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  2. ATTACHMATE INTRODUCES E-VANTAGE FOR AIRLINES.(Product Announcement): An article from: Mainframe Computing
  3. Tools to hibernate with: PLATO GRANDE'S IMAGE VIEWER 6, AND MORE. (MAC).: An article from: Computer User by Christy Mulligan, 2001-11-01
  4. HOB DEBUTS THREE NEW TERMINAL EMULATION PACKAGES.: An article from: Mainframe Computing
  5. An initial implementation of the Turing tournament to learning in repeated two-person games [An article from: Games and Economic Behavior] by J. Arifovic, R.D. McKelvey, et all 2006-10-01
  6. Let Me Play: Stories of Gaming and Emulation by Radford Castro, 2004-10-25
  7. Retro Gaming Hacks: Tips & Tools for Playing the Classics (Hacks) by Chris Kohler, 2005-10-12
  8. The Rational Guide To: Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 (Rational Guides) (Rational Guides) by A. T. Mann, 2004-05
  9. Programming Embedded Systems: With C and GNU Development Tools, 2nd Edition by Michael Barr, Anthony Massa, 2006-10-01
  10. The Cics Programmer's Guide to Fepi (Ibm Mcgraw-Hill) by Robert Harris, 1994-04
  11. Summary of findings on alternatives to remote terminal emulation for imposition of teleprocessing workloads by Marshall D Abrams, 1976
  12. An environment for research in microprogramming and emulation (Department report / State University of New York at Buffalo, Department of Computer Science) by Robert F Rosin, 1971
  13. Contemporary concepts of microprogramming and emulation (Publication / State University of New York at Buffalo, Department of Computer Science) by Robert F Rosin, 1969
  14. Summary of findings on integrity confirmation aspects of emulating teleprocessing workloads by Shirley Ward Watkins, 1976

81. - Freeware Pocket PC: Utilities: Emulators
PC Computer more Check out our FREEWARE network PC Palm Pocket PC. Click Here. Freeware Pocket PC Utilities emulators.
Visit our affiliate to buy accessories for: Gameboy Advance X-BOX GameCube PC Computer ... more... Check out our FREEWARE network: PC Palm Pocket PC Freeware Pocket PC: Utilities: Emulators .: Category :. Astrology


Task Managers

.: Advertisement :. .: Affiliates :.
.: click to vote us :. CastCE v1.01
[Feb 18, 2003]
CastCE is a fully functional Atari ST emulator for the Pocket PC with support for literally hundreds of great games. more...
gnuboy CE v1.0.3-0.4
[Apr 10, 2003]
This is WAC gnuboyCE, a minor update/enhanced port of the gnuboy CE. more...
[Jan 21, 2003] Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator for Pocket PC. more... Pocket //e v1.02 [Sep 13, 2002] Apple //e emulator for Pocket PC. more... Pocket VCS v1.1 [Sep 1, 2003] An Atari 2600 emulator for the PocketPC! more... PocketGenesis v1.0 (Beta 2) [Oct 24, 2002] PocketGenesis is a Sega Genesis emulator for the PocketPC. more... PocketGnuboy v1.18 [Mar 8, 2004] PocketGnuboy is a Gameboy Color emulator for Pocket PC.

82. The Nascom Home Page
A large collection of information about the Nascom computer kit of the early 1980s, with manuals, software, emulators, and photographs.
The Nascom Home Page
Last update: 05/02/2004 Co News

Virtual Nascom

  • 05/02/2004 New manuals available, the POLYDOS and Lucas CP/M 2.2 V3.2 manual. Many thanks to Mikael Pontén for a complete CD with scan's for POLYDOS and binaries (followed later). Mikael has build a new 32 Bit NASCOM with the Zilog Chip Z380 . On his web site you will find details for his project and soon informations how to order a PCB. 02/21/2004 For all German speaking readers: Juergen Loh presents the first three issues of the german Nascom Jounal of 1980, later called 80 Bus Journal . Maybe he scans mores volumes up to 1984?.
    02/16/2004 Robert Gill contributed the Micropower Nascom magazine 2/1982.
    01/28/2004 A new Nascom 2 Proms File is contributed by Richard Espley. His new 80 Bus web site is dedicated to the 80 Bus hardware and software service. If you need a programmed prom for the Nascom 2, either with a standard content as well as with memory device specific content, he offers a prom programming service for a small fee. Check out his web site!
  • 11/25/2003 First three issues of INMAC News contributed by Mike Fox, with possibly more to come.

83. The Legalities Of Emulators
This is a rather lengthy discussion of the legalities of emulators and howthey pertain to Atari800Win. General Overview Legalities of emulators.
Is this legal? (new and expanded!) I've really had enough of the misinformation (dare I say lies?) and general FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) being spread on the issue of legalities in emulation by both sides of the argument. This is a rather lengthy discussion of the legalities of emulators and how they pertain to Atari800Win. I will mostly be discussing related to the IDSA (International Digital Software Association) actions and their FAQ read the law yourself . Understanding rights is not the exclusive province of lawyers. General Overview: Legalities of Emulators Part 1:Making an emulator in the first place Please note that I am only discussing the legality of an emulator itself here (my definition of an emulator being, a program which incorporates in a software only or hardware/software combination the ability to run code - either hardware or software - from a different computer platform or operating system). Downloaded ROMs are mentioned later (short version: they really are illegal). I am also making the assumption that an emulator discussed here was built completely on the principle of reverse engineering . This is generally understood to mean mimicking the behavior of an existing code base without copying it, achieving the same behavior but with different code. Sometimes in the process of reverse engineering code on the original platform is decompiled or disassembled into an intermediate form so how it behaves can be determined. Reverse engineering does

84. The Vintage Gaming Network
Site contains up to the minute emulations news with links to the latest emulators and home pages. As well as information about the emulation scene.
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[Added on: 05-Jun-2004
[Added on: 05-Jun-2004
MAME [Source]
[Added on: 04-Jun-2004 MAME [Added on: 04-Jun-2004 MAME [Added on: 04-Jun-2004 MAME [Added on: 04-Jun-2004 MAME [Added on: 04-Jun-2004 Raine [Added on: 01-Jun-2004 Raine [Added on: 01-Jun-2004 Raine [Added on: 01-Jun-2004 Stars Demo [Added on: 31-May-2004 Ghetto Pong [Added on: 31-May-2004 Another Asteroids Clone [Added on: 30-May-2004 Melchior [Added on: 30-May-2004 Alice [Added on: 30-May-2004 Battery [Added on: 30-May-2004 Revolver [Added on: 30-May-2004 DC Pacman 3d [Added on: 30-May-2004 DCastle [Added on: 30-May-2004 Chankacast (Newgrx) [Added on: 29-May-2004 Who is Online Welcome, Anonymous Don't have an account yet? You can create one . As a registered user you have some advantages like theme manager, comments configuration and post comments with your name, and more importantly, have less ads displayed! Login Nickname: Password: Security Code: Type Security Code: Membership: Latest: manna New Today: New Yesterday: Overall: People Online: Visitors: Members: Total: Online Now: Enzomatrx DamianMoran Rep tronads We have receieved page views since February 20, 1996

85. Linux Links - The Linux Portal: Software/Emulators
FunzyTo7 emulator for TO7 et TO770. genroms a utility meant to aidin generating rom files for arcademachines or emulators. You
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    ETH Lecture Communicator

    Vehicle Maintenance Tracker
    ... more... LinuxLinks News Linux Journal: Off the Wall: Shooting the Sun Galeon 1.3.15 Released Voiceglo Introduces Linux-based Telephone in a Wireless Wi-Fi Router vnunet.coM: Linux database sales soar 158 per cent ... more... LinuxLinks Login Login: Password: Click here to start your own Link collection! Top Software : Emulators Categories:
    Amstrad Apple Atari Commodore ... Videogames
    • cinc an emulator for Bell Labs cardiac (cardboard illustrative aid to computation) computer. cardiac is a base 10 computer that can be programmed in machine language. cinc allows users to run actual cardiac programs via emulation
    • EVBU a simulator for the 68HC11 microcontroller. It is a text-based command line interface similar to the one implemented by the BUFFALO monitor program

    86. Dorando
    List of available emulators and compatibility tests for these.
    insertNavigator(""); Welcome to Dorando The Informers and Advisors don't contain much at time. This is not a News Site, it is an Emulation Database. I'm also editor of the ODP , found there as Elminster
    Note Conversion to new UTF-8 based template is in progress.
    Navigation Informers Games Systems Companies Locators Roms Emulators Translations Advisors Tools Resources Developing Others Downloads Validate Links Personal ...
    Updates For Regular News visit Retrogames or The Whirlpool Emulators Atari++ Linux 1.35
    Atari++ Win32 1.35
    Raine Win32 0.40.2

    [New:Saturn] Yabause Linux+Source 0.0.5
    Brodrick L. Stigall [New]
    Nebelwurfer HQ

    Magic Destiny

    Kitsune's Den
    Famicom / NES Version [New]Lupin the 3rd: Pandora no Isan Mega Drive / Genesis Version Advanced Military Commander Super Famicom / Super NES Version [New]Kunio Kun no Dodgeball Torneco no Debouken 0.99 semi beta
    Tradu-Roms [Moved] RPG One Dreamcast Version [New]House of the Dead 2, The Game Boy Advance Version [New]Mega Man Zero Game Boy Color Version [New]Alone in the Dark Mega Man Xtreme 2 Pok©mon Crystal Pok©mon Gold Mega Drive / Genesis Version Beyond Oasis Super Famicom / Super NES Version Dragon Quest I.II Reprise

    87. AnandTech: Console Emulators: Our Newest Benchmark
    Console emulators Our Newest Benchmark, Console emulators Our Newest Benchmark.Date March 3rd, 2004. Topic Video Card. Manufacturer Various.

    88. Warm Silence Software
    A selection of commercial emulators for RISC OS. Available are emulators of 6502, Z80 and Spectrum, along with a range of utilities for supporting these platforms under RISC OS, and for reading DFS disks.
    Current Products
    This is a list of our current products, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. To order go here
    Current Version: 2.50
    Price: £30 + VAT (£35.25) Developed by a maths teacher, Cabriolet is a new tool for teaching geometry that enables pupils to explore mathematical laws as never before. Traditionally, children have been asked to construct geometrical shapes on paper and to measure the angles and lengths of lines to satisfy themselves that laws are valid. Cabriolet allows the same process to occur on a computer screen but then takes it one stage further. Once a diagram has been created points can be dragged around and the diagram will flow with them, maintaining all the constraints with which it was built. By being encouraged to explore the constructions they can perform, children can be lead to discover‘ the laws for themselves and gain an unprecedented appreciation of precisely how geometry works. Once constructed, files can be saved to !Draw, or dropped into word-processors to be used in reports. Cabriolet comes with a comprehensive, easy to read 50 page manual that explains the package and the concepts behind it.

    89. Dreamcast Emulators Roms And Cheat Codes N64
    Welcome to GEOBITES.NET . Dreamcast emulators Roms and Cheat Codes N64. ClickHere to access our page. You are using a Browser that does not support Frames.
    Welcome to "GEOBITES.NET"
    Dreamcast Emulators Roms and Cheat Codes N64 Click Here to access our page. You are using a Browser that does not support Frames. Please update it.

    90. AmiEmulators WEB
    MSX, Game Boy, Master System, Game Gear, NES, PC Engine emulators for Amiga Computers.
    MSX - Game Boy - Master System - Game Gear - NES - PC Engine
    Emulators for Amiga Computers (NOT for PCs)
    Download AmiMasterGear v0.82 - (23 July 2002) Updated by: Gaelan Griffin
    Mail me
    for any question or problem.
    If you mail me, please, be patient I can reply you very late. Sorry.
    Emulators Programmed by: Juan Antonio Gomez Galvez aka
    AmiMasterGear updates by:
    Gaelan Griffin
    Alberto Orante aka Multivac
    times since 1st of January 2000
    Web Updated: 24 July 2002
    FastCounter by bcentral

    91. Ýìóëÿòîðû ïðèñòàâîê, âèäåîêàðò, CD-rom, èãðû, ñÃ
    The summary for this Russian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
    Dendy Sega SuperNintendo Impact ... GamePad
    Äëÿ ëþáèòåëåé êðàñèâîé òð¸õìåðíîé ãðàôèêè, ñóùåñòâóþò ïðèñòàâêà Nintendo64 è èãðîâîé àâòîìàò Impact, êîòîðûå ìîãóò ñïîðèòü ñ ñîâðåìåííûìè èãðàìè êàê ïî ãðàôèêå, òàê (ê ñîæàëåíèþ) è ïî ñèñòåìíûì òðåáîâàíèÿì. Êðîìå èãð íà ñàéòå ïðåäîñòàâëåííû ýìóëÿòîðû, êîòîðûå ìîãóò âàì ïðèãîäèòüñÿ, ýòî ýìóëÿòîðû CD-rom, äëÿ òîãî, ÷òîáû äåëàòü ïîëíûå êîïèè äèñêîâ íà âàø êîìïüþòåð, ýìóëÿòîðû âèäåîðåæèìîâ, Glide(3DFX), OpenGL, ÷òîáû çàïóñêàòü ïðèëîæåíèÿ, íà êîòîðûå íå ðààñ÷èòàíà âàøà âèäåîêàðòà.
    Ñóùåñòâóåò, òàêæå, ðàçäåë ïîä íàçâàíèåì GamePad- î ïîäêëþ÷åíèè ê êîìïüþòåðó äæîéñòèêîâ ïðèñòàâîê. Ýìóëÿöèÿ ïðèñòàâîê. Äëÿ âàñ, ÿ äóìàþ íå ñåêðåò, ÷òî èãðû äëÿ ïðèñòàâîê ðàñïðîñòðàíÿþòñÿ íà òàê íàçûâàåìûõ êàðäðèäæàõ. Òàêóþ èãðó ìîæíî ïðåâðàòèòü â ôàéë (ROM), íî íå â åõåøíèê. Òàê âîò ROM- ýòî êàðòðèäæ, à ýìóëÿòîð- ïðèñòàâêà, íà HDD âàøåãî êîìïüþòåðà.Åñëè ÿ ïëîõî îá'ÿñíèë , òî êà÷àéòå ýìóëÿòîð, êà÷àéòå èãðó... Îñòàëüíîå ïîäñêàæåò èíñòèíêò. Killer Instinct Mario Mortal Kombat Duke Nukem 3D
    2000-2001 - Game Ocean [Îêåàí Èãð]. Designed by Arkan

    92. Ashling Microprocessor Development Systems
    Designs and manufactures incircuit and JTAG/BDM emulators, source-level debuggers, Smart Card development tools and systems.
    Search Ashling makes Emulators, Source Debuggers, Software Quality Assurance tools and Smart Card systems for Embedded Microprocessor developers. We're here to help. Check this site for Emulators, Debuggers and Compilers, and get the Ashling development support team on your team. Find your local Ashling distributor here
    SCIOPTA Systems GmbH and Ashling Microsystems Ltd. sign co-operation agreement

    Ashling and LDRA announce worldwide cooperation on Software Quality

    Support for
    Ashling Microsystems announces Certification to ISO 9001:2000

    Ashling Microsystems Ltd. is certified to the ISO9001 standard. Have you got the most up-to-date version of PathFinder, Ashling's Source- level Debugger?

    93. This Page Has Moved To
    This page has moved to (click).
    This page has moved to... (click)

    94. HiTech Equipment Corp - Wireless & Embedded Systems, Product Development, Engine
    Low cost 8051 based single board computers and in circuit emulators. Engineering services, including custom designs and design reviews.
    Home Products Services Email Us Home Products Services Email Us ... Documents

    95. In Circuit Emulators - Descriptions Of The Major ICEs Around
    Welcome to the embedded developers pages, containing information aboutCAN, in circuit emulators and more. In circuit emulators. In
    In circuit emulators
    In this page I will try to put information about the in circuit emulators available. I will try to give a short description of each of them, as well as any personal expecience. Please contribute with your information and experiences by sending me a mail What is an ICE ? Nohau ICE manufacturers ... Hitex
    What is an ICE ?
    An in circuit emulator, often called an ICE, is an invaluable software developers tool in embedded design. The processor or microcontroller of the target hardware will be replaced by the ICE. Often a smaller part of the emulator, the pod, is put into the hardware, while the main emulator functionality resides in a box which is connected to the pod with cables. An ICE can emulate the replaced processor or uC in real time. The developer loads the program into the emulator and can then run, step and trace into it, much like it is done on PC:s. Many emulators have more advanced features like performance analysis, coverage analysis, a trace buffer and advanced trigger and breakpoint possibilities. Inside the ICE, or usually on the pod, is a processor of the kind the emulator replaces, or a special bond-out version of the same chip. Bond-out chips have normally internal signals and/or busses bonded out to its legs. This is in order to let the ICE, and the developer, get a more complete picture of the status of the chip. Often emulators that use bond-out chips have more features then those that don't.

    96. Spectrum Magic
    Provides Spectrum emulators and games, plus a competitive HiScore table.

    97. Music Software: WAVETABLE EMULATORS (Shareware Music Machine)
    Over 1,000,000 Visitors Every Month, Home Site Map News Search What sNew? Discussion Add Listing Advertising. Home, WAVETABLE emulators.
    FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING - Most Computer Music Products - Computer Music Audio Interfaces MIDI Interfaces ... Not Yet A Member? Over 1,000,000 Visitors Every Month Home Site Map News Search ...
    WAVETABLE EMULATORS Here you will find a collection of wavetable software to enable your sound card to have wavetable and sound font capabilities even if it doesn't have those functions built in. For instance, wavetable emulation software can give your sound card the same MIDI sounds as an AWE 32/64 sound card. Select Your Platform:
    Windows 95 to XP
    Windows 3.1 Macintosh BeOS ... * Turn Your Computer into a Music Production Studio *
    Our motto, "We Love Beginners!".
    Visit our website's Learning Center for free Music Technology Articles and Tutorials!
    Shareware Music Machine
    Is Proudly Sponsored by Bass Guitars
    Digital Pianos

    DJ Equipment

    ... The Musicians Web Center for music resource and industry information on the Net

    98. Index
    Several emulators and games. Also provides links to similar sites.
    Under Construction…….. Ben Benjamin's Self Appreciation Homepage Oh yes, my friend, you need it because you are weak….. Last Updated: 22/05/03 T his page is dedicated to the shameless self-promotion of Ben Benjamin I'm really great, I am Recipes There's nothing I like better than a nourishing sandwich and a refreshingly pleasant drink featuring the gentle tang of real lemons You too can enrich your life using these simple ingredients: Fish Paste Sandwich Weak Lemon Drink Bread Lemon Flavour Cordial (careful - not too much) Spread (your choice) Water Fish Paste (preferably bloater) Mmmmmmmm!! Coming soon: Cream Cheese Baps - Easy cheeeezy!! This Site is Under Construction! Coming Soon: ** Essays and Topical Political Debate** **Should thick people be allowed to vote?** **Poetry** **My secret life as Raymond K. Pittleworth **Extreme Action Biking** **Underwater Paragliding** **More Recipes** Links Liverpool Football Club [Only for access when they're doing well]
    Crewe Football Club
    [Only for access when they're doing well and Liverpool are not doing so well] E-mail:

    99. Pure Mac: Emulators
    Pure Mac emulators.
    Bernie ][ the Rescue Catakig ColEm DGen ...
    - Pure Mac lists only a sampling of the emulation software available for the Mac. If you want more, you need to check out the incredibly complete emulation site by John Stiles
    Emulation Excitement

    Emu News Service


    History of Home Video Games

    Bernie ][ the Rescue 3.0
    Bernie ][ The Rescue is the software that pioneered Apple IIgs emulation. Since its introduction in 1996, Bernie has been leading Apple II emulation. Bernie is being used today by thousands of users - from notoric gamers to businessmen who are running their business with Bernie.
    • License : Shareware, $15
    • Author/Publisher : F.E. Systems
    • Modification Date : January 13, 2000
    • Requirements : PPC, Mac OS 8, 8.1 or 8.5 - Apple IIGS Rom not included - see documentation for details
    Direct Download File Size: 1185 Kb
    Direct Download
    File Size: 1560 Kb Direct Download File Size: 86 Kb - The IIgs ROM - rename the rusulting unzipped file APPLE2GS.ROM and place in the same file as Bernie Home Page Catakig 1.16

    100. GB64.COM - C64 Games, Database, Music, Emulation, Frontends, Reviews And Article
    Home of gamebase64, a Windows frontend and game database for the C64 emulators CCS64 and VICE. There's a discussion forum and a disk/tape transfer service too.
    New Visitors click here!
    New here? The GB64 Team ... Credits Welcome to GB64
    An attempt to document ALL Commodore 64 gameware before it's too late!
    The Last V8
    Perry Mason: Case of the Mandarin Murder
    Htmlized reviews of these games from the UK C64 computer games' magazine Zzap!64 have been added to the Articles section.
    Posted: 30 May 2004 by Dimitris Kiminas
    Project Update!
    The GameBase Collection v02 is coming its way, please fasten your seatbelts during June! Actual improvements look as follows... - 850 new database entries
    - 453 updated images
    - 16 missing games located
    - links in the extras for 1695 original tape images
    - links in the extras for 145 original disk images - links in the extras for 215 cartridge images - support of the latest HVSC #39 - and many, many credit fixes Posted: 30 May 2004 by Dimitris Kiminas Realms of Darkness Emulated! We are delighted to announce that the long and painful process of converting Realms of Darkness to G64 images has been completed. You can read all about it and download the end product from the Forever Lost?

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