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         Magic Square:     more books (100)
  1. Supplement to pandiagonal magic squares of prime order by Albert L Candy, 1942
  2. The Wonders of Magic Squares by Jim Moran, 1982
  3. Magic squares, with many new additional properties by Morris Philip, 1986
  4. Magic squares on the orders three, six, nine and twelve: The third of a series of papers describing the technique of Leonhard Euler applied to the Lahireian ... title The intrinsic harmony of number by Clarence C Marder, 1941
  5. The Mystic Fortune Teller with the Magic Square
  6. Games ancient and oriental, and how to play them: Being the games of the Greek, the ludus latrunculorum of the Romans and the oriental games of chess, draughts, backgammon and magic squares by Edward Falkener, 1892
  7. Klee: Magic Squares
  8. Magic squares of fifth order and group theory by Francis L Miksa, 1962
  9. Klee Magic Squares by Joseph-Emile Muller, 1957
  10. Hyper and ornate magic squares,: 6th and 12th orders with non-consecutive numbers by J. C Burnett, 1928
  11. Zen of Magic Squares, Circles and Stars by Clifford A Pickover, 2003-12-29
  12. Hyper and ornate magic squares: 15th and 16th orders by J. C Burnett, 1924
  13. General Solutions for Even Order Magic Squares by Ching Tseng Shen, 1989-12
  14. The auxiliary square: Used with four or more identical magic squares to construct the larger sizes from 10 x 10 to 64 x 64 : the last of a series of four ... title The intrinsic harmony of number by Clarence C Marder, 1941

101. Magic Square
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

102. The Haymarket Square
Review of the Chicago band's magic Lantern release, by Keith Pettipas.
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The Haymarket Square: "Magic Lantern" Originally released on the small Chaparral Records label in 1968, the "Magic Lantern" album by the Haymarket Square has been a sought after collectors item for any fan of 60's psychedelic music for many years. The music on this album was initially used as accompaniment for the Baron and Bailey Light Circus at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago but due to the intensity and psychedelic nature of the songs, it soon became legendary and its initial purpose has become obscured by time. The Haymarket Square was formed in the late sixties in Chicago by drummer John Kowalski and bassist Bob Homa formerly of The Real Things, a Chicago high school garage band. Together with guitarist Marc Swenson and vocalist Gloria Lambert, The Haymarket Square was born and quickly became popular on the Chicago music scene. The band's popularity lead them to be used as back up musicians on a live work of art exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. The music featured some powerful psychedelic, EMusic FREE Trial MP3 Subscriptions
your band or artist ... blues based songs, with heavy percussion, searing lead fuzz guitars and the dynamic vocal work of Lambert. The songs were recorded and appear on this album.

103. Square-N Classics
Characters, bosses, enemies, equipment, items, magic, class changes, images, music, and artifacts.
Counter Strike hosting
Games featured:
Secret of Mana

Seiken Densetsu 3

Legend of Mana

Secret of Evermore
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Since 06/13/01
Welcome to Square-N Classics Welcome to Square-N Classics (formerly Mana Knight's Nintendo Squaresoft Site). This site's purpose is to provide RPG fans with detailed strategy guides on pure classics Squaresoft and Nintendo have created for the Super Nintendo and beyond. As most of you probably have already noticed, there are hundreds of Final Fantasy sites out there, so I've created this site to cover the rare classics such as the Seiken Densetsu series. If your a fan of the SNES games and aren't aware of the emulation hype that's going on now, I suggest that you head over to ZSNES to find a great Super Nintendo emulator for your PC. This way the classics stay alive and we can all enjoy them. Enjoy your visit! Last updated on the 15th February, 2001
This is Mana Knight 's Secret of Mana site. Square-N Classics was created by Mana Knight on the 10th July 1999.

104. GAYSQDN's Home Page
Birmingham, Alabama. square dancing on every Thursday. Member of the IAGSDC. Schedule, contact information, and directions.
MAGIC CITY DIAMONDS Birmingham's Only All Inclusive, Non Traditional Modern Western Square Dance Club
Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend!
Calendars: June, 2000 July, 2000 August, 2000 Favorite Places: GAY BIRMINGHAM MCD History Mission Statment
Club Dances Selected Thursday Evenings
7:00 pm until 9:30 pm
(See calendar for details)
2117 University Blvd. Fellowship Hall Ronnie Purser Caller
Member since July 1997 of the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs Member since May 2000 of the Birmingham Square Dance Association Send email to GAY SQUARE DANCER Call (205) 591-4382 or (205) 595-4414

105. Chrono Cross
square Enix's official website. Contains world, characters and features such as battle system, magic elements, story branches and multiple endings and CG sequences.
World Characters Features
Animated Violence,
Mild Language Check out Chrono Cross
Interview Forum here!

106. Jaap's Puzzle Page
s and solutions for many different types of Rubik's Cube puzzles including squareOne, Alexander's Star, Tricky Disky, and Rubik's magic.......
UPDATED . Added Sphere , a java applet for visualising 3d symmetries. Updated the Cubie applet with symmetries and random pretty patterns. Added a new article about Cayley graphs . Added new pages about Pyrus and the Cmetrick puzzle. Added Thinkominos to the Circus Puzzler page, a new solution to the Billiards Nineball, and a five cube version of Instant Insanity. Added javascript simulations of Cmetrick and Kinato.
UPDATED . Added a new pages about Rotascope, the Kinato puzzle, the Circus Puzzler and Drive Ya Nuts, and a page about Trixxy, Stained, and Transposer puzzles. Added Whirligig to the Circle Puzzle page and some historical information of the Fifteen puzzle. Added javascript simulation of the Rotascope.
UPDATED . Added new pages about the Combo Puzzle, the Butterfly, the Dizzy Rainbow, the Spectra, and the Diamond 8-ball puzzle. Replaced the solution to the Roundy puzzle and added a solution for the four-face version. Added a new solution to Atomic Chaos. Added the Mini Lights Out to the Lights Out pages. Added javascript simulations of the Butterfly, Mini Lights Out, and the Diamond 8-ball puzzle. If you have a puzzle but don't know its name, then you can look at the

107. Williamsburg Theatre
Located in Merchants square; featuring magic, juggling, comedy, trained exotic birds, and a variety of films.

108. Rainbow Magic - Fun Center - Mazes
Four Java square mazes (must go through every square) and one 'pageby-page' rainbow maze.

109. The Spoiler Centre - Final Fantasy 2
Features a help file with details on items and brief walkthroughs and a handbook with lists of magic, items, enemies, and tips.
Final Fantasy 2 help file by Shadow Fighter Final Fantasy 2 handbook by Ben Siron The Spoiler Centre

110. Magische Quadrate
Translate this page © dani/1999-2003. Das berühmte Loh-Shu aus dem Jahre 2800 v. Chr.Es ist das älteste bekannte magische Quadrat der Welt. Millionen
url = new Array( 26,0,0, 0,"allgemeines/quadrate/quadrate.html","Informationen über magische Quadrate", 0,"allgemeines/quadrate/informationen.html","Definition von magischen Quadraten", 0,"allgemeines/quadrate/summe.html","Magische Summe", 0,"allgemeines/quadrate/abbildungen.html","Drehungen und Spiegelungen von magischen Quadraten", 0,"allgemeines/quadrate/zaehlen.html","Magische Quadrate zählen", 0,"allgemeines/quadrate/anzahl.html","Anzahl magischer Quadrate", 21,0,0, 0,"allgemeines/verschiedenes/links.html","Links zu Web-Seiten über magische Quadrate", 0,"allgemeines/verschiedenes/sitemap.html","Übersicht der Web-Seiten über magische Quadrate" );
Das berühmte Loh-Shu aus dem Jahre 2800 v. Chr. Es ist das älteste bekannte magische Quadrat der Welt.
Millionen von weiteren unterschiedlichen magischen Quadraten können sie online auf diesen Seiten erzeugen.
Anmerkungen, Fragen und Hinweise an Holger Danielsson Letzte Änderung: 26.06.2003

111. Sailor Moon Bingo
Bingo board. Squares contain occurrences from the dubbed series (ie. sweat drop, vein, Moon Tiara magic).
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Sailor Moon Bingo
Get a Sailor Moon Bingo Board

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That Serena is such a flake. If only she would follow her own advice! ...Oh, hi, I'm Luna, the talking cat and brains behind this whole Mickey Mouse Sailor Scout operation. The Sailor Scouts and their adventures get kind of predictable after awhile take it from me. So I made this game. It's helped me through many-a Negaverse battle. I hope it does the same for you!
Serena the Klutz
Amy the Nerd
The Sailor Mercury visor
Chef Lita
Lita's old boyfriends
We don't have to meet them. She just has to mention one. Raye Snaps Raye snaps at someone , not in half. Although that would be interesting. Transformation (not Sailor Moon's) Don't you hate how they hardly ever show any transform except Sailor Moon? The others have some much more interesting transformations. And Sailor Moon's just gets so boring after the first 20 or so times. I didn't know the moon crystal could do that!

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113. Franklin Squares
Instead of requiring diagonal sums to be constant (as in a fully magicsquare), Franklin used bent rows such as those highlighted below.
Franklin Squares
Click here for the BRAND NEW Franklin Mathematics Page! Here are Ben Franklin's two famous magic squares which (together with their lesser-known counterparts) are discussed in my paper "The Lost Squares of Dr. Franklin," to appear in the American Mathematical Monthly Instead of requiring diagonal sums to be constant (as in a fully magic square), Franklin used "bent rows" such as those highlighted below. The construction I will give owes much to the various papers which attempted to decode Franklin's method [Carus 1906, Marder 1940, Chandler 1951, Patel 1991]. However, these approaches were not concerned with his actual motivation for performing each step. The recipe given below includes speculation on why these particular steps were chosen. Abrahams 1994] and does not appear to give any idea of Franklin's original reasoning. It is important to keep in mind that the author of the squares was unschooled in number theory. For simplicity of notation, the 8-square will be our pictorial model, but the procedure outlined here (and its concomitant motivation) applies to any 8 n by 8 n matrix.

114. Teaching Treasures Year 6 Puzzle Page 2
Place the numbers 1, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 into the box below so that each column, rowand diagonal adds to 15. Remember! You can only use each number once. 6. 3. 2. .
Place the numbers 1, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 into the box below so that each column, row and diagonal adds to 15.
Remember! You can only use each number once. Maths Main Main Page Teaching Treasures Publications.

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