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  1. Freeware Encryption and Security Programs: Protecting Your Computer and Your Privacy by Michael Chesbro, 2001-09
  2. Freeware by Andres Fiorotto, 2006-05-02
  3. Freeware by Rudy Rucker, 1998-03
  4. Moldies & meatbops: Three *ware novels : Software ; Wetware ; Freeware by Rudy v. B Rucker, 1997
  5. Grafikwerkzeuge für professionelles Webdesign. Mit Freeware und Shareware Websites gestalten. by Michael Röper, 2001-07-01
  6. Prime Time Freeware for AI (Selected materials from the Carnegie Mellon University Artificial Intelligence Repository, Issue 1-1)
  7. Prime Time Freeware for Unix Issue 4-2 by Rich Morin, 1995-09
  8. Unix Shareware and Freeware by Kevin Reichard, 1994-12
  9. Handpicked Software for Mac OS X: The Best New Freeware, Shareware, and Commerical Software for Mac OS X by Robert Ellis, 2002-05
  10. Prime Time Freeware for Unix, Issue 3-2 (Includes 2 CD Roms)
  11. Web Wizards Guide to Freeware Shareware by Web Wizard, 2002-08
  12. FREEWARE MAKES WINDOWS VISTA RUN FASTER IN ONE CLICK.(Advanced WindowsCare Personal from IObit ): An article from: GUI Program News by Gale Reference Team, 2007-03-01
  13. Web Wizard's Guide to Freeware and Shareware by Wendy Lehnert, 2001-11-01
  14. Teaching computer literacy with freeware and shareware. (Ferris State University's Office of Academic Computing): An article from: T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education) by R. Dale Hobart, Sharon Octernaud, et all 1988-05-01

121. Tritontools.Com - AHM Freeware Components Overview
A set of components for Borland Delphi and C++Builder by Alexander Mehlhorn (AHM).
Home Our Products Download Online Registration ... About
The AHM Freeware Triton 2002 A set of Components that have been removed from the AHM Triton Tools. These 18 Components are totally Freeware. We have extracted them as we believe they are far to easy to belong into the registered Version. These Components will not be enhanced any further and no bug fixes will be made on them. They are Freeware and as such not to be the best ones out. If you have some good Freeware components that you feel should become part of this collection then contact us at TAHMAboutDialog Component that allows your application to have a Aboutdialog. It has two stringlists attached between your User can switch back and forth in order to see system-specific information as well as application-specific Information. TAHMBevel Component that displays coloured bevels on your application. Very similar to the original bevel component this one allows you to additionally change the colours of the bevels. TAHMClock Control that displays the time in digital format on your screen.

122. BlueJ - Teaching Java - Learning Java
An integrated, interactive Java development environment, featuring class structure diagrams, interactive invocation and an easyto-use interface. BlueJ was developed for teaching and learning Java. freeware
Search: Home What is BlueJ? Why BlueJ? Download ... Contributors
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Objects First with Java
A Practical Introduction using BlueJ
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education, 2003
ISBN 0-13-044929-6 Book web site Read the Amazon reviews News and developments Objects First - second edition (17 May 2004) The second edition of the "Objects First with Java" book is about to be published. Publication date is set for 28 June - it should be available in stores by that date. New features: - new chapter about GUI building - JUnit integration in testing chapter - more exercises - full colour print - ...and many other small improvements.

123. Freeware finest freeware* *but you have to email me. 1-4a Rename, One of the best mass file renamers. freeware. 1-4a DateStat, Shows
finest freeware*
*but you have to email me

1-4a Rename One of the best mass file renamers. [freeware]
1-4a DateStat Shows date difference (=age) in many ways. [freeware]
1-4a RatioCalculator Calculates numbers fixed by a ratio. [freeware]
1-4a SuperMultiplier Can multiply/add/power.. HUGE numbers [freeware]
1-4a FileCreator Site generator. Creates uploadable static content, like this guide for Online Casinos [shareware]
[in progress]
1-4a Textfile Line Changer Can process each line of a text file or skip textlines. [freeware]
Converts movie credits to encyclopedia style. [freeware] Please also check out my site featuring thousands of ebooks and other digital products. Oh, and you can make some money by linking to it. My site features the best dating related links. My site deals with DivX compression and video deinterlacing. Did you watch the Matrix movie? Then visit my Matrix Explained site. Do you like Google? Then make "

124. Dr. Load Gegen Langeweile
Das Angebot umfasst nach Kategorien sortierte freeware und Shareware Spiele f¼r den PC.
Cloudphobia 180 Sekunden ... das ist die Zeit, in der ihr dieses Spiel durchspielen müsst. In "Cloudphobia" habt ihr nämlich nur drei Minuten um einen Roboter zumEndgegner... mehr Cube [update] "Quake" setzte mit jedem Release Maßstäbe im Genre der 3D Ego-Shooter. Was "Quake" bei den kommerziellen Spielen ist "Cube" bei den Freeware Spielen. Ausgestattet... mehr Warning Forever [update] "Warning Forever" ist ein exzellenter japanischer Space Shooter. Ihr übernehmt die Kontrolle über ein kleines Raumschiff, welches sich zahlreichen Gegner... mehr Maniac Mansion Deluxe "Maniac Mansion" eroberte in den 80er Jahren den Spielemarkt im Sturm und gilt noch heute als eines der bekanntesten Abenteuerspiele überhaupt. Fans des... mehr Glest "Glest" ist ein 3D-Echtzeit-Stragegiespiel im Stil des legendären "WarCraft". Zu Beginn des Spiels geht es vor allem darum die Versorgung mit Rohstoffen... mehr

125. Astronomy Freeware And Shareware
CVC s Astronomy freeware and Software. **from Calculator. This freeware program by David C. Irizarry works on Windows 3.x and Windows 95.
CVC's Astronomy Freeware and Software
**from your friendly neighborhood science teacher**
(Bill Drennon)
Click here to see current view of the earth
Click here to get a star chart for your location at any time and date

Click here and find the location of current manned space flights and orbits!

Click here for the Java Applet for real-time tracking of the space shuttle and space station
Java applet provided by United Space Alliance
Download H-R Calc Hertzprung-Russell Diagram Calculator
This freeware program by David C. Irizarry works on Windows 3.x and Windows 95. The compressed zip file that you will download here is only 319kB. When unzipped, it takes up 1.07 Mbytes of disk space. I have tried a lot of freeware and software in astronomy. I rate this a keeper. This is an excellent program, utilizing the Hertzprung-Russell Diagram. Find a star in the sky. Identify it using planetarium software. Then use this software to see where it falls on the H-R diagram. Discover its relative size to the sun, its surface temperature, its spectral class, its actual brightness, and other interesting facts about the star. It is well worth the small disk space and short download time. NOTE: This shareware version, though fully functional, has a built in time limit per session. You have the bother of having to reboot it after your session time runs out. If you like it, though, you can send in a check or money order to its author of $15 and be rid of that problem.

126. KillAd
freeware for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4. Kills web browser popup ad windows.
We've moved. Our new URL is Please update your bookmarks.

127. Humpherlinks - Children's Freeware
Resource for sites and software on art, education, entertainment, games, reference, information, nature, health and safety.
Resource for freeware, free services, information, advice and resources for the benefit of all ages, but mainly children.
Wired Kids Safe Site
The Humpherlinks are pleased that you have visited their site, which is intended mainly for the benefit of children but hopefully will have something to interest all ages. On the pages that follow you will see links to sites which offer free software and or resources which we hope you will find of interest.
Stay Safe We would like children to seek the guidance of a parent, guardian or teacher whilst on the internet. They will help you to get the most out of your time on the internet and show you how to use it wisely. The simple guides shown on Stay Safe will help you.
Whilst we exercise as much care as possible in selecting items for inclusion on these pages, no responsibility can be accepted for you contacting any of the sites or for you downloading any of their content. Please inform us if you find anything which you feel should not be included on these pages.
What if there were a new beginning, an opportunity to turn, all together, the culture of war and violence into a culture of peace and non-violence?

128. Serious Developments -- Free Christian Software Directory
Welcome to the Free Christian Software Directory indexing the best sites on the web for locating Christian and Church related freeware.
Home Back
Free Christian Software Directory
The 15-Minute Evangelist
Evangelism ideas for the busy Christian.
Download the book, Designing a Church Web Page FREE below.
Welcome to the Free Christian Software Directory
indexing the best sites on the web for locating Christian and Church related freeware. Please bookmark this site and visit often. We greatly appreciate any links from other web pages. This site is currently receiving 500 to 1000 visitors per day. Please direct any comments or suggestions to: . Enjoy your visit!!!
Software Categories
Try Proverb-A-Day for Windows . What a wonderful way to start your day! Email suggested additions to:
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

129. Apache Ant - Welcome
freeware A make replacement that uses an XML description language instead of makefiles, and that executes build actions using Java objects instead of shell commands.
the Apache Ant site Home Projects
  • Apache Ant Documentation Download Contributing Project Management
    Ant 1.6.1
    Apache Ant 1.6.1 is now available for download The ASF Board has approved the new Apache License 2.0. For a copy of that license, please see The Ant 1.6.1 release is delivered with the Apache License 2.0. Ant 1.6.1 fixes several bugs, most notably the handling of the default namespace for nested elements. Ant 1.6.1 also introduces initial support for compiling with Java 1.5.
    Apache Ant
    Apache Ant is a Java-based build tool. In theory, it is kind of like Make, but without Make's wrinkles. Why another build tool when there is already make gnumake nmake jam , and others? Because all those tools have limitations that Ant's original author couldn't live with when developing software across multiple platforms. Make-like tools are inherently shell-based they evaluate a set of dependencies, then execute commands not unlike what you would issue in a shell. This means that you can easily extend these tools by using or writing any program for the OS that you are working on. However, this also means that you limit yourself to the OS, or at least the OS type such as Unix, that you are working on.


131. The Dreamland Of Javascript Calendar And Javascript Date Picker Controls
The javascript calendar with themes support. freeware and Commercial
Products Overview FlatCalendarXP PopCalendarXP
FlatCalendar eXtremely Perfect
FlatCalendarXP is arguably the most powerful and configurable JavaScript calendar available. There are very few, if any, things that other JavaScript calendars can do that FlatCalendarXP can not. You'll be amazed to see how simple and fast it is to get it generated by a calendar tag - YES! Only one tag on your web page, no chaos, no mess-up. It features database-driven events/agendas, real cross-browser capability, extremely customizable UI, super easy-to-use design and a compact and fast JavaScript engine. It works perfectly with .NET, ASP, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion and other web frameworks. Online demos can be found here
PopCalendar eXtremely Perfect
PopCalendarXP is a great-looking JavaScript date picker that comes with many convenient features to facilitate date inputs on your webpage. In short words, it's simple outside while powerful inside and all well-documented that even people with little JavaScript experience can get it working in no time. It features auto-adaptive positioning, database-driven events/agendas, real cross-browser capability, extremely customizable UI, super easy-to-use design and many handy options. It works perfectly with .NET, ASP, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion and other web frameworks.

132. Freeware Favorites
I m sorry to say I don t have time to update this site any longer. My WebDesigns business is keeping me busy.
I'm sorry to say I don't have time to update this site any longer. My WebDesigns business is keeping me busy.

133., Software Freeware
Download freeware programmer til Windows 95/98/Me/Nt/2000/Xp Windows software udviklet p¥ fritidsbasis til virksomhedsbrug, foreningsbrug samt ikke mindst til privat brug.
PPSOFT.DK - v/ Per Pedersen Holbergsvej 49, 7500 Holstebro tlf. +45 51 80 12 83 , udvikler Windows software til virksomhedsbrug, foreningsbrug samt ikke mindst til privat brug. De fleste programmer på disse sider er Freeware, dvs. at du kan downloade og bruge programmerne i light udgaver uden at skulle betale for brugen efter en periode. - Dette fordi jeg i starten lavede programmerne til egen brug, og har efterfølgende glædet mig over at andre også har kunne og ville gøre brug af dem. En del brugere har efterfølgende spurgt om det var muligt at få udvidelser af programmerne, hvilket ønske jeg har efterkommet, men da alting tager tid, har jeg derfor tilladt mig at opkræve en mindre og vel nærmest symbolsk betaling for denne udvikling, idet jeg rent faktisk bruger væsentlig flere timer på udviklingen og forbedringerne, end prisen indikere. Vores speciale er database og e-mail programmer, vi kan udvikle efter dit behov, du kan maile os detaljeret oplysninger om ønsker og vi udarbejder et tilbud og en tidshorisont. Under de enkelte programmer vil du kunne få mere information om hvad programmerne indeholder og kan, samt hvilke funktioner du får som freeware brugere og hvilke ekstra funktioner der tilbydes mod en mindre betaling.

134. î÷åø äúåëðä áòáøéú Free Hebrew Software

135. World Of Free Games - The Ultimate Free Games Download Archive!
Database of patches, briefly reviewed freeware and shareware, and related links. All files hosted offsite. 6th June 2004 10:04 CEST get paid to play online games main games patches ... about us Advertisment Affiliates Free Games Australia
Free Online Games

Freeware Gaming

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[Dec 16] Welcome [Nov 3] Welcome to the WORLDOFFREEGAMES.COM! We're currently serving more than 490 games! Press CTRL-D to bookmark this site. Click here to start browsing through the games database! Shadow Warrior by Apogee / 3D Realms *Updated* Quick Tip! Belongs into the familly of 3D shooting games. Ninja's bloody action from the creators of Duke 3D. Genre: Action - Size: Rating: Forums down! edasx , Apr 17] We had to take the message board down. Lot of posts were related to serials and pirated software. Sorry for the inconvenience. We are working on the new forum system. Turbo for Windows edasx , Feb 20] Today addition is not a game but fine tool for Windows users. It allows you to

136. Free Online Dictionaries
online dictionary English «» Spanish. online dictionary English «» Swahili. online dictionary English «» Swedish. privacy policy. freeware screensavers.
online dictionary English «» Afrikaans online dictionary English «» Danish online dictionary English «» Dutch online dictionary English «» Finnish ... freeware screensavers

137. Fonts & Things - The Most Unusual Fonts Online...
Collection of the most unusual freeware and shareware fonts.
Original Fonts 3D FX Tools FAQ ... Contact
FIND FONTS NOW powered by
Free Original Fonts
Heart Things

see it in 3D FX Heart Things
in 3D
Hearts for
Hearts for 3D FX

see it in 3D FX in 3D FX Circle Things 2 see it in 3D FX Square Things see it in 3D FX Multiple Combinations WITH 20 ANIMATIONS Xara ScreenMaker 3D Create 3D screensavers in seconds; ScreenMaker 3D is fast, fun and easy to use. Create animated 3D text message screensavers with your own personalized message or put images of your choice onto the sides of a 3D tumbling cube screensaver - ScreenMaker 3D accepts a wide variety of image formats including AVI movies. It's the perfect way to share messages or images with friends, family or colleagues - from family photo screensavers to business screensavers with corporate logos. Find out more First time here? please see the FAQ Please read this before you submit questions. All fonts are in PC truetype format. Macintosh Users click here . All fonts, to the best of our knowledge, are either freeware or shareware. If anyone knows otherwise please notify us. All fonts have been collected from around the web and have been maintained with all files intact. Have you made an unusual font? Think it would look great on our homepage?

138. informationPages Moved. If you have reached this page expecting to find sunfreeware pages, those pages have moved to. Please

139. Wolfgang's Tools Network
NetWare and NDS freeware and shareware tools.
This page requires JavaScript
Your browser does not support frames.
Please click this link to load the page.

140. - Your Source For The Web's Best Freeware
We present only the best freeware per category! Are you looking for great Windows freeware, but you don t want to browse endless lists of programs? is best viewed on a standards-compliant browser. It seems that your browser is outdated and does not support modern web standards. Therefore, we have disabled some of the advanced features of the site.
  • If you feel this is incorrect, go to the Configure page and re-enable the "Layout" stylesheet. If you do have an outdated browser, we strongly advise you to freely upgrade your browser. Read more...
Welcome to the rejuvenated site of! Comments are much appreciated!
Welcome to
Are you looking for great Windows freeware, but you don't want to browse endless lists of programs? Well, at this site you won't find 20 notepad replacements, 10 image viewers or 15 program launchers: we searched the web high and low, to present only the best freeware per category.
All programs have been installed and tested by ourselves, so you can be sure that it works as promised. New programs are added regularly to all categories, and as soon as a new version of an already listed program becomes available, we immediately update its listing. More about this site...

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