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  1. Logo Font & Lettering Bible: A Comprehensive Guide to the Design, Construction and Usage of Alphabets and Symbols by Leslie Cabarga, 2004-03
  2. Lourdes: Font of Faith, Hope, and Charity by Elizabeth Ficocelli, 2007-10
  3. Fonts & Encodings by Yannis Haralambous, 2007-09-26
  4. The Encyclopedia of Fonts by Gwyn Headley, 2005-12-28
  5. 24 Circus Display Fonts CD-ROM and Book (CD Rom & Book) by Dover, 2000-12-28
  6. Indie Fonts: A Compendium of Digital Type from Independent Foundries (Indie Fonts: A Compendium of Digital Type from Independent)
  7. How to Boss Your Fonts Around (2nd Edition) by Robin Williams, 1998-05-22
  8. Real World Mac OS X Fonts (Real World) by Sharon Zardetto Aker, 2006-09-22
  9. New Vintage Type: Classic Fonts for the Digital Age by Steven Heller, Gail Anderson, 2007-10-02
  10. Big Book of 5000 Fonts: (And Where to Get Them) by David E. Carter, 2002-02
  11. Indie Fonts 3: A Compendium of Digital Type from Independent Foundries (Indie Fonts: A Compendium of Digital Type from Independent)
  12. 24 Gothic Display Fonts CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Display Fonts Series) by Dover, 1998-06-09
  13. The Fakersville Power Station (Edgar Font's Hunt for a House to Haunt, Adventure 2) by Patrick H.T. Doyle, 2007-07-01
  14. Precision Type Font Reference Guide: Version 5.0 by Precision Type (Firm), 1996-03

1. - Download Mac And Windows Fonts
Download Mac and Windows fonts. Downloadable True Type and PostScript fonts from AGFA, Monotype, ITC, Adobe and others. Favorite fonts.

View
Favorite Fonts Casual Scripts
(handwriting fonts) Calligraphic Scripts
(calligraphy fonts) Formal Scripts
(wedding, invitation fonts) Blackletter Scripts
(gothic, celtic fonts) Kids Fonts
(critters, child handwriting fonts) Scary Fonts
(bloody, creepy fonts) Western Fonts
(fonts inspired by the wild west) Technical Fonts
(math, computer fonts) Image Fonts (picture, symbols fonts) Famous Fonts (fonts used in movies, tv etc.) Language Fonts (greek, cyrillic fonts) Custom Fonts Creating a corporate ID? A custom typeface helps to insure a distinctive brand identity. Developer Fonts Developers need look no further for all of their OEM font needs Find Fonts more... See all 2004 Releases Font Packages more... Fontent more... Fontent An accomplished lettering artist who came somewhat late to typeface design, Rod McDonald has already tackled two important projects on a national scale. more... Learn why these fonts make a difference. Highlights Typodermic Art Nouveau Typefaces The highly decorative style of the Art Nouveau period continues to inspire type designers. Here, we take a look at the distinctive traits that set these elegant typefaces apart.

2. Fonts & Things - The Most Unusual Fonts Online...
Collection of unusual freeware and shareware fonts. Original fonts3D FXToolsFAQContact powered by. FONT AVENUE. Free Original fonts. Heart Things 26k
Original Fonts 3D FX Tools FAQ ... Contact
FIND FONTS NOW powered by
Free Original Fonts
Heart Things

see it in 3D FX Heart Things
in 3D
Hearts for
Hearts for 3D FX

see it in 3D FX in 3D FX Circle Things 2 see it in 3D FX Square Things see it in 3D FX Multiple Combinations WITH 20 ANIMATIONS Xara ScreenMaker 3D Create 3D screensavers in seconds; ScreenMaker 3D is fast, fun and easy to use. Create animated 3D text message screensavers with your own personalized message or put images of your choice onto the sides of a 3D tumbling cube screensaver - ScreenMaker 3D accepts a wide variety of image formats including AVI movies. It's the perfect way to share messages or images with friends, family or colleagues - from family photo screensavers to business screensavers with corporate logos. Find out more First time here? please see the FAQ Please read this before you submit questions. All fonts are in PC truetype format. Macintosh Users click here . All fonts, to the best of our knowledge, are either freeware or shareware. If anyone knows otherwise please notify us. All fonts have been collected from around the web and have been maintained with all files intact. Have you made an unusual font? Think it would look great on our homepage?

3. Fonts In Cyberspace
Guide to finding language fonts on the Internet, containing more than 400 sources for 124 languages.
Fonts in Cyberspace
A guide to finding language fonts on the Internet. Containing more than 400 sources for 123 languages. Language
Quick Pick SIL Fonts
Font Archives
Select Language: Albanian Arabic Armenian Assamese Assyrian Azerbaijani Baltic Bangla Bashqort Bassa Belarusian Bengali Black Tai Braille Buginese Bulgarian Burmese Cambodian Celtic Chechen Cherokee Cheyenne Chinese Chippewa Coptic Cree Croatian Cuneiform Cyrillic Czech Dai (Xishuangbanna) Danish Devnagari Dutch Egyptian English Esperanto Estonian Ethiopic European Farsi Finnish French Gaelic Georgian German Gothic Greek Guarani Gujarati Gurmukhi Halq'eméylem Hawaiian Hebrew Hieroglyphics Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Inuktitut IPA Italian Italic Japanese Kannada Khmer Korean Kurdish Kyrgyz Lao Latin Latvian Lithuanian Macedonian Malayalam Maltese Marathi Mari Mayan Meroitic Mongolian Myanmar Navajo Nepali Norwegian Ogham Oriya Pali Persian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Qazaq Romanian Runic Russian Sanskrit Serbian Sign Language Sinhala Slavic Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Syriac Tai Dam Tai Lue Tajik Tamazight Tamil Tatar Telugu Thai Tibetan Tolkien Turkic Turkish Turkmen Ugaritic Ukrainian Urdu Uzbek Vietnamese Yakut Yi Archives Miscellaneous Unicode Word Processors Language List - text version Symbols used in this document Font for Windows Shareware fonts Font for Macintosh

4. Download Fonts - 1001 Free Fonts
1001 Free fonts offers a large selection of freeware and shareware true type fonts for Windows and Macintosh. High fonts Download over 3000 free fonts.

PC Fonts
MAC Fonts Top 20 Fonts
1001 free fonts first opened its doors in December 1998 and has since grown to become the most popular free fonts archive online. We receive more than 35,000 visitors daily and we have been visited by over 25,000,000 visitors since 1998. Over 350,000,000 free fonts have been downloaded since 1998. We would like to thank you all for your continued support and hope you return shortly. Please check out the following related links. Font Search Engine - Didn't find the font you are searching for? Then visit Font Search Engine, who offer one of the largest commercial archives online. There are currently over 12,000 commercial fonts on offer. Click Here Free Mac Fonts - If you are a Macintosh user then this website is for you. They offer one of the largest Macintosh compatible archives online. Unlike other archives 100% of the fonts contained in this archive are Macintosh compatible. Click Here High Fonts - Download over 3000 free fonts. Search feature allows visitors access to a huge database. Previews are included.

5. Larabie Fonts - Hundreds Of Original, Freeware Fonts
click here for fonts, click here for information. Xirod (pronounced zero), the new, free font from Larabie fonts, Silentina, the new font from Typodermic.

6. Font Freak - Free True Type Fonts And Dingbats For Both PC And Mac
Font Freak is one of the largest archives for downloading free true type fonts and dingbats for both PC and Mac.

PC Fonts Mac Fonts Top 20 Fonts
PC Fonts Mac Fonts Top 20 Fonts

7. Free Fonts Search And Download
Search engine for free fonts on the web. Search results come with preview and download URL.
search - download - buy
Free Fonts
the home of free fonts download free fonts dingbats script handwriting
Are you looking for a font?
Enter the font name here and you will find it!
The database contains more than 55.000 fonts - truetype, opentype, postscript type 1 typefaces. Let's go: Search fonts and then download free fonts or buy fonts! Do you have a image of a font only?
Try WhatTheFont to find out the font name!
News: Microsoft Typography announces
Font Tools
3D FontTwister
Two in One: This Font FX and Button Maker software is fast and easy to use. You can add glows, bevels, transparency, embossing, texture, edges, soft shadows and blurs to your text or apply one of the dozens of built-in styles. Results are immediately previewed, and text and effects may be re-edited at any time. MouseZoom Mouse as magnifier, color dropper and distance analyser. MouseZoom is a nice small and free utility. It zooms the current mouse position (up to 50x) and shows its color value (RGB, HEX, HLS, CMYK), absolute and relative value of the mouse position. Freeware Friendly Font Links PC

fonts available for Windows and Mac download the font catalog in PDF format.

9. 007 Fonts For Free Fonts
Over 2000 free fonts, create instant logos with ALL fonts! Apply Textures to any of the fonts to create a graphic logo! Even Make a mouseover logo with two different images using any fonts! Hundreds of Freeware and Shareware fonts! Create Instant Logos, just click on a font thumbnail All fonts on this site were retrieved directly from the author's site
SUPER FONT SEARCH FREE! Free Internet Lists FREE! Free Stuff Web Designers
HTML Tools
Affiliate Programs
Web Site Tracking
Web Advertising
Web Site Security
Internet-E-Commerce Internet Businesses Web Hosting Services E-Commerce Online Commerce CGI Programming Desktop Publishing Your Email: Zip/Postal Code: Gender [optional]: Male Female On List Privacy A B C ... Z Hundreds of Freeware and Shareware fonts! Create Instant Logos, just click on a font thumbnail! Enjoy this absolutely free service! HOT SITES! ABCGiant Graphics ABCBanners Create Your Own Banner! ... GifArt Sponsors Order Ultram Today Buy Viagra Online Book London Hotels Here Get A Tenuate Prescription ... On List Privacy

10. Free Typewriter Fonts - 95 Different Free Typewriter Type Faces.
Over 70 different typewriter type faces. All free and downloadable.
Free Typewriter Fonts: You'll meet the typewriter fonts everywhere.
Today they are on CD or book covers,
magazines and movie posters.
Here you'll find more than 70 different typewriter fonts.
All free.

Free Typewriter Fonts . Some rights reserved.

11. Free Fonts Download For PC And MAC
tracker Welcome to Acid fonts, home to over 4700 fonts for all you free fontaholics. fonts Utility Spotlight. Xara
Welcome to Acid Fonts, home to over 4700 fonts for all you free fontaholics.
A B C D ...

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Search for Fonts
PC Fonts
Top 20 Fonts MAC Fonts
Join the Acid Fonts Mailing list

Every fortnight Acid Fonts is updated with new fonts. If you would like to be notified of this and any major news affecting Acid Fonts, you can Join the mailing list! Add your email below and click the submit button to subscribe. Powered by Site Information
First time here? To get started checking out the fonts. Please use the navigation menu above which you will find on all pages of the site.
Within each alphabetical category on the menu above you will find free 4700 fonts available. The pages show graphical examples of the fonts. To download the font you require, left click on the graphic of choice.
If this is your first visit to a fonts site, you may wish to read the

12. Free Fonts Download For PC And MAC
Welcome to Acid fonts, home to over 4700 fonts for all you free fontaholics. To get started checking out the fonts. Please use the navigation menu above which you

13. Fonts Download Free At Acid Fonts
tracker Welcome to Acid fonts, 4700 fonts for the PC and MAC. Welcome to Acid fonts home to over 4500 free fonts for all you free fontaholics Enter.
Welcome to Acid Fonts, 4700 fonts for the PC and MAC.
PC Fonts Top 20 Fonts MAC Fonts Search for Fonts
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Acid Fonts

14. FONTZ.DE - Gratis Schriften/Fonts
Fontarchiv mit mehreren tausend Truetypefonts (Share- und Freeware); fonts nach Alphabet sortiert. AuŸerdem Cliparts, Font-Tools, Forum, Newsletter.
Startseite Fonts/Schriften Fontz-CD Font Tools ... Impressum - Das Schriftartenarchiv im Internet mit vielen tollen Schriftarten für alle Anlässe. Einfach oben auf " Fonts/Schriften " klicken und Sie können nach passenden Schriften bzw. Fontz ähhh Fonts suchen. Die Schriften stammen teils von uns und teils von Font-Designern die uns Teilbestände für dieses Seite zur Verfügung gestellt haben. Alle Schriftarten sind für den Privatgebrauch frei verwendbar. Weiterführende Links zum Thema Cliparts/Schriften und Freizeit - Eine große Auswahl an Cliparts, Animationen, Buttons und mehr
- Gratis Cliparts für alle Anlässe. Einfach online downloaden
- Grußkarten aller Art online verschicken, tolle Auswahl
- Die 117 "Most Wanted Fonts" als direkt Download zu kaufen

15. Larabie Fonts
You can get two grunge versions of this font plus 140 other in the Ink Deluxe font package. Only $6.99 for 142 fonts! CLICK NEXT FOR MORE A fonts

A B B ... Z
You can get two grunge versions of this font plus 140 other in the Ink Deluxe font package. Only $6.99 for 142 fonts! Have a look
fonts info donations home

16. Art I Need - Art For The Future ....
Original collection of royalty free clipart, illustrations, webart, photos, fonts and sounds for the use by web designers, graphic artists, students and professionals in web sites, printing projects and presentations. Note membership required.
Welcome to Art I Need, your ultimate cache for multimedia on the web!! Sign up for our Membership and enjoy the facility of UNLIMITED downloads of our ever increasing collection of more than a MILLION original and new cliparts, illustrations, photographs, web arts, fonts and sounds during your subscription period. Completely royalty FREE Try our online Tour to find out more!
Original, new, never seen before clipart that will stun your eyes with brilliance and wonder... More...
Quality illustrations which stand out from the rest. Providing cutting edge graphics, wherever you need them. More...

17. Welcome To The Jazz Font Home Page
Features Jazz Font and Swing Font, usable with Finale and Overture. Includes demo pages, online ordering form.
Enter! Enter!

18. Free Downloads - TrueType Core Fonts For The Web
Microsoft Typography TrueType fonts and utilities TrueType core fonts for the Web
All Products Support Search Home ... TrueType fonts and utilities
TrueType core fonts for the Web
Web fonts program discontinued
Microsoft's TrueType core fonts for the Web are no longer available for download from
Looking for free, shareware or commercial fonts? Please visit our Links, news and contacts section, featuring daily typography news headlines and access to a constantly updated database of over 600 type and typography related sites on the Web.
this page was last updated 12 August 2002
comments to the MST group: how to contact us Microsoft Typography TrueType fonts and utilities

19. 1001 Fonts .com | Download Free Fonts
Download free fonts for MS Windows and Apple Macintosh. All fonts on this site are either freeware or shareware and in the TrueType or PostScript format.
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Welcome to 1001 Fonts .com
First Time Visitors

You have come to the right place to download free fonts for both Windows and Mac. In case you are looking for professional high quality fonts, you may want to visit or . For first time visitors we have written a site tour to help you get aquainted with this site. is a free service and is made possible thanks to sponsored advertising, so please don't be annoyed by the ads, one of them just might offer something that appeals to you. Font of the Moment
Font: KR Mood Ring Author: Kats Fun Fonts Category: Dingfont, Letterbat Popularity: Rating: n/a (3 votes)
Quick FAQ
Q. Where can I download free fonts from here?!? Q. How do I install downloaded fonts on my computer? Q. What is this free membership all about?!? Q. What is the difference between TrueType and PostScript? Q. How can I post my own fonts to this site?
(Further topics in our FAQ Last 10 Font Additions
Jun 03 Beantown 1.0 by abdulmakesfonts Jun 03 Pop Warner 1.0 by abdulmakesfonts

20. ManyFonts
Font management program, for people with lots of fonts.
ManyFonts 3.0
ManyFonts is a font-directory type thing for people with lots of fonts (which, seeing as you're on the Internet, probably includes you). With this program all your fonts, just like gas cookers, are "easily turn on and offable". You can do the sorts of things with it you can do with commercial products like EasyFont - only much, much less. But hey, it's free. It does what I needed, anyway. ManyFonts requires RiscOS 3.10 or later. Downloading ManyFonts 3.0: Just click here (21K). (If you're using Mosaic, turn on Binary File Transfer in the Options menu first.) Downloading the source to ManyFonts 3.0a: Just click here (66K). It's up to you what you do with the source but if what you do with it is make bug-fixes or improvements to ManyFonts, I'd like to request that you send them to me so that this page can always offer the "best" version. The 3.0a source release contains no new features, but can be compiled stand-alone, i.e. without ExtrasLib. All Rites Reversed Copy What You Like

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