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         Emulators:     more books (75)
  1. Emulation of disc file processor (Report no) by Hirohide Yamada, 1971
  2. On the diagnostic emulation technique and its use in the AIRLAB (NASA technical memorandum) by Gerard E Migneault, 1988
  3. A virtual memory facility for emulation (Departmental report / State University of New York at Buffalo, Department of Computer Science) by Samuel J Cohen, 1972
  4. Design of testbed and emulation tools (SuDoc NAS 1.26:180016) by Stephen F. Lundstrom, 1986
  5. A procedural definition of emulation (Department report / State University of New York at Buffalo, Department of Computer Science) by Gideon Frieder, 1971

101. Palm Emulators
Palm Powered. emulators. Today there are many different emulators of many differentplatforms available for the Palm OS, all in various stages of development.
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This page was created by a volunteer "Expert Guide" who wanted to help people learn what you can do with a Palm Powered system. If you'd like to be a Guide or suggest a topic we haven't covered, click here to learn more
The information on this page was compiled by the author. PalmSource has posted it as a public service, but is not responsible for its accuracy, or for the usability or behavior of software programs referenced here.
by Mike Ethetton, Maven, The definition of an emulator is a program that executes software designed for one computer architecture on a different computer. In other words, it's a program to make one computer pretend to be another, so software will run on a computer it was never designed to run on.

102. RETROARCADE.COM - Front Page
A center for classic arcade collecting, restoration, games, pictures, tips, auction results, some emulation and emulators.
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Video Game Humor
Russ' Stuff Russ' Main Arcade Collecting Page Russ' Great Big Funky Web Page Contact Info Contact Webmaster Last 10 users: luscnn luscnn smokin chicken smokin chicken Sean Sean Eye Site Award Eye Site Award RETROARCADE.COM Poll #1 Do you like this site? Yes No I'm not sure. I don't care. Welcome to RETROARCADE.COM Enter your name or handle/screenname and click Submit. (Only happens once) , , a site devoted to the preservation and restoration of all arcade-related things retro. RETROARCADE.COM is here to provide you with information, pictures, links, and advice about the many facets of classic arcade and video games and arcade collecting. Like most non-commercial websites out there, it is a work in progress and heavily under construction. But come back often, because you'll usually find something interesting and new to look at or read about. What's New And What's Old (See the history of the site) Tuesday, November 21, 2000:

This page contains a selection of emulators for use on the Xbox console.To use them, you will need to have a modified Xbox. For
This page contains a selection of emulators for use on the Xbox console. To use them, you will need to have a modified Xbox. For more information on modifying your Xbox, visit . This is not a fully comprehensive list of emus available for the Xbox, this represents a selection of the ones I've personally used and recommend. For a more complete and up-to-date list, visit #xbins on IRC (EFNet) and for more information visit Xport , the homepage of the author of most of these emulators. Last update on this page: 28 October 2003 ARCADE MAMEoX (v72.1)
Excellent port of the great emulator. Happily runs the vast majority of MAME games at full speed, though a few larger titles (eg Metal Slug 3 and 4) are currently too big to fit in the Xbox's memory. However... KAWA-X (v0.11)
...this emu runs most of the ones MAME can't handle, via the use of virtual memory. You may need, however, to rename the Kawa-X executable (from DEFAULT.XBE to KAWAX.XBE, for example), put it in the MAME directory and run it via boXplorer if you want it to be able to detect the ROMs (which should be put in your MAME ROMs folder). A PPLE IIe/GS Kegs-X (v1)
Very good emu for the ancient Apple systems. Be sure to read the readme file and follow its instructions before running, or your disks won't boot.

104. { Retrodev - For All Your Coding Needs... }
Some freeware emulators for the GP32 handheld system.
ur @ / Groove the font!
document.write(CreateWindowWithImage('#ccffaa','blue','First fCOL32 public releaseGrab it here! :-)','system/GP32/prj/fCOL32/fCOL32-icon.gif')); document.write(CreateWindowWithImage('#ccffaa','blue','New fMSX32 public beta releasedDownload it here! :-)','system/GP32/prj/fMSX32/fMSX32-icon.gif'));
Hello all,
Here you can find some of my work while coding for the GP32 handheld console.
I'd like to greet all people who encouraged me and helped in the development of these emulators.
And yes, this site is under construction yet, so don't complain too much.
In case you're wondering about fCPC32, fNES32, fOGG32, fWS32, fZX32, fPCE32, fGEN32, fNGP32 and/or fMAME32 emulators I swear I'll spread some betas sooner or later.
  • fNES32 28/06/03 pre release (private) (based on infoNES, Nofrendo, Unofficial Nester and Shatbox) Although new fNES32 beta is not available for download yet, I'd like to encourage all people who are waiting for it. But please, just keep in mind i'm porting 13 emulators at same time :-)
  • fCOL32 (ColEm) 09/12/03 first release (public) (based on Colem 1.0 by Marat Fayzullin)
  • 105. Psion Emulators
    Bioeddie is the top Psion Site when it comes to Psion emulators as it carries allthat are current and those that have been through the Freeware and Share ware
    Psion Emulators
    The only place where you can download all of the Psion emulators in one place. Emulators Released In 2003 EMame for Series 60 Is a port of Mame to Symbian devices by Peter van Sebille. EMame, in the form released by Peter, runs on Ericsson P800/P900 and some older Symbian devices. See Peter's Place for more information about EMame and Peter's other Symbian projects. Size: Download Date: November 28th 2003 GoBoy 1.3 WildPalm have updated one of their best products: the GameBoy emulator - GoBoy to version 1.3.This is probably the end for that buggy wannabe GameBoy emulator - GamePhone.The good news is that GoBoy has FULL sound support(Registered version only) and FULL definable keys. GoBoy is based on Gnuboy Size: Download Date: 6th October 2003 ZXBoy 1.1 Replay those 80's classics with ZXBoy - Sinclair Spectrum emulator for your phone!
    Size: Download Date: 16 September 2003 Emu48E v1.4 - HP 48 Gx Is a port of Emu48 on EPOC32, it works on Psion Revo, series 5 and Osaris. It's an Eikon application programmed in c++.

    106. Castle Darkmoon
    Adventures and RPG site by The Adventure Workshop, which writes emulators for the Spectrum Adventures and sells them for £5 each. 45 walkthrus and links to 6 shareware RPGs.
    text Welcome Adventurer if your browser supports frames enter through the Front Door otherwise enter through the Back Door. The castle was created using HoTMetaL Pro v3.0 by Philip M. Reynolds if you have any problems in the castle or find any broken links please contact the This site is kindly hosted by Force9 Internet Welcome Adventurer if your browser supports frames enter through the Front Door otherwise enter

    107. LFN Emulators
    LFN emulators. last updated on 200312-02. These softwares allow you to accessWindows 95 long file names under DOS and in the DOS shells of Windows NT 4.0.
    LFN emulators
    last updated on 2003-12-02 These softwares allow you to access Windows 95 long file names under DOS and in the DOS shells of Windows NT 4.0.
    LFN drivers for DOS
    • DOSLFN Henrik Haftmann , 2001-2003) [, 297.789 bytes] ( homepage
    • OpenDOS LFN Support Caldera Inc. , 1997) [, 71.898 bytes]
      • WARNING: In its original form, OpenDOS LFN Support runs under Caldera OpenDOS only. See the fix below for a patch that removes the DOS version check so that you can run it under other DOS'es, as well!
      • MORE: You may also want to apply the fix Vsevolod Volkov , 1998) [, 1.774 bytes]
    • Caldera Inc. , 1997-2001) [, 28.897 bytes]
    • LFNDOS Chris Jones , 1998-1999) [, 24.494 bytes]
    • Odi's LFN Tools , 1999-2003) [, 284.555 bytes] ( homepage
      • NOTE: Odi's LFN Tools is not a driver but, currently, this is the only package that can reliably access long file names on CD-ROM's under plain DOS!
    • Star LFN , see the homepage
    Other LFN-related softwares for DOS

    108. DarkMazda's Domain - Http://
    Emulation news site with various articles on progress of the emulation scene. Also contains links to emulators and interviews with emulator authors.
    Main Page
    News Archive
    Submit News
    GoodXX Tools
    ... DarkMazda's Domain Forum!
    Please visit the DarkMazda's Domain Forum for open discussion on Emulation/Translation and more! April 24, 2004 - Saturday
    MAME32 Ver. 0.81.1 [Posted by uzplayer
    MAME32 Ver 0.81.1 For Windows/Windows XP has been released. Here's what's new:
    - Fixed erroneous behaviour for Imperfect folder view. [René Single]
    - Corrected audio latency slider movement and setting past notch 4. [René Single]
    - Added customizable quit key [default Alt-Q] for the mappable keyboard solution option. [René Single]
    - Added new History.dat option to allow display under any or all of the art views in Options • Interface Options. [René Single]
    Download here Source: Discuss this Topic over at the DarkMazda's Domain Forums XM6 Ver. 1.65 [Posted by uzplayer XM6 Ver. 1.65 has been released. Translated from the webpage, here's what's new: - The sound playback with 62.5kHz is now supported - MIDI output is now available Download here Source: Discuss this Topic over at the DarkMazda's Domain Forums EmuZWin Ver 2.4 Release 1.1

    109. EPOC Emulators And SDKs
    Psion EPOC SDKs / emulators. This files. Symbian supply SDKs, whichcontain WINS emulators to allow development in a PC environment.


    Psion information

    Getting online

    Psion WAP
    Other PDAs
    Psion: EPOC SDKs / Emulators
    This page contains information about the Psion / Symbian ER5 emulator - a PC application that allows you to run Psion applications and files
    Symbian supply SDKs, which contain WINS emulators to allow development in a PC environment. For a full installation of the SDK, allow around 80MB. The ER5 SDK was developed for Windows NT, but will run on Windows 95/98/ME/XP.
    SDKs are available for developers using the C++, Java or OPL programming languages.
    ER5 SDK, from Symbian
    Where do I get the EPOC SDKs? OS Availability ER5 SDK (Series 5mx) This is available as a free download from the Psion Teklogix site, after completing the free registration. There are different versions available depending on the required programming language: C++, Java and OPL. If you're not a developer, and just want the emulator, best to go for the OPL version of the Symbian OS ER5 SDK, which is a 27MB download. Click here for the Teklogix SDK page , or

    110. Kris High's Emulator Page
    A list of emulators for download.
    Kris High's Emulator Page
    If you would be so kind to sign my Guestbook,
    I would be more than happy to view your entry.
    Last sugested verse (email me your suggestions) : - Psalm 34:18 - The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. - My condolances Cory to you and his family... Click Here for my best picks Page.
    Coleco, Vectrex, Nintendo, ... Misc Emu's and Links
      (A very fast 2600 emulator for dos)
      (A spin off of A26, but would seem to have a few good improvments) PcAtari
      (Another fast 2600 emulator for dos it has more features) Stella
      (A 2600 emulator for dos, and many more) VCS
      (Fair atari 2600 emulator) Click here to download a few roms for the 2600.
      (A 5200 emulator that emulates MANY other systems as well) Virtual Super System (decent 5200 emu but requires the actual rom and is for dos) Click here to download a few roms for the 2600. (pretty much your only option for a dos 7800 emulator) Handy Kinda like a GameGear (a fair lynx emulator a lil slow and requires the boot rom as well.) MetaLynx (This Lynx emulator is dead as far as I know) Click here for some homebrewn lynx roms Coleco Vision Colem (A nearly perfect emulation of the Coleco Vision for dos, Win95 and more)

    111. Emu X Haven: Emulators & Emulation News Site At Its Best
    Emulation Needs! emulators for Console/Handheld/Arcade and PC s for Windows/DOS/Linux/MacOSports and Rom Translations for many systems!
    NEOPOP RPGone Translations KingMikes Translations EmuXScreens ...
    Headline News

    EmuXHaven Emulation News !
    Hits since July 2001
    Ritz Coupons
    EmuXHaven Forums Saturday, June 5, 2004 MAME32 V0.83 Released!!
    Posted by emuxhaven at 1:18. Enter Forums
    The great port of the multi-arcade machine emulator MAME with a windows GUI , , was also updated today with the new release of MAME!!
    Download it from our MAME Emulators Page!!
    MAME32 Site

    MAME V0.83 Released!!
    Posted by emuxhaven at 1:13. Enter Forums The great multi-arcade machine emulator (Win) , MAME , has been updated today!! Here's whats new :
      General Source Changes Misc Changes [Nathan Woods] src/inptport.c: src/inptport.h: src/mame.c:
    • src/windows/fronthlp.c:
    • Added an optional definition for the S_ISDIR macro for when it is not present
    • STV Update [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
    • added VDP2 layer disabling based on VRAM cycle pattern registers - fixes gfx glitches in shanhigw title screen
    • added VDP1 half transparency - improves sprites alpha blending in shanhigw in-game
    • added VDP1 Gouraud shading (for normal sprites only) - adds highlighting for selected tiles in shanhigw
    • Changed some names + years in segac2.c and playch10.c [Curt Coder]

    112. Linux Software
    8 compilers­ 6 other­ 40 DATABASES 34 utilities­ 8 databases­ 11query tools and GUIs­ 14 other­ 1 emulators 44 LIBRARIES 54 GUI­ 9

    113. Albert's Amiga Page
    Programming several emulators (Play Station, and Spectrum) with Blitz BASIC.

    114. Emulators
    emulators (1/3).
    Home Games Reviews Forum ... Links Emulators (1/3) Page 1: Apple ][ Arcade (general) Atari Capcom ... Commodore
    Page 2: ColecoVision DOS Game Boy Game Boy Advance ... NeoGeo Pocket
    Page 3: NES Oric Palm PC 9801 ... Report Error Apple ][ AppleCE Emulates: Apple ][+ Notes: For a guide to the emulator and some of the games available, see An Introduction to AppleCE , by Henry Kong Free, by Erik Chong Pocket //e Emulates: Apple II e Free, by James Lee A rcade (general) aEmu Emulates: Several arcade games. Notes: Designed exclusively for the Aero Pocket PC. Free, by Boris iMAME Emulates: MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). Notes: Designed specifically for the iPAQ H36xx series Free, by Gandalf Laser Emulates: Lopantu's Arcade System Emulator. Notes: Not currently available. Free, by Domenico Dato MAMEBoy Emulates: MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). Notes: Designed specifically for the MIPS -based Casio EM-500 and E-115 , so may not work on all devices. Free, by Marconelly MAMECE for the Pocket PC Emulates: MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). Notes: Arguably the most comprehensive games support, and supports the widest range of Pocket PC's. Free, by

    115. Nohau UK Limited - The Embedded Systems Experts
    Design and development solutions for embedded systems. Products include communications software, bus analysers, compilers, debuggers, emulators, Bluetooth, CAN, prototyping boards, programmers and technical training.
    Welcome to the home page of Nohau UK Limited, The Embedded Systems Experts. If your Web Browser does not support Frames then please follow this link to see our contents page.

    116. Emulators
    See Jason Surguine s article, emulators Rated Reviewed, for details on eachof the emulators below, along with hints and tips for getting the best
    Home Games Reviews Forum ... Links Emulators (3/3) Page 1: Apple ][ Arcade (general) Atari Capcom ... Commodore
    Page 2: ColecoVision DOS Game Boy Game Boy Advance ... NeoGeo Pocket
    Page 3: NES Oric Palm PC 9801 ... Report Error NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) See Jason Surguine's article, , for details on each of the emulators below, along with hints and tips for getting the best performance out of them. darcNesCE H/PC Emulates: NES ( Nintendo Entertainment System). Notes: The page is in Japanese. Despite its name, this emulator is reported to work on both HPC's and Pocket PC's. Free, author unknown FCE Ultra Emulates: NES ( Nintendo Entertainment System). Notes: The page is in Japanese. Direct download links: Emulator (111 KB) source code (313 KB) Free, author unknown InfoNES Emulates: NES ( Nintendo Entertainment System). Notes: Please note that both the site and emulator are in Japanese. Free, author unknown NesCE Emulates: NES ( Nintendo Entertainment System). Notes: Unfortunately, the website has been removed and is no longer available. Free, by Kevin Buchanan Nester Emulates: NES ( Nintendo Entertainment System).

    117. Embedded Development, JTAG Boundary Scan And Device Programmer Solutions
    Provides complete toolchains, including incircuit emulators and device programmers, for almost all embedded processors.
    Home Page Backward Forward Bottom of Page Latest News : Date: Bookmark Menu Links Direct Insight Home
    Shop Online
    About Us Company Information
    Our Mission


    Terms of Business

    Contact Us Contact Us
    Support Request

    Ask A Tech Question

    Embedded Solutions Abatron
    ARC Cinderella ... Viosoft Quick Links Products by Processor Products by Supplier EDA Device Programming Corelis Data I/O Segger Sophia Systems Test Corelis EDA Forte Design Systems Altium Nexar Services About Our Services Support Training Consultancy Literature Download Centre Literature Home Page View All Literature Abatron ADI Technologies ... Viosoft News Latest News News Archive Press Releases Site Map
    Welcome to the NEW Direct Insight Website
    Direct Insight is a leading supplier of solutions for embedded development, device programming and JTAG boundary scan test. Our new website is simple and easy to use, and contains hundreds of pages of resources for engineers.

    118. Emulators Computers - 466 Of The Best Sites Selected By Humans
    emulators Computers. Executor Support Forum Executor versus vMac -IX articleThe Executor -Linux World Executor Apple Fusion -emulators, Inc.
    Pages A-G 2 Columns
    Pages H-O
    Order by Alphabet Ordered by Theme Order by Popularity 3 Columns Pages P-Z 4 Columns
    Emulators Computers
    CBEL Computer technology ( 466 links, last update: 12 April 2004 )
    * = new links
    [Find on this page]

    Chip-8 Emulator


    CLEAR - the Campaign to Leave Emulation Alon...
    Luxor ABC 800 serie

    B-EM and Elkulator

    BBC Connect
    Acorn Archimedes Acorn Antiques ArcEm Archie Arculator ... Wockis Acorn-Site Acorn BBC BBC in MESS page BeebEm - BBC Micro Emulator Horizon Jons Projects Page ... The Stairway To Hell Amiga ADF Opus Homepage ADF View AIM Sector One Amiga Emulation FAQ ... ZiLOG Homepage Amstrad Arnold Arnold/MacOS CoPaCabana CPC Emulation for beginners ... Xcpc Apple GNUton Apple Apple_II ActiveGS Apple II Oasis Apple ][ Emulator Resources Guide Apple ][ Mania ... YAE, Yet another Apple ][ Emulator Apple Basilisk_II Basilisk Basilisk II Basilisk II Benchmarking Basilisk II for Windows ... The OS Emulation Homepage: Basilisk II Apple Executor ARDI Executor Information Page Executor Internals: How to Efficiently Run ... Executor Support Forum ... Linux World: Executor Apple Fusion Emulators, Inc.

    119. Spectrum Mania
    Spectrum nostalgia site offering emulators, selected classic software, background information, cheats, maps and links to related sites.
    web hosting domain names email addresses
    Last Updated : 25/06/2000
    48K and 128K Emulators for Windows/Dos, Amiga, and Mac
    Spec_heads' classic Spectrum games and software
    Spectrum information and nostalgia
    Games cheats, tips and maps
    Links This page continues to be updated. If you want to send your top 10 speccy games or cheats, tips, maps, what you think of this page, links worth checking out, anything to do with the Spectrum computer: E-MAIL ME!
    View my Guestbook
    Sign my Guestbook
    web hosting
    ... online casino

    120. WAP Emulators
    Directory WAP emulators. Ringtone Creator -a multiplatform ringtone conversion engine.
    Directory - WAP Emulators Site news WAPware magazine WAP Books Featured WAP Books ... Technology Issues Search Vote for us! New products Software directory Miscellaneous Server-side Tools ... Feedback Product # Product name and description License type is WAP browser that allows viewing mobile WAP devices content of pages in WML format. At the development of the use of standard Windows components and Web-browser was preferred. It has been done to reduce the size. WAP -resource with the browser. Browser is used to transport the WAP content and to get the data via proxy servers and firewalls. The commonly used interface is the preference of integration with browser i.e. navigation through WAP resources realized by the same way as for WWW one. The network options of browser were used. user interface is practically identical as the mobile phone one. Freeware AU-System Demo WAP Browser for Palm OS 1.61 The WAP Browser for Palm OS uses the AUS WAP Browser as the WAP enabling component. This generic software component can be adapted to different types of Operating Systems and is offered as a product to terminal vendors. To date, adaptations have also been made for a number of different operating systems including EPOC, Win CE, OSE and REX. Ericsson, Hyndai, SK Teletech and LG Information and Communications incorporate the AUS WAP Browser as the WAP enabling component. AU-System could be of assistance when it comes to customizing the

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