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         Energy:     more books (100)
  1. Physics of Societal Issues: Calculations on National Security, Environment, and Energy (Undergraduate Texts in Contemporary Physics) by David W. Hafemeister, 2007-05-04
  2. Coping With Abundance: Energy and Environment in Industrial America 1820-1980 by Martin V. Melosi, 1985-03
  3. Efficiency and Equity of Climate Change Policy (Economics, Energy and Environment)
  4. Transportation, Energy, & Environment: How Far Will Technology Take Us? (Aceee Books on Energy Policy and Energy Efficiency)
  5. Sustainable Fossil Fuels: The Unusual Suspect in the Quest for Clean and Enduring Energy by Mark Jaccard, 2006-01-16
  6. Economics of Sustainable Energy in Agriculture (Economy & Environment)
  7. Steering a New Course: Transportation, Energy, and the Environment by Deborah Gordon, 1991-10-01
  8. Energy Policy Analysis and Modelling (Cambridge Energy and Environment Series) by Mohan Munasinghe, Peter Meier, 1993-09-24
  9. Energy Efficiency and Human Activity: Past Trends, Future Prospects (Cambridge Energy and Environment Series) by Lee Schipper, Stephen Meyer, 1992-11-27
  10. Solar Energy Technology Handbook (Energy, Power, and Environment) by E. W. Dickerson, Paul N. Cheremisinoff, 1980-10-01
  11. Combustion Technologies for a Clean Environment (Energy, Combustion and the Environment, V. 1) by Carvalhoc, 1995-06-15
  12. Energy Use and the Environment by F.P.W. Winteringham, 1991-12-02
  13. Wind Energy in the Built Environment by Sander Mertens, 2005-04-01
  14. "Paper or Plastic?": Energy, Environment, and Consumerism in Sweden and America by Rita J. Erickson, 1997-07-30

61. South Asia Regional Country Analysis Brief
An overview of Bhutan's energy, electricity, oil, economy and environment.
Home Country Analysis Briefs South Asia Regional Overview PDF version PDB version September 2003 Background Energy Overview Oil Natural Gas ... Links South Asia Regional Overview Note: All information contained in this report is the best available as of September 2003 and can change. GENERAL BACKGROUND
The South Asian region (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka) is notable for its large population (more than one-fifth of the world total) which continues to grow rapidly. At the same time, despite rapid economic growth during the 1990s, the region has among the lowest per capita incomes in the world. India is by far the largest South Asian country, in terms of population, GDP, and land area, followed by Pakistan and Bangladesh. For 2003, India is expected to experience a growth rate in real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 5.7%, with Pakistan at 4.1%, and Bangladesh at 5.4%. Overall, South Asia is in a period of transition as it strives to implement effective economic, political, social, and legal structures to support sustained growth. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have arranged several billion dollars worth of assistance to the region, with the IMF prescribing such measures as cuts in subsidies (including energy subsidies), deregulation, anti-poverty efforts, and increased privatization.

62. Energy Probe Research Foundation, Consumer Policy Institute, Energy Probe, Envir
Comprised of Probe International, energy Probe, environmental Bureau of Investigation, environment Probe, Urban Renaissance Institute, Consumer Policy Institute, and Margaret Laurence Fund. One of Canada's leading environmental and public policy research institutes.

News articles
About Us e-library Office space for rent ... Search
Energy Probe Research Foundation is one of Canada's leading environmental and public policy research institutes.
It has four main goals:
  • to provide the public, media, business, and government with information on resource-related issues;
  • to promote sustainable resource use;
  • to encourage individual responsibility and accountability;
  • to help Canada contribute to global justice and prosperity.
Our foundation's family of websites receives 40,000 hits a day. e-mail news service
Subscribe to the latest EPRF news, which is available daily, or weekly. Contact Us Energy Probe Research Foundation
225 Brunswick Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2M6
Energy Probe
Probe International Environment Probe ...

63. CPD - Energy/Environment - HUD
energy/ environment. HUD energy and environment policy is coordinated by the Office of Community Viability. The energy web site describes

Community Planning and Development
About CPD Economic Development Community Development ... Help
Energy/ Environment
Information by State
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HUD energy and environment policy is coordinated by the Office of Community Viability. The Energy web site describes HUD energy initiatives, policies and how federal government wide energy policies affect HUD programs and assistance. The Environment web site describes HUD environmental policies and regulations affecting HUD assistance, as well as providing links to sources for discussions about the man made and urban environments. Energy
There are three main Energy challenges with respect to HUD. First, utility bills can burden the poor and can be a contributing factor in homelessness. Second, HUD programs are affected by energy costs. Finally, energy costs affect economic development. To address these and other issues HUD has adopted the Energy Action Plan.

64. Paying For Pollution-How Taxpayers Subsidize Dangerous And Polluting Energy Prog
Report in PDF and HTML formats on subsidies in the United States for polluting industries who benefits from these subsidies, why they hurt Americans and the environment, and what should be done instead.
Select a Specific Issue Area - Choose One - Green Scissors Campaign Environmental Tax Reform Earth Budget Road to Ruin World Bank Reform International Monetary Fund OPIC and Exim Bank Trade and Investment Sprawl Community Support Project D.C. Environmental Network Healing the Atmosphere Close to Home Newsletter Organizing Tips Finding Environmental Data Elections and Environment DC Environmental Agenda 99 Water Pollution Permits
Paying for Pollution recommends eliminating more than $26 billion in subsidies for polluting and dangerous sources of energy. These subsidies encourage energy sources that pollute our air and water, create nuclear waste and waste taxpayer dollars. Industry groups have made millions of dollars of campaign contributions to preserve these subsidies at the expense of taxpayers and the environment. Paying for Pollution is the product of the Green Scissors Campaign, a coalition of environmental, taxpayer and consumer groups.
Press Release: Polluting Energy Industries to Receive Over $26 Billion from Taxpayers March 23, 2000 View Paying for Pollution on the World Wide Web.

65. Index
energy, environment, Science Technology Program The EEST Program at SAIS addresses the crosscutting issues of international affairs, including questions like
Message from the Director M.A. Requirements EEST Curriculum Ph.D. Program ... Contact Us
The EEST Program at SAIS addresses the cross-cutting issues of international affairs, including questions like: How can international cooperation to protect the environment be made successful? Can technology dramatically reduce energy usage per unit of GDP? Will the information revolution strengthen democracy? Why has disease eradication largely eluded us? Can a workable solution be found for sharing the vital water resources of unfriendly neighboring countries? What is the role of government in energy markets? How have developments in science and technology affected foreign policy and the international system? The EEST program:
Applies tools and concepts to real problems, teaches students to ask the right questions, and shows how to analyze these. EEST emphasizes important interdependencies, including the relations between nation states, between each of the EEST components and policy, and between government and industry.
EEST graduates hold leadership positions in government, industry, international organizations, consulting firms, and non-governmental organizations.

66. Welcome To Marbek
An environment and energy management consulting firm, providing policy and program advice in energy efficiency, sustainable development, and environmental assessment.
222 Somerset Street West
Suite 300
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2G3
TEL.: (613) 523-0784
FAX.: (613) 523-0717

67. Wind Energy, Environment, And Fuels
Wind energy Reference Manual Part 5 environment and Fuels.
Wind Energy Reference Manual Part 5: Environment and Fuels
  • Energy Content of Fuels
  • CO -Emissions from Fuels Energy Content of Fuels *) GJ per tonne North Sea Crude Oil LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas: Propane, Butane) Petrol (Gasoline) JP1 (Jet aircraft fuel) Diesel / Light Fuel oil Heavy Fuel Oil Orimulsion Natural Gas 39.3 per 1000 Nm Steam Coal Other Coal Straw Wood chips Household Waste 1995 Household Waste 1996 CO -Emissions from Fuels *) kg CO per GJ kg CO per kg fuel Petrol (Gasoline) Diesel / Light Fuel oil Heavy Fuel Oil Orimulsion Natural Gas (methane) Coal 2.33 (steam coal) 2.52 (other) *) Conversion factors provided by the Danish Energy Agency
    Updated 12 May 2003 Please wait...
  • 68. Energy/Environment/Safety
    Choose another category.
    Literature Library FAQ Press Room
    Choose another category Compact Fluorescent Energy/Environment/Safety Halogen Incandescent Lighting Application Lighting Basics Linear Fluorescent Site Navigation
    What should I do if I break a fluorescent light bulb?
    More Details The major hazard from broken fluorescent tubes is the possibility of sustaining glass cuts. Puncture resistant gloves are recommended for cleaning up broken glass.
    Does GE have any tips to help me find which energy codes apply to my facility?
    More Details Energy codes vary from state to state, however the Federal Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPACT) requires all states to adopt a building energy code that meets or exceeds the requirement of ASHRAE/IES 90.1-1989. Many states use the Model Energy Code (MEC) to meet the requirements of EPACT.
    Is special disposal required for my fluorescent lamps?
    More Details Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, but the quantities are so minute that single lamps are not effected by federal disposal standards. However, if you are disposing many fluorescent lamps you should know that because they contain mercury they are classified as hazardous waste unless 1) you, as the end user, generate less than 100kg of hazardous waste per month (approx. 360 4' T12 lamps) or 2) The lamps pass the EPA Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) Test.
    What is Energy Star and why are many compact fluorescent light bulbs Energy Star labeled?

    69. Chicago Department Of Environment
    Information on Chicago's energy programs including daily updates of power outages.

    70. Energy, Environment And Natural Resource Law
    energy, environment AND NATURAL RESOURCES LAW Students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours in energy, environment, and natural resources courses.
    ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES LAW THE LL.M. PROGRAM IN ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT, AND NATURAL RESOURCES LAW at the UH Law Center trains lawyers to handle the complex legal and policy issues that surround three areas: energy production and use; pollution prevention and biodiversity protection; and natural resources exploitation and conservation. Students focus on one of the three areas or pursue broader studies of the interrelationship between energy development and policies to protect the environment. Economic and political forces play a role in all of these areas, and applicable law may be local, national, or international. The curriculum gives students the opportunity to acquire or deepen their analytical and practice skills for a career in these complex subject areas. Faculty with international reputations in energy law and domestic and international environmental policy teach these courses, and a strong corps of adjunct law professors lend their skills and perspectives. Students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours in energy, environment, and natural resources courses. IELE and the LL.M. program build on the strengths of the UH Law Center’s faculty expertise, dating from the early 1990s when the UH Law Center directed the Russian Petroleum Legislation Project, which worked with counterparts in the Russian government and World Bank to draft model petroleum laws for the new Russian Federation. Faculty members have also assisted PEMEX (the national oil company of Mexico) and the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation through training seminars, and have served as advisors to the U.S. government on cross-border environmental issues under NAFTA.

    71. Energy And Environment At The University Of Washington
    University course on energy consumption and production patterns, fossil energy conversion and resources, nuclear energy, and environmental consequences.
    University of Washington
    Engr/Phys 341 and Engr 498HB: Energy and Environment I

    A course on Energy Consumption and Production Patterns, Fossil Energy Conversion and Resources, Nuclear Energy, and Environmental Consequences. University of Washington
    Energy and Environment II is a course about renewable energy methods of energy conversion which have a small to negligible effect on the earth's atmosphere. See Energy and Environment I for a course about energy consumption and production patterns, fossil energy, and the impact of fossil energy conversion on the earth's atmosphere.
    University of Washington
    DFE 498 Sustainability Design for Environment
    Sustainability, Design for Environment
    Home page of Prof. Phil Malte
    University of Washington
    Department of Mechanical Engineering

    72. Building Environmental Science & Technology (B.E.S.T.)
    Technical and information services and unique perspectives on building practices, development, energy and the environment.

    Contact Information
    Green Building
    Energy Efficiency
    Healthy Homes
    B.E.S.T. Top-10
    About B.E.S.T.
    What We Do
    Client List Qualifications Publications B.E.S.T. Links
    Member US Weather Map Introduction Services Send-Request Form Welcome to B. E. S. T. We provide consulting services on green building techniques, energy efficiency, renewable energy applications, environmental building materials, and indoor environmental quality. We can help you implement environmental practices in both new and existing buildings. Significant Client Benefits Project Areas Assessing "green" design and construction options Improving comfort, indoor health and energy-efficiency Boosting livability, productivity, durability, maintainability Using a systems approach to environmental building Plans Evaluation Computer Studies Project Design Commissioning Builder Training Information Center Support for Building Professionals Environmental Home Consumer Info

    73. Energy, Environment & Infrastructures
    energy, environment INFRASTRUCTURES DIVISION Everyday and with growing frequency, civil and industrial engineers are facing problems related to human
    Everyday and with growing frequency, civil and industrial engineers are facing problems related to human activities interacting with natural and man-made environments. The D'Appolonia Energy, Environment and Infrastructures Division provides strategically integrated services to public and private clients in the field of water and wastewater, environment, industrial facilities and related infrastructures. Our clients rely on us for all phases of project development and delivery - from strategic planning and financing through design, construction, operations and maintenance, and institutional development. D'Appolonia Energy, Environment and Infrastructures Division staff, whose capabilities cover a broad range of engineering fields and earth sciences, can withstand this challenge with a multidisciplinary and multipurpose approach, merging conventional analytical techniques with the most advanced technological innovation. D'Appolonia is not only capable to cover all the technical aspects usually required in dealing with engineering issues, but has the resources to provide as well varied and diversified administrative and financial services for a project. Over the past 15 years, D'Appolonia has built an unrivaled reputation in Italy for client service and consistently earns top ranking in the national engineering and construction industry among private companies.

    74. ECCJ ÈƒGƒlƒ‹ƒM[ƒZƒ“ƒ^[(Japanese) Home
    Provides information and resources for efficient use of energy, protection of the Global environment and sustainable development.
    Hê‚̏ȃGƒl ƒrƒ‹‚̏ȃGƒl ¶Šˆ‚̏ȃGƒl Œð’ʂ̏ȃGƒl ... o”Å E ŠeŽíuÀ V’…î•ñ ƒvƒŒƒXƒŠƒŠ[ƒX
    lÞ•åW ...
    ƒgƒsƒbƒNƒX ƒGƒlƒ‹ƒM[ŠÇ—Žm
    ŠeŽí‹ZpuÀŽó•t’† ƒGƒlƒ‹ƒM[ŠÇ—ŽmŽóŒ±‘΍ôuÀŽó•t’†
    ÈƒGƒlî•ñ ESCO ÈƒGƒlƒf[ƒ^ƒx[ƒX ƒGƒlƒ‹ƒM[ŠÇ—ŽmŒŸõ ÈƒGƒl‘åÜ E ‹¤Cƒxƒ“ƒgˆê—— ƒAƒ“ƒoƒTƒ_[Ž† —lŽ®WEŽ‘—¿ ƒpƒ“ƒtƒŒƒbƒgˆê—— ... ƒŠƒ“ƒNW ƒZƒ“ƒ^[ˆÄ“à Ž^•‰ïˆõƒR[ƒi[ E-mailî•ñ”­M“o˜^ ƒZƒ“ƒ^[ŠT—v Žæˆøæ“o˜^ ... ‚²ˆÓŒ©E‚²—v–] §104-0032@“Œ‹ž“s’†‰›‹æ”ª’š–x3-19-9
    3-19-9 Hatchobori Chuoku Tokyo Japan 104-0032
    Tel:03-5543-3011 Fax 03-5543-3022

    75. Energy/Environment Services Quick Link
    energy/environment Services. Two business groups perform most of our energy and environment-related projects. These groups are listed
    Choose a Quick Link Acquisition Services Benefits Board of Trustees Clients Contracts: GSA Schedules Contracts: Other Directions E-Government Services Energy/Environment Services Facilities Services Financial Services Grants Management Services Healthcare Services Homeland Security Services Human Resources Services Information Systems Services Logistics Services Multinational Services Organization Position Openings Reports Technology Services Training Services What's New ACQUISITION


    Energy/Environment Services Two business groups perform most of our energy- and environment-related projects. These groups are listed below along with their areas of specialization. If you want more details on their capabilities or points of contact, click on the group name.

    76. Fuel Economy
    Find cars that protect the environment and save you money; advanced technology, links, from the U.S. Dept. of energy.
    Gas mileage (MPG), greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution ratings, and safety information for new and used cars and trucks 2004 Fuel Economy Guide Fuel Cells
    How Fuel Cells Work

    Fuel Cell Vehicles

    Hybrid Vehicles
    News and Info.....
    Possible Tax Incentives
    Hybrid Vehicles

    Alternative Fuel Vehicles
    Why is my fuel economy different from the EPA rating? How are fuel economy estimates obtained? ... Feedback This site last modified May 25, 2004

    77. EU-Büro Des BMBF: Energy/ Environment
    Translate this page Network Forum - Sector energy/ environment. ICT/ Bank. Contributions to the Sector energy/ environment will be published on this website as soon as possible.
    Dieses Dokument liegt an folgendem Ort:
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    EU- Büro
    Arbeitsbereiche Erstanlaufstelle 6. RP ... Service
    Network Forum - Sector Energy/ Environment
    Life Science/
    Environment Chemistry/
    Contributions to the Sector Energy/ Environment will be published on this website as soon as possible. back to sectoral networks Home Background Agenda
    The conference "Women in Industrial Research" is supported by the Directorate General Research of the European Commission and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany This site is hosted by the Contact Point FIF! - Women into EU-Research of the EU-Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany Impressum Druckvorschau Seite empfehlen Textanfang

    78. Environmental Engineering At Humboldt State University - Environmental Resources
    BSc study areas are Water and energy Resources, Geo environment, Air Quality. MSc in environmental Systems with three options. Provides resources for future and current students, alumni, information on staff, student life, research projects and schedules.
    Humboldt State University
    Quick Graphics
    Full Graphics (100 kb) Environmental Resources Engineering College of Natural Resources and Sciences Humboldt State University

    79. E3ME: An Energy-Environment-Economy Model Of Europe
    industry and goverment. UK Regional and Sectoral, European Regional and Sectoral, and energy and environment forecasting.
    For more information contact:
    Dr. Sebastian A. de-Ramon (Senior Economist)
    Email: ~Top~ Last Updated 22 April 2004

    80. Center For Energy And Environmental Resources (CEER)
    Central liaison for energy and environmental research and education. Focuses on efficient and economical uses of energy and on ensuring a cleaner environment by developing ecologically sound energy related technologies.
    About CEER Office of the Director CEER Student, Faculty
    and Staff Directory
    ... Texas Institute for the Indoor Environment
    (TI E) Richard Corsi
    Vincent Torres
    Jeffery Siegel

    David Allen

    Kerry Kinney
    Freeman's Polymer Group (FPG) ...
    Frank Seibert
    Process Energetics (PE) John H. Davis
    John A. Pearce

    Phil S. Schmidt
    Texas Industries of the Future (TIOF) National Park Service
    Air Resource Coordinator Michael George CEER Collabratives: Energy Systems Lab, TAMUS Tom Fitzpatrick
    Programs Located at the Center for Energy and Environmental Resources Click the icons below to access each program's web site:
    Current News and Events
    Mark Kapner, Senior Strategy Planner, Austin Energy, gives Outreach Lecture for UT's Environmental Science Program: Austin's Energy: Power Can Be Cleaner - Friday February 13th at 7:00pm, CST

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