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  1. Ask & Answer Interactive Math Practice: Grades 4-6: 240 Game Cards That Engage Students as They Read and Solve Math Problems and Build Essential Skills by Joseph Porzio, 2007-07-01
  2. Ask & Answer Interactive Math Practice: Grades 2-3: : 240 Game Cards That Engage Students as They Read and Solve Math Problems and Build Essential Skills by Joseph Porzio, 2007-07-01
  3. Interactive Maths Teaching in the Primary School by Nick Pratt, 2006-11-03
  4. Leap Pad Interactive Math (Counting on Leap Preschool ages 3-5)
  5. PHim2 Prentice Hall Interactive Math/Intermediate Algebra - Review, Reference, and Practice by K. Elayn Martin-Gay, 2001-11-09
  6. Interactive Math Lessons and Tools, Pre-Algebra, +CD-ROM
  7. Standard Math Interactive: Available Only As Individual Components...See Book, Pid 2603570 and Cd-Rom, Pid 2909411 by Daniel Zwillinger, 1996-12
  8. Interactive Math Lessons and Tools Level 2
  9. Introductory Algebra/Interactive Math by K. Elayn Martin-Gay, 1999-07
  10. Instant & Interactive Math Picture Pages With Activities (Grades 1-3) by Jacqueline Johnson Howes, 2000-12-01
  11. TI InterActive! math for high school (Explorations) by Jill Gough, 2000
  12. Test Success Interactive Workbook: Reading and Math (Test Success Reading & Math Interactive Workbook with CD-ROM) by School Zone Publishing Company Staff, 1997-10-01
  13. Interactive Math Program: Year 4 by Lynne Alper, Dan Fendel, et all 2000
  14. Math made easier by interactive methods.: An article from: T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)

161. PRIME Mathematics Encyclopedia
BROWSE ALPHABETICALLY LEVEL Elementary Advanced Both INCLUDE TOPICS Basic math Algebra Analysis Biography Calculus Comp Sci Discrete Economics Geometry Graph
Basic Math
Biography Calculus Comp Sci Discrete Economics Geometry Graph Thry History Foundations Number Thry Phys Sci Statistics Topology Trigonometry INSTRUCTIONS If a listing includes an ARTICLE tag, clicking the tag will take you to an extended article for that listing. Almost every listing will contain links to other listings, and these will appear in blue . Clicking an internal link will move you to the corresponding listing in the encyclopedia. If the linked listing falls under a currently deselected topic, that topic will become selected when subsequent pages are displayed.
  • Algebra: College algebra topics such as linear algebra, abstract algebra from group theory to Galois theory, and algebra as used in other fields such as algebraic topology, etc. Analysis: Advanced calculus, real analysis, complex analysis, functional analysis, measure theory, integration theory, harmonic analysis and wave theory, etc. Biography: Biographical listings only.

162. Maths Online
Subscription based mathematics education resource for teachers and students, with interactive games and activities, interactive worksheets, simulations and innovative ICT training materials.


6 June 2004
[Your user agent does not support frames or is currently configured not to display frames. However, you may visit the related document.
Maths Online has been officially approved for
purchase with your e-Learning Credits. More...
Welcome Maths Online, a subscription website for maths teachers. The Internet resource for Maths teachers.
Maths Online provides innovative, high quality teaching materials for all stages of secondary education.
  • The constantly expanding Resource Centre contains lesson plans, information, ideas, activities, computer simulations, ICT ideas and resources.
    The Games Room provides interactive games and simulations that enable students to consolidate and use their mathematical skills.
    The Worksheet Library generates a new worksheet at the click of a button. The Study Room enables teachers to select activities for their students to use.
New Resources A wide range of interactive whiteboard tools can be found in the Resource Centre. Create an interactive learning environment by combining the power of a computer with a whiteboard. Topics covered include: decimals, fractions, functions, sequences, coordinates, y=mx+c graphs, angles, probability, averages, interpreting graphs and pie charts. More are being developed Try the decimals number line.

163. MathResources Inc.
Teaching a math class is just so much more fun and productive with MRI Graphing Calculator software. Ed Clark, Robert Morris College MRI Calculator.
MathResources Inc.
PRODUCTS Products Registration Reviews Ordering ... Feedback COMPANY Company Profile Press Releases Partnering
... Contact Us LINKS Related Sites
We're creating the future of Middle School Mathematics Education!
"Teaching a math class is just so much more fun and productive with MRI Graphing Calculator software." Ed Clark, Robert Morris College
MRI Graphing Calculator
will be profiled in the August/ September issue of Pocket PC magazine. Read how our software brings math concepts to life at Robert Morris College. MRI Graphing Calculator is featured in the Best Bets for Educational Software section of Elliot Soloway and Cathleen Norris's new book Pocket PC Computers: A Complete Resource for Classroom Teachers MathResources will be in Microsoft's booth (#1316) with MRI Graphing Calculator at NECC 2004 in New Orleans. News Conferences MathResources Website Under Construction. Stay tuned for a whole new web design coming soon!
Registration Reviews Ordering ... Home

164. - The Internet's #1 Education Site For K-8 Kids And Teachers
Funbrain to Go. Get the best new version of math Baseball and others for your kids to play offline. Parent s Home. extra, MySchoolOnline
Math Baseball
Math Brain

Just For Fun Brain

Stay Afloat
Powerful,Web Based instructional and teacher-productivity solutions that are easy to learn and easy to implement. Create paperless, automatically-graded quizzes from home. Manage grades and assignments from school or home. Find a game by subject: Art Geography History Languages ... Technology Help your child with tonight's homework with these inexpensive printables. Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Funbrain to Go Get the best new version of "Math Baseball" and others for your kids to play offline.
Parent's Home


The complete website building and hosting solution for classes and schools. Curriculum Guide
Find free lesson plans and classroom management resources. TeacherVision
Your headquarters for lesson plans and classroom management resources. Standards Finder
Find an activity based on the MCREL standards.

165. Fun Mathematics Lessons By Cynthia Lanius
More Counting Let s Graph Let s Do math Fun and Sun Renta-Car Who Wants Copyright 1998-2004 Cynthia Lanius URL http//
Author: Cynthia Lanius Go to a DESCRIPTION of these activities found at the bottom of the page. Who Wants Pizza? More Counting All About Ratios In English
In Spanish
Let's Do Math

Fun and Sun

Print Version

Java Version
Visualizing an Infinite Series Let's Count ... Stressed Out
Slope as Rate of Change
The Hot Tub

Tina Caliente
Right Hand or Left?
Place your cursor over the lesson title to reveal its description below.
[More Counting] [Let's Graph] [Let's Do Math] [Fun and Sun Rent-a-Car] ... Send Comments - Thank you to Rice University's Mathematics Department for hosting these lessons. Cynthia Lanius URL

166. Educational Java Programs
11, 1999). Integer Bars (or Cuisenaire Rods) Explore basic math skills, fractions, and more (installed Mar 12, 2000). Fraction Bars
site description is provided. Before running any of the programs you may want to find out if your system and browser are If you are a teacher, educator or simply interested in pedagogy, make sure to read the letter to the teacher . Any feedback and/or comments regarding this site are very welcome! You can also take a Java view of the Arcytech Research Labs , where this site is being developed, and check the awards and feedback received by this site. Mathematics: All About Money: Learning About the History of Money and How to Use American Coins and Bills
(installed Jul 21, 2003
It's About Time: Learning About Clocks and Reading and Setting the Time
(installed Jul 21, 2003
Pattern Blocks: Exploring Fractions with Shapes
(installed Nov 9, 1997
Base 10 Blocks: Exploring Whole Decimal Numbers, Place Value, and even Algebra with Blocks
(installed Apr 11, 1999
Integer Bars (or Cuisenaire Rods ): Explore basic math skills, fractions, and more
(installed Mar 12, 2000)

167. Interactive Tests - Table Of Contents
To the Welcome Page. interactive tests. Tests may help evaluation. Puzzle. Association of categories. interactive test of other type. All users
Interactive tests
Tests may help to check and improve one's knowledge and abilities. These pages are devoted to a number of tests, coming in several types:
Multiple choice test with exactly one correct answer for each question, evaluation Multiple choice test with several correct answers for each question, evaluation Puzzle Association of categories Interactive test of other type
All users are invited to send us further tests or suggestions for tests ( message maths online ). In case of technical problems with pages containing puzzles consult this page.
Intersection and union

Definitions of sets

Elementary properties of numbers

Number sets

Drawing plane and coordinate system Reading off coordinates Variables, terms, formulae, and identities Pulling common factors out Binomial formulae The big puzzle on term manipulation Substituting numbers in terms ... Simplifying quotients Equations Equivalence of equations Set of solutions Definition set Functions 1 The big function graph puzzle (linear and quadratic functions) Graph or not graph Properties of functions Limiting processes Arithmetic or geometric?

168. Quia - Mathematics - Top 20 Activities
Play math Journey! Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and rounding. Quia users have created activities in the following topics.
Mathematics - top 20 activities
Play Math Journey ! Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and rounding.
Quia users have created activities in the following topics. These activities have been created by Quia's subscribers and are of varying quality. Quia has not reviewed these, and some activities may contain inaccuracies. If you are a Quia subscriber, you may copy any of these activities and modify them for your own use. Create an activity Add your own activity
Search Options (Choose from one of the following menus.) The 20 most popular activities in this topic are listed below. To list many more , select All activities by title or All activities by author All Activities ... Select ... top 20 only by title by author Subcategory ... Select ... Algebra I Algebra II Algebra Terminology Calculus Calendar Divisibility Rules and Prime Numbers Egyptian Numerals Elementary School Fractions, Decimals, Percentage General Geometry Grade 5 Review Graduation Test Prep Math A prep Math facts Mental Arithmetic Middle School number properties Position and Movement Pre Calculus Pre-Algebra RCT Math Practice RMP Roman Numerals Time Trigonometry Textbook/Resource ... Select ... AMSCO Cord Algebra I Everyday Mathematics Glencoe Algebra 1 Glencoe Algebra 2 Glencoe Course 1 Glencoe Geometry Investigations Math facts the fun way MathScapes None Prentice Hall Progress In Matematics Saxon Math Scotts Foresman Directory
Everyday Math Hangman

A game of hangman created to help first graders review the key vocabulary (within the EVERYDAY MATHEMATICS curriculum) that each first grader should be familiar with by the end of their first grade school year.

169. Math / Math Online / Free Math Games Online - Ray
Includes word problems, online games, and interactives quizzes.
Ray's Math Land
Practice Online

Over 130

WordProblems ?Grade 1 ?Grade 2 ?Grade 3-4 ?Grade 5 ?Grade 5-6 ?Grade 6 ?Grade 7 ?Grade 8 ?JuniorHigh ?Grade 9 ?Grade 10 ?Grade 11 ?Grade 12 Workbook(K-6) ?Workbook(K-6) Math FAQ ?Math FAQ MathStrategy ?Word Problem AdvancedMath ?AdvancedMath Math Glossary ?Grade 1 ?Grade 2 ?Grade 3 ?Grade 4 ?Grade 5 ?Grade 6 ?Grade 7 ?Grade 8 Math Games Online Kindergarten ?CarnivalCars ?PatternBuild ?Shapes ?Count 100 Grade 1-2 ?Dinosaur ?Express ?Time Tell ?AddSurprise ?Hi-riseMath ?Laser Math Grade 3 ?Model Add ?Multiplication ?Mul-Problem ?Time Match ?MoneyMatch ?MetricMatch Grade 4 ?SolidFigure ?Shape Match ?CustMeasure Grade 5 ?FractionMan ?PrimeFactor ?Fra-Deci-Per ?RatioMatch Grade 6 ?UnlikeFrac ?MixOperation ?RobotStudio Grade 7 ?Figure Cut ?Pre-algebra Other Games ?Egg Drop ?CrossNumber ?Math Chase Games Online
ActionGame ?Simon ?RacquetBall ?Snake ?CanoeClobber ?Double ?Drop Game ?GopherBash ?Jonah Game ?Moag Hunter ?Tank Game ?TreasureHunt ?SnakePit ?Wermz ?Blocks ?Red Bugs ?TuxOnRun ?MachineGun ?BreakAway(S) ?3D Tetris ?KaBoom ?Ice Blox ?Ray's Gun ?Shrimp ?Tank Wars ?Mars Attack ?Hot Shot ?Bill-Vaders ?Rolling ?Pinball ?LaserWheel ?Fill it ?Web War ArcadeGame ?RealInvaders ?MoonDefender ?Moon Star ?Centipede ?Invaders ?Moon Raid ?PacWars ?Torpedo ?UFO ?BallShoot ?Star Wars ?Warp ?LunarLander ?Tail Gunner ?Dug Out ?Rock Slide ?Boulder CardGame ?BlackJack ?Concentration ?HiLo ?Video Poker BoardGame ?Chess ?Checker PuzzleGame ?Rush Hour ?Same Game ?TimeStar ?Connect 4 ?RatInMaze ?Rock ?AllLights ?Math 24 ?Eliminator ?Jigsaw ?QueenKnight ?Sokoban ?Tower ?Connect Dots ?ImageMagnet

170. Welcome To Webmath!
Welcome to Webmath! Click a tab above to get help with your math problem. Want to earn some money? Answer math and physics problems. Click here.
Home Math for
General Math K-8 Math ... Other Stuff Welcome to Webmath!
  • Click a tab above to get help with your math problem. This site has over 100 instant-answer, self-help, math solvers, ready to help you get your math problem solved.
  • Quick navigation. I need math help with: Click to select Ask a Math Expert Calculus, Derivatives Calculus, Integration Calculus, Quotient Rule Calculus, Solved Integrals Coins, Counting Combinations, Finding all Complex Numbers, Adding of Complex Numbers, Calculating with Complex Numbers, Multiplying Complex Numbers, Powers of Complex Numbers, Subtracting Conversion, Area Conversion, Lengths Conversion, Mass Conversion, Power Conversion, Speed Conversion, Temperatures Conversion, Volume Data Analysis, Finding the Average Data Analysis, Finding the Standard Deviation Data Analysis, Histograms Decimals, Convert to a fraction Electricity, Cost of Factoring, Integers Factors, Greatest Common Factors, Least Common Fractions, Adding Fractions, Comparing Fractions, Converting Fractions, Convert to a decimal Fractions, Dividing

Advertisement. Click here to visit our sponsor.

Produces interactive learning programmes for English, Chinese, Maths and Science.

173. IRE Education: Math Test For Journalists
Privacy Policy. math TEST FOR JOURNALISTS (By Steve Doig, Arizona State University, inspired by one developed by Phil Meyer, UNCChapel Hill). Question, Answer.
Search IRE: Member sign-in History
How we started, Bylaws, The Arizona Project, Endowment Membership
Benefits, How to Join, Find an Investigative Journalist, Listservs, Update Your Address Training
Training Materials Resource Center
investigative stories, 2,000 Tipsheets, Reporting Guides, Beat Sources Broadcast Center
Videostreamed clips, IRE feeds, IRE videos Database Library Government database collection, Data analysis Campaign Finance Information Center Campaign Finance Database, Stories FOI Center Columns, Awards, FOIA Database, Tipsheets The IRE Store Books, Audio tapes, Databases, Periodicals, IRE Logo Goods Job Center Hot jobs in journalism, latest fellowships and grants IRE Awards Latest contest, Past winners, How to enter Educators IRE Journalism Educators' Center IRE Board Elected members, Committees IRE Staff Staff members, Contacting us MATH TEST FOR JOURNALISTS (By Steve Doig, Arizona State University, inspired by one developed by Phil Meyer, UNC-Chapel Hill) Question Answer Last year's city budget was $8,325,198. This year, you're told, the budget will be cut by 3 percent. What will this year's budget be?

174. Mathematical Interactivities - Interactive Multimedia Resources
Plus, source code for many of these interactivities to help you learn how to create your own interactive educational multimedia resources.

175. Online Tutorials, Tests, Games And Resources
A fully interactive teaching and learning resource for students and teachers. Includes structured tests as well as many online games

176. 4Mation Educational Resources
An interactive educational adventure. Lists literacy products, early year products, maths products and history products.
4Mation Educational Resources
Developers and Publishers of Educational Software since 1983
Welcome to our website. Educational Software Literacy Early Years Teacher Utilities History ... SEN Information About Online Ordering News Contact Details Product Support ... Independent Evaluations Last updated 13 th January 2004

177. Education 4 Kids Sponsored By "your Name Here" (a Free Educational Resource)
Flashcards for Kids. Education 4 Kids is proud to announce the upgrading of math Flashcards for Kids This program allows kids to do math flashcards online.
Name: Password: Sponsored by: Your Name Here (contact us for sponsorship) FlashCards
Math Square

Math Tables

Time Experience
Base Math

Grey selection areas are for Members only. Join Now
(30 day free trial and free DVD Player
Flashcards for Kids
Education 4 Kids is proud to announce the upgrading of Math Flashcards for Kids
Math Flashcards for Kids
Months in the making, based on your feedback, we have upgraded Math Flashcards for Kids to a new major release. This program allows kids to do math flashcards on-line. There are a number of functions that can be modified to allow the drill to be as easy or hard as you like.
Base Math Flashcards
What's Base Math? Well, it's not taught in schools that much anymore, but imagine if you only had seven fingers. That's "base 7". You know of the 1's, 10's and 100's places, but did you know there is the 1's 5's and 25's? This drill game presents you with a number in one base, and you convert it to Base 10 (what you are familiar with).
If you like the site, please take the time to share it with your friends. we have even created a recommend page that makes it easy to tell others that we are here to serve them. Thanks for your support.

178. Math And Physics Applets
These are some applets I wrote to help visualize various concepts in math and physics. You should be able to view them with any Javacapable browser.
These are some applets I wrote to help visualize various concepts in math and physics. You should be able to view them with any Java-capable browser. For optimum performance, I recommend using IE6. If you are on Windows and are using IE5 or another older browser, then you might try the Java plug-in , which runs faster, but not as fast as the IE6 Java VM from Microsoft; also it has a slower startup time, and won't run some applets that have sound. But you can turn it on and off from your browser configuration. If you are on Windows XP and don't have Java, I would get the Microsoft Java VM instead of Sun's. Here's how to find the Microsoft Java VM for XP.
Oscillations and Waves
Fourier Series Applet
Frequency analysis of periodic functions. Ripple Tank (2-D Waves) Applet
Demonstrates wave motion, interference, diffraction, refraction, Doppler effect, etc. 3-D Waves Applet
Demonstrates wave motion in 3-D. Coupled Oscillations Applet
Demonstrates longitudinal wave motion in oscillators connected by springs.
Loaded String Applet
Simulates wave motion of a string.

179. Learning Math The Fun Way For Kids - Automaths
Kids Learning math Activities Automath Junior Challenges your addition and subtraction skills Middle Problems using addition, subtraction and multiplication
GETTING AROUND Home Kids Activities Special Needs Corner Special Needs Software ... EBD Store NEW!! Learning Resources Learning Disabilities ADHD Learn to Spell Learn to Read ... Practical ideas Kids Activities Children's Stories Kids Art Scrambler Automaths ... Software Metrics
Education by Design.
is an Australian website dedicated to helping kids of all abilities learn. Online since 1997.
Kids Learning Math - Activities - Automaths Learning math should be a natural part of life, given that so many things involve the use of maths facts. However, for some kids (and adults), math is not easy. It can be difficult to understand the logic behind math operations and to calculate these mentally. We've designed this math activity to provide a gentle and positive environment where children can practice their number skills in addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. Practice can make a difference, especially with the calculating of basic number facts. Good luck.
You will need to have Java enabled on your browser to see AutoMaths.

180. PBS TeacherLine . Resources . Interactives | PBS
Learn how you can enroll in a course. Cubes This interactive helps students determine the volume of a box by manipulating unit cubes.

Reading/ Language Arts Science Technology Integration ... Interactives Interactives Enhance your lessons or reinforce key ideas with these interactives. Each is featured in a TeacherLine course with instructions for how it might be adapted to a particular class setting. Learn how you can enroll in a course Cubes
This interactive helps students determine the volume of a box by manipulating unit cubes. — From Measurement of Surface Area and Volume Floor Tiles
This interactive allows users to explore tessellations on quadrilateral figures by dynamically changing the shape of the figure. — From Shaping Up: Teaching Geometry Using Technology
Frog in a Well
This problem and interactive demonstrate how to identify number relations and patterns and alter variables to change patterns. They can be used together or separately. — From Patterns and Relations Histograms
This animation and interactive can be used together to demonstrate how different interval sizes affect the shape and presentation of various data.

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