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         Freeware:     more books (35)
  1. Freeware Encryption and Security Programs: Protecting Your Computer and Your Privacy by Michael Chesbro, 2001-09
  2. Freeware by Andres Fiorotto, 2006-05-02
  3. Freeware by Rudy Rucker, 1998-03
  4. Moldies & meatbops: Three *ware novels : Software ; Wetware ; Freeware by Rudy v. B Rucker, 1997
  5. Grafikwerkzeuge für professionelles Webdesign. Mit Freeware und Shareware Websites gestalten. by Michael Röper, 2001-07-01
  6. Prime Time Freeware for AI (Selected materials from the Carnegie Mellon University Artificial Intelligence Repository, Issue 1-1)
  7. Prime Time Freeware for Unix Issue 4-2 by Rich Morin, 1995-09
  8. Unix Shareware and Freeware by Kevin Reichard, 1994-12
  9. Handpicked Software for Mac OS X: The Best New Freeware, Shareware, and Commerical Software for Mac OS X by Robert Ellis, 2002-05
  10. Prime Time Freeware for Unix, Issue 3-2 (Includes 2 CD Roms)
  11. Web Wizards Guide to Freeware Shareware by Web Wizard, 2002-08
  12. FREEWARE MAKES WINDOWS VISTA RUN FASTER IN ONE CLICK.(Advanced WindowsCare Personal from IObit ): An article from: GUI Program News by Gale Reference Team, 2007-03-01
  13. Web Wizard's Guide to Freeware and Shareware by Wendy Lehnert, 2001-11-01
  14. Teaching computer literacy with freeware and shareware. (Ferris State University's Office of Academic Computing): An article from: T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education) by R. Dale Hobart, Sharon Octernaud, et all 1988-05-01

161. GNU Automake - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
freeware Generates files from input files, as part of the official GNU coding standards and build process. Requires GNU autoconf.
GNU Automake
Table of contents
Introduction to Automake
Automake is a tool for automatically generating `' files compliant with the GNU Coding Standards. Automake requires the use of GNU Autoconf. For more information, read the Automake documentation. The mailing list is for discussion of Automake, Autoconf, and other configuration/portability tools (e.g., libtool). Write to if you want to join. Volume is typically low. There are automake mailing list archives available at. Online Manual is available at Another potentially interesting site is the contributed autoconf macro site.
Downloading Automake
Automake can be found on or one of the mirrors . You can also order a CD-ROM from the FSF or use other methods to obtain a copy. Return to GNU's home page . There are also other ways to contact the FSF.

162. Free Software Created By Freebyte!
Introduction and Contents. On this page you will find freeware programs created by Freebyte. Freebyte Backup freeware backup program.
Free Software
created by Freebyte

Member of the Internet Link Exchange
Introduction and Contents On this page you will find freeware programs created by Freebyte. Some programs also have a shareware version offering extra features.
In the section 'related pages' you will find a large listing of free software created by others. TreePad
Award winning Organizer, Personal Information Manager (PIM), database, Word Processor, Photo Album, and much more!
The award-winning TreePad family of products consists of a wide variety of programs: freeware versions, shareware versions, versions for Windows and Linux, multi-gigabyte versions, multi-user versions, single-user versions , etc. Custom Addressbook
define your own addressbook! Freebyte Backup
Freeware backup program Freebyte Task Scheduler
Freeware task scheduler program Freebyte ZIP
Powerful and easy freeware zip/unzip program HJ-Zip
Easy freeware zip/unzip program Disktective find out where your lost disk space went Bootminder prevent infection from boot viruses HJSplit split large files HJ-Install create installations for your software or data Scan Calculator calculate scanning resolutions Bazooka experimental document shortcut manager Related links More free software About this page Use our Site Navigation
system to find any page fast and easily!

163. The World Time Server - Correct, Current, Local
Look up current time from database containing any country or major city in the world. Displays the time, the GMT offset, a globe image, and a section map. Features a world time calculator and a freeware utility to synchronize your PC with an atomic clock.
The World Time Server
World Time Server provides correct and current time in any world time zone, country or major city. Accurate adjustments for Daylight Saving Time ( or Summer Time ) are made according to each location's rules and laws. No matter what time zone a country or city is located in, this is your top choice for a clock resource site. Click here for a list of countries or major cities to choose from
or view a current time provided by World Time Server
More information about this web site
Our answer to finding accurate information was to do it ourselves. We spend hundreds of hours of exhaustive research to compile the data this site is based on. We continue to maintain and check our data to ensure that it remains accurate in the future. This site includes: More accuracy with Daylight Saving adjustments made at the same moment that locations actually change to and from DST A more complete list of countries, based on the ISO 3166-1 list used by the United Nations Map and Globe graphics to help you place each location geographically A future event planner. If there is a webcast in Sydney Australia starting tomorrow at 8pm, you can now convert this to your location so you know when it starts according to your own clock!

in samenwerking met
in samenwerking met
opmerkingen of suggesties?
Inhoud: Martijn Weisbeek

165. FONTZ.DE - Gratis Schriften/Fonts
Fontarchiv mit mehreren tausend TruetypeFonts (Share- und freeware); Fonts nach Alphabet sortiert. AuŸerdem Cliparts, Font-Tools, Forum, Newsletter.
Startseite Fonts/Schriften Fontz-CD Font Tools ... Impressum - Das Schriftartenarchiv im Internet mit vielen tollen Schriftarten für alle Anlässe. Einfach oben auf " Fonts/Schriften " klicken und Sie können nach passenden Schriften bzw. Fontz ähhh Fonts suchen. Die Schriften stammen teils von uns und teils von Font-Designern die uns Teilbestände für dieses Seite zur Verfügung gestellt haben. Alle Schriftarten sind für den Privatgebrauch frei verwendbar. Weiterführende Links zum Thema Cliparts/Schriften und Freizeit - Eine große Auswahl an Cliparts, Animationen, Buttons und mehr
- Gratis Cliparts für alle Anlässe. Einfach online downloaden
- Grußkarten aller Art online verschicken, tolle Auswahl
- Die 117 "Most Wanted Fonts" als direkt Download zu kaufen

166. - Shareware And Freeware
Free software and shareware by HNMfreeware. Among them the Photo filters and other features., freeware and Shareware. Freeware and Shareware
Products Download Shop ...

Graphics and Internet Software
EasyPeg 1.08
(Last Update: May 2nd 2004 )
Photo editor for JPEG, PNG and bitmap images, plus thumbnail creator. EasyPeg is easy to use and fast loading. Create and modify images. Cool effects for image enhancement and artwork. Unique lighting effects. Get your photos on the web. View videos. Register and get EasyPeg Pro if you like it. EasyPeg is an alternative to big and expensive solutions.
HNM Web Gallery Creator 2.13
(Last Update August 24th 2003 )
Use the Web Gallery Creator to create HTML pages with your images for your Photo Gallery. Register and get more features in HTML customization. (an earlier version called Thumbnail Creator is part of the EasyPeg distribution).
Music and Audio Software
DeCl-N 1.0
is a tool to normalize wave audio files and to remove clicks from wave audio files. For detecting clicks, DeCL only uses simple heuristics, so don't expect wonders.
VST Audio Plugins
(Last Update: April 19/2001) Plugins for Cubase, Wavelab, Audiomulch, and other VST hosts.

167. Freeware For Win3x
Reviews and links for freeware programs for Windows 3.x, aiming to be comprehensive and as useful as possible.

168. Das Freewarenetz, Freeware Vom Feinsten
Translate this page Alles freeware - Links zu den besten Gratis-Programmen für Windows. Alles freeware - Links zu den besten Gratis-Programmen für Windows.

freeware emulator for Windows.

170. Media Horizon Freeware
Media Horizon freeware. This website and domain name is for sell! All interested parties, Contact US!
Media Horizon Freeware This website and domain name is for sell!
All interested parties, Contact US!

171. SigZag - The Ultimate Signature Creator
freeware to create personalized signatures. Includes a library of ASCII art pictures. Use figlet fonts, and taglines. Convert normal text into the multiline representation of the characters.
Sig Zag The ULTIMATE signature creator for windows DESCRIPTION This program is freeware! This program will help you create your own personalized signature quickly and easily. It includes a huge library of around 7,000 ascii art pictures! Quickly search through SigZag's ascii art libraries and place a picture into your sig. It also allows you to easily use 135 figlet fonts , and thousands of taglines . The fonts let you convert normal text into the multi-line representation of the characters. Also included free are the programs Sled and Sliver - Sled is SigZag's own Library Editor to let you create your own custom libraries to use/distribute. With SLED you are able to create libraries which will let you access any piece of art you choose instantly! Sliver is solely used to search through SigZag's ascii art libraries (which can be done in SigZag), so you can instantly copy a ascii art picture you want to the clipboard. When you're trying to find art, you can also try looking in The Great Ascii Art Library Selected in top downloads and editors' picks at SoftSeek For more links to programs for ascii art, as well as FAQ's and help files, check out the

172. Larabie Fonts - Hundreds Of Original, Freeware Fonts
Xirod (pronounced zero), the new, free font from Larabie Fonts, Silentina, the new font from Typodermic. The Larabie Fonts freeware Fonts Collection on CD.

173. The Mars Network Monitor
Singlepage site describing technical aspects of this Java utility. freeware.
the Mars network monitor
about Mars
Mars is a simple services-oriented network status monitor written in Java. It monitors a network by simulating client connections to Internet services and reporting when those services are not responding. It is quick and easy to install and configure, which distinguishes it from other, more complex, more fully-featured network monitoring tools.
The Mars distribution comes in four flavors, available for download from SourceForge; each distribution is signed with my public key (id C9994018):
  • Mac OS X .dmg , which requires Mac OS X Panther and Java 1.4. ( signature Binary , which requires Java 1.4 or Java 1.3 with an installed XML parser. ( signature Java 1.3 JAR , for use on Java 1.3 installations without an XML parser. Note that this is just the main Mars JAR file for Java 1.3; you'll also need to download the Binary distribution above to get documentation and extras.( signature Source , which requires Java 1.3 and Apache Ant 1.5 to build. ( signature
You can also browse file releases at SourceForge. Versions of Mars earlier than 2.1.2 are available

174. No Nonsense Software: Freeware
No Nonsense Software. freeware and shareware. freeware. Screenshot. ScreenGrab 1.0. ScreenGrab is a simple, yet effective screen capture utility for Windows.
TexRep 2.0 November 2003: Replace text in multiple files in a single operation. Make backup copies of your original files, select case sensitive or insensitive searches, or choose between replacing whole or partial text strings. New features in version 2.0 includes improved user interface (Win XP compatible), a new scan folder(s) option, etc. Freeware. Screenshot ScreenGrab 1.0 ScreenGrab is a simple, yet effective screen capture utility for Windows. When running, ScreenGrab responds to preset hotkey combinations, making it easy to make screen captures without having to click on buttons or use the mouse. Screenshot DeskSweeper 2.0 Hide all desktop icons (including Recycle Bin, My Computer, Network Neighbourhood, etc.) DeskSweeper is always visible in the Windows system tray for easy access. A single mouseclick is all you need to hide or view your desktop icons. This version includes several new options and features. Freeware. RGBtoHEX 1.1a Useful HTML color picker, suitable for web developers. With RGBtoHEX, you can find the correct #rrggbb value for any color. You can also enter a hex color code to view its RGB value. 216-color safe web palette included. Probably the only HTML color picker you'll ever need. Version 1.1a fixes a scaling issue when running the program on systems with large fonts. Freeware. Screenshot SetFileDate 1.0

175. The InterGif Page
Peter Hartley's freeware animated GIF creation and optimization program, with source, for Linux, Acorn RISC OS, and Windows 95/NT.
Now works
on Linux!
(And NT and
Windows 95)
Important: InterGif was written by me in my spare time, and its presence here on this Web server is a perk of my job, no more. This is an important fact (a) because it's true and (b) because, it seems, royalty fees would be due to Unisys , holders of the LZW patent, if anyone wrote a commercial program which did what InterGif does.
InterGif 6.12
GIF creation and optimisation
INTERGIF 6.12 is a program for making GIF images from RiscOS sprite files (2bpp to 24bpp), or from Draw files, or from other GIFs, or from files produced with Iota Software's (commercial) animation program The Complete Animator . It can also convert from GIFs back to sprites, and can optimise animated GIFs so they take less time to download.
As far as I know, InterGif is the only released program available for Acorn computers freeware, commercial, or anyware that can make animated GIFs. R-Comp's Web Designer's Toolkit can do it, and so can IMS's WebMaster , but only because they both include copies of InterGif! (Respect to the companies involved, who asked me before including it even though the licensing conditions allow them not to.)
The Windows and Linux versions of InterGif won't cope with sprites or Draw files, but can still be used for joining GIFs together (for animation), or splitting animations apart, or for optimising animations created by other programs.

176. Free Game Downloads - Freeware Gaming
Free Game Downloads, freeware Games, reviews, gaming, free stuff, free game download. Home, Free Game Downloads. Your guide to freeware Games!
Free Game Downloads
- Your guide to Freeware Games! Reviews, downloads and more...  Make Start Page Add bookmark Click here to tell a friend about this site! Games Action / Arcade Board Card / Casino Online ... Strategy Site About us Contact us Favorites Link to us ... Tell a friend Internet search:
Vote for our site:
Thanks! Search the Web: Games Resources Free Stuff
Free Webspace

Freeware Gaming news: Black Jack added (Tuesday, March 20, 2001)
We've added Black Jack to our growing database of freeware games. The game is a simple and fun game of Black Jack played in your browser. Read more here Updated design (Saturday, March 17, 2001)
We've changed the design a bit. It's much brighter and cleaner now, and it should also load a lot faster. We hope you like it! Freeride Thrash reviewed (Wednesday, February 7, 2001)

177. Helpmaster - HTMLHelp, HTML, Help
The largest repository of helprelated freeware and shareware tools and utilities anywhere on the internet. If you're looking for something, look here first.
Here you will find the world's largest selection of WinHelp, HTMLHelp and HTML related files and hints.
Want to contribute to HelpMaster's future site? Why not contact the editors of your favorite computer magazine or newspaper, or web sites that review software, and tell them about it! Why not link to this site!
Josef Becker
Usastrasse 42-46
D-61267 Neu-Anspach
Amtsgericht Bad Homburg HRB 8270
Umsatzsteuer-ID: DE 114125448
Warum englisch?
Wenn es um Werkzeuge für die Entwicklung von Hilfesystemen geht, dann beschreibe ich englischsprachige Programme auf englisch. Deutschsprachige Programme beschreibe ich auf deutsch. Die Tips und Tricks werden ebenfalls deutschsprachig sein.

178. Free Environmental, Health And Safety Software And Related Resources
Sponsor EHSfreeware Permissions Disclaimer Links Report bad links; new freeware News Releases Email us Tech Support Check out our newest freeware site
Welcome to EHSfreeware!!
A free virtual library where today you will find
environmental software
Please check out our sponsors: Special thanks to Shannon Sawdy and to the Mary Washington College Environmental Compliance class of 1999 for their help in compiling the initial list of freeware.
SELECT A FREEWARE TOPIC or search by keyword:
health and safety software
Check out our newest freeware site: Search Terms (separated by spaces): Find: any terms all terms as a phrase Case: insensitive sensitive Please check out our sponsors: Click here to learn how you can be a sponsor of EHSfreeware Sponsor EHSfreeware Friends of EHSfreeware What's New at EHSfreeware News Releases ... Donley Technology

179. ORIP XXI Program Complex (Software Suite)
ORIP XXI software suite (freeware) is intended for studying of isotope transmutation chains under a neutron irradiation in a reactor. The present version of the programs uses data on more than 3000 nuclides (approximately 3700 ground and metastable states).
Free Web Hosting Web Hosting - - Sign Up! ... - - Sign Up!
ORIP XXI software suite is intended for studying of an isotope chain (nuclide transmutation chains) under neutron irradiation. The codes could be used and for consideration of purely radioactive decay chains (with a zero neutron flux).
- an electronic chart of isotopes
- the code to search for nuclide transmutation chains
- the code for calculation of accumulation
- Some Updates available at the moment
The FREEWARE program complex ORIP_XXI (Win32) has been created as a tool for detailed consideration of radioactive or stable nuclide transmutations. ORIP_XXI is an excellent tool when one requires quantitative information on the decaying or stable nuclide transformation both in high and zero neutron flux. Such problems are especially important when samples are undergoing irradiation in neutron flux of experimental reactor channels to produce valuable isotopes. That's why the ORIP_XXI complex was developed in the Division of Radionuclide Sources and Preparations of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Scientific Centre of Russia - Research Institute of Atomic Reactors".
The present version of the program uses data on more than 3000 nuclides (approximately 3700 ground and metastable states). The data were mined from various public data bases.

180. The Cathdral And The Bazaar: Japanese
http// ? ? pdf http//
$B2@Mu$H%P%6! <%k(B
(The Cathedral and the Bazaar) Eric S. Raymond $BCx(B
$B;37A98(B YAMAGATA Hiroo $BLu(B
$B!!!!!!!!%j%s%/!"%3%T! <$O(B $BL[$C$F(B $B$/$o$7$/$O$3$A$i$r8+$h!#(B $B%W%m%8%'%/%H?yED8 $B$r;2>H$N$3$H!#(B $B86J8$N:G?7HG$O(B $B$K$F3F $BK]Lu$N(B pdf $BHG$O(B $B$K$"$k!#(B
$BK]Lu$N(B PostScript $BHG(B (tar+gzip$B05=L!K$O(B $B$K$"$k!#(B $BBh(B 2 $BIt(B (Homesteading the Noosphere) $B$b@'Hs;2>H$5$l$?$7!#(B
$B86J8$O(B $B$K$F3F $BK]Lu$O(B $B$K$FF~ $BBh(B 3 $BIt(B $B!VKbK!$N$*$J$Y!W(B (The Magic Cauldron) $B$b@'Hs;2>H$5$l$?$7!#(B
$B86J8$O(B $B$K$F3F $BK]Lu$O(B $B$K$FF~ $B%Q%m%G%#HG(B The Circus Midget and the Dinosour Turd $B!JK]Lu!X(B $B%5!

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