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  1. Energy, Environment And Development: A Technological Perspective
  2. The Technology-Energy-Environment-Health (TEEH) Chain In China: A Case Study of Cokemaking (Alliance for Global Sustainability Bookseries)
  3. Modeling and Simulation, Part 1: Energy and Environment, Part 2 : Systems, Controls and Computers (Pittsburgh Conference on Modeling and Simulation//Modeling and Simulation) by Pittsburgh Conference on Modeling and Simulation, 1983-12
  4. Energy, Environment & Sustainable Development (Energy Resources Development Series)
  5. Energy for our world: Energy, society, environment : digest of the 11th World Energy Conference, September 8-12, 1980, Munich by World Energy Conference, 1982
  6. Energy Efficiency and the Environment by International Energy Agency, 1991-12-01
  7. Energy and the Environment (Energy) by R.A. Karam, Karl Ziegler Morgan, 1976-07
  8. Sulfur, Energy and Environment by Carl Meyer, B. Meyer, 1977-08
  9. Renewable energy and environment: Proceedings of the National Solar Energy Convention, 1989, Udaipur, Rajasthan, December 1-3, 1989
  10. Energy, environment, poverty: Opportunities for global business : proceedings of the symposium held on 15 October 2001 in Tokyo, Japan
  11. The Realities of Nuclear Power: International Economic and Regulatory Experience (Cambridge Energy and Environment Series) by Steve D. Thomas, 1988-05-27
  12. Energy and the Environment: Policy Overview by Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, Iea, 1990-02
  13. Conference on Energy and Environment in European Economies in Transition: Priorities and Opportunities for Co-Operation and Integration : Proceeding by International Energy Agency, 1992-12
  14. Environmental Protection Expenditure By The European Union Institutions (Eurostat Theme 8: Environment & Energy) by Eurostat, 1999-11-11

81. Steptoe & Johnson
Printer Friendly Version. energy, environment Natural Resources. The energy, environment Natural Resources practice at Steptoe

82. UNEP Division Of Technology, Industry, And Economics
Information about Ozone protection, chemical management, trade and the environment, energy, cleaner and safer production, sustainable consumption, and tourism.
SC-Net Issue 53, UNEP's Sustainable Consumption Newsletter
Bonn Conference for Renewable Energies
Bonn, 1-4 June 2004
Sustainable Energy Finance event
Industry and Environment Review
Water and development: industry's contribution
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83. Programme On Energy, Environment, Resources, And Sustainability (PEERS)
Presents the Programme on energy, environment, Resources, and Sustainability (PEERS), organized by TERI.



Participants of PEERS 1999/2000 PEERS (Programme on Energy Environment Resources and Sustainability) aims at building capacity and creating leadership in the government, industry, media, NGOs and community-based organizations to promote sustainable development goals in Asia. PEERS was undertaken in three phases between 1997 and 2000.

84. 81.105 - National Industrial Competitiveness Through Energy, Environment, And
81.105 National Industrial Competitiveness through energy, environment, and Economics. (NICE3). FEDERAL AGENCY OFFICE OF energy EFFICIENCY

85. Defra, UK - Environmental Protection - Consumer Products And The Environment
A consumer guide to labelling and comparing energy costs.
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Environmental protection
Home Contact Defra About Defra News ... Consumer Products
Consumer Products: Energy Labels
Energy Labels: Helping you make the right choice
This leaflet is available for downloading in Adobe Acrobat format (150kb). Further information is available on our Help page about downloading or reading Adobe Acrobat documents. See also Energy labelling of household air conditioners and electric ovens: Consultation on New Regulations for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (closed for comments 30 August 2002) Page last modified 12 May, 2003 Top Help Feedback Access Keys ... Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

86. Statistics Finland - Environment And Energy - Environment And Energy
Statistics Finland, Search Feedback Site Map. environment and energy. Suomeksi environment statistics 2003; Air emissions; energy statistics; environment and economy;
Environment and Energy
Suomeksi Updated 25.6.2003 Contact information:
Printable version

87. Energy Star
U.S. EPA energy Star programs and products help save the environment and save consumers money by using less energy through advanced design or construction. Consumer products include most major appliances, lighting fixtures, office products, hvac systems, and homes. Site is good source of appliance energy ratings.

88. The Ability Of Local People To Access Technology
Consultants to governments, NGOs, aid agencies and the private sector on energy and environment, and sustainable rural livelihoods.
Welcome to
Latest News Latest newsletter Mining capabilities statement What's New
  • The ability of local people to access technology, information, credit and training is crucial to successful and sustainable economic development. Improved access can be achieved through programmes which enhance skills and provide services at both macro and micro levels. This is our role at ITC - to advise and assist, enable and facilitate the implementation of practical solutions.
Who we are, how we work
As the consulting arm of the international NGO, Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) , we provide high quality, independent and professional advice to governments, NGOs, aid agencies and the private sector. Our consultants are international and include 200 professionals in eight country offices working in four strategic theme areas: In Energy and Environment , we focus on decentralised electrification, renewable energy services, energy from biomass, energy efficiency of small enterprises and energy usage and demand surveys as well as water supply and low cost construction. In Enterprise Development , we work with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), helping to stimulate innovation, improve productivity and support business development across all sectors. We facilitate private sector involvement in a variety of urban and rural sectors such as transport, waste and energy.

89. Statistics Finland - Environment And Energy - Environment Statistics 2003
emissions to air and water, waste, agriculture and forestry, land use and energy. worries and willingness to act to improve the state of the environment.
Environment Statistics

Environment Statistics 2003 -publication
Environment Statistics 2003 examines environmental issues and interaction between man and nature from different perspectives. The publication comprises 16 Chapters in which human activities and the loading imposed on the environment by production processes and consumption, as well as society's actions to protect the environment are described with the help of statistical data. The topics covered by this publication include emissions to air and water, waste, agriculture and forestry, land use and energy. Apart from factual data, the publication also contains information on the general public's environmental worries and willingness to act to improve the state of the environment. The Chapter Air Emissions describes the development of emissions of greenhouse gases and other significant air emissions in Finland. The data on greenhouse gas emissions derive from the emission inventories submitted annually to the UN's Convention of Climate Change. The inventories are used to monitor progress under the Kyoto Protocol. The Chapter Environmental Taxation contains new data on energy taxation in the Nordic Countries. The allocation of energy taxes between industries and economic sectors as well the connection between energy use and the paying of energy taxes were examined in a study completed in 2003.

90. Public Citizen | Critical Mass Energy And Environment Program - Critical Mass En
Public Citizen project Founded by Ralph Nader. Concerned with watchdogging U.S. nuclear safety issues, stopping reckless disposal of radioactive waste, and ensuring that environmental and consumer interests are protected as the electric utility industry deregulates.
Promoting a sustainable future: clean energy, safe food and water for all Entire Site Health Research Trade Watch Congress Watch Litigation Group Critical Mass Auto Safety California Texas Worst Pills For Keyword(s)
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Publications About Critical Mass Contact Us Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program works to protect citizens and the environment from the dangers posed by nuclear power and seeks policies that will lead to safe, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy. We also advocate creation of an agricultural and food distribution system that guarantees safe, wholesome food produced in a humane and sustainable manner, and work to protect the world's fragile water resources from commodification, privatization, and mass diversion. here here PUHCA for Dummies! here featured focus on... Do We Need More Deregulation? How it played a role in the Blackout and what Congress should do about it Stop Regressive Energy Legislation Tell the Senate to Kill the Energy Bill and Pass an Independent Electricity Reliability Bill Support the Right to Water in the U.S.

91. EconLog, Energy-Environment-Resources Archives: Library Of Economics And Liberty
energyenvironment-Resources. Go to the Permanent Link READ MORE On this site Comments (12) energy-environment-Resources (34) On other sites TrackBack (0).
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Gas Tax Debate

Oil Reserves and Backwardation


Gasoline Hysteria
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June 01, 2004
Gas Tax Debate
David Ignatius is pro The best plan I've seen for doing the politically impossible comes from an energy economist named Philip Verleger. ...Verleger favors what he calls a "prospective gasoline tax," which would allow the country four years to get ready to do the right thing. Congress would enact a stiff tax of $2 per gallon, to take effect in January 2009, with further increases of another dollar in each of the following three years. To cushion the blow, the Treasury would borrow against the expected tax revenue to buy back the public's gas guzzlers (defined as vehicles getting fewer than 25 miles a gallon) at their 2004 value. Bruce Bartlett is con The idea that a higher gasoline tax will help our energy situation is ludicrous. All European countries have far higher gasoline taxes and they are just as vulnerable to increases in the price of oil as we are. I think that Bartlett is right to think in terms of a world oil market. In that context, if we raise our gas tax, then our consumers will pay a higher price for gas, our demand will fall, and the world price of oil will decline a bit. But the goal of "insulating" the U.S. from the world oil market is a chimera.

92. Home: - Lower Your Energy Bills
This site lets you find a new energy supplier, switch and purchase highly energy efficient products that save money, energy and the environment
Home About Us Support My Account ... Email Savings Alert
Welcome to
Your unbiased advice about today's energy choices. Lower your bills, avoid confusion, and help the earth's environment.
Browse our online store with its wide variety of ENERGY STAR rated efficient products that will help you save money and conserve energy.
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Get personalized recommendations on ways to save for your home or business. Compare your use and learn to reduce.
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These ENERGY STAR fluorescents are ideal for table lamps and fixtures and can save you over $20 per annum (based upon 4 hours use of all 3 bulbs, $0.08 kWh average rate). ZIP Code:
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ZIP Code: Choose Green Green Power In many states today you can 'choose green' - that is, choose an electric plan that generates a portion of its energy from renewable sources. Click here to learn more about green power and choose a green power offer that's right for you.

93. EPRI: Energy-Environment Balance
energyenvironment Balance. Download Document (PDF). STRATEGIC ELEMENTS Work being conducted under the energy/environment Balance program is described below.

94. EPRI: Energy/Environment Balance: Climate Adaptation
, Research Area Web Sites. ·, White Papers. ·, Research Area Information. energy/environment Balance Climate Adaptation. Download Document (PDF).

95. Dr. Fromme International Consulting
International Consults offering management consulting as well as advisory services on international business development in the fields of environment and energy.
Dr. Fromme International Consulting offers a highly specialized management consulting as well as advisory services on international business development in the fields of environment and energy. We combine strategy and conceptually structured advice related to globalization and market entry with hands on activities leading to business contacts and contracts.
more about us..
Flexible and efficient mobilization of a virtual network of experts provides you with all benefits of a lean enterprise with a strong virtual dimension. After an initial trust building phase we are ready to join entrepreneurial partnerships with our clients
You want to enter a foreign market for environment or energy goods and services? We offer our intimate knowledge to provide market information , to develop market entry strategies , to select suitable partners. You want to contact German environmental technologies and environmental firms? This is our very special domain. We offer

96. Energy, Environment And Transportation (EET)
energy, environment and Transportation. Altarum’s energy, environment and Transportation (EET) Division is a global leader in the
Home Search Contact Us
EET Home
Energy Home Environment Home Transportation Home ... Emerging Technologies Group (ETG)
Energy, Environment and Transportation Altarum’s Energy, Environment and Transportation (EET) Division is a global leader in the research, development and application of integrated decision support and knowledge tools that help customers better understand and manage interdependent and complex energy, environment and transportation systems problems. The division’s core capabilities include economic modeling and risk assessment, non-linear systems modeling and simulation, GIS development and remote sensing, online collaborative workspace/Internet portal development, socioeconomic and policy analysis, and operations engineering. EET’s strengths include environmental and economic modeling experience, transportation and automotive industry credibility and contacts, multivariate analysis for metric development, and international program experience. EET provides objective research on high priority, high visibility, and high social-value objectives such as sustainable mobility, intelligent transport, and sustainable energy policies. EET serves public and private customers with:
  • Advanced dynamic decision support systems (remote sensing/GIS-based) Collaborative knowledge generation and dissemination (web-based, conferencing)

97. Energy, Environment And Transportation (EET)
energy, environment and Transportation. energy. The advent of FreedomCAR and the Partnership for the New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV
Home Search Contact Us
EET Home
Energy Home Environment Home Transportation Home ... Emerging Technologies Group (ETG)
Energy, Environment and Transportation Energy The advent of FreedomCAR and the Partnership for the New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV) before it, make clear that the automotive industry has begun the shift from the internal combustion engine (ICE) to a mix of new power technologies. Modified ICEs (compression ignition), hybrid electric vehicles, ultra clean diesels and hydrogen-powered fuel cells will likely define a growing percentage of the power systems of the future. This shift in technology innovation and deployment is also recognized in the energy industry. Growing numbers of energy companies are partnering with automotive companies to develop new power systems and the fuels to power them. At present there is no envisioned measure or standard, by which policymakers, manufacturers and ultimately, consumers will be able to compare and contrast the benefits and costs of these technologies from production of energy to consumption of that energy, or “well to wheel.” Today’s corporate average fuel economy standard is the only comparative metric available. It is a measure with only one dimension. It ignores growing evidence that truly viable mobility technologies must be measured not only by fuel efficiency, but also by environmental, societal and economic measures. Furthermore, as new power systems flow into the marketplace, technologies whose benefits cannot be measured in miles per gallon, the current efficiency standard rapidly diminishes in its utility as both a policy and consumer preference tool.

98. CTG Enterprises, Inc.
Engineering firm dedicated to innovative problemsolving in the built environment. The focus of our work is the energy-using systems (HVAC, plumbing, electrical) of buildings.
Engineering Innovation for a Better Built Environment

99. Royal Society Of Canada Symposium 2003 - Energy, Environment And Society: Making
energy, environment and Society Making Choices Énergie, environnement et société une question de choix. The Royal Society of
Energy, Environment and Society: Making Choices
Énergie, environnement et société : une question de choix
The Royal Society of Canada
A symposium of the Royal Society of Canada
The Canadian Academy of the Sciences and Humanities
Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Mardi 25 novembre 2003
at 8:45 - à partir de 8 h 45
Canada Science and Technology Museum
Musée des sciences et de la technologie du Canada 1867, boul. St-Laurent Blvd. Ottawa ON K1G 5A3 A one-day Symposium organized by The Royal Society of Canada, in collaboration with the Canada Science and Technology Museum and the National Research Council Canada Recent events in Canada have highlighted public concerns about the nation's energy policies. The blackout that affected much of Ontario and the northeastern United States has focused attention on the adequacy and security of our electricity supply. Meanwhile, gas prices have soared across the country, and the federal government's announcement of funding for a range of policy initiatives related to the Kyoto Protocol has reminded Canadians of the need to make changes to the way in which we generate and use energy, in order to reduce the possibility of anthropogenic climate change and other types of damage to the environment. Canadians are concerned about the potential for global warming. There are also concerns about the health effects associated with the use of fossil fuels (smog and other forms of pollution). What alternative forms of energy are there? And could we help to solve these problems by changing the way we use energy in industry, for transportation, and in our daily lives? Government policies in these areas are incomplete, and the general public needs much more information if a consensus is to evolve about the necessary changes in energy use in our society.

100. Institute For Chromotherapy
An environment targeted towards deep healing using light, color and energy motion techniques. Angelo Cammilleri is certified as Practitioner/Trainer by Jacob Liberman, O.D., PH.D., D.SC. and Earl Lizotte, O.D., in the use of light and color for deep healing, utilizing the Spectral Receptivity System IITM.
All life and energy on earth is derived from light. All the energy we take into our bodies is derived from the sun. Every function of life - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - is light dependent. Therefore, our receptivity to light is directly related to our receptivity to life. Institute for Chromotherapy
Angelo Cammilleri, Practitioner/Trainer
Email: Phone: (716) 699-4128 Fax: (716) 699-5102
Website design by Jen Brodzik and Drake Emko

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