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  1. Freeware Encryption and Security Programs: Protecting Your Computer and Your Privacy by Michael Chesbro, 2001-09
  2. Freeware by Andres Fiorotto, 2006-05-02
  3. Freeware by Rudy Rucker, 1998-03
  4. Moldies & meatbops: Three *ware novels : Software ; Wetware ; Freeware by Rudy v. B Rucker, 1997
  5. Grafikwerkzeuge für professionelles Webdesign. Mit Freeware und Shareware Websites gestalten. by Michael Röper, 2001-07-01
  6. Prime Time Freeware for AI (Selected materials from the Carnegie Mellon University Artificial Intelligence Repository, Issue 1-1)
  7. Prime Time Freeware for Unix Issue 4-2 by Rich Morin, 1995-09
  8. Unix Shareware and Freeware by Kevin Reichard, 1994-12
  9. Handpicked Software for Mac OS X: The Best New Freeware, Shareware, and Commerical Software for Mac OS X by Robert Ellis, 2002-05
  10. Prime Time Freeware for Unix, Issue 3-2 (Includes 2 CD Roms)
  11. Web Wizards Guide to Freeware Shareware by Web Wizard, 2002-08
  12. FREEWARE MAKES WINDOWS VISTA RUN FASTER IN ONE CLICK.(Advanced WindowsCare Personal from IObit ): An article from: GUI Program News by Gale Reference Team, 2007-03-01
  13. Web Wizard's Guide to Freeware and Shareware by Wendy Lehnert, 2001-11-01
  14. Teaching computer literacy with freeware and shareware. (Ferris State University's Office of Academic Computing): An article from: T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education) by R. Dale Hobart, Sharon Octernaud, et all 1988-05-01

181. Prime Time Freeware For AI
Snapshot of Carnegie Mellon University Artificial Intelligence Repository CMU AIR. Cosponsored by CMU and Prime Time freeware, the AIR is the world's largest collection of AI-related freeware.
Prime Time Freeware for AI
Prime Time Freeware for AI is a snapshot of the Carnegie Mellon University Artificial Intelligence Repository (CMU AIR). Co-sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University and Prime Time Freeware, the AIR is the world's largest collection of AI-related freeware. We are happy to be able to bring you this definitive collection in a convenient and economical format. Prime Time Freeware for AI contains 5000 MB of source code and documentation, archived and compressed onto two ISO-9660 CD-ROMs. The accompanying 200-page book contains introductory material, a detailed Package List, an extensive Keyword Index, and more. Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Mark Kantrowitz , Editor Prime Time Freeware, 1994 ISBN 1-881957-11-X, US$60 MSRP
The CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
The CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository contains gigabytes of freely redistributable software, publications, and related materials. AI researchers, educators, students, and practitioners are invited to access the Repository at: AFS: /afs/ FTP:

182. JAM Software - Windows Freeware
This page shows you JAM Software s freeware for Windows like Treesize and Heavyload. Windows freeware. TreeSize V1.71 Every hard
Windows Freeware
TreeSize V1.71 Every hard disk is too small if you just wait long enough. TreeSize tells you where precious space has gone to. TreeSize can be started from the context menu of a folder or drive and shows you the size of this folder, including its subfolders. You can expand this folder in Explorer-like style and you will see the size of every subfolder. Scanning is done in a thread, so you can already see results while TreeSize is working. The space, which is wasted by the file system can be displayed and the results can be printed in a report. TreeSize is Mailware for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP. NTFSRatio V1.2 NTFS offers file based compression but the compression rate isn't displayed anywhere. For any folder on an NTFS volume, NTFSRatio shows the size and the compression rate of this folder and also of its subfolders. Compression and decompression can be done inside NTFSRatio with immediate review of the result. Results can be printed or exported. NTFSRatio can be called from the Explorer context menu of any folder. HeavyLoad V2.0

183. Freeware World Team
freeware World Team predstavlja ves freeware z celega sveta.

184. Freeware For Epoc
freeware for POC (Last updated 07/12/1999). FreeMem FreeMem defragments contrast). Try it and adopt it it s freeware ). From
F ree W are for POC
(Last updated 07/12/1999)
  • FreeMem
  • FreeMem defragments the memory and reclaims all the unused segments, thereby increasing performances (less segments spread over several cells).
  • SetScreen
  • SetScreen allows you to quickly adjust the contrast to its optimal value, when the 16 gray colors are distinct and the graphics have their intended shades.
  • Locker
  • Locker is meant for those who need to protect their machines with a password but find that the option 'Once a day' is not enough and the option 'At switch on' is too much. It will trigger the password identification only if the machine is not used for a period of time. It is based on the system password so it is proof even against soft resets.
  • CapsView
  • CapsView is meant for those who use CapsLock and never know in wich mode they are. It displays in one of the screen corners an icon that indicates the state of CapsLock. It allows also to toggle the state of CapsLock by clicking with the pen on the icon.

185. Psion 3 Freeware [and Shareware] (David Brown)
Many nofee pieces of software for the Psion3.

186. SwatIt.Org The Home Of The Best Freeware Bot Trojan And Worm Scanner!
freeware trojan scanning and removal software. Product details and downloads. Windows
SwatIt Anti Trojan and Bot Scanner and Remover
Now with Advanced Heuristic Detection!

All Product and File Signature Updates are Totally FREE, this means that you will never have to pay a single penny to get the very latest version of Swat It or to update the File Signatures.
Swat It is a Completely FREE program that scans your computer for Trojans, Worms, Bots and other Hacker programs. Swat It can detect and remove over 4000 different Trojan programs plus variants.
We do our utmost to keep our software more up to date and current than other similar software.
Swat It was independently tested against popular commercial scanning software and we were absolutely delighted by the results.
The comparison results strongly pointed to SwatIt's ability to
detect and remove the latest Trojans that are in circulation.
The Swat It review can be viewed Here
Infected With Karma Worm and Sending Spam Messages
on IRC?

187. MorInfo Messenger
SNPP based wireless messaging from Windows.
Free Downloads

MorInfo Messenger is a bare bones SNPP messaging client designed to introduce our customers to the simplicity and reliability of SNPP messaging.
Key Benefits
No more connection hassles Messenger works with your Office LAN or ISP connection. Messenger tells you instantly if your message was delivered to your service provider. No more e-mail messages to who knows where. Messenger provides you with a message history log. No more untraceable web site messages.
It's Free Download Messenger
Information Request Form
Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you. Send product literature
Send company literature
Have a salesperson contact me
Name Title Company Address E-mail Phone wireless messaging software Messaging for CE devices Nextel supports SNPP
Here are the facts
about SNPP.
RFC 1861

Home Up Free Downloads Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
© 2000 MorInfo Development Site Hosted by:
Last modified: December 08, 2003

188. Welcome To
SourceForge Shop ThinkGeek Slashdot Newsletters ... scoop 01:02 PDT Search for in projects articles comments Section Main Unix Handhelds Mac OS X Themes login

recover password

libmsn 3.1.1

by Mark Rowe - Saturday, June 5th 2004 15:57 PDT About: Libmsn is a reusable, fully documented library for connecting to Microsoft's MSN Messenger service. Changes: This is primarily a bugfix release. The #include's were fixed up so that it compiles cleanly on a wider range of platforms. File transfer support is now working. Error handling was improved. Categories Focus License URLs Communications :: Chat Minor bugfixes GNU General Public License (GPL)
OpenGrade 2.6.1

by Ben Crowell - Saturday, June 5th 2004 15:55 PDT About: OpenGrade is software for teachers to keep track of grades. It can put the students' grade reports on a Web server and allow the students password-protected access to them. Changes: This release provides a workaround for a bug in version 5.8.4 of the Perl interpreter, which causes the program not to run in Perl 5.8.4. It also fixes a problem that apparently occurs with the latest version of the File::Glob module. If 2.6.0 runs on your system, then there is no reason to upgrade to 2.6.1. Categories Focus License URLs Education Minor bugfixes GNU General Public License (GPL)
nmbscan 1.2.2

189. ‚±‚̃z[ƒ€ƒy[ƒW‚͈ړ]‚µ‚Ü‚µ‚½
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
V‚µ‚¢URL‚́A ‚Å‚·B
Ž©“®“I‚Ɉړ®‚³‚ê‚È‚¢ê‡‚Í ‚ðƒNƒŠƒbƒN‚µ‚Ä‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B

190. ‚Ó‚è‚Á‚Û
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.



191. PowerArchiver 2000 - The Most Powerful And Freeware Archive Utility For Windows
Latest News PowerArchiver 8.8 has been released! More news Order Now. Features. Screenshots. Translations. Awards. FAQ. History. Join PowerArchiver 2000 - The most powerful and Freeware Archive Utility for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 PowerArchiver 2000 - The most powerful and Freeware Archive Utility for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 that support many, many file formats... EasyZip,PowerArchiver,FREE,Archive,Utility,ZIP,SFX,Windows,Freeware,2000,RAR,ZOO,ARJ,ACE,ARC,CAB,TAR,GZ,XXE,UUE,UUECODE,QUAKE III,PK3,BH,BlakHole

192. Qpopper Information

Qpopper Home
Qpopper Information
Frequently Asked ... Security Vulnerability Qpopper
The most widely-used POP3 server for UNIX, Linux, etc.
is now available. Still using version 2.53 ? Read up on the benefits of and before you move to 4.0. Qpopper 4.0.5 Features:
  • Faster start-up (1,000 times faster, in many cases) Reduced I/O at session end (one-third less!) TLS/SSL (allows authentication and email to be strongly encrypted between any TLS/SSL-enabled mail client and Qpopper 4.0.5; requires TLS/SSL Plus all the great features of Qpopper 3.1 (including full sources) Most compile-time options now are available at run-time Easier administration
Download the software archive (as a .tar.Z or a .tar.gz file) from QUALCOMM's ftp site , or from a Mirror site
Top of Page

What is Qpopper?
Qpopper is the most widely-used server for the POP3 protocol (this allows users to access their mail using any POP3 client). Qpopper supports the latest standards, and includes a large number of optional features. Qpopper is normally used with standard UNIX mail transfer and delivery agents such as sendmail or smail. Qpopper's goals are: security stability safety features , and performance The 3 and later code base has multiple levels of protection again common security vulnerabilities, so even if there is a bug at one level, the other levels can protect against an exploit.

193. Free Software Downloads -
05.21.04. DivX Player (with DivX Codec) 5.1.1 The DivX Player is available for the Windows operating system and is the official player
Browser Tools
Communication Tools

Database Tools

Dial-up Tools
2 Find MP3 8.1.6

2 Find MP3 is an easy to use and fast program to find and download MP3 files on the Internet. It uses the best MP3 search engines available on the Internet today.

While your hosts are hanging-up,your income is falling. Stop it with AlertPing! Alert Ping verifies accessibility of your host computers! It is used for pinging IPs, f.e. computers in...
All Video Splitter 1.2.8

All Video Splitter can help you split , cut or trim a large AVI, MPEG, ASF or WMV file into smaller video clips. Using the included video player, you can easily...
As more and more businesses go online, the demand for powerful e-commerce software increases. eSTOREBUILDER 5.0 provides a cost effective solution. Setting up an online eStore... Sponsor Free Newsletters Part of the iEntry Network over 4 million subscribers WebmasterFree NetworkingFiles FreewareToday Send me relevant info on products and services.

194. Downloads At ZDNet UK
Work anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Home, News, Insight, Reviews, Downloads, Security, Developer, Business, Mobile, Personal Tech, Games, Internet,
Price Comparison Shopping at ZDNet
All of ZDNet News Insight Comment White Papers Reviews Downloads Prices Jobs All the Web top search newsletters

MP3 Search tools
Mozilla Firefox

Surf the Web with this lean and fast open-source browser.
CodeThatMenu Standard

Windows 3.x/95/98/2000/Me/NT/XP
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