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  1. From Abacus to Zeus: A Handbook of Art History by James Smith Pierce, 2003-07-24
  2. The Abacus: The World's First Computing System: Where it Comes From, How it Works, and How to Use it to Perform Mathermatical Feats Great and Small by Jesse Dilson, 1995-03-15
  3. HOW TO USE A CHINESE ABACUS: A step-by-step guide to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, roots and more by PAUL GREEN, 2007-08-09
  4. The Abacus and the Sword: The Japanese Penetration of Korea, 1895-1910 (Twentieth-Century Japan - the Emergence of a World Power, 4) by Peter Duus, 1998-04-24
  5. The Abacus Contest: Stories from Taiwan and China (World Stories Series) by Priscilla Wu, 1996-03
  6. Japanese Abacus : Its Use and Theory by Takashi Kojima, 1991-06-01
  7. The Sidmouth Letters (Abacus Books) by Jane Gardam, 1997-04-01
  8. The Pediatric Abacus: Review of Clinical Formulas and How to Use Them by Alan S. Cohen, David Rifkind, 2002-05-22
  9. Other People's Trades (Abacus Books) by Primo Levi, 1990-11-01
  10. Bilgewater (Abacus Books) by Jane Gardam, 2001-05
  11. Brothers (Abacus Books) by Bernice Rubens, 2001-05-01
  12. Showing the Flag (Abacus Books) by Jane Gardam, 1992-06-11
  13. Abacus by Mary Karr, 2007-02-09
  14. The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde (Abacus Books) by Peter Ackroyd, 1991-05-01

1. Abacus Main Menu
Join Email List. About abacus. Buying Online. Contacting Us
Flight Simulation and Train Simulation. Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

2. Welcome To Abacus
abacus is Asia Pacific's leading Global Distribution System (GDS). We empower over 9000 travel agents, travel suppliers in 20 countries in the region. abacus update. abacus Implements Electronic
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November 25 - 28, 2004
Shanghai , China CASMA - Fall Conference 2004
October 4 - 8, 2004
Singapore Point of Sale Solutions
One-Stop Reservations

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3. Abacus Homepage
last revised on 1998/10/25) Spreadsheet , actual version0.9.13. FTP SITES. CONTACT. How do I contact the team? ABOUT abacus. What is the abacus? What is the abacus? abacus is a small, light and
Project "Abacus" home page (last revised on 1998/10/25)
Spreadsheet , actual version:0.9.13

What is Abacus?
Development stage


FTP SITES Where do I get it? CONTACT How do I contact the team?
ABOUT ABACUS What is the Abacus? Abacus is a small, light and easy to use spreadsheet being developed as our graduation project in our University IST , Portugal. We are working at INESC , under the tutorship of Prof. Arlindo Oliveira, and the spreadsheet is being developed using the Tcl/Tk toolkit, as well as plain old C/C++ for all the "number-crunching" tasks. The project works for us on a Linux box running kernel 2.x and Tcl/Tk 8.0.x, we are pretty sure you can build the source on any 2.0 box, though we haven't tested it...but it shouldn't be too hard :) The good news is that our twin project - the Abacus for the PalmPilot Organizer - is now available! The Abacus for the Pilot is now undergoing its first alphatest, but you can download the app and actually take the Abacus around with you on your Pilot so you won't miss it anymore when you're away from your computer! Please remember, however, that the PilotAbacus is being deloped by a different team (also working under Prof. Arlindo who coordinates us), so when sending mail check if you're using the right address. Development stage We have finished adding new features to the Abacus and are now working towards a truly first alfa release. Currently, we're going to try and make it work on as many *NIXES as possible and fix some bugs still in the code to make it as stable as possible. We're also going to try and document the macro system better, which is quite powerful but is not properly documented yet. We'll start making releases more often too, the first release was now a long time ago mainly because there was a lot of stuff to fix and new stuff to do, but since development is now more geared towards bugfixing and not implementing new stuff, the release frequency should increase.

4. Home - Abacus
Private client wealth management, employee benefit administration, tax planning and asset management services.
Click here for: > Private Client Wealth Management
> Tax Planning

> Trust and Estate Planning

> Company Administration
> Financial Consulting

Click here for: > Employee Benefits Administration
> Our Technology

> Stock and Share Plans

> Employee Benefit Plans
> System Strengths

Click here for: > Third Party Fund Administration > Asset Securitisation Click here for: > ESOP Online > EBP Online > PEF Online > Abacus Online Reporting Click here for: > About Abacus > Our Offices > Our People > Careers ... library World class, independent wealth management services since 1967 > Private Client Wealth Management > Employee Benefits Administration > Third Party Fund Administration > Abacus Online ... > About Abacus

5. Abacus, A Division Of DoubleClick
abacus, a division of DoubleClick Inc., manages the abacus Alliance, the nation's largest proprietary database of consumer, retail, business to business
Abacus, a division of DoubleClick Inc., manages the Abacus Alliance , the nation's largest proprietary database of consumer, retail, business to business, publishing and online transactions used for target marketing purposes. Abacus combines the power of this shared data with our proprietary modeling techniques to help Alliance participants improve profitability and increase market share. Transactional Database Learn more about the advantages of a transactional database Feedback Please use our online feedback form if you have comments or questions. Employment Opportunities Click here for employment opportunities within Abacus, a Division of DoubleClick. Member and Corporate Partner
Markets We Serve Catalog Retail International Publishing Benefits of
Alliance Membership Products and Services Email Append Market Research Identify New Customers ... Improve Customer Retention Data Procedures Policies Data Dictionary Educational Programs B2C New Client Orientation B2B New Client Orientation
The DoubleClick Connection
Corporate Profile ... Abacus Japan

6. Ingenta: All Issues -- Abacus
guest. need help? online articles. fax/ariel articles. user name. password. Computer and Information Sciences. Computer Science. Economics and Business. Business. abacus. ISSN 00013072. in our archives Volume 33 (1997) through

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online articles
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remember me Athens
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Computer and Information Sciences Computer Science
Economics and Business
... Business
Abacus ISSN 0001-3072
in our archives: Volume 33 (1997) through Volume 40 (2004) Publisher: Blackwell Publishing on behalf of the Accounting Foundation, University of Sydney see publisher's website see journal home page LATEST NEXT PREVIOUS EARLIEST Volume 40, Issue 2, June 2004 Volume 40, Issue 1, February 2004 Volume 39, Issue 3, October 2003 Volume 39, Issue 2, June 2003 Volume 39, Issue 1, February 2003 LATEST NEXT PREVIOUS EARLIEST Publisher: Blackwell Publishing on behalf of the Accounting Foundation, University of Sydney terms and conditions

7. Grace Church School
You have just entered the former page of the abacus International Math Challenge. Please follow the link below to be redirected to the newly designed abacus International Math Challenge web site. Thanks for your interest!!!
You have just entered the former page of the Abacus International Math Challenge. Please follow the link below to be re-directed to the newly designed Abacus International Math Challenge web site . Thanks for your interest!!!

8. Abacus Construction Index: Recommended Websites & Documents
Publications BRE Bookshop RIBA Bookshop RIBA Library RICS Bookshop abacus Construction Index Sponsors Altro, Armstrong Ceilings, Beta, Blue Circle
Welcome to Abacus Construction Index - the UK's most popular online construction directory. For more about us click here The first window below searches our index of 1,500 recommended construction websites, online documents, case studies and newsletters. Click here to scan a complete alphabetical listing of Abacus Construction Index. Browse resources, including UK Construction Products and US Construction Products using the blue buttons to the left. The Google window below searches more than 4 billion web pages; to search Google for an "exact phrase" place it in double quotation marks. Scroll down for links to more than 100 popular construction websites.
Make this your home page BBC News CNN
Find ANY word Find ALL words Find EXACT phrase Help This week's featured website! Technical advice at Building Conservation
Our selection of Highly Recommended construction websites
Most popular link:
UK Building Regulations.
BRE Bookshop RIBA Bookshop ... RICS Bookshop
Abacus Construction Index Sponsors: Altro Armstrong Ceilings Beta Blue Circle ... Yorkon
UK Product Types: lAccess floorsl lAcoustic floorsl lAir conditioningl lAnti slip floorsl ... lZincl.

9. Killing King Abacus
Killing King abacus is a yearly publication of anarchist theory and action. The perspective is that of insurrectionary anarchism for relations without measure.
Pages and sections of the Killing King Abacus Site:
[Killing King Abacus #1] [Hot Tide Anti-Authoritarian/Anti-Capitalist Analysis Page] [Insurrection, Organization, Activism and Anti-Politics] [Pagina Exceso (en espanol)] ... [Who are we?]
*******The new address for Killing King Abacus is: KKA Publications, PO BOX 993, SANTA CRUZ CA 95061*********
New Online! BARBARIANS: the disordered insurgence by Crisso and Odoteo
A translation of the Italian critique of Hardt and Negri's Empire.
"The Empire seems to have less and less need for the poor it produces, left to rot by the millions in the reserves of the mercantile paradise. On the other hand, the plebeians could become dangerous as a horde of barbarians – and descend from the hills to the city, but with the worst intentions. For the restless and unreasonable exploited, the mediation of the managers might be as hateful as the powers in office and as ineffective as a lesson in public spirit made to one who already has his feet on the table. Police, even in white overalls, might not be enough."
Willful Disobedience Vol. 4 No. 1 now online

10. E-learning Products And Services
Company DIY eLearning Tools* NEW* Languages For Schools Customer Services What's New Site Map. Try Our On-Line Courses English For Business Products * NEW*Webschool General English * Multi-Lingual Support Documents FAQ's


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Multi-Lingual Support Documents
FAQ's 12 Main Street, Lucan, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Tel: +353 1 621 9550 Fax: +353 1 628 2055 [ Click HERE to contact us for sales queries ] [ Click HERE to contact us for support queries ]

11. Abacus Solutions - Used & Refurbished Servers
Provides new and used AS/400, RS/6000, HP 9000, Sun Micro Systems, and Cisco hardware solutions. Buy, rent, lease, and trade.
Abacus Solutions is a leading provider in pre-owned and new hardware. We buy, sell, rent, and lease enterprise-level hardware. We are experts in IBM pSeries (RS/6000), iSeries (AS/400), Sun Microsystems, HP 9000, IBM Shark, IBM FastT, STK, Hitachi, EMC, Brocade, McData, Dataram Memory, Fiber, and Cisco. Abacus strives to provide our customers with the best value worldwide. Call Abacus today and let a sales representative consult with you to determine the most optimal solution for all of your IT needs! Home Company Dealers Quick Quote ... Site Map

12. Abacus Law - Legal Case Management And Legal Billing Software.
abacusLaw legal software is law office software providing case management, calendaring, accounting, and legal time billing for lawyers and law office staff. abacus Law is law practice management
Visitor Area User Area Send to a Friend Products ...
User Area
What is AbacusLaw legal software?
Abacus Law is the original award winning legal software, first to provide a complete practice management system in one easy-to-use program. If you've ever thought, "There must be an easier way to do this," you're right! You're going to love what you learn about Abacus.
It doesn't take complicated software to make running your law practice easier and more profitable. AbacusLaw makes it simple, while retaining the extra features of today's sophisticated legal software.
The Value of Your Time We know your time is valuable. Here are some suggestions that could save you hours of research. The best solution is to call us right now. You will speak to an expert who can help assess your requirements, determine if there is a fit, and tell you how AbacusLaw can meet your needs. Call us toll free at Our self-assessment tool can help you determine your needs in just minutes. If you would like to learn more about our products we invite you to take our

13. The Abacus: Index
Nepohualtzitzin · Khipu · Lee abacus. Interactive abacus Tutor. Articles, Excerpts and Analysis. The abacus vs.The Electric Calculator. In 1946, a contest
Selected by Scientific American as a winner of the 2003 Sci/Tech Web Awards. Help wanted... in translating these pages to Español , French, Italian, German, Danish, Swedish and any other languages. Perhaps you would consider translating one or more of these pages.
If this page doesn't look like the image above, you need to upgrade your browser. NOTE: This site will be offline from Aug. 25 - 27, 2004
Construction Basics Java Applet Technique The Abacus Today
Timeline Salamis Tablet Counting Board Roman Hand Abacus Suan Pan Soroban Schoty Nepohualtzitzin Khipu Lee Abacus
Interactive Abacus Tutor
Sarat Chandran and David A. Bagley's incredible Java abacus with a built-in tutor for counting, addition and subtraction.
Addition Subtraction Square Roots Cube Roots
Articles, Excerpts and Analysis
The Abacus vs.The Electric Calculator
In 1946, a contest was held in Tokyo, that pitted an abacus against an electric calculator; the abacus won, of course.
Feynman vs. The Abacus

14. Abacus Comprar Libros, Venta De Libros. Libreria Online Infantil Y Juvenil
Translate this page abacus comprar libros, librería online abacus compra libros con plena seguridad, librería infantil-juvenil abacus las mejores selecciones de libros
Abacus en castellano
Llibreria virtual Botiga de joguines Material d'oficina i papereria
  • Llibres especialitzats i un ampli fons en literatura infantil i juvenil. Comprar llibres amb la garantia d'Abacus. Llibreria virtual, venda de llibres amb transport a domicili. Comprar joguines educatives. Abacus selecciona les joguines segons el seu valor pedagògic. Material de papereria tant per l'escola com per l'empresa.
Librería online Tienda de juguetes Material de oficina y papelería
  • Tienda de juguetes. Abacus selecciona los juguetes según su valor pedagógico. Abacus distribuye material de oficina y escolar.
© 1999-2004 Abacus Cooperativa
Si teniu qualsevol problema per visualitzar el web d'ABACUS, envieu-nos un e-mail a
Si tiene cualquier problema para visualizar la web de ABACUS, envíenos un e-mail a

15. The Abacus: Introduction
A Brief Introduction to the abacus. The abacus Today. The abacus is still in use today by shopkeepers in Asia and Chinatowns in North America.
A Brief Introduction to the Abacus
The abacus is a mechanical aid used for counting; it is not a calculator in the sense we use the word today.
The standard abacus can be used to perform addition, subtraction, division and multiplication; the abacus can also be used to extract square-roots and cubic roots. The abacus is typically constructed of various types of hardwoods and comes in varying sizes. The frame of the abacus has a series of vertical rods on which a number of wooden beads are allowed to slide freely. A horizontal beam separates the frame into two sections, known as the upper deck and the lower deck
Abacus Parts: The various parts of the abacus are identified here: the frame, the beam, the beads and rods and the upper and lower decks.
The abacus is prepared for use by placing it flat on a table or one's lap and pushing all the beads on both the upper and lower decks away from the beam. The beads are manipulated with either the index finger or the thumb of one hand.
Bead Values
Each bead in the upper deck has a value of ; each bead in the lower deck has a value of . Beads are considered counted, when moved

16. Abacus Data Systems - Distribution Software, Inventory Control For Distributorsa
Software for accounting, wholesale distribution, and light manufacturing. Covers order processing, customer service, purchasing, inventory and financial management.
We work with manufacturing companies and wholesale distributors
where solutions are needed for many of these problems: More More Our objective was to obtain optimal inventory control and to be able to trust our enterprise system. We never hear that the inventory system is inaccurate anymore. More We apply our technical expertise and industry experience to bring useful intelligence to our clients so they can make sound business decisions.
Our software, ADAMS, gives you the proven and reliable technology to work with your suppliers and customers. Technology that is sensible, scalable, and affordable. Web-based in design, ADAMS is platform independent, and open for easy supply chain integration.
We build ADAMS with extensive industry experience. In our distribution software you will find features that are important to your wholesale distribution management.

17. Abacus, The Art Of Calculating With Beads
abacus, the art of calculating with beads This World Wide Web (WWW) site offers a classic Chinese style virtual abacus and explains its parts. Touching a virtual bead moves it from one position on

18. About Abacus Project Management
Specializing in professional project and construction management consulting for real estate owners and lenders nationwide.

company profile

structure and staff

our mission
construction services ...
lender/investor projects
We specialize in providing Professional Project and Construction Management Services for real estate owners and lenders nationwide. Through our involvement, we help our clients become knowledgeable and decisive participants in the challenging and complex world of the real estate and facilities development process. We look forward to working with your organization on your next project.
Arizona California Colorado Texas

19. ABACUS Research AG - Betriebswirtschaftliche Software
Translate this page click here to install flash player abacus Research AG Homepage
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ABACUS Research AG Homepage

20. Abacus Main Menu
Flight Simulation and Train Simulation. Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

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