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         Interactive Math:     more books (100)
  1. Key Concept Activity Lab Workbook for Intermediate Algebra (Prentice Hall Interactive Math)
  2. Prentice Hall Interactive Math for Intermediate Algebra Student Package by K. Elayn Martin-Gay, Martin-Gay, 2001-08-01
  3. PHim2 - Prentice Hall Interactive Math - Key Concept Activity Lab Workbook - Intermediate Algebra
  4. Basic Math: Review, Reference, and Practice (Prentice Hall Interactive Math, Basic Math: Review, Reference, and Practice)
  5. Think Math!: Interactive Loops for Groups by Dale Bulla, 1995-10
  6. Prentice Hall Interactive Math: Introductory and Intermediate Algebra by K. Elayn Martin-Gay, 2002-12
  7. Interactive Math for Introductory Algebra
  8. Introductory Algebra: Interactive Math Package by Charles D. Miller, 1998-03
  9. Interactive Math Lessons and Tools - Middle School Level 1
  10. INTERACTIVE MATH by 1999
  11. Interactive Math Program: Calculator TI 82 83 Year 4 by Lynne Alper, Daniel M. Fendel, et all 1999-12
  12. Interactive Math for Introductory Algebra by K. Elayn Martin-Gay, 1999-01-04
  13. Everday Math: Interactive Wall Charts by Bell ET Al, 2003-01
  14. The Works Math (Interactive Learning Workbook) by Silver Dolphin, 1997-01

21. Math - Interactive Sites
September 2003. Interactive Resources. Math Language Arts Science and more. Using interactive math What s New at Delmar Delmar El.
Art was created by Delaney in Miss Damush's class for the "Goosie's Story" project with friends in South Africa. September 2003
Interactive Resources
Language Arts
Science and more
Using Interactive Math What's New at Delmar Delmar El. Resources KidSpace ... Delmar Teacher Requests Math
  • Math Zone
  • McGraw-Hill Mathematics - Click your book cover!
  • Visualize Multiplication
  • Interactive Examples of NCTM Standards - excellent for all grades!
  • Illuminations from NCTM
  • Interactive Math - (Geoboard, Tangrams, Pentominoes, graphs, scatterplot, medians, tiling the plane, and more) Utah State University
  • Function Machine - excellent!
  • Numeracy Games for primary grades -
  • Many Numeracy Activities
  • Measuring Angles
  • Pattern Blocks
  • Base 10 Blocks ...
  • Splat Squares - 1 to 100
  • Splat Squares - Reveal 1 to 100
  • Count Us In - Games to help students learn basic number concepts
  • Place Value Game
  • Fraction Bars
  • Identify Fractions - students see a circle on the screen with X amount of equal pieces colored in. They type the numerator and denominator for the fraction.
  • Pizza Party - How much pizza is left? Identifying fractions
  • 22. Math, CyberKids And The Internet
    bars? (Grade 5). Additional interactive websites can be found as links on the Global Classroom website interactive math sites. Back.
    Many thanks to Jacobo Bulaevsky who has given us permission to use his applets for our offline presentation at the Title 1 conference in Tampa. To see more of Jacobo's educational java programs when you are online visit his site:
    Pattern Blocks
  • Pattern Blocks - the program
  • Lesson plans for using Pattern Blocks - by Joyce Perdue
  • Examples from Delmar Elementary
    Base Ten Blocks
  • Base Ten Blocks - the program
  • Lesson plans for using Base Ten Blocks
  • Examples from Delmar Elementary - grade 3
    Integer Bars
  • Integer Bars - the program
  • Lesson plans for using Integer Bars
  • Examples from Delmar Elementary - grade 3
  • More examples where students wrote number sentences to describe the arrangement of bars.
  • Exploring fractions with Integer Bars - Delmar Elementary - grade 3
  • Mystery Bars - Can you identify the number bars? (Grade 5)
    Additional interactive websites can be found as links on the Global Classroom website: Interactive Math sites Back home global projects ... interactive math applets Math presentation prepared by Joyce Perdue and Patti Weeg
    for the National Title 1 Conference - Tampa, Florida: January 24-26, 2002
  • 23. A Maths Dictionary For Kids By Jenny Eather
    An animated, interactive maths dictionary for kids which explains over 400 common mathematical terms in simple language. Lots of online activities which

    24. Math-on-web
    Mathon-Web An interactive math Utilities Page. This site links a set of mathematical utilities developed by me. You need a JavaScript
    An Interactive Math Utilities Page
    This site links a set of mathematical utilities developed by me. You need a JavaScript enabled browser to use these utilities. This is what you can do here:
    • Evaluate a mathematical expression in n variables z1,z2,z3..
    • Solve a single dimensional function f(z)=0 by Newton_raphson method.
    • Minimize a function f(z0,z1,z2..) of n variables by a random search method. This method takes the search to the global optimum region.
    • Minimize a function f(z1,z2,z3..) of n variables by simplex method. This method is efficient near the optimal region.
    • Fit a curve to a set of data points.
    • Integrate a function by Simpson's rule. I plan to add more utilities. Please bookmark and visit again. If you are looking for a good book on numerical methods visit the recommended-books store Sheela V.Belur
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    25. The First Grade Backpack - Arithmetic
    Print and Learn Math Activities many worksheets from which to choose; Brain Teasers - from Houghton Mifflin; interactive mathematics - An adult needs to go
    Arithmetic Activities

    26. Math Help, MATH HELP, Math Help, Interactive Math Tutor . Com
    Interactiveness Our comprehensive array of math tutoring services creates an optimal interactive math environment for the student in which there is always
    Select from one of the following:
    Welcome to, your source for the most comprehensive array of online and phone-based math tutoring services available. Our highly qualified math tutors provide instruction to students of all academic levels in every subject of math spanning from elementary grade math to graduate school math, business course subjects, and beyond. Our on-line and phone based tutoring services provide the learning Effectiveness of in-person tutoring but with the added benefits of Convenience Flexibility Interactiveness , and Personalization for the student.
    • Effectiveness, since its inception in 1999, has built a strong reputation for providing highly effective math tutoring services to students of all ages and academic levels. Our on-line and phone based tutoring services will prove to be the solution to your math problems as it has for our many current and past students.
      Convenience All on-line and phone-based math tutoring services are provided to the student at their home or place of work. No longer is there the discomfort to have a math instructor in your home, or the inconvenience to travel to a learning center for math tutoring assistance and make a one-hour tutoring session a three-hour debacle.

    27. Interactive Math Programs
    interactive math Programs. These programs are designed to be used with Multivariable Mathematics by RE Williamson and HF Trotter, and
    Interactive Math Programs
    These programs are designed to be used with Multivariable Mathematics by R.E. Williamson and H.F. Trotter, and Introduction to Differential Equation s by Richard E. Williamson, but are quite generally useful for illustrating concepts in the areas covered by the texts. So have fun, experiment with different values, and let us know if you have any trouble. These programs were originally written in True Basic for the Macintosh by Richard Williamson. The translation into Java and the writing of a recursive descent equation parser was done by Scott Rankin and Susan Schwarz.
    To run one of the programs in the list below, just click on its name. Each program displays a brief explanation of how to use it. If you run into difficulties, here are more detailed instructions on running the applets. The first time you try any of the programs you may want to look at the link anyway. If you do not see the buttons that are used to run the program, you may need to scroll down in the browser window until the buttons are visible.
    Multivariable Calculus
    • Ascent - steepest ascent method Ascent+ - steepest ascent method with variable step-size Cplot-2D - plot parametric curves in 2-space Cplot-3D - plot parametric curves in 3-space Gplot-3D - plot graph of F(x,y)

    Intermath / Dictionary / Welcome search browse , A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M. N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. How to use this dictionary. Contact. Welcome to the interactive mathematics Dictionary,

    29. A Maths Dictionary For Kids By Jenny Eather
    Animated, interactive maths dictionary for kids which explains over 400 common mathematical terms in simple language. Needs Flash 5.0 plugin - easy, fast

    30. Math Cats -- Fun Math For Kids
    A magic chalkboard takes you to a math art gallery and lots of interactive math activities, including magic squares, conversions, seasonal surveys, symmetry, tessellations, geometric designs, games.
    to the magic
    chalkboard! Wave your wand over
    today's question,
    then click the cat to enter!
    When was paper invented?
    "Click me!"
    (Wave your wand above and below here!) Join the Math Cats in a land of creative, open-ended math explorations! ... Math Cats games, crafts, art, projects, story problems, and much more! Math Cats is a registered trademark of Wendy A. Petti. Registered U.S. Pat. and Trademark Office.

    31. Teaching Treasures Free Stuff Maths Main Page
    Online interactive mathematics. Find these pages helpful? Please help us by Voting at Sites for Teachers to keep us online. Online
    Projects More Free Stuff Student Feedback Student Web Page ... Site map Online - Interactive Mathematics Find these pages helpful? Please help us by Voting at Sites for Teachers to keep us online. Online activities best viewed in Internet Explorer 4+
    Picture Maths K-1 Addition and Subtraction using pictures to count
    Flash cards K-up Addition, Subtraction, Times, Division using flash cards Improve skills and build speed
    Flash cards 2-up Rounding Decimal numbers flash cards Rounding Decimals
    Flash cards 8-10 Improve your algebra the fun way with a game. ( Has examples) Improve your Algebra Give it a try!
    Flash cards 2-4 2-6 learning the analogue clock the fun way with a game. Improve your clock reading
    Year 1 Addition + Subtraction with individual check boxes Year 2 Addition + Subtraction with individual check boxes Year 2 Clock Reading using numbers and words Year 3 Addition, Subtraction and Times Tables Year 4 Addition, Subtraction, Times, Division

    32. Multiplication, Division, Measures, Fractions,addition/subtraction - Lessons, So
    Free, interactive math software and worksheets for kids in third and fourth grades. Multiplication table, division, addition/subtraction

    Grades 3-4 Math
    Adding Three-Digit Numbers
    - Step-by-Step Exercise. Add 3-Digit Numbers - Printable Worksheet NEW!
    Example: Subtract 3-Digit Numbers - Printable Worksheet NEW!
    Example: More... Multiplication
    Multiplication Table Practice
    - Memory Game Multiplying 2-Digit Numbers - Lesson Multiplication Step-by-Step Exercise Order of Operations - Mystery Picture Game NEW!
    Example: More...

    Division Practice
    - Mystery Picture Game More
    Number Sense
    Match three-digit numbers
    with their textual form. Mystery Picture Game Average Values - Printable Worksheet Math Challenge Math Games Previous Problems: School Supplies Deep Waters Odd and Even Sleeping Problem ... More Measures Length - U.S. Standard Units Basic Facts 1 Basic Facts 2 Addition Length - Metric Units Basic Facts 1 Basic Facts 2 Time Units Basic Facts 1 Home Site Map Comments ...

    33. We've Moved!
    WE’VE MOVED! – PRIME – The Platonic Realms interactive mathematics Encyclopedia has moved to http// Please update
    The Platonic Realms Interactive
    Mathematics Encyclopedia
    has moved to:

    34. Mathematics Archives - Topics In Mathematics
    Longman, Marvin L. Bittinger TECHNOLOGY Javascript, InterAct Math plugin; National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for interactive mathematics - Algebra ADD.
    Topics in Mathematics JAVA and Other Interactive WWW Pages We have discontinued our regular listing of JAVA and Other Interactive WWW Pages and now refer our users to our listing of Topics in Mathematics where is it possible to search for specific topics. Items with the icon indicate Interactive WWW Pages and items with the icon indicate JAVA applets.The following is the result of doing a search using these icons with as the search term. The information conveyed by other icons is described below

    35. Arithmetic
    interactive math Exercises, Games and Explanations for each of a large selection of Kindergarten8th grade math topics.
    Main Math htmlAdWH('7002737', '234', '60');
    This Site Contains:
    • Hundreds of pages of Basic Math Skills Interactive Practice on every page. An Explanation of the math topic on each page. Several Challenge Games on every page. Math Problems are randomly created.
    Grade School Levels:
    Kindergarten First Second Third ... Eighth
    Math Topics:
    Addition Comparing Quantities Counting Decimals ... Subtraction
    Please Help: We Are Transferring to a Larger Site. We would appreciate your help to tell students and teachers about our new site. The web address is . Thank you. Glossary About this Site Web Resources Software ... Legal notice.

    36. Interactive Mathematics Program™
    IMP is published by Key Curriculum Press® (1800-995-MATH). interactive mathematics Program, IMP, and the IMP logo are trademarks of Key Curriculum Press.
    General Info Resources Curriculum General Information A Brief Description of IMP Inside IMP IMP Success Brochure IMP Strategies ... Professional Development
    Resources Curriculum Resources Especially for Parents
    Contact IMP
    National Outreach Coordinator ... NSF Funded Curriculum Projects

    U.S. Department of Education

    Click for more info.
    Research Supporting IMP
    For a review of over 10 years of research on learning, program effectiveness, student achievement, and college acceptance, Download "Research Supporting the Interactive Mathematics Program."
    The Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) is a growing collaboration of mathematicians, teacher-educators, and teachers who have been working together since 1989 on both curriculum development and professional development for teachers. Find out more.
    Inside IMP
    Why is a change needed in mathematics education? How does IMP differ from traditional high school mathematics courses? For insightful answers to these and other intriguing questions, go inside IMP
    It is only natural that questions would arise about a mathematics curriculum that is so different from those currently being used in most high schools. We address many of these questions in

    37. Math Aid Online Courses For Distance Learning And Self-study
    interactive mathematics selfstudy educational software with hands-on tutorials, problem-solving lessons and customizable tests.
    Interactive Educational Software for e-Learning Math!
    Short Introduction
    Cooperation Ordering
    In Quest of e-Math!

    38. Socha's Interactive Math LInks
    interactive mathematics Links. This site provides links for high school math that are interactive and are usually written in Java.
    Interactive Mathematics Links
    This site provides links for high school math that are interactive and are usually written in Java. Java is a programming language that allows the user to input data, control diagrams by dragging and rotating, and even play games. Most browsers accept Java, so you don't need to worry. However, some of the sites require Shockwave,which is a plug in. You will need to follow the directions for installing Shockwave if it is indicated.
    Algebra Applications Geometry Optical Illusions ... Tools
    This site is maintained by Susan Socha at McLean High School. (Last updated 7/01) If there are problems with any of the links, or if you have additional links to add to the site, please e-mail me at

    39. Math Projects Journal
    A bimonthly publication offering tips and lesson plans for interactive math projects, discussions on relevant topics, and contributions from around the world. A free issue is available, and subscriptions are available in electronic or hardcopy format.
    The Math Projects Journal is dedicated to improving mathematics education by empowering teachers with lessons and ideas that embrace the following prinicples:
    It's here!
    Over 100 lessons for Algebra, Pre-Algebra, and Geometry compiled into one easy-to-use book. learn more...
    STANDARDS: Focus on the limited number of topics that your students need to know.
    CONCEPTS: Teach students to understand what they are doing not just mimic what you are doing.
    SUBSTANCE: Intellectually challenge your students by raising your level of questioning.
    ACCOUNTABILITY: Hold students to knowledge and performance expectations that go beyond grades and unit credit.
    RAPPORT: You must reach 'em before you teach 'em.
    (To learn more about these concepts, read the MPJ article We help you bring these principles to your classroom by three means:
  • Free innovative lesson plans and articles on this web site A 300-page spiral bound book, MPJ's Ultimate Math Lessons Periodic postings of new lessons online for its subscribers (those who purchase the book)
  • We welcome submissions for new lesson ideas. Nearly half of the projects that have been published by The Math Projects Journal has been created by teachers outside of the MPJ organization and its related schools.

    40. Interactive Math Lessons, Tutorials, And Games Online: Fractions, Decimals, Inte
    List of online math games, quizzes, interactive tutorials, and software for middle school (secondary level) fractions, decimals, integers, coordinage plane
    Home 123-Math ebooks Worksheets Curriculum guide ... DVD rentals
    Online math resources: games, quizzes, interactive tutorials, software
    Most of these use either Macromedia Shockwave Player or Java. You can download Macromedia Shockwave Player here . The resources are FREE unless otherwise noted. Math Help General Elementary Math 1 Elementary Math 2 Math help, Homework help, tutoring Math history, Problem solving, Test prep Basic operations, Times tables, Place value Time, Money, Measuring, Geometry Middle School Math High School Math 1 High School Math 2 Fun and Games Fractions, Decimals, Integers, Coordinate Plane, Geometry Algebra, Graphing, Calculus Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics Math games, quizzes, or interactive tutorials websites
    Online math resources: Middle school
    Fractions Decimals Percent Integers ... Geometry
    Fractions Visual fractions
    Great site for studying all aspects of fractions: identifying, renaming, comparing, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Each topic is illustrated by either number line or a circle with a Java applet. Also couple of games, for example make cookies for Grampy. Equivalent fractions
    See the equivalency of two fractions as the applet divides the whole into more pieces.

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