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         Ives Charles:     more books (100)
  1. Essays Before a Sonata, The Majority, and Other Writings by Charles Ives, 1999-01-17
  2. Charles Ives: A Life with Music by Jan Swafford, 1998-01-17
  3. Charles Edward Ives and His Piano Sonata No. 2: "Concord, Mass., 1840-1860" by Alice S. Reed, 2006-07-06
  4. Charles Ives and Aaron Copland - A Listener's Guide: Parallel Lives Series, No. 1 Their Lives and Their Music by Daniel Felsenfeld, 2004-11-01
  5. 114 Songs by Charles Ives by Charles Ives, 1933-10-01
  6. Charles Ives and His World
  7. Charles Ives Remembered: AN ORAL HISTORY (Music in American Life) by Vivian Perlis, 2002-07-24
  8. The Charles Ives Tunebook, Second Edition by Clayton W. Henderson, 2008-06-11
  9. Charles Ives & His Amer by Rossiter Frank, 1980-01-01
  10. Charles Ives: A Research and Information Guide (Routledge Music Bibliographies) by Gayle Sherwood Magee, 2010-04-20
  11. Music's Connecticut Yankee: An introduction to the life and music of Charles Ives by Helen R Sive, 1977
  12. Charles Ives Reconsidered (Music in American Life) by Gayle Sherwood Magee, 2010-06-29
  13. What Charlie Heard: The Story of the American Composer Charles Ives by Mordicai Gerstein, 2004-03
  14. The Music of Charles Ives (Composers of the Twentieth Century Serie) by Philip Lambert, 1997-08-11

1. Charles Ives - Biography
Home Composers Charles ives charles Ives. article. Other interesting links The Charles Ives Society; photo and discography maintained by;
Home Composers
Charles Ives
updated 6 January 2003
Born in Danbury, Connecticut on 20 October 1874, Charles Ives pursued what is perhaps one of the most extraordinary and paradoxical careers in American music history. Businessman by day and composer by night, Ives's vast output has gradually brought him recognition as the most original and significant American composer of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Inspired by transcendentalist philosophy, Ives sought a highly personalized musical expression through the most innovative and radical technical means possible. A fascination with bi-tonal forms, polyrhythms, and quotation was nurtured by his father who Ives would later acknowledge as the primary creative influence on his musical style. Studies at Yale with Horatio Parker guided an expert control overlarge-scale forms. Ironically, much of Ives's work would not be heard until his virtual retirement from music and business in 1930 due to severe health problems. The conductor Nicolas Slonimsky, music critic Henry Bellamann, pianist John Kirkpatrick (who performed the Concord Sonata at its triumphant premiere in New York in 1939), and the composer Lou Harrison (who conducted the premiere of the

2. Charles Ives
Charles Ives (18741954). Detailed Information about. The Influence of George Ives on His Son Charles from the Classical Music Pages Quarterly;
Epoch: Modern
Country: USA
Charles Ives (1874-1954)
Detailed Information about Introduction (born Danbury, CT, 20 October 1874; died New York, 19 May 1954). He was influenced first by his father, a bandmaster who had libertarian ideas about what music might be. When he was perhaps 19 (the dating of his music is nearly always problematic) he produced psalm settings that exploit polytonality and other unusual procedures. He then studied with Parker at Yale (1894-8) and showed some sign of becoming a relatively conventional composer in his First Symphony (1898) and songs of this period. He worked, however, not in music but in the insurance business, and composition became a weekend activity - but one practised assiduously: during the two decades after his graduation he produced three more symphonies and numerous other orchestral works, four violin sonatas, two monumental piano sonatas and numerous songs. The only consistent characteristic of this music is liberation from rule. There are entirely atonal pieces, while others are in the simple harmonic style of a hymn or folksong. Some are highly systematic and abstract in construction; others are filled with quotations from the music of Ives's youth: hymns, popular songs, ragtime dances, marches etc. Some, like the

3. Charles Ives
CHARLES IVES (18741954) my humble contributions to Ives research. Charles Ives the symphonic works. A review of the recordings of Charles Ives's major orchestral works. (
CHARLES IVES (1874-1954)
my humble contributions to Ives research
Charles Ives: the symphonic works
  • A review of the recordings of Charles Ives's major orchestral works. (Hopefully one day I'll get around to writing the companion piece devoted to the chamber music).
    The introduction in the review contains a concise overview of his musical style and output, and program notes are included for each piece.
Charles Ives: discography
  • An incomplete discography.
  • Note that at the moment it contains just the symphonic works referred to in the review article.
The Three Places In New England
  • A brief description of each of the three places, and links to other websites with more details.
Coming soon!
Charles Ives: bibliography
  • An annotated bibliography of written works about Ives and his music.
My paper "Landscapes In Music: An Overview" contains a plethora of Ives references, and in the second part, plenty of discussion of his works.
Ives elsewhere on the Web
  • The Charles Ives Society should be your first stop. It includes a most thorough list of works, as well as the outline of James Sinclair's A Descriptive Catalogue of the Music of Charles Ives . (The Yale University Press page for the book, including ordering information, is

CHARLES IVES. ( photo courtesy of Charles Ives Archives, Yale University) Return to COMPOSERS. All contents of these WWW pages Copyright ©19971999 Eyeneer Music Archives.
(photo courtesy of Charles Ives Archives, Yale University)
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  • Eyeneer Music Archives.

    5. Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List - Ives
    Charles Ives. (1874 1954). Charles Ives - Danbury s Award-Winning Composer by Nancy F. Sudik; The Influence of George Ives on His Son Charles by J. Ryan Garber;
    Charles Ives
    Additional Information:
    Piano Sonata #2 "Concord"
    Piano Sonata #2 "Concord, Mass., 1840-1860" /Nonesuch 971337-2
    Gilbert Kalish (piano)
    Piano Sonata #2 "Concord, Mass., 1840-1860" /Vox Music Group CDX5089
    Nina Deutsch (piano)
    Three Places In New England
    Symphony "Three Places in New England" /Koch International 3-7025-2
    James Sinclair/Orchestra New England
    Symphony "Three Places in New England" /Mercury 432755-2
    Howard Hanson/Eastman-Rochester Orchestra
    Symphony "Three Places in New England" /Deutsche Grammophon 423243-2
    Michael Tilson Thomas/Boston Symphony Orchestra
    Symphonies (1-3)
    Symphony #1 in D minor/Chandos CHAN9053 Symphony #1 in D minor/Sony SK44939
    Michael Tilson Thomas/Chicago Symphony Orchestra
    /Sony SK46440
    Michael Tilson Thomas/Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
    Symphony #2 /Deutsche Grammophon 420229-2
    Leonard Bernstein/New York Philharmonic Orchestra
    Symphony #3 "The Camp Meeting" /Mercury 432755-2
    Howard Hanson/Eastman-Rochester Orchestra
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    6. Charles Ives
    Charles Ives. ( 18741954) Danbury, Connecticut, Estados Unidos. Obras Variations on "America" para órgano (1898) - Fragmento. From the Steeples and the Mountains (trompeta, trombón y campanas-1902)

    7. Find A Grave - Charles E. Ives
    Birth, death, and burial information, portrait photographs and pictures of his and his wife's tombstone, and virtual memorial from Find a Grave. E.

    8. WIEM: Ives Charles
    ives charles (18741954), kompozytor amerykanski. Muzyka, Stany Zjednoczone ives charles (1874-1954). ives charles (1874-1954), kompozytor amerykanski.
    WIEM 2004 - zobacz now± edycjê encyklopedii! Kup abonament i encyklopediê na CD-ROM, sprawd¼ ofertê cenow±!
    Oferta specjalna abonamentów dla szkó³ i instytucji!
    Przedstawione poni¿ej has³o pochodzi z archiwalnej edycji WIEM 2001!
    Prace redakcyjne nad edycj± 2001 zosta³y zakoñczone. Zapraszamy do korzystania z nowej, codziennie aktualizowanej i wzbogacanej w nowe tre¶ci edycji WIEM 2004 Muzyka, Stany Zjednoczone
    Ives Charles
    Ives Charles (1874-1954), kompozytor amerykañski. Muzyki uczy³ siê pod kierunkiem ojca George'a, kapelmistrza w Danbury, oraz H.W. Parkera w Uniwersytecie Yale w New Heaven (1891-1893). Pracowa³ jako urzêdnik towarzystwa ubezpieczeniowego do emerytury w 1930. Przejêty ideami romantycznego transcendentalizmu R.W. EmersonaH.D. Thoreau , uwa¿a³ muzykê za ekspresjê ¿ycia i duchowo¶ci ludzkiej. Niezliczone cytaty amerykañskich pie¶ni hymnów marszów oraz fragmentów z dzie³ klasyków ³±czy³ z nowatorskimi ¶rodkami brzmieniowymi i kompozycyjnymi, polimetri± politonalno¶ci± klasterami , polifonicznym konstruktywizmem, mikrotonowo¶ci±. Szacunek dla tradycji wi±za³ ze zmys³em przekory, innowacji, odrêbno¶ci. Z perspektywy rozwoju muzyki XX w. okaza³ siê prekursorem licznych kierunków i tendencji awangardowych, aczkolwiek we w³asnej estetyce stawia³ na pierwszym planie nie nowoczesno¶æ, lecz moralne i duchowe przes³anie sztuki, przeciwstawiaj±c siê jej rozgraniczaniu na sztukê profesjonaln± i popularn±.

    9. Ives, Charles At
    Thursday, May 20, 2004 HOME COMPOSER AZ Charles ives charles Ives. G Schirmer Inc (b.1874 d.1954), This composer is published by our
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    Charles Ives
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    10. MSN Encarta - Search Results - Ives Charles E(dward)
    Encarta Search results for ives charles E(dward) . Page 1 of 1. 7. Magazine and news articles about ives charles E(dward) *. Encarta Magazine Center.
    MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: logoImg(''); Encarta Subscriber Sign In Help Home ... Upgrade to Encarta Premium Search Encarta Encarta Search results for "Ives Charles E(dward)" Page of 1 Exclusively for MSN Encarta Premium Subscribers Ives, Charles E Article—Encarta Encyclopedia Ives, Charles E(dward) (1874-1954), American composer, whose technical innovations and freedom of imagination anticipated much 20th-century music... Charles E. Schumer Article—Encarta Encyclopedia Schumer, Charles E. (1950- ), Democratic member of the United States Senate from New York (1999- ). Schumer was born in Brooklyn, New York. He... Merriam, Charles E. Article—Encarta Encyclopedia Found in the Political Science article Wilson, Charles E. Encarta Encyclopedia List of items from Encarta Encyclopedia Stanton, Charles E. (quotation) Quotation—Encarta Encyclopedia Lafayette, we are here! Charles E. Saunders: development of Marquis wheat Article—Encarta Encyclopedia Found in the Saskatchewan (province) article Magazine and news articles about Ives Charles E(dward)
    Encarta Magazine Center
    Search the Encarta Magazine Center for magazine and news articles about "Ives Charles E(dward)" National Representation: Iowa Chart or Table—Encarta Encyclopedia Chart or table from Encarta Encyclopedia Books about Ives Charles E(dward)
    Baudelaire, Charles Pierre : quotations: T. E. Lawrence: There are those who have…

    11. Charles E. Ives --  Britannica Concise Encyclopedia Online Article
    Ives, Charles E(dward) Britannica Concise. Charles ives charles Ives Clara E. Sipprell. born Oct. MLA style Charles E. Ives. Britannica Concise Encyclopedia.

    12. Ives Charles Edward
    ives charles Edward (18741954). Articles Evan Rothstein, La musique de Charles Ives la technique de l inconscient. Discographie.
    Jean-Marc Warszawski
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    Ives Charles Edward
    Articles Evan Rothstein, La musique de Charles Ives : la technique de l'inconscient Discographie sur le site Radio France on ne se fatigue pas, mais une liste des oeuvres avec quelques mots Fiche biographique Autres liens The Charles Ives Society : School of Music, 10-426-00, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405. courte biographie, quelques documents photographiques faute de mieux des liens : Un livre Charles Ives and His World, Edited by J. Peter Burkholder, 1996 [464 p.] This volume shows Charles Ives in the context of his world in a number of revealing ways. Five new essays examine Ives's relationships to European music and to American music, politics, business, and landscape. J. Peter Burkholder shows Ives as a composer well versed in four distinctive musical traditions who blended them in his mature music. Leon Botstein explores the paradox of how, in the works of Ives and Mahler, musical modernism emerges from profoundly antimodern sensibilities. David Michael Hertz reveals unsuspected parallels between one of Ives's most famous pieces, the Concord Piano Sonata, and the piano sonatas of Liszt and Scriabin. Michael Broyles sheds new light on Ives's political orientation and on his career in the insurance business, and Mark Tucker shows the importance for Ives of his vacations in the Adirondacks and the representation of that landscape in his music.

    13. HotBot Web Search For Ives Charles
    SPONSORED LINKS. • ives charles Sheet Music Huge classical selection. Previous Next ». Search for ives charles using Google, Ask Jeeves. Charles

    14. Charles Ives - Danbury's Most Famous Composer
    charles ives Danbury's Most Famous Composer. by Nancy F. Sudik. charles Edward ives (1874-1954), Danbury-born-and-raised maverick composer, cared little for the musical styles and fashions of his
    Charles Ives - Danbury's Most Famous Composer
    by Nancy F. Sudik
    Charles Edward Ives (1874-1954), Danbury-born-and-raised maverick composer, cared little for the musical styles and fashions of his day. He cared even less for music critics. He was fond of saying that pretty music was for pretty ears, and he had no regrets that his music was not considered "pretty". Not until 1939, twenty years after he stopped composing, did the American public become aware of his music. Acceptance came much later. Charles Ives' first and most influential teacher was his father, George , a Civil War band leader, who introduced him to the concepts of polytonality and multiple meters. Young Charles grew up listening to his father's bands marching up and down Danbury's Main Street and was greatly influenced by his father's frequent musical experiments. One popular anecdote recounts the occasion when several of George's bands marched to Elmwood Park from different directions, simultaneously playing marches in different meters and keys. Another tells of George's experiments with quarter tones, which were inspired by the out-of-tune church bells of the First Congregational Church next to his home. George Ives' musical innovation and the sights and sounds of the Danbury area had a powerful impact on young Charles and contributed to his unconventional approach to music. Charles Ives began composing at a young age. In 1888, he played his composition "Slow March" at the funeral for Chin-Chin, his cat. He was fond of using fragments of music familiar to Danburians. Patriotic music, hymns, and marches figured prominently in his compositions. He combined fragments of this conventional music with the unconventional compositional techniques he learned from his father. The result was uniquely American and uniquely Charles Ives.

    15. The Charles Ives Society - Charles Edward Ives, An American Composer
    A Descriptive Catalogue of the Music of charles ives Online access to the complete, updated Sinclair catalogue. Once there, search ives .

    Catalogue of Ives' published music

    All of Ives' published music, listed by medium, with the publisher and timings. With links to sound clips.
    Photo gallery

    A dozen important photos of Ives progressing from an early age to two handsome color images from 1950.
    Performance calendar

    Forthcoming Ives performances around the world are listed here.
    Notify us of a performance

    Unanswered questions?

    Click here to e-mail the executive editor of the Society. (Answer to first question: No, the Society is not a membership organization, sorry. But do register so we can send you interesting news periodically.)
    The Ives Society Suggested Reading Useful Links ... Programming guide Get ideas for thematic programming, also find here an Ives anniversary for nearly every day of the year! A Descriptive Catalogue of the Music of Charles Ives Online access to the complete, updated Sinclair catalogue. Once there, search "Ives". Ives the man; His life Here you can read the finest short biographical piece on Ives. It's by Jan Swafford, the author of "Charles Ives: A Life with Music." We've had hits since 10/21/02 Please e-mail the webmaster with any technical suggestions.

    16. Ives, Charles (1874 - 1954)
    ives, charles (1874 1954). The American composer charles ives learned a great deal from his bandmaster father, not least a love of the music of Bach.
    Ives, Charles (1874 - 1954)
    The American composer Charles Ives learned a great deal from his bandmaster father, not least a love of the music of Bach. At the same time he was exposed to a variety of very American musical influences, later reflected in his own idiosyncratic compositions. Ives was educated at Yale and made a career in insurance, reserving his activities as a composer for his leisure hours. Ironically, by the time that his music had begun to arouse interest, his own inspiration and energy as a composer had waned, so that for the last thirty years of his life he wrote little, while his reputation grew. Orchestral Music The symphonies of Ives include music essentially American in inspiration and adventurous in structure and texture, collages of Americana, expressed in a musical idiom that makes use of complex polytonality (the use of more than one key or tonality at the same time) and rhythm. The Third Symphony, for small orchestra, reflects much of Ives's own background, carrying the explanatory title Camp Meeting and movement titles Old Folks Gatherin', Children's Day and Communion. The Fourth Symphony includes a number of hymns and Gospel songs, and his so-called First Orchestral Set, otherwise known as New England Symphony, depicts three places in New England. Chamber Music The first of the two string quartets of Ives has the characteristic title From the Salvation Army and is based on earlier organ compositions, while the fourth of his four violin sonatas depicts Children's Day at the Camp Meeting.

    17. My Little Charles Ives Page
    Includes reviews of his works, and links to other sites.
    My little Charles Ives page
    mirror site in Europe mirror site in Taiwan Is it natural, that one is excited by the music of Charles Ives? Is he a romantic, or more the kind of a musical craftsman constructing polytonal music scores? ... On this page you will also find links to some audio files of Ives' music to get a first impression. Charles Ives (1874-1954) is a great American composer. His music wasn't esteemed very high by his contemporaries, as he often doesn't obey the rules of the classical or romantic music styles. Now he is widely recognized as Father of the modern American music . Nevertheless, when talking with my friends, I still have the impression that many people get a strange feeling when hearing most of his works.
    I think about everything he has composed be it important for the development of modern music or not sounds great , just because it sounds great. I enjoy it, maybe just because it's so complicated. Hope you don't conclude that I'm entirely crazy. Here is a list of Ives's works, that I use to listen regularly, together with a simple rating. The links go to my own descriptions of the works, personal rather than scientific ones:
    • Symphony No. 2 (*) [listen

    18. Ives, Charles
    Biographical data, recommended CDs, books and sheet music, bibliography, and links to biographical essays.
    Ives, Charles
    Ives, Charles
    Period: Early 20th Century
    Born: Tuesday, October 20, 1874 in Danbury, Connecticut (USA)
    Died: Wednesday, May 19, 1954 in New York, New York (USA)
    Nation of Origin: United States
    CLICK HERE for CDs of this composer.

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    CLICK HERE for Sheet Music by this composer.

    Major Works:

    Symphony No. 3 (The Camp Meeting)
    The Unanswered Question (for chamber orchestra)
    Concord Sonata (for piano) Other Information: Ives won the pulitzer prize for Symphony No. 3 in 1947. His compositions are remarkable for their use of polytonality, polyrhythms, and complex harmonies. He used popular music and hymns of New England as an inspiration. Many avante-garde composers of later years used techniques inspired by Charles Ives. General Bibliography: Kennedy, Michael, The Oxford Dictionary of Music, Oxford University Press, 2nd Edition, 1997, ISBN: 0198691629 Sadie, Stanley and Tyrrell, John; Editors, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Groves Dictionaries, Inc., January 2001, ISBN: 1561592390 Slonimsky, Nicolas and Kuhn, Laura; Editors,

    19. Ives, Charles Edward [1874-1954] - American Composer
    Provides a brief article and an extensive list of annotated links to related sites. His family genealogy is provided on a separate page.
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    The page has been moved to here: Please update your bookmarks and references accordingly: Your browser should take you there in about 7 seconds; Or, click HERE

    20. Ives Biography: Model For Topnav EXCEPT Catalogue
    charles Edward ives. (18741954). For all his singularity, the Yankee maverick charles ives is among the most representative of American artists.
    Charles Edward Ives Charles Ives was born in the small manufacturing town of Danbury, Connecticut, on October 20, 1874, two years before Brahms finished his First Symphony. During the Civil War his father George Ives had been the Union's youngest bandmaster, his band called the best in the army. When the war ended George had returned to Danbury to take up the unusual trade, in that business-oriented town, of musician. As a cornet player, band director, theater orchestra leader, choir director, and teacher, George Ives became the most influential musician in the region. Yet while Danbury prided itself during the 1880s in being called "the most musical town in Connecticut" (that in large part due to George Ives's labors), people still viewed the profession with little understanding or respect. That situation, which would have been the same in most American towns in the 19th century, had its impact on Charles Ives. Still, his family was prominent, noted for extravagant personalities and (except for George) a gift for business. like father, like son

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