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  1. ZEPHYR RELEASES PASSPORT ECCLIENT VERSION 4.(Product Announcement): An article from: Mainframe Computing
  2. Network-to-mainframe connectivity. (at McGill University in Montreal): An article from: T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education) by Pierre Goyette, 1991-06-01
  3. EICON RELEASES NEWEST VERSION OF AVIVA WEB-TO-HOST SERVER.(Aviva Web-to- Host Server 8.20 from Eicon Technology)(Product Announcement): An article from: Mainframe Computing
  4. PROGRESS WEBCLIENT OFFERS RICH GUI/THIN CLIENT FOR ASP.(Product Information): An article from: GUI Program News
  5. IBM TAKES WEB-TO-HOST COMPUTING TO NEXT LEVEL.: An article from: Mainframe Computing
  6. SERENGETI INTRODUCES 3270LINK PC-TO-HOST ACCESS.(Product Announcement): An article from: Mainframe Computing
  7. STARNET ANNOUNCES DESKTOP-X FOR 'MICROSOFT WINDOWS SERVICES FOR UNIX 3.0'.(Product Announcement): An article from: EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
  8. Modeling software tests design and system logic: real-time emulation and simulation are the keys.: An article from: Tooling & Production by Max Hitchens, 1997-09-01
  9. FACETCORP DEBUTS FACETWIN VERSION 3.(Product Announcement): An article from: Modem User News
  10. EICON'S AVIVA BRINGS HOST-BASED INFO TO THE PALM OF YOUR HAND.(Product Announcement): An article from: Telephone IP News
  11. Bayesian analysis of computer code outputs: A tutorial [An article from: Reliability Engineering and System Safety] by A. O'Hagan,
  12. District's software investment preserved thanks to DOS emulation software. (Insignia Solutions Inc.'s SoftPC): An article from: T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)
  13. Palm OS Web Application Developer's Guide : Including PQA and Web Clipping by Ben Combee, R. Eric Lyons, et all 2001-07-11
  14. Digital Communications Associates Inc. has unveiled a new family of mainframe graphics software for the DOS, Macintosh and Windows environments. (Market ... An article from: Software Industry Report

61. Redirecting
C64 emulatorsC64 emulators. Emulator Name, Version, Size, Rating (Max 5), Comments. CCS, 1.09,429K, This was the best C64 emulator available, until a new beta version came out.

62. Quality Microprocessor Development Tools Since 1989
Compilers, assemblers and incircuit emulators for embedded systems development.
Quality microprocessor development tools since 1989. Custom compilers and special features can also be developed for you by Softools. Now - Softools supports online purchases using the fast and secure Paypal service.
Softools, Inc. has the software and hardware tools to meet your needs, help get your project done on time, and at a fraction of the cost of other tools. And supporting this micro-processor family is our total business and not a small portion of a business supporting multiple processors, we know our tools well and that they will meet your goals. Let us prove it to you! We support the Z80, Z180 families, Rabbit 2000/3000 and 8085 families. They make up 100% of our business and they get 100% of our attention and support. Keep this in mind when you consider other vendors who support many or dozens of processors. If 5% of their sales are for the Z80/Z180 family of tools, how much time do you think will be devoted to working with those tools, and to you the user, for technical support?

63. Emulators For Palm PDAs: An Overview Of The Best Review
Guest Review emulators for Palm PDAs An Overview of the Best by Henry Kong Date03/26/2004 Let us know your comments on this review and read what others
Guest Review : Emulators for Palm PDAs: An Overview of the Best
by Henry Kong
D ate: 03/26/2004
Let us know your comments on this review and read what others have to say.
3 years ago, I posted a review at this site: Emulators for Pocket PCs: An Overview of the Best
Liberty was the first Palm emulator - for use with Gameboy cartridges. It was a great effort at that time; I liked it so much that I whipped out this review for it at Now that the Palm OS is more up to speed with the StrongArm chip, more capable emulators have surfaced and it will be great to have a write up of an overview on them. Above is a screenshot of the icons of some of the Palm emulators that I like. To play these emulators, you will needs game ROMS - get them at PDROMS, your #1 legal ROM Source since 1998. Running an emulator is like having another computer on your Palm, with a library of software thrown in as well. My most favorite Palm emulator is Codejedi's CaSTaway , the Atari ST emulator - and it's free! it has been updated to v0.7.11 which includes full screen 320x480 display, Zodiac compatibility, improved sampled audio playback and other fixes.
I had a great time playing all the blasts from the past - from breakout games like Impact to 2-disk games like Street Fighter II. In fact, I liked the Atari ST computer so much that I had 2 of them; one running in colour and the other in super fine hi-res black and white. There hasn't been a gaming computer quite like it since then - the game play is just out of this world.

64. Hitex Development Tools - Tools For The Embedded World
Develop and manufacture incircuit emulators and debugging tools for embedded systems.

65. Emulators For Pocket PCs: An Overview Of The Best Article
Official Gadgeteer Article emulators for Pocket PCs An Overview of the Bestby Henry Kong Last date revised 03/06/2001. Game emulators are great fun.
Official Gadgeteer Article: Emulators for Pocket PCs: An Overview of the Best
by Henry Kong
Last date revised: 03/06/2001
Game emulators are great fun. It's not only the tons of money that they save you on the purchase price, but that they also bring back retro, classic game play to today's Pocket PCs. On top of these obvious advantages, there are also: No repair bills, no need to hunt for hard-to-get spare parts and no required shelf space.
Emulators have contributed much pleasure to my life, and have motivated me to surf the web for retro games, got me interested in PDAs (the first Palm Pilot came with 4 nice retro games, remember?) and got me to upgrade to the iPAQ, which I feel is the only PDA that does justice to emulators.
This article will focus on several game emulators that are currently running on Pocket PCs at full speed - with sound and all kinds of good stuff. I have used the iPAQ as the benchmark for these programs, since it is the fastest and most compatible Pocket PC currently available. All comments are purely my personal opinions.
The Most Compatible
In my humble opinion

66. Index Of /
Sells a CDROM containing thousands of games and utilities for the Spectrum, also including popular Spectrum emulators.
Index of /

67. World Of Spectrum - Moved!
Classic Video Game emulators Game Revolution DownloadsHundreds of new and classic game downloads and emulators available for PC Macintosh. emulatorsavailable for both PC and Mac unless otherwise noted.
World of Spectrum has moved to

since 1st June 2001 (i.e. years ago)
Time to update your links?
The domain will cease to exist very soon!

68. Bbc Micro Computer
Includes game disk images, scanned manuals, links to emulators, a chat room, and game cover scans.

The Acorn 8 Bit Webring


69. Atari Safari
This page is dedicated to classic computer games and emulators to runthem. There are emulators for the Amiga and PC available here."","Dis")

70. Ken's Atari 8-bit Page
Atari 8bit utilities and games. Atari 8-bit emulators and Emulator Utilities. Links to other Atari 8-bit related sites.
Click Here to Enter Ken's Atari 8-bit Zone Click Here to Enter Ken's Atari 8-bit Zone

71. MIDP Emulators
A cornucopia of MIDP emulators reflects the abundance of MIDP devices available.This article surveys the current crop. Article. MIDP emulators. Printable Page. search tips Search: in Developers' Site in
Developers Home
Technical Topics Mobility MIDP ... Why Register?
Article MIDP Emulators Printable Page
by Jonathan Knudsen
September 2003
A cornucopia of MIDP emulators reflects the abundance of MIDP devices available. This article surveys the current crop. Although some emulators are designed for demonstrating MIDP applications to prospective users, the emulators in this article are specifically for developers, to help them test applications. Emulators are usually distributed as part of a larger package or development kit. Each of the blocks below shows a particular package, including its name, important links, thumbnail images of each emulator, and a brief description. This is not a complete list but captures the knowledge we have at present. If you'd like to see other emulators here, please let us know. A different list of Java technology device emulators is available here A Few Words About Emulation Emulation is hard to get right. The ideal is to mimic the behavior of a device exactly, but the accuracy of the emulation correlates to the difficulty involved in developing it. The emulator's developers have to decide how accurate to make the emulation based on the time and skill they have. At one end of the spectrum, a vendor may choose to take the J2ME Wireless Toolkit emulator and simply create a new skin for it. I'll talk more about this option later.

72. Area64 - Commodore 64 4ever!
No longer updated but still useful archive of games (with plenty of screenshots), demos, color palettes for emulators, and message boards.
All browsers that doesn't support frames sux! (except the terminal mode based ones like lynx)
There isn't much to get for lynxusers on this site but anyway:
the Games Archive

Commodore history



73. Dreamcast Emulator Releases
All the mess/mame sources were updated. to mess072 / mame072/ Ice88 updated thisfor the dc ports of these emulators all source code is downloadable here.

Emulation Development RADQuake ... Forum Main Menu Single Game Arcade (SGA)
Emulators for Dreamcast


Homebrew apps for DC
Freeware Music Development Sites Ljsdcdev

Dev C++

Ultima IV XU4 SDL PC ultimaIV Keyboard Layout Screenshots Radical Pak UIV ... Ultima DC - Full Game Recommended Sites:
Emulator Releases
All downloads are provided as is. IMR Technology is not responsible for any damage caused to your console. All the mess/mame sources were updated. to mess072 / mame072/ Ice88 updated this for the dc ports of these emulators all source code is downloadable here For MAME, extract it ontop of: For MESS , extract it ontop of: and Important: There are no roms included in any of the downloads provided on this site. Please do not request any images with roms included, or where to find them. I will not fulfill requests for anything related to rom images through my forum or email.

74. Arcade Mania
Arcade links, emulators, ROMs and all sorts of arcade related stuff.
Always, (All pages designed to be viewed at 800x600, 16 mil. colors) (This page last modified, January 27, 1998)
update("January 16, 1998 - Added CALLUS ROMs ... January 27, 1998 - 322 ROMs available for download! ... ",40) Your webmaster : Tony Rodriguez My ICQ# : 5285528 Check if we're online URL-Minder The Arcade Maniac Chat Room Back to homepage (Since January 25th 1997) email to

75. ROMNation.NET - Roms And Emulators - Gba Roms Snes Roms N64 Roms MAME Roms Nes R
emulators Main emulators. The emulators I use for the Amstrad CPC are WinAPE32 and Arnold. WinAPE32by Richard Wilson. N64.jpg (5237 bytes). Nintendo N64 Console. emulators. Saturday, June 5, 2004 Menu



Top Rated

RN Freedom Pass

What is it?


More Roms Top WWW Top 50 Emu ROM RANK Search Roms Emulators FEATURED PRODUCT: GP32 Handheld The worlds most powerful 32-bit handheld. How powerful? This lil bad-boy can play MP3s, DivX, and even run emulators for your favourite retro systems! USD$159.00 find out more Click here to get Xbox, GameCube, PS2, PS, DC, N64, and GBA roms URGENT: ROMNation.NET is in danger of dying. Sadly, we're not getting enough votes to keep the site on solid financial ground. If the votes don't start coming in, the site could be gone within a week. Help us get to #1; help us stay alive. Click here to vote for us now. SITE OPTIONS: Visit Our Forums Vote to Help Keep Us Alive Index Three New Sega CD Roms Submitted by on 06.04.04 at 2:06 pm ( comments Fatal Fury Special Lethal Enforcers Night Trap Please note Sega CD roms are only available for download to RN Freedom Pass subscribers. Downtime Yesterday Submitted by on 05.07.04 at 7:48 pm (

76. RISC OS Gameboy Resources
Gameboy resources including emulators.
Gameboy resources
Desktop Gameboy emulator, GBoyEm . Requires a fast RISC PC. Single tasking Gameboy emulator, Gameboy . Requires at least an ARM 3 machine. RISC OS port of the Gameboy Development Kit (GBDK). Paul Clifford April 1997

77. Emulators
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

78. The First GP32 Support Forum @
Discussion forums covering commercial games, free downloads, emulators, the software development kit, and tutorials.
"); else document.write(""); // >
The First GP32 Support Forum
571 registered members Login Register Your Free Account (Required) Search Help ...
Buy it here
] is a very promising handheld. Free Shipping Worldwide at for all import games for PS2, GameCube, Xbox, Gameboy Advance, GP32, Dreamcast!
If you need help don't hesitate and use GP32Dev, GP32, GP32Cinema Chat Rooms . This IRC chat is 157kb only just download and run.
Forum # Posts Last Comment General Chat
Talk about non-help issues with GP32 here 4/19/04 3:20 pm Commercial Games / Updates / Translatons / Tricks
3/7/04 5:01 pm Games by FaMe Soft : [Super Plusha], [Yoke-Yoke the Buns] and new projects.
10/27/03 11:33 pm
This a special forum for Russian developers only. Don't post in other languages here, please. 1/28/04 3:44 am Free Downloads (Free tools, Free games, Demos, Sources)
Free games, free demos of commercial games and free utilities for GP32 12/3/03 8:51 pm FAQ / Tutorials / Trouble-shooting
4/20/04 1:58 am Game / Demo Making Help
12/1/03 2:03 am Compilers / Dev Tool Help 2/14/04 8:03 am GP32 SDK Help 10/12/03 6:55 pm Emulators on GP32 Ask your questions related to various emulators which you can run on your GP32: GBC, GB, GBA, NeoGeoPocket, SMS, GENESIS, C64, Spectrum, Phoenix, SNES, NES, MSX2, GG, Atari, PCEngine, etc...

79. The Ultimate MSX FAQ - MSX Emulator Section
MSX emulators. Which MSX emulators exist? This is possible, but not alwaysnecessary. Some newer emulators can handle the .wav files directly.
Which MSX emulators exist?
(mainly written by Marat Fayzullin [] and with help of the Emulator Page of Sean Young (which doesn't exist anymore))
  • fMSX (Unix, Mac, MS-DOS, Windows, PC9800, etc.)
    fMSX is a portable MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ emulator written in C language by Marat Fayzullin. It is written in C, and its source code is freely distributable for non-commercial purposes. Numerous ports and extensions exist for different platforms, such as the MS DOS version by Marcel de Kogel and Macintosh version by John Stiles. Further development is greatly encouraged. The Windows95/WinG version is available from the author for $35US (with a free demo). fMSX can be obtained from" fMSX-DOS has a special distribution site: fMSX-DOS Distribution Site . Personally, I really like this emulator (as far as I use emulators!). It's optimized to deliver maximal performance on the MS-DOS platform. For this emulator, various 'Launchers' for Windows can be downloaded. For URL's see the links database of The MSX Resource Center (and my bookmarks , emulator section), but a very nice one is fMSX QuickStart, by Arjan Steenbergen. It can be downloaded

Resource guide list of links to shareware, freeware and demos. Features games and game cheats, applications, emulators, roms, Mp3s, and webmaster tools.

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