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  1. FreeDOS Kernel; An MS-DOS Emulator for Platform Independence and Embedded Systems Development by Pat Villani, 1996-01-09
  2. The Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Distributed Application Emulator
  4. Hind-E emulator signature comparison by Barry D Bullard, 1991
  5. Meta Assembler and Emulator for the Intel 8086 Microprocessor by Rao Mohammed Shoaib, 1989
  6. Tools for easier testing: Palm emulators let you test and debug on the desktop before loading your applications on a PDA.(Software Development): An article from: Mobile Business Advisor by Keith Perry, 2003-04-01
  7. Azimuth Systems introduces next-generation WiMAX channel emulator.(NEW PRODUCTS): An article from: Wi-Max by Gale Reference Team, 2007-02-01
  8. PARAG0N DEBUTS "CD-ROM EMULATOR 2000" VIRTUAL CD-ROM MACHINE.(Product Announcement): An article from: CD Computing News
  9. NETMANAGE 3270 EMULATOR TO SHIP WITH MICROSOFT'S SNA SERVER.(NetManage 3270 Terminal Emulator software)(Product Announcement): An article from: Mainframe Computing
  10. Alien Nine: The Emulators (Alien Nine) by Hitoshi Tomizawa, 2004-02-04
  11. A Guide to Emulus software: An enhanced 3270 emulator for theX Window System
  12. PLOT300 a Tektronics PLOT10 emulator for HP 9000 series 200/300 computers (SuDoc NAS 1.15:100606) by Scott A. Kjelgaard,
  13. Survey of remote terminal emulators (NBS special publication ; 500-4 : Computer science & technology) by Shirley Ward Watkins, 1977
  14. Mac300 Series Terminal Emulators User Ma by White Pine Soft, 1991-01-01

121. C64 Treasure
Games and emulators to download.
Eingang / Entrance
The C64 Banner Exchange
var cwID='10064';var cwPAGE='main';var cwDISP='0';
© Mario Cantarero 2000-2004

122. Windows Emulators For Linux: VMware, Win4Lin Face Off - Computerworld
Windows emulators for Linux VMware, Win4Lin Face Off Windows emulation softwaregives Linux desktop users the ability to run those musthave Windows programs,10801,69849,00.html
Computerworld Whitepapers Careers CRM Business Intelligence Development E-business ERP/Supply Chain Hardware IT Management Networking Operating Sys ROI Security Storage Web Site Mgmt Outsourcing
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Business Intell. CRM Careers Data Mgmt. Development E-business ERP Government Hardware IT Management Mobile/Wireless Networking O/S Outsourcing ROI Security Software Storage Web Site Mgmt.
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Business Intelligence Data Management Grid Computing ... E-mail Newsletters News Feeds Home Browse Topics Software Operating Systems Windows Emulators for Linux: VMware, Win4Lin Face Off Windows emulation software gives Linux desktop users the ability to run those "must-have" Windows programs. Computerworld community member Charles Bushong takes contenders VMware and Win4Lin for a test run and picks a winner. Related to this topic Japanese lab adds cluster supercomputer from Linux Networx Microsoft, Micro Focus form alliance to target mainframes Intego issues Mac OS X Trojan Horse warning ... Judge delays Red Hat-SCO suit, pending IBM action News Story by Charles A. Bushong APRIL 04, 2002

123. HotRod - The Ultimate Joystick Control Panel
A joystick for use with emulators such as MAME and Retrocade.
Macromedia Flash Enabled site - YOU MUST HAVE FLASH 6 TO ENTER THIS SITE.
HanaHo Games, Inc. is the exclusive manufacture of Hotrod Joystick.
All mentioned trademarks are properties of their respective owners (see Legal for details).

124. B00B! - Other Emulators
FreeSCI Last Update 22Jan-2003 By Walter van Niftrik (dreamcast port) LinksOfficial Site Info A portable interpreter for games written for Sierra On

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Archives ...

Emulators: Arcade
Sega Genesis



Last Update: 22-Jan-2003 By: Walter van Niftrik (dreamcast port) Links: Official Site Info: A portable interpreter for games written for Sierra On-Line's SCI system, which is currently compatible with the following games:
  • Leisure Suit Larry 2 and 3
  • Police Quest 2
  • King's Quest 4
  • Quest for Glory 1/Hero's Quest
  • Space Quest 3
  • Hoyle's Book of Games 1 and 2
  • The Colonel's Bequest
  • Conquest of Camelot
  • Codename: Iceman Download Local Copy: Unscrambled Binary Download Local Copy: Scrambled Binary Download Local Copy: Nero Image Download Local Copy: Unscrambled Binary (OLD) Download Local Copy: Scrambled Binary (OLD) Download Local Copy: Nero Image (OLD)
    Atari compute (400/800/800xl/etc.) Emulator by Christian Groessler
    Last release: Version 0.75 (Jan 17th, 2002) What's new in version 0.75:
  • 125. Adventureland
    A categorized list of adventure games produced over the years, broken down by company. Also lists game systems, Interpreters and emulators.
    This site tries to list all adventure games (interactive fiction) produced over the years. When I say "adventure", I mean text adventures and their graphical decendants, but I don't include RPGs. For a more detailed description of what's included here and not, see the FAQ Adventureland is located at . Besides there is a mirror maintained by Hans Persson.
    is a non-commercial project devoted to adventure games.
    If you have comments on the layout or find bugs in it, please let me know about it. If you are interested in getting mail each time these pages are updated, you can subscribe here
    Search for a game Game Name Year Company Name Game Type Author This search engine is not yet very smart, so please treat it kindly. ;-) If you feed it more than one word, it will look for them in that order . Case is not important, but punctuation is. Actually, you can feed it a regular expression and if it's legal in Perl, it will work (if you didn't understand the last sentence, it doesn't matter). Before I end, I just want to mention

    126. Linux - Utilities - Emulators
    Tucows logo, Search our site This Site
    Search our site: This Site Domains Windows Macintosh Linux Online Services Epoc Newton Palm OS Pocket PC RIM Series 3 Siena Windows CE
    Advanced options

    Mac Linux ... Games Newsletter sign-up:
    Rating Popularity License Supported platforms AmigaSHELL GPL Console AmigaSHELL changes the virtual terminal's plain black-and-gray look to the colored blue,... DGen/SDL BSD DGen/SDL is a free, open-source emulator for Sega Genesis and MegaDrive systems. ePSXe Freeware Play PlayStation games on your Linux box! FCE Ultra Freeware Console This is a Nintendo, Famicom and NES emulator. Tucows Features:
    This gives you everything you'd expect in a suite of office software.
    Find Your Web Address:
    Enter a word, name or phrase above Acrobat Reader This program allows you to view, navigate and print PDF files. Generator GPL Generator is an emulator for the Sega Genesis (also called Mega Drive) console. GPL GSnes9x is a GNOME front-end for the Snes9X SNES emulator. gTuxNES GPL This is a GTK-based front end for TuxNES, the Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. GXMame GPL This is a frontend for XMame using the GTK library.

    127. ~~UTOPIA~~
    News site with information about console, arcade and handheld emulators.

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    Partner Sites
    VGC Zone

    VG World.DE



    EMULATORS Arcades Calculators Computers Consoles ... PinBall Play On Line Arcades Arcades Atari ST Apple II ... WonderSwan LINKS Emulation Museum Others Search GUESTBOOK View Sign Start with UTOPIA-Clic here Bookmark this page Search this site
    powered by FreeFind - I post emulation news here since 5 years and with my new job I have no time to continue to post and update alone my site all days. Thanks to all for your mails and now when I post news I post on : - Laser 0.19 Pre-Release: Laser - Little Arcade System Emulator Releases - NO$GMB 2.5 (GB emu for Win): NO$FUN - fMSXSO 1.10 (MSX emu for Win): fMSXSO - NEStron 0.5.5b: NEStron - NES emulator for Windows - Pasofami v1.3d (NES emu for Win): Andou's Famicom House Home Page - PC6001VW 1.10.07a (PC6000 emu for Win): Burnout - VisualBoyAdvance/SDL 0.9.1 (GBA emu for Win): VisualBoyAdvance - Let's hsps9x! Ver. 0.3 (SNES emu for Win): Let's Emu! - Project64 1.50 beta 1 (N64 emu for Win): P r o j e c t 6 4 - NLMSX 0.41 (MSX emu for Win):

    128. Operating Systems: Win/Unix On Mac, Mac On Others,
    These are listed after the coprocessor cards. PC emulators for Mac OS. Running MacintoshSoftware on Other Platforms Mac emulators and Runtime Enviroments.

    Click for MacWindows home
    Operating System Solutions
    Running Windows or Linux/UNIX Software on a Macintosh
    and Running Mac OS on other Platforms
    On this page:
    • Running Windows on a Macintosh
      Products that Run Windows on Macs
      There used to be two types of solutions to run Windows software (and other operating systems) on a Mac: cheap and slow or expensive and fast. The cheap and slow solutions are software emulators , which translate been the calls made by non-Mac software and PowerPC instructions. The expensive and solution is primarily a hardware producta coprocessor card containing with an actual PC processor on board. However, there are no new coprocessor boards available any more. The advent of fast G4 processors has brought up the speed of emulators and made coproccessor boards economically unfeasible. (The MacWindows special report provides test data about running Windows 95 on these products, but does not include current versions of products. It still has some useful information.) Another way to run Windows from a Mac is with a network and Windows NT application servers, or "thin-client" products, which enable Macs to access software running on Windows servers over a network. These are listed after the coprocessor cards.

    129. SGC: Viva La SGC!
    emulators, translation patches, emulation utilities and other information.

    SGC Staff



    Misc. Sites

    Where memories are recovered and dreams discovered.
    We are your source for everything emulation! Here you can find everything from emulators, to translations into any language. We have growing archives of SPC NSF , and table files! We are also your one stop source for ROM hacking, providing utilities and docs to help you get started. In addition to our renowned file archives, you can find the latest emulation and translation news right here!
    Stick around, I'm sure you'll find just what you're looking for! Search English Translations:
    Emu News Old News in the News Archive News appears to be very outdated.. I think we have been slacking off.. Chu Chu Rocket Chief R eliever Jandar Airety Assistant Maintainer Spanish Translations Bokudono Mac Emulators Maintainer Stuff and Things SirYoink Y Dienyddiwr Da NSF / Table Files Swedish Translations PKT Paladin Scotcher Unix/Linux Emulators Latrine Scrubber Neil Stevens

    130. Test Results, Windows Emulators
    The study measured the effect of varying the amount of RAM allocated to the emulators,as well as varying the processor, including the new PowerPC G3 (also
    Return to MacWindows Home
    MacWindows Special Report: Running Windows 95 on a Macintosh.
    This report studies the speed of running Windows 95 software on Macintosh using 2 software (emulation) solutions and 1 hardware solution. The study measured the effect of varying the amount of RAM allocated to the emulators, as well as varying the processor, including the new PowerPC G3 (also known as the PowerPC 750). This report sponsored by Computer Currents Thanks to Newer Technology for the use of the MaxPower and MaxPower Pro processor cards.
    In this report:
    Products tested:
    Connectix Virtual PC 1.0.1 with Windows 95, $149 (software)
    Insignia Solutions SoftWindows 95 4.0.1, $199 (software)
    Orange Micro OrangePC 536 w/Cyrix 166 MHz 686, 16 MHz RAM, Windows 95, $846 (an expansion card for PCI slot with software) (See MacWindows Solutions for a brief description of these products with links to the manufacturers.)

    131. OCD Systems, Inc.
    Design and develop sourcelevel debuggers for Power PC on-chip JTAG/BDM emulators and on-target ROM monitors.

    132. Signum Systems • In-Circuit Emulators, Debuggers And JTAG Interfaces
    Tools for embedded systems development, incircuit emulators, debuggers and compilers.

    Signum Systems Corp.

    If your browser has not yet redirected you, please click the link above.
    signum, 8051 emulator, 80196, signum systems, tms320, tms320c25, emulator 8051, 8051, arm emulator, 8085 emulator, 8051 emulators, 80c51, 80c51 emulator, dsp emulator, 80c85, 8051 debugger, 8051 in circuit emulator, jtag connectors, signum software, in circuit debugger 8051, 80186,, can microcontroller, 80186 emulator, philips 8051, z8 emulator, tms320c10, 8051 ice, 80c51 data sheet, emulator, emulators, ICE, debugger, 80C51, 8051, in-circuit, 89C51RD2, 51RD2, TriCore, ARM, TMS320, I2C, JTAG, Z8, 80186, 80196, embedded systems, JDSnet, JTAGjet, DSP, OMAP, Atmel, Temic, Philips, Infineon, Dallas, Intel, Keil, Raisonance, IAR
    In circuit emulators for practically all derivatives of the 8051, 80C51, 89C51RD2, 80186, ARM, Z8, 80196, TriCore, TMS320 DSP and other microcontrollers. Complex events, breakpoints, trace, network debugging and more.

    133. Pie Today, Gone Tomorrow...
    An unusual collection of software for ZX Spectrum emulators.
    Pie today, gone tomorrow... This forwarding page will not be here for long. Please update your bookmarks, favourites and web links as soon as possible. "See you there..."

    134. Linux Center: Emulators
    Main Index Applications emulators 83 % WineHQ, the Windows emulatorheadquarters. Lang bad.. 51 % The Oric emulators Page.
    Home page Version française News (in French) Contact us ... Applications : Emulators WineHQ, the Windows emulator headquarters
    Lang : en - URL
    Server Apache/2.0.40 (Red Hat Linux)
    More info, add feedback
    (4 comments so far) - Rate it: good average bad Executor : Commercial Macintosh emulator.
    Lang : en - URL
    Server Apache/2.0.48 (Fedora)
    More info, add feedback
    (0 comments so far) - Rate it: good average bad UAE - The UAE Amiga Emulator
    : en - URL
    Server Apache/1.3.26 (UnitedLinux) PHP/4.2.2
    More info, add feedback
    (0 comments so far) - Rate it: good average bad Vbix Visual Basic emulator.
    Lang : en - URL Server Apache/1.3.27 (Win32) More info, add feedback (0 comments so far) - Rate it: good average bad Vmware : a virtual machine that provides the ability to: 1. Run multiple operating systems concurrently on a single PC - without repartitioning or rebooting. 2. Interoperate among each of these operating systems. 3. Isolate and protect each operating environment, and the applications and data that are running in it. 4. Encapsulate and manipulate each operating environment, and have the availability to roll back and restart, or move an environment among differently configured machines. Lang : en - URL

    135. Server 64 - Commodore 64 Emulation
    emulators, games, music and utilities for the Commodore 64 all in one place.

    136. Media Community Platform: MMS Emulators
    MMS Media Community Platform. MMS emulators. The MCP incorporates accurateMMS handset emulation based on the proven Yospace emulation platform.

    Products Login Contact us ... About Us
    MMS Media Community Platform
    MMS Emulators The MCP incorporates accurate MMS handset emulation based on the proven Yospace emulation platform. The Yospace MMS Emulator, an included component of the MCP, provides handset-specific rendering of MMS content within Java-enabled web browsers. The MCP's MMS Compose Tool and Legacy Experience Kiosk are examples of applications that make full use of this online MMS preview technology.
    Supported MMS Handsets The MMS Emulator is designed to accurately recreate the MMS experience as viewed on the following handsets:
    • Sony Ericsson T68i
    • Nokia 7650
    Generic versions of the emulator are also possible. For a given handset emulation, the MMS Emulator will obey formatting features such as:
    • Handset-realistic fonts
    • Text wrapping and alignment
    • Slide layouts
    • Slide intervals
    • Audio triggers
    Supported Content Formats
    • image/jpeg (baseline jfif, progressive exif)
    • image/gif (87a, 89a single frame, 89a animated)
    • image/vnd.wap.wbmp*
    • text/plain (us-ascii, utf-8, ucs-2)
    • text/x-imelody (iMelody for ring tones)
  • image/png*
  • audio/amr*
  • audio/basic*
  • audio/x-wav* Formats marked with an asterisk (*) are supported by MCP server-side conversion to accepted format by the applet.
  • 137. Welcome To The Old Computer Dot Com | The Web's Largest Dedicated Retro Computin
    A site dedicated to all aspects of retro computing and gaming. Museum, emulators, ROMs, retro Shop, magazines, and articles. From Atari 2600, Zenneth, colecovision, amiga, and spectrum.
    The Old Computer Dot Com ENTER Atari Amiga Coleco MSX Nintendo TurboGraphx Vectrex 800 x 600 Alambik Viewer 1.50 32bit Col Visit my WebRings
    Joystick Provided by Alambik
    All content produced by HotTrout please read the before using this site. 52,210 visitors last month 858,6583 unique visitors
    corn, BBC, Colecovision, Commodore, Sinclair Spectrum, MSX, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Amiga, IBM, Tandy, Sword, Amstrad, SAM Coupe, Texes Instruments, Intellivision, Grandstand, SUN, Zennith and most other makes of old computers and videogames.

    138. Psion Emulators
    emulators. Use other computer software on a Psion emulator. Calculator emulators Computeremulators Game emulators Text Adventure emulators Calculator emulators.
    Use other computer software on a Psion emulator. Emulate other computers using your Psion.
    On this page
    Calculator Emulators
    Computer Emulators
    Game Emulators
    Text Adventure Emulators
    Calculator Emulators
    Psi85 TI-85 Calculator
    Psi85 is a Texas TI-85 calculator emulator by Daniel Rigby written in C++ for speed - saves state of calculator on program exit - flip screen display. Needs copy of TI ROMs.
    Computer Emulators
    PsiApple Apple II emulator
    Written by Steve Huggs. etc March 1998 Used to be on Bioeddie's site
    Commodore 64 Emulator
    E32Frodo version 0.25. Frodo is a Commodore 64 emulator written by Christian Bauer for Amiga, and ported to Epoc32 by Jal Panvel and Alfred E. Heggestad in the period Nov. 1999 to Jan 2000. If you have a EPOC machine with 16 colors, try the e32frodo_v24_16colors.sis version 258kb June 2000. If you have a EPOC machine with 256 colors, try the e32frodo_v24_256colors.sis version
    DOS XTM Emulator
    There is a DOS emulator called XTM for the Psion 5. I thought you can run the Psion 3 (not 3a) emulator for DOS on a Psion 5 under the XTM emulator, however I now hear you need a 286 emulator. Two folder versions for Series 5 and for Series 7 s5xtm and s7xtm 200kb Dec 1999 Check out

    139. Emulators For Pocket PC
    PocketLynx 1.0 Beta 1. Lynx. PocketLynx is an Atari Lynx emulatorfor Compaq iPAQ. Click here to download. PocketGenesis 1.0 Beta 2.

    PocketLynx ListROMsite
    PocketLynx 1.0 Beta 1
    PocketLynx is an Atari Lynx emulator for Compaq iPAQ Click here to download
    PocketGenesis 1.0 Beta 2
    PocketGenesis is a Sega Genesis emulator for Compaq iPAQ and Cassiopeia Click here to download
    Turjah Contact
    The BEST shooting game ever done for Pocket PC

    140. - Playstation Emulation Tools, Piano And Multimedia Software,
    Small tools created by Aldo Vargas for Playstation emulation, general emulators frontends, productivity tools and music software.

    Continue without the intro

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    ... (OFFICIAL MIRROR - No Ads)
    Enter to (MIRROR)
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