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  1. Look to the environment for business opportunities, advises provincial minister. (Ontario Environment Minister Ruth Grier) (Report on Energy & the Environment) ... An article from: Northern Ontario Business by Stewart Brown, 1993-01-01
  2. Solar Energy Fundamentals and Modeling Techniques: Atmosphere, Environment, Climate Change and Renewable Energy by Zekai Sen, 2008-04-16

141. Energy, Environment And Global Politics Series
TAC Home, Home Past Forums 2002 2003 energy, the environment and Global Politics Series energy, the environment and Global Politics A Three Part Series
TAC Home
Past Forums Energy, the Environment and Global Politics Series
Past Forums
Energy, the Environment and Global Politics
A Three Part Series
This series is co-sponsored with LFEE Home About Us Upcoming Forums ... Contact Please send questions and comments to Patricia Weinmann Last modified on July, 2002

142. Renewable Energy Sources
An index to renewable energy information on the internet.
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Environmental Issues Energy Sources Renewable Energy Home Essentials Climate Change and Global Warming Image Gallery ... Glossary zau(256,152,180,'gob',''+gs,''); Activism Climate Change Energy Sources Election 2004 ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
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Renewable Energy Sources
Information about renewable energy sources such as solar power, biomass, fuel cells, and wind and water power. Up a category Topic Index email to a friend back to top ...
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143. Environmentalists For Nuclear ™ - International Home Page Homepage (EFN)
EFN provides information to the public on energy and the environment. Promoting the benefits of nuclear energy for a cleaner world.
For complete and straightforward
INFORMATION on energy and the environment



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as well as renewable energies (hydro, wind, and solar, all of which have appropriate roles to play but with a much smaller potential).

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144. Xcel Energy - Environment
About Us · Investor Information · Newsroom · About energy · Community · environment. environmental Policy. 2003 environmental Report.,3080,1-1-1_11824-10637-0_0_0-0,00.html
FAQs Contact Us Useful Links Home ... Home Environment Environment Our commitment to the environment We demonstrate our commitment to the environment by striving to meet or surpass the requirements of laws, regulations and permits and by carefully balancing energy efficiency, emission reductions and natural resource conservation. Search Related Features Environmental Policy 2003 Environmental Report Bird Cam FAQs ... Transmission User setlivetab('grp1');

145. Nowcast Forecast
Prince William Sound Oil Spill Recovery Institute
Met Workshop Proceedings (pdf) IOP Workshop Report (pdf) OSRI PRB Review Millenium Hotel Information ...
Prince William Sound
 For the past five years the Oil Spill Recovery Institute has funded a research program aimed at improving our knowledge of the physical and biological dynamics that comprise the Prince William Sound and Copper River Delta ecosystems. A Princeton Ocean Model ( has been implemented for the PWS domain to describe and predict ocean currents on a 1.1km, 15 sigma level grid.  A Regional Atmospheric Modeling System ( is also being implemented and linked to the ocean model to further describe the physics of the PWS ecosystem.  Information from both the atmospheric and oceanographic models provide inputs into an oil spill trajectory, chemical fates and effects and exposure model (   which OSRI has implemented for PWS.  Other efforts underway are examining major physical and biological signals within the PWS ecosystem, such as zooplankton abundance, intertidal ecology, and herring and Pollock population assessment. The Oil Spill Recovery Institute is completing the planning for a second three-year phase of PWSNF and is hosting a pair of workshops in Anchorage to examine present and future efforts conducted through the program.  A PWSNF workshop will focus primarily on the physical observation and modeling program presently underway and will seek to establish the long-term role for PWSNF in the investigation and monitoring of Prince William Sound.  A second workshop element will focus on methods for incorporating biological modeling within the PWSNF program.  Please see the links at left for information on the agenda, the OSRI research program, the Meteorological Workshop hosted by OSRI in December of 2000 (one of the major planning efforts of the PWSNF effort), 2002 Intensive Observing Period (IOP) workshop, and information on the

146. Xcel Energy - Environment
About Us · Investor Information · Newsroom · About energy · Community · environment. Denver, CO, 2003 environmental Report. Renewable energy Trust.,3080,1-1-1_11824-10637-2_171_259-0,00.html
FAQs Contact Us Useful Links Home ... Environment Denver, CO Environmental Policy 2003 Environmental Report Environmental Initiatives Bird Cams ... Home Environment Environment Our commitment to the environment We demonstrate our commitment to the environment by striving to meet or surpass the requirements of laws, regulations and permits and by carefully balancing energy efficiency, emission reductions and natural resource conservation. Search Related Features Environmental Policy 2003 Environmental Report Renewable Energy Trust FAQs ... Energy Markets setlivetab('grp1');

147. TIMSA Thermal Insulation Manufacturers And Suppliers Association Home Page
Conservation of energy to preserve environment through the reduction in co2 emissions.
HOME PUBLICATIONS MEMBERS PRODUCTS ... NEWS TIMSA, the Thermal Insulation Manufacturers and Suppliers Association, represents all the major manufacturers and many of the suppliers and distributors in the UK thermal insulation industry. The services of the Standards and Regulatory Committee are available to those in need of impartial advice on any aspect of insulation and its application. Any queries should in the first instance be directed to the TIMSA office. New BS54322 introduces environmental thicknesses for insulation. Go to NEWS page for information. Further information is available on:

French energy consultants providing comprehensive information products on energy and environment, combining upto-date statistics and factual information.
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149. Predit - Research - Thematics
Research topic Thematics - energy, environment - This thematic group does up stream researches necessary for the improvement of environmental and energetic
THEMATICS Thematics Strategic researches Energy, Environment
Security, Ergonomic, comfort
Design, Production
Components and sub-systems
Clean and safe vehicles ... Sub working groups This thematic group does up stream researches necessary for the improvement of environmental and energetic performances of road vehicles. These works allow a better knowledge of emission continuum, diffusion, and exposure. It studies effects on health and impact of air pollution on population as well as noises and noise pollution linked to surface transport. Work of this group bears also on the one hand on heat engine and fuel-engine-cleaning-up cycle , and on the other hand new generation batteries and fuel batteries
Full site in French version

150. PEEMAC - Resources
Provides architectural designs to reduce effects from solar radiation and improve energy efficiency, building energy conservation fact sheets, tips, building code information, and other resources.
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151. CAC's Nuclear Issues Index
Nuclear Issues including waste policy and transportation. Also other energy and environment issues.
Nuclear Issues Index
On this index page, the most recent article is located in each category at the top.
Sustainable Energy For The New Millennum
Nuclear-Free Great Lakes Action Camp
D.C. Circuit court hears CAC-led challenge to nuclear bailout Study Shows Electric Deregulation Could Create Unfunded Nuclear Waste Liabilities That Could Exceed $50 BILLION AEP agrees to refund $55 million in fuel cost charges CAC witness testifies to IURC regarding safety related problems at AEP's Cook Nuclear Power Station. The Nuclear Waste Policy Act AKA "Mobile Chernobyl"
WARNING! Are you on a nuclear waste transportation route? Get a custom map to see how close you, your family and friends, your schools, churches and hospitals might be to nuclear waste shipments. Washington is making this decision without your input. Send an email to your Senators to let them know you are worried the waste is coming too close to your neighborhood. With the chance of an accident or terrorist attack, it's too risky.
Uncle Hoosier Needs YOU!

152. American Bar Association Section Of Environment, Energy, And
The mission of the Section of environment, energy, and Resources is to be the premier forum for lawyers working in areas related to the environment, natural
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The ABA website relies on JavaScript for display purposes.
To fully experience the ABA site, please enable javascript. Search Our Section Section Events Announcements
Now Available Online!!! The Year in Review 2003
Section members are now able to view The Year in Review 2003 and current and back issues of on the Section Members Only portion of the Section Website.

153. Public Relations And Marketing Communications Services >> Concept Communiqués,
Marketing and PR consultants in business and economic development with technical expertise in energy, the environment and developing a sustainable future.
Welcome ... Home Media Relations Newsletters Literature Production ... Contact Us
"Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough." Henry Royce, Auto Mechanic
Among its many benefits, Public Relations can help develop your market and improve your bottom line
Public relations is by far the most economically efficient way to reach an audience, expand your customer base and increase market share. A sustained flow of information about your organization published in targeted media outlets has the added value of editorial credibility over paid advertising. Recent studies have shown PR has seven times the credibility of advertising. A planned visibility campaign of media exposure increases name recognition for your organization, promotes your qualifications and expertise, and enhances your reputation for leadership. It shows you are "newsworthy", on the leading edge. This is what building your corporate image is all about. In our experience, additional income opportunities can actually come to you as a result of media exposure. For example, one of our clients formed significant long-term joint ventures with a new partner who contacted them after reading a business-to-business article about the company. Often new shareholders and/or financial backers are attracted as a result of these efforts too.

154. Joint Institute For Energy And Environment--Home Page
Homepage of the Joint Institute for energy and environment, a research consortium of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee Valley Authority and the
JIEE's web pages
are hosted by

The Joint Institute for Energy and Environment (JIEE) was established by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory ( ORNL ), the Tennessee Valley Authority ( TVA ), and the University of Tennessee ( UT ) to conduct collaborative research. JIEE implements joint activities involving people and facilities at all three institutions in areas related to energy, environment, and economics. JIEE-RELATED ACTIVITIES AND INITIATIVES: SWRI ( Southeastern Water Resources Institute) SAMAB (Southern Appalachian Man and the Biosphere) Program Summer Intern Program 2004 application information is now available!! SPO (Strategic Policy Options) for DOE Cleanup Intellectual Property Rights Challenges to Regulatory Policy, Practices, and Institutions FEATURES Read the JIEE NewsletterWinter 2004 (a PDF file) TVA and ORNL are working together through JIEE on a project designed to produce a new generation of energy-efficient homes that can be marketed across the Tennessee Valley by the end of this decade. Read about the Habitat for Humanity Research Houses Paul Augustine, a 2003 JIEE Summer Intern, worked on a project sponsored jointly by JIEE and UT's Howard Baker, Jr. Center for Public Policy. Read Paul's paper on the Clean Air Act entitled

155. Rooftop Garden
Info on Chicago City Hall's rooftop garden as an experiment to cut energy costs and reduce pollution.
Home News Events City Departments ... Contact Us Search for:
Chicago City Hall The Chicago Department of Environment (DOE) is testing the benefits of rooftop gardens as part of its Urban Heat Island Initiative. Chicago is one of the few cities in the country to use rooftop gardens to reduce energy demand and lower area temperatures. The biggest laboratory is a rooftop garden on City Hall.
The 20,300 square foot garden will started with 20,000 plants of more than 150 varieties including 100 shrubs, 40 vines and 2 trees. The plants were selected for their hardiness on a roof, where wind and watering are two challenges. The plants require little water and can survive Chicago's seasons. Most are native to the region. The low-maintenance garden relies on a special blend of compost, mulch, and spongelike ingredients that weighs less than regular topsoil and retains more water. The rooftop garden will decrease City Hall's air conditioning and heating bills and also reduce ozone pollution and smog, and improve air quality. Temperature, stormwater run-off and other data will be measured against the adjoining Cook County building, which has a conventional black tar roof. Local high school students will get to participate in collecting and measuring data.
As part of its Urban Heat Island reduction plan, the City will work with scientists from US EPA and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to estimate the effects of gardens such as this on a neighborhood or a city.

156. SFOE Swiss Federal Office Of Energy - Environment
Networks. Nuclear fission and fusion. environment. Heat. Statistics. Renewable energy sources. energy carriers and technologies. Buildings, installations, appliances.

157. Energy And The Environment
News, reports, commentary and links to information resources on environmental issues from a conservative, freemarket perspective.

About Us

Our Members


Historical Docs

214 Massachusetts Ave NE
Washington, DC 20002
Fax 202-544-7330
Email us
Advertise With Us *Advertisers may or may not share political views with Energy and the Environment Main > Energy and the Environment Alaska GOP says no to new CARA bill U.S. Rep. Don Young wanted to put more than $3 billion a year into public land purchases, recreational facilities and projects loosely related to coastal conservation. A nice view for boaters, but at what cost? Ban houses so boaters can have pristine views of the coast? Incredible as it sounds, the California Coastal Commission is considering it. Commentary Rich Lowry The Day After Tomorrow Debra Saunders Target of the week Bruce Bartlett Consumption taxes are not the answer Thomas Sowell Animal rites Debra Saunders Running on fumes More Related Links Book Reviews Tarnished Halo Awards Organizations The Cato Institute The Center for Consumer Freedom Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change Competitive Enterprise Institute ... Tech Central Station June 4, 2004

158. GreenZONE - A Specialty Section Of AnalogZONE
News coverage of electronics, energy, and the environment, plus resources, events, and product reviews.
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159. Novem - Homepage
Novem, the Netherlands Agency for energy and the environment. Service provider in sustainability. Novem promotes the sustainable development
contact dutch Who are we? International programmes ... Contact
the Netherlands Agency for Energy and the Environment
Service provider in sustainability
Novem promotes the sustainable development of society
in the field of energy and the environment, both on a
national and international level. As an agency of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs,
Novem supports both government and market parties in
implementing sustainable development, and ensures that
government goals become a practical reality.
As intermediary, Novem matches government and market objectives,
disseminates knowledge and encourages technological development. Many programmes are carried out on behalf of various
Dutch ministries, such as the Ministry of Economic Affairs;
Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment; Transport, Public Works and Water Management;

160. Dialog Energy Environment Industry News
Feebased service offering a broad collection of sources specific to the energy and environment industry and general industry news.
Words in Title Company Entire Text Content Fulltext Articles Only Year To
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Words in Title
Enter words that need to be in the title of the article. For different word endings, use the ? wildcard. Example: MARKET? searches for market, markets, marketing, marketer, etc. Combine words to get specific information. Example: GAS? ADDITIVE? AND WATER
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Use this option to search all words in the text of the article. You can use wildcards and combine words, as described above.
Broad collection of sources specific to the energy and environment industry and general industry news: World Reporter The McGraw-Hill Companies Publications Online Journal of Commerce , and To search for research articles and technical reports in energy and environment, see

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