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         Unix:     more books (100)
  1. UNIX Shell Programming, Revised Edition by Stephen G. Kochan, 1989-12-01
  2. DB2 9 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows: DBA Guide, Reference, and Exam Prep (6th Edition) by George Baklarz, Paul C. Zikopoulos, 2007-11-29
  3. Unix for the Impatient, CD-ROM Version (2nd Edition) by Paul W. Abrahams, Bruce R. Larson, 1997-03-20
  4. Guide to UNIX Using Linux, Fourth Edition (Networking (Thomson Course Technology)) by Michael Palmer, 2007-08-16
  5. UNIX Network Programming: Networking APIs: Sockets and XTI; Volume 1 by W. Richard Stevens, 1998-01-15
  6. A Practical Guide to the UNIX System (3rd Edition) by Mark G. Sobell, 1994-08-19
  7. UNIX for Programmers and Users (3rd Edition) by Graham Glass, King Ables, 2003-02-06
  8. UNIX System V: A Practical Guide (3rd Edition) by Mark G. Sobell, 1994-10-10
  9. DB2 9 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Advanced Database Administration Certification: Certification Study Guide by Roger E. Sanders, Dwaine R Snow, 2008-07-01
  10. Unix for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: Visual QuickPro Guide (2nd Edition) (Visual QuickPro Guide) by Matisse Enzer, 2005-10-02
  11. The Art of UNIX Programming (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series) by Eric S. Raymond, 2003-10-03
  12. Unix the Textbook (3rd Edition) by Syed Mansoor Sarwar, Robert Koretsky, et all 2008-02
  13. Mac OS X Unix 101 Byte-Sized Projects by Adrian Mayo, 2005-12-24
  14. Introduction to Unix and Linux by John Muster, 2002-12-09

41. A Brief History Of Unix
History of unix and causes for its popularity. This document is designed to give people with no previous unix experience some sense of what unix is. This document will cover the history of unix and an introduction to unix.
A Brief History of Unix
By Charles Severance
This document is designed to give people with no previous UNIX experience some sense of what UNIX is. This document will cover the history of UNIX and an introduction to UNIX.
Most discussions of UNIX begin with the history of UNIX without explaining why the history of UNIX is important to understanding UNIX. The remainder of this document will describe some strengths and weaknesses of UNIX and attempt to explain why UNIX is becoming popular. All of UNIX's strengths and weaknesses can be directly related to the history of its development, hence a discussion of history is very useful. UNIX was originally developed at Bell Laboratories as a private research project by a small group of people starting in 1969. This group had experience with a number of different operating systems research efforts in the 1970's. The goals of the group were to design an operating system to satisfy the following objectives:
  • Simple and elegant
  • Written in a high level language rather than assembly language
  • Allow re-use of code
Typical vendor operating systems of the time were extremely large and all written in assembly language. UNIX had a relatively small amount of code written in assembly language (this is called the kernel) and the remaining code for the operating system was written in a high level language called C.

42. Cygwin Information And Installation
Enjoy. Copyright © 2000, 2001,2002, 2003 Red Hat, Inc. unix ® is a registered trademark of the Open Group in the United States and other countries.
Cygwin Home Cygwin/X Home Red Hat Cygwin Product Community ...
What Is Cygwin?
Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows. It consists of two parts:
  • A DLL (cygwin1.dll) which acts as a Linux emulation layer providing substantial Linux API functionality.
  • A collection of tools, which provide Linux look and feel. The Cygwin DLL works with all non-beta, non "release candidate", ix86 32 bit versions of Windows since Windows 98, with the exception of Windows CE. Help, contact, web page, other info... Historical cygwin info...
    Install or update
    (using setup.exe) or get help on
    using setup.exe. or find a package or file in the cygwin release. Latest Cygwin DLL release version is
    What's New and How Do I Get it?
    The latest net releases of the Cygwin DLL are numbered 1.n.x 1.n.x versions of the Cygwin DLL are newer than previous (ancient) beta Bxx (i.e. ) versions. The last commercial release was which was only released on CD-ROM and is no longer available. Red Hat has no current plans to release a new commercial CD. The Red Hat GNUpro release version is currently 1.4.x and is available only with Red Hat support contracts The last Bxx release was in December 1998. The
  • 43. Introducing ShellAccess.COM: High Performance Shell Access
    Shell Access on Sun Microsystems Sparc/Ultra servers with either traditional unix access or easy to use menu system.
    ShellAccess.COM provides high reliability, low cost Shell Access
    on Sun UltraSparc Servers.
    ShellAccess.COM provides either traditional
    UNIX access or an easy to use menu system, for only $11.95/month.
    Be sure to check out our features and our pricing for more information.
    Or, you can Telnet to ShellAccess.COM for immediate online registration
    Pricing Telnet to ShellAccess.COM
    Voice: (800) 436-4456 / Email: / Telnet:

    44. Matt's Unix Security Page
    Matt s unix Security Page provides published papers, software exploits, and plenty of good links to meet your unix Security needs. unixbased Software.
    Matt's Web World presents...
    Established November 1, 1995.
    Last updated on September 16, 2003.
    W elcome to my Unix security page! This page is not a complete listing of Unix security information and tools. What is hosted here is what I personally find useful and/or interesting. Hyperlinks to other sites are provided at the bottom of this page for those seeking something not listed here. For those who might think it unwise to publicly disclose security holes and the techniques used to pass through them, I urge you to read Charles Tomlinson's Rudimentary Treatise on the Construction of Locks These links aren't really Unix related, but they are security related, and you may find them interesting: Everything here is provided for informational purposes only. The presence of any link on this page is not an endorsement of its content. And I certainly do not endorse unauthorized access to other people's computers! Property rights exist and should be respected.
    Table of Contents
    Click the blue section separator to return to this table of contents.

    45. RayCosoft (software / System Administration Tools)
    Developers of Typhon, a collection of utility programs unix.
    Tools for Software/Web Development
    and Systems Administration Products Info/Support Services Purchase ... Company Home
    RayCosoft develops WebCheck , a program for testing web pages, and the Typhoon Toolkit , a collection of utility programs for text processing, file and directory processing, customizing your login environment, disk space management, performance analysis, system monitoring and system security. Both WebCheck and the Typhoon Toolkit run on Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
    Version 2.2.4 of the Typhoon Toolkit has been released!
    These are some of the most frequently visited pages on this site:
    Perl Tutorial

    A comprehensive introduction to the grep, map and sort functions of the Perl programming language.
    Expect Tutorial

    An introduction to Expect, a language for automating interactive programs.
    Porting Guidelines for Shell Scripts

    Recommendations for writing scripts that run on multiple Unices without modification. Links to Unix Resources Links to other web pages of interest to Unix users, programmers and systems administrators. You are here:

    46. Unimax Systems, Inc.: Your Technology Solution
    unix operating systems specialists based in Pittsburgh, PA. We also offer solutions for Y2K, Wireless Networks and other information technology areas.
    Unimax Systems, Inc. Year 2k Y2K year 2000 unimax imaging integration data conversion pittsburgh scott adams UNIX unix y2k project management computer consultants consulting management technology

    47. Wichtige Unix-Befehle
    Eine Tabelle wichtiger unixBefehle mit kurzer Beschreibung.
    Wichtige Unix und MS-DOS Befehle
    Unix Commands! Rechte für Unix User Remote Connection Commands Internet Protocoll Numbers! ... [Telefonbuch] A little summary of Unix Commands Command/Syntax What it will do awk/nawk [options] file scan for patterns in a file and process the results cat [options] file concatenate (list) a file cd [directory] change directory chgrp [options] group file change the group of the file chmod [options] file change file or directory access permissions chown [options] owner file change the ownership of a file; can only be done by the superuser chsh passwd -e/-s username login_shell change the user's login shell (often only by the superuser) cmp [options] compare two files and list where differences occur (text or binary files) compress [options] file compress file and save it as file.Z cp [options] copy into shouldn't already exist. This command creates or overwrites cut (options) [ file (s)] cut specified field(s)/character(s) from lines in file(s) date [options] report the current date and time dd [if=infile] [of=outfile] [operand=value] copy a file, converting between ASCII and EBCDIC or swapping byte order, as specified

    48. Unix For WINdows
    UWIN is software that enables unix software to be recompiled and run on WIN32 systems such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and
    U/WIN* Overview Documentation Download software Feedback survey ... mailgroups UWIN 3.2 Overview The UWIN package provides a mechanism for building and running UNIX applications on Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 98, and Windows 95 with few, if any, changes necessary. UWIN binaries are available for educational, research, and evaluation purposes through this web site. Commercial licenses for UWIN can be obtained from Global Technologies Ltd., Inc. or Wipro International The UWIN package contains the following three elements:
    • Libraries that provide a UNIX operating system by implementing the UNIX Application Programming Interface (API)
    • Include files and development tools such as cc yacc lex , and make
    • Korn Shell and over 250 utilities such as ls sed cp stty etc.
    The library functions are implemented as functions exported in a DLL (POSIX.DLL). Programs linked with POSIX.DLL run under the WIN32 subsystem instead of the POSIX subsystem. Thus programs can make UNIX library calls or any other WIN32 call as required. A cc command is provided to compile and link programs for UWIN on Windows using traditional UNIX build tools such as make . The cc command is a front end the the underlying compiler that performs the actual compilation and linking. It can be used with the Microsoft Visual C/C++ 5.X compiler, the Visual C/C++ 6.X compiler, the Visual C/C++ 7.X compiler, the

    Registro gratuito, programa, normas, comit©s, noticias y boletines de prensa. En la WWW, IRC y correo electr³nico del 115 de diciembre de 2001.
    Red Universitaria de Recursos Telemáticos Integrados
    para Comunidades Vituales de Usuarios
    Organiza: UMEET'2003 (English). December, 15-23 UMEET'2003 (Spanish). 15-23 Diciembre

    Channel #linux (Free, gratuite, libre)
    Pasts Umeet Editions / Ediciones anteriores de Umeet

    50. Network Hotsync
    Describes how to do a HotSync operation between a Palm and a unix host (running PilotManager) over a TCP/IP connection.
    Network Hotsync Howto Network Hotsync


    Netsync Howto

    Download SyncIcalCal.tgz

    Links Palm Computing


    What is network hotsync? With network hotsync you can use a PPP connection to setup a TCP/IP connection to the host running PilotManager. The hotsync operation will take place via a TCP/IP connection not via a direct serial line (or modem, which is also possible) connection. Since the network connection is not secure, network hotsync may be an option only for people being away from their usual workplace but using a company intranet to sync with their workplace computer. Another option is using a fast terminal-server that supports ppp instead of a slow serial connection to a host supporting only a limited data rate. If you know of any solutions that involve a secure solution for syncing over the internet (e.g. a virtual private network (VPN) or a connection via the secure socket layer (SSL), please let me know!) What you need You need at least version 0.9.2 of pilot-link . Previous versions dump core when you try to do a network sync. You should also get the latest version v1.107 of PilotManager Get network hotsync from Palm Computing. When I first downloaded this package, it was an Exe-fied ZIP archive that contained a shrink-wrapped Windows installer (also a .exe). So I had to install the thing on a windows workstation that already had the Palm desktop software installed just to get the NetSync.PRC file. Meanwhile Palm has really, really changed this and you can get the NetSync.PRC file archived in a .zip from the page mentioned above. It is under the heading "Download Network Hotsync support Application". You probably want to use the Windows version which is a .zip archive containing just the .PRC file.

    51. -- Online Catalog: Perl Resource Kit -- UNIX Edition
    Gives you the most comprehensive collection of Perl documentation and commercially enhanced software tools available today.

    O'Reilly Home
    Press Room Jobs Resource Centers Perl Java Python C/C++ ... Enterprise Development Book Series Hacks Head First Cookbooks In a Nutshell ... Developer's Notebooks Publishing Partners No Starch Press Paraglyph Press Pragmatic Bookshelf Syngress Publishing Online Publications ... Special Interest Events Meerkat News Ask Tim ... Open Books Special Sales Academic Corporate Government Inside O'Reilly About O'Reilly International Advertise with Us Contact Us ... Bookstores Traveling to
    a tech show? Hotel Search
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    Register your book
    to get email notification of new editions, special offers, and more.
    Perl Resource Kit UNIX Edition
    By  Larry Wall Ellen Siever Nathan Patwardhan Brian Jepson ... David Futato
    November 1997
    ISBN: 1-56592-370-7
    This book is out of print.
    Buy from O'Reilly: The Perl Resource Kit UNIX Edition gives you the most comprehensive collection of Perl documentation and commercially enhanced software tools available today. Developed in association with Larry Wall, the creator of Perl, it's the definitive Perl distribution for Webmasters, programmers, and system administrators. The Perl Resource Kit provides:
    • Over 1800 pages of tutorial and in-depth reference documentation for Perl utilities and extensions, in four volumes

    52. The NET-SNMP Project Home Page
    A slew of SNMP related perl modules; a version of the unix netstat , and df commands using SNMP; a Tk/perl mib browser. Please see
    Welcome To The NET-SNMP Home Page
    (Previously known as "ucd-snmp")
    A composite image of postcards from locations that use the net-snmp package [more information...]
    Find your postcard! Click on a postcard to see it in greater detail! SNMP Security Survey Information about the SBSM Security Model [What is it?] [Recent News] ... [Helping us]
    What Is It?
    Various tools relating to the Simple Network Management Protocol including: Please see our project development pages as well.
    This package was originally based on the Carnegie Mellon University and Univerisity of California at Davis SNMP implementations, but has been greatly enhanced, ported, fixed, made easier to use and barely resembles the original package anymore.
    Recent News

    53. GNU Midnight Commander
    A combined unix shell and text mode, Norton Commander style file manager. Part of the GNOME project. Open Source.
    The homepage of GNU Midnight Commander is

    54. Windows Services For UNIX Home
    Windows Services for unix (SFU) 3.5 provides the tools and environment that IT professionals and developers need to integrate Windows with unix and Linux Home Site Map Search for:
    Services for UNIX Home
    Product Information Technical Resources Downloads ... Windows Family
    Windows Services for UNIX (SFU) 3.5 provides the tools and environment that IT professionals and developers need to integrate Windows with UNIX and Linux environments.
    What's New in SFU 3.5?
    Read About SFU 3.5 Features Download SFU 3.5 Now
    Download Windows Services for UNIX 3.5
    Download your complimentary copy of the comprehensive interoperability solution that enables IT professionals to easily extend the value of their UNIX applications by using them on the Windows platform. Find Windows Services for UNIX Resources on TechNet
    Locate in-depth resources and technical articles about Windows Services for UNIX, including installation details, product documentation, migration guides, and more. Windows Training Designed for UNIX Professionals
    Attend a comprehensive course on Windows that takes advantage of your existing UNIX knowledge. Taught by experts in UNIX and Windows, these courses include hands-on labs and plenty of UNIX process comparisons. Featured Technical Content White Paper: Introduction to Windows Services for UNIX 3.5

    55. : îÁÞÁÌÏ
    Вопросы и ответы по unix и юниксподобным системам.

    glebius, 20.07.2002
  • 56. Internet Explorer For UNIX Home Page
    Internet Explorer for unix. We sincerely apologize, but Internet Explorer technologies for unix are no longer available for download. Home Site Map Search for:
    Products Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows Embedded Technologies Internet Explorer Windows Media Player DirectX Resources Windows Update Windows Catalog Security Information Windows History Previous Versions Windows Me Windows 98 Windows 95 Windows NT Workstation 4.0 ... Windows NT Server 4.0 Related Products Systems Management Server Microsoft Operations Manager Small Business Server Services for UNIX For Developers Windows XP Developer Center Windows 2000 Developer Center Windows Embedded Developer Center Windows SDK Update
    Internet Explorer for UNIX
    We sincerely apologize, but Internet Explorer technologies for UNIX are no longer available for download. Visit the Internet Explorer Web site for more information on Internet Explorer. For Support options, visit the Internet Explorer for UNIX newsgroups at news:// Note: Microsoft employees do not monitor these public newsgroups. Or, search the Microsoft Knowledge base

    57. Mailfilt, By Mike Fisk (Unix/Perl)
    Mailfilt is a procmaillike Perl application for filtering your mail. (Last updated sometime in 1995 )

    58. Common UNIX Printing System
    Welcome to the CUPS Home Page! Go To Software The Common unix Printing System ( CUPS ) is a crossplatform printing solution for all unix environments.

    Links News Newsgroups ... Support
    Recent News [ Show All May 27, 2004
    Common UNIX Printing System 1.1.21rc1
    View (0 comments)
    Download Apr 28, 2004
    CUPS Driver Development Kit 1.0
    View (0 comments)
    Download More Info Apr 09, 2004
    CUPS Driver Development Kit 1.0rc2
    View (0 comments)
    Download More Info Mar 24, 2004
    Foomatic 3.0.1
    View (0 comments)
    Download More Info Mar 19, 2004 PyKota 1.18 View (0 comments) Download More Info AIX ... TurboLinux * = vendor supported printing system Welcome to the CUPS Home Page! The Common UNIX Printing System ("CUPS") is a cross-platform printing solution for all UNIX environments. It is based on the " Internet Printing Protocol " and provides complete printing services to most PostScript and raster printers. CUPS is provided under the GNU GPL More Info Get Drivers Quotes "CUPS is the Common UNIX Printing System, and it solves a multitude of problems. My guess is that it will become the Linux standard before long. (Yes, I said standard. And I expect a few dozen emails the gist of which are, "we don't need no steenkin' standards," to which I respond in advance: You may avoid growing up, but that doesn't mean Linux can't.)" Dennis E. Powell of Current Poll [ Show All What do you print the most?

    59. Malaysia Web Hosting,Shells Accounts,Domain Name Registration
    Offers shell account based in malayasia which offers support for BNC, PsyBNC, and bots.
    Register Forgot Password ? .com .net .org Register .com/net/org only rm55 per year !
    Web Hosting Our hosting plan are host on stable Operating System and powerful server and we ensure your site 99.9% up-time guaranteed.
    From RM 10 /month.
    Shell Hosting provides you with reliability of our high performance servers, flexibility of our plans and
    99.9% up-time guaranteed.
    From RM 5 /month. About Vs Support Contact us

    60. The Open Group: Boundaryless Information Flow Through Interoperability
    Spotlight on recent publications Single unix Specification the 2004 Edition of the Base Specifications Issue 6 The Open Group is pleased to announce the
    Home About A-Z Index Search ... Membership Online Book Store Order books, technical documentation and memorabilia
    Boundaryless Information Flow
    Our sponsors
    Read more
    Spotlight on recent publications: Mobile and Directory Architecture Technical Study
    The Open Group's Mobile and Directory Architecture Technical Study is now available from our online bookstore. The study presents an architecture for use by service providers and enterprises to support mobile computing. The architecture is based on the use of directory technology to make information about users and the network available to applications, management systems, and intelligent network components. Download the study Election of Member-Directors is now under way
    The Open Group's membership is electing four members to serve two-year terms on our Governing Board, starting from July 2004. The nominations closed on April 30th [ List of candidates ]. The actual voting runs from May 15 to June 11 [

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