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         Interactive Math:     more books (100)
  1. Basic Math (Prentice Hall Interactive Math) by Martingay; Martin-Gay, 1999
  2. Bittinger Developmental Math, Interactive Math Plus Windows Student Note by Bittinger, 1997-12
  3. Interactive Math II for Beginners by Warr, 1997
  4. Standard Math Interactive. (CD-rom). by Daniel Zwillinger, 1980
  5. Interactive Math for Introductory Algebra: Spring 99 by K. Elayn Martin-Gay, 1999
  6. Interactive math: Applied algebra program by Len Mrachek, 1989
  7. Prentice Hall Interactive Math: Basic Math by K. Elayn Martin-Gay, 2002
  8. Interactive Math Lessons and Tools Level 2 by UNKNOWN, 1999
  9. Basic Math (Prentice Hall Interactive Math) by Martingay, Martin-Gay, 1999-12-30
  10. Pilot Interactive Math & Inter Algebra & Key & Study Pkg by Martin-Gay, 1999-08-23
  11. Interactive Maths by Robin Stewart, 2001-11-30
  12. Introductory Algebra - Interactive Math Package by K. Elayn Martin-Gay, 1999
  13. Interactive Math Student Tutorial by Margaret Lial, 2000-08
  14. Interactive math: Basic math program by Len Mrachek, 1989

101. SAT Online Test Preparation Free, College Prep Instruction, Study Hall, PSAT, Sa
interactive test preparation, including verbal, math, and vocabulary instruction. Free speed reading, memory improvement, and college application and entrance tips.
sat/psat instruction prototypes test explanations schedule inside.......

vocabulary list

vocab novella

news you can use...
thanks to Sree Sreenivasan of WABC Channel 7 in NYC for naming our web page in his Top Three Test Prep Sites. See it here you can buy
a CD which contains the entire SAT presentation explaining how to take the SAT for $15 (shipping included). It contains the same information presented here online. Email us here to order. home email sat/psat demo ... register
dates to note.....
SAT ACT: The Study Hall 6923 Snider Plaza Dallas, TX 75205
The Study Hall to The Study Hall website. All our material is completely FREE of charge. If this is your FIRST TIME here, use this link: INTRODUCTION Inside you will find our complete FREE SAT Improvement Course, vocabulary help

102. Math
challenge games about equations); Solving An Equation by AAA math (Explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about equations);
Back to King's Home Page King's List of On-line Math Activities
click on Calculator to see links this page was compiled
and is maintained by
Mrs. DeWitt
Many of these programs need shockwave: (if you don't have it is free)
Beginning Math Activities
Basic Facts Basic Math Skills Factors/Multiples ... ISAT 8th Grade Word List Beginning Math Activities
  • BBC Education's Number Time Games
  • Simple Add and Subtract
  • Test the Toad + and - problems with numbers 1-15) Little Animals Activity Center ( interactive number games for addition and subtraction) Number Recognition/Sequencing
  • Dart Board Level 1 (recognize numbers 1-9) Find the Number (Recognition activity for numbers 1-10) Mend the Number Square ( Place missing numbers on 1-100 grid) Find One More (matching game) Snakes and Ladders (1 player or 2 player activity.. works like chutes and ladders) Watch Addem (Number Movies) Number Songs FunBrain Activities
  • Number Recognition/Sequencing
  • Bunny Count ( count and match numbers and characters) One False Move (sequence numbers from lowest to highest) Guess the Number (guess number with high low clues) Learning Planet Activities
  • Number Recognition/Counting/Sequencing
  • Count Your Chickens ( counting activity) 1 2 3 Order (what comes next... up to 10)
  • 103. The Internet Learning Network Home
    interactive site where students can compare their math and science achievement against others worldwide. Also provides learning opportunities with hints and links to tutorial web sites to help students improve.
    Welcome to GetSmarter!
    Hang on while we load up.

    104. EME - Science -- Features Award Winning Science Software, Videos, Overhead Units
    offers software and video programs featuring an interactive open approach to discovering and mastering science and math concepts.
    For over 20 years, EME has provided award-winning software and video programs that are flexible, fast and image-oriented. Hybrid CD versions take advantage of high level technology for graphics, sound, photos, video, expanded databases and multi-variable simulations. All programs feature an interactive open approach to discovering and mastering science and math concepts. This site allows you to access full details on EME software, videos, maps and overhead units. To enter this site click on one of the Menu Items in the left cell. This site features a Science Topics option that can find all EME programs with content on a particular topic. Clicking on a topic will display a list of related programs. For example, there are seven different programs listed under the topic Genetics Please use our search option below. To Optimize Your Search:
    Type the topic in the field below, for example, “volcanoes” and click Search. For increased precision use one specific word. Match ALL words Match ANY word For information on new programs and special
    offers available only to on-line subscribers please enter
    your e-mail address below.

    105. Math Courses Online
    The math Courses are completely online with interactive lessons. Courses offered are Basic math/Pre Algebra, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Geometry, Test Prep Course, (ELM, GRE, and SAT), and Adult/Reentry Student Prep Course.
    home Prices about us
    ONLINE Math Courses Online has become a primary source for students of all ages to discover the enjoyment of learning Math.
    These courses are available to anyone in the public who would like to enroll.
    The developers of Math Courses Online have several websites to accomodate the needs of the K - 12 schools, homeschools, colleges, universities, and adults in the general public.
    • Basic Math/Pre Algebra through Geometry - $69.95, Test Prep - $99.95 Enroll any time of the year Classes are self-paced Everything is online: lessons, homework, tests, and final No campus visits Immediate online test results No books to purchase Courses written and taught by a college math and computer science teacher Courses meet or exceed state standards for High Schools and Colleges curriculum Certificate of completion (upon request) Five months to complete each course with a 30 day extension if needed College Credit Available

    rights and use information

    106. STARTDL TM - Puzzles And Word Games
    Collection of interactive anagrams, word and math puzzles. Games are available online or in printable form.
    Click here for your copy of our new Startdl magazine
    Welcome to If you like Anagrams, Crypted Quotations, Hidden Quotes, and other word and math games, this is the site for you. Whether you are an adult or a child, we have games to challenge your mind. Most games are interactive and can be solved on-line; some must be printed out. We are adding new games on a regular basis, so drop by often to check out the new additions. If you have any technical problems please check our Help page. Enjoy, and we would appreciate your feedback. The Editor
    Our site is intended solely for personal, non-commercial use, and enjoyment. STARTDL™ puzzles may not be published, copied, or otherwise reproduced or distributed without prior written permission from STARTDL™ puzzles.
    This web page is maintained by webmaster
    © STARTDL™ for thinkers

    107. Topic Listing For Quiz Me
    These interactive quizzes were constructed using software graciously provided by Addison Wesley Take me back to the OnLine math Learning Center Home Page.
    Choose from one of the topics below to take an on-line quiz. These interactive quizzes were constructed using software graciously provided by
    Addison Wesley Longman Publishers Whole Numbers: place value, operations. applications, rounding, roots and order of operations Fractions equivalencies, operations, applications Decimals place value, operations, applications Proportions rate, ratio, proportions, problem solving Percents conversions between fractions, decimals, and percents, percent applications, simple interest Introduction to Algebra: working with integers order of operations Introduction to Solving Equations: absolute value, substituting and evaluating, solving using properties, translating into words
    (being worked on) Problem Solving: word problems involving consecutive integers, number relationships, complementary angles, and mixtures Inequalities: graphing and solving inequalities, applications Exponents: product rule, power rule, integer exponents, quotient rule Formulas: working with commonly used formulas to solve for an unknown and to isolate a designated variable Polynomials: collecting like terms, descending order, degree, operations

    108. Beginner's Guide To Aeronautics
    Prepared at NASA Glenn by the Learning Technologies Project (LTP) to provide background information on basic aerodynamics and propulsion for secondary math and science teachers. Includes interactive animated illustrations of many concepts.
    NASA Glenn Research Center
    The Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics
    Welcome to The Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics
    How do airplanes work? Why does a wing change shape on takeoff and landing? Index
    Guided Tour
    Beginner's Guide to Propulsion
    How do jet engines work? Why are there different kinds of jet engines? Index
    Guided Tour
    Beginner's Guide to High Speed Aerodynamics
    What is a shock wave? What happens in hypersonic flow? Index
    Guided Tour
    Beginner's Guide to Model Rockets
    The Beginner's Guide to Model Rockets will show you the basic math and physics that govern the design and flight of model rockets. Index
    Guided Tour
    Beginner's Guide to Kites
    The Beginner's Guide to Kites will show you the basic math and physics that govern the design and flight of kites. Index Guided Tour I n the 21st century, airplanes are a normal part of everyday life. We see them fly over, or read about them, or see them on television. Most of us have traveled on an airplane, or we know someone who has. Do you ever wonder how airplanes fly? What causes the lift that gets the airplane off the runway? How does a pilot control the movement of the airplane? Why are the engines on an airliner different from the engines on a fighter plane? How does aerodynamics affect the flight of a model rocket or a kite? The information at this site is provided by the NASA Glennn Learning Technologies Project (LTP) to give you a better understanding of how aircraft work.

    109. Invitation To Mastermind
    Several interactive variants of the game, including strategies, tips, and math explanations.
    CTK Exchange Front Page
    Movie shortcuts

    Personal info
    Recommend this site
    Cut The Knot!
    An interactive column using Java applets
    by Alex Bogomolny Invitation to MasterMind (tm)
    Don Greenwell
    December 1999 Mastermind is a game played by two players, the codemaker and the codebreaker. The game begins with the codemaker selecting a code, a sequence of four colors (digits, pegs or other symbols) (c , c , c , c chosen from a set of six colors (repetitions allowed). The codebreaker will then try to guess the code. After each guess (g , g , g , g , the codemaker responds with two numbers. The first, the number of exact matches, is the number of times c k = g k k = 1, ... , 4 . The second, the number of near matches, is the number of colors in the guess which are the right color, but in the wrong position. In the applet bellow the number of exact matches is indicated by small red dots, while white dots define the second number. In the real game the codemaker uses small pegs for the same purpose. Mastermind is a game of deduction. The task is to uncover 1 secret code selected from a set numbering elements. With every judiciously chosen guess and a (frank) response, the set of possibilities shrinks. When only one element remains it is bound to be the secret code. If colors are represented by numbers starting with 0, then 0011 or 0012 are good candidates for the first guess. Afterwards, to come up with propitious guesses, the codebreaker may employ various problem-solving strategies

    110. Home
    Free and interactive site to compare math science achievement against students worldwide. ILN provides a voluntary, norisk self
    //check for Flash 4 on IE Win on error resume next dim FlashMode FlashMode = False FlashMode = IsObject(CreateObject("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.4")) If FlashMode = False then FlashMode = IsObject(CreateObject("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.5")) End if

    111. Funschool - Part Of The Kaboose Network
    More than 300 interactive games and activities for preschool through 6th grade with activities that range from matching numbers and shapes, geography, math and history.
    Ads_kid=0;Ads_bid=0;Ads_xl=0;Ads_yl=0;Ads_xp='';Ads_yp='';Ads_opt=0;Ads_wrd='[KeyWord]';Ads_prf='';Ads_par='';Ads_cnturl='';Ads_sec=0;Ads_channels=''; Build-A-Bear Workshop wants to honor young heroes that make a difference.
    Nominate A Huggable Hero
    SM Today! Animal Homes Cartoon Builder Rhyme Time ... Trouble Bubbles Ads_kid=0;Ads_bid=0;Ads_xl=300;Ads_yl=250;Ads_xp='';Ads_yp='';Ads_opt=0;Ads_wrd='fathersday';Ads_prf='';Ads_par='';Ads_cnturl='';Ads_sec=0;Ads_channels='';
    Spring Games

    Funschool Coloring Pages

    Kids Domain Mother's Day Fun

    Funschool Game Guide
    Animated eCards

    Ads_kid=0;Ads_bid=0;Ads_xl=0;Ads_yl=0;Ads_xp='';Ads_yp='';Ads_opt=0;Ads_wrd='[KeyWord]';Ads_prf='';Ads_par='';Ads_cnturl='';Ads_sec=0;Ads_channels=''; Ads_kid=0;Ads_bid=0;Ads_xl=0;Ads_yl=0;Ads_xp='';Ads_yp='';Ads_opt=0;Ads_wrd='[KeyWord]';Ads_prf='';Ads_par='';Ads_cnturl='';Ads_sec=0;Ads_channels='';
    It may still be chilly out , but spring has officially sprung! So as it gets Warmer be cool and stay dry , even through spring's rainiest days Also get set to shoot some hoops . A little archery maybe?

    112. Online Math Resources, Elementary: Basic Operations, Times Tables, Place Value
    List of online math games, quizzes, interactive tutorials, and software for elementary grades four basic operations and basic facts, multiplication tables
    Home 123-Math ebooks Worksheets Curriculum guide ... DVD rentals
    Online math resources: games, quizzes, interactive tutorials, software
    Most of these use either Macromedia Shockwave Player or Java. You can download Macromedia Shockwave Player here . The resources are FREE unless otherwise noted. Math Help General Elementary Math 1 Elementary Math 2 Math help, Homework help, tutoring Math history, Problem solving, Test prep Basic operations, Times tables, Place value Time, Money, Measuring, Geometry Middle School Math High School Math 1 High School Math 2 Fun and Games Fractions, Decimals, Integers, Coordinate Plane, Geometry Algebra, Graphing, Calculus Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics Math games, quizzes, or interactive tutorials websites
    Online math resources: Elementary Math 1
    Basic operations Multiplication tables Factoring Place value
    Basic operations (all) The Abacus
    History, instructions, articles about the age-old calculating aid.
    See also an interactive Java applet with a demo showing how counting and calculations are done. PrimaryMath
    Web-based arithmetic learning system for teachers, tutors or parents to use with primary grade children. Set up exercises, and let your child then practice basic arithmetic operations from simple addition to long division with dozens of difficulty levels and optional decimals or signed numbers.

    113. Learning Lyrics Teaching Products For Kids
    interactive CDs and Cassettes teach math, grammar, science, social studies, and languages to preschool and school age children.

    114. - EUpnet Software, Inc.
    An online mathematics community website that offers games, and narrated lectures. By using the latest software and hardware technology, introduces math in a fun, creative, interactive, and of course, educational way.
    System Requirements
    PCWindows 95/98/ME/NT/2000, Macromedia Shockwave 8 Flash 4 , Pentium 266Mhz, 32MB, AOL w/ IE 4.0, IE 4.0 or later
    Macintosh System 9.1 or later, Macromedia Shockwave 8 Flash 4 , 233Mhz, 32MB, AOL w/ IE 5.0, IE 5.0 or later

    115. Math Cats Love MicroWorlds
    interactive MicroWorlds Logo projects. Created by a parent and teacher to explore math and technology in the classroom and at home.
    Math Cats love MicroWorlds! More projects are coming soon, so please check back often!
    interactive projects
    free plug-in)
    Download it here! (AOL Users:
    (IE 6.0 and IE 5.5 SP2:
    Upgrade to the new free
    Active-X MicroWorlds plug-in
    project overviews:
    screenshots, description, procedures (no plug-in needed... come take a look!)
    What a Crowd!
    Guess how many people are in each crowd... from 15 up to 2,000! The closer your guess, the more points you earn. What a Crowd! overview Coin Flipper
    (75K... see AOL note) Flip a cyber-penny 100 times. Control the speed with a slider. The project records the flips on two graphs. Great way to study probability! Coin Flipper overview Multiply It
    A rectangular grid keeps changing its shape as you drag two sliders to make new multiplication facts. Multiply It overview Multiplication Rods Illustrate multiplication problems with online "Cuisenaire rods." Multiplication Rods overview Multiplication Grid (148K... see AOL note) Place 100 number squares in their correct places on a grid. For each right answer, a little frog hops. Multiplication Grid overview Using Money (227K... see AOL note)

    116. Center For Technology And Teacher Education: Mathematics Activities
    NormalDistribution.xls. Back to interactive Activities Back to math Homepage Site maintained by Last modified on January 2, 2002.
    Center Home Content Areas Home Math Home Interactive Activities
    Microsoft Excel Interactive Projects
    Send comments or questions to Hollylynne Drier Stohl at Ratio Fraction Pie Coins and Dice ... Sequence
    To access the Microsoft Excel files:
    Internet Explorer:
    If Microsoft Excel is installed on your machine, when you click on the file name, Explorer will automatically open the file in Excel.
    Other Browsers:
    You will need to save the file to a local disk and then open the file from within Microsoft Excel.
    Note : All files can be viewed on either PC or MAC with Microsoft Excel 5.0 or above. Ratio
    This excel file is needed to complete the Rational Number Relationships Activity . Students can use the sliders to explore fractions and discover relationships between the four representations (fraction, decimal, percent, pie graph). This workbook contains macros that will need to be enabled when you open the file.

    117. Activities For Math Help : Arithmetic, Algebra, Word Problems
    interactive activities and quizzes on topics such as basic arithmetic, algebra, and trigonometry. Also includes brain teasers and puzzles.
    Syvum Home K-12 GMAT GRE ... More... '); document.writeln(' '); document.writeln('
    Also try our: Subject Quizzes English Activities Brain Teasers Trivia Quiz ... US Quiz
    Algebra, Arithmetic, Word Problems, Trigonometry, Brain Teasers, Puzzles, IQ Tests
    Online Activities
    Kids Math SyvumBook Level I
    Subtraction Multiplication ... Symbol Sequences
    Buy Our Software
    Read the reviews and awards
    that Syvum has won from BBC Online, ZDNet, Tucows,, VNU Net etc. for its content and technology. - Kids Math SyvumBook I
    Math help for kids aged 6-7 years. - Kids Math SyvumBook II
    Math help for kids aged 8-9 years. - Kids Math SyvumBook III
    Math help for kids aged 9-10 years. - Kids Math SyvumBook IV
    Math help for kids aged 11-12 years. - Kids Word Problems SyvumBook I
    Math help for kids aged 6-7 years - Kids Word Problems SyvumBook II
    Math help for kids aged 8-9 years
    $$$ WIN $$$ PRIZES
    Enter Syvum Quizenius CONTEST NOW !
    fiSearchFormMaxSetId='AX005650'; Suppress Pop-ups Online Translation - Dictionary One-Click Lookups Contact Info

    118. Virginia Algebra Resource Center
    of materials, including tips for improving study skills and overcoming math anxiety, as Scroll down to the interactive Features once you access the page.This
    Interactive Sites A C E G ...
    Submit a Link
    A A+ Math: Flashcards - This site provides immediate feedback for students in need of a quick refresher of the fundamentals. There are both basic math and algebra cards. The site will keep a running tally and percent correct for each section. Algebra Online - This groundbreaking web-site touts itself as a place where students, parents, and educators can communicate. It has several unique features that you should check out (including individual tutoring and computer-generated solutions to most any algebra problem you can dream up! Ask Dr. Math - Dr. Math really does seem to know it all. This wonderful reference tool provides answers to frequently asked math questions, as well as a means for students to e-mail Dr. Math with their own, as of yet unanswered questions. C Calculator City - Over twenty different calculators, including conversion calculators, a Pythagorean theorem calculator, calculators for two to four unknowns, and many more. E

    119. Java
    find interactive programs that you can manipulate and a lot of animation that helps you to grasp the meaning of mathematical ideas. Attention Manipula math
    The material presented in the following pages are for middle school students, high school students, college students, and all who are interested in mathematics. You will find interactive programs that you can manipulate and a lot of animation that helps you to grasp the meaning of mathematical ideas. Attention: Manipula Math Applets and CabriJava need a JDK 1.1 compliant browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5/5.0 on all platforms.
    Collection of 279 Math Applets
    91 applets. 25 applets. 64 applets. 29 applets. 23 applets. 9 applets. 38 applets.
    Manipula Math Products
    Checks are acceptable for site/network license.
    Manipula Math Java Lesson
    If you would like to create java applets for math education, a good starting point is here. Manipula Math Java Lesson introduces basic techniques to create simple java applets.
    Cabri Java
    IES had a presentation ( Cabri International Project ) at ICME9 in Tokyo. The figure files used in the presentation can be download from the linked pages. Download Free Applets. 9 applets are included in the free sample file. ( zipped file ) Guest book
    Presentation files (used at Cabri World 2001)
    KOBAYASHI Ichiro (IES) had a presentation at Cabri World 2001. You can see the contents and some Cabri figures of the

    120. Preparing For The FCAT And FCAT/NRT
    Test preparation for Florida's standardized tests in reading and math for grades 310. Practice tests, interactive lessons and test-taking strategies.
    Our Products



    Classroom Mgt.
    Test Prep

    Email Updates
    Customize your
    email updates

    Ask here
    or call 7-5:30 CST M-F Technical help for software products 8-4:30 CST M-F Report a Web site problem/error Site Search Advanced Search You are here: Home Preparing for the FCAT and FCAT/NRT Preparing for the FCAT and FCAT/NRT Printer Friendly Version Email This Product Page Have a Question? Sample Request ... Performance Power Version 6 Software A comprehensive program for developing effective test-taking skills in reading and math Grades: 3-8 and 10 Preparing for the FCAT Preparing for the FCAT Online Resources AGS offers a complete test preparation program. Practice pre-and posttests offer diagnostic information. Interactive lessons provide teacher-guided support to build student skills. This following resources will demonstrate the AGS 3-step process for test-taking success! More than just a practice test Preparing for the FCAT uses pretests, interactive lessons, and posttests to build students’ ability and confidence in test-taking. Based on the Sunshine State Standards, the program includes materials for both the reading and math portions of the FCAT. The three-step diagnostic-prescriptive approach from AGS provides a range of skill-building opportunities. These include teaching, demonstrating, thinking aloud, and motivating students in an encouraging and supportive environment.

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