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         Environmental Impact Assessment:     more books (100)
  1. Environmental Impact Assessment: A Practical Guide by Betty Bowers Marriott, 1997-01-01
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment: A Comparative Review by Christopher Wood, 2002-07
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment: Cutting Edge for the 21st Century (Eia : Cutting Edge for the Twenty-First Century) by Alan Gilpin, 1994-11-25
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment by Larry Canter, 1995-09-01
  5. Introduction to Environmental Impact Assessment: A Guide to Principles and Practice by Bram F. Noble, 2005-11-03
  6. Introduction To Environmental Impact Assessment (Natural and Built Environment Series) by John Glasson, 1999-04-01
  7. Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment (The Natural and Built Environment Series) by Peter Morris, 2001-10-12
  8. Guidebook on Environmental Impact Assessment for in Situ Leach Mining Projects: Iaea Tecdoc Series No. 1428 (Iaea Tecdoc Series)
  9. Handbook of Environmental Impact Assessment: Impact and Limitations
  10. Introduction to Environmental Impact Assessment, Third Edition by Andrew Chadwick, John Glasson, et all 2007-04-16
  11. Environmental Impact Assessment Handbook by B. Carroll, Trevor Turpin, 2002-04-10
  12. Handbook of variables for environmental impact assessment by Larry W Canter, 1979
  13. Environmental Impact Assessment: A Methodological Approach by Richard K. Morgan, 1999-05-31
  14. Key drivers of the e-waste recycling system: Assessing and modelling e-waste processing in the informal sector in Delhi [An article from: Environmental Impact Assessment Review] by M. Streicher-Porte, R. Widmer, et all

1. Welcome To The Espoo Convention On Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment
Convention on environmental impact assessment ina Transboundary Context. What s coming up?
Environment Programme
About the EIA Convention ... Contacts Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context What's coming up? 1-4 June 2004 See press release Other meetings ... Related non-UNECE event (but with side-events on the SEA Protocol): 23-25 June 2004 This is the web site of the Last update May 28, 2004

2. Environmental Impact Assessment - Index Of Web Sites
environmental impact assessment. Preliminary Index of Useful Internet Web Sites. Compiled by Canadian International Development Agency. Environmental Assessment and Compliance Unit. 200 Promenade du
Environmental Impact Assessment
Preliminary Index of Useful Internet Web Sites
Compiled by:
Canadian International Development Agency
Environmental Assessment and Compliance Unit
200 Promenade du Portage
Hull, Quebec K1A 0G4
Canada Updated July 2001 Introduction The Environmental Impact Assessment: Preliminary Index of Useful Internet Web Sites is a compilation of Internet Web sites that are related to environmental assessment. In this day and age of information, it is often difficult to know where to turn to find the necessary information. The aim of this index is to serve as a preliminary guide to information that may prove helpful in dealing with environmental impact assessment (EIA). With the multitude of sites available on the Internet, we have attempted to be very selective in choosing sites for this index to provide a cross section of available materials. Included in this index is a short summary of information that will be found on each site. The links included in the index have each been tested, but due to the nature of the Internet, the perfect functioning of each site cannot be guaranteed. Inclusion of commercial entities in this index does not represent an endorsement by the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA). Users of the index will need to determine the usefulness of the sites mentioned.

3. Espoo Convention On Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment
Convention on environmental impact assessment in a Transboundary Context. Article4. PREPARATION OF THE environmental impact assessment DOCUMENTATION.
Environment Programme
About the EIA Convention ... Contacts Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (Espoo, 1991) The Espoo (EIA) Convention stipulates the obligations of Parties to assess the environmental impact of certain activities at an early stage of planning. It also lays down the general obligation of States to notify and consult each other on all major projects under consideration that are likely to have a significant adverse environmental impact across boundaries. The Espoo Convention entered into force on 10 September 1997. The next meeting of the Parties to the Convention will take place in June 2004 in Cavtat (Croatia).

4. Resources On Impact Assessment
Environmental. Impact. Assessment. Documents and Information Repositories on Impact Assessment. Tools, Methodologies, Techniques for Impact Assessment. Environmental Management Tools. UNEP EIA Training Resource Manual Impact assessment and Environmental Auditing. Convention on environmental impact assessment in a Transboundary Special Theme environmental impact assessment. Special Theme Local


5. Environmental Impact Assessment In New York State
Protecting New York State's environment State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) document in half again so the title page is first.environmental impact assessment GuidanceAssessing Noise
Environmental Impact Assessment in New York State
More information from this division: Division of Environmental Permits Uniform Procedures Act (UPA) Permits State Environmental Quality Review Act Introduction to SEQR Who Enforces SEQR? Follow the SEQR Path (A map of the SEQR process) SEQR Listed Critical Environmental Areas SEQR Handbook Draft sections of the revised handbook Comments welcome. Lead Agency Disputes Downloadable SEQR Forms SEQR Regulations (6 NYCRR Part 617) Environmental Notice Bulletin (ENB) SEQR Brochures in PDF (downloadable format) SEQR Cookbook (PDF file, 210 Kb) SEQR Cookbook - Spanish Version (PDF file, 330 Kb) * (PDF file, 43 Kb) (PDF file, 691 Kb) * (PDF file, 50 Kb) SEQR Flow Chart and Time Frames * (PDF file, 261 Kb) * This is a fan fold document. Print on both sides of the paper and fold in half with the title page facing you. Next, fold the resulting document in half again so the title page is first. Environmental Impact Assessment Guidance Assessing Noise Impacts (PDF file, 104 Kb) Assessing Visual Impacts (PDF file, 130 Kb)

6. Environmental Consulting | Environmental Impact Assessment | ICF Consulting
Critical Infrastructure Protection. environmental impact assessment. Health Environmental Risk Assessment environmental impact assessment. ICF Consulting is recognized for its
awmSelectedItem=2 Contact Us
Perspectives on Environment

Air Quality Management

Coastal Resources Management
Technology Development, Commercialization,

Environmental Impact Assessment
ICF Consulting is recognized for its ability to manage and prepare solutions for a wide range of environmental issues. We have substantial experience managing environmental review processes for a broad range of U.S. government, state government, and foreign projects. ICF Consulting has managed and prepared U.S. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and equivalent state documentation, including Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and Environmental Assessments (EA), for numerous complex and controversial projects. We thoroughly understand and have been involved in all aspects of the NEPA process and the President's Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations. Management, Not Technology, Is the Key to Reducing Environmental Impacts

7. ScienceDirect - Environmental Impact Assessment Review - List Of Issues EUROPA - Environment - Environmental Assessement Homepage environmental assessment can be undertaken for individual projects such as a dam,motorway, airport or factory (‘environmental impact assessment’) or for
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Environmental Impact Assessment Review Bookmark this page as:
Articles in Press
Volume 24 Volume 24, Issue 5 , Pages 471-549 (July 2004) Volume 24, Issue 4 , Pages 383-469 (May 2004) Volume 24, Issue 3 , Pages 281-382 (April 2004) Volume 24, Issue 2 , Pages 127-279 (February 2004) Volume 24, Issue 1 , Pages 3-126 (January 2004) Volume 23 Volume 22 Volume 21 Volume 20 ... Volume 5 Alert me when new Journal Issues are available Add this journal to My Favorite Journals Sample Issue Online More Publication Info Information for Authors
... Elsevier B.V.

8. University Of Manchester, Faculty Of Arts Home Page
Compiled by Manchester EIA Centre
Quick department finder Architecture Art History Classics and Ancient History Combined Studies Drama French English and American Studies European Studies Geography German History Italian Language Centre Linguistics Middle Eastern Studies Music Planning and Landscape Religions and Theology Russian Spanish and Portuguese back home site map University home page Faculty pages Schools and departments Resources Research Centres News and events ... Faculty Office Centres in the Faculty Language Centre Graduate School in Arts Centre for
Continuing Education
Faculty of Arts Page Not Found
We are sorry but the page you are looking for no longer exists or is temporarily unavailable. Please use the links on this page or go to Schools and departments to access the part of the site you need. If you are unable to find what you want please email the webmaster We are sorry for any inconvenience.

9. Company Home Page
environmental impact assessment, dredging permits, aquaculture feasibility, marine and coastal studies. Located in Australia.
environmental scientists
Welcome to our home page This site was updated in April 2004 Our services:
  • Multidisciplinary environmental investigations
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Dredging investigations and applications for consent
  • Aquaculture project feasibility assessment
  • Environmental regulation and policy interpretation
Our clients: Our experience:
  • Scientific research (7 years)
  • University lecturing (8 years)
  • Policy development and science administration (5 years)
  • Environmental consulting (10 years)
We are pleased to discuss the scope of your project and review your needs without obligation. We look forward to helping you! Unit 11 47 Rockley Road SOUTH YARRA VIC 3141 AUSTRALIA

10. EIA Launch
Describes EIA procedures that operate in Malta, including a summary of the Environmental Statement, the terms of reference and the site plans for development applications that require an EIA.
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11. Hatfield Consultants Ltd. - Environment Specialists
Consultants in aquaculture, fisheries management, environmental impact assessment, habitat assessment, GIS, and related environmental fields. Service areas include North America, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

    QUICK LINKS Offices
    Geographic Expertise

    Viet Nam Highlights

    Welcome to Hatfield Consultants Ltd.
    Hatfield provides high quality environmental services for private and public sector clients throughout the world, including North and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. With over 30 years of successful project implementation, Hatfield is internationally recognized for providing innovative solutions to complex environmental problems. Hatfield takes pride in developing skills and capabilities of staff, and in establishing a local presence in key markets. Founded in 1974, Hatfield's core expertise is in the field of biological aquatic sciences. We have gradually expanded into a wide range of services, including environmental assessments, biodiversity surveys, and remote sensing/GIS. Hatfield Consultants Ltd document.write(tanggal);

12. Conservation Consultancy
UK ecological consultancy for planning, environmental surveying, environmental impact assessment, scheduled species, mitigation and artificial habitats.

13. Environmental Impact Assessment - UNEP P & C
Environmental. Technology. Assessment. Regulations. environmental impact assessment (EIA) environmental impact assessment (EIA) is used to identify the environmental and social impacts



Life Cycle ... Regulations
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is used to identify the environmental and social impacts of a project prior to decision-making. It aims to predict environmental impacts at an early stage in project planning and design, find ways and means to reduce adverse impacts, shape projects to suit the local environment and present the predictions and options to decision-makers. By using EIA both environmental and economic benefits can be achieved, such as reduced cost and time of project implementation and design, avoided treatment/clean-up costs and impacts of laws and regulations. UNEP promotes the appropriate application of the EIA process to major projects, and supports practitioners, clients and review agencies through the publication of guidance documents. A recent review of the EIA process recommended that it should consider, and be used during, the entire project cycle from planning through operation to eventual closure. EIA should also be closely integrated with the environmental management systems now used by major companies. The report is available online
Key Elements of EIA
  • Scoping: identify key issues and concerns of interested parties;

14. EIA Centre - University Of Manchester
About. Welcome to the environmental impact assessment Centre. Theenvironmental impact assessment Centre is one of the two research
EIA Centre Search this site
Welcome to the Environmental Impact Assessment Centre
The Environmental Impact Assessment Centre is one of the two research centres based at the School of Planning and Landscape. The other research centre is CURE (Centre of Urban and Regional Ecology).
View introduction
Our Mission
View our mission statement
Main Activities
View the main activities of the EIA Centre during 2001/2003
Research Activities
The EIA Centre has contributed to important research initiatives both within the UK and Europe and around the world for over ten years.
Training Activities
View our training activities
Information Service
View our Information Service
View maps Page last updated 13 May, 2004
Page maintained by John Phylip - Jones, email
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15. Polaris Environment
Environmental consultants for air quality; environmental impact assessment; environmental management and monitoring; serving Spain, UK, and Norway.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
European News International News Services ... About Polaris Environment Polaris Environment Polaris Environment is a leading organisation which provides free environmental consultancy services and information We are committed to serving our clients with the highest levels of professionalism, flexibility and consistency. We deliver solutions for leading business and government clients, assisting them to manage their environmental and related risks. Our primary focus is on balancing the needs of business and stakeholders with assets of the natural environment. The services offered by Polaris Environment are drawn up from a wide range of technical disciplines: - Air Quality - Ecology - Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) - Industrial Emissions Measurement At Polaris we believe that environmental concerns, social responsibilities and economic goals should work seamlessly together. POLARIS ENVIRONMENTAL NEWS Europe No New Runway at Heathrow International UN world water report: cities breeding mosquitoes and the poor paying too high a price Reverse production could solve electronic waste problems Organic food reduces pesticide residues in children Bicycle pumps and playgrounds solving energy problems You can e-mail us at:

16. Envirotest - Services
An environmental consulting firm based in Brisbane, Australia offering services in environmental impact assessments and Environmental Risk Assessments, including the use of the AUSPLUME air dispersion model.
Air Emissions and Quality Modelling
Air emissions (e.g. dusts to volatile organics) from a wide range of industrial, commercial and other land activities can be estimated (e.g. NPI Handbook; NSW-EPA) and modelled. This type of service is usually part of site licensing, environmental impact and risk assessment studies, town planning conditions, policy assessment for local authorities or industry planning, e.g. risk management options.
  • National Pollutant Inventory Activities
  • stack emissions
  • traffic emissions
  • area emissions
  • spills and firms
  • fire and explosion effects (heat radiation and ballast overpressure)
  • indoor air quality (e.g. carbon monoxide, volatile organic substances and particulates)
Computer-based modelling (e.g. Ausplume) is used to generate or predict various levels of exposure which may form the basis of risk assessments and design of risk management. AIR DISPERSION MODELLING USING AUSPLUME Many industries produce waste products that are released in a gaseous or particulate form to the atmosphere. These contaminants are usually emitted via a stack exhaust system and may undergo various levels of pre-treatment prior to release. The types of emissions include particulates, combustion gases (nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide), acid gases, heavy metals (e.g. lead) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). A diverse range of large and small-scale industries from power plants and oil refineries to spraypainters and incinerators may emit these compounds. Stack emissions may adversely impact on the ambient air quality or the air that surrounds us. Therefore, ambient air quality standards have been determined that are designed, with an adequate margin of safety, to protect human health. The problem is then one of determining the concentration of the emitted compound. One possible approach is to sample and measure for each of the likely contaminants. However, sampling may be problematic in determining locations and times because ambient air concentrations will vary according to wind direction, speed and ambient temperature. As a result, low measurements may be made at one location while high levels occur at a site downwind of the source. It is not practical to sample at all locations around a source for all types of meteorological conditions.

17. ARCSACC 2003
Annual conference. Topics include landfills and impoundments, risk assessment, remediation techniques, fate and transport of contaminants in permafrost, acid mine drainage, and environmental impact assessment.
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18. Environmental Impact Assessment
Project History. Concept Drawing. Project Milestones. Public Involvement Process. Citizen Advisory Committee. environmental impact assessment. Study Products. FAQ's. Contacts. environmental impact assessment environmental impact assessment. When proposing a transportation project with federal and/or state funding
Georgia Department of Transportation
Project History
Concept Drawing Project Milestones Public Involvement Process ... Contacts
Environmental Impact Assessment After the Public Hearing, a final Environmental Assessment will be prepared. If appropriate, a Finding of No Significant Impacts (FONSI) will be prepared and attached to the final Environmental Assessment. Once this document is approved by both GDOT and the FHWA, the project is ready to advance to right-of-way acquisition and ultimately to construction. So how long does it take to prepare the EA and FONSI? Once all of the environmental studies are complete, an EA can usually be prepared within one month. The EA is then reviewed by the GDOT. The document may require corrections that are to be addressed before sending it to the FHWA. The FHWA should review the draft EA within 30 days of receipt, but the complexity of projects may increase or decrease review times with both agencies. After the Public Hearing and comment period has concluded, approximately one month is needed to prepare the final EA and FONSI. GDOT will review the FONSI within 30 days, but review time increases to 45 days with the FHWA. The process as described herein is realistic for projects with minimal impacts to the environment. Because of the complexity of this project, the number of relocations, and involvement with historic structures, EA and FONSI approval make take up to one year. Additional Information:

19. Defining Impact Assessment
environmental impact assessment is, in its simplest form, a planning tool that isnow generally regarded as an integral component of sound decision making
Defining Impact Assessment
  • Impact Assessment Statement
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments
  • Evironmental Impact Assessments
  • Evironmental Assessments, and
  • Environmental Analysis.

Environmental impact assessment is, in its simplest form, a planning tool that is now generally regarded as an integral component of sound decision making... As a planning tool it has both an information gathering and decision making component which provides the decision maker with an objective basis for granting or denying approval for a proposed development. Justice La Forest, Friends of the Oldman v. Canada et al. (1991) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) may be defined as a formal process used to predict the environmental consequences of any development project. EIA thus ensures that the potential problems are foreseen and addressed at an early stage in the projects planning and design. Manu and Anshu, UEMRI-India EIA Definitions ... a process or set of activities designed to contribute pertinent environmental information to project or programme decision making. ... a process which attempts to identify, predict and assess the likely consequences of proposed development activities. ... a planning aid concerned with identifying, predicting and assessing impacts arising from proposed activities such as policies, programmes, plans and development projects which may affect the environment. ... a basic tool for the sound assessment of development proposals to determine the potential environmental, social and health effects of a proposed development

20. Environmental Impact Assessment Review
environmental impact assessment Review is a refereed, interdisciplinary journal servingan international audience of practitioners, policymakers and academics
Environmental Impact Assessment Review
Environmental Impact Assessment Review Environmental Impact Assessment Review is a refereed, interdisciplinary journal serving an international audience of practitioners, policy-makers and academics. This audience assesses the environmental impact of policy, projects, processes and products and makes decisions based upon these assessments. The aim of the journal is to build the knowledge base for this audience through reporting of innovative research, practice and publications. EIA Review aims to publish only pieces that are coherent, innovative and topical. EDITORS Eric Johnson , Atlantic Consulting, Obstgartenstrasse 14, 8136 Gattikon, Switzerland Email:

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