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         Emulators:     more books (75)
  1. Channel emulator for protocol workroom: [research project] by Amanda M Kao, 1985
  2. Multiple integrated circuit emulator and object-orieted [i.e. oriented] implementation (DISCS publication) by Loh Wai Lung, 1989
  3. MasterTask: The durra task emulator (Technical report. Carnegie Mellon University. Software Engineering Institute) by Mario R Barbacci, 1988
  4. Constructing a real time skeletal emulator for a Puma robot arm (TIOP) by A Khatib-Shahidi, 1987
  5. Comments on "A general Fortran emulator for IBM 360/370 random number generator 'RANDU'" (University of New Brunswick. School of Computer Science Technical report) by David M Fellows, 1975
  6. STERLIN Terminal Emulator user's guide: Revision 02/28/91 : release 2.01 by Jesse E Cross, 1991
  7. ADB033988 by Owen J Felis, 1979
  8. CAP 4 Assembler and Driver for CLIP 4 Emulator by Andrew Blake, 1980
  9. Using Palm OS Emulator by Inc. Palmsource, 2002-08
  10. Memorandum by Ayman Fawaz, 1985
  11. Design and implementation of integrated circuits for a real-time flexible channel emulator applying Silicon assembly tools: Research project by Jane S Sun, 1988
  12. Co-design of emulators for power electric processes using SpecC methodology (Technical report / Dept. of Information and Computer Science, University of California, Irvine) by Slim Ben Saoud, 2001
  13. A simple emulator of a parallel processor: User guide by Z Zdráhal, 1980
  14. Low cost emulators for the MCS-96 products (SAE) by Steven M McIntyre, 1987

21. Emulators Online - Apple Macintosh Emulation
Windows runs Mac OS and likes it! More screen shots Even more screen shots. Crossplatform compatibility between Mac and Windows is not a new concept. you need is a PC, one of our emulators
Windows runs Mac OS... and likes it! More screen shots Even more screen shots Cross-platform compatibility between Mac and Windows is not a new concept. Since 1984, Macintosh and PC users have grappled with the problems of reading each other's disks , loading each other's files, and running each other's applications Utilities do exist to read Macintosh files on the PC. We even provide such a free utility to read Mac disks on a PC, which is handy for reading a Mac formatted disk that contains a common file such as a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, Photoshop document, or a GIF or JPG or HTML file. Some popular commercial utilities even go so far as to convert the file format for you, say from Mac Word 5.1 format to Word 2000 format. But the act of conversion may destroy the font information and change the document layout. This type of utility is a bad idea if you plan to " round trip " the document back to a real Macintosh. It is a one-way operation at best. Other tools, costing up to hundreds of dollars, do exist to allow Mac and PC computers to network together. But they do not solve the "round trip" problem of moving a Mac file from a Mac application to a Windows application and then back to the Mac application. None of these simple file copy utilities are really a good solution for the problems faced by real world Macintosh and Windows users:
  • The round trip problem - Create a file on a Macintosh. Copy it to a PC and edit it in Windows. Then copy it back to a Macintosh and editing it using the original application. Each time the file may lose font, formatting, and layout information and may require tedious editing to fix to get it back to the way it was originally.
  • 22. The Emulators Page !
    emulators. Amoric 1.5 for Amiga ArcOric to main page, The emulators andtools page ! What s new ? Tired of waiting tape loading ? Here are

    23. Place Your Web Page Title Here
    Sinclair emulators Home Page. Last updated 15th November 1997. Thisis the home page for Paul Robson s Sinclair emulators. There
    Sinclair Emulators Home Page
    Last updated 15th November 1997 This is the home page for Paul Robson's Sinclair Emulators. There are two of these - a ZX80/81 emulator and a Spectrum Emulator. All are freeware, and the source code is available for those interested.
    Download ZX81.ZIP - the ZX80 / ZX81 emulator, includes support for AszMic Rom (ROMs included) Download ZX81SRC.ZIP - the source code for this emulator. Download SPEC32.ZIP - the Spectrum Emulator Download SPECSRC.ZIP - the source for the Spectrum emulator. All these files are in the region of 50-60k. Sources require TASM 4.0, TC 2.0 or similar , and Michael Tippich's WDOSX 0.94 beta 3 to build.
    The Jupiter Ace Emulator, Software and FAQ Paul Robson's Emulators (General) Any questions, suggestions or bugs, email Paul Robson (

    24. Software: Latest News
    Lots of emulators of computers and console systems that run on the Macintosh.
    Personal Mac Software Roller Coasters Miscellany 36 user(s) online
    7034212 visitors
    since 1994
    Validate XHTML CSS Software: Latest News This page contains all the publicly released Macintosh software developed by me. More than half of all the programs here are freeware, and the rest are shareware. On September 2nd, 1998, Swissair Flight 111 crashed off the coast of Canada, with the loss of all 229 passengers and crew. My Aunt, Patricia Eberhart, was the Delta cabin crew member on board. All the software on this page is dedicated to her memory. 30th April, 2004 I will be in Denmark and Sweden with the European Coaster Club for the next few days. I will have my laptop with me but responses to e-mail may be sporadic; please be patient. You can follow my progress here During the trip I hope to meet Gil Pedersen in real life. Gil's been working on some interesting toys of late.

    25. Roms Emulators Roms Emulators Roms Emulators Roms Emulators
    A site with tons of direct ROM and EMULATOR downloads. HomeRom SearchemulatorsRomsForums As the address indications, we carry everything you need as far as emulators and roms is concerned
    Home Rom Search Emulators Roms ... Forums
    Contact Us



    More Roms 123 Emulators

    123 Roms

    US Roms
    Top 50 Roms
    Media Cheats Demos Emulators MIDIs ... Translations Click below for our FREE specials: HOT ANIME ACTION! AMAZING TEENS! Welcome to Emulators-Roms! Find any ROM or EMULATOR: More Roms N64 @ Top-50 Sega @ Top-50 Dreamcast @ Top 50 Nintendo @ Top-50 ... Game Cube @ Top-50 Welcome to the premier site on the net for all your emulation needs! As the address indications, we carry everything you need as far as emulators and roms is concerned. Beyond that, we provide you with game cheats, demos, and 24/7 support with emulation! If you need any help, please post on our forums Find any ROM or EMULATOR: Please post any questions or comments on our forums Affiliates Online Roms Dave's Emu Python Roms Cheats ... Roms-Emulators Network Ace Music Super Store Levitra Online Buy Paxil Buy Carisoprodol Online ... iCheat

    26. Linux Consultant
    Color Computer utility package for Linux emulators Includes cocodisk to extract files from an emulator DSK file, and DiskTape to convert BIN to CAS format
    Brian Hall
    Linux Consultant
    Menu Welcome! Rates
    I recommend...


    Linux links

    If you need something on your PC fixed or upgraded, I make house calls in the Colorado Springs area. You can also drop off your PC at my location if you like. Outside my local area, I am happy to work via the Internet on your Linux servers. Check out my low personal and business rates for Linux and Windows services. I can install Linux on your PC or server, build a custom firewall, develop software, secure and optimize your computer, solve Internet connection problems, or replace expensive commerical software with FREE high quality Linux equivalents. Remember, with Linux, there's never a license or upgrade fee required, and those old 486s and Pentiums make fast, inexpensive Linux terminals and servers. Contact me now to find out what I can do for you and your business. Site news October 3, 2002 Added Linux kernel patch for new version of JMTek USBDrive January 12, 2002 Added Linux Professional Institute certification logo January 5, 2002

    27. The Emulator Zone - Atari 2600 Emulators
    Download emulators. Stella, Windows, Freeware, Rating 7.9 (343 Votes).Atari 2600 emulator availabe for multiple platforms. Z26, Windows
    H O M E R S S S I T E M A P R O M S ... L I N K S E M U L A T O R S Nintendo
    Nintendo 64


    Gameboy Advance
    Nintendo NES

    Sony Playstation
    Sony Playstation 2

    Microsoft XBox Sega Sega Dreamcast Sega Saturn Sega Genesis Sega Master System ... Sega Game Gear Arcade MAME Nebula Kawaks Other Arcade Non PC Emulators Macintosh Emulators Mobile Emulators More Emulators Computer Emulators PC-Engine Emulators Wonderswan Emulators Atari 2600 Emulators ... Misc Emulators OTHER PAGES Utilities - Page #1 Utilities - Page #2 Guides Atari 2600 The Atari 2600 was one of the most popular home consoles ever produced and was first released in 1978. Specs:
    • CPU: 6507, 1.19 MHz
    • Memory: RAM - 128 Bytes in VLSI, ROM - 4K max
    • Graphics: A custom chip named Stella and a graphics clock that run at 1.19 MHz
    • Storage Method: Carts
    • Input: 2 Joystick ports
    Download emulators. Stella Windows Freeware Rating: (346 Votes) Atari 2600 emulator availabe for multiple platforms. Windows / DOS Freeware Rating: (223 Votes) Nice, nearly perfect Atari 2600 emulator for Windows and DOS. A T A R I 2 6 Emulators Utilities FAQ T O P D O W N L O A D S Xeon 1.0

    28. EMULATING THE TB-303
    Reviews of the gears sold as 303emulators
    Reviews of the gears sold as 303-emulators
    WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, the closest thing is REBIRTH ! Yes it's a software program, but it's the only one which emulate ALL the functionality of the TB-303 : same sequencing method, same sound, same control over the sound and same amount of control over the sound. You can even drive it with midi (with any midi equipment with knobs sending midi controls - like a BassStation or a Nord Lead or any midi hardwavre too like a Peavey PC1600).
    If you'd rather get a quality hardware clone, get the TEE-BEE MK3 (if you use an external sequencer) or the FR-777 with it's built-in sequencer, both have nice sound and lot of bonuses not found on the original TB-303...

    29. Virtio - Virtual Platforms For Embedded System Design
    Creates and distributes Virtual Platforms embedded systems emulators for software development.
    Virtio developed its unique Internet capabilities by leveraging its patent pending graphical simulation technologies. Virtio's graphical Virtio Solutions are used for embedded IP evaluation, concurrent software and hardware development, and early system integration.
    virtual prototyping
    Inherent in virtual prototyping software is the ability to define design objectives, constraints, and variables, and have the software iterate automatically to the optimally-performing configuration.
    ARM processor solution
    Through our alliances with IP creators, the user gains hands-on experience in the capabilities of multi-sourced IP as a result of the unified platform of Virtio Solutions.
    design embedded IP platforms
    Users receive free access to executable models instead of paper data sheets they can experience the IP platforms to instantly re-configure their design to meet their specific requirements.
    design embedded SOC
    By providing virtual building blocks for application-specific domains the user can combine IP from multiple vendors to create prototypes of complete systems.
    embedded software development
    Traditionally, the evaluation of multi-sourced IP and customization of standard platforms is time consuming and difficult. When the user creates a design using the pre-configured models from our Universe Sponosor program in Virtio Integrator, a significant decrease in time-to-decision and time-to-market is realized.

    30. Norbert's Emulators
    Translate this page Java Arcade Emulator, Online NES Emulator, Vantris - a homebrewn game for MAME, AstDX - an enhanced Asteroids

    31. BiPOM Electronics, Inc
    Provider of 8051 Development System, 8051 boards, C compilers, assemblers, EPROM emulators, programmers and custom software/hardware design.
    BiPOM Electronics,Inc.
    Your One Source for Micro-controller Systems and Components Products Prices Services Download ... ( BSCB) BSCB-0X is a mother board for general purpose, low-cost and highly-expandable micro-controller system. It is based on the Parallax, Inc. BASIC Stamp Microcontroller Modules (BS2). Digiview 18 channel 100 Mhz Logic Analyzer. Forum Check out our new discussion forum for useful information 8051-ISP and 68HC908-ISP In-system programmers Client API is a standard way of accessing our 8051 micro-controller boards from Visual Basic, Visual C++ and other applications. Build highly-customizable, low-cost, multi-channel Data Loggers using the ClientAPI. Driving NIXIE Tubes with the MINI-MAX/51-C BASCOM-51 8051 Basic Compiler MINI-MAX Sets Everything you need to get started with micro-controllers
    Micro-controller boards and SBC's

    Temperature Sensors

    Parallel port temperature sensor ThermoPC
    Peripheral Boards

    Peripherals for microcontroller boards LCD Modules
    Display modules with built-in I2C and RS232
    Software Development Tools

    C Compilers, Assemblers, Simulators, Debuggers, Micro-IDE

    32. The Spectrum Site @ The House Of Mella
    Provides a variety of Spectrumrelated resources, including emulators, games, trivia challenges, POKEs and related links.

    33. Comp.emulators.misc Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [1/3]
    comp.emulators.misc Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 1/3. It also contains severalpointers to information for programmers who wish to develop emulators.
    comp.emulators.misc Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [1/3]
    There are reader questions on this topic!
    Help others by sharing your knowledge
    From: (Adam Roach) Newsgroups: comp.emulators.misc (Adam Roach) Summary: This posting contains a list of currently available emulators for as many platforms as possible. It also contains several pointers to information for programmers who wish to develop emulators. Archive-name: emulators-faq/part1 URL: news.groups ), math co-processor emulation (use ), and the X windowing system (use ... 2 - Processor Emulation A comprehensive listing of chip specifications is available for those people wishing to create emulators. It is available at the following sites (and several other mirrors, listed at each site):

    34. The BBC Lives!
    Includes a large collection of documentation covering software, hardware, programming, circuit diagrams, and games. Also features downloadable software, details of emulators, and a wide range of links.
    main what's new search software ... links You have arrived at the net's largest site catering for enthusiasts of Acorn's (RIP) range of 8-bit micros from the eighties: the BBC models, Electron, Master and Compact, and to a small degree the Atom and Archimedes. You'll find the main focus to be on BBC B emulation, evident in the huge archives of games and other software (both file and ROM based), as well as in the plethora of technical documentation and emulators available. You'll find links to most like-minded and related sites present on the net. If you have questions, please consult the FAQ and relevant documentation before mailing me or the mailing lists ! Acorn hardware questions should preferably go to the mailing list, as I will probably not be able to help.
    Table of contents
    Introduction and some history
    What's new?
    Search the archive ...
    Privacy statement

    Site of the day, August 14, 1996 Arrgh! invaded this site with 4 aliens The 8 Bit Acorn Webring Random Hub Join Robert Schmidt

    35. The BBC Lives! -- Emulators
    emulators. The available emulators are presented here (alphabetically). Someare commercial, and some are not even available. BBC micro emulators.
    main what's new search software ... links
    The available emulators are presented here (alphabetically). Some are commercial, and some are not even available. Most emulators are available directly from the "The BBC lives!" archives. However, the original distribution sites are linked to below, when possible. If a emulator software link doesn't work below, you'll still probably find it in this archive. Enter the emulator archive! [ HTTP FTP index Here's a legend that explains the various icons used.
    Emulator menu
    Please wait until the page is fully loaded before you click one of these.
    BBC micro emulators
  • (a good, but commercial emulator for RiscOS)
  • 65C12 Emulator
  • BBC Environment Emulator
  • BBC BASIC(86)
  • BBC 6502 Emulator ...
  • BeebEm (my personal favourite, as it is free and cross-platform)
  • BeebIt (probably the best for RiscOS)
  • BeebInC (a good emulator for DOS)
  • B-EM
  • BPC
  • Horizon (probably the best for Mac)
  • JBeeb (the first Java emulator)
  • MESS (BBC driver)
  • Model-B (totally revamped, a good emulator for Windows)
  • Owl
  • pcBBC (hailed as the best, but shareware, and DOS only)
  • 36. Raf's Atari 8-bit Page
    Over 300 links to all things Atari 8bit - both for emulators and the real thing. Ramdrive 1.0 ramdisk available for downloading also.
    The Atari 8-Bit Computer WebRing
    Do you have an Atari 8-bit page on the web? If so, then why not join the Atari 8 Bit Computer WebRing , and link your page to other Atari 8 Bit pages.
    Current Projects
    A8JDPEG, JpegView and JpegShow
    The JPEG viewers/convertors for the Atari 8-bit, ported from the C=64's Juddpeg.
    Ramdrive v1.0
    A highly configurable ramdisk available for you to download, supports many memory sizes and DOSes.
    Other programs
    ASI 1.5AM
    ASI 1.5AM is a disassembler which will provide output in both AMAC and Mac/65 format. It is written in Turbo Basic, and has some nice features, including an option that allows you to specify which sections of the program are code and which are data, making the output much more readable. ASI has been written by none other than Andrew Mcintosh, of Scotland.
    Journey to the Planets
    Are you stuck on this game? Is there just one planet that you can't solve? If so, then you might find the solution to your problems here
  • Welcome to comp.sys.atari.8bit
  • 37. 80x86 PC Emulators
    80x86 PC emulators. A little explanation is necessary. Of interestis both CPU and OS emulation systems, since for example, you can
    80x86 PC Emulators
    A little explanation is necessary. Of interest is both CPU and OS emulation systems, since for example, you can't normally run an MS-Windows 3.1 or MS-DOS executable on UNIX, even running on a PC. Both are included. Last updated: Wed 10:00 7/2/1997.
    Main List
    • BOCHS
    • WINE Dag Asheim's WINE page , has lots of information for interested parties and would-be developers. This is a freeware project, so all are encouraged to join in.
    • DOSEMU (Linux/FreeBSD/NetBSD) runs DOS executables (OS only) under some of the free UNIX-like OSes, primarily being developed on Linux. This is also a freeware project, so full source is available. One of the main FTP sites is here , but it is pretty busy, so I'll get a better access point for this link. It seems to be able to run a LOT of things, as this compatibility file attests.
    • Wabi and WabiServer
    • Willows Win16 and Win32 emulation on a startlingly long list of hardware and software environments. By Willows Software, Inc.
    • SoftWindows 3.0 and 95, and NTRIGUE
    • OS/2 WARP will run MS-Windows 3.1 and DOS executables (OS only). From IBM.
    • FX!32

    38. The World Of FairLight
    Lists C64 cross development tools and emulators for Amiga, MSDOS, Mac OS, Windows, Java, BeOS, Unix, OS/2
    Howdy hackers!
    The FairLight site has grown considerably since it first came about, and at the moment it also supports frames, which you browser don't! But, hey - we have NATURALLY also made an edition without frames, for the "lynxers" and others out there who would prefer to speed and low bandwidth over bells and whistles! Just press this link for the no-frame menu

    39. 68K Macintosh Emulators
    68K Macintosh emulators. Listed here are both Apple s own emulation systems andthose produced by third parties. There are no known emulators for PowerMac.
    68K Macintosh Emulators
    Listed here are both Apple's own emulation systems and those produced by third parties. There are no known emulators for PowerMac. Last updated: Sun 17:30 12/29/1996.
    Main List
    • Executor
    • MAE
    • PowerMac OS runs 68K Macintosh executables on the PowerMac from Apple . It is fully integrated with the system (you couldn't take it out if you tried ;-), and supports a wide range of the old programs. This line of emulators from Apple are distinguished in that they emulate even the trickiest parts of the old 68K Macintoshes, which in many cases had programs that directly accessed internal data structures and hardware registers not in the published interfaces. Even many low-level OS drivers can be run with emulated code. Indeed, the PowerMac OS actually *relies* on this emulation scheme, as some of it's components have never been converted to PowrePC code. This probably qualifies it as the worlds first OS that is simultaneously dual-architecture. Some incompatibilities do exist, but this is far more the exception than the rule.

    40. JROK's Homepages
    Arcade game web pages, free games, emulators and schematics.
    Greetings and welcome to
    "Are we ready clocks ?"
    Send an e-mail You can e-mail comments to me here.
    Other Fun Sections !
    Video Game Collecting
    Game Conversions

    JAS emulation (retired)

    Click for Charles The Cat
    who this JROK character is ?

    Last Update Mar 15th 2004 !!
    Mar 15th 2004 : Two more custom IC replacements available !! The first few boards are made up ! As this is the initial run they're not as fancy as the others. No soldermask or silk screen, but they're fully functional and will be up for sale shortly. Custom 51xx For Galaga/Bosco/Dig Dug/Pole Pos etc. It's the big 42pin IC that counts counts, handles control inputs and flashed the start buttons. Upclose and personal pic of the 5100. Here's one in-place on a Xevious boardset Xevious replacements and Galaga Galaga replacements Custom 06xx For Galaga/Bosconian/Dig Dug/Pole Pos/Xevious. This is a 28pin interface chip between the system bus and the I/O bus. Custom IC 06xx Upclose pic.

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