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  1. Investment in wire-cut EDMs prove versatile. (electric discharge machines): An article from: Tooling & Production
  2. Program prove-out via machine simulation: before new machining jobs are run at this aerospace composites facility, they are first proven out using 3D machine ... parts.: An article from: Modern Machine Shop by Derek Korn, 2007-07-01
  3. Multitasker: Charger's new 190 SUV proves itself as a multifunction, multispecies fishing machine that can handle big water.(Product/Service Evaluation): An article from: Bass & Walleye Boats by Monte Burch, 2004-08-01
  4. New technology proves key to growth.(news & analysis): An article from: Tooling & Production by Gale Reference Team, 2007-06-01
  5. Micro systems prove perfect for world-class crankshafts.(finishing line) : An article from: Tooling & Production
  6. Faster jig grinder proves to be a quality enhancer for company.(Fox Valley Tool and Die Inc .)(Brief Article): An article from: Tooling & Production
  7. Third party results prove Meadwestvaco CNK[R] cardboard reduces frozen food unsaleables by 44%.(Coated Natural Kraft): An article from: Frozen Food Digest
  8. Electric controls prove big benefit in sanding. (computerized electronic sectional sanding): An article from: Wood & Wood Products by George Force, 1991-08-01
  9. Technology, teamwork prove key to grinding swash plates.(Manufacturing Solutions): An article from: Tooling & Production
  10. +p Universal Storage system automates fab shop: an automated steel storage system proves to be the key component for a fabricator that needed to integrate ... An article from: Modern Applications News

81. Re: It Is Easy To Prove NOT-COMP From The Dualist Assumption?
Chronological Find Thread
Re: It is easy to prove NOT-COMP from the dualist assumption?
  • From: Bruno Marchal
  • Subject: Re: It is easy to prove NOT-COMP from the dualist assumption?
  • Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 08:09:01 -0800
Dear Stephen, [SPK] I am not asking that we "postulate materialism", I am trying to reason through an idea that seems to require the existence of "physicality" at least in the sense of allowing for the notions of durations and the related notion of "persistence in time". I am using as a foundation the work of Peter Wegner ( the notion of "interactive computation") and Vaughan Pratt (Chu space).
Do you mean an idea that "seems to require the existence of physicality" or
an idea" that require the *seemingly* existence of physicality?
Perhaps the second one after all. Because you add "at least in the sense of
allowing for the notion of duration and persistence in time.
It is true that the UDA makes it possible to imagine a little bit
the "block-mindscape" like the Mandelbrot set makes it possible to "see"

82. Come To Shannon To Welcome Bush - National Anti-War - Indymedia Ireland
is for making a stand against any alternative their system offers Against theUS/UK war machine, and most particularly it’s use of Shannon airport as a

83. Teleduction - His Master's Voice
upon Emile Berliner s recording process, essential to the Victor Talking MachineCompany s later success. But the years to come would prove Johnson s true
His Master's Voice: The Marvelous Talking Machine
1 x 35
Color, Digital Betacam (widescreen)
Content-rich companion website:
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(international format transfer) Or click here for an order form to fax or mail. 100 years after the image of Nipper, the dog, staring quizzically into a talking machine, was introduced to the world, TELEDUCTION brings you the story of the men and the machines that delivered the gift of music from the concert hall to the household parlor. Using historical text, scholarly interviews, location photography, archival sound, and period artifacts from the Johnson Victrola Museum's extensive collection of over 300 phonographs, thousands of antique advertisements and business archives, His Master's Voice follows the evolution of the fledgling recording industry: from the patent races of the early innovators through the formation of the Victor Talking Machine Company, its sale to RCA and the creation of the English company EMI. "I was always afraid of things that worked the first time."

84. MemeMachineGo!
The Lighted Candle Society wants to use functional magnetic resonance imaging MRIto generate research to scientifically prove pornography is addictive.
Wouldn't you like to be a vector, too? 10 worst album covers of all time the ten worst album covers of all time . They may or may not be the worst, but they sure are funny. (Via Pork Tornado posted by Jym on June 4 2004 07:21. comment(s). Read/add comments.
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Napoleon Sayonara I saw a preview of Napoleon Dynamite posted by Zed on June 2 2004 23:31. 1 comment(s). Read/add comments.
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Doonesbury geekery The Guardian writes on Doonesbury at War BD, B.D. When our characters graduated in the Doonesbury musical, conventional names were given for Zonker, Boopsie, B.D. Not so with B.D. In a recent FAQ B.D. He milked it for a joke in a recent strip In short, the Guardian is wrong, Wrong, WRONG posted by Zed on June 2 2004 11:31. 1 comment(s). Read/add comments.
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Commencement posted by Zed on June 2 2004 10:02. comment(s). Read/add comments.
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Letter to the Editor In 2000, a Vermonter wrote My firstborn son started suffering at the hands of the moral little thugs from your moral, upright families from the time he was in the first grade. He was physically and verbally abused from first grade straight through high school because he was perceived to be gay. The rest is good, too.

85. Separation Logic A Logic For Shared Mutable Data Structures
The syntax of CAP is given in Figure 3. A complete program (or, moreaccurately, machine state) consists of a code heap, a dynamic

86. Flying Objects!
DANGER! Flying Objects! Once you ve been in the MRI field for any lengthof time, you start hearing all of the various horror stories
DANGER! Flying Objects!
Once you've been in the MRI field for any length of time, you start hearing all of the various horror stories about things that have flown into a scanner. Often, newcomers don't take the real danger of flying objects seriously until they witness an oxygen tank or gurney flying into a magnet themselves. This page will contain a collection of pictures and stories of metalic projectiles. Please show this page to all MRI newcomers, for their own safety and the safety of their patients! Please send any pictures and/or stories you have to . Let me know if you don't mind having your name posted with the picture/story or if you would rather remain anonymous (out of embarrassment?) For FAR MORE information on MRI safety issues, I recommend you go to Dr. Frank Shellock's site
Buffer 1
Buffer 2
Buffer 3
Welding Tank
Oxygen Tank
Chair 2
Buffer 4
Palette Tony Tiger IV Pole +?

87. Mumm30 News

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