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         Parallel Computing:     more books (100)
  1. Introduction to Parallel Algorithms (Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing) by C. Xavier, S. S. Iyengar, 1998-08-05
  2. Solutions to Parallel and Distributed Computing Problems: Lessons from Biological Sciences
  3. Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2006: Parallel Computing and its Applications
  4. Handbook of Sensor Networks: Algorithms and Architectures (Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing)
  5. Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations on Parallel Computers (Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering)
  6. Second International Symposium On Parallel And Distributed Computing: Ispdc 2003 by Slovenia) International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing (2nd : 2003 : Ljubljana, 2004-01-31
  7. Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks (Series on Networks, Parallel & Distributed Computing & Systems)
  8. Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks. International Conference. 2005.
  9. Parallel and Distributed Computing in Engineering Systems: Proceedings of the Imacs/Ifac International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computi by S. Tzafestas, Pl Borne, 1992-04
  10. Parallel Computing: Fundamentals, Applications and New Directions (Advances in Parallel Computing)
  11. Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous Clusters by Alexey L. Lastovetsky, 2003-08-11
  12. Distributed and Parallel Systems: From Instruction Parallelism to Cluster Computing (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science)
  13. Highly Parallel Computing (The Benjamin/Cummings Series in Computer Science and Engineering) by George S. Almasi, Allan Gottlieb, 1993-10
  14. Industrial Strength Parallel Computing

81. BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: Parallel Computing
computing, parallel computing DeweyClass 004.11 ResourceType news Location usa Last checked 19991223 Internet parallel computing Archive Collection of
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Parallel computing
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  • Ace Lab Publications
  • CERFACS: European Centre for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computation
  • Cray Inc - The World's Most Powerful Supercomputers
  • Internet Parallel Computing Archive ...
  • WWW Virtual Library: Complex Systems Page last updated: 17 March 2003 Comments:
    Ace Lab Publications
    Set of online papers about grid generation, grid adaptation, finite-volume solvers, multigrid convergence acceleration, and parallel computation.
    Author: University of Texas at Austin Aerospace Engineering Department
    Subjects: engineering research, fluid mechanics, parallel computing
    Location: usa
    Last checked:
    CERFACS: European Centre for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computation
    One of the world's leading research institutes, working on efficient algorithms for solving large-scale scientific problems. This involves the evaluation and development of tools which exploit high-performance serial, vector, and parallel computers.
    Author: CERFACS
    Subjects: algorithms, computer performance, computer science research, parallel computing
  • 82. The Paradigm Group
    Research in parallel computing with applications to geographic/spatial information systems. Projects and bibliography of papers.

    HPCVL receives $5 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation(CFI)
    Ontario announces $25.4 M investment in HPCVL(High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory) SUN Micro Systems donates 3D computer hardware to Carleton University $1 million grant from IBM recognizes Canadian research
    HPCVL receives $5 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation(CFI)
    Ontario announces $25.4 M investment in HPCVL(High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory) SUN Micro Systems donates 3D computer hardware to Carleton University $1 million grant from IBM recognizes Canadian research ... Contact us

    83. 4th Conference On Massively Parallel Computing Systems
    International conference on Massively parallel computing Systems, held every two years. Links to

    84. Distributed Emirp Project - Applied Distributed Computing To Find Emirps.
    The Distributed Emirp Project is an effort to find Emirps through the use of Distributed Computing (also known as Grid Computing or parallel computing).
    Suspension of Project Well, its been a rough and wild ride. I've come to the conclusion that this project requires temporary (if not permanent) suspension. There are several fundamental flaws with the project. The client and server were more stable than I could ever have imagined, and worked beautifully. Unfortunately, the actual processing of the data and the reason for processing were slightly less solid. A full discussion over at Ars may be found here: Arstechnica Thread Im working on my research paper, and will post for comments and suggestions on it. Theres a small chance that this project will be resurected, but I think its highly unlikely. I've learned alot from it. Look for my next project, based on weather and artificial neural nets. Prototype name: Distributed WeatherNet. I'd like to thank ExtremeDC, Arstechnica, [H]ard, and Free-DC for their comments, critiscm and support.
    Whats an "Emirp? An Emirp is a special kind of prime number. An Emirp is a number when its digits are reversed. For example, 13 is a prime number. When its digits are reversed, it becomes 31, which is also a prime number. The number 13 is an Emirp, and so is 31. What is the Distributed Emirp Project?

    85. Designing And Building Parallel Programs
    Designing and Building Parallel Programs (Online) integrates four resources concerned with parallel programming and parallel computing
    Designing and Building Parallel Programs , by Ian Foster Designing and Building Parallel Programs (Online) is an innovative traditional print and online resource publishing project. It incorporates the content of a textbook published by Addison-Wesley into an evolving online resource. Here is a description of the book , and here is the table of contents . See also the list of mirror sites around the world Designing and Building Parallel Programs (Online) integrates four resources concerned with parallel programming and parallel computing: We have prepared and presented a very successful full-day tutorial based on Designing and Building Parallel Programs. Let us know if you are interested in seeing this presented elsewhere. Read about what's new on DBPP Online. There are also a few errata The content of Designing and Programming Parallel Programs may not be archived or reproduced without written permission Designing and Programming Parallel Programs is available wherever fine technical books are sold, or

    86. Visual And Parallel Computing Laboratory
    Visual and parallel computing Laboratory. The problem. The current projects of the VPCL use visual and parallel computing in various ways.
    V isual and P arallel C omputing L aboratory
    T he goals of the VPCL are to undertake projects that advance the state of the art in the theory and applications of Visual Computing and Parallel Computing. The term Visual Computing encompasses the fields of Image Processing, Computer Vision and Vi sualization. Image Processing deals with the formulation and implementation of operations that transform an image into another that is "visually superior". Computer Vision deals with formulation and implementation of computational models and algorithms that analyze and interpret the contents of an image. Visualization deals with the formulation and implementation of representations and algorithms for visual display of data. The term Parallel Computing encompasses all forms of computing that entail the simultaneous use of multiple processors to solve a given problem. The current projects of the VPCL use visual and parallel computing in various ways.
    Lab members



    Other related sites
    Visual and Parallel Computing Laboratory (VPCL)
    Room 207A, Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center

    Translate this page Specialized in distributed and parallel computing for research, development and practical applications .

    88. Prof. Frank Dehne -
    School of Computer Science, Carleton University parallel computing, Coarse Grained Parallel Algorithms, Parallel Data Mining and OLAP, Computational Geometry, Image Processing

    89. Home
    The Edinburgh parallel computing Centre provides computing resources to Edinburgh University and industry. Projects, technical support, and publications.
    site maintained by -select- About Us How we Work Areas of Expertise Current Projects Recent Projects Caledonia Project Archive Grid Computing Contacts -select- The Grid Advanced Computing Research Activities Visitor Programmes Services -select- About EPCC Publications Media Coverage Staff How to Contact Us News Recruitment
    EPCC is a bridge to the world of advanced computing for industry, commerce and research. With consultancy, training and collaborative contracts, we can help you make the best of twenty-first century computing technology. Founded at the University of Edinburgh in 1990, EPCC is a leading European centre of expertise in advanced research, technology transfer and the provision of supercomputer services to Universities.

    90. ICPC (Imperial College Parallel Computing Centre)
    Provide College workers with dedicated access to powerful parallel computers. News and details of the facilities.
    Overview of ICPC High Performance Computing Facilities ICPC's Infrastructure Development Other Research using ICPC's Resources Services Other Links
    180 Queens Gate, London SW7 2BZ

    91. Cluster Computing Resources
    It contains a wealth of information relatest to cluster computing, parallel computing, high performance computing. It provides presentation slides on cluster computing, book information, how to build cluster. Worth surfing

    92. Oscar H. Ibarra Home Page
    University of California, Santa Barbara Design and analysis of algorithms, theory of computation, computational complexity, parallel computing, digital libraries.
    marginwidth=0 marginheight=0> Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

    93. Dr. Xuemin Lin
    University of New South Wales Algorithm design, computational geometry, distributed and parallel computing, databases, data mining, and graph layouts.
    A/Prof. Xuemin Lin
    Head of Database Research Group
    School of Computer Science and Engineering

    The University of New South Wales

    Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia
    Office: k-17 503
    Phone: Fax:
    Email: Dr Xuemin Lin is an Associate Professor (reader) in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales. From 1994 - 1997, Xuemin was a lecturer in the Computer Science Department at the University of Western Australia . From 1998 - 2003, Xuemin was a senior lecture in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales. In 1999/2000 he also taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a visiting Associate Professor. Xuemin obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Queensland in 1992, and his B.Sc degree in Applied math from Fudan University in 1984 where from 1984 to 1988 he was a masters and PhD student in Applied Math. Research: 1) Publications 2) Grants 3) Students Xuemin's principal research areas are ... Database System Implementation. Professional Services Past Services Related Links My Family

    94. Purdue's Adapter For Parallel Execution And Rapid Synchronization: The TTL_PAPER
    Hardware to reduce latency in communication between nodes of a parallel computing cluster. Paper describes the performance and software interface.
    Purdue's Adapter for Parallel Execution and Rapid Synchronization: The TTL_PAPERS Design
    H. G. Dietz, T. M. Chung, T. Mattox, and T. Muhammad School of Electrical Engineering
    Purdue University
    West Lafayette, IN 47907-1285
    January 1995
    Tightly-coupled parallel machines are being replaced with clusters of workstations connected by communication networks yielding relatively long latencies, but ever-higher bandwidth (e.g., Ethernet, FDDI, HiPPI, ATM). However, it is very difficult to make parallel programs based on fine- grain aggregate operations execute efficiently using a network that is optimized for point-to-point block transfers. TTL_PAPERS augments a cluster of PCs or workstations with the minimum hardware needed to provide very low latency barrier synchronization and aggregate communication. For example, UNIX user processes within a TTL_PAPERS cluster can perform a barrier synchronization in 2.5 microseconds, including all software overhead. This is four orders of magnitude faster than using UNIX socket connections over an Ethernet. This paper presents the TTL_PAPERS principles of operation, implementation issues, low-level software interface, and measured performance of the basic operations.

    95. IPCA : Parallel : Internet : Usenet : Comp.parallel
    Archive for the comp.parallel newsgroup.
    Internet Parallel Computing Archive
    Parallel Internet Usenet ... Articles to (Administrative: Dave Beckett WoTUG

    96. Computer Science At Kent
    computing Laboratory. Research groups include Theoretical computer science, Networks and distributed systems, Software and systems engineering, Information systems, parallel and scientific computing, and Computers and education research.
    Shortcut to
    more news ... Information for:
    Prospective Undergraduates
    Why choose computing at Kent : information about our wide range of degree programmes, how to combine a degree with a year in industry (sandwhich courses), how to obtain a prospectus and other information booklets, and contact details of people who can help you with the admissions process. Courses at the Medway site are also available. Special achievements : Kent is the first Authorised Academic Java Campus in Europe, awarded by Sun, a Sun Target University and has strong links with Sun Microsystems.
    Prospective Postgraduates
    Opportunities for research : at MSc, PhD and post-doctoral level, including funding as well as
    Taught Courses
    Admissions Officers , prospectus - order on-line
    Schools and Colleges
    For information please contact the Schools Liaison Officer
    Research information including groups, staff, research activities

    97. Parallel And Distributed Computing Group
    Research group at California Institute of Technology. Focus includes faulttolerant cluster computing.
    Parallel and Distributed Systems Group
    Our research group is focused on developing novel algorithms, protocols and architectures that enable the creation of reliable and scalable distributed computing, communications and storage systems. The research activity is a blend of basic research and experimental systems activity, creating a balance between the technology and science related to information systems. Past projects include RAIN (Reliable Array of Independent Nodes) that focused on creation of reliable spaceborne systems in collaboration with NASA/JPL. The RAIN technology resulted in a technology spin-off, called Rainfinity , that is focusing on creating software for Internet reliability and scalability. The current two main projects in the lab include, (i) MANGO (Mobile Array of Network Gateways) project, focusing on algorithms and protocols for wireless infrastructure; it is part the Caltech Lee Center for Advanced Networking and is partially supported by the NSF; and (ii) a project focusing on understanding biological circuits analysis and design, in collaboration with the

    98. Computer Science
    Department of Computer Science. Research areas include parallel and distributed computing, evolutionary and neural computing, heuristics for combinatorial optimization, computational spectral theory, vision, computational geometry, and federated information systems, objectoriented systems, contraints, data warehousing and data mining.
    RESEARCH Areas of research

    TEACHING About Admissions
    For current students

    I T society SCHOOL Contact addresses


    FOR USERS Systems information
    Web based applications

    Cardiff School of Computer Science Information about... Undergraduate schemes BSc Computer Science BSc Joint Honours Computing BSc/BEng/MEng Computer Systems Engineering BSc Information Systems is a new degree scheme starting in Sept. 2004 Postgraduate studies MSc in Computing MSc Information Systems Engineering Studying for a PhD Information for students studying... BSc Computer Science BSc Joint Honours Computing BSc/BEng/MEng Computer Systems Engineering MSc in Computing ... for a PhD About our research Overview Distributed Collaborative Computing Evolutionary Computing Geometric Computing and Computer Vision ... Seminars For your Diary About the School Spring Semester ends :
    Final year project vivas end : MSc visit : Graduation : MSc (full time) dissertations due : Members of staff Jobs For users: Web mail Users' personal home pages Searching this site...

    99. Parallel And Distributed Computing Practices, Journal, Home Page
    Published twice a year by NOVA Science Publishers since 1998.

    100. Skjellum, Anthony
    Mississippi State University parallel algorithms, parallel software development, scientific computing.

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