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  1. Sams Teach Yourself UNIX System Administration in 24 Hours (Sams Teach Yourself in 24 Hours) by Dave Taylor, 2002-07-11
  2. UNIX Backup and Recovery by W. Curtis Preston, 1999-12-15
  3. The UNIX Philosophy by Mike Gancarz, 1994-12-01
  4. Just Enough UNIX by Paul K Andersen, 2005-01-05
  5. CUPS: Common UNIX Printing System (Sams White Book) by Michael Sweet, 2001-09-07
  6. Introduction to Unix and Linux Lab Manual, Student Edition by Catherine Creary, Lee M. Cottrell, 2002-11-25
  7. Oracle9i UNIX Administration Handbook by Donald K. Burleson, 2002-01-16
  8. Introduction to Compiler Construction With Unix (Prentice-Hall Software Series) by Alex T. Schreiner, H. George Friedman, 1985-05
  9. Automating UNIX and Linux Administration (The Expert's Voice) by Kirk Bauer, 2003-09-05
  10. Unix® in Plain English by Kevin Reichard, Eric Foster-Johnson, 1999-01
  11. Mac OS X Panther for Unix Geeks by Brian Jepson, 2003-12-01
  12. Interprocess Communications in UNIX: The Nooks and Crannies (2nd Edition) by John Shapley Gray, 1997-12
  13. The UNIX Operating System (Wiley Professional Computing) by Kaare Christian, Susan Richter, 1993-11
  14. UNIX(R) Systems for Modern Architectures: Symmetric Multiprocessing and Caching for Kernel Programmers (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series) by Curt Schimmel, 1994-07-10

81. Rosetta Stone For Unix
TASK \ OS, AIX, Darwin, DG/UX, FreeBSD, HPUX, IRIX, Linux, NCR unix, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Reliant, SCO unixWare, Solaris, SunOS 4, Tru64, Ultrix, UNICOS, OS / TASK.
AIX DG-UX FreeBSD This custom drawing feature now works in Mozilla , in Opera 7.0 or better, and in IE 5 or better for Solaris, HP-UX , or Windows . Use click, shift-click, control-click, and the "set" and "clear" buttons to select the desired subset of OSs. Then select "Draw table" to redraw the window with your custom table. A Sysadmin's Unixersal Translator (ROSETTA STONE) OR What do they call that in this world? Contributions and corrections gratefully accepted . Please help us fill in the blanks. New "tasks" are welcome, too!
PDF version
(for best results print US legal size, landscape orientation. If your browser plug-in has trouble with the PDF, then download it and load it in stand-alone acroread
Framed version

OS versions in parentheses; e.g. means version 10 and greater; means version 9 and previous. $=extra cost
If not specified, commands are in one of the following directories: /usr/bin /usr/sbin /sbin /bin
Files referenced may be either commands, configuration files, or directly-referenced text files. Use the

82. Knews Home Page
For unixlike systems. A threaded newsreader with an X Window interface. Distributed under the GNU public license. Handles MIME, attachments, killfiles, and launches URLs by clicking.
Knews Home Page
Knews is a threaded newsreader with an X Window interface . It may be distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License The current version is 1.0b.1, it's available at The only changes from version 1.0b.0 are XFace support and a few bug fixes.
  • True threading, with a graphical tree for the threads.
  • Clicking on URLs.
  • Inline images.
  • Full support for reading MIME articles:
    • Handles Content-transfer-encodings QP, base64 and [x-]uue[ncode].
    • You may specify different fonts for different charsets.
    • Experimental support for a few encoding schemes for 16 bit charsets.
    • Assembly of message/partial articles.
    • Understands multipart/* articles.
    • Uses mailcap-viewers for other content-types.
    • RFC1522 decoding of headers. (Those =?iso8859-1?Q?bl=E4?= things)
  • Posting with attachments.
  • Some options that will improve things for people reading over slow lines:
    • Background threading of groups in advance.
    • Doesn't have to read the active file on startup.
    • May cache group descriptions in a file between sessions.

83. Perforce Software - The Fast Software Configuration Management System
A client/server configuration management system. The server supports unix and Windows NT. The client supports most platforms via commandline, GUI and Web browser-based interfaces. (commercial) (Perforce Software)
New To Perforce?
Read the Ten-Minute Pitch to find out why SCM is so important and how Perforce does it so well. English [Deutsch] [Français] [Japanese]
You can download full-functioned Perforce products free. Use the self-guided Ten Minute-Demo to get acquainted. Free technical support while you evaluate lets you see for yourself how well Perforce fits your needs.
Jam is a build tool that makes building simple things simple and building complicated things manageable. Read more about Jam , or download it for free from the Perforce Public Depot Best Practices Web Content
... Brochure PDF) Perforce Rally Team Perforce Visual Client
Release 2004.1 Available P4V Release 2004.1 includes two new visualization features: a revision graph to display files' branching and merging histories, and a folder diff. Read all about the latest features here Download Release Notes Announcing P4WSAD,
the Perforce Plug-in
for WebSphere Studio P4WSAD, the Perforce Plug-in for WebSphere Studio, allows access to Perforce from within any of the WebSphere Studio WorkBench family of products.

84. CERT®/CC Steps For Recovering From A UNIX Or NT System Compromise
CERT ® Coordination Center. Steps for Recovering from a unix or NT System Compromise. Review security using the unix or NT Configuration Guidelines document.
US-CERT Vulnerability Notes Database Incident Notes Current Activity
Related Summaries Tech Tips AirCERT Employment Opportunities
more links CERT Statistics Vulnerability Disclosure Policy CERT Knowledgebase System Administrator courses ... Channels
Visit for wireless advisories.
Related Sites
CERT Coordination Center
Steps for Recovering from a UNIX or NT System Compromise
This document is being published jointly by the CERT Coordination Center and AusCERT (Australian Computer Emergency Response Team). It describes suggested steps for responding to a UNIX or NT system compromise. Your response should be carried out in several stages: Introduction
A. Before you get started
  • Consult your security policy If you do not have a security policy Consult with management ... Document all of the steps you take in recovering
  • B. Regain control
  • Disconnect compromised system(s) from the network Copy an image of the compromised system(s)
  • C. Analyze the intrusion
  • Look for modifications made to system software and configuration files Look for modifications to data Look for tools and data left behind by the intruder ... Check for systems involved or affected at remote sites
  • D. Contact the relevant CSIRT and other sites involved
  • Incident Reporting Contact AusCERT - Australian Computer Emergency Response Team Contact the CERT Coordination Center ... Obtain contact information for other sites involved
  • E.

    85. Curs D'iniciació Al UNIX SI - RI
    Manual d'iniciaci³ a aquest sistema operatiu.
    Universitat Rovira i Virgili
    Sistema de fitxers. L'editor Vi. Shell. Redireccionaments. ... Multitasking.
    Introducció. Execució de comandes en forma batch: at - Execució de comandes programades en un cert moment. batch - Encuar comandes per ser executades quan el sistema ho permeti. nice - Execució amb prioritat variada. nohup - Executar una comanda sense interferéncies de "hangups", "logouts" i "quits" & - Execució de programes en background. Control de comandes batch: jobs - Treballs encuats. bg - Treballs en background. fg - Treballs en foreground. kill - El.liminar treballs en background. Execució repetitiva de comandes a una hora determinada.
    $ passwd $ date $ who Ens diu quins usuaris estan treballant. $ who am i $ whoami Informa del identificador de l'usuari actual. $ write nom_usuari [nom_usuari ... ] Enviarem un missatge a Permet o prohibeix l'escriptura de missatges al teu terminal.

    86. Welcome To Unix-vs-nt Web Services: Find It All On!
    Welcome to unixvs-nt. Welcome to unix-vs-nt Web Services Find it all on! unix-vs-nt Services on

    Welcome to unix-vs-nt

    Welcome to unix-vs-nt Web Services: Find it all on!
    unix-vs-nt Services on
    Search unix-vs-nt, Find unix-vs-nt, Online unix-vs-nt Tools

    87. SamaBSD - A Primeira Distribuiçao De FreeBSD Para América Latina.
    FreeBSD Sistema Operacional unix completo para plataformas de hardware conhecidas como x86 compat­veis. Dispon­vel tamb©m em Portuguªs (Brasil) e Espanhol.
    A SamaBSD FreeBSD 4.8
    O FreeBSD 4.8
    Clique aqui representantes distribuidores contato ... sala de imprensa
    SamaBSD é marca registrada de SamaBSD Ltda. FreeBSD é marca registrada da Universidade da Califórnia Berkeley. O conteúdo deste site é de propriedade da SamaBSD Ltda. e pode ser copiado ou publicado livremente bastando para isto informar a fonte.

    88. Introduction To Unix
    Introduction to unix. Course notes written by. Frank G. Fiamingo, Linda DeBula, and Linda Condron. updated by Rob Funk. No longer offered
    Introduction to Unix
    Course notes written by
    Frank G. Fiamingo, Linda DeBula, and Linda Condron
    updated by Rob Funk
    No longer offered as a classroom short course
    Office of Information Technology
    The Ohio State University
    Course slides: 298k PDF Book of course notes: Helpful comments and corrections of factual or typographical errors are always welcome: COMMENTS Get software to view PDF files Office of Information Technology Workstation Support
    Maintained by: Bob DeBula ; Last modified Nov 8, 2001

    89. Xdvi
    A program to display .dvi files under the X Window System. unix version and documentation.
    xdvi is a program to display TeX .dvi files under the X Window System. It runs under Unix (and look-alikes) and possibly VMS. I am also aware of a version that runs under Desqview/X, but do not know much about it. xdvi Open Source TM Version 22 of xdvi was released on 4 February 1999. It is available via anonymous ftp from and from mirrors of that site; in addition it is available at the following CTAN sites and their mirrors in the file tex-archive/dviware/xdvi/xdvi-22.tar.gz The newest version of xdvi is 22.84, available from and from CTAN sites/mirrors in the file tex-archive/dviware/xdvi/xdvi.tar.gz . It incorporates the following additional changes. [4 February 1999] New release. [15 February 1999] Added 'V' keystroke to toggle the -gsalpha option. [22 February 1999] Fixed a bug in the Display PostScript implementation. [25 March 1999] Cleaned up compiler errors on some platforms. [7 April 1999] Added handlers for SIGINT, SIGQUIT, and SIGTERM signals, and for X IO errors. This allows xdvi to clean up after abnormal events.

    90. Introduction To Unix
    Next Contents. Introduction to unix. Frank G. Fiamingo Linda DeBula Linda Condron. unix is a registered trademark of The Open Group.
    [Next] [Contents]
    Introduction to Unix
    Frank G. Fiamingo Linda DeBula Linda Condron
    University Technology Services The Ohio State University
  • Neither the name of the University nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products or services derived from this document without specific prior written permission. THIS PUBLICATION IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. THIS PUBLICATION MAY INCLUDE TECHNICAL INACCURACIES OR TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS. This document can be obtained via:
    Table of Contents
    Table of Contents
    CHAPTER 1 - History of Unix
    CHAPTER 2 ... - A Short Unix Bibliography
    Introduction to Unix - 14 AUG 1996 [Next] [Contents]
  • 91. Cheap Unix Hosting - The New Wave In Webhosting! (
    Offers shared hosting, dedicated servers and colocation. Based in the United States and Canada.

    unix Knowledge BaseA unix community for IT professionals. Focusing on unix applications, flavors, unix programming, network adminstration, and unix system administration.

    93. Nightfall Eclipsing Binary Star Program
    open source Linux/unix Interactive program for computing synthetic lightcurves and generating animated views and best-fit models of eclipsing binary stars.
    [Deutsch] Overview Details Download ... Requirements
    Nightfall is an astronomy application for fun, education, and science. It can produce animated views of eclipsing binary stars, calculate synthetic lightcurves and radial velocity curves , and eventually determine the best-fit model for a given set of observational data of an eclipsing binary star system. It is, however, not able to fry your breakfast egg on your harddisk. Nightfall comes with a user guide, and a set of observational data for several eclipsing binary star systems.
    New: Italian translation added
    New: Now supports OpenGL animations
    New: Support for parallelization based on MPI The screenshots show a lightcurve of the eclipsing binary star TY Boo (left), a snapshot of the animated simulation of the same star (middle), and the interactive Roche potential display (right).
    New: MPEG movie of OpenGL animation: output.mpg (300 kB)
    Nightfall is a mildly ultramundane code of baroque complexity (I like Verdi and Haendel on lazy sunday mornings - friday evenings are better with Iron Maiden and a good whisky). Nightfall is based on a physical model that takes into account the nonspherical shape of stars in close binary systems, as well as mutual irradiance of both stars, and a number of additional physical effects. Nightfall can handle a large range of configurations, including overcontact (common envelope) systems, eccentric (non-circular) orbits, surface spots and asynchroneous rotation (stars rotating slower or faster than the orbital period), and the possible existence of a third star in the system ('third light').

    94. RootPrompt -- Nothing But Unix
    Within unix, system calls have base permissions (sometimes referred to as default permissions ) with which to create new files and directories.
    Nothing but Unix. [Home] [Features] [Programming] [Mac OS X] [Contribute] ... [Search] Name:
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  • Other Unix Links Linux for Dummies, 5th Edition "Wiley's "For Dummies" series tends to provoke polarized reactions, so here's fair warning: I love them more than I loathe them partly out of contrarianism, partly because I often fall well within their target demographic. If the folksy, self-deprecating tone of these books infuriates you as it does many people, most likely it's because you aren't part of the target audience. No one likes being talked down to. On the other hand, for many people who might otherwise be interested in switching to Linux (or at least playing with it more), being told to look at man pages is like being told to drive up a brick wall, and books like Linux for Dummies are a welcome resource both to learn from and to point out to others. (For more technically oriented novices and intermediate users, I might rather point out Jon Lasser's Think Unix!)"
    Permalink (Submitted by Noel Sun Jun 6, 2004 )
  • 95. LASSPTools
    Collection of unix utilities for numerical analysis and graphics, useful both for displaying and to filter data.
    Graphical and Numerical Extensions to Unix
    Table of Contents
    LASSPTools is a collection of Unix utilities for numerical analysis and graphics. It was written around 1990, before Linux, before the World Wide Web. Considering that, many of the tools remain remarkably useful. The operating system of most computers is designed around their primary use: text processing. We provide the same system utilities for number crunching and dynamical displays of results that are available for sorting, searching, and manipulating text files. The files are available without charge by anonymous FTP ( or via the World Wide Web. For example, it's currently an incredible pain to plot spheres on your screen. We've cured this with PlotAtoms. Pipe your coordinates to PlotAtoms, and you immediately have a movie of your results! Selecting the figure above will show an mpeg film captured from the original: the quality and speed of the mpeg film is much inferior to the original. Other examples are also available.

    96. MPICH - A Portable MPI Implementation
    Your browser doesn't support frames; press here for the old-fashioned version.

    Computer programmer located near Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN), specializing in Java, C, unix, and INGRES.
    Main Resumes htmlAdWH('7002196', '234', '60'); DAVID KINGSLEY 7350 Gallagher Dr. #148A Edina, MN 55435 E-mail: SUMMARY Accomplished computer programmer, highly skilled in C, UNIX, and INGRES, and certified in Java. Demonstrated skills in research, analysis, and problem solving. Proven ability to learn quickly. COMPUTING KNOWLEDGE Programming Languages : C, Java, HTML, JavaScript, FORTRAN, INGRES/4GL, INGRES/Windows4GL, C++, SQL, QUEL, Pascal, BASIC, LISP, Prolog, MC68000 Assembly, FORTH, Motif/X Toolkit Software Computer Systems : IBM PC running MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 / 95 / 98 / NT; HP 9000 running HP/UX; DEC VAX running Ultrix and VMS; IBM RS/6000 running AIX 3.2.5; Sun SPARCstation running SunOS, X Window System, OpenWindows, and SunView; Apple Macintosh; Cray-2 running UNICOS; Encore Multimax running UMAX CERTIFICATIONS Sun certified Java programmer for JDK 1.1 IBM Certified Developer Associate for VisualAge for Java 2.0 EXPERIENCE
    • Used C, FORTRAN, and INGRES/4GL to program manufacturing software on UNIX and VMS systems. Combined different sites’ reports into one program, improving maintenance while still allowing sites to maintain their individual needs.

    98. MPI - The Message Passing Interface Standard
    Interface standard, tutorials, libraries, and links to other resources, as well as MPICH, an implementati
    Your browser doesn't support frames; press here for the old-fashioned version.

    99. Bicne Ebiz
    Application for online sales, order processing, invoicing, accounting, inventory control for internet, intranet and extranets for unix and Window NT.
    Sales Orders Shopping Cart Order Approval Order Status Shipping Note Invoicing General Ledger Profit and Loss Journal Report A/c. Masters Transactions Summary
    password Select a Company
    Receipts and Issues Stores Ledger Items Master Delivery Note
    MASTERS Auctions Banners Add an Account Modify Account List Accounts Account Trn Types Add Currency Modify Currency Add Items Modify Items List Items Add a Charge Modify Charges Add a Location Modify Location Item Trn Types TRANSACTIONS Sales Order Entry Transaction Entry Journal Entry Contra Entry Item Transaction Entry Delivery Note Entry REGISTERS Customer Enquiry Enquiry Status Sales Order Transaction Register General Journal Item Transaction Register LEDGERS Order Approval Order Status General Account Ledger A/c. Receivable A/c. Payable Item Stores Ledger FINAL ACCOUNTS Total Sales Account Analysis Profit and Loss Balance Sheet Ratio Analysis Stock Status ABC Anaylsis MAINTENANCE Editing Journal Entry Editing Contra Editing Transactions Editing Invoices Editing Companies SETUP Order Form New Company Create Database Check Database Conn.

    100. User Supported RealPlayer Download Page
    has provided this software at the request of customers in the unix community. To get a free unix/Linux RealPlayer and to get a free RealVideo 9 codec upgrade
    User Supported RealPlayer Download Page
    NOTICE: RealNetworks, Inc. has provided this software at the request of customers in the UNIX community. In addition, Real does not guarantee functionality, maintenance, upgrades, fixes, or suitability for any purpose. This software is not formally supported by Real. However, a special public forum has been provided by Real to give users of these products a place to share their thoughts and experiences. We encourage you to use this forum for this purpose. User Supported Player Forum To get a free UNIX/Linux RealPlayer and to get a free RealVideo 9 codec upgrade:
  • Fill in the registration form
    Click on "Download User Supported Player"
    Install the RealPlayer
    Get your free RealVideo 9 codec upgrade package

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