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  1. Unix Programmer's Manual Supplementary Documents 1 (UNIX Progammer's Supplementary Documents Volume 1 (PSI), 4.3 Berkeley Software Distribution Virtual VAX-11 Version) by USENIX Association, 1986
  2. UNIX Power Tools (In a Nutshell) by Jerry Peek, Mike Loukides, et all 1993-03-13
  3. UNIX Filesystems: Evolution, Design, and Implementation by Steve D.Pate, Steve D. Pate, 2003-01-03
  4. Introducing Unix System V by Rachel Morgan, Henry McGilton, 1991-11
  5. Introductory Command Line Unix for Users by Richard, Leland Petersen, 2006-10-09
  6. The UNIX and Windows 2000 Handbook: Planning, Integration and Administration by Lonnie Harvel, David Webb, et all 2000-05-14
  7. Sams Teach Yourself Unix in 10 Minutes (2nd Edition) (Sams Teach Yourself) by Robert Shimonski, 2005-06-25
  8. The UNIX Hater's Handbook by Simson L. Garfinkel, 1994-06
  9. UNIX Networking Clearly Explained by Richard L. Petersen, 1999-04-15
  10. Unix Shell Programming by Yashavant Kanetkar, 2003-08-11
  11. UNIX Internals: A Practical Approach by S.D. Pate, 1996-08-16
  12. UNIX, Solaris and Linux: A Practical Security Cookbook:Securing UNIX Operating System without Third-Party Applications by Boris Loza, 2005-04-22
  13. UNIX in a Nutshell: Berkeley Edition (Nutshell Handbooks) by The staff of O'Reilly Media, 1986-12-01
  14. Bulletproof UNIX by Tim Gottleber, 2002-08-27

121. UNIX¤ÎÉô²°
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
openssl exec realpath gdb ... /dev/null UNIX ¤Î¥³¥Þ¥ó¥É¤Î»È¤¤Êý¤ä¥ª¥×¥·¥ç¥ó¤ÎÀâÌÀ¤Ê¤É¤ò¥á¥â¤·¤Æ¤ª¤¤¤¿¤â¤Î¤¬ ¤ï¤ê¤È¤¿¤Þ¤¤¿¤Î¤Ç¡¢À°Íý¤·¤Æ¸ø³«¤·¤Þ¤¹¡£´ðËÜŪ¤Ë FreeBSD 2.1.5-RELEASE ¡Á 4.9-RELEASE ¤ÇÄ´¤Ù¤¿»öÊÁ¤ò½ñ¤­¤Þ¤·¤¿¡£ ´ðÁŪ¤Ê¥³¥Þ¥ó¥É¤Ë¤Ä¤¤¤Æ¤Ï¾¤ÎUNIX¥æ¡¼¥¶¤ÎÊý¤Ç¤â»²¹Í¤Ë¤Ê¤ë¤«¤â¤·¤ì¤Þ¤»¤ó¤¬¡¢ ¤³¤ì¤òµ¡²ñ¤Ë FreeBSD ¤Ë¾è¤ê´¹¤¨¤Æ¤ß¤Þ¤»¤ó¤«? ¤³¤Î web Æâ¤Îʸ¾Ï¤Ë´Ø¤·¤Æ¡¢°úÍÑ¡¦¥ê¥ó¥¯¡¦¾Ò²ð¤ä¡¢ í°ÕÅÀ¤Ï
  • ¥³¥Þ¥ó¥É¡¦¥¢¥×¥ê¥±¡¼¥·¥ç¥ó¤È¤½¤Î¥ª¥×¥·¥ç¥ó¤Î´Ê±¤ÊÀâÌÀ¤Ç¤¹¡£ ÉÔÍפȻפï¤ì¤ë¥ª¥×¥·¥ç¥ó¤Ï¾Ê¤­¤Þ¤·¤¿(-h¤ä¥Ç¥Õ¥©¥ë¥È¤ÎÀßÄê¤Ë¤Ê¤¤Æ¤¤¤ë¥ª¥×¥·¥ç¥ó¤Ê¤É)¡£ ¤Ê¤ë¤Ù¤¯»¤¯¡¢´Ê·é¤Ë¡¢¤ï¤«¤ê¤ä¤¹¤¯¡¢¤ò´ðËÜÊý¿Ë¤Ë¤·¤Þ¤·¤¿¡£
  • C¥·¥§¥ëÊÑ¿ô¥Þ¥Ë¥å¥¢¥ë
    csh¡¢tcsh¤Î¥·¥§¥ëÊÑ¿ô¤Ë¤Ä¤¤¤Æ´Ê±¤Ë¤Þ¤È¤á¤¿¤â¤Î¤Ç¤¹¡£ sh¡¢bash»È¤¤¤Î¿Í¤Ë¤Ï¤Þ¤¤¿¤¯Ìò¤ËΩ¤¿¤Ê¤¤¤Î¤Çí°Õ¤·¤Æ¤¯¤À¤µ¤¤¡£
  • /etc ¤ä ~/.*rc¤Ê¤É¤Î³Æ¼ïÀßÄê¥Õ¥¡¥¤¥ë¤ÎÀâÌÀ¤Ç¤¹¡£¤¿¤À¤·¡¢/etc ¤Ê¤É¤Î¥·¥¹¥Æ¥àÀßÄê¥Õ¥¡¥¤¥ë¤Ï¡¢ OS ¤´¤È¤ËÂ礭¤¯¹½À®¤¬°ã¤¤¤Þ¤¹¡£FreeBSD °Ê³°¤Î UNIX ¤ò¤ª»È¤¤¤ÎÊý¤Ï¡¢»²¹ÍÄøÅ٤ˤȤɤá¤Æ²¼¤µ¤¤¡£ ¤Ç¤­¤ì¤Ð FreeBSD ¤ò»È¤¤¤Þ¤·¤ç¤¦ :-) ¤¿¤À¤·¡¢FreeBSD ¤Ç¤â¥Ð¡¼¥¸¥ç¥ó¤Ë¤è¤¤ÆÀßÄê¥Õ¥¡¥¤¥ë¤Î̾Á°¤ä½ñ¼°¤¬ÊѲ½¤·¤Æ¤¤¤Þ¤¹¡£ ¤³¤Îµ­½Ò¤Ï 2.2.x »þÂå¤Î¤â¤Î¤¬Â¿¤¤¤Î¤Ç¡¢·ë¹½¸Å¤¤¤Ç¤¹¡£
  • trash...

122. HyperNews
Webbased threaded discussion board software written in Perl. Package of CGI programs provide centralized, asynchronous conferencing capabilities for HTTP servers. Open source, runs on unix.
About HyperNews
About HyperNews
Starting here you should be able to find HyperNews forums about HyperNews itself. If you are looking for forums on other topics, please see the HyperNews Home Page Read the instructions for how to add messages, if it is not obvious. A good place to try this out is the HyperNews Test page, but if you want to say anything substantial, consider adding to the Guestbook or one of the other HyperNews pages. You can install the HyperNews Source on your own site to run your own forums. Subscribe to the HyperNews History forum to be notified about new versions. I've got a lot of ideas that still need implementation. If you have a problem with any aspect of HyperNews, please add a message on the bugs page if you can, or email me about it ( ). Please be aware that I cannot help much with problems at other HyperNews sites.
Forums About HyperNews
These are forums about HyperNews itself. Find the most appropriate forum to post a message about some aspect of HyperNews.

123. GNU's Not Unix!
GNU icon GNU s Not unix! The GNU utilities fared very well against several proprietary versions of unix in some fuzz tests .
GNU's Not Unix!
This is an unofficial archive of GNU information. The FSF now has the "official" GNU web pages set up. It is mainly a collection of information that I have collected over the years Much of it is either "historical" information or information that FSF does not keep in the software archives. I also try to maintain links to all the GNU resources I know of around the web. This page pretty much represents all the information I have relating to GNU, so please investigate the various links I have here before sending me e-mail (unless you like the words "I don't know").

124. AccountiX:Accounting Solutions For Linux & Unix
Modular, multiuser accounting package for Linux and unix. Consulting services available. Free single user version available for download.
A ccounti X , Inc.
8235 Greenbrier
San Antonio, TX 78209
Tel: (210)826-4808
Fax: (210)826-4832 Accounting Solutions for today...
and Tomorrow Customer Scheduling is now available! Schedule Appointments with your customers! You can schedule single appointments or multiple appointments in the future. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly. Whatever your needs and requirements. An integrated feature of Sales Orders and Accounts Receivable . Each of your employees can maintain their own schedule of appointments! This will be available in the trial program on 06/06/2004 In order to introduce the newest version of A ccounti X A ccounti X , Inc. proudly announces the Get Acquainted Compiled package. This consists of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger. A complete package for every business. This package will be available for If customization is desired, the the Get Acquainted Source Code for is the ticket. To purchase one of these packages, select

125. Unix Socket FAQ
Welcome to the home of the unix Socket FAQ! The 2001); unix domain sockets using linux (Last updated July 13 2002); Can port be shared ?
Welcome to the home of the UNIX Socket FAQ! The FAQ has moved to a phpBB forum ! Please continue using it there. This version of the FAQ will remain up so that you can reference old comments to the FAQ. Loco, Rob Seace and Michael Lampkin have done a tremendous amount of work getting the forum ready for everyone to use. (Well, mostly Loco, but the other guys worked hard too!) Go ahead and show them your appreciation in "The Lounge"! You can download a single file version of the faq here The FAQ has two home pages. The primary page is at . The mirror is at . For now the uncategorized questions and comments are only available at the primary page. I hope to add features to enable the mirror with all features. Thanks for the mirror Alex! If you are looking for Dr. Charles Campbell's Simple Sockets Library, you can download version 2.09 here . If you are looking for the sample source for this faq, you can download it here
Warning /web/

126. AT&T 3B1/7300 (UNIX PC) Information
AT T 3B1/7300 unix PC information archives.
Unix PC Archive Holdings These files come from some of the archives of 3b1/7300 software including the ones at Ohio State and UUNET. Most of these files are in gzip format and many are in tar format. Follow this link for the tools to unpack them on the 3b1. For file transfer, the best tool is good old kermit. Follow this link for info.
Archives of comp.sources.3b1
XINU for the 7300/3b1
Other 3B1 Information
The older version of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list has been converted to HTML, and let's face it... not much has happened in the past two years so I'm leaving it up here.
Due to the age of some of these links, I'm including my best guess as to their age... for new links, that's when I added them to this list. For old links, it's the most recent date I can find in their files peter.
New Links

127. Webglimpse And Glimpse: Unix-based Search Software, Website Index, Intranet Sear
The code is open, mature, widely used, and actively supported. Requires unix server with ssh or telnet access to install. Or, use our Search Service.
Search Webglimpse Site Documentation Only Home Features Online Demos Downloads ... Testimonials The WebGlimpse Solution Webglimpse search engine software includes a web administration interface, remote link spider, and the powerful Glimpse file indexing and query system. Quickly and easily add search capability to your site. Webglimpse is scalable : index one small local site, hundreds of remote sites, or gigabytes of compressed documents. The code is open, mature, widely used, and actively supported. Requires Unix server with ssh or telnet access to install. Or, use our Search Service Host with us and Webglimpse is included! We take care of installation, configuration and indexing. You just cut and paste the search form into your pages. - Competitive prices: $25/mo flat rate includes all services
- Secure server with Cybercash/
- PHP 4, Perl 5.6, MySQL, mSQL, shopping carts
- Fast indexing and searching; anti-spam tools
- Linux/Apache on 2x1GHz cpu, 2Gb RAM, fast SCSI-III RAID Download latest versions as of : Webglimpse 2.11.0 Glimpse 4.17.4

128. Unix Serial Port Resources: Sun Serial Port & Cables Pinouts
Technical information with pinout data of various serial ports and splitter cables used in Sun's designs.

Unix Serial Port Resources

Unix Sysadm Resources
Lighter Side of Sysadm
Pete's Back Yard
[Last updated June 1, 2004] Port voltage: Many Sun cpu serial ports can be configured as either RS-232 (+/- 12V) or RS-423 (+/- 5V). Defaults vary. See the hardware documentation for your machine to locate the jumper to configure this, if it exists. Most implementations do not have to worry about the voltage on the serial port. Port splitter cable: Many Suns need a Y-cable to split the A/B Serial Port into the 2 different devices. Different Suns use different splitter cables for this purpose. Some Suns use small, round Mini DIN8 connectors that require an adapter to connect to a DB25 device, like a modem or terminal. Pinouts are shown below. Not all Suns are represented here. If you have the pinout of a Sun not listed, please send it to the Webmistress and she'll include it in this list. ELC/SLC
Enterprise 150/ 220R/ 250/ 3000/ 3500/ 4500/ 5000/ 5500/ 6500

Enterprise 420R

Enterprise 450
... Keyboard, mouse, video, non-Sun pinouts Pin Identification
DB25 Male
DB25 Female
DB9 Male
DB9 Female Webmistress' comments on cable vendors:
  • Cables To Go has a huge number of cables, including Sun serial splitter cables. Good Cable Configurator and Connector Guide with excellent pictures. Our readers are impressed with the company's tech support.

129. The Unix Socket FAQ Has Moved
The unix Socket FAQ has Moved! The unix Socket FAQ has been moved to http// Please update your bookmarks and/or links.

The UNIX Socket FAQ has Moved!
The UNIX Socket FAQ has been moved to

Please update your bookmarks and/or links.

130. UnixGeeks.Org Newbie
Newbieoriented tutorials about stuff like unix and system penetration auditing.
UnixGeeks.Org Newbie Newbie Unix: In layman's terms Security: Elements of defending against attackers Penetration: Remote auditing systems Misc: Everything else The above sections are provided to help newcomers learn the basics of computer and network security as well as provide new resources for the veterans too. With thousands of web sites claiming to be devoted to teaching, very few have real content. They link to the same few sites or same old whitepapers.
UnixGeeks.Org staff will continue teaching and providing new information to the public, as did before us. The information is provided as is. Make no mistake, these are not 'hacker lessons'. If at any point we feel you are asking questions in an attempt to illegally trespass into another computer system, we will not help you. Further, we recommend you learn the following sections in the order we list them.
Is there a topic you are having a hard time finding good information on? We take suggestions on what topics are covered here. Feel free to mail

131. Unix-AG - CUSI
Translate this page History. Sollten Sie hier interessante Search-Engines vermissen, so teilen Sie uns dies bitte unter mit. Wir
Zur Orientierung: Uni Siegen Unix-AG Studenten-Homepages CUSI light ... Suche in den Seiten Advanced C.U.S.I.
Configurable Unified Search Engine
CUSI Configurable Unified Search Engine Search-Engine der jeweiligen Kategorie aus und starten die Suche mit dem START -Knopf.
Suchbegriff: Google Alta Vista InfoSeek Lycos WebCrawler Excite Excite (deutschsprachig) Fireball Aladin Columbus-Finder Eule De.Intersearch.Net Kolibri Nathan Netguide EuroSeek Hotbot what-u-seek Rankdex Planetsearch Uni-Siegen Campus-Search [TOP]
Manuell verwaltete WWW Datenbanken: Suchbegriff: ALIWEB Yahoo Yahoo Deutschland DINO

132. VisualOberon - A GUI Library For The Ooc Compiler
Very nice GUI library for Optimizing Oberon Compiler (OOC) to make platform independent graphic programs using set of standard and advanced controls, advanced layout engine. Runs on all unix systems with X Window. Open Source, LGPL
News About Screenshots Code examples Download ... Links
I have released a new version. This version works using oo2c version 2.0.18. Changes are:
  • Some prototype of a controller class for mapping input to object functionality. Improved Edit control. Improved file open dialog. Menu navigation via keyboard. More usage of STRING. Improved drawing including support for offscreen drawing. Improved Curses version, now works also on black white terminals - but still not perfect. Improved image loading. Bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes. Improvement of VGD. Added more VGD handler. Support for Xft version 2 as found in newer distributions. Packages for Windows and Carbon modules, needed for developing applications for Window sand Mac OS X, used by the coresponding driver module sin VisualOberon.
Goals for the next release are:
  • Make use of the new destructor feature of the compiler. This will require to rename of the currently used Free methods. More usage of the new controller pattern. Further improvements of the file dialog.

133. Women's Studies / Women's Issues Resource Sites
Women s Studies / Women s Issues Resource Sites. Women s Studies / Women s Issues Resource Sites is a selective, annotated, highly
Women's Studies / Women's Issues Resource Sites
Women's Studies / Women's Issues Resource Sites is a selective, annotated, highly acclaimed listing of web sites containing resources and information about women's studies / women's issues, with an emphasis on sites of particular use to an academic women's studies program. If you're looking for sites on a specific women-focused topic, you may prefer to use the following subject sections rather than scroll through the all-inclusive alphabetical listing (the "last updated" sections are marked Last updated: June 2, 2004
Because the all-inclusive alphabetical listing now has more than 600 annotated entries, I have split it into four parts to speed downloading time:
Sites beginning A - E
Sites beginning F - L Sites beginning M - V Sites beginning W - Z Please send corrections and additions to: Joan Korenman . However

134. Simple Unix Events (SUE) Library
A collection of lightweight C++ classes which help to create a select(2)-based event-driven applications, specially simple TCP servers and clients. No STL (even the string class is not used). Open source, LGPL
The Simple Unix Events (SUE) library homepage
Simple Unix Events (SUE) Library is a small and light-weight set of C++ classes which lets you easily create an event-driven application with C++ under Unix. You might want to take a look at the Doxygen-generated documentation The library is available under the terms and conditions of GNU Lesser General Public License, v. 2.1 The last version is 0.2.0 and it is available for downloading here via ftp and here via http C++ libraries at Croco.Net
The page changed May 16, 2004

135. Women- And Gender-Related E-mail (or Email ) Lists / Discussion
(last revised May 4, 2004). GenderRelated Electronic Forums. is an annotated, frequently-updated, award-winning listing of publicly
(last revised May 28, 2004)
Gender-Related Electronic Forums
is an annotated, frequently-updated, award-winning listing of publicly-accessible e-mail discussion forums (also known as "lists" or "listservs") related to women or to women-focused gender issues. (If you're new to e-mail lists and would like some basic information about what they are and how you can join one, check out this page Topical Listings: If you're looking for women-focused lists on a specific topic, you may prefer to use the following subject listings rather than scroll through the comprehensive listing (many lists, however, can be found only in the large comprehensive listing):
ADDED NOTE: You are welcome to link to this document as long as you identify its title and author; the URL is . You are also welcome to tell other people about the document. However, PLEASE DO NOT REPRODUCE THE LISTINGS because the information goes out of date so quickly . If you know of additions/changes, please notify

136. 1 Stop Speech Recognition For UNIX, PC, Mac, And Mainframe Platforms
Special Synapse TAP Workstation translates speech into mouse events and keystrokes to control all environments unix, mainfame, and Mac with speech recognition.
Hardware Speech Products Software Speech Products Microphones Adapted Switches ... TAP Guest Book 1 Stop Speech Recognition for UNIX, PC, Mac, Mainframe Platforms Home Synapse TAP TAP Single Host TAP Multi-host ... Synapse TAP SF100 Unix Speech Recognition
Mainframe Speech Solutions
PC Speech Recognition
Macintosh Speech Recognition Synapse TAP Workstations Talk to your Sun, SGI, HP UNIX, PC, Mac or Mainframe DOWNLOAD SYNAPSE TAP - ADOBE ACROBAT LITERATURE FILE FOR LETTER SIZED PRINTER DOWNLOAD SYNAPSE TAP - ADOBE ACROBAT LITERATURE FILE FOR BEST VIEWING OR TABLOID PRINTER DOWNLOAD A SYNAPSE ADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGY CATALOG. VISIT SYNAPSE'S MAIN ADAPTIVE AND ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY SITE ... TAP VIDEO Synapse TAP Workstations offer an integrated cross-platform solution without the compatibility issues normally encountered in network, mainframe, emulations or Unix environments. TAP systems support Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, HP UNIX, Macintosh, PC operating systems and mainframe environments. Meet your requirements for reasonable accommodation under the ADA. A Synapse TAP Workstation is the perfect accommodation for employers wishing to accommodate employees with a limiting condition or disability.

137. Commonly Used Unix Commands
Commonly used unix commands. RG Baer, Last updated 1995/12/19 181206 UT URL http//
Next Previous Index TCC Help System ... NM Tech homepage
Commonly used Unix commands
The following is a short list of Unix commands most users will need. For more information, try man command
Starting and Ending
login `Logging in'
telnet Connect to another machine
logout `Logging out'
File Management
emacs `Using the emacs text editor'
mkdir `Creating a directory'
cd `Changing your current working directory'
ls `Finding out what files you have'
cp `Making a copy of a file'
mv `Changing the name of a file'
rm `Getting rid of unwanted files'
chmod `Controlling access to your files'
cmp Comparing two files wc Word, line, and character count compress Compress a file
pine `Using Pine to send and receive e-mail' mush The mush electronic mail system talk Talk to another user write Write messages to another user ftp `Transferring files with ftp'
man Manual pages quota -v Finding out your available disk space quota ical `Using the Ical personal organizer' finger Getting information about a user passwd Changing your password who Finding out who's logged on
lpr `Printing' lprm Removing a print job lpq Checking the print queues
Job control
ps `Finding your processes' kill `Killing a process' nohup Continuing a job after logout nice Changing the priority of a job `What is a background process?'

138. SoftLink
Develops file transfer technology and solutions for distributed heterogeneous environments, operating across unix, Windows NT, Windows 95, and OpenVMS platforms.

139. Focus On Unix
A comprehensive unix site that provides information and help for users of all levels and gives up to minute security alerts. AIX
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Focus on Unix Home Essentials ... Just the FAQs zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Basic Help Beyond Basics FAQs History ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
Stay Current
Subscribe to the About Focus on Unix newsletter. Search Focus on Unix From Apply Now
Your Guide to Focus on Unix
Sign up for my Newsletter
Unix 101 Series

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Unix Glossary
Confused about a term? Look up its meaning in the Unix glossary.
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Unix 101 Series

Learn Unix with this series of introductory-level articles.
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140. Smirnov Ilia - CV
Webdesign and internet/intranet programming. Building and administering networks under windows nt, novell netware, unix.
[short list of works] [resume] Ilia Smirnov
Russia, Moscow, 105203, Pervomaiskaya ul., 94-18
phone +7 (095) 465-2003 (home)
Download my resume (MS Word format, 30 kB)
To obtain a position as a Web Developer or Web Designer. Summary
- web design and Internet/intranet programming
- hard- and software selection, installation, tuning and supporting
- building and administering networks under Windows NT, Novell Netware, UNIX. Skills - Web: HTML, DHTML, XML, ASP, CGI, Java, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS, SSI, ActiveX, etc.
- Tools: Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS FrontPage, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Acrobat, CorelDraw!, Perl Builder, etc.
- Languages: Visual Basic, C, Pascal, FORTRAN, SQL. - Operation systems: MS Windows, DOS, UNIX, Novell NetWare, OS/2, Mac OS, CP/M, RT-11SJ. - LAN: System administration, network design, cabling, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI and other protocols, proxy, web servers, installation, configuration, hardware, software. Experience present Senior Programmer, Diamond Communications, Inc. - System Integration Company, Moscow.

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