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         Energy:     more books (100)
  1. Energy, the Environment, and Public Opinion by Eric R.A.N. Smith, 2002-02-15
  2. Out of the Energy Labyrinth: Uniting Energy and the Environment to Avert Catastrophe by David Howell, Carole Nakhle, 2007-07-24
  3. Energy, Economics and the Environment: Cases and Materials (University Casebook) by Fred Bosselman, Jim Rossi, et all 2000-08
  4. Encyclopedia of Energy Technology and the Environment, 4 Volume Set (Wiley Encyclopedia Series in Environmental Science)
  5. New Approaches on Energy and the Environment: Policy Advice for the President (Resources for the Future)
  6. Energy Law and the Environment by Rosemary Lyster, Adrian Bradbrook, 2006-11-06
  7. Environment, Energy and Society: Exemplary Works (Wadsworth Sociology Reader Series) by Craig R. Humphrey, Tammy L. Lewis, et all 2002-11-18
  8. Nuclear or Not?: Does Nuclear Power Have a Place in a Sustainable Energy Future? (Energy, Climate and the Environment)
  9. Alternative Energy: Political, Economic, and Social Feasibility by Christopher A. Simon, 2006-12-28
  10. Solar Energy (Our Environment) by Kris Hirschmann, 2005-10-18
  11. Environment, Energy, and Society: A New Synthesis by Craig R. Humphrey, Tammy L. Lewis, et all 2001-08-03
  12. The Wiley Encyclopedia of Energy and the Environment, 2 Volume Set (Wiley Encyclopedia of Energy & the Environment)
  13. Energy and American SocietyThirteen Myths
  14. Effluent America: Cities, Industry, Energy, and the Environment (Pittsburgh Hist Urban Environ) by Martin V. Melosi, 2001-07-19

21. BPE-Inc. Menu
Consultants that work with ESCOs and building owners to optimize the performance of buildings, including energy efficiency improvements, measurement and verification, indoor air and environment problem resolution, and building system operational solutions.
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Tucker, GA 30084

energy, environment AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT implemented under the Fifth Framework Programme (19992002). In these two following
IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE - The information on this site is subject to a and a
implemented under the Fifth Framework Programme (1999-2002) In these two following sites it is possible to find more information about the next Framework Programme (FP6) relating Environment for Research Building on previous Environment, Energy and Marine Sciences Programmes

23. Alliance To Save Energy--Creating An Energy-Efficient World
U.S. consortium that promotes the clean and efficient use of energy worldwide to benefit the environment, economy, and national security. Website has information for consumers and policymakers, plus energy education materials.

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Secure Crucial
Energy Efficiency
Funding from
Congress! Save the Date! On June 8 from 8:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m., the Alliance will host a special debate forum that will feature leading energy voices from industry, government, academia, the media and the public interest sector. "The Great Energy Efficiency Debate" will be held in Room G50 of the Senate Dirksen Building and will be opened by Alliance Chairman Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND). More
Acting DOE Undersecretary David Garman (above) and Alliance President Kateri Callahan (below) announce 'Powerful Savings' campaign at National Press Club May 21.
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Alliance, DOE Launch
'Powerful Savings' Campaign
To Help Consumers Reduce Energy Bills, Nation's Energy Use On the eve of the Memorial Day holiday and the heavy summer driving season, with record-high gasoline prices and rising home energy costs, the U.S. Department of Energy and the Alliance to Save Energy announced the launch of a year-long "Powerful $avings" campaign to help consumers reduce their energy bills and the nation's energy usage. Visit the Powerful $avings microsite , updated continually with new content. Also, check out the DOE's

24. Environment, Energy, Europe - An Investment For Now And The Future
Europe must play an active part in this fastmoving, global environment. Key Action 1. Key Action 5. Cleaner energy systems, including renewables. Key Action 6.
IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE - The information on this site is subject to a and a
Science has always been an international endeavour, and international scientific cooperation is becoming even more important as globalisation gathers pace. Europe must play an active part in this fast-moving, global environment. Key Action 1 Sustainable management and quality of water Key Action 2 Global change, climate and biodiversity Key Action 3 Sustainable marine ecosystems Key Action 4 The city of tomorrow and cultural heritage Key Action 5 Cleaner energy systems, including renewables Key Action 6 Economic and efficient energy for a competitive Europe Key Action 7 Nuclear Fission Key Action 8 Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion

25. Center For Energy And Environment
Nonprofit organization promoting responsible use of energy and natural resources in Minnesota.

26. Energy & Environment Directorate
energy and environment Directorate (E ED) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory addresses enduring national needs in the areas of energy and the environment and supplies discipline support in
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27. INTEGRATION Environment & Energy: Services
Offering consultancy in the sectors of environmental and energy related issues, such as cleaner production, emission trading services, rural Infrastructure and renewable energies.
INTEGRATION Consulting Group INTEGRATION offers consultancy in the field of environmental and energy related issues to public and state-owned institutions, industries, enterprises and private clients. The impacts of industry and technology on our environment are most complex and, therefore, cannot be defined as simple cause-effect relationships. The understanding of such problems and the elaboration of effective measures to rehabilitate an already devastated environment respectively its protection requires a close cross-sectoral cooperation of excellent professionals and a multidisciplinary integrated approach.
Consequently, our technology and industry related approach is following these guidelines, combining the specialized know-how of experts from different sectors of engineering science but also covering institutional development, economics and social sciences. According to our understanding environment protection and its acceptance within a society is always strongly related to its technical, economical, and social feasibility.
  • Governmental actions with respect to enforce laws and regulations will always consider the capability of the respective industry and the grade of acceptance by the society.

28. DOE Office Of Environment, Safety And Health
ES H Program/Topics. environment. Facility and Nuclear Safety ES H Site Safety/Field Info. Inside energy. Integrated Safety Management (ISM)
About Us Mission/Vision Organization Chart E-mail Us DOE Phone Book ... Worker Advocacy Resources/Tools DOE Orders DOE Technical Standards - Search Collection - Browse Collection ... Suspect/Counterfeit or Defective Items Hot Topics
  • Electrical Safety Campaign
  • Lessons Learned
    Daily Occurrence
    Safety Concerns



    Worker Advocacy
    Integrated Safety ...
    System (EMS)
    Latest News DOE Infectious Disease Update - June 2, 2004
    June 2004 Standards Forum Newsletter

    Ireland and Northern Ireland to Pilot OSHA's VPP
    Worker Advocacy GAO Report ... More News Events America's Fire Expo 2004 DOE and DOE Contractors' Industrial Hygiene Meeting

    29. Energy And Environment Research Programme
    The programme aims to assess the impacts of proposed energy related environmental policies and regulation on UK industry, and their cost implications for the final consumer.
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    30. TNO Milieu, Energie En Procesinnovatie
    TNOMEP is a Netherlands knowledge institute committed to quality living conditions, competitive production processes and sustainable use of energy. Provides description of services, research projects, news and publications.
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    Bent u geïnteresseerd in andere projecten, producten en diensten van andere instituten van TNO? Klik dan hier Aan de inhoud van de TNO-MEP internet site kunnen geen rechten worden ontleend.
    © TNO Milieu, Energie en Procesinnovatie, Postbus 342, 7300 AH Apeldoorn,
    telefoon 055 549 34 93, fax 055 541 98 37, e-mail

    digitale nieuwsbrief
    Nieuwe vacatures ... Afsluiting Arnhemseweg (N788) van en naar Arnhem/Beekbergen Overig nieuws Nieuwe toepassingen voor accu's Succesvolle langeduur-proef HTU TNO-MEP betrokken bij pesticidenbeleid Slowakije Activiteiten op Chinese milieumarkt ... Bestellen rapporten

    31. Physics 301 - Energy And The Environment - Cal State Fullerton
    Physics 301 energy and the environment. An Online General Education Course at Cal State Fullerton to learn more about energy and the environment, the course is intended to
    Physics 301 - Energy and the Environment
    An Online General Education Course at Cal State Fullerton
    Welcome to the public homepage for Physics 301, a general education course devoted to exploring the relationships between the use and production of energy and environmental effects. This course, which has been designed by Dr. Mark H. Shapiro , Professor of Physics at Cal State Fullerton , will be offered again via distance learning during the 2003 Fall Semester. Students in the course use the resources of the internet to explore the physical principles that govern the generation and use of energy, and to investigate how these principles influence the choices society makes that affect the environment. As well as helping students to learn more about energy and the environment, the course is intended to help students develop both computer and critical thinking skills. One of the unique features of this course is that it employs the Case Study Method , pioneered by Dr. Clyde F. Herried at SUNY Buffalo, to explore a number of issues related to energy and the environment. To see how the case study method works take some time to explore the information presented by Dr. Herried on his Case Studies Homepage.

    32. Fuel Economy
    Find cars that protect the environment and save you money. Information on advanced technology, gas mileage tips, links, and car by car fuel ratings.
    Gas mileage (MPG), greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution ratings, and safety information for new and used cars and trucks 2004 Fuel Economy Guide Fuel Cells
    How Fuel Cells Work

    Fuel Cell Vehicles

    Hybrid Vehicles
    News and Info.....
    Possible Tax Incentives
    Hybrid Vehicles

    Alternative Fuel Vehicles
    Why is my fuel economy different from the EPA rating? How are fuel economy estimates obtained? ... Feedback This site last modified May 25, 2004

    Master and PhD energy and environmental Policy; MA energy, environment and Equity; PhD in Technology, environment and Society. Offers research areas, staff, course contents and publications.
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    34. Main Page. CIEMAT
    WELCOME to the Research Centre for energy, environment and Technology, CIEMAT. Public Organism for Research and Technological Development
    WELCOME to the Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology, CIEMAT . Public Organism for Research and Technological Development that has like main objectives:
    • develop alternative energy sources
    • find solutions to improve the use of resources and energy generation systems
    • solve the problems of the Spanish companies regarding energy and its effects on the environment


    35. The Network For Energy, Environment, Efficiency, And The Information Economy
    Network for energy, environment, Efficiency, and the Information Economy, Join the Network.
    Network for
    Energy, Environment, Efficiency,
    and the Information Economy Join the Network! Discussion Forum Add Material to Site
    Jump to the controversy over electricity used by the internet.
    Project Description
    N E conducts research on the physical aspects of information technology, focusing on resource flows, energy use, and environmental impacts associated with computing and network equipment. To accomplish this goal, our researchers track equipment sales, materials use and reuse, energy use, and emissions. We also estimate stocks of equipment based on lifetimes and survey data.
    Such information is essential for addressing questions like:
    • "What direct effect will the explosion in computing and communications technologies have on electricity use in the U.S.?"
    • "What are the net environmental and resource effects of telecommuting or web-based commerce?"
    • "How many computers exist in the U.S., how much energy do they use, how fast are they being replaced, and where do obsolete computers go once retired?"
    Our research covers all parts of the information technology supply chain, including manufacturing, distribution, purchasing, use, and final disposal of all types of computing and communication network systems. It also includes indirect effects on industrial processes and institutional structures insofar as these effects relate to energy use and environmental impacts.

    36. UNEP Collaborating Centre On Energy And Environment (UCCEE)
    Research, studies and methodologies on policies and economics related to climate change, in an energyenvironment-development context.

    37. Technology Review: Energy, Environment, & Agriculture
    energy, environment, Agriculture.
    Agriculture Energy Environment TOP FEATURE Mismatch Boosts Solar Efficiency
    A mix of several metals and oxygen could lead to solar cells that capture much more sunlight. FEATURES View All Is Cold Fusion Heating Up?
    Though their work is dismissed by most physicists, a determined cadre of scientists is still chasing after what could be an energy jackpot—and their experiments are producing heat and nuclear byproducts that can't be otherwise explained. Alaska is Melting. Can Kyoto Save It?
    Material Boosts Thermoelectricity

    A semiconductor raises the bar for thermoelectric performance, making practical heat-to-electricity conversion more likely. Bacteria Make Clean Power
    Researchers have previously shown that is possible to build a fuel cell run by microbes. Red Wine Mends Solar Cells
    University of Toledo researchers have found a way to increase energy production using red wine. Hype about Hydrogen
    For all the buzz about future highways filled with hydrogen-powered fuel-cell cars, the technological—and environmental—high ground will belong to gasoline-electric hybrids for decades to come.

    38. BJP Consulting Engineers. A Complete Engineering Service For The Built Environme
    Complete engineering service for the built environment. Including building security systems, environmental control systems, energy conservation, public health systems.
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    39. NaturalSCIENCE Commentary: Energy, Environment And War
    energy, environment and war Keywords energy storage, externalities, Gulf War, Kyoto, Kuwait, Iraq, solar power, wind power. PETER L. LEVIN Note 1.
    Home Cover Stories Articles Letters ... Whatsnew
    Energy, environment and war
    Keywords: energy storage, externalities, Gulf War, Kyoto, Kuwait, Iraq, solar power, wind power.
    PETER L. LEVIN Note 1 College of Engineering, Boston University, Boston, MA 02215, U.S.A.
    February 25, 1998: Hard on the heels of the Kyoto conference on global warming, the Iraqi tyrant who occupied Kuwait and threatened to gain control over 40% of the world's petroleum reserves, has revived the specter of war in the Middle East. The timing should draw our attention to the fact that the causes of the Gulf War and of climate change are one and the same.
    Seven years ago, a coalition of nations assembled to throw the Iraqi invader out of Kuwait on the pretext of liberating a sovereign state. However, as U.S. Secretary of State James Baker explained, in a rare display of diplomatic candor, the real purpose of the intervention was to protect American jobs by ensuring America an unrestricted supply of oil.
    Curiously, the objective of the Kyoto discussion was ostensibly to devise means of restricting the consumption of oil and other fossil fuels by America and the rest of the industrialized world. The conflict between the need to protect the global environment and the industrialized world's energy requirement is stark. Moreover, the conflict will remain a potential cause of war as long as the search for nonpolluting energy sources and means to conserve energy is stymied by chronic underfunding of, and societal nonchalance about, alternative energy resources.

    40. APS Office Of Public Affairs Panel On Public Affairs - Purpose And Background Of
    indepth studies on topics ranging from energy and environment to national security issues.
    questions? comments?
    contact aps
    Purpose and Background of POPA
    The Panel on Public Affairs (POPA) advises the Council and officers of the Society in the formulation of APS positions on public policy issues that have a technical dimension of interest to physicists. POPA also investigates the desirability of APS-sponsored expert studies on physics-related topics of importance to society and helps to organize such studies. Topics in defense technology, energy, and environment have been among the subjects of past studies. POPA was organized in 1974 in response to members' growing interest in societal issues. In addition to the chair, chair-elect, vice-chair and past-chair, its 15 members are elected by the APS Council for staggered three-year terms. The Committee on International Freedom of Scientists (CIFS), the Committee on International Science Affairs (CISA), and the Physics Planning Committee (PPC) themselves spinoffs from POPA are represented on the Panel. [The considerations leading to the establishment of POPA are discussed in "News of The American Physical Society," Bulletin of The American Physical Society, Vol. 19, No. 8, pp. 798-801 (Aug-Sept, 1974).]

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