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         Unix:     more books (100)
  1. UNIX Administration: A Comprehensive Sourcebook for Effective Systems & Network Management (Internet and Communications Series) by Bozidar Levi, 2002-05-29
  2. A Quarter Century of UNIX (Addison-Wesley UNIX and Open Systems Series) by Peter H. Salus, 1994-06-10
  3. Unix for Mac : Your visual blueprint¿ to maximizing the foundation of Mac OS X by Sandra Henry-Stocker, Kynn Bartlett, 2003-03-07
  4. LINUX & UNIX Programming Tools: A Primer for Software Developers by Syed Mansoor Sarwar, Khaled H. Al-Saqabi, 2002-12-03
  5. How To Use the UNIX-LINUX vi Text Editor: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques (And Tutorials Too!) by Larry Smith, 2006-09-14
  6. Unix Unleashed (4th Edition) by Andy Johnston, Robin Anderson, 2001-12-27
  7. Oracle DBA on UNIX and Linux (Kaleidoscope) by Michael Wessler, 2001-11-05
  8. LINUX & UNIX Shell Programming by David Tansley, 2000-01-06
  9. Unix C Shell Field Guide by Gail Anderson, Paul Anderson, 1986-04
  10. Introduction To UNIX/Linux (Networking & Security Series) by Christopher Diaz, 2006-06-20
  11. The Design and Implementation of the 4.3 BSD UNIX Operating System by Samuel J. Leffler, Marshall Kirk McKusick, et all 1989-10-01
  12. UNIX¨ For Dummies¨ Quick Reference by Margaret Levine Young, John R. Levine, et all 1995-12-04
  13. Unix Time-Sharing System: Unix Programmer's Manual by Inc. Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1983-07
  14. DB2 9 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Database Administration: Certification Study Guide by Roger E. Sanders, 2007-10-01

101. David Has MOVED
unix Systems Administrator, 12 years experience.
David has MOVED
Thanks for stopping by, but David T-G no longer hosts at sector13.
In fact, he got his own domain(s) a while ago and quit using sector13 then.
Your link must be *really* old.
All is not lost, though. Since you came here looking for
you should be able to find the same thing at
if he hasn't cleaned house since you marked this page.
I am not redirecting you; you'll have to click here manually. Take the opportunity to update your bookmarks, too!

102. Object-Oriented Multithreading Using C++
This book shows how to avoid common pitfalls of multithreading in unix, Windows NT, or OS/2 environments.
Object-Oriented Multithreading Using C++
Cameron Hughes, Tracey Hughes
A developer's guide to writing thread-safe object-oriented applications. Drawing on years of programming experience, Cameron and Tracey Hughes provide a building-block approach to developing multithreaded applications in C++. This book offers programmers the first comprehensive explanation of multithreading techniques and principles for objects and class libraries. It teaches C++ programmers everything they'll need to build applications that cooperate for system resources instead of competing. This invaluable reference shows you how to avoid common pitfalls of multithreading, whether you're programming in UNIX, Windows NT, or OS/2 environment. All major examples are implemented in each environment and supported by thorough explanations of object-oriented multithread architecture and incremental multithreading. On the disk you'll find:
  • All the source code contained in the book
  • Important protocols and information resources
  • A variety of multithreaded components ready to build into your own applications or class library.
You'll find a wealth of coverage on highly practical but little understood topics like:
  • Thread-safe container classes
  • POSIX threads and the new thread standard 1003.1c

103. Unix System Administrator's Resources
tools for DNS, djbdns, BIND, NIS, LDAP Email/Sendmail Blocking spam, servers, webmail, FAQs, courses, software, tips and tricks Firewalls unix Security Info

Unix Serial Port Resources

Unix Sysadm Resources Lighter Side of Sysadm
Pete's Back Yard

FAQs, info, mailing lists, searches, documentation, vendors... [A-M]
BSDi CD-R ...
Automated System Management Products
Commercial vendors, information, free/public domain backup systems
Vendors of all sorts of cables for Unix computers FAQs, specifications, tools, RAID/Disk/SAN vendors, enclosures, Zip, JAZ, Syquest, disaster recovery, secure file deletion Info and tools for DNS, djbdns, BIND, NIS, LDAP
Blocking spam, servers, webmail, FAQs, courses, software, tips and tricks Info, FAQs, CERT, mailing list search, SSH, products, vendors
Hardware/Software Support Providers for Unix Systems
3rd-party hardware and software support companies
Mailing Lists for Unix System Administration
Mailing lists for Unix system administration questions, by vendor/product Ghostscript, software, printcaps, SPARCPrinter error codes and how-tos, free and commercial data plotting software
Searching the Internet
GNU tools, lots of tools and utilities Free, public-domain, shareware, GPL, and commercial products

104. Fsh -- Fast Remote Command Execution
FSH is an extension to ssh (on unix only) that permits sending multiple commands to the remote host through one SSH tunnel.
fsh Fast remote command execution
The problem: logging in to a remote system with a cryptographic solution such as lsh or ssh takes time, due to the computationally expensive key exchanges that occur when the connection is established. It is common to trigger a lot of remote logins while using remote CVS, which makes it painfully slow compared to having the repository locally. The solution: reuse the secure tunnel once it has been established. fsh is a drop-in rsh-compatible replacement for ssh that automatically resuses ssh tunnels.
fsh status
This table summarizes the release dates of all public releases of fsh , which are available via anonymous ftp from . All releases are signed with one of my PGP keys ; my new key is available Date FTP download HTTP download 1.2 src PGP signature 1.2 src PGP signature ... (old signature)
The documentation is available online and it is also included in the source distribution, in Texinfo and info format.
Reporting Bugs
Bugs should preferably be reported using the Bugzilla installation at

105. Stokely Consulting
unix Serial Port Resources unix Serial Port Resources Find the latest versions of Celeste s Tutorials on Solaris 2.x SunOS 4.1.x Modems Terminals, PPP

Unix Serial Port Resources:

Find the latest versions of , and more Unix serial port-related goodies.
Unix System Administrator's Resources:

Find Sun Microsystems information and more from our work research.
Pete's Back Yard:

A collection of Pete's informal stories, musings and crank mail, including plenty of Critter Stories. The Back Yard steers clear of anything smacking of practical utility, increased productivity or effective Time Management. We hope you enjoy it.
The Lighter Side of System Administration:

Before you strangle that user or decide to grow tomatoes for a living, giggle and groan with some of the finest tech humor we've found on the Web.
You may not always agree with us, but you won't be bored! Read our rants on consulting, business, computing, system administration and life. Try some of our favorite recipes.
Stokely Consulting can help your IT projects succeed with proven, robust architectures, data-driven software development, automated QA and strong project management. What's new for June 2004? Zip over to the linked sections and scan for the or icons.

106. FreeBSD Ports: Japanese
An extensive list of ported software for the Japanese market for FreeBSD unix.
FreeBSD Ports: Japanese
Ported software for the Japanese market.
A command-driven interactive function plotting program
Long description
Package Sources Main Web Site
Maintained by:
Requires: XFree86-libraries-4.3.0_7 autoconf-2.13.000227_5 expat-1.95.7 fontconfig-2.2.2,1 ... png-1.2.5_3
Also listed in: Math Graphics
A Japanese dictionary for PC terms in '98 ASCII Dates Book (EPWING V1 format)
Long description
Package Sources Main Web Site
Maintained by:
Requires: unzip-5.50_2
A Japanese dictionary for CG (EPWING V1 format)
Long description
Package Sources Main Web Site
Maintained by:
Requires: unzip-5.50_2
Kana-Kanji conversion system Long description Package Sources Main Web Site Maintained by: Requires: imake-4.3.0_2
A Japanese/Chinese/Korean input method (Japanese client libraries) Long description Package Sources Main Web Site Maintained by:

107. Unix And Linux Commands, Information And Help
Helping you with unix and Linux providing information on tons of unix commands simularities of unix and DOS and more. Home
Other Pages Home
Site map

Computer help

What's new
Tools E-mail this page
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Edit this page

Additional information and help with UNIX / Linux and variants QUICK LINKS UNIX ABCs
Linux ABCs
DOS vs. Unix UNIX commands ... Linux / Unix news UNIX ABCs UNIX which is not an acronym was developed by some of the members of the Multics team at the bell labs starting in the late 's by many of the same people who help created the C programming language. The UNIX today however is the not just the work of a couple of programmers. Many other organizations, institutes and various other individuals contributed significant additions to the system we now know to day. See additional UNIX information and variants and information on the UNIX variants page Linux ABCs Developed by Linus Torvalds and further elaborated by a number of developers throughout the world Linux ( lee'nuhks/ or /li'nuks/,_not_/li:'nuhks)

108. SWI-Prolog's Home
Stable and free standard Prolog implementation. Targeted primarily at research and education. Windows, Linux and unix versions available. Comes with a visual debugger and a GUI environment.

109. Davin's Collection Of Unix Programming Links
Lots of links related to unix system programming, currently weighted towards socket programming. Davin s collection of unix programming links. Started in 1995.
Davin's collection of unix programming links
[Started in 1995. Most recent update: $Date: 2004/04/07 04:09:29 $ GMT]
Individual items

110. TKK - Atk-keskus - Unixhelp
Teknillisen korkeakoulun opas, joka kuvaa unixtietokoneiden hyv¤ksik¤yt¶n perusteita eik¤ edellyt¤ erityisi¤ esitietoja.

Sivusta vastaa
Sivua on viimeksi päivitetty 12.8.2003.

111. The Art Of Unix Programming
The Art of unix Programming,
The Art of Unix Programming Home Page
Site Map




Other books:
You can browse my newest book here . If you like it, please order a paper copy. You can get it from Amazon or , or direct from Addison-Wesley
Why this book?
The Art of Unix Programming
What's Available Here
If you're using Opera 5, be aware that it has problems rendering some of the HTML in the browseable version linked above. The symptom is occasional missing spaces between words.
Revisions for the first print edition are now closed. There is likely to be a second in a couple of years, however; I'll be accumulating revisions and adding things to the errata page Instructions for reviewers are here I have written some notes for translators . Inquiries about translation rights should go to Mark Taub at Addison-Wesley
Raves: Friendly: Pans:

112. MicroImages Home
Creator of TNTmips, an advanced professional GIS and geospatial data analysis package for Windows, unix and Macintosh.


... SCRIPTING site date: 4 June 2004 page update: 14 Apr 04
Advanced Software for Geospatial Analysis
The TNT Products from MicroImages, Inc. Resellers Wanted Since 1986, MicroImages, Inc. has been providing the most advanced software in the industry for GIS, desktop cartography, image processing, and geospatial analysis. The TNT products support fully integrated GIS, image processing, CAD, TIN, desktop cartography, and geospatial database management. With TNT, you edit, display, and present project materials in raster, vector, CAD, relational database, and TIN formats. All TNT products are available in a growing number of international languages . When you install a TNT product, you can select the interface language of your choice. The TNT products are available for the computer or network you already own: Windows, LINUX/Unix, or Macintosh . The TNT products work exactly the same on all three platforms. Our unique meta-technology provides an identical interface and cross-platform data format no matter what mix of computers you use.

113. Programming In C
Programming in C unix System Calls and Subroutines using C,. Preprocessor Compiler Control; Other Preprocessor Commands; Exercises. C, unix and Standard Libraries
Programming in C
UNIX System Calls and Subroutines using C,
A. D. Marshall 1994-9 Substantially Updated March 1999
Search for Keywords in C Notes
Keyword Searcher
Download Postscript Version of Notes
Click Here to Download Course Notes. Local Students Only.
Algorithm Animations
Direct link to Java Algorithm Animations (C related)
Lecture notes + integrated exercises, solutions and marking

114. The Andrew Consortium
Free, medium featured (word processor; HTML, program and drawing editors; directory and help browsers; spreadsheet; mail/bulletinboard manager; application builder; scripting language), unix. Open source.

The sources for andrew-8.0 are now available (and in tarred-compressed form). However, they have not been completely tested. We recommend you continue to use 7.5.
What is Andrew?
The Andrew User Interface System (Andrew) is a leading graphical user interface system meeting these often-requested needs:
  • word processor
  • html editor
  • program editor
  • drawing editor
  • directory browser
  • help browser
  • spreadsheet
  • mail / bulletin board manager
  • application builder
  • scripting language
Andrew offers an extensible compound document architecture which can create and combine just about anything, from text to pictures to graphs to spreadsheets to figures, into a single document on your computer screen. The system was aptly presented in a series of articles published in the Linux Journal during 1994. Read through them to familiarize yourself with Andrew. Alternatively, view the system by taking a look at Screen Images of the Software along with a description of how it works (much abbreviated alternative to reading through the documents above).

115. Webmonkey | Reference: Unix Guide
Reference unix Guide unix Reference Guide. Unless you have a unix machine sitting on your desktop, you re probably accessing it through
SEARCH: webmonkey the web
/ reference /
Quick Reference: JavaScript Library
HTML Cheatsheet

Special Characters

Color Codes
Stylesheet Guide

Unix Guide

Domain Registries
Reference Unix Guide Unix Reference Guide
Unless you have a Unix machine sitting on your desktop, you're probably accessing it through telnet or a command-line shell. This interface may be a little intimidating to new users who are usually a tad more comfortable with a point-and-click interface. But it's really not as hard as it looks. This reference sheet gives you the basic commands you'll need, focusing especially on file management. You can also learn how to combine commands and become a real power user. If you need more help getting started, take a look at Pam's excellent introduction entitled " ." Between that article and this guide, you'll be on your way to becoming a Unix master. Soon you'll be wondering how you got along without it. cat Reading and printing multiple files cd Changing directories, moving around

116. Web Ad Blocking Under Linux/Unix, BeOS, MacOS And Windows
Stepby-step instructions on how to block advertisements.

117. Introduction To UNIX
unixWorld If you have any unix questions, feel free to post them in our Ask the Experts forum. But doing so is no small feat, especially for the unixweary.
Prepared by Blaise Barney for the Maui High Performance Computing Center, March 1995
Introduction to UNIX
Table of Contents
  • UNIX Overview
  • What Is UNIX?
  • History Of UNIX
  • UNIX Philosophy ...
  • References
  • 118. -- Online Catalog: Essential System Administration, 2nd Edition
    Covering all major versions of unix, this second edition of Essential System Administration provides a compact, manageable introduction to the tasks faced by everyone responsible for a unix system.

    O'Reilly Home
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    to get email notification of new editions, special offers, and more.
    Essential System Administration, 2nd Edition
    2nd Edition September 1995
    ISBN: 1-56592-127-5
    This book has been updatedthe edition you're requesting is out of print. Please visit the catalog page of the latest edition The latest edition is also available on Safari Bookshelf Buy from O'Reilly: Covering all major versions of Unix, this second edition of Essential System Administration provides a compact, manageable introduction to the tasks faced by everyone responsible for a Unix system. Whether you use a standalone Unix system, routinely provide administrative support for a larger shared system, or just want an understanding of basic administrative functions, this book is for you. Offers extensive sections on networking, electronic mail, security, and kernel configuration.

    119. Customizing Mozilla
    for most of its bindings (for example, ctrlq quits the application); Mac uses command (cmd-q does what ctrl-q would do in Windows); unix traditionally used
    Skip to main content search mozilla:
    Customizing Mozilla
    The purpose of this document is to offer some hints about some of the less well documented features in Mozilla which can be customized to suit the user's preference. Nearly all of these techniques are cross-platform. Don't be confused by the url where this document lives in the document tree. Here are some of the topics covered in this document: Other ways of customizing Mozilla include Configurable Security Policies
    User CSS (changing fonts, colors and other style)
    Much of Mozilla's fonts and colors are controlled by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This is set in .css files in Mozilla's chrome directories, but the user can override them with two files, called userContent.css and userChrome.css . Put them in the chrome subdirectory underneath the user's profile directory. userChrome.css

    120. SR/Inc., SR/Institute, Inc., EValid, Inc.
    Capture/replay and coverage tools for unix and Windows.
    This WebPage uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

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