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  1. Understanding Supercomputing by Scientific American, editors at Scientific American, 2002-12-01
  2. Supercomputing and the Transformation of Science (Scientific American Library) by William J. Kaufmann, Larry L. Smarr, 1993-01
  3. Supercomputing 92: Proceedings : Minneapolis, Minnesota November 16-20, 1992 (Supercomputing//Proceedings, Supercomputing) by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1992-11
  4. Supercomputing: Applications, Algorithms, and Architectures : For the Future of Supercomputing
  5. Supercomputing in Fluid Flow by T. K. S. Murthy, 1993-02
  6. Getting Up to Speed: The Future of Supercomputing by Committee on the Future of Supercomputing, National Research Council, 2005-02-07
  7. Ics 96: International Conference on Supercomputing
  8. SGI RANKS THIRD ON LIST OF WORLD'S TOP 500 SUPERCOMPUTING.: An article from: Mainframe Computing
  9. Ics 94: International Conference on Supercomputing
  10. VIRGINIA TECH'S GREEN500 LIST PUT SUPERCOMPUTING ON A DIET.: An article from: Mainframe Computing by Gale Reference Team, 2007-12-01
  11. Japanese Supercomputing: Architecture, Algorithms, and Applications (Lecture Notes in Engineering) by Raul H. Mendez, 1988-08
  12. Supercomputing 93: Proceedings Portland Oregon, November 15-19, 1993 (Supercomputing//Proceedings, Supercomputing)
  13. The Future of Supercomputing: An Interim Report by Committee on the Future of Supercomputing, National Research Council, 2003-09-08
  14. Supercomputing Conference, '91: Proceedings : Albuquerque, New Mexico, November 18-22, 1991 (Supercomputing//Proceedings, Supercomputing)

1. Supercomputing Institute Home Page
May 8, 2004. Because of technical difficulties, the MSI network is not available. We are working on the problem, but it will be early next week before the network is available. We apologize for the


Who we are, mission statement, contact information, and directions to the Institute Security Alert
Due to computer security issues, all accounts were disabled. You will have to contact us individually to gain access. Programs and resources
Program and computing resources descriptions, calls for proposals and request forms Internships for Undergraduates
Information on Internships and Intern Research Problems or Questions
Technical questions, or report a problem with the systems Feedback
Let us know how we can help Hardware, Software and Technical user support
Hardware, Software and Technical information, Tutorials, Seminars and Workshops
Tutorials, seminars and hands-on workshops for system users Publications
Annual Report, Quarterly Research Bulletins, Research Reports People Principal Investigator links, fellows, committees, and staff Events Symposia, workshops, and seminars sponsored by the Institute Employment opportunities Informatics and Data Mining Group Manager/Informatics Consultant Unix Systems Admin Related links Links to other pages of interest This information is available in alternative formats upon request by individuals with disabilities. Please send email to

2. The National Center For Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Information about supercomputing applications and research in the United States.
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Access Online:
Tuning in Tumors
A new understanding of nuclear magnetic resonance could lead to better techniques for detecting cancer. Read more about it.
More News
How do I use this website apply for a job? contact NCSA staff? get an HPC account? find out about NCSA resources? Learn about Cluster Computing Cyberinfrastructure Data Analysis Education Grids Visualization all topics
Other Stories:
Tungsten Enters Production Mode
NCSA's Dell Xeon cluster, Tungsten, has entered production mode and is available for scientific research.
Read more about it.
Private Sector Program
The Private Sector Program Annual Meeting brought NCSA's strategic industrial partners together April 26-28 to learn the latest about the center's technology and expertise and how they can provide a competitive edge. The 13th Annual Grand Challenge Award was awarded to Boeing in honor of a distributed task manager system developed in collaboration with NCSA. See more photos.

3. SC2001
Netcast Archive) Accelerating Discovery Through supercomputing. J. Craig Venter, Ph.D




Denver Info


Tutorials Tech Papers Plenaries ... BOFs Exhibition Overview Space Industry Research ... HPC Games Infrastructure SCinet SC Global Contact Info Committees ... Scientific Visualization: Bridging the Complexity Threshold
Chris Johnson, University of Utah 8:30AM-9:15AM MT (-7 hours UTC) Will Digital Actors Replace Human Ones? Alvy Ray Smith Digital Photography Artist 9:15am-10:30AM MT (-7 hours UTC) Netcast Archive Gray talk begins at 3 minutes Berman talk begins at 45 minutes The World Wide Telescope: Mining the Sky Jim Gray, Microsoft Research 8:30AM-9:15AM MT (-7 hours UTC) Grid Computing in the Terascale Age Fran Berman, SDSC and NPACI, Professor of CSE, UCSD 9::15AM-10:00AM MT (-7 hours UTC) Netcast Archive Accelerating Discovery Through Supercomputing J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., President and Chief Scientific Officer, Celera Genomics SC2001, the international conference for high performance computing and communications, convened in Denver, Colorado on 10-16 November with seven days of technical programs, technological demonstrations and exhibits, for the over 5000 attendees that gathered at the Denver Convention Center. Awards Cap SC2001 High-Performance Computing and Networking Conference Denver, CO November 15, 2001

4. Scandal Supercomputing Project Home Page
Development of a portable environment for programming supercomputers. Project information and resources about parallel programming.
Scandal Project Home Page
The primary research interest of the Scandal project is the development of a portable, interactive environment for programming a wide range of supercomputers. The two main goals of the project are:
  • Developing a portable parallel language, NESL , and associated environment.
  • Developing fast implementations of parallel algorithms There are two possible etymologies of SCANDAL.
    Scandal Information
    What's New
    Scandal Services
    Related Scandal
  • 5. Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
    of computing facilities and links to research projects.......
    User Support User Accounts Account Application Staff Directory ...
    Cray SX-6 Information, Benchmarking, and User Accounts
    Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
    home search about ... resources

    6. SDSC: San Diego Supercomputer Center At UCSD
    Information Systems Lab. SDSC s Reagan Moore to Give Invited KeynoteTalk at 19 th International supercomputing Conference. SDSC Joins
    Overview Leadership NPACI Press Room ... HPSS Statistics News Recent Coverage Calendar Powerful, User-Friendly Mapping and Spatial Analysis: SDSC's Spatial Information Systems Lab SDSC's Reagan Moore to Give Invited Keynote Talk at 19 th International Supercomputing Conference ... Microsoft creating Windows for supercomputers
    New York Times, CNET
    May 26, 2004 Five Questions with Fran Berman
    San Diego Union Tribune
    May 24, 2004 Genes with role in forming cilia linked to ailments
    San Diego Union Tribune
    May 14, 2004 Unlike Leopards, Jupiter Finds a Way to Change Its Spots
    The New York Times
    April 27, 2004 June 4-6, 2004
    HPDC-13: IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Distributed Computing

    Honolulu, Hawaii June 6-9, 2004 GGF-11 Global Grid Forum Honolulu, Hawaii June 9 - 11, 2004 Access Grid (AG) Retreat 2004 Toronto, Canada June 22-25, 2004 Berkeley SDSC UC San Diego, MC 0505 9500 Gilman Drive La Jolla, CA 92093-0505 Tel. 858-534-5000 Fax. 858-534-5152

    7. SC98: High Performance Networking And Computing Conference
    distributed computing, dataintensive applications, supercomputing, scalable computing and other emerging technologies
    SC98: 10th ANNIVERSARY
    SC98: High Performance Networking and Computing will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, USA, November 7 - 13, 1998. SC98 continues the tradition of previous conferences, focusing on networking, distributed computing, data-intensive applications, supercomputing, scalable computing and other emerging technologies that push the frontiers of communications, computing and computational science. SC98 returns to the city of the first conference to celebrate the tenth anniversary in this series, sponsored by IEEE Computer Society and ACM SIGARCH.
    Site last updated: 16 December 1998

    Conference at a Glance

    The Program

    Education Program
    Conference Proceedings

    Research, Poster and Industry

    REGISTRATION Conference Housing Attendee Listing MEDIA Media Releases Media Info Media Registration Registered Media ... Student Volunteers HISTORY SCXY Photo Archives SCXY Bibliography Archives History of the SCXY Conferences CONTACT Contact Information / Questions Sponsors Committees INFORMATION General Information About Orlando Child Care Photo credits: Orange County Convention Center and Iowa State University.

    8. Supercomputing Online - The Leading News Source For High Performance Computing,
    supercomputing Online The Leading News Source for High PerformanceComputing, Networking Communications Professionals.
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  • Software Livre, Anyone?
  • Red Hat Introduces NX Software Support For Linux
  • Will There Be A Winning Autonomous Robot in 2005? ... Supercharging US Innovation and Competitiveness: HPC Users Conference Thursday, Jun 03 @ 09:48 PDT The Council on Competitiveness announced today the First Annual High Performance Computing (HPC) Users Conference, co-sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration, the Department of Energy’ s Office of Science. High Performance Computing: Supercharging U.S. Innovation and Competitiveness is scheduled to take place Tuesday, July 13th at the Capitol Hilton hotel in Washington DC. Breakthrough Research to Improve Forecasts Tuesday, Jun 01 @ 12:24 PDT
  • 9. NCSC Home Page
    Promotes use of computational science for education, research and commercial applications. Includes users, services, hardware and news.
    MCNC is accelerating the development and deployment of a statewide grid computing initiative – the next generation of its supercomputing services. The new strategy is based on distributed computing resources and data instead of the centralized supercomputing model. University and research customers will have flexibility in managing their local assets with the new capability of using other valuable resources on the grid during peak processing times. “This bold move reaffirms MCNC’s commitment to the universities and to the state’s economic growth. … Grid computing will be a driving force in North Carolina’s economy over the next 5 to 7 years.”
    - Jane Smith Patterson, Executive Director of the Rural Internet Access Authority (RIAA) and former Senior Advisor to the Governor for Science and Technology Latest News and Events:

    10. QPSF
    A consortium for the collaborative use and development of high performance computing (HPC) resources within the universities of Queensland, Australia.
    Content by Wayne Mallett . Updated 19-Sep-2002 by Wayne Mallett
    Please ensure that you read the for this site.

    11. Poznan Supercomputing And Networking Center
    The description of the Center, its resources, services and research and development projects.

    12. Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
    Outreach. Research Staff, Users, Biomed, Networking, Annual ResearchReport. PA Researchers Eligible for Free supercomputing Time. SC

    13. Supercomputing And Parallel Computing Research Groups
    Academic research groups and projects in the field of supercomputing and parallelcomputing. supercomputing and Parallel Computing Research Groups.
    Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Research Groups
    Index Conferences Vendors Supercomputers Note: I've moved on to another job , and I can no longer afford the time to keep this site updated. I recommend IEEE's ParaScope as a good alternative. Academic research groups working in the field of supercomputing and parallel computing.
    An object-Based Concurrent Language. Model of concurrency based on parallel active objects.
    Data parallel functional programming languages for distributed memory architectures.
    Object-Based DSM Environment on PVM.
    Large-scale multiprocessor with shared memory and message passing.
    Active-Message Driven Computing. Computational model and system based on computation at abstract locations, and built on active messages.
    Active Messages. Simple primitives exposing full hardware performance to higher communication layers.
    Parallel Architectures group. Portable parallel programming environment, parallel 3D terrain analysis and visualization.
    High performance simulations of lattice gauge theories and QCD.

    14. Kluwer Academic Publishers - The Journal Of Supercomputing
    Available in print and online. Searchable archives available to subscribers.
    This web page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    15. The Mississippi Center For Supercomputing Research
    Providing supercomputing resources to students, faculty, and staff at eight institutions of higher learning in Mississippi.
    Home My Accounts Newsletter News Flash ...
    How to Build a Linux Cluster...

    Operating Systems
    Unix FAQ
    UNICOS Linux Irix ... PV-WAVE
    Cray 916
    Origin 2800
    Queue Stats,
    Top 500 ... UM ENGR 590
    MCSR News More Sweetgum Diskusage Mimosa Diskusage Director's Message MCSR Orders SGI Altix 3700 HPC System
    My MCSR Jobs My Accounts
    Last Modified:

    16. Visualization Tutorials Notes
    Website related questions or problems should be dirrected to webmaster@msi.umn.eduThe supercomputing Institute does not collect personal information on
    QUESTIONS FEEDBACK HOME Employment Events Links People Programs Publications Support Welcome
    Scientific Visualization and Graphics
    Tutorials and other Tips
    Visualization provides the tools to represent vast amounts of numerical data in a compact and understandable way. The larger the data set, the more important it is to have capable and flexible visual tools from which to choose. The tutorials available below demostrate how to use some of the wide variety of tools available at the Institute. The Scientific Visualization User's Guide provides more information about visualization software categories as well as visualization background information.
    Online Tutorials Images Video Taping and Animations Other
    • Arrays . How C and Fortran store multi-dimensional arrays and how it relates to graphics and visualization packages.

    Back to Tutorials and Workshops page

    This information is available in alternative formats upon request by individuals with disabilities. Please send email to

    17. Topic Area: Parallel Processing
    Links to supercomputing centers, high performance computing journals, vendors, conferences, and governmental agencies.
    David A. Bader
    U. New Mexico

    Assoc. Professor and Regents' Lecturer in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of New Mexico
    Director, High Performance Computing Laboratory.
    IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Speaker;
    NSF CAREER Award Recipient.
    Recent News: Upcoming Parallel Processing Conferences:

    18. Biomedical Initiative -
    Pittsburgh supercomputing Center, Q, 4400 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh,PA 15213 - Ph. (412) 268-4960 - Fax (412) 268-8200. Research. Overview;

    19. The Supercomputing Institute
    A group of NeoLuddites working on Linux, using a network of systems to solve problems that interest them.
    Luddite n 1: any opponent of technological progress 2: one of the 19th century English workman who destroyed labor-saving machinery that they thought would cause unemployment." is a private system consisting of several clusters of workstations running a variety of operating systems. We have compiled a list of known hardware, although pitiful, it serves its purpose. Most of what we do is directly based on teaching/learning Unix(mostly Linux) to ourselves and others. Be sure to read the if you live here. Hosts under
    Current Projects

    System Information

    Interesting Stuff
    History of Luddite

    "BTW I like your email - How do you check it? Do you have a team of amish scribes copy it down from the video book thingy with the flashy lights?"

    20. National Center For Supercomputing Applications
    The Computational Fluid Dynamics Group at NCSA focuses on research in the area of Direct and Large Eddy Simulations of complex turbulent flows.

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