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  1. Fuzzy Math: The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan by Paul R. Krugman, 2001-05-04
  2. Vikings' Moss would be another team's gain: addition by substraction? That's fuzzy math in Minnesota.(NFL)(National Football League): An article from: The Sporting News by Vinnie Iyer, 2005-02-25
  3. The fuzzy math on butterfly ballots and the Buchanan vote. (Anthology).(Pat Buchanan and Palm Beach County, Florida's butterfly ballot in the November ... An article from: Atlantic Economic Journal by Fahim Ahmed, Saad Kamal, et all 2002-12-01
  4. Abortion and Breast Cancer: Only Fuzzy Math Can Make the ABC Link Disappear.: An article from: National Right to Life News
  5. More fuzzy math.(Editorials)(New overtime rules need additional analysis)(Editorial): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  6. Chain-Letter Economy : "The Faster I Run The Behinder I Get" (The Secret to Happiness is Money Management) by Richard Everett Planck M.S.M.E., 1997
  7. Algebra: Anwendungsorientierte Mathematik (Springer-Lehrbuch) by Gert Böhme, 1996-08-05

41. More Fuzzy Math
SMB Networks / Federal Programs / Telework Beat More fuzzy math.
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Tests/Reviews ... More TODAY'S NEWS Kumar leaves CA Sun: No decision on open-source Java Former Symbol execs indicted New worm targets two Microsoft vulnerabilities ... Telework Beat
More fuzzy math
Is the federal government really meeting its telework goals? By Toni Kistner Network World, 04/07/03 Back in January, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) released to Congress the results of a November 2002 survey on governmentwide telework programs. The report stated a 21% increase from 2001 in the number of employees who telework, and a 20% increase in the number of employees eligible to telework. The report also states 35% of the federal workforce is eligible to telework. Increases are good news, considering the fed is mandated by Section 359 of Public Law No. 106-346 to allow 25% of its eligible workforce to telework, and an additional 25% each year thereafter, beginning April 23, 2001. According to the law, 50% of all eligible federal employees must be teleworking by April 23 of this year.

42. Fuzzy Math
UserSubmitted Commentary. fuzzy math. by Adrian More Does this Commentary have you thinking? Write a response! fuzzy math. a TIP (Text In Progress) by.

43. Flutterby! : Fuzzy Math 2004-04-23 10:46:44.763036-07
fuzzy math. 200404-23 104644.763036-07 by TC 0 comments. Happy Friday. Not so muchm remixing sound bytes. I give you fuzzy math.
@import "/fcms.css";
Flutterby! : Fuzzy Math
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Fuzzy Math
2004-04-23 10:46:44.763036-07 by TC comments Happy Friday. Not so muchm as a political statment as just showing how much fun a person can have remixing sound bytes. I give you Fuzzy Math [ related topics: Politics moron Heinlein Mathematics comments in ascending chronological order ( reverse
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44. Decision 2004: Fuzzy Math
Economy Bonds Decision 2004 fuzzy math, Decision 2004 fuzzy math By Michael DeSenne February 11, 2004, Also See, · Poll Question. StockWatching Tools,

45. The Bots
Meaning. fuzzy math is the latest Presidential Parody from The Bots, utilizing the revolutionary Presidential Truth Filter(PTF).
The Bots
Presidential Parodies/Free Mp3 Downloads
The Bots Home
The Presidential Truth Filter and the Search For Meaning
Here are all the Presidential mixes currently available from The Bots: Fuzzy Math (2004, vocals by George W Bush, 3.2 megabytes)
(2003, vocals by George W Bush, 3 megabytes)
Rock The House
(1997, vocals by Bill Clinton, 3.1 megabytes)
(1992, vocals by George HW Bush, 3.1 megabytes)
If you would like to make your own presidential parody, please check out our public domain archive of GWBush samples. They're free to use, and we'll be having a contest here soon where we'll be giving you a chance to match your audio editing and parody skills with The Bots and compete for fun prizes!

46. Fuzzy Math
fuzzy math. by Rabbi Shmuel Weiss Torah from Dixie Staff Writer. Of all the buildings ever built on earth, the most magnificent—at
FUZZY MATH by Rabbi Shmuel Weiss
Torah from Dixie Staff Writer Of all the buildings ever built on earth, the most magnificent—at least in Jewish eyes—was the Mishkan, (Tabernacle) later to become the Temple. Of all the rooms in the Mishkan, the most important was the Holy of Holies. Of all the buildings ever built on earth, the most magnificent—at least in Jewish eyes—was the Mishkan, (Tabernacle) later to become the Temple. Of all the rooms in the Mishkan, the most important was the Holy of Holies. This was because it was in this small room that the Ark was kept, containing the Ten Commandments given by Hashem to the Jewish People. But the sages tell us a most amazing feature of the Ark. If one adds up the dimensions of the entire Mishkan, and then tries to factor in the length and width of the Arkk, there is simply no room! Says the Talmud (Tractate Yuma 21b): One of the daily miracles in the Mishkan was that the Ark took up no space at all. It was somehow above and beyond normal, human measurement. In other words, by the usual rules of science, the Ark’s existence was inexplicable. In a sense, the Ark’s wondrous, mystical composition is not unlike our own. How do we Jews survive? By the rules of history, we should have vanished long ago, like the Greeks, Romans, and Persians. Yet, despite relentless and concerted efforts on the part of the world to eradicate us, we defy the odds and remain.

47. Fuzzy Math For Internet Stocks - Jul. 30, 2003
fuzzy math for Internet stocks. Online retailers trade at a big premium to other Net stocks. Are they a sucker s bet? July 30, 2003
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News Technology Fuzzy math for Internet stocks Online retailers trade at a big premium to other Net stocks. Are they a sucker's bet? July 30, 2003: 3:40 PM EDT By Paul R. La Monica , CNN/Money Senior Writer NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Internet stocks have run up sharply this year, but not all Net stocks are created equal at least not anymore. Back in the bubble days of the late 1990s, it didn't matter whether an Internet stock was an online broker, Internet retailer or Web content company. Odds are, if the company's name had "e" as a prefix or ".com" as a suffix, the stock's valuation was pretty steep. Take NetBank for example. The online bank, at its peak in April 1999, traded at nearly 500 times 1999 earnings estimates. In hindsight, that seems absurd considering that the company is just a bank that has no branches. Sure, its costs of doing business online may be lower than those of its traditional bricks-and-mortar competitors, but at the end of the day, the company is affected by the same factors as other banks, namely interest rates. NetBank trades like a bank....

48. National Taxpayers Union & National Taxpayers Union Foundation - Press
Papers. The Return of fuzzy math and Risky Schemes How Presidential Hopefuls Would Deepen Deficits. NTUF Policy Paper 148. by Drew Johnson. Jan 19, 2004.

49. King George The Second: Fuzzy Math
The Ribald Reign of King George the Second. George W. Bush s fuzzy math. Even less surprising is the fuzzy math that they used to justify their angry responses.
The Ribald Reign of King George the Second
George W. Bush's Fuzzy Math
Soon after the Supreme Court decision that led Al Gore to concede the presidential election to George W. Bush, I wrote an article entitled Bush Wins, Bush Loses . In the article, I compared George W. Bush to Daffy Duck for the way that he has been duped into accepting a job so difficult that only an idiot would take it. The whole point of the article is that the difficulty of the political situation and President George Junior's inexperience, inarticulateness and general inability will combine to make him the least remarkable person to inhabit the Oval Office in American History. Well, it's not too surprising that a large number of the Republican faithful disagreed with me. Even less surprising is the fuzzy math that they used to justify their angry responses. Typical is the following, from a Republican who goes by the name of poetwarrior. This GOP guy writes, "I dissent. Well-written but not a very honest diatribe. Remember: half the country voted for this man." Now, I ask you: what's not honest about saying 1st that George W. Bush is not very smart and 2nd that he's got a very difficult job ahead of him? Honesty hurts sometimes.

50. Betty Freauf -- Fuzzy Math Flunks Test Again
fuzzy math FLUNKS TEST AGAIN. By Betty Freauf. September 15, 2003. It happened to me again a few days ago. I ran

Additional Titles
Other Freauf Articles: Seek For Sex Education And You Shall Find The Giant Sucking Sound
in Washington, D.C.
Is "The Giver" On Your Horizon? ... More Freauf Articles: FUZZY MATH FLUNKS TEST AGAIN By Betty Freauf September 15, 2003 It happened to me again a few days ago. I ran out of an item in a recipe necessitating a quick trip to the nearby tiny market where pricing stickers instead of bar codes are still used but the cash register is programmed to determine the change. I bought a $3.59 item and gave the clerk a $50 bill. He proceeded to pull the change from the drawer and plop it in my hand. He was a young man - the son of the owner who was standing nearby. We attend church together so I wanted to be especially "Christian" like as I asked him to count the money back to me. He was stunned. He didn't have a clue! He started out with the dollar bill so I painstakingly took him through the process starting with the coins. A few days later my fourth grade granddaughter brought homework from her Christian school. She was given three examples of buying a product at the store and the change she'd have to give. It was causing her problems so I helped her and she caught on quickly.

51. Fuzzy Math
August 16–23, 2001. news. fuzzy math. On Aug. 8, Knight Ridder Inc. chairman Tony Ridder came to town to address his beleaguered
cover story



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Fuzzy Math
On Aug. 8, Knight Ridder Inc. chairman Tony Ridder came to town to address his beleaguered troops at the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily News Inquirer When the tough questions started rolling in at the meeting, Knight Ridder brass attempted to justify their job cuts. They claimed that the Inquirer Inquirer PNI spokesman Pam Browner said she could not recall any quotes about circulation. Efforts to reach Ridder by press time were unsuccessful. Daniel Brook cover story news opinion ... contact us

52. Alan K. Henderson's Weblog
Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Estonia has joined the craze. (Link via Baltic Blog). 414 AM fuzzy math How old is Jacob Levy? 359 AM Wednesday, May 05, 2004.
Alan K. Henderson's Weblog
"If you are not criticized, you may not be doing much"
Donald H. Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense
Monday, May 31, 2004
Remembering The Fallen
Revolutionary War (1775-1783)
Wars on the Barbary Pirates (1801-1805, 1815)
War of 1812 (1812-1815)
War Between the States (1861-1865)
Mexican-American War(1846-1848)
Spanish-American War (1898)
China Relief Expedition (1900-1901)
Pacification of Nicaragua (1912-1913)
Interventions in Mexico (1914-1917) World War I (1914-1918) Pacification of Haiti and Dominican Republic (1915-1918) Allied Intervention in Russian Civil War (1918-1920) World War II (1939-1945) Korean War (1950-1953) Vietnam War (1964-1973) Hostage rescue mission in Iran (1980) Lebanon peacekeeping mission (1982-1984) Liberation of Grenada (1983) Invasion of Panama (1989) Iraq War (1990-1991, 2002-present) Somalia peacekeeping mission (1992-1994) Attack on USS Cole Afghanistan War (2001-present) The Veterans Museum has information on many of these conflicts . Information on Allied activity during the Bolshevik Revolution is here . See Wikipedia entry on Manuel Noriega for details on the Panama conflict.

53. The Economist Shop : Fuzzy Math
fuzzy math. By Krugman, Paul. Your Price £12.95 Hardback ISBN 0393050629 Publisher WW Norton Company Weight 270. The United

54. Fuzzy Math -- Socially Correct, But A Practical Disaster
Sometimes called whole math or fuzzy math, this latest project of the nation s colleges of education has some formidable opponents.
Heart Disease

High Cholesterol Danger?

Toxic Metals
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Prevent Cancer
Oral Chelation Therapy
Karl Loren's Policy On Psychiatric Drugs ... Table Of Contents
Fuzzy Math Socially Correct, But A Practical Disaster
Write to Karl Loren he will answer document.write ( "E-mail the address for this page to a friend" ); Source THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
June 11, 1997
President Clinton's Mandate for Fuzzy Math
By Lynne V. Cheney Marianne Jennings, an Arizona State business professor, has brought enlightenment to the multitudes. With her commentaries on her daughter Sarah's eighth grade math book ("MTV Math" she calls it, for its colorful pictures, disconnected ideas, and generally casual attitude), she has helped parents across the country realize they are not the only ones dismayed by current mathematics education. Kids are writing about "What We Can Do to Save the Earth," and inventing their own strategies for multiplying. They're learning that getting the right answer to a math problem can be much less important than having a good rationale for a wrong one. Sometimes called "whole math" or "fuzzy math," this latest project of the nation's colleges of education has some formidable opponents. In California, where the school system embraced whole math in 1992, parents and dissident teachers have set up a World Wide Web site called

55. Ameritech Using Fuzzy Math? - Discount Long Distance Digest - 135-038
Back To Current Issue Ameritech Using fuzzy math? Source Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News December 6, 2001 (The Digest) Ameritech s
Current Issue Homepage Stock Watch Links ... Phone Services
Telecom News Advertisers
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Ameritech Using Fuzzy Math?
Source: Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News
Back To Current Issue
Opinions expressed above are those of the Source, and not necessarily those of Vantek Communications or TheDigest.Com.

56. Register At
Introduction to fuzzy mathAn introduction to fuzzy math. fuzzy math differs from conventional math primarily in the area of set theory. For example in a conventional

57. Texas School Districts Reject Fuzzy Math Textbooks -- Major Defeat For Statewide
POLICY ACTION UPDATE Vol. 3. No.12 May 24, 1999. Texas School Districts Reject “fuzzy math” Textbooks Major Defeat for Statewide Systemic Initiative.
Vol. 3. No.12
May 24, 1999
Texas School Districts Reject “Fuzzy Math” Textbooks Major Defeat for Statewide Systemic Initiative
According to an analysis of recent math textbook selections, Texas school districts have overwhelmingly rejected the latest fad in math instruction. Sometimes called “fuzzy math,” “whole math,” and “new new math,” textbooks based on this pedagogical approach received only 4% of the textbook orders for second grade math, 2% for fifth grade math, and 5.6% for seventh grade math. Ironically, those promoting this approach refer to it as “standards-based math.” This rejection is particularly significant given the fact that this instructional approach was heavily promoted throughout the state by the Texas Statewide Systemic Initiative (SSI), with funding from the National Science Foundation, operated by the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin both publicly funded by tax dollars. “We are happy to see this educational fad bite the Texas dust. Fuzzy math has been shown to hurt children academically, especially disadvantaged and minority students. Thanks to discerning textbook committees in our school districts, parents can breathe a sigh of relief,” commented J. C. Bowman, TPPF Director of Research. Parents should watch for signs that their children are enrolled in “standards-based” math programs when students: Direct their own learning; work in groups to teach one another; construct their own math language, facts, and computations; are not taught or required to memorize facts or formulas; are taught to use calculators as the first and primary form of computation; and, are taught that deriving correct solutions lacks importance.

58. Bush Speaks
fuzzy math Or Voodoo Economics? Bush miscalculates. With a robust package of at least $550 billion in acrossthe-board tax relief

59. Fuzzy Math
fuzzy math. From Ph.D. math student Date 10/16/98 Time 124444 PM Remote Name Today I read for the first time about “fuzzy math” .
Mathland Discussion Forum
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fuzzy math
From: Ph.D. math student
12:44:44 PM
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Last changed: October 30, 1998

60. Xerox's Fuzzy Math [Motley Fool Take] January 28, 2004
OUR TAKE Xerox s fuzzy math.

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