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1. Eeglab
load neuroscan .EEG file. loadtxt. load text file
EEGLAB eeglab (v4.0) Matlab graphic user interface environment for electrophysiological data analysis incorporating the ICA/EEG toolbox (Makeig et al.) developed at CNL / The Salk Institute, 1997-2001. Released 11/2002- as eeglab (Delorme, Makeig, et al.) at the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience, Institute for Neural Computation, University of California San Diego ( User feedback welcome: email
Authors: Arnaud Delorme, Scott Makeig, with substantial contributions
from Colin Humphries, Sigurd Enghoff, Tzyy-Ping Jung, plus contributions
from Tony Bell, Te-Won Lee, Luca Finelli and other contributors.
Description: eeglab is Matlab software for processing continuous or event-related
EEG or other physiological data. It is designed for use by both novice and
expert Matlab users. In normal use, the eeglab graphic interface calls
graphic functions via pop-up function windows. The eeglab history mechanism
can save the resulting Matlab calls to disk for later incorporation into
Matlab scripts. A single data structure ('EEG') containing all dataset

2. Untitled
1342 * 1343 INIT LDY 0 1344 INIT6 LDA loadtxt Y 1345 BEQ INIT7 1346 JSR COUT 1347 INY 1348 JMP INIT6 1349 loadtxt DFB $8D $84 1350 ASC 'BLOAD
INTC 338 DFB # INTT 339 DFB # INTO 340 DFB # INTS 341 DFB # INTQ 342 DFB # INTX 343 DFB # QD 414 JSR DAYPRT 415 LDA # 715 * 716 RDTBL DFB # READM 717 DFB # READC 718 DFB # READH 719 DFB # READE 720 DFB # READH 721 DFB # READL 722 DFB # READU 723 DFB # DECOUT 1237 STA PTR1+1 1238 LDY #0 1239 DEC1 LDA #'0' 1240 STA T3 1241 DEC2 LDA T1 1242 SEC 1243 SBC DECTBL,Y 1244 TAX 1245 LDA T1+1 1246 SBC DECTBL+1,Y 1247 BCC DEC3 1248 STA T1+1 1249 STX T1 1250 INC T3 1251 BNE DEC2 1252 DEC3 LDX #0 1253 LDA T3 1254 STA (PTR1,X) 1255 INC PTR1 1256 BNE DEC4 1257 INC PTR1+1 1258 DEC4 INY 1259 INY 1260 DEC T2 1261 BNE DEC1 1262 RTS 1263 DECTBL DFB # 10000 1264 DFB # 1000 1265 DFB # 100 1266 DFB # 10 1267 DFB # LOOP 1363 STA $3FA 1364 * 1365 LDA #$69 1366 STA $3F2 1367 LDA #$FF 1368 STA $3F3 1369 EOR #$A5 1370 STA $3F4 1371 * 1372 LDA #0 1373 STA PCOUNT 1374 * 1375 LDY #$C0 1376 LDA #0 1377 INIT3 STA SYSRUN,Y 1378 DEY 1379 BNE INIT3 1380 STA SYSRUN 1381 * 1382 LDY #0 1383 INIT8 LDA TIMEK,Y 1384 STA K1,Y 1385 INY 1386 CPY #8 1387 BNE INIT8 1388 * 1389 LDY #0 1390 INIT5 LDA MUSYS,Y 1391 STA $800,Y 1392 DEY 1393 BNE INIT5 1394 * 1395 LDA #8 1396 STA MAXJOBS 1397 * 1398 LDA #

3. Untitled
ifdef PLATFORM_HAS_FILESYSTEM void loadtxt(const TextString matrix_filename); void SaveTXT real void LU_Decomposition real loadtxt( const TextString matrix_filename) { // Loads
#include #include <_order); assert(y>=0); assert(y <_order); assert(y>=0); assert(y void Single_LU_Decomposition int Single_LU_Decomposition ::DecomposeAndSolve(basearray void Single_LU_Decomposition <_data[x+_rowindex[y]] <_rowindex[y]; cout <_order); assert(y>=0); assert(y <_order); assert(y>=0); assert(y <_order); assert(y>=0); assert(y <_order); if(x <_order); assert(y>=0); assert(y <_order; x++) cout <_data[x+_rowindex[y]] ::LU_Decomposition(const Mat3Diag ::LU_Decomposition(const Mat3DiagSym ::LU_Decomposition(const Mat3DiagCycl ::LU_Decomposition(const Mat5Diag void LU_Decomposition ::ApplyAndGetDiagonalPreconditioner(basearray void LU_Decomposition <"There are still more data after matrix elements in file " void LU_Decomposition int LU_Decomposition <0) maxval=-maxval; for(j=i+1; j real LU_Decomposition real LU_Decomposition e(_order); e.fill(1); basearray y(_order); copy.Solve(y, e); basearray z(_order); copy.Solve(z, y); real norm_y=0; real norm_z=0; for(int i=0; i <0) valy=-valy; norm_y+=valy; real valz=z[i]; if(valz

4. GT::Prices - A Serie Of Prices
Find the nearest date available $ p loadtxt("cotationsfile.txt")
GT::Prices - A serie of prices
GT::Prices stores all historic prices (open, high, low, close, volume).

Create an empty GT::Prices object.
Get the prices of the corresponding date.
Return true if the object has prices for the corresponding date.
Get the indice corresponding to the date 'YYYY-MM-DD'.
Get the number of prices availables.
Defines the time frame used for the prices. It's one of the value exported by GT::DateTime;
After the order of prices has been modified (by reverse or sort), the index of dates needs to be updated.
Sort the prices by date.
Reverse the prices list.
Creates a new Prices object using the new timeframe by merging the required prices. You can only convert to a largest timeframe. Find the nearest date available
Load the prices from the text file.
Save the prices to the text file. Print the prices on the standard output.

5. Loadtxt
Load. 2x4. Ain t My Bitch. Bleeding Me. Cure. Hero Of The Day. King Nothing. MamaSaid. Poor Twisted Me. Ronnie. The House Jack Built. The Outlaw Torn. Thorn Within.
Load Ain't My Bitch Bleeding Me Cure Hero Of The Day ... Powrót

6. MMKit Forums - ..loadTxt..errore..
Translate this page Autore, Topic ..loadtxt..errore.. none Membro Con noi da 23-07-2003Posts 185 Da!! Sesso Inviato 05-05-2004 0615

7. Untitled
load a binary data file in Neuroscan .eeg file format. loadtxt. load ascii text file into numeric or cell arrays


EEGLAB functions in alphabetical order
Functions are organised in three groups:
Admin functions Interactive pop-functions: Matlab functions with pop-up graphic interface windows called from the EEGLAB menu. These functions can be used from the Matlab commandline or in Matlab scripts and macro functions. They provide an EEGLAB graphic interface to the signal processing functions. Signal-processingfunctions: Matlab functions called by the EEGLAB graphic interface. Experienced Matlab users can call them directly from scripts or the Matlab
Admin functions
check the consistency of fields of an EEG dataset declare global eeglab variables. These variables are used only as global by the main function eeglab , the function and the history h function. Help file for eeglab How to use eeglab help. Call the help file for eeglab menus Help file for eeglab Help file for eeglab history for eeglab dataset. eeglab option script Retrieve an EEG dataset from the variable containing all datasets (standard:ALLEEG). store a dataset into the variable containing all datasets same as errordlg for eeglab finputcheck gethelpvar convert a Matlab m-file help-message header into out variables getkeyval get variable value from a 'key', 'val' sequence string.

8. Gestione Account
loadtxt..errore.. (2 posts); Importanzathread (1 posts); MMKIT MEMBERS ORGANISATION MEETING (2 posts); AVI..MOV..

9. Re: LOADTXT ýòî âîîáùå õîðîøî :)
The summary for this Russian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
Re: LOADTXT ýòî âîîáùå õîðîøî :)
Posted by ( on April 02, 2001 at 09:49:59: In Reply to: LOADTXT ýòî êîíå÷íî õîðîøî, íî... posted by Îëåã ðèáîâ on April 02, 2001 at 05:34:43:
: fi=[DIR 0]+'_rights_.fbp'
: n=[GED 'lt.N']
: FOR i=1 TO n
: s=[GED 'lt.'+[INTSN i]]
: IF [LENGTH s]>0
: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^s
Íî íå äàâàéòå, êîìó ïîïàëî, ïðàâî "R ALL"! Òîëüêî îáëàäàÿ ïðàâîì "R ALL" ìîæíî çàïóñòèòü "ôîðìó íà êëèåíòå" (äèðåêòèâà "G"). Âû áû åùå îäíó "äûðó" óêàçàëè: [pw u, p] :))) Ïpèøåäøèå îòâåòû:

10. Execution To Another Form
Dev Shed Open Source web development forums. Topics covered include PHP, Apache, mySQL, Zope, Jserv, Java, Python, Zend, XML, DHTML, Javascript and more. When you load the Form2, you can put loadtxt function to load the string to Form1.ListBox.
Developer Shed Network: Dev Shed ASP Free Dev Articles ... Web Hosters Language Spanish French German Italian Portuguese English Dev Shed Site Dev Shed Forums Forums Register User CP Calendar ... Archives User Name: Password: Remember me Viewing: Dev Shed Forums Programming Languages - More Visual Basic Programming Thread Tools ... Display Modes July 14th, 2003, 09:08 AM vbmenu_register("postmenu_311493", true); Junior Member Join Date: Jul 2003 Posts: 8 Execution to another form I have two forms to my program right now. I have a command on my first form that opens up the second form and is "supposed" to load a txt file into a listbox. But the command still wants to load that txt file on my first form and not my second. How do I make it so the command notifies that my listbox is in another form? View Public Profile Send a private message to York1623 Find all posts by York1623 Add York1623 to Your Buddy List July 14th, 2003, 02:14 PM gguoming vbmenu_register("postmenu_311830", true); Junior Member Join Date: Jul 2003 Posts: 5 Hi

11. KirupaForum - Dynamic Text
attachnote.posY = 300; loadText = new LoadVars(); loadText.load(idnote); loadText.onLoad= function () { _root.attachnote.mcnote.loadtxt = loadText; trace

12. Untitled
URL $SiteHome = $BoxHome; Load the home URL loadtxt; DisplayBox; } elsif($BoxType eq "Ultra" $BoxData $BoxName
"; print "WebSite URL: (This is needed when the syndicated content dosn't include it. RDF/RDR dose but Slashdot XML dosn't, HTML and internal functions don't use this...)
"; print "Name on box: (This used by HTML and syndicated content. If omited the name used will be the one supplyed by syndicated content. If none is provided by syndicated content you must provide one here)
"; print "URL For data: (This is the URL where the data is published.. Not used for HTML)
"; print "Box name: (This is the name to give the box. If pulling content from annother website use websites name)
"; print "
"; print "Box HTML: (If the Box type is HTML enter the accual HTML to show on the page here)
"; print " "; print " "; print " More? "; print " "; print " Void "; print " "; print "This Space will be replaced
With a sample box as it will be displayed on ZenToe."; print " "; print "
"; print " $BoxName "; print " "; print "$BoxHTML"; print " "; print "
"; print " Test Box "; print " "; print "This space is here to test the effect the preveous portal has on portals folowing it

13. [Benutzerfreundliche Eingabe über TextDatei] -
loadtxt( myMenu.txt ,this.myM, all );.

14. Untitled
?php function loadtxt($oldTxt) { if(!isLoggedIn()) { header("Location sessionOut.php"); }//if //echo("loadtxt, oldTxt $oldTxt br "); $fp = fopen($oldTxt, "r"); $fp1 = fopen($oldTxt, "r"); $fOut
FOUND A HEADER! - $tokArray[$i]
"); //don't want br-tags in the header if(strcmp($tokArray[$i], "
"); $txt .= $tmp." "; //echo("txt: ".$tokArray[$i]."
"); $headings = $newTxt[0]; $text = $newTxt[1]; $noOfHeadings = sizeof($headings); $noOfTxts = sizeof($text); $flashStr = "text= "; for($i = 0; $i ".$headings[$i]."
"); $txtToSave .= $heading.$txtSegment3; //$tmp2 = NULL; //echo("saveTxt-> passed by textarea: $text[$i]
"); //echo("saveTxt-> size h/t: sizeof($headings)/sizeof($txt)
"); //foreach($headings as $tmp) //echo("saveTxt-> received headings: $tmp
"); //foreach($txt as $tmp1) //echo("saveTxt-> received txt: $tmp1
"); //echo("saveTxt-> oldTxt: $oldTxt
str: $str

15. Word Wrap, Line Counting, Etc. (REALbasic Network User Group Mailinglist Archive
characters wide the lines should be. loadtxt // Then get the text that you want to chop up. End Sub. Private Sub loadtxt() // nothing special here. Just load your text
Start REALbasic Realbasic Plugins Plugin Download About the Plugin Plugin Documentation ... Realbasic books Mailing list archives: MBS Plugin nug getting started ... Contact
Word wrap, line counting, etc. (REALbasic network user group Mailinglist archive)
Back to the thread list Tree: Word wrap, line counting, etc. - Phil Heycock Re: Word wrap, line counting, etc. - Joseph J. Strout Re: Word wrap, line counting, etc. - Phil Heycock Re: Word wrap, line counting, etc. - Joseph J. Strout ... re: Word wrap, line counting, etc. - Bowerbird Word wrap, line counting, etc. Date: 17.09.2003 19:25 (Wed, 17 Sep 2003 14:25:04 -0400) From: Phil Heycock There have been several recent threads addressing the challenge of examining
text to determine where to install hard end-of-line stops and how many lines
of text will result from these operations. Some of the code presented as
examples was way too complicated and confusing. So, I thunk about it for a
(You might want to switch to Monaco for more intelligible viewing.)
Global Functions: // Just to help code readability; nothing more. One of my

16. :: LoadVars - Vars Laden, Ohne VarNames Zu Kennen
loadtxt = function( from, to ) { = to; this.load(from);} v.onData = function() { = String(this); } v.load( datei
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17. Ôö¼Ó³¡¾°ÖÆ×÷Loading½Ì³Ì
load load = int(loaded/total*100); // ?loadtxt loadtxt = loading +load+

18. Index Of /web/materias/loadtxt
Parent Directory 24Nov-2003 1253 - 01.gif 05-Aug-2003 1713......Index of /web/materias/loadtxt. Name Last modified Size
Index of /web/materias/loadtxt
Name Last modified Size Description ... Parent Directory 31-May-2004 12:56 - 01.gif 05-Aug-2003 17:13 13k 02.gif 05-Aug-2003 17:13 1k 03.gif 05-Aug-2003 17:13 5k 04.gif 05-Aug-2003 17:13 5k 05.gif 05-Aug-2003 17:13 5k 05-Aug-2003 17:13 23k loadtxt.fla 05-Aug-2003 17:13 153k loadtxt.htm 05-Aug-2003 17:13 4k loadtxt.swf 05-Aug-2003 17:13 1k tutorial.txt 05-Aug-2003 17:13 2k Apache/1.3.29 Server at Port 80

19. HTML Formatting In Dynamic Text
here is the code on frame loadVariablesNum( natan.txt , loadtxt); natan.txt isthe text file and loadtxt is the dynamic textfield here is the text from the
HTML formatting in dynamic text
Dev Shed Forums Web Design Flash Help
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Thread: HTML formatting in dynamic text
Hello all,
can someone please advise...I created a dynamic text field which calls up an external text file and the text field scrolls once the text has been loaded, the problem however is that it will not display the html links within the txt document.
when i get it to properly display the html links it no longer scrolls.
does anyone know a very simple way to achieve scrolling dynamic text with html formatting?
here is the code on frame:
loadVariablesNum("natan.txt", loadTxt);
natan.txt is the text file and loadTxt is the dynamic textfield
here is the text from the text file: text=<a href="" target="_blank">fudge</a> and the var in the txtfield = text what am I doing wrong? thanks in advance Become A Member, Free! HTML formatting in dynamic text Kryo There's a FlashMX component called LoadText which is great for that type of thing... Just create a dynamic textfield and drag the component into it... Then just tell it what textfile to read from... You don't even have to add the 'Text=' to the txt file anymore!

20. - Javascript_espanol Archive
000000 ); loader.setZIndex(100); loaderTxt = new DynLayer(); loaderTxt.setSize(600,20);loaderTxt.moveTo(0,97); var s = div class= loadtxt loading images
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