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         Parallel Computing:     more books (100)
  1. Parallel Combinatorial Optimization (Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing)
  2. Parallel and Distributed Computing Handbook by Albert Y. Zomaya, 1995-12-01
  3. Parallel Computing for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology: Models, Enabling Technologies, and Case Studies (Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing)
  4. Parallel Computing Works! by Geoffrey C. Fox, Roy D. Williams, et all 1994-05-01
  5. Parallel Computing in Quantum Chemistry by Curtis L. Janssen, Ida M. B. Nielsen, 2008-05-06
  6. Mobile Intelligence: Mobile Computing and Computational Intelligence (Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing) by Laurence T. Yang, 2008-03-07
  7. Fundamentals of Computer Organization and Architecture (Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing) by Mostafa Abd-El-Barr, Hesham El-Rewini, 2004-12-03
  8. Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing (Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing) by Hesham El-Rewini, Mostafa Abd-El-Barr, 2005-01-18
  9. Proceedings of the Fifth Siam Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing (Siam Proceedings Series) by Jack Dongarra, Ken Kennedy, et all 1992-09
  10. Distributed and Parallel Computing by Hesham El-Rewini, Ted G. Lewis, et all 1998-01
  11. Parallel Computing: Architectures, Algorithms and Applications - Volume 15 Advances in Parallel Computing
  12. Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing: 11th International Workshop, LCPC'98, Chapel Hill, NC, USA, August 7-9, 1998, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  13. PVM: Parallel Virtual Machine: A Users' Guide and Tutorial for Network Parallel Computing (Scientific and Engineering Computation) by Al Geist, Adam Beguelin, et all 1994-11-08
  14. High Performance Computing: Technology, Methods and Applications (Advances in Parallel Computing)

41. Parallel Computing parallel computing. parallel computing Home Page parallel computing @ ScienceDirect Volume 30, 2004; Volume 29, 2003;
Parallel Computing
Parallel Computing Home Page
Parallel Computing @ ScienceDirect
DBLP: [ Home Author Title Conferences ... Journals
Fri Jun 4 20:27:56 2004 by Michael Ley

42. Parallel Computing Resources On The WWW
Help Page. parallel computing on the Web. The Internet Parallel mputing Links. Introduction to parallel computing. Introduction to Parallel
Parallel and High Performance Computing Resources
Table Of Contents
Organizations and Institutions
Parallel Computing on the Web

Intro to Computational Science on the Web

Useful Math Tools
Grid Computing Info Centre
Organizations and Institutions
JICS Connections
History of Computing

History of Parallel Computing

Supercomputers : Past, Present, and Future
UT Computer Science Department Help Page
Parallel Computing on the Web
The Internet Parallel C omputing Archive
National HPCC Software Exchange

NHSE Computational Scie nce Education Page
National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (NPACI) ... More Parallel Co mputing Links
Introduction to Parallel Computing
Introduction to Parallel Processing - (JICS, HTML) Tutorials (MHPCC) Introduction to Parallel Processing - (NCSA, HTML) ... Introduction to Parallel Processing (J. Demmel, UCB) HTML Notes
IBM SP2 Supercomputer
The SP2 at the University of Tennessee Beginner's Guide to the IBM SP2 How to program the IBM SP2 (Module 1 from the Sepscor project) SP Hardware/Software Overview (MHPCC) ... SP2 Helpful Sites
Cluster of PC's
PC Cluster Information Batch Systems and Cluster Management Software Linux for PCs
MPI: Message Passing Interface
Beginner's Guide to MPI (JICS, HTML)

43. Distributed And Parallel Computing
Distributed and parallel computing Hesham ElRewini and Ted G. Lewis 1997, Hardbound, 469 pages ISBN 1884777511 Our price 60.00 Currently Out of Stock.
Distributed and
Parallel Computing
Inside the book
Contents Preface Introduction Sample Chapters ... Book Reviews Out of Stock
About the book
Readers also bought About the authors
The Publisher
In press Under development Recently published ebooks ... Contact us Distributed and Parallel Computing
Hesham El-Rewini and Ted G. Lewis

1997, Hardbound, 469 pages
ISBN 1884777511
Our price: 60.00 Currently Out of Stock Send email to
for more information. Distributed and Parallel Computing is a comprehensive survey of the state-of-the-art in concurrent computing. It covers four major aspects:
  • Architecture and performance
  • Theory and complexity analysis of parallel algorithms
  • Programming languages and systems for writing parallel and distributed programs
  • Scheduling of parallel and distributed tasks
Cutting across these broad topical areas are the various "programming paradigms", e.g., data parallel, control parallel, and distributed programming. After developing these fundamental concepts, the authors illustrate them in a wide variety of algorithms and programming languages. Of particular interest is the final chapter which shows how Java can be used to write distributed and parallel programs. This approach gives the reader a broad, yet insightful, view of the field. Many books on parallel computing have been published during the last 10 years or so. Most are already outdated since the themes and technologies in this area are changing very rapidly. Particularly, the notion that parallel and distributed computing are two separate fields is now beginning to fade away; technological advances have been bridging the gap.

44. Beowulf Parallel Computing - 164 Of The Best Sites Selected By Humans
Pages PZ, 4 Columns. Beowulf parallel computing. CBEL Computer technology ( 164 links, last update 12 April 2004 ) * = new links
Pages A-G 2 Columns
Pages H-O
Order by Alphabet Ordered by Theme Order by Popularity 3 Columns Pages P-Z 4 Columns
Beowulf Parallel Computing
CBEL Computer technology ( 164 links, last update: 12 April 2004 )
* = new links
[Find on this page]

Basic Cluster Scripts

Beowulf Gigaflop/s Workstation Project

Beowulf History
Genome Sequencing Centre in Jena

(part 2)

H¤lge HEP Batch Computing ... VALHAL (part 3) VTT Electronics Wonderland Yet Another Cluster ZUSE Parallel Pentium-Pro Cluster Documentation ACM Crossroads : Parallel Computing With Linux ACM Crossroads:The Texas Tech Tornado Cluster Beowulf FAQ Beowulf Papers ... StarTEXT Vendors AcceleratedServers Advanced Clustering Technologies ALINKA Cluster Solutions Armari Ltd ... Western Scientific, Inc. Help build the largest human-edited directory on the web. Submit a Site Open Directory Project Become an Editor Also visit CB Travel Guide Atmosphere Oxopia

45. Parallel Computing - 516 Of The Best Sites Selected By Humans
Columns. Pages PZ, 4 Columns. parallel computing. CBEL IJHSC Internet parallel computing Archive -Is parallel computing Dead? -Nans Parallel
Pages A-G 2 Columns
Pages H-O
Order by Alphabet Ordered by Theme Order by Popularity 3 Columns Pages P-Z 4 Columns
Parallel Computing
CBEL Computer technology ( 516 links, last update: 12 April 2004 )
* = new links
[Find on this page]

Chemnitz Cluster Computing Homepage

Clustet Computing Info Centre

Concurrent Systems
Who Wrote the Book of Life?

Basic Cluster Scripts

Beowulf Gigaflop/s Workstation Project
Beowulf History Beowulf Project in Greece ... The Beowulf Project Beowulf Cluster_Sites ACME Aeneas Supercomputer Alice ASMA ... ZUSE Parallel Pentium-Pro Cluster Beowulf Documentation ACM Crossroads : Parallel Computing With Linux ACM Crossroads:The Texas Tech Tornado Cluster Beowulf FAQ Beowulf Papers ... StarTEXT Beowulf Vendors AcceleratedServers Advanced Clustering Technologies ALINKA Cluster Solutions Armari Ltd ... MSC Software Beowulf Vendors (part 2) Paralline Paralogic, Inc. ParTec AG Penguin Computing ... Western Scientific, Inc. Conferences Euro-Par Conference Series FMPPTA HiPC Conference Home Page HPCC ... VECPAR Conferences 1999 ACPC CANPC 97 Euro PVMPI 99 Euro-Par99 ... SPAA 1999 Conferences 2000 CC-TEA 2000 CONCUR 2000 CPA 2000 FMPPTA 2000 ... Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Cluste...

46. SISAL Homepage
Official home of high performance, portable, parallel, functional language, for parallel computing and scientific uses.
SISAL is an efficient functional programming language for numerical computation on both serial and parallel computers. It has advantages of safety and clarity over conventional programming languages, and it parallelizes without programmer intervention on certain machines. (Unfortunately, not Linux for now!) Try it, you will like it! Click here to download the compiler and documentation. (About 1.5 MB gzipped.) The Sisal project resided for a long time at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, but was recently canceled there. Source code and documentation may or may not be available via anonymous ftp at as you read this. I have tried to collect all relevant source code and documentation into the above download. The complete LLNL Sisal ftp tree is now reproduced here

47. Proceedings Of The Forum On Parallel Computing Curricula
Proceedings of the First Wellesley Forum on parallel computing Curricula. March 31 April 1, 1995. PANEL Is parallel computing Dead?
Proceedings of the First Wellesley Forum on Parallel Computing Curricula
March 31 - April 1, 1995
Sponsored by NECUSE and Wellesley College
Edited by P. Takis Metaxas and Matthew Merzbacher
Contents and Authors

48. Introductory Lectures On Data-Parallel Computing
Introductory Lectures on Dataparallel computing. An Interactive 1995 Forum on parallel computing Curricula; Wellesley, MA. 1997 Forum
Introductory Lectures on Data-Parallel Computing
An Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM (and sample Online access
Edited and Produced by P. Takis Metaxas Wellesley College
Contributing Editor: Fillia Makedon Dartmouth College
Published by AK Peters, Ltd. , March 1996.
Dedicated to the memory of Prof. Donald B. Johnson In this site you will find: Description of the project
Contents of the CD-ROM

Resources on the Internet

Description of the User Interface
Frequently Asked Questions
Description of the Project
This CD-ROM contains eight invited lectures that focus on Data-Parallel Computing, one of the major programming paradigms of Parallelism today. The lectures, given by experts in their fields, are interactive and span three areas of Parallel Computing: Programming Languages, Algorithms, and Research Topics. They can be used as tutorials, and as reference in an introductory course on Parallel Computation. Each lecture contains a quicktime movie of the speaker delivering the talk, composed of the transparencies used during the lecture synchronized with the voice of the speaker. It also contains information about the speaker and additional materials, like animations, videos, programs and software that help the understanding of the lecture. The code for building the Parallaxis-III compiler and information on how to get the NESL compiler is also included. A simple and intuitive interface helps navigating through the contents of the CD-ROM. The lectures were collected, edited and integrated with the interface at

49. Séraphin M. MEFIRE's Home Page
University of Paris XI. Numerical linear algebra, Scientific and parallel computing, Mathematical methods in electromagnetism, Boundary integral methods.
Brief CV:
  • Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, University of Paris-XI,

  • Abstract
Current position
Main Scientific Interests
  • Numerical linear algebra Scientific and parallel computing Mathematical methods in electromagnetism Boundary integral methods
Interesting Sites
Mailing address Department of Mathematics 91405 Orsay Cedex, France Office phone Department fax E-mail address Seraphin.Mefire@math. URL If you have comments or suggestions, email me at Page created by S. M. MEFIRE.
Last modified: March, 15 1999
S. M. MEFIRE 1999

50. Project AppleSeed
Personal parallel computing Plug and Play Parallel Processing. For Mac OS X and later (Click for Mac OS 9), (Click for Mac OS 8.6 and earlier).
Do It Yourself FAQ Publicity Other Clusters ... High Schools
Personal Parallel Computing
Plug and Play Parallel Processing For Mac OS X and later: Click for Mac OS 9 Click for Mac OS 8.6 and earlier How to Build an AppleSeed
a one-page recipe for constructing a Macintosh cluster Recommended software (what we use to keep 'em running): "Most innovative commercial software" - IEEE Cluster 2001 Conference Pooch
an application that assists in starting MacMPI_IP and MacMPI_X parallel executables A fun way to test your system: AltiVec Fractal Carbon Demo (98 kB)
a MacMPI parallel graphics application demo which runs on an arbitrary number of G3s or G4s with OS 9 or X
With this program we've achieved 6 GFlop/sec on a cluster of four G4s! Growing your own fruit: AppleSeed Development Page
directions for writing your own parallel programs using the communications library MacMPI Two brains are better than one: Multiprocessing Development Page
directions to simplify writing code for MP-equipped Macs Don't stop now...:

51. HKU CSIS Website
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems. Research areas include computer graphics, databases, humancomputer interaction, information security and cryptography, software engineering, distributed and parallel computing, theoretical computer science and internet applications.
The University of Hong Kong

52. ACPC WWW Page
Conference of the ACPC including special tracks on Parallel Numerics and parallel computing in Image Processing, Video Processing, and Multimedia.
We are very sorry to inform you that RIST++ has been closed by the directorate of Salzburg University !!
Austrian Center for Parallel Computation (ACPC)
Group Salzburg
The Austrian Center for Parallel Computation (ACPC) is a co-operative research organization founded in 1989 to promote research and education in the field of Software for Parallel Computer Systems. The areas in which the ACPC is active include algorithms, languages, compilers, programming environments, and applications for parallel and high-performance computing systems. The members of the ACPC perform research projects in these fields, use a common pool of hardware equipment, and offer a joint curriculum in Parallel Computation for graduate and post-graduate students. A Technical report series was established in 1989. The ACPC organizes two Scientific Workshops/Conferences per year, in which recent results of the groups are communicated among its members The last ACPC conference was the 4th International Conference of the ACPC including special tracks on Parallel Numerics and Parallel Computing in Image Processing, Video Processing, and Multimedia. On this server you find papers and source codes the RIST++ published within the framework of the ACPC as well as links to the other members of the ACPC.

53. CS-551: Parallel Computing: Models, Languages And Architectures
Azer Bestavros as the WWW Home Page for CS551, which is part of the NSF-funded undergraduate curriculum on parallel computing at BU.
Computer Science Department
College of Arts and Sciences
CS-551 / Fall 1994
Parallel Computing: Models, Languages, and Architectures

54. Parallel Computing Works
next contents index Next Contents. parallel computing Works. What is Contained in parallel computing Works? We briefly describe the contents of this book.
Next: Contents
Parallel Computing Works
This book describes work done at the Caltech Concurrent Computation Program , Pasadena, Califonia. This project ended in 1990 but the work has been updated in key areas until early 1994. The book also contains links to some current projects.
  • Geoffrey C. Fox
  • Roy D. Williams
  • Paul C. Messina ISBN 1-55860-253-4 Morgan Kaufmann Publishers , Inc. 1994 ordering information
    What is Contained in Parallel Computing Works?
    We briefly describe the contents of this book
    The heart of this work is a set of applications largely developed at Caltech from 1985-1990 by the Caltech Concurrent Computation Group. These are linked to a set of tables and Glossaries Applications are classified into 5 problem classes:
    Synchronous Applications , more in I and II
    Such applications tend to be regular and characterised by algorithms employing simultaneous identical updates to a set of points, more in
  • 55. Introduction To Parallel Computing, An: Design And Analysis Of Algorithms, 2/E -
    RELATED TITLES. Parallel Programming / Concurrent Programming (Computer Science). Introduction to parallel computing, An Design and Analysis of Algorithms, 2/E.,4096,0201648652,00.html
    Select a Discipline Chemistry Computer Science Economics Finance Life Science Mathematics Physics/Astronomy Statistics by Keyword by Author by Title by ISBN Advanced Search ABOUT THIS PRODUCT Description Table of Contents Features New To This Edition Appropriate Courses RESOURCES Discipline-Specific RELATED TITLES Parallel Programming / Concurrent Programming (Computer Science) Introduction to Parallel Computing, An: Design and Analysis of Algorithms, 2/E View Larger Image Ananth Grama Purdue University
    Vipin Kumar University of Minnesota
    Anshul Gupta IBM TJ Watson Research Center
    George Karypis University of Minnesota
    ISBN: 0-201-64865-2
    Publisher: Addison-Wesley
    Format: Cloth; 856 pp
    Published: 01/16/2003
    Status: Instock
    US: $78.00
    You Save: $7.80 (10% off) Our Price: $70.20 Add to Cart Instructor Exam Copy Description Introduction to Parallel Computing, 2e provides a basic, in-depth look at techniques for the design and analysis of parallel algorithms and for programming them on commercially available parallel platforms. The book discusses principles of parallel algorithms design and different parallel programming models with extensive coverage of MPI, POSIX threads, and Open MP. It provides a broad and balanced coverage of various core topics such as sorting, graph algorithms, discrete optimization techniques, data mining algorithms, and a number of other algorithms used in numerical and scientific computing applications. Pearson Education Legal Notice Permissions

    56. Cavendish School Of Computer Science
    Cavendish School of Computer Science. Research Centre for parallel computing; Industrial Control Centre; Centre for Microelectronic Systems Applications.
    Edited by Loretta Pletti. Comments, suggestions... click here

    57. ParCo99 Home Page
    parallel computing 99.
    Parallel Computing 99
    Call For Papers
    Enquiry Form
    Call For Participation ...
    Information for Authors
    VENUE :
    TU Delft
    The Netherlands
    17 - 20 Augustus 1999
    Faculty of Information Technology and Systems
    Department of Computer Science
    P.O.Box 356
    2600 AJ Delft
    The Netherlands
    Tel: +31-15-2788700
    Fax: +31-15-2787141


    Computer Science
    ... The Hague

    58. Related Links
    Links to parallel computing Sites. Links to lists of links. David A. Bader s Centre parallel computing Research Groups. Research groups
    Links to Parallel Computing Sites
    Links to lists of links
    David A. Bader's Parallel Sites
    Supercomputing and Parallel Computing (Yahoo)

    Parallel Computing Archive at HENSA, UK

    Parallel Tools Projects Around the World
    The Dataflow Computing Web Page
    Australian Sites
    FTP parallel computing stuff from Centre for Intelligent Information Processing Systems (CIIPS) at the University of Western Australia
    Australian National University Centre for Information Science Research

    CSIRO Division of Information Technology

    Ormond High Performance Labs (Uni of Melbourne)

    New South Wales Centre for Parallel Computing
    Parallel Computing Unit
    at Griffith University
    Queensland Parallel Supercomputing Facility
    at Griffith University Australian Transputer Centre
    Parallel Computing Research Groups
    Research groups around the world A list of research groups maintained by Carnegie-Mellon University A list of research groups maintained by Caltech NCSA Maths and Computer Sciences Home Page ... Northeast Parallel Architectures Center (NPAC) at Syracuse Ohio Supercomputer Center NASA Langley Research Center Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory National Energy Research Supercomputer Center (NERSC) ... London and South East Centre for High Performance Computing affiliated with the London Parallel Applications Centre The Castle Project at Berkeley
    Hardware vendors and links to hardware info
    Computer Hardware and Software Companies Connection Machine Info from Thinking Machines Corporation CM-5 FAQ from UIUC Intel Scalable Systems Division Intel Supercomputer Users' Group ... Information on the Intel Paragon from Caltech

    59. Parallel Computing Research Group Home Page
    parallel computing Research Group. The School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical
    Parallel Computing Research Group
    The School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
    Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
    The University of Western Australia
    Nedlands, WA, 6008
    Current Research
    Recent Publications - Books and Book Chapters

    Recent Publications - Journal and Conference Papers
    Group Members
    Faculty members: Former members:
    • Dr. Bud Fox ( email
      Now With A*STAR's Institue of High Performance Computing in Singapore
    • Dr. Mark Gill
    • Dr. Tarek Nabhan
    • Dr P. Mills
    Current PhD Students:
    • Gary Ma ( email
    • Riky Subrata ( email ) - PhD thesis recently submitted
    • Filip Welna ( email
    Recent Visitors: Parallel Computing Research Group
    UWA School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering

    60. Welcome To NPC
    The goal of IFIP International Conference on Network and parallel computing (NPC 2004) is to establish an international forum for engineers and scientists to
    Home Registration Committees Call for sponsors Call for papers ... About IFIP
    Welcome to NPC 2004 T he goal of IFIP International Conference on Network and Parallel Computing (NPC 2004) is to establish an international forum for engineers and scientists to present their excellent ideas and experiences in all system fields of network and parallel computing. NPC'04 , hosted by Huazhong University of Science and Technology , will be held at Oct 18 - 20, 2004 in Wuhan, which is the "Homeland of White Clouds and the Yellow Crane", the capital of Hubei Province and one of the major cities in China. There are many scenic spots and historical sites in Wuhan to visit including the Yellow Crane Tower with the 1,700 years history, one of the three famous towers in South China, and the East Lake whose natural beauty rivals that of the West Lake in Hangzhou. Scope
    NPC'04 topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

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