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  1. Fuzzy Math: The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan by Paul R. Krugman, 2001-05-04
  2. Vikings' Moss would be another team's gain: addition by substraction? That's fuzzy math in Minnesota.(NFL)(National Football League): An article from: The Sporting News by Vinnie Iyer, 2005-02-25
  3. The fuzzy math on butterfly ballots and the Buchanan vote. (Anthology).(Pat Buchanan and Palm Beach County, Florida's butterfly ballot in the November ... An article from: Atlantic Economic Journal by Fahim Ahmed, Saad Kamal, et all 2002-12-01
  4. Abortion and Breast Cancer: Only Fuzzy Math Can Make the ABC Link Disappear.: An article from: National Right to Life News
  5. More fuzzy math.(Editorials)(New overtime rules need additional analysis)(Editorial): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  6. Chain-Letter Economy : "The Faster I Run The Behinder I Get" (The Secret to Happiness is Money Management) by Richard Everett Planck M.S.M.E., 1997
  7. Algebra: Anwendungsorientierte Mathematik (Springer-Lehrbuch) by Gert Böhme, 1996-08-05

21. George Bush's Fuzzy Math - Funny Picture
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22. Fuzzy Math In Arms Reductions
fuzzy math in Arms Reductions. With so many weapons in storage, saying that each country has reduced its arsenal to a maximum of 2,200 warheads is fuzzy math.
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January 18, 2002
Fuzzy Math in Arms Reductions
by Charles V. Peña Charles V. Peña is a senior defense policy analyst at the Cato Institute. Candidate Bush pledged that he would unilaterally reduce the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal if he became president. Last November, President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin both declared that the United States and Russia would reduce their nuclear weapons by roughly two-thirds over the next decade, leaving each side with no more than 2,200 warheads. While not a formal agreement, this was considered a milestone in strategic relations between the two countries, swiftly achieving deep weapons cuts that could not be agreed to by a prior decade of formal negotiations. What got lost in the shuffle, amidst all the good news, was a statement released by the White House that changed how those weapons would be counted from "weapons" to "operational nuclear weapons." Now the Nuclear Posture Review reveals that many of the warheads, bombs, and missiles included in President Bush's promised nuclear reductions will be retained and kept in reserve, i.e., they will not be operational nuclear weapons and thus not count towards the 2,200 maximum. As such, they will be available for redeployment and potential use. This is an accounting sleight of hand, bad arms control, and bad policy.

23. AlphaPatriot: Now
January 20, 2004. Now This is fuzzy math. The National Taxpayers Union Foundation (a nonpartisan organization) took a look at the
This is Fuzzy Math Main
January 20, 2004
Now This is Fuzzy Math
The National Taxpayers Union Foundation (a "non-partisan" organization) took a look at the rhetoric of the Democrat candidates for president and tried to figure out what effect they would have on the federal deficit. What their analysis reveals that in spite of their attacks on Bush's economic policies and the worsening deficit, and in spite of promises to repeal all or part of the tax cuts, every candidate's position would increase the federal deficit by billions, or even trillions, of dollars. The NTUF study systematically examined the fiscal policy implications of the eight contenders' agendas, using campaign and third-party sources (like the Congressional Budget Office) to assign a cost to each budget proposal offered by the candidates. For actual legislation that the candidates have endorsed, the study also relies on NTUF's BillTally project, a computerized accounting system that has, since 1991, tabulated the cost or savings of every piece of legislation introduced in Congress with a net annual impact of $1 million or more. Highlights of the study include:
  • If the policy agenda of any one of the eight candidates were enacted in full, annual federal spending would rise by at least $169.6 billion (Lieberman) and as much as $1.33 trillion (Sharpton). This would translate to a yearly budget hike of between 7.6% and 59.5%.

24. Powell's Books - Fuzzy Math: The Essential Guide To The Bush Tax Plan By Paul Kr
fuzzy math The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan by Paul Krugman. Available at Free Shipping! Review fuzzy math exemplifies Krugman s cardinal virtue.

25. Illinois Times: Fuzzy Math
Home » News » News JUNE 12, 2003 fuzzy math Despite efforts to toughen licensing requirements, no two home appraisers are alike. BY PETE SHERMAN.

Sunday, May 2, 2004 1123 PM. Wolfie’s fuzzy math. By MAUREEN DOWD New York Times News Service. WASHINGTON This administration

27. Politics And War: Fuzzy Math Made Clear!
April 12, 2004. fuzzy math Made Clear! Ichiban Posted by Daniel at April 12, 2004 0802 PM TrackBack. Comments fuzzy math Made Clear! Total
Politics and War is a blog by Daniel A. Munz, college student and political junkie. It focuses on current events in electoral politics and government.
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April 12, 2004
Fuzzy Math Made Clear!

28. Register At More results from Nashville City Paper Governor Don Sundquist’s fuzzy math. By Bill Hobbs March 08, 2001. Most of the state’s major newspapers are editorially in favor of Gov.
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29. fuzzy mathMitch Daniels fuzzy math. By Brendan Nyhan ( February 12, 2002 First published on Mitch Daniels

30. Alamance Independent, Alternative News, Alamance County, Burlington, Graham, Nor
MathLand is one of the most popular examples of fuzzy math curriculum materials, produced by Creative Publications, a division of the Chicago Tribune.
Buy the Book!
Handbook Buy the best
Online research
You may have seen a wire article in your local daily paper
in late Nov. 1999 about a controversy involving "MathLand" - an
innovative math curriculum endorsed by the Clintons Administration
but sharply criticized by leading math professors in an open letter
Nov. 18, 1999 in the Washington Post. But what is MathLand - other than just a curriculum that has kids count a million bird seeds to show how large a number a million is? MathLand is one of the most popular examples of "fuzzy math" curriculum materials, produced by Creative Publications, a division of the Chicago Tribune. It is very new to the market - and to schools. "Fuzzy math" is a new concept that how a student handles a problem is more important than the result that he gets. MathLand is for kindergarten through sixth grade; Creative Publications sells a related series called MathScape for middle school.

31. The Unofficial Paul Krugman Web Page
financial architecture. . fuzzy math The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan (Hardcover Edition, May 4, 2001). Other Editions Audible
BOOKS Krugman has written or edited many many books. Most are, of course, the usual arcane texts, but the ones that have put him in 'Who's Who' are his Economics for Everyman type books. Here is a list, with links to their sales pages in Amazon. Links to all editions of each book are provided along with dates published, although only a picture of the most recent edition is shown. Synopsi are taken either from the Amazon review or the back cover. Krugman/Wells: Principles of Economics (1st Edition, Spring 2004) Other Editions: None yet
Coming attraction : No, not Attack of the Clones . Krugman/Wells, the principles textbook, is moving closer to physical reality - sufficiently so that the publisher has established a website . This, by the way, is how I spend most of my time these days. The current state of affairs is that the micro chapters exist in something quite close to final form; the macro chapters are much rawer. ETA for the actual books is now Dec. 03. " from The Official Paul Krugman Web Site The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Century (Hardcover Edition, September, 2003)

32. The Unofficial Paul Krugman Web Page
fuzzy math Returns. SYNOPSIS Don t sacrifice our long term economic prospects in the name of ending a shortterm slump. Post-terror
Fuzzy Math Returns SYNOPSIS: Don't sacrifice our long term economic prospects in the name of ending a short-term slump Post-terror nerves aside, what mainly ails the U.S. economy is too much of a good thing. During the bubble years businesses overspent on capital equipment; the resulting overhang of excess capacity is a drag on investment, and hence a drag on the economy as a whole. In time this overhang will be worked off. Meanwhile, economic policy should encourage other spending to offset the temporary slump in business investment. Low interest rates, which promote spending on housing and other durable goods, are the main answer. But it seems inevitable that there will also be a fiscal stimulus package. That package should include only measures that really will promote spending now, when the economy needs it. It shouldn't include anything that worsens the long-run budget position more than is necessary, or anything that looks like "hitchhiking," exploiting the short-run difficulties of the economy to pursue unrelated long-run goals. Unfortunately, the Bush administration has just taken a big step away from those principles.

33. Fuzzy Math Books To Avoid
fuzzy math programs you are better off NOT using. The The advocates of the new, fuzzy math have practiced their rhetoric well. They
Home 123-Math ebooks Worksheets Curriculum guide ... DVD rentals

Fuzzy math - programs you are better off NOT using
The website is devoted to the concerns raised by parents and scientists about the invasion of US schools by the New-New Math ( also called Fuzzy Math and Mickey-Mouse Math) and the need to restore basic skills to math education. As a homeschooler, you will be able to avoid these horrible new math programs used in some public schools. Though you can probably find these books cheap in thrift stores if schools are using them in your area, they might not be a good idea from the mathematical point of view. For more information, see Mathematics Program Reviews and Information at their website. "Mathematics achievement in America is far below what we would like it to be. Recent "reform" efforts only aggravate the problem. As a result, our children have less and less exposure to rigorous, content-rich mathematics. The advocates of the new, fuzzy math have practiced their rhetoric well. They speak of higher-order thinking, conceptual understanding and solving problems, but they neglect the systematic mastery of the fundamental building blocks necessary for success in any of these areas. Their focus is on things like calculators, blocks, guesswork, and group activities and they shun things like algorithms and repeated practice. The new programs are shy on fundamentals and they also lack the mathematical depth and rigor that promotes greater achievement."

34. TCS: Tech Central Station - 'Fuzzy Math' And 'Risky Schemes' Emerge From The Pri
Font Size fuzzy math and Risky Schemes Emerge From the Primaries. By Pete Sepp and Drew Johnson, Published, 01/30/2004.
HOME related articles Supply-Side Swiss Champagne Dreams Worse Than the IRS? The Five Great Lies About Internet Taxation ... "If It Moves, Tax It"
Font Size: 'Fuzzy Math' and 'Risky Schemes' Emerge From the Primaries By Pete Sepp and Drew Johnson Published E-Mail Bookmark Print Save TCS
As America confronts a rising tide of red ink, some taxpayers may be hoping that at least one of the remaining Democratic Presidential candidates can calm the turbulent fiscal waters. After all, each of the White House hopefuls has disparaged recent projections of massive budget shortfalls (nearing $500 billion for Fiscal Year 2004) for their own rhetorical purposes. John Kerry, for example, claims "this Administration has turned fiscal responsibility on its ear." Howard Dean states he will commit to "set the nation on the path to a balanced budget." Joseph Lieberman accuses White House officials of "hiding behind the war and homeland security to excuse their own fiscal irresponsibility," while Wesley Clark declares he "would restore the basic principle of responsibility to the budget process: all tax and spending proposals must be paid for without increasing the deficit." But for all their rhetoric, will any of the Democrats actually reduce spending? Don't hold your breath. A recent study produced by the National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) indicates that if the policy agenda of any one of the seven candidates were enacted in full, annual federal spending would rise by at least $169.6 billion and as much as $1.33 trillion. This would translate to a yearly budget hike of between 7.6 percent and 59.5 percent. All of our estimates were compiled with sources such as the Congressional Budget Office and our own BillTally legislative cost-accounting database.

35. Watcher Of Weasels: Iraq Body Count: Fuzzy Math
November 17, 2003. Iraq Body Count fuzzy math. It s been a while since I wrote about the mindnumbing idiocy of the Iraq Body Count
Recent Entries The Coalition of the Willing
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The Coalition of the Willing

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36. Fuzzy Math, Fuzzy Reading, Fuzzy Science And Helter-Skelter
Contact for information. fuzzy math Fuzzy Reading and Fuzzy Science. by Jamie McKenzie (about the author). Fuzzy Budget Math.
Volume I, Number 4, April, 2003 for information.
Fuzzy Math
Fuzzy Reading
and Fuzzy Science
by Jamie McKenzie ( about the author During the last presidential election campaign, President Bush attacked his opponent for budget figures he called "fuzzy math." This article will examine several examples of fuzzy thinking, science, reading and math emerging as part of the new Federal education law - NCLB/ESEA - as it is being implemented by the ED Department. Fuzzy Budget Math It is especially ironic that we now see "fuzzy math" appear in the new Federal budget, as deficit spending and tax breaks for the wealthy become keystones of the administration's policies. Deficit spending is accompanied by a drastic reduction in the amount originally promised to fuel expensive new NCLB mandates. Whatever happened to a balanced budget and a commitment to domestic priorities? The failure to fund NCLB at promised levels eliminates one of the main selling points of the original law - the supposed availability of financial assistance and rewards to districts and schools that improve learning results, especially for disadvantaged students. Inadequate funding combined with tough regulations and new expenditures mandated by NCLB amount to a collapse of policy, especially as the weak

37. The Axis Of Weasels: Fuzzy Math
November 17, 2003. fuzzy math. It s been a while since I wrote about the mindnumbing idiocy of the Iraq Body Count website, so I
Venditor Main
November 17, 2003
Fuzzy Math
It's been a while since I wrote about the mind-numbing idiocy of the Iraq Body Count website, so I thought I should check it out again... well, I guess you can always count on them to disappoint you. Since I last wrote about it, the maximum casuality estimate there has doubled to almost 10,000. My main problem with the site is that it will count absolutely anything it can to jack those esimates up as high as possible... even going so far as to count civilians killed by terrorists, and probably the actual deaths of terrorists themselves. Here is part of what the Iraq Body Count website lists as its stated mission "This is a human security project to establish an independent and comprehensive public database of media-reported civilian deaths in Iraq resulting directly from military actions by the USA and its allies in 2003." I noticed several incidents displayed in the table directly below this, where the words "car bomb" were listed in the "weapons" column. Even someone as mentally unbalanced as the person running that website has to realize that car bombs are not weapons being used by

38. Article | The 'Fuzzy Math' Bath
The New York Sun. The ‘fuzzy math’ Bath March 12, 2003. Nothing about fuzzy math makes much sense from a teaching standpoint.

ABOUT M.I. CCI CLP ... CONTACT Site Navigation Support M.I. Scholars' Articles M.I. Issues Subscribe to City Journal Board of Trustees Staff Directory Links M.I. Book Catalog Internship Opportunities Join email updates The ‘Fuzzy Math’ Bath
March 12, 2003 By Matthew Clavel
“Come on, I need someone to take a chance. Who can start the puzzle?” It wasn’t working. We’d gone. through six straight wrong answers, and now the children were tired of feeling lost. It was only October, and already my fourth-grade public school class in the South Bronx was demoralized. Day after day of going over strange, seemingly disconnected math lessons had squelched my students’ interest in the subject.
Then, quietly, 10-year-old David spoke up. “Mr. Clavel, no one understands this stuff.” He looked up at me with a defeated expression; other children nodded pleadingly.
“Look,” I began, sighing deeply. “Math isn’t half as hard as you all probably think right now.” A few children seemed relieved—at least I wasn’t just denying their problem. “There are different ways to teach it,” I continued. “I don’t want to do this either . . . so we’re not going to—at least most of the time.” I was thinking out loud now, and many of the children looked startled. “We can use these math books when we need them, but I’m going to figure out different ways to teach you the most important things.”
If school officials knew how far my lessons would deviate from the school-district-mandated math program in the months ahead, they probably would have fired me on the spot. But boy, did my children need a fresh approach. Since kindergarten, most of them had been taught math using this same dreadful curriculum, called Everyday Mathematics—a slightly older version of a program that the New York City schools chancellor, Joel Klein, has now unwisely chosen for most of Gotham’s public elementary schools; the district had phased in Everyday Mathematics—grade by grade, and it had just reached fourth grade during my first year of teaching.

39. The Word Spy - Fuzzy Math
fuzzy math noun. Mathematics education that deemphasizes memorization and rote learning in favor of a cooperative approach to solving problems.

Top 100 Mailing List The Book ... Quotations Search Word Spy: A Web site by Paul McFedries
fuzzy math
noun . Mathematics education that de-emphasizes memorization and rote learning in favor of a cooperative approach to solving problems.
Example Citation:
"A method that disdains the notion of adults hierarchically imparting knowledge to kids, integrated math does not require students to memorize multiplication tables, compute fractions or learn other basic skills essential to algebraic success. It's often rightly derided as ' fuzzy math ' because of its murky goals, which include, according to one popular integrated math program, 'linking past experience to new concepts, sharing ideas and developing concept readiness through hands-on explorations.'"
Los Angeles Times , January 29, 2000
This new approach to teaching math first appeared in the late 80s, and it didn't take long for the various names applied to it to split into two camps. Those in favor of the new methodology called it "constructivist," "integrated math," "whole math," or "new new math." Those opposed labeled it "fuzzy math" (which first appeared in 1994), "Mickey Mouse math," "math lite," or "algebra lite."
Subject Category:
Sociology - Education

Posted on September 28, 2000

40. Tad DeHaven On Joshua Bolten & The Budget On NRO Financial
December 19, 2003, 904 am Bolten’s fuzzy math His budget figures are misleading and suspicious. By Tad DeHaven. Joshua Bolten, the
  • Home Corner Articles Authors ...
    Print Version
    December 19, 2003, 9:04 a.m.
    His budget figures are misleading and suspicious.
    By Tad DeHaven J oshua Bolten, the president's budget chief, took to the opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal a week ago to defend the Bush administration's record on the budget amid rising complaints. Many of those complaints, as Bolten's piece notes, are coming from fiscal conservatives dismayed by the massive growth in federal spending under Bush. Over the past week, almost every major news outlet has carried front-page stories on the rising tide of conservative discontent. Many people who support the president's tax cuts and his conduct of the war can no longer stomach his expansion of big government via big spending. If Bolten's response to the critics in the Wall Street Journal represents the best case the administration can make for itself, the criticism is only going to spread and multiply. Bolten begins by trotting out the same tiresome excuses we've been hearing for several years: The deficit was caused, first, by declining federal revenues resulting from a sluggish economy and, second, by the need to spend money to fight terrorism. These explanations are partly true. But the administration could have responded to these trends by cutting low-priority areas of the budget. Instead, Bush signed every spending bill that crossed his desk. Bolten argues that the president hasn't vetoed a single spending bill because "He hasn't had to." Wrong. The president hasn't vetoed a single spending bill because he didn't

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