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  1. Easy colorful graphs: digital spreadsheets can make a math lesson fun, interactive, and educational. (Electronic Learning).(related article included): An article from: Instructor (1990) by Lauren Goldberg, 2003-04-01
  2. Switched-on Schoolhouse ; Bible History Language Arts Math Science Fully interactive CD-Rom Curriculum by Switched-on Schoolhouse, 2001
  3. Mathepedia: Interactive Mathematics Encyclopedia
  4. Webber Basic Classifying Interactive Fun Decks - 7 CD-ROM! by Various, 2006
  5. Switched-on Schoolhouse ; Bible History Language Arts Math Science Fully interactive CD-Rom Curriculum by Switched-on Schoolhouse, 2002
  6. Introductory Algebra (Prentice Hall Interactive Math) by K. Elayn Martin-Gay, 2000
  7. Calculating Drug Dosages: An Interactive Approach to Learning Nursing Math (Calculating Drug Dosages: An Interactive Approach to Learning Nurse) by Sandra Luz Martinez De Castillo, Maryanne Werner-McCullough, 2007-08-31
  8. Interactive Mathematics Personal Academic Notebook (Topic 3 (Introduction to Graphing), Topic 4 (Graphing LInear Equations and Inequalities), Topic 5 (Solving Linear Systems))
  9. Interactive Math Journey (Version 1.0)
  10. Math Interactive Set (Mathematical Science References) by Daniel Zwillinger, 2000-12
  11. Interactive Math for Basic College Math by K. Elayn Martin-Gay, 1999-12-16
  12. Interactive Math for Intermediate Algebra by Martin-Gay, 1999
  13. Prentice Hall Interactive Math 2: Introductory Algebra by K. Elayn Martin-Gay, 2003
  14. Interactive Math Dictionary: The Mathresource on CD-ROM by Jonathan Borwein, Carolyn Watters, et all 1998-12

81. Interactive Physics And Math With Java
A set of more than 20 scientifically accurate educational applets which mostly cover the course of Introductory Physics or material close to it. This site is mirrored a number of places on the net.
Sergey Kiselev,
Tanya Yanovsky-Kiselev

Best with
Interactive Physics and Math with Java Math
Write and Plot a Function (Interpreter) Java Applet Introductory Physics Single Slit Diffraction Java Applet Interaction of Radiation with an Atom Java Applet The Laser Java Applet Image Formation by a Converging Lens Java Applet Image Formation by a Diverging Lens Java Applet Image Formation by a Diverging Mirror Java Applet Induced Current Java Applet Total Internal Reflection Java Applet The Bouncing Ball Java Applet The Spring Pendulum Java Applet The Pendulum Java Applet A Two-Resistor Circuit Java Applet A Four-resistor Circuit Java Applet Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 1) Java Applet Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 2) Java Applet Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 3) Java Applet Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 4) Java Applet Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 5) Java Applet Charged Particles in a Magnetic Field Java Applet Light Dispersion through a Glass Prizm Java Applet Light Dispersion through a Glass Slab Java Applet Advanced Physics Oscillating 3D Crystal Java Applet Toda Lattice Solitons Java Applet Anharmonic Local Modes Java Applet Last modified: July 17, 1997

82. Interactive Control
Results and techniques of polynomial matrix descriptions (PMDs) of linear systems including equation solvers.

83. IRA: Interactive Real Analysis
An interactive textbook using Java.

84. College Math Credit Online
Completely online with tests and interactive lessons with enrollment. Designed for Test Prep or students who want to learn Algebra, Geometry and/or Data Interpretation. The course prepares students for; Elm, Gre, Cbest, Sat, and Ged.
These courses are available to anyone
in the public who would like to enroll.
The following classes are offered through
two of the California State Universities
Extended Education departments:
  • Basic Math/ Pre Algebra
  • Elementary Algebra / Algebra l
  • Intermediate Algebra / Algebra ll
  • Plane Geometry

  • Sign up any time of the year
  • Self-paced
  • No campus visits
  • All testing done online
  • No parking fees
  • No books to purchase
  • Homework online
  • You have five months to
    complete each class

85. OpenCollege E-Learning Content Library
OpenCollege provides online access to more than 300 interactive simulations on Physics, math, Chemistry, Astronomy, Biology and Economics. It is designed for students, teachers, and online course authors.

86. ACT WorkKeys : Skill Training Resources
Basic skills training and case studies. KeyTrain interactive training via CDROM, print, or the Internet for reading, math, graphics, technology, teamwork, writing, listening and Observation.

For Business
For Education Job Profiles Assessments ... WorkKeys
Skill Training Resources
WorkKeys Curricula Publishers Program As the WorkKeys Publishers committed to having ACT address the quality of their training materials as participants in this program are designated Level I compliant courses and are listed as such on this site. Some publishers offer training resources for skill levels below those measured by the WorkKeys assessments; ACT does not determine compliance for these courses. By participating in the program, publishers can demonstrate:
  • their commitment to the quality of their training materials by having ACT staff conduct rigorous evaluations of their materials and by correcting any identified deficiencies
  • their desire to work closely with ACT staff to ensure that their materials remain current and compatible with the WorkKeys system
  • their support of the WorkKeys system and desire to be a part of its long-term success
  • their commitment to continued review and improvement of their programs
Level I Publishers
KeyTrain is a comprehensive training curriculum designed specifically for the WorkKeys job skills, with over 10,000 pages of interactive materials covering all of the WorkKeys skills. The additional Beginning Skills curriculum covers pre-WorkKeys skills. A product of Thinking Media, KeyTrain is affordably priced in CD-ROM, print, and Internet forms.

87. College-Cram: A Great Way To Study
CollegeCram is a great way to study math, Science, Languages, Business, and more, anytime and anywhere. Make your cram sessions more productive with our interactive learning environment.
College Cram, A Great Way To Study:
Astronomy - Biology - Chemistry - Physics - Algebra - Trigonometry - Pre-calculus - Spanish - French - Finance - Accounting
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Become a Charter
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Key Word Search (flash cards, meiosis, ionic bond)
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For a limited-time, you can register for a free charter subscription good through June 11, 2004. Choose a subject below to start your cram session now and experience a new way to study!
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ow can we help you study?
How have you used your textbooks this semester? What textbooks? I didn't buy any! I have barely used them. They are great door stops. I have used them some of the time, but they still suck! I use them all the time, they are my best friends. Free polls from ...
algebra business math pre-calculus trigonometry
accounting economics finance
french spanish
free stuff miscellaneous The Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) is the key to one-stop, any-stop access to thousands of high quality lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources on the Internet! GEM is a project of the U.S. Department of Education. The Smartacus Corporation ( is a member of the GEM Consortium.

88. The Creative Connections Project: Amazon Rain Forest, Africa, China, Galapagos
A 500 page multimedia interactive site that takes students on learning adventures to various regions of the globe. Also provides teachers with curriculum pages that link to math, science, and geography lessons.


About Us
Site Map
Join the Creative Connections Project for the 2004/2005 school year. Travel with us to the Amazon Rain Forest, Africa, China, the Galapagos Islands and the Arctic from right inside your own classroom and interact with partner classes in those regions. Send an E-mail to to get on our waiting list and to receive our free E-newsletter for teachers.
art/music exchanges; and Study Partnerships. Prices start at only $50/class. "The Creative Connections Project has changed the way I teach... and enabled my students to travel the world without leaving our classroom." Read more teacher testimonials! Additional Options
  • School to School Participation If you would like your whole school to participate, we can match you with a partner school in the region of your choice or with schools in more than one world region and we can tailor your exchanges to meet your teachers' needs. We will arrange a special price depending on the package. Send us an E-mail with your contact information and tell us you are interested in School to School Participation. We'll reply to work out your tailored package.

89. Syvum Homepage: Online Education And Interactive Learning
interactive software for children on math, english, and general knowledge topics, plus a progress monitor for parents and teachers. Free download demo.
Syvum Home K-12 GMAT GRE ... More... '); document.writeln(' '); document.writeln('
Syvum Homepage :
Online Education and Interactive Learning
worldwide to over 150 countries !
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Membership: Become a Syvum Premier Member for only $ 9.99

Expansions Factoring ... People
Special Features at Syvum
Buy our Software Kids Math SyvumBook I Age: 6-7 Try Online Word Problems SyvumBook II Age: 8-9 Try Online Kids English SyvumBook III Age: 9-10 Try Online More at Secure Web Shop
Hot Favorites at Syvum

New at Syvum
Featuring a New Story Adventures in Aipotu
"A fable to discover our world" - by Sanat Mohanty $$$ WIN $$$ PRIZES Enter Syvum Quizenius CONTEST NOW ! fiSearchFormMaxSetId='AX005650'; Suppress Pop-ups Online Translation - Dictionary One-Click Lookups Contact Info

90. Untitled Document
Instructional units that introduce quantum physics to high school and college students who do not have a background in modern physics or higher level math using interactive computer programs and digital multimedia in an activity based environment
Interactive Computer Programs Project Summary Physics Education Research Group
Shockwave Programs
Java Version of Color Creator
Direct comments to: Chandima Cumaranatunge (programming), Sanjay Rebello (physics)
Physics Education Research Group
Kansas State University

91. Science: Hands-on, Inquiry Based Teaching And Learning Solutions
Equipment and software for inquirybased hands-on teaching of integrated math, science, and technology. Also, there are interactive science puzzlers and an online products catalog.
NEW PROGRAM NOW AVAILABLE! Science for Grades 6-12: CPO Science develops, publishes, and manufactures inquiry-based teaching and learning systems. We offer a wide range of materials including textbook programs (that integrate the teacher support materials and lab equipment), supplemental curriculum, and hands-on lab equipment. CPO Science also offers nationally recognized professional development programs. New Website Comming Soon!
26 Howley Street Peabody, MA 01960
(800) 932-5227 Fax (978) 531-8426 Cambridge Physics Outlet Is now CPO Science!

92. GNumerator
A interactive computer math system that uses standard JavaScript as the scripting language, and a collection of reusable math oriented components such as a complete mathML DOM implementation, and a mathML viewing / editing control.
gNumerator About gNumerator General Info
Plans and Progress
About MathML SourceForge Project Page for gNumerator Anonymous Feedback Anonymous Feature Requests
Anonymous Bug Reports
Contact endre-somogyi comcast net gNumerator Mailing List
Articles Extending the DOM
Fast parsing of XML entities

Calling C methods from C#

The visitor pattern

News News, Updated February 6, 2004
Components MathML DOM
MathML Rendering Control

Screenshots First Rendering of MathML A slightly more complex example Same example, with almost correct use of stretchy characters Stretchy operators are finally working correctly ... Complex Tables Browse Source Repository MathML Document Object Model MathML Rendering Control Downloads, release 0.21 Release Notes for version 0.21 MathML Winforms Control, MathML DOM, Test App, and Documentation Source for all of the above

93. OCSD Interactive Games
math Magic, Timed practice of basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication Quiz Time This will allow you to create an interactive multiple choice
Design Your Own Games Directions Directions Directions Directions ... Directions Pre-Made Games Ghost Blasters This game focuses on finding multiples of 10. Ghost Blasters 2 This games lets you choose to practice sums of the number you set Ghost Blasters 3 This game is for practicing two digit plus one digit numbers. Ghost Blasters 3 This game is for practicing two digit plus two digit numbers. Ghost Blasters 3 This game is for practicing division facts. Ghost Blasters 3 This game is for practicing 2 digit minus 1 digit subtraction. Ghost Blasters 3 This game is for practicing 3 digit minus 3 digit subtraction. Banana Hunt This game helps students practice the degrees of an angle Bang On Time Helps student practice telling time. Billy Bug Helps students learn coordinates. ( 0-10) Billy Bug 2 Helps students learn coordinates. ( 0-5)

94. Patterns In Mathematics
Teachers explore how patterns occur in numbers and in words in this interactive lab.
Some people say that mathematics is the science of patterns. That's not a bad description. Not only do patterns take many forms over the range of school mathematics, they are also a unifying theme. Visit the lab to explore logic patterns number patterns , and word patterns . In queries about the attributes of things, you'll apply reasoning to answer "what's next?" not with a number but with a description. You'll focus on how to develop "function sense" without simply asking for the next number in the pattern. And through visual and written forms of expressions, you'll connect language and mathematics to develop skills for thinking clearly, strategically, critically, and creatively.
Channel Catalog About Us ... Legal Policy

95. Interactive Fun Puzzles
http// interactive Fun Puzzles. These puzzles are arranged from easy to hard a bird, a horse and a dog. math Triangles
Interactive Fun Puzzles
Click and drag the matchsticks (or numbers or puzzle pieces) to solve the puzzles. Please note that there may be more than one solution to each puzzle. If you really have difficulties solving the puzzles ... don't get mad, get help. But nothing beats solving the puzzles by your own efforts. You may even discover a new solution to a puzzle. Have fun!
Level One Level Two
  • Counting Fishes ... hand-eye coordination + numbers 1-5
    ... associate a certain quantity of fishes to a spoken numeral (1-5). Total size of all associated files is about 154 KB.
    Mixed-Up Puzzles
    ... clicking + visual discrimination
    ... four 16-piece puzzles waiting to be unraveled with sound effects. Total size of all associated files is about 200 KB but well worth a visit.
    Sorting Puzzles
    ... dragging + visual discrimination + logical thinking
    For Internet Explorer users only - Five puzzles arranged from easy to difficult. The third puzzle has more than one correct answer and the last two puzzles are tricky!
    Origami Animals ... dragging + visual discrimination + creativity ... assemble parts of origami animals into a whole or create your own mythical creature. These puzzles are arranged from easy to hard -

96. Future School
Offers an interactive Educational Program for K12 math, English and French (2nd Language) on CD and video.
Future School provides advanced, tailor-made Learning Systems in CD-ROM, video and online format. Over 60,000 students and more than 200 school classrooms within Australia and worldwide have enjoyed the results our products deliver. Join other: Students wanting homework help or support with their schoolwork
Parents involved in home schooling or distance learning
Educators wanting a complete teacher resource that monitors class progress
Employers seeking a Vocational Education Training (VET) system Begin the journey to success today! Take a FREE online skills assessment and our qualified staff will send you valuable feedback.
Latest News May Winners! 01 Jun 2004 Boost to Literacy and Numeracy Skills 31 May 2004 Stretching the Mind 26 May 2004 IPV Wins Award for Innovation 25 May 2004 Review of SA Certificate 24 May 2004
Promotional Area Computer Giveaway - Reloaded! 17 May 2004 The amazing FuturemindS Computer Package Giveaway Competition worth over $27,000 has just been upgraded! NEW JOBS - join the Future School team! FuturemindS Issue 3 Are you helping your child to succeed at school?
interactive game
Will your word power save the doomed hangman? See if you can guess the mystery word in our free online game!

97. Math, English Software, Games, Worksheets For Grades K-8 - Education
Fun games exciting excercises involving interactive lessons to boost a child s success in school. Teach your child important money and math skills.
Fun games...exciting excercises...involving interactive lessons to boost a child's success in school. Just 15 minutes a day with Dositey programs or worksheets makes children eager to learn
Dositey Products
Free Programs
Teach your child important money and math skills
Unit 1
Pennies - of the Dositey Money Math mini-course is offered for free
The full Money Math has six more units just like this one featuring nickels, dimes, quarters, and combination of coins.
Teach your child how to read.
Introducing the Beginning Readers Course . A remarkable new program that can help your child learn to read in just 3 weeks.
Fun, kid-friendly lessons.
Only 15-30 minutes a day! Imagine the pride you'll feel when your child or students start reading their first book to you.
" I am THRILLED with it. It is the best thing on the Web yet ". - Kris, North Carolina

Selection of interactive Flashbased puzzles including jigsaws, jumble puzzles, tangrams, spelling, math games, and virtual travel. Games are suitable for all ages.
The website for can be found by clicking here . is registered through - get web site hosting or domain name registration here

99. Women Of NASA
interactive project designed to encourage young women to pursue careers in math, science and technology by providing as role models outstanding women working in diverse fields at NASA
It appears that your browser does not support JavaScript, or you have it disabled. This site is best viewed with JavaScript enabled. If JavaScript is disabled in your browser, please turn it back on then reload this page. Or, if your browser does not support JavaScript, click here

100. APlusStudent Online Learning
Offers online lessons in math and other subjects, quizzes immediately scored online, interactive student art gallery, and realtime homework help ideal for home schooling or self paced learning.
Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

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