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  1. Mining andIts Impact on the Environment by Bell & Donnelly, 2006-05-30
  2. Mining, the Environment, and Indigenous Development Conflicts by Saleem H. Ali, 2003-11
  3. Metal Mining and the Environment (AGI Environmental Awareness Series) by Travis L., Fox, Frederick D., Plumlee, Geoffrey S. Hudson, 1999-08-01
  4. Life Cycle of the Phosphoria Formation, Volume 8: From Deposition to the Post-Mining Environment (Handbook of Exploration and Environmental Geochemistry)
  5. Mining America: The Industry and Environment, 1800-1980 by Duane, A. Smith, 1994-01-15
  6. Uranium in the Environment : Mining Impact and Consequences
  7. Mining Environmental Handbook: Effects of Mining on the Environment and American Environmental Controls on Mining by J. J. Marcus, 1997-05
  8. New reclamation requirements threaten to halt open-pit mining. (Environment Watch).: An article from: California Planning & Development Report by John Krist, 2003-06-01
  9. Book review: Mining, the environment, and indigenous development conflicts [A book review from: Journal of Cleaner Production] by J.S. Andrew,
  10. Proceedings, Conference on the Underground Mining Environment, October 27-29, 1971, University of Missouri - Rolla
  11. The mineral processor and the environment: Waste to resources.(mining industry production methods development)(Brief Article): An article from: Northern Ontario Business by Lucky Amaratunga, 2001-04-01
  12. Mining and the Environment: Case Studies from the Americas
  13. Mining and The Environment by Ian Hore-Lacy, 1978
  14. Sudbury '95: Mining and the environment : Sudbury, Canada, May 28 to June 1, 1995 : conference proceedings

1. Mining Environment Database - J.N. Desmarais Library
Electronic form for articles ILL Electronic form for books Laurentian ejournals,A to Z Library Information Library Instruction mining environment Database Off
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Abandoned Mines, Acid Mine Drainage and Land Reclamation
The J.N. Desmarais Library, Laurentian University, gratefully acknowledges the past financial support of the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, through the Environmental Youth Corps (EYC) program, and the Mine Environment Neutral Drainage (MEND) program. Page maintained by: Library Webmaster (
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2. Mining Environmental Research Group
The mining environment Research Group is a cooperative working group made up ofgovernment agencies, mining companies, Yukon First Nations and nongovernment
Government of Yukon Home Department Home Search Site Map ... Pipeline Contact Us:
Department of Energy, Mines and Resources,
Government of Yukon
Box 2703
Whitehorse, Yukon
Canada Y1A 2C6
Minerals Management
#400 - 211 Main Street
Phone: (867) 456-3830 Fax: (867) 456-3832 Toll free (In Yukon): 1-800-661-0408, ext 3830 Minerals Development Branch, #400 - 211 Main Street Whitehorse Phone: (867) 667-8256 Fax: (867) 667-8601 Toll free (In Yukon): 1-800-661-0408, ext 8256
Mining Environmental Research Group (MERG)
What's New
Yukon Minerals Advisory Board report What are Type II Mine Sites? New Placer Mining Regime ... Mining Lands Monthly Activity Report (PDF) Mineral Resources Yukon Geological Survey Mining Recorder Placer Mining Quartz Mining ... Projects funded 2003 WHAT IS MERG? The Mining Environment Research Group is a cooperative working group made up of government agencies, mining companies, Yukon First Nations and non-government organizations for the promotion of research into mining and environmental issues in the Yukon. Participants bring their resources and knowledge to work cooperatively on mining environmental issues and projects. For example, a mining company may have research commitments for the environmental assessment and water licensing stages of mine development. Members of MERG would identify those projects planned by the company which could have general application across the Yukon by the addition of extra funding or by broadening the scope of the work.

3. MRNFP - Mining Environment
Rehabilitation Guide. ESigeom à la carte. E-Sigeom Atlas. E-Sigeom Examine. GESTIM. Directory of Mining Operators. Mining Duties Return. Home The mines mining environment. Work to rehabilitate mining sites has significantly increased over the last decade due to efforts of Fiscal support mining environment Québec Mines

MRNFP mining environmentmining environment. Work to rehabilitate mining sites has significantly increasedover the last decade due to efforts of industry and government.

5. MRNFP - Mining Environment In 2003
mining environment in 2003. Regulatory controls. The Ministère del’Environnement du Québec (MENV) (department of the environment
Summary and highlights
of the Québec Mining for 2003
Gold Ferrous metals Base metals
Principal exploration and development activities
... Mining taxation
Dépôt légal - Bibliothèque
nationale du Québec, 2004
ISSN en ligne : 1499-8475
Mining environment in 2003
Regulatory controls
  • The Ministère de l’Environnement du Québec (MENV) (department of the environment) has continued discussions with the industry concerning renewal of Directive 019 for the mining industry – French only). The Directive specifies the terms and conditions for awarding or renewing the certificates of authorization required by the Environmental Quality Act. As part of the Programme de réduction des rejets industriels – French only (PRRI) (Industrial Waste Reduction Program), the Québec Mining Association and the MENV have reactivated the joint panel on Environmental Waste Objectives (EWOs). These objectives will be used to calculate the fees to be paid by companies, which is why a consensus is important. On February 26, 2003, the

6. Mine Site Technologies - PED And Leaky Feeder Mine Communication And Automation
Designer and manufacturer of safety and communication equipment for the mining environment. Includes remote blasting, PED through the earth paging, VDV leaky feeder, and tagging systems.
20 May 2004
Leaky Feeder at Punta el Cobre Chile : Comunicación Interior Mina
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6 April 2004
Mexican Installation Latest for VDV Leaky Feeder
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3 March 2004
A better way to have a blast at Inco South Mine
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Mine Communication Specialists We are a global mine communication company with our technologies in use at over 250 mines in Australia, the United States, Canada and China. We invite you to browse our web site to find out more about our products and services, and how they may provide solutions to your requirements. Please contact us if you have any specific queries. Australia: Canada: USA: Rolla Proud to be a Member of: HOME ABOUT MST CONTACT US NEWS Email:

7. Third World Network Africa - TWN Africa
African Initiative on mining environment and Society The TWN Africa EnvironmentUnit s programme strongly reflects the uniting theme of Globalisation and

8. Idaho Mining Association : Mining Environmental Issues
Idaho Mining And The Environment. Mining s concern for the environment beginswith exploration. Concern for the environment doesn t stop at the mine site.
Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Program
Idaho Mining And The Environment
Mining's concern for the environment begins with exploration. Using their knowledge of the Earth's formation and state-of-the-art Idaho Geological Survey Maps, modern-day prospectors can concentrate their exploratory efforts at precise locations. The rock captured in the center of a drill, called a core sample, is examined by geologists for signs of mineralization. In Idaho, these exploratory projects are often restricted by weather and cost; an average of a quarter-million dollars apiece. Land disturbed by exploration activity is reclaimed, whether or not minerals are found. Before a single shovel of dirt is moved, a variety of environmental and engineering studies must be conducted. It may take two to five years and millions of dollars to complete this second phase. Mining is heavily regulated by both the state and federal governments. An Environmental Impact Statement is required along with state and federal permits and a period of time set aside for public comment. Today, mining companies must develop a long-term plan which includes not only the mining process, but a program to rehabilitate the land once the mining stops. The life of a mine may vary from several years to over a hundred years, depending on the size of the ore body and the market for the mineral it produces. Before, during and after this mine life cycle, great care is taken to protect the environment. Today, a large amount of the money generated from mining is being put back into the ground.

9. Idaho Mining Association : Mining Environmental Issues
Official site of the Idaho Mining Association including the history of miningin Idaho, environmental issues, members, economics, news, technology, and
TRI Explained
Metal Mining and Right-To-Know/TRI Program
By July 1, 1999, the U. S. metals mining industry will be reporting natural occurring minerals that are not recovered during the processing of mined rock. In addition to these minerals, the industry will be reporting other materials used in producing useful metals. The data will be provided to the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state and local agencies, and the public. This information is being reported under the Community Right-to-Know Act (also known as Toxics Release Inventory or TRI). The mining industry supports the intent of the Right-to-Know Act and wants you to understand what these reports mean. Currently, mines are compiling all of the necessary information for their TRI reports, covering the prior calendar year. The reported numbers are based on volume and in no way equate to health or environmental risk. More than 99 percent of the reported volume will be substances managed on land and less than one percent are emissions to air and water. At most mines, more than 99 percent of the reported volume will be naturally occurring trace metals contained as minerals in rock. These substances are managed properly and stored in specially engineered containment facilities at mine sites. It is important to understand that even though the concentrations in the rock are very low, the sheer volume of material will make mining operations some of the highest-ranking TRI reporting facilities in the state.

10. MiningLife - Mining Environmental Technical Papers Available Online
Add a Paper. Browse Subject Directory. Mineral Exploration/Geology, Environmental,Mining, Mine Investment and Finance, Mineral Processing, mining environment.
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11. Mining Environmental Management
This bimonthly magazine addresses the technological and social aspectsof mining and the environment. It reports on new developments
window.defaultStatus='Mining Communications Ltd - your window on the mining and construction world'; document.title='Mining Communications Ltd - your window on the mining and construction world'; HOME SEARCH SITEMAP SUBSCRIBE ... HELP This bi-monthly magazine addresses the technological and social aspects of mining and the environment. It reports on new developments, good practice and policies allied to sustainable development through a mixture of news, detailed articles, case studies and editorial comment. The magazine is written by mining and environmental experts. Its editorial policy is to provide practical specialist information from an unbiased viewpoint.
Click for current issue Click here for latest newsletter Become a MEM sponsor Environmental Links Instructions to authors ... Index 2000-2003 (PDF format) Mining Environmental Management
60 Worship Street, London EC2A 2HD, UK.
Phone +44 (0)207 216 6060, Fax +44 (0)207 216 6050
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12. Mining Environmental Management - International Publication For The Metals Indus
US Environmental Protection Agency, http// Home ¦ UserLogin ¦ New User ¦ Search ¦ Site Map ¦ Mining / Construction
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ENVIRONMENTAL LINKS CSR News: The latest Corporate Social Responsibility news from around the world The Cyantists Environment Australia Environment Canada Ethical Corporation Magazine ILO ICMM (International Council on Metals and the Environment) US Environmental Protection Agency UNEP Mineral Resources Forum The World Bank
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13. TSI - Manufacturer Of Robust Telephones For Adverse Environments
Develops and manufactures telecommunications equipment designed to withstand harsh conditions such as the mining environment.
The TSI Group - specialist manufacturers of robust telephones for adverse environments. ANCILLARY PABX SURVEILLANCE © 2000, 2001 - TSI Group.
TSI Group, TSI Communications, TSI Cables, TC Services, IPS Intelligent Home Systems, Owl Systems.
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14. Mining Environment
Day 3. Acid Rock Drainage. Environment Planning. Mining Environment. EnvironmentWeb Links. OtherLinks. News and Notes. home. Links Library. mining environment.

Day 1
Day 2 Day 3 Acid Rock Drainage ... News and Notes site map home
Links Library
Mining Environment
These links are broken down into three sections based on the content of each day in the short course. There are over a hundred links to various mining sites just a click away. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

15. La Recherche - École Polytechnique De Montréal
Hydrogeology and mining environment Laboratory. Version française. c)Hydrogeologic and environmental problems related to mine tailings.

16. EMS - Mining Environmental Concerns
According to EPA s 2000 toxic release inventory, 1.6 million pounds of cyanide compoundswere released into the environment by metal mining companies in 2000.
Sunday, 6 June 2004 Website Overview
Search for: Printer-friendly version Environmental Impacts Last update: June 11, 2002
  • Modern mining methods have left the West pockmarked by huge craters and poisoned more than 16,000 miles of Western streams. Tens of thousands of abandoned mines continue to emit an orange-red, acid- laced runoff called "yellow boy."
    (Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  • Mineral-bearing ore is often high in sulfides and water passing through the rock and soil creates sulfuric acid, which in turn leaches poisonous heavy metals into runoff water, with iron in the rock turning streams an orange-red.
  • According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2000 Toxics Release Inventory, the metal mining industry released 3.3 billion pounds of toxic waste into the environment in 2000, or 47 percent of toxics released by all U.S. industries combined that year. Click here for a breakdown of toxics released into the environment in 2000 by the metal mining industry.
  • EPA estimates that 40 percent of Western watersheds are affected by mining pollution.
  • EPA officials have at times advised against allowing a mine to open, but the EPA's concerns are sometimes ignored since the ultimate go- ahead comes from the Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management.

17. Mining Environment Database Description
Help. MiningEnvironment Database. Description. The mining environment Database......Wilfrid Laurier University, Journal Indexes
Mining Environment Database
The Mining Environment Database provides references and abstracts to over 20,000 journal articles, books, and government reports dealing with abandoned mines, acid mine drainage and land reclamation. Topics include reclamation planning, design and costs; tailings, heavy metals; disposal of hazardous wastes, including acid mine drainage, sulphide-based tailings and asbestos particles; chemical reactivity and oxidation affecting pyrite and pyrrhotite tailings; leaching; radioactive hazards of uranium tailings soil and water contamination; soil stabilization; liming; fertilizers; seeding techniques; mine closure techniques; and other related topics. Subject coverage focuses on hard rock mining topics and is international in scope.
No dates are given for the Mining Environment Database , however it appears that coverage begins in the 1980's with some prior material.
How to Search
Consult the Help pages appropriate for the method of access for information on searching this site.
Please help us by filling out the Evaluation Form Journal Indexes TUGWEB Article Index Coordinating Group October 6, 2003

18. Mining Environmental Resources - Coal Mining, Gold/Coper/Silver Mining, Strip Mi
Federation of grassroots groups and individuals working to protect people,homes, water, communities, and the environment from coal mining damage.
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Environmental Resources
Environmental Articles on Grinning Planet

The Downside of Coal Mining and Coal Power
(pt 1 of 2) COAL ENERGY / COAL MINING (Environmental Issue 28) 18-DEC-2003
Solutions for Keeping Coal an Acceptable Part of the US Energy Mix
(pt 2 of 2)
Other Sites and Resources
Appalachian Voices Advocates against mountain-top mining Citizens Coal Council Federation of grassroots groups and individuals working to protect people, homes, water, communities, and the environment from coal mining damage Mineral Policy Center Advocates improved policies for hard-rock mining; focus on the Mining Law of 1872 Tri-State Citizens Mining Network Works to improve laws/regulations/enforcement related to coal fields of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia Also see: Items in small green font are editorial comments from the Grinning Planet team.

19. KnowledgeSTUDIO Facilitates Information Transfer In Data Mining Environment For
KnowledgeSTUDIO Facilitates Information Transfer in Data mining environmentfor Frost National Bank. Product Review published in

20. Anupma Prakash: Research - Mining Environment
mining environment. The following photograph/images show. The environment ina typical mining area; Large overburden dumps changing land cover type;
Mining environment
With the world population crossing the six billion mark, our prime concern has shifted to carrying out developmental activities with minimal impact to the environment. Mining activity is one developmental activity which goes hand-in-hand with environmental degradation. However, it would be wrong and practically impossible to put an end to the mining industry in the same of environmental concern. The whole idea is more realistic when mining activities are carried out along with reclamation activities so that after the area in mined out it returns as close as possible to its original land cover and local environment. Remote sensing provides an excellent tool to study the mining areas and to monitor the impacts of mining in a short and long term. The environmental effects of mining on all the three environmental amenities viz, land, water and air can be separately monitored. The following photograph/images show
Anupma Prakash

URL: environment.html

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