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  1. Math in My World: Problem Solving Grade 3 by McGraw-Hill School Interactive, 1995
  2. Baker's Choice
  3. software FOCUS ON MATH.(Software Review)(Evaluation): An article from: T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education) by Sabrina Tillman, 2001-04-01
  4. On the Move Student Resource Book: Unit 15 (Glencoe Interactive Mathematics) by Dristas, 1995-01
  5. Power Presentations: Electronic Lesson Presentations (Middle School Math Course 2)
  6. Math Advantage: Manual and Workbook by The Maxtar Group, 1998
  7. Take It From the Top Building Math Power (Interactive Mathematics, Unit 7)
  8. Higher Maths for GCSE (Interactive Revision with Teletext) by Sheila Hunt, Philip Hooper, 2000-01-03
  9. Intermediate Maths for GCSE (Interactive Revision with Teletext) by Sheila Hunt, Philip Hooper, 2000-01-03
  10. Interactive Mathematics Personal Academic Notebook (Topic 6 (Exponents and Polynomials), Topic 7 (Factoring), Topic 8 (Rational Expressions), and Topic 9 (Rational Exponents and Radicals))
  11. Larson Interactive Real-life Investigations for the Passport to Mathematics Series Sampler
  12. Math 1-2 Interactive Workbook by School Zone Publishing Company Staff, 1998-11-01
  13. Holt Middle School Math: Course 1 - Interactive Problem Solving with Answer Key
  14. Holt Middle School Math: Course 3 - Interactive Problem Solving with Answer Key

61. Plum's Math Page
Features interactive math games for children aged 9 14 years of age.

62. California Math Show Home Page
A portable, interactive math exhibit based on the idea of symmetry. Currently plans are being made to take the show to shopping malls, and to mount a replica of the show as a permanent exhibit at the future Riverside Youth Museum.
The California Math Show
The California Math Show is a portable, interactive math exhibit based on the idea of symmetry.
Visitors are encouraged to sit down and do things:
build symmetric polyhedra (another picture) out of snap-together pieces,
make symmetric patterns with pattern blocks stencils , rubber stamps, computer software
color symmetric designs
cut out snowflakes and strings of paper dolls
get into a huge kaleidoscope (another picture) and become part of a symmetric pattern. The activities are for people of all levels, from 5-year-olds to research mathematicians. Children often spend over an hour at the exhibit. The activities seem to be equally appealing to girls and boys.
The entire exhibit fits into a station wagon, and can be put up by two people in an hour. Some of the show's materials were developed and adapted especially for the exhibit, but most can be purchased from companies that supply math education materials. In 1996, all the show's written materials are being translated into Spanish, for the benefit of California's many Spanish speakers. The California Math Show has traveled to schools, museums, teacher education seminars, and youth groups. Currently plans are being made to take the California Math Show to shopping malls, and to mount a replica of the Show as a permanent exhibit at the future Riverside Youth Museum.

Offers a catalog of modular, interactive Shockwave simulations in math and science for teachers and students in grades 612. 30 day free trial, annual paid subscription required after that.
@import url(View/Layout/head.css); @import url(View/Layout/foot.css); @import url(View/Layout/layoutStandard.css); @import url(View/Layout/layoutFront.css); Skip Navigation Purchase a Subscription Enroll in a Class Activate My Free Trial ... Learn More New! Gizmos correlated to state standards and major textbooks.
Featured Gizmo
Hyperbola - Activity A Gizmo Details Launch Gizmo* *(Limit one launch per day or login
New Gizmos
Estimating Population Size Disease Spread Circuits
What's New
Have You Read the Buzz Check out the what's happening at ExploreLearning by way of our weblog, The Buzz , where you'll find everything: user support info site status customer testimonials earthquakes ... It's all in the Buzz Mathematics - Integers, decimals, and square... - Fractions and factors - Ratios, proportions, and perce... - Exponents and powers - Permutations and combinations G6-8: Algebra - Solving expressions, equations... - Patterns and sequences - Relations and functions - Graphing in the coordinate pla... - Graphing: applications - Nonlinear functions and polyno...

64. AAA Math
AAA math. Contents Hundreds of pages of Basic math Skills. interactive Practice on every page. An Explanation of the math topic on each page.
AAA Math
  • Hundreds of pages of Basic Math Skills Interactive Practice on every page. An Explanation of the math topic on each page. Several Challenge Games on every page. Math Problems are randomly created.
Grade School Levels:
Kindergarten First Second Third ... What's New
Math Topics:
Addition Algebra Comparing Counting ... Learning Aids

65. Algebra Math Tutorials Interactive Animation-MathDork Home
Algebra tutorials, quizzes and games using interactive animation. This selfpaced educational tool helps math students in middle school and high school with

66. Cook With Lyle
interactive games and educational activities to help kids improve math and reading skills. Requires Flash and Shockwave plugins.
I'm Lyle the Lion and this is my site to help you learn about
cooking. I will be adding games, competitions, products, and much more soon so keep checking back. And remember cooking can be dangerous, so make sure you
have a responsible adult with you before having fun in
the kitchen.
Check out our exciting Squeezy and Spider-Man micro-site!
Send ecards to your friends!

67. Interactive Mathematics Activities
interactive java puzzles and activities in different mathematical topics.
CTK Exchange Front Page
Movie shortcuts

Personal info
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Interactive Mathematics Activities
Memory and Matching
  • Match answers
  • Memory - Easy
  • Memory - Medium
  • Memory - Hard
  • 2 Pails Puzzle
  • 3 Jugs Puzzle
  • 3 Jugs Puzzle in Barycentric Coordinates
  • Abacus in Various Number Systems ...
  • Two Simple Equations
  • Binary Color Device
  • Breaking Chocolate Bars
  • Candy Game: Integer Iterations on a Circle
  • Chebyshev polynomials ...
  • Heads and Tails counting, invariance
  • Identities in the Multiplication Table
  • Integer Iterations on a Circle II superposition principle
  • Interest Calculations
  • Letter Count in a Sentence
  • Logistic Model
  • Mean Values ...
  • Merlin's Magic Squares modular arithmetic, boolean and linear algebra
  • Minimax Principle
  • Modular Arithmetic
  • Parrondo Paradox Via Simpson Paradox
  • Plus or Minus parity, invariance
  • PolygonalNumbers
  • Pythagorean Triples
  • Self-documenting Sentences
  • Simpson Paradox ...
  • Squares and Circles parity, invariance
  • Squares, Circles, and Triangles modular arithmetic, invariance
  • Sum of Consecutive Integers is Triangular
  • Sum of Consecutive Odd Numbers is Square
  • Sum of Consecutive Triangular Numbers is Square
  • Toads And Frogs Puzzle counting, logic, problem solving
  • What's next?
  • 68. AAA Math
    AAA math This World Wide Web (WWW) site provides free, online, interactive arithmetic exercises and problems for grades K to 8. Topics include addition including basic facts, numbers and place

    69. Math Academy Pro
    interactive lessons and tests that are graded instantly. Basic math, Algebra 1, Algebra 11, Geometry and test preparation.
    This site is under construction. Please go to Math Courses
    The Nation's largest resource for home study Mathematics programs.
    Also, online courses with college credit available.
    Math Academy Pro Publishing Co. * Los Osos, California 93412 * 805-528-6460

    70. The Math Forum Algebra Problem Of The Week
    A weekly interactive project for algebra on the Internet. Challenging problems are posted and solutions appear on the Web.
    A Math Forum Project
    Problem of the Week

    All PoWs
    Past Algebra PoWs Search Algebra PoWs
    Latest Solution
    ... Print This Problem
    Battle of the Bands - posted May 31, 2004
    The students of Rahkenrole High School are trying to pick which of two bands should play at the end-of-year dance, and they're going to have a vote to decide the issue. The two bands are Cold Day, an alternative rock band, and Phesh, which has more of a jam-band sound. To help the students decide which band to vote for, the school had a mini-concert in which each band played three songs. After the concert was over, some people decided to change their preferences. One-third of those who initially liked Cold Day decided to support Phesh. And one-fourth of those who originally liked Phesh now would vote for Cold Day. When the votes were counted, everybody was surprised. It was a tie! There are fewer than 250 students at Rahkenrole High, and the ratio of male to female voters was 7:6. How many students voted in the band decision? Extra: If the election had taken place before the mini-concert, which band would have won? And by how many votes?

    71. Tim's Interactive Puzzle Solution Center
    Selection of online brainteaser and math puzzles. Includes difficulty ratings.
    The Sakharovs Alex Irina Tim ... Email Projects Resources Sport Photos Median Logic Math Foundations Badminton Clubs Trip Photos ... NH Nature
    Interactive Puzzle Solution Center
    Authentic dynamic visual implementations of famous and other curious brain teasers Two squares Remove eight sticks from a given figure so that the remaining sticks compose two squares that do not touch each other Cube Find out which colors will be on opposite faces of a cube whose faces are shown unfolded Eight Queens Place eight queens on a chessboard so that no queen attacks another Fair Share Help divide barrels so that everyone gets an equal share ** N Summed Numbers Find three numbers by given sums for some of their pairs Cannibals and Missionaries Help missionaries to cross a river with cannabals. Beware: one wrong move and missionaries will be eaten. * N Four Diamonds
    -simple version-
    Restore a four-diamond figure scrambled by a computer *** ! N Four Diamonds
    -difficult version-
    Restore a four-diamond figure scrambled by a computer Number pattern Discover a pattern and find a missing number ** ! N

    72. SCI-MATH WORLD: An Interactive Web Workshop For Teachers And Librarians
    Provides annotated Web links to relevant science and math subjects arranged as directories and portals, searchable sites, search engines, and interactive Web sites.
    SCI-MATH WORLD An Interactive Web Workshop for Teachers and Librarians Robert J. Lackie, Assistant Professor-Librarian, Rider University
    Selection of Search Tools: The Basic Three
    Begin with Directories and Portals when:
    • you have a broad topic
    • you want access to selected, evaluated, and annotated collections
    • you prefer quality over quantity
    • you want to locate Web sites rather than individual pages within these sites
    Begin with the Invisible or Deep Web [searchable sites and databases] when:
    • you are looking for information that is likely to be stored in a database you are looking for information that is dynamically changing in content
    Begin with Search Engines when:
    • you have a narrow topic you are looking for a specific site you want to gather a large number of results you want to take advantage of the newer retrieval technologies
    Directories and Portals
    • Librarians' Index to the Internet ( Information You Can Trust:
      BUBL Information Service
      ( - Offers access to many resources, including full-text articles, mailing lists, etc. The BUBL Link category contains Subject Menus where you can choose "Science" and find links under topics such as
      ( -

    73. The Mandelbrot Set Anatomy: Contents
    A virtual investigation with interactive, animated fractals, articles and fractal math equations.
    A virtual investigation with interactive pictures
    Part 1. The Mandelbrot and Julia sets Anatomy

    74. The Nonlinear Lab
    An excellent page covering many aspects of chaos and appliations of nonlinear math. Uses interactive Java applets to illustrate concepts and allows users to experiment.
    Under Construction
    I have moved the nonlinear lab to so I can work on the new Nonlinear Lab version 2.0, which will appear here... so don't bother updating your bookmarks.
    (c) Blair Fraser, 1999

    75. Interactive Textbook For PFP 96
    Next math AS A SECOND LANGUAGE. TABLE OF CONTENTS. math Unit III More on the derivative and differential equations Force Revisited Newton s Laws in Action
    After looking through this site, please take 3 minutes to fill out our survey
    Open the book
    New technology versions of the Textbook. All are still under development.
        Working with Maple
          Linear models
          Quadratic and polynomial models
          Dealing with Data I: A ``simple" linear fit
        One-Dimensional Motion
        Introduction to Chemistry
          Classification of Matter
          Do We Take Atoms for Granted?
        The Most Useful Functions for Science
          Exponentials Trigonometric functions Parametric Equations
        Homework Problems for Week 1 Assignments for Week 1 Gallery of art produced by Maple and the humble PFP students
        The Derivative
          Velocity Derivatives Derivatives at Work and at Play Differential Equations
        The Growth of Populations What About The Force? Derivatives and Chemistry Homework Problems for Week 2 Assignments for Week 2
        Math Unit III: More on the derivative and differential equations Force Revisited Newton's Laws in Action
          Momentum Conservation in Nuclear Physics Momentum Conservation in Space Science Rocket Motion
        What's Your Reaction?

    76. NASA LIVE
    Free videoconferencing programs for K12 and college students and teachers that enrich math, science, and technology instruction; provide professional development, and facilitate communication with NASA researchers in an interactive, virtual environment.
    2002 Telly Award
    Program 8 won 2 Telly Awards in two categories: Informational and Educational Programming.
    United Paramount Network (UPN) in St. Louis Missouri has agreed to include NASA's Destination Tomorrowª series in their summer program line up. Each videoconference connects its audience with NASA engineers, scientists, and specialists who will explore past, present, and future NASA research and educational opportunities. Discover exciting, content rich presentations focused on student learning, instructional enrichment, and professional development. Register today to begin your interactive, virtual NASA experience. Produced by the NASA LaRC Office of Education
    Responsible NASA Official: Dr. Thomas Pinelli, Distance Learning Officer.

    77. Math Forum: Math Awareness Month April 2004
    interactive posters and information for events since 2000.
    Math Awareness Month - April 2004
    The Mathematics of Networks

    MAM 2004
    Previous MAWs/MAMs Current Activities

    The Math Library ... Contact Us
    Hosted by The Math Forum

    78. Quiz Hub
    online interactive learning quizzes that help K12 students enhance their core knowledge of language arts, foreign languages, social studies, math, and science
    - The Center for Fun Online Interactive Learning Quizzes -
    Free Quizzes
    Spelling Pictures
    Compound Words

    Multiplication Facts

    Equivalent Fractions
    Chemical Elements

    Free Trial for Teachers Request a Free Trial for Your School
    Join Today!
    Hundreds of Quizzes Subscribe Chess Game Chess Puzzles ... Word Games June 5, 2004 Current Events Daily News Quiz Daily Test Prep Today in History ... Word of the Day Spelling Character Traits Computer Terms Halloween Words Poetry Vocabulary ... Words with ei / ie Vocabulary Animal-like Polygons Prefixes: im- Roots: -vor- ... Suffixes: -ology Learning Hubs Kids Hub Middle School Hub High School Hub Homeschool Hub ... Teachers Hub This site requires the latest version of the Free Flash Player Quiz Hub subscriptions include full access to Spelling Hub and Words Hub Subscription Information english language arts biology chemistry geography history math science social studies educational software elementary enrichment activities instructional technology home school curriculum teaching resources interactive lessons educational games 534 Village Blvd North, Baldwinsville NY 13021 USA

    79. SAT Test Preparation Practice Exercises For SAT Vocabulary, Verbal & Mathematics
    interactive learning material for preparation of the verbal and math sections of the SATs.
    Syvum Home K-12 GMAT GRE ... More... '); document.writeln(' '); document.writeln('
    > SAT
    SAT Test Preparation Practice Exercises
    $$$ WIN PRIZES $$$ : Enter Syvum Quizenius CONTEST NOW !
    Try our other Subject QUIZ ACTIVITIES MATH
    Quiz Activities
    SCIENCE ...
    Quiz Activities
    SAT Test Preparation Online
    This SAT Test Preparation section with its practice exercise tests will help students hone their verbal and mathematics skills to maximize their score on SAT I. A set of questions is randomly selected from a carefully prepared database for each practice exercise test. After scoring, please click the "Try another set" button to get a new set of SAT questions from the same database. The Syvum SAT test preparation online contains:
    SAT Verbal Ability
    Analogies (With Explanations and Hints)
    Choose the pair closest in relationship to the given pair from five choices.
    SAT Test Preparation : SAT Verbal Analogies Test I
    SAT Preparation : SAT Verbal Analogy Practice Exercises I NEW SAT Test Preparation : SAT Verbal Analogies Test II SAT Preparation : SAT Verbal Analogy Practice Exercises II NEW SAT Preparation : SAT Verbal Analogy Practice Exercises III NEW SAT Preparation : SAT Verbal Analogy Practice Exercises IV NEW SAT Preparation : SAT Verbal Analogy Practice Exercises V NEW SAT Preparation : SAT Verbal Analogy Practice Exercises VI NEW SAT Preparation : SAT Verbal Analogy Practice Exercises VII NEW SAT Preparation : SAT Verbal Analogy Practice Exercises VIII NEW SAT Preparation : SAT Verbal Analogy Practice Exercises IX NEW

    80. Interactive Internet Games -
    Flash Fun. interactive Flash Cards Play by yourself or with a partner. Quick Practice. Quick Flash. Batter s Up Baseball. Batter s Up Baseball (math game).
    Learn the Multiplication Facts - Practice the Times Tables - Play Multiplication Games Special
    Buy 1 Book - Get another
    for 1/2 price!
    Interactive Multiplication Games - Times Tables Games - Multiplication Interactive Internet Games MultiFlyer Check out this NEW GAME! As the pilot of a space ship, you must save the solar system while learning and memorizing the multiplication tables. (This game takes about 1 minute to load with dial-up access but is WELL worth the wait.) Flash Fun Interactive Flash Cards - Play by yourself or with a partner Quick Practice Quick Flash Choose the starting level and have the computer quiz you - timed Batter's Up Baseball The NEW version of Math Baseball. Hidden Picture Solve the multiplication problems to reveal a hidden picture. Farm Stand Practice your math facts while playing this Farm game. Math Baseball Answer the problems correctly and see how many runs you can score.

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