate, this is help you overcome this and create what most programmers can create! A simple nice looking calculator"
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Calculator Applet/
Recommend it Add to favorites Review It " This is very user friendly and webmaster friendly! This is an easy program to use! If you aren't computer literate, this is help you overcome this and create what most programmers can create! Java applet of a calculator!"
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Java Mortgage Calculator/
Recommend it Add to favorites Review It "A simple mortgage calcuator that allows the user to compare what if scenarios side by side. This is very user friendly and webmaster friendly! This is an easy program to use! If you aren't computer literate, this is help you overcome this and create what most programmers can create!"

109. Legal Practice In Japan / Simulator Of Java Applet
Hiroshi Kawarazaki, Esq. Calculator with java. Lawyer s Fee Calculator. DamageCalculator Lost income resulted by fatal injury or aftereffects.
Last Update July 19, 2002


Hiroshi Kawarazaki, Esq.
Calculator with Java
Lawyer's Fee Calculator

Damage Calculator
Lost income resulted by fatal injury or aftereffects
Calculator of Consolation Money for Physical Injury

= Personal Injury Calculator
Stamp Calculator for Law Suit

Interest Calculator
Loan Calculator Child Support Calculator in Japan ... Car Estimator based on Depreciation Linkswap / Calculator Calculator On-Line Center Green Eggs Report Traders Club : Law Calculators Top 20 Child Support Calculators on Yahoo In case that Java applet does not appear or does not work. If you use Windows XP, it does not have Jave Vertual Machine. Please update Windows on URL written bellow. Windows update Also you can get Java plug-in on Sun microsystems We appreciate your mail Home Law

110. The Weather Calculator
**** The Weather Calculator. by Tim Brice and Todd Hall. Temperature Conversions giveit a try. Weather Term Calculator (Just for fun). give it a try. Site Map News Organization Search
Local forecast by
"City, St" or zip code Search by city or zip code. Press enter or select the go button to submit request Current Hazards
El Paso's Warnings

National Warnings

Current Conditions

Satellite Images

Radar Imagery
El Paso Radar

Holloman Radar
Nationwide Forecasts El Paso Aviation Fire Weather Climate Local Data Climate Prediction Weather Safety Spotter Training Weather Radio Storm Ready Local Office Info Staff Research Papers Latest Newsletter Other Items Weather Calculator Photo Gallery Weather Links Kid's Weather Contact Us NWS Home SRH Home ELP Home
This page will be moving on July 1st 2002. The new page will be located at: You will now be forwarded to that page, please update your bookmarks. The Weather Calculator
by Tim Brice and Todd Hall
Temperature Conversions:
Temperature Unit Conversion
give it a try
Heat Index
give it a try
Wind Chill
give it a try
Cricket Chirps (Just for fun)
give it a try
Moisture Conversions
Dewpoint and Wet-bulb from Relative Humidity
give it a try
Relative Humidity and Wet-bulb from Dewpoint
give it a try
Relative Humidity and Dewpoint from Wet-bulb
give it a try
Vapor Pressure
give it a try
Mixing Ratio
give it a try
Virtual Temperature
give it a try
Pressure Conversions
Pressure Unit Conversion
give it a try
Station Pressure
give it a try
Altimeter Setting
give it a try
Pressure Altitude
give it a try
Density Altitude
give it a try
Wind Conversions

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