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  1. Fuzzy Math: The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan by Paul R. Krugman, 2001-05-04
  2. Vikings' Moss would be another team's gain: addition by substraction? That's fuzzy math in Minnesota.(NFL)(National Football League): An article from: The Sporting News by Vinnie Iyer, 2005-02-25
  3. The fuzzy math on butterfly ballots and the Buchanan vote. (Anthology).(Pat Buchanan and Palm Beach County, Florida's butterfly ballot in the November ... An article from: Atlantic Economic Journal by Fahim Ahmed, Saad Kamal, et all 2002-12-01
  4. Abortion and Breast Cancer: Only Fuzzy Math Can Make the ABC Link Disappear.: An article from: National Right to Life News
  5. More fuzzy math.(Editorials)(New overtime rules need additional analysis)(Editorial): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  6. Chain-Letter Economy : "The Faster I Run The Behinder I Get" (The Secret to Happiness is Money Management) by Richard Everett Planck M.S.M.E., 1997
  7. Algebra: Anwendungsorientierte Mathematik (Springer-Lehrbuch) by Gert Böhme, 1996-08-05

61. The Christian Science Monitor |
TURNS OF PHRASE. Bringing fuzzy math into focus. Sometimes words take on sudden new meanings and an almost instant currency. A case in point fuzzy math.
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Protest song is back - with a vengeance

Remembering the heroes of Watergate

Harry Potter - with a beard?

Exit Tenet - Bush ally, lightning rod
Bush, Kerry, and a battle for Catholics

FEATURES, LEARNING from the November 07, 2000 edition Editor's note The Christian Science Monitor archive includes stories dating back to 1980. Some early articles lack sufficient formatting, and will appear as one long column without paragraph breaks. We apologize for the aesthetics and hope that the information will still be of value to you. Bringing 'fuzzy math' into focus Lance Carden - Sometimes words take on sudden new meanings - and an almost instant currency. A case in point: fuzzy math. It's a term that will resonate long after today, when voters finally make the call about who will be America's 43rd president. In the first of their recent televised debates, Gov. George W. Bush twice accused Vice President Al Gore of using "fuzzy math," as in this rejoinder during a discussion of Medicare and prescription drugs: "Look, this is a man, he's got great numbers. He talks about numbers. I'm beginning to think not only did he invent the Internet, but he invented the calculator. It's fuzzy math."

62. ExpectNothing! - Kerry Ad On Abortion: Fuzzy Math
Thursday, April 29th, 2004, SUGGEST NEWS. Kerry Ad on Abortion fuzzy math Posted by Nebuchadnezzar on April 29th, 2004 @ 111PM

63. Matt Welch
The Spoiler s fuzzy math. Nader s Defiance and Evasion Reflect Schizophrenia of a ThirdParty Campaign That Was Essentially a Liberal-Democrat Revolt

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The Spoiler's Fuzzy Math
Nader's Defiance and Evasion Reflect Schizophrenia of a Third-Party Campaign That Was Essentially a Liberal-Democrat Revolt
By MATT WELCH , November 8, 2000 WASHINGTON, D.C. The day after the weirdest election in at least 120 years, the corporate media-bashing third-party candidate who seemed to have tipped the presidency to George W. Bush, suddenly became Tom Brokaw's biggest fan. At his first post-election press conference, Green Party candidate Ralph Nader was asked straight away whether his campaign prevented Al Gore from being elected president Nov. 7. And he refused to say "yes." "I don't think anybody knows. Tom Brokaw said that most of my vote came from non-voters who came in for the first time, young voters, and people who dropped out of voting for many years. There's too many variables right now," he said. "It could have been the Democrats were energized because of this challenge to get out more of their votes." Before the recount in Florida, the state that will decide the election, less than 1,800 votes separated Bush and Gore. Nader received in excess of 92,000.

64. ROI Calculators: Honest Projections Or Fuzzy Math?
ROI calculators Honest projections or fuzzy math? By Matt Hines, News Writer 22 Jul 2002 SearchEBusiness. In a tight economy chief,289142,sid19_gci839773,0
Home News ROI calculators... EMAIL THIS PAGE TO A FRIEND News: Search for: in ALL NEWS ALL SEARCHCIO Full TargetSearch with Google ROI calculators: Honest projections or fuzzy math? By Matt Hines, News Writer
In a tight economy chief information officers are increasingly being asked to provide hard evidence that new technology investments will deliver guaranteed levels of return on investment (ROI). As a result, tools that help build a business case and illustrate those returns are growing in popularity. Most often referred to as ROI calculators, these applications are being released by everyone from independent third-party outfits to technology vendors themselves. And while this sudden influx of tools gives the average CIO the ability to make a spending case in front of corporate budget watchdogs, there remains a debate as to which ROI calculators if any are the most credible. Nowhere is this demand for measuring returns greater than in cutting edge technology arenas such as e-business or customer relationship management (CRM). After all, it can be difficult to quantify the so-called "soft" returns on investment that come with applications that make your customers happier and more loyal. "If you can relate some kind of hard measurement to the soft calculation, the whole ROI proposition makes more sense," said Alex Soejarto, analyst at Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner.

65. Opinion -
Letter contained fuzzy math May 19, 2004 In reference to Mr. Will P. Howell’s letter on May 7, he uses some fuzzy math in reaching his conclusions regarding

66. Haaretz - Israel News - Treasury Uses Fuzzy Math In Budget
Treasury uses fuzzy math in budget, By Moti Bassok. The Ministry of Finance does not reveal the central figures upon which it bases

67. "Fuzzy Math" Showdown
fuzzy math Showdown. The first resolution would dramatically modify the districts controversial constructivist or fuzzy math program.
"Fuzzy Math" Showdown
The Riverdale Review
August 8-14, 2002 By ANDREW WOLF
Community School Board 10 is poised to take action on two fronts that may go a long way towards setting a more activist tone for the upcoming school year. The first resolution would dramatically modify the districts controversial constructivist or "fuzzy math" program. The second would request that Superintendent Irma Zardoya change her plans to use the 100 extra minutes that teachers have agreed to work each week to benefit students. Currently few, if any, students will receive this extra instruction, and the board would like to see this extra time devoted to additional instruction that will reach all students. Prof. Robert Feinerman, a member of the board, has presented a resolution that will redefine the districts math curriculum. Under this resolution, students at the districts high schools, which now only includes the Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy, will follow a "skill-based, college preparatory" course of study "similar to those used by Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech, (and) Bronx Science." Under the proposed resolution the math program that the district would be forced to follow would be one in which "standard arithmetic skills are taught and emphasized. In particular, the standard algorithms for multiplication and division as well as the standard methods for computation with fractions should be taught."

68. End The 'fuzzy Math' Experiment
End the fuzzy math experiment. The program in question is formally known as constructivist math, but is popularly called fuzzy math, and for good reason.
End the 'fuzzy math' experiment
The Riverdale Review
August 8-14, 2002 EDITORIAL
It has been more than three years since an insurgent group, primarily from the Riverdale area, took control of Community School District 10. They ran on a platform not just to restructure and rezone MS 141, but rezone the entire district to promote the concept of neighborhood schools, to institute gifted and talented programs in every school and return autonomy on curriculum to local schools. While the new board acted decisively on the issue of creating the Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy, on these other issues the board has been largely unsuccessful. With the clock running out on their very existence, it has never been more important for the board to act. They must act decisively and they must act boldly. The time is now, before the education of even more children are compromised. The board has not been able to reverse many of the controversial educational policies of Superintendent Irma Zardoya, so often at odds with the time tested traditional values that most Riverdalians support. In fact, even as the board stood by, the superintendent slipped past them a particularly controversial program for the teaching of math, a program that has engendered enormous debate everywhere it has been tried. The program in question is formally known as "constructivist" math, but is popularly called "fuzzy math," and for good reason. It is grounded in the mythology that different racial, ethnic and gender groups have different "learning styles," which is the reason that some dont score as well on standardized tests. Many of the states and school districts that adopted the controversial program have already long abandoned it. Just weeks ago, the North Pennsylvania School District joined the State of California and even the State of Israel in abandoning "fuzzy math." Unfortunately, there are still educators here who refuse to learn from the painful lessons offered by others.

69. Tough Pigs Journal -- Fuzzy Math
Tough Pigs Journal. July 7, 2003. fuzzy math. Y know, you read a lot about corporate accounting scandals, but you never think it ll happen to someone you know.
Tough Pigs Journal July 7, 2003 Fuzzy Math Y'know, you read a lot about corporate accounting scandals, but you never think it'll happen to someone you know. For the last year, we've been making jokes about Martha Stewart and Enron, and we had no idea there was some creative arithmetic going on right here at home. I'm talking about the Muppets' Big Brag Numbers, the ones they pull out every time they want to impress somebody: How many countries The Muppet Show aired in, and how many worldwide viewers they had. These numbers have always been a great source of pride for the Henson company; it gives them something to talk about at their high school reunions. But I'll bet you didn't realize how slippery those numbers are and how the company suddenly did some accidental book-cooking just in time for the 25th anniversary. Allow me to connect the dots for you. The earliest Big Brag Number that I've found appeared in a TV Guide article, from Aug 6, 1977: "Sesame Street, and its variations, says Jim [Henson], is seen in over 40 countries. The Muppet Show is seen in ." Now, you have to admit that's impressive 103 countries, and the show's only been on for a year. Lew Grade must have worked the phones like a demon that year. He probably did cold-calls to everyone in the United Nations. So, there you have it: Jim says 103, it must be 103, right?

70. Occupation Watch: Wolfie's Fuzzy Math
Home » Reports From Iraq » Opinion Pieces » Wolfie s fuzzy math. Wolfie s fuzzy math. by Maureen Dowd, The New York Times May 2nd, 2004.

71. Is This Math Fuzzy?
fuzzy math programs are those that emphasize process over content (and even correct answers), and are deficient in mathemat ical breadth and depth.
Previous: How to advocate for your child Next: Understanding your child's mathematic education Home Library Join Parent Power! Helping You Make Sense of Schooling Today Managing Editor Caralee Adams Contributing Editors Onnie Shekerjian Paul Clopton Suite 204 Published eight times a year by The Center for Education Reform Bring Parent Power! e-mail subscription parentpower/signup.html F uzzy Math is one of the phrases used to refer to the many newer mathematics programs that are designed around current fads in mathematics educa- tion and often are inadequate word fuzzy is used in the sense of warm and fuzzy or fuzzy thinking, and does not refer to advanced topics like fuzzy logic. Fuzzy Math programs are those that emphasize process over content (and even correct answers), and are deficient in mathemat- ical breadth and depth. Fuzzy Math takes many forms, but here are some of the varieties. Publishers are selling instructional materials, including overheads, soft- ware, dice, spinners, and blocks instead of text- books, which have clear

72. Fuzzy Math In D.C.
fuzzy math in DC. by Paul A. Strassmann Computerworld January 8, 2001 I first learned of the federal government s hedonic evaluations
Fuzzy Math in D.C.
by Paul A. Strassmann

January 8, 2001 I first learned of the federal government's "hedonic" evaluations of IT budgets during budget reviews in 1992, when a Pentagon financial examiner noted that the Defense Department's requests for 5% annual increases in IT spending would actually be 22.8% in the first year and much more in following years. Such large jumps, the analyst suggested, would be unacceptable. I checked the math. It was numerically correct. The large gains were generated on the basis of tables from the U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis, so that the 5% for 1993 became 22.8% after adding a 17.8% implied annual cost reduction. The White House evaluated IT spending using "inflation-adjusted" comparisons. So a proposal for 5% salary increases would be OK because it matched the government's official "inflationary index." But proposals for computers were different, using a "hedonic deflationary index." This would boost the worth of computer hardware above its cash costs using the numbers indicated on the chart below. Hedonic, derived from the Greek language, means "of or pertaining to pleasure." My budget examiners told me that "hedonic" was an economist's way of saying that customers would be deriving more pleasure from equipment that's better and cheaper to purchase. Checking the supporting data, I found that government economists used a mix of declining wholesale prices for desktops and laptops, plus unit costs of disk memories and printer performance statistics, to come up with indicators that reflected the decreasing cost and increased performance of hardware. So a 700-MHz desktop costing $3,000 would actually be twice as good as a 350-MHz desktop purchased for the same amount.

73. Fuzzy Math: The Essential Guide To The Bush Tax Plan
fuzzy math The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan. Book fuzzy math The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan Customer Reviews
Fuzzy Math: The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan
Fuzzy Math: The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan

by Authors: Paul R. Krugman
Released: 04 May, 2001
ISBN: 0393050629
Sales Rank:
List price:
Our price: You save: Book > Fuzzy Math: The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan > Customer Reviews: Average Customer Rating:
Fuzzy Math: The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan > Customer Review #1: an opinionated book, yet objective, fair, and convincing
Fuzzy Math: The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan > Customer Review #2: This is important. Everybody should read this book.

This book needs to be read by every voting American, even those who support the Bush tax cut. Author Paul Krugman clearly explains the economic and political environments in which this tax plan takes place and concludes, first, that the tax cut is not only a bad idea but might have serious consequences as the Social Security/Medicare system becomes strapped and second, that "at every stage of the debate Bush and his people have tried to obscure what they were really proposing." "Fuzzy Math" is a book written for intelligent lay people. I personally read it in two sittings (its only 122 short pages), then, thinking that I must have missed smething, went back and read it again. It turns out I missed nothing. Krugman breaks down complex economic concepts and explains them with great lucidity and a little bit of wit. Its really an easy read.

74. LiveDaily - Wolfie's Fuzzy Math
1. May 2nd, 2004, 1256 AM. oxymoron. Registered User. Join Date Apr 2001. Posts 6,783. Wolfie s fuzzy math. Wolfie s fuzzy math By

75. Black Box Voting: Ballot - Tampering In The 21st Century - Fuzzy Math In Miami
Diebold (0). Older Articles. Voting Machine fuzzy math in Miami Posted on Friday, March 21 @ 193854 CST by BevHarris. Field Reports

76. Broadcasting & Cable - Fuzzy Math
Top of the Week. fuzzy math. People meter tests fail to score with NYC broadcasters. By Steve McClellan Broadcasting Cable, 3/8/2004. of the Week

77. Lessons--Schools, Accountability And A Sheaf Of Fuzzy Math
THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED IN THE NEW YORK TIMES ON APRIL 10, 2002. Schools, Accountability and a Sheaf of fuzzy math. By Richard Rothstein.
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ISSUE GUIDES living wage minimum wage offshoring poverty and family budgets ... Printer Friendly Version These pieces originally appeared as a weekly column entitled "Lessons" in The New York Times between 1999 and 2003. [THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED IN THE NEW YORK TIMES ON APRIL 10, 2002] Schools, Accountability and a Sheaf of Fuzzy Math By Richard Rothstein An influential liberal advocacy group, the Education Trust, claims to have demonstrated that simply by adopting higher standards, schools can get disadvantaged children to perform as well as those of the middle class. The group has published a list of "high-flying schools": 1,320 schools nationwide whose test scores are high and at least half of whose students are both poor and minority. At 3,257 other top-scoring schools, at least half the students are either poor or minority, though not both. The schools on each of those lists account for about 10 percent of all schools with identically defined student bodies. The Education Trust maintains that if these schools can get good results by raising expectations and improving instruction, others can do so as well. That is an unfortunate reinforcement of the belief that school reform alone, without more school spending or improved social conditions for families, is enough to lift achievement of the lowest performers. It is actually all three - instructional overhaul, more school spending and social change - that will be needed.

78. Riverfront Times News Off Beat Fuzzy
fuzzy math, The RCGA flushed away its credibility in the city earningstax debacle. BY SAFIR AHMED Saying

79. The End Of Fuzzy Math?
BUSINESS WEEK E.BIZ NET WORTH The End of fuzzy math? Regulators should force etailers to report costs like mainstream retailers


The End of Fuzzy Math?
Regulators should force e-tailers to report costs like mainstream retailers
Poring over Inc.'s ( AMZN
There's another controversial accounting practice at Amazon and other online retailers that has received less attention so far. The issue is how companies should account for fulfillment coststhe expenses involved in buying and maintaining warehouses and paying employees who receive supplies and package orders for shipment. E-tailers' closest cousins, catalog companies and direct marketers, tend to put these expenses into a line on the income statement called cost of goods sold. But Amazon, Inc. ( DSCM
The issue is particularly critical this Christmas season. While investors used to focus myopically on revenue growth at Net companies, they're now looking for companies that are on their way to profitability. With the capital markets closed up tighter than a drum, people want to know whether Amazon,, eToys Inc. ( ETYS
Any variation in accounting practices can have an impact on gross margins. Amazon's gross margin will be about 24% this year, but it would be about 14% if it changed the way it counted fulfillment costs, according to analysts' estimates.'s gross margins would fall from 5% to negative 15%. And eToys' gross margins would drop from 20% to negative 7%. Understanding the effect on margins is critical, because ''fulfillment costs in this business are much higher than any of us expected,'' says Lehman Bros. Inc. analyst Holly Becker.

80. Foreign Affairs - Fuzzy Math - Lucian B. Platt
fuzzy math Lucian B. Platt From Foreign Affairs, January/February 2002,
Fuzzy Math
Lucian B. Platt

From Foreign Affairs January/February 2002
Fool's Gold in Alaska

By Amory B. Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins
Foreign Affairs, July/August 2001 Amory Lovins and Hunter Lovins ("Fool's Gold in Alaska," July/August 2001) claim that drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is bad, unnecessary, and probably uneconomical. Many of their points are wrong, and the decision as to whether to drill in the ANWR should be based on better information. Planning for worldwide supply continuing for decades has been one of the great strengths of the more than trillion-dollar global oil industry. There seems to have been no time or place in which the companies failed to deliver adequate supply; every interruption has been caused by government interference. The search for oil takes place worldwide and has been successful on every continent except Antarctica. Unlike with agricultural commodities, a new crop of which can be grown on the same field next year, oil fields get emptied. New ones must be found even if world use declines. But world use goes up decade after decade, even with an occasional downturn year. Simple arithmetic applied to the figures that Lovins and Lovins offer indicates the following: from 1977 to 1985 world production of oil fell by 6 million barrels per day while production by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries dropped by 13 million barrels per day, so daily non-OPEC production went up 7 million barrels per day, from 30 million in 1977 to 37 million in 1985. These millions of barrels come from new producing areas, including the North Sea, offshore Australia, and the North Slope of Alaska places where previous capital investment finally began paying off.

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