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  1. Investment in wire-cut EDMs prove versatile. (electric discharge machines): An article from: Tooling & Production
  2. Program prove-out via machine simulation: before new machining jobs are run at this aerospace composites facility, they are first proven out using 3D machine ... parts.: An article from: Modern Machine Shop by Derek Korn, 2007-07-01
  3. Multitasker: Charger's new 190 SUV proves itself as a multifunction, multispecies fishing machine that can handle big water.(Product/Service Evaluation): An article from: Bass & Walleye Boats by Monte Burch, 2004-08-01
  4. New technology proves key to growth.(news & analysis): An article from: Tooling & Production by Gale Reference Team, 2007-06-01
  5. Micro systems prove perfect for world-class crankshafts.(finishing line) : An article from: Tooling & Production
  6. Faster jig grinder proves to be a quality enhancer for company.(Fox Valley Tool and Die Inc .)(Brief Article): An article from: Tooling & Production
  7. Third party results prove Meadwestvaco CNK[R] cardboard reduces frozen food unsaleables by 44%.(Coated Natural Kraft): An article from: Frozen Food Digest
  8. Electric controls prove big benefit in sanding. (computerized electronic sectional sanding): An article from: Wood & Wood Products by George Force, 1991-08-01
  9. Technology, teamwork prove key to grinding swash plates.(Manufacturing Solutions): An article from: Tooling & Production
  10. +p Universal Storage system automates fab shop: an automated steel storage system proves to be the key component for a fabricator that needed to integrate ... An article from: Modern Applications News

1. Can And Must A Machine Prove Theorems As Humans Do ? Analysis Of
Translate this page Can and Must a machine prove Theorems as Humans Do ? Analysis of SomeAutomated Proofs by the MUSCADET System, rapport interne, 1999
Can and Must a Machine Prove Theorems as Humans Do ? Analysis of Some Automated Proofs by the MUSCADET System, rapport interne, 1999, 18 p
Les machines peuvent-elles/doivent-elles démontrer les théorèmes comme les êtres humains ? Analyse de quelques démonstrations données par le système MUSCADET, rapport interne, 1999, 10p
Le nouveau MUSCADET et la TPTP Problem Library, Colloque Intelligence Artificielle, Berder, 1999, rapport LIP6 2000/002, 54-98 (postscript)
Chemins détournés, idées fausses et bonnes idées, Colloque Intelligence Artificielle, Berder, Septembre 2000, rapport LIP6 2001/014, 77-114 (postscript) (pdf)
Muscadet version 2.3 : Manuel de l'utilisateur, 2001, 16p (postscript)
Muscadet version 2.3 : User's Manual, 2001, 16p (postscript)
Muscadet2.3 : A Knowledge-based Theorem Prover based on Natural Deduction, International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning IJCAR 2001 (Conference on Automated Deduction CADE-JC), 685-689
Implementation of Knowledge Bases for Natural Deduction, 8th International Conference on Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning, 2nd International Workshop on Implementation of Logics, Cuba, 2001, 49-68
Compétitions de démonstrateurs de théorèmes, Rubrique "Jeux et compétition en IA", Revue d'intelligence artificielle, 15 n° 2/2001, 279-286

2. Lessons In Electric Circuits -- Volume III (Semiconductors) - Chapter 1
Not only would such a perpetual motion machine prove that the Law of Energy Conservationwas not a Law after all, but it would usher in a technological
Lessons In Electric Circuits Volume III
Chapter 1
From electric to electronic
This third volume of the book series Lessons In Electric Circuits makes a departure from the former two in that the transition between electric circuits and electronic circuits is formally crossed. Electric circuits are connections of conductive wires and other devices whereby the uniform flow of electrons occurs. Electronic circuits add a new dimension to electric circuits in that some means of control is exerted over the flow of electrons by another electrical signal, either a voltage or a current. In and of itself, the control of electron flow is nothing new to the student of electric circuits. Switches control the flow of electrons, as do potentiometers, especially when connected as variable resistors (rheostats). Neither the switch nor the potentiometer should be new to your experience by this point in your study. The threshold marking the transition from electric to electronic, then, is defined by how the flow of electrons is controlled rather than whether or not any form of control exists in a circuit. Switches and rheostats control the flow of electrons according to the positioning of a mechanical device, which is actuated by some physical force external to the circuit. In electronics, however, we are dealing with special devices able to control the flow of electrons according to another flow of electrons, or by the application of a static voltage. In other words, in an electronic circuit

3. 20th WCP: What Does Nozick's Experience Machine Argument Really Prove?
Philosophy of Values. What Does Nozick s Experience machine Argument Really prove?Eduardo RiveraLópez University of Buenos Aires
Philosophy of Values What Does Nozick's Experience Machine Argument Really Prove?
University of Buenos Aires
ABSTRACT: Nozick's well-known Experience Machine argument can be considered a typically successful argument: as far as I know, it has not been discussed much and has been widely seen as conclusive, or at least convincing enough to refute the mental-state versions of utilitarianism. I believe that if his argument were conclusive, its destructive effect would be even stronger. It would not only refute mental-state utilitarianism, but all theories (whether utilitarian or not) considering a certain subjective mental state (happiness, pleasure, desire, satisfaction) as the only valuable state. I shall call these theories "mental state welfarist theories." I do not know whether utilitarianism or, in general, mental-state welfarism is plausible, but I doubt that Nozick's argument is strong enough to prove that it is not. I Nozick's well-known Experience Machine argument can be considered as a typically successful argument: as far as I know, it has not been very discussed and has been widely seen as conclusive, or at least convincing enough to refute the mental-state versions of Utilitarianism.

4. The Political Machine - The Power Of The Presidency Can Be Yours!
Just A Head s Up. 5/15 The Political machine Beta 3 Available. OnDrengin.. More Game News Kerry s Ads prove He s Out Of Touch.
Home Metaverse My Account Game News ... Purchase Recent Forum Posts
Education: Nclb Is No Solution
End The War On Cancer!
Progressive Luddites
Nuke A Godless Gay Baby Seal For Christ ...
The Political Machine: Beta 4b Now Up!
Exit Poll Which major American political party do you tend to affiliate yourself with the most Results: 211 Votes Democrat Republican
Top 10 Posts
Al Qaeda Is Just Another Pathetic Violent Hate Group
Easier To Be Left Than Right......
Bush Vs. Kerry Election Predictions
Sex Obsession And The Democrats ...
Well, That Settles That!
Email: Password: Buy Political Machine Now!
Order: $69.95 CD-ROM Version
Pre-Order: $29.95 + S/H The Political Machine is a new strategy game in which you are the campaign manager for a candidate for President of the United States. Choose a political party, put together the dream presidential ticket and go for it. Based on the real world, The Political Machine gives would-be candidates the taste of the challenge real candidates face. Fund raising, campaigning, building support, hiring operatives, winning endorsements, going on "The O'Maley Factor" and other cable news shows to answer the tough questions, and more. The Political Machine is both a single player game against the computer and multiplayer against other players on the Internet. The game will be generally available at a store near you this summer just in time for this year's election. Play as Bush or Kerry or any of dozens of fictional or historical politicians. Make your own dream Reagan/Roosevelt ticket or create your own from sctatch.

5. Control Systems Prove Popular On Machine Tools - ACI (Europe)
Case study/Application note received on 18 January 2001 from ACI (Europe)(contact details). Control systems prove popular on machine tools.
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News in Machinery and Production Equipment (all)
Case study/Application note
received on 18 January 2001
from ACI (Europe) contact details
Control systems prove popular on machine tools
The popularity of Anilam control systems with machine tool builders and distributors as well as end users has been borne out again recently with comments from Gate Machinery International
The popularity of Anilam control systems with machine tool builders and distributors as well as end users has been borne out again recently with Gate Machinery International stating that "Anilam CNC is our customers' preferred control".
According to Alain Fidelia, managing director of the Watford-based company which markets Eclipse knee and bed mills among its wide range of machine tools and accessories: "We always give customers a choice of control - and for milling applications their choice is predominantly Anilam."
During recent months, Gate Machinery has sold a number of mills fitted with Anilam two- and three-axis MK 3200 and 3300 systems - systems that combine Anilam's characteristic high performance and user-friendliness.
The PC-based controls feature colour graphics, Pentium 166MHz MMX processors and a minimum 8 Mbyte RAM.

6. Cutting Fluids Prove Cleaner For Williams - Castrol UK
Cutting fluids prove cleaner for Williams. season, the quality and reliability ofthe components produced in the BMW WilliamsF1 Team production machine shop is
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News in Lubricants
Case study/Application note
received on 13 February 2003
from Castrol UK contact details
Cutting fluids prove cleaner for Williams
Designers and engineers at the BMW Williams F1 Team rely on Castrol cutting and grinding fluids.
To cope with the year-on-year design changes that are the life-blood of a Formula One team, designers and engineers at the BMW Williams F1 Team make the most of predictive disciplines such as finite element (FE) analysis and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to create accurate computer models, without ever having to 'cut' metal.
But when they do start cutting metal - to create high performance components for the cars' drive train, suspension and chassis - they rely on Castrol cutting and grinding fluids.
With cars and components in a perpetual state of evolution throughout the season, the quality and reliability of the components produced in the BMW WilliamsF1 Team production machine shop is one of the cornerstones of the team's performance.
The main production workshop at Grove near Wantage operates CNC lathes and CNC mills - all dedicated to producing gearbox, chassis, suspension and steering components from titanium, aluminium, magnesium and stainless steel.

7. In My Continuing Quest To Prove That Peasant Magic Isn’t Just About Speed Creat
In my continuing quest to prove that Peasant Magic isn’t just aboutspeed creature decks here is a deck called Fog machine. The - JC.htm
In my continuing quest to prove that Peasant Magic isn’t just about speed creature decks here is a deck called Fog Machine. The original was invented by Marcus Anderson and was latter improved upon by Johnny Lai (unfortunately both of these poor lost souls write for a different web site, if you want you can read their articles at Pez-Fog Machine Uncommons: 1 Sylvan Library 1 Land Tax 2 Millstone 1 Constant Mists Commons: 2 Reclaim 3 Holy Day 4 Spore Cloud 4 Fog 4 Repulse 3 Reaping the Rewards 4 Feldon’s Cane 3 Serrated Arrows 3 Crop Rotation 4 Maze of Ith 12 Forest 9 Plains Pez- ArrowMill Uncommons: 2 Millstone 1 Zuran Orb 2 Constant Mists Commons: 1 Stream of Life 3 Respite 3 Reclaim 4 Feldon’s Cane 4 Serrated Arrows 4 Crop Rotation 4 Mulch 4 Desert 4 Maze of Ith 20 Forest -Jason Chapman

8. Jorns Bending Machines Prove Their Worth - Shear-Form Machine Tools
Jorns Bending machines prove Their Worth. Norma CNC hydraulic 6,000mm bending machine,suppliedby ShearForm machine Tools helps Salford based JW.Entwhistle
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News in General Sheet Metal Work Subcontracting Services
Case study/Application note
received on 18 December 2003
from Shear-Form Machine Tools contact details
Jorns Bending Machines Prove Their Worth
Norma CNC hydraulic 6,000mm bending machine,supplied by Shear-Form Machine Tools helps Salford based J.W.Entwhistle productivity levels.
Salford based J.W.Entwhistle is probably the oldest manufacturing Company in the Manchester area and is a long time user of Jorns Bending Machines from Switzerland, which they have operated for over 20 years to make roofing and building products.
The Company has been in existence since the late 19th century and is to-day still located on the exact same sight.
Since they were founded, their business has changed considerably, because in the beginning they were not only manufacturing steel mesh products for local industry, they were also involved in sealing embalmed bodies into steel coffins for shipping to the far corners of the Empire.
As Chris Dunkley, Entwhistle's Manager said: "At the time HM Customs and Excise were closely involved and oversaw the sealing of every coffin.

9. Jones Walker Products Liability E*Zine
the Bollinger employee who removed the switch from the machine initially was LPLAApplies to Smoker Who Failed to prove Significant Exposure Before LPLA
Jones Walker E*Zine
Products Liability
September 2003 Vol. 32
Ladder Manufacturer Achieves Summary Judgment on Two Out of Three Products Claims
Condiff v. R.D. Werner Co., Inc.,
2003 WL 21977167 (E.D.La. 8/15/03)
The court found that Werner was entitled to summary judgment on the design and warning claims, but denied the summary judgment as to the construction claim resorting to the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur. res ipsa loquitur as evidence of a construction defect. Res ipsa loquitur res ipsa loquitur. res ipsa loquitur. - Mary Mitchell Felton back to top
Nowlin v. Miller Elec. Mfg. Co.,
2003 WL 21664707 (E.D.La. 7/11/03)

10. Universal Turing Machine -- From MathWorld
example has the smallest product mn = 10 of any other known universal Turing machine. 708709)are likely universal, although this appears difficult to prove.
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Universal Turing Machine
A Turing machine which, by appropriate programming using a finite length of input tape, can act as any Turing machine whatsoever. In his seminal paper, Turing himself gave the first construction for a universal Turing machine (Turing 1937, 1938). Shannon (1956) showed that two colors were sufficient, so long as enough states were used. Minsky (1962) discovered a 7-state 4-color universal Turing machine, illustrated above (Wolfram 2002, p. 706). Note that the 20th rule specifies that the Turing machine should halt, as indicated by leaving the head stationary and not changing its state. Upon conversion to a 2-color machine, Minsky's universal Turing machine requires 43 states. Comparatively little more was published about small universal Turing machines until Rogozhin (1996) found examples with the numbers ( m, n

11. Pine Seedlings Measured With A Low Cost Machine Vision System
Weekly Herbicide Applications prove Beneficial in Forest Nurseries. Blake, JI andDB South. Weekly herbicide applications prove beneficial in forest nurseries.
Weekly Herbicide Applications Prove Beneficial in Forest Nurseries Blake, J.I and D.B. South. 1987. Weekly herbicide applications prove beneficial in forest nurseries. Ala. Agr. Exp. Sta. Highlights Agr. Res. 34(2):12. Over the last 15 years, advances in weed control in Southern forest nurseries have resulted largely from federal labeling of new herbicides tested by the Auburn University Southern Forest Nursery Management Cooperative. The most effective chemicals tested (the diphenylether group) all have similar chemical properties. Currently, the most commonly used is oxyfluorfen, sold by the trade name Goal® 2 EC. Recent research conducted at the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station has demonstrated that dramatic improvements in weed control can be obtained from Goal® by changing the frequency of application. Preemergence treatments with herbicides provide a large fraction of the total season weed control. However, regular postemergence applications are needed because the chemical barrier breaks down under conditions of heavy irrigation and rainfall. In addition, some weed species are highly tolerant to preemergence applications. Although most of the compounds in the diphenylether family do not translocate well within the plant, good contact activity on otherwise difficult to control weeds can be obtained with postemergence applications. Currently some of the most difficult weeds to control in Southern forest nurseries are yellow and purple nutsedge and spurges. In general, pine seedlings are not tolerant to most herbicides which are used to control these weeds in agronomic crops. Because of the high value of pine seedling crops in the South ($18,000 to $25,000 per acre), nearly weed free conditions are required to obtain maximum economic yield. Therefore, there has been a need to continue expensive hand weeding operations.

12. Autostrade S.p.A. - Secondo Piano: Ufficio Tecnico
prove meccaniche sui SidewayForce Coefficient Routine Investigation machine (SCRIM) e Survey machine
Il Centro Rilevamento Dati e Prove Materiali della Autostrade S.p.A., situato a Fiano Romano (Roma), è entrato in funzione il15 giugno 1973 con il compito di eseguire prove sui materiali sia per il controllo dei lavori di costruzione e manutenzione che per attività di ricerca e sperimentazione. A partire dall'inizio degli anni '80 il Centro si è dotato di strumenti sempre più sofisticati per il rilevamento dei dati sullo stato delle opere autostradali, svolgendo un ruolo primario nel processo di pianificazione e realizzazione della manutenzione preventiva e programmata (terotecnologia). Il Centro contribuisce inoltre con altri organismi interni alla redazione di Norme Tecniche e Capitolati. L'attività del Centro riguarda il calcestruzzo ed i ferri, i conglomerati bituminosi ed i bitumi, la geotecnica, la chimica ed il rilievo con mezzi ad alto rendimento. Con decreto emesso in data 31 maggio 1977 dal Ministero dei Lavori Pubblici, il Laboratorio è stato autorizzato ad effettuare, anche per conto terzi, ai sensi e per gli effetti dell'art. 20 della Legge 5 novembre 1971 n. 1086, prove sugli acciai e sui calcestruzzi costituenti le opere in cemento armato. Nato quindi per lo svolgimento di attività interne il Centro ha progressivamente diversificato la propria attività anche attraverso la Sezione di Romagnano Sesia (Novara) e la Pista di Crash- Test di Anagni (Frosinone) fornendo servizi di alta qualità e specializzazione a soggetti pubblici e privati. Nel 2001 il sistema di gestione del laboratorio di Fiano Romano, di Romagnano Sesia ed il Centro Crash - Anagni è stato certificato in Qualità ISO 9002.

13. 15-859(B) Machine Learning Theory, Spring 2002
This course will focus on theoretical aspects of machine learning. We will examinequestions such as What kinds of guarantees can one prove about learning
Instructor: Avrim Blum
Time: TR 3:00-4:20
Place: We've moved to Wean 4623
Course description: This course will focus on theoretical aspects of machine learning. We will examine questions such as: What kinds of guarantees can one prove about learning algorithms? What are good algorithms for achieving certain types of goals? Can we devise models that are both amenable to mathematical analysis and make sense empirically? What can we say about the inherent ease or difficulty of learning problems? Addressing these questions will require pulling in notions and ideas from statistics, complexity theory, cryptography, game theory, and empirical machine learning research. Text: An Introduction to Computational Learning Theory by Michael Kearns and Umesh Vazirani, plus papers and notes for topics not in the book. Office hours: Just stop by my office or make an appointment. The graded finals are now available in Dorothy's office (Wean 4116). Feel free to stop by and pick yours up.

14. Think
You’re a meat machine, rather than a metal and silicon machine. GEENA stuff.But of course it is difficult for me to prove that to you.

15. IMM Reports No. 8
Thus, an early product of a molecular machine technology could be a DNA reader nudgedtogether and monitored using scanning probe systems could prove economical
IMM Reports
IMM Report Number 8
Building Molecular Machine Systems
K. Eric Drexler, PhD.
Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
Pre-print of article published in:
Trends in Biotechnology , January 1999, Vol No 1, pp 5-7.
ISSN 0167-7799 Compared to conventional technologies, many natural molecular machines systems display enormous abilities. Molecular machinery in green plants converts more energy and synthesizes a greater tonnage of organic compounds than does the chemical industry, and does so cleanly using cheap raw materials. With a megabyte or so per genome, the digital storage capacity of the millions of bacteria in the dirt on a typical computer far exceeds that of the advertised components. While we spend billions of dollars on dense digital storage systems, nature places far denser systems in the same boxes free of charge, but unintended and unusable. From megaton-per-year product streams to megabyte-per-cubic-micron storage systems, natural molecular machinery has outperformed anything we now know how to build. Perhaps, then, we should learn to build molecular machine systems of our own design, aiming to make a wider range of products, including computer components that we can actually use. This is the first in a series of articles organized around the theme of nanotechnology. Other authors will describe a range of micro- and nanoscale systems some useful today, others demonstrating components and techniques with promise for the future. This article outlines how these trends can build toward a molecular machine technology delivering (and even exceeding) the technological promise demonstrated by the molecular machinery of nature.

16. Bell Labs: Independent Tests Prove Bell Labs Technology Gives Lucent's Digital A
Independent Tests prove Bell Labs Technology Gives Lucent s DigitalAnswering machine Best Voice Quality MURRAY HILL, NJ (Aug. 19
Bell Labs Home About Bell Labs
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Independent Tests Prove Bell Labs Technology Gives Lucent's Digital Answering Machine Best Voice Quality MURRAY HILL, N. J. (Aug. 19, 1997) Independent consumer tests show that Lucent's latest digital answering machines have the best voice quality among top competitors. When consumers were asked to rank leading digital answering machines based on the sound quality of recorded messages, the Lucent Digital Answering Machine 1725 was ranked number one five times as often as the nearest competing product. In tests conducted at an independent lab, the Lucent device received the highest scores for sound quality of both the outgoing recorded announcement and incoming messages average ratings of "good" or "excellent" from 75 percent of the consumers. On June 17 Lucent Technologies and Philips Electronics announced that they would create a joint venture of the consumer communications units of the two companies by October 1. Philips is the market leader in telephone sales in Europe, and Lucent is number one in the United States. The joint venture, to be called Philips Consumer Communications, will have revenues of about US $2.5 billion. As part of a continuing, cooperative relationship, Bell Laboratories designers have shared the new technology with their counterparts at Philips Consumer Communications. It is likely that the joint venture will use this technology in its future digital answering machines.

17. The Mind And The Machine
In 1950 the idea that a machine could beat a human in any skill that it defeatedthe world chess champion a remarkable achievement, but what did it prove?
by Ian Allen (Click here for an overview of this article) In 1859, Charles Darwin published Origin of Species, the first comprehensive outline of the theory of evolution. The concept was revolutionary because it implied that the living world around us might have come to be without the guiding hand of some master-designer. Prior to Darwin, Nature had seemed so well balanced, with every creature so perfectly suited to its environment, that the only possible explanation was that it was all the work of a supreme intelligence. And as the most intelligent creature in creation, humans somehow had a very special place in the scheme of things. Darwin's concept of evolution by natural selection was a very big idea. That's why even now, in spite of 140 years of intensive scientific scrutiny which still hasn't found a hole in it, many people still refer to evolution as "only a theory". Darwinian evolution has always posed a challenge to our philosophical and theological thinking, but aside from that it also implies ideas which are quite counter-intuitive to common sense. How can something come from nothing? How can something mindless, no matter how much time it has, create something as sophisticated and intelligent as a human being? This last question is probably the core of the objection to Darwin. Human beings seem to regard their intelligence as the crown jewel which sets their species apart from all others. Any suggestion that we didn't "earn" our place at the top of the pecking order, but arrived here by luck in some lottery of evolutionary chance is not at all comfortable. It's not only a challenge to our self-esteem as a species, but a dangerous reminder that our existence is intimately connected to the process of life. If Darwin is right, it means that given enough time, anywhere in the Universe, life will evolve an intelligent creature - and in the Earth's case, that creature just happened to be us.

18. Machined Products - Free Cutting Brass: Corrosion Tests Prove Free-C
Other coatings applied to steel screw machine parts are less satisfactory. corrode,possibly to the point where unfastening connections might prove difficult.
Mission Who We Are Press Room Contacts ... Electrical Building Wire Energy Efficiency Power Quality Fuel Gas Industrial Marine Machined Products ... Free-Cutting Brass
Application Data Sheet
Corrosion Tests Prove
Free-Cutting Brass Outlasts
Plated Steel

(Click below to download) Corrosion Tests Prove
Free-Cutting Brass Outlasts
Plated Steel (677 KB) For a free download of
please click on the icon below
Corrosion Tests Prove Free-Cutting Brass Outlasts Plated Steel Introduction Coatings The CDA Test Program Test Results ... References Introduction Screw machine products made from Free-Cutting Brass, UNS C36000, can be significantly less expensive than identical parts made from leaded AISI Type 12L14 steel. This is possible for three reasons:
  • Brass turnings are a valuable commodity, and automatic screw machines usually produce more turnings than parts by weight;
  • 19. Java Pro - Prove It, Don't Compute It
    Instead, update the rules and use logic programming to prove answers rather In otherwords, Java facilitates the programming of an underlying machine the Java
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    Free Subscription to Java Pro

    email article
    printer friendly get the code Prove It, Don't Compute It
    Don't change your Java code when your business rules change. Instead, update the rules and use logic programming to prove answers rather than calculate them
    by Daniel F. Savarese July 2003 Issue P Logic programming , based on resolving relations, simplifies the writing of programs that simulate reasoning through deduction. We'll examine how to implement the basics of logic programming in Java. ADVERTISEMENT I cannot think of a programming language that is pure in the sense that it conforms to only the computational model upon which it is based. For example, Common Lisp, a functional programming language, incorporates all of the traditional imperative language features as well as an object-oriented layer. Prolog probably comes closest to a pure language, being the progenitor of logic programming. Still, it includes impurities that deviate from the concept of eliciting computation by resolving the variables in a goal clause. Prolog's strength lies in its language-intrinsic ability to define rules and resolve queries based on those rules. Implementing some of Prolog's functionality in Java requires that we first study the principles of logic programming.

    20. Success Stories: The Design Powers Of CAM System Prove Useful For Two Companies
    The Design Powers of CAM System prove Useful for Two Companies. Steve Ellenburg ofTrumark Manufacturing Co. and Bob Barnett of BNB machine can attest to that.
    The Design Powers of CAM System Prove
    Useful for Two Companies If only product development were as easy as coming up with the idea. Everyone at some point has come up with an idea for an innovative product that would revolutionize the world, or at least a small part of it. Especially if you work in a manufacturing environment and are constantly creating parts for other companies. The common conception is that the idea is the most difficult part of the creative process, however, anyone who has ever tried to act on one of their inspirations, knows how difficult it can be. It's not enough to simply scribble a rough design on a piece of paper, and hope that someone will be able to actually design and manufacture a rough sketch. Having the right tools to design and manufacture the idea is essential. Steve Ellenburg of Trumark Manufacturing Co. and Bob Barnett of BNB Machine can attest to that. Steve Ellenburg is the owner and product designer for Trumark Manufacturing Co. (Boulder, CO). The family owned and operated business began 43 years ago, with a very simple objective in mind, to develop a product that would enable two young boys to protect themselves from bullies with snowballs. The solution was a powerful slingshot that would enable the boys, one of which was Steve, to shoot snowballs long distances.

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