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         Ireland John:     more books (100)
  1. The sower. Being the substance of a discourse delivered in the county of Antrim in Ireland, in the year 1748. By John Cennick. The second edition. by John Cennick, 2010-06-24
  2. The Fottrell Papers, 1721-39: An Edition of the Papers Found on the Person of Fr. John Fottrell, Provincial of the Dominicans in Ireland, at His Arr
  3. Folksongs and Ballads Popular in Ireland: Volume 1 (Folksongs & Ballads Popular in Ireland)
  4. Culture Smart! Ireland by John Scotney, 2003-03-01
  5. The History and Topography of Ireland (Penguin Classics) by Gerald of Wales, 1983-03-31
  6. Ireland and the Irish: Portrait of a Changing Society (Penguin Non Fiction) by John Ardagh, 1997-03-01
  7. Northern Ireland: The Troubles by John Pimlott, Charles Messenger, 1985-11
  8. British Counterinsurgency: From Palestine to Northern Ireland by John Newsinger, 2002-03-08
  9. Invisible Among the Ruins: Field Notes of A Canadian in Ireland by Moss John, 2003-03-05
  10. Great Golf Courses of Ireland by John Redmond, 1999-10-01
  11. Talking to Terrorists: Making Peace in Northern Ireland and the Basque Country (Columbia/Hurst) by John Bew, Martyn Frampton, et all 2009-02-15
  12. Paul Cullen, John Henry Newman, and the Catholic University of Ireland, 1845-1865 by Colin Barr, 2003-04
  13. Speeches of John Philpot Curran, Esq: With a Brief Sketch of the History of Ireland by John Philpot Curran, 2010-03-08
  14. Speeches Of John Philpot Curran V1: With A Brief Sketch Of The History Of Ireland, And A Biographical Account Of Mr. Curran (1811) by John Philpot Curran, 2008-10-27

121. Hospitaller Brothers Of St. John - Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, ireland (Vocation)

122. Vol 100C, 159-206 (2000)
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Vol 100C, 159206 (2000) john NORDEN S MAPS OF ireland. By JH ANDREWS, MRIA Department of
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Vol 100C, 159-206 (2000)
By J.H. ANDREWS, MRIA Department of Modern History, The Queen's University of Belfast [Received 31 May 1999. Read 7 October 1999. Published 29 December 2000]
The English cartographer John Norden produced three maps of Ireland, onenow lost, one in Trinity College, Dublin, and the third, which was more detailed and probably later, in the Public Record Office, London. The London map is accompanied by a series of lists, indexes and explanatory notes together with plans of seven forts in Ulster. All the maps appear to have been drawn between the autumn of 1607 and the summer of 1608 at the request of Robert Cecil, Lord High Treasurer of England. Norden probably had no first-hand knowledge of Ireland. Internal evidence shows his main sources to have been Baptista Boazio's Irelande 1599 and Richard Bartlett's manuscript maps of Ulster ( c. 1602) . Inferences can also be drawn about the other maps, documents and word-of-mouth informants contributing to Norden's geographical synthesis.

123. Lights Of Ireland
Contemporary color photographs by john Eagle, with brief historical overviews.
All of the photos in this section were taken by my friend John Eagle, a photographer in Ireland who publishes a series of post cards featuring the Irish Lights. John's photos capture perfectly the ruggedly beautiful settings for these noble sentinels. John takes many of his lighthouse photos from the air with the help of his chopper pilot, Capt. Mick Conneely. You can email John at: to say hello and get the details about his post cards. Lighthouse Home Page

124. Welcome To The St.John Of God Services Website
St. john of God s Prayer, The library database is for the use of St. john of God Hospitaller Services in ireland and is password protected.
The library database is for the use of St. John of God Hospitaller Services in Ireland and is password protected. St. John of God Hospitaller Services 2004 Site by equinox
The Pomegranate is the crest of the Hospitaller Order of St.John of God and of the City of Granada, Spain where St. John of God Services was founded. Literally the "Apple of Granada" the seeds burst forth as soon as the fruit ripens, just as St. John of God's love overflowed in the presence of the sick and people in need. "May Jesus Christ give me the grace to run a hospital where the abandoned poor and those who suffer mental illness may have refuge, so that I may be able to serve them as I wish"
St. John of God The alleviation of suffering remains man's noblest challenge.
Please help St. John of God Services to help others.
Click now and find out about the many ways in which you can make a donation. St. John of God Services are recruiting for a number of positions - for a list of these jobs, click now.

125. St. Patrick
From the book Lives of Saints, published by john J. Crawley.
SAINT PATRICK APOSTLE OF IRELAND—389-461 Feast: March 17 The field of St. Patrick's labors was the most remote part of the then known world. The seed he planted in faraway Ireland, which before his time was largely pagan, bore a rich harvest: whole colonies of saints and missionaries were to rise up after him to serve the Irish Church and to carry Christianity to other lands. Whether his birthplace, a village called Bannavem Taberniae, was near Dunbarton-on-the-Clyde, or in Cumberland, or at the mouth of the Severn, or even in Gaul near Boulogne, has never been determined, and indeed the matter is of no great moment. We know of a certainty that Patrick was of Romano-British origin, and born about the year 389. His father, Calpurnius, was a deacon, his grandfather a priest, for at this time no strict law of celibacy had been imposed on the Christian clergy. Patrick's own full name was probably Patricius Magonus Sucatus. At length he heard a voice in his sleep bidding him to get back to freedom and the land of his birth. Thus prompted, he ran away from his master and traveled to a harbor where a ship was about to depart. The captain at first refused his request for passage, but after Patrick had silently prayed to God, the pagan sailors called him back, and with them he made an adventurous journey. They were three days at sea, and when they reached land they traveled for a month through an uninhabited tract of country, where food was scarce. Patrick writes: "And one day the shipmaster said to me: 'How is this, O Christian? Thou sayest that thy God is great and almighty; wherefore then canst thou not pray for us, for we are in danger of starvation? Likely we shall never see a human being again.' Then I said plainly to them: 'Turn in good faith and with all your heart to the Lord my God, to whom nothing is impossible, that this day He may send you food for your journey, until ye be satisfied, for He has abundance everywhere.' And, by the help of God, so it came to pass. Lo, a herd of swine appeared in the way before our eyes, and they killed many of them. And in that place they remained two nights; and they were well refreshed and their dogs were sated, for many of them had fainted and been left half- dead by the way. After this they rendered hearty thanks to God, and I became honorable in their eyes; and from that day they had food in abundance."

126. St. John Of Gods
Featuring information about the Hospitaller Order of St. john of God, their work in caring for the ill, children and the elderly, jobs and vocations, and donation details.

NEWSHOUND Links to daily newspaper articles about Northern Big falloff in Church of ireland flock at weekly services Irish Independent Government slithering away from McCabe commitment Irish Examiner john Breslin.

128. North Atlantic Kayak Challenge 2000
On his second attempt Peter Bray crossed the Atlantic solo by kayak. His trip from St john's, Newfoundland ended on 5 September 2001 at Doneagal Bay in ireland after 72 days at sea.

129. UK MEDIA Team Online - Welcome
America(England). 01/12/2000, Reading by john McGrath (Northern ireland). 24/11/2000, MEDIA Plus Programme (20012005) Approved(General). 22

130. My BELL Family Ancestral Line; In Jack Mount's Home Place - (Bell Genealogy)
Descendants of john Bell born ireland (d.aft.1827) Mercer County USA.

If anyone has information regarding the ancestry of John BELL or any other information about him or his wife Rachel, please contact me (1) John BELL, b. unknown in Ireland (place unknown), d. between 1827 and 1840 probably in Nottingham Twsp., Mercer Co., NJ; m. before 1813, to Rachel (b. about 1784, d. after 1850); they resided in New York City, NY, and later in Nottingham Twsp., Mercer Co., NJ; their children: [#2] i. Margaret, b. about 1813, d. 24 Jun 1879, m. John C. GRANT; ii. Elizabeth, b. about 1825; iii. John Jr., b. about 1827. Mrs. Rachel BELL's entry in the 1850 NJ U.S. Census says she was age 66 and born in Ireland. (2) Margaret BELL, b. about 1813 in New York City, NY, d. 24 Jun 1879 in Trenton, Mercer Co., NJ; m., about 1835 in Mercer Co., NJ, to John C. GRANT (b. about 1814, d. about 1875). Continued on my GRANT Family Page
  • Grant, Margaret (Bell). Her death certificate, 24 Jun 1879.
  • U. S. Census, 1840. Nottingham Twsp., Mercer Co., NJ.
  • U. S. Census, 1850. Nottingham Twsp., Mercer Co., NJ.
  • 131. - John Ireland
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    132. J And J Rallysport Team
    Informataion on the drivers, john Foley and Jon Waterman and their Irish Team involved in the Ford Focus ireland Championship.

    133. The Bradley Family
    Descendants of James O'Bradley (b.1700) Inishowen, County Donegal, ireland. Includes surname history compiled by john F Bradley.
    var TlxPgNm='index'; The Bradley Family BRADLEY (the sept of O Brollachain)
    What's New Origins of the Bradley name History of the Bradley family Family Tree County Donegal and the Inishowen Peninsular Maps Links
    Site created by John F Bradley January 2001 To ensure the privacy of individuals, dates and notes have been omitted from the records of those living and those born post 1910 for whom no death has been recorded.

    134. John Derbyshire On Ireland On National Review Online
    there are only two ultimate realities hell and the United States. john F. Kennedy American vote, and are plotting to force them into a united ireland run by
    • Home Corner Articles Authors ...
      Print Version

      April 11, 2003, 10:20 a.m.
      The News from Ireland
      A visit to Belfast. here were big demonstrations in Northern Ireland on Tuesday. Around 2,000 people, from both the South and the North of the divided island, converged on the fine old 18th-century manor house, rather misleadingly called a "castle," at Hillsborough in County Down. Ten miles away in Belfast city center, several hundred more took part in a prayer vigil outside the city hall. A casual observer might have thought that the old civil-rights movement of the late 1960s had come back to life, an impression that would have been fortified by the presence, at the first of those demonstrations, of an old war horse from that period: Bernadette McAliskey (formerly Devlin), last in the news a month ago when she was deported from the U.S. as "a threat to national security." But no, civil rights were not the issue here. These were protests respectively against and for the war in Iraq, occasioned by George W. Bush's visit to the province to meet with the prime ministers of Britain and Ireland. In a way, it is cheering to see people in Northern Ireland demonstrating about something that has nothing to do with their ancient quarrels. It is, in fact, a measure of the success of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, which celebrates its fifth birthday today, that they have turned out for these demonstrations. On closer inspection, things are not quite as bright as all that, but in this neck of the woods, you take your grounds for optimism any place you can find them.

    135. Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: Brady Family From Pennsylva
    Descendants of john Brady (b.abt.1720) from ireland to the USA.
    // Included to access cookie for webpub email feature
    Brady Family from Pennsylvania
    Updated October 28, 2001
    Robert E Brady
    1304 251st Avenue SE
    Issaquah, WA 98029
    United States

    Edit Your Page
    The Brady Family in the United States started with James BRADY, son of John BRADY, in Pennslyvania. Family names are LOCKE, BITNER, LEATHERS, DELONG, ABBOTT and others that occur in this tree. Please email me if you have information that might be useful to
    GEDCOM Trees (viewing trees requires 4.0 or later)
    Family Photos

    136. John Derbyshire On National Review Online
    concession after concession to the IRA terrorists, even dismantling the Northern ireland police and Derb Radio Abu Ghraib, john Kerry s sex appeal, and more
    • Home Corner Articles Authors ...
      Print Version
      January 14, 2004, 8:57 a.m.
      The Irish of the World
      Understanding our current struggle.
      W I Folk like me, who pass comment on public affairs for a living, think about this constantly. (Not that many other citizens don't likewise. I am only saying that when opinions are your business, this is one point on which you must some kind of conclusion, though. Here is mine. Sometimes I find myself reading something idly, something I did not particularly seek out for purposes of enlightenment, something I read just to while away some time in a doctor's waiting room or suchlike, yet which turns my mind to the main issue. This happened the other day. The item I was reading was Lawrence Wright's fine long New Yorker piece about his experiences in Saudi Arabia. Wright had been hired by the English-language Saudi Gazette to train young Saudi reporters. He spent several weeks in Saudi Arabia early in 2003, a period which overlapped with the start of the Iraq war. In this New Yorker piece (it is in the January 5 issue) he tells of his experiences inside the Saudi press, and passes comments on the talk, attitudes, and beliefs of urban Saudis.

    137. Pearson
    Family history of Henry Pearson Snr, from Tyrone County in Northern ireland to Canada, circa 1818. Includes john Peasrson, a pioneer of Lake Shipping.
    The Pearson Family from Ireland to Canada Henry Pearson (Sr.) Generation 1 Bruce S. Elliott's "Irish Migrants in the Canadas, A New Approach," doesn't mention Henry Pearson, but it does talk about the Beatty group with which he came to Canada from Ireland via New York P.79 "Beginnings of Tipperary Protestant Emigration": Notes from the Pearson family file of the William Perkins Bull fonds (R.P.A. 91.0045). Ont Archives Microfiche MS515 56-57 : A notation for Henry Pearson at the end of reel 57 reads: Henry Pearson, Yeoman, from list attached to Beatty Petition. See Beatty Folder. The microfiche is MS 515 roll 5 pg 3593. An obituary for the eldest son Henry Jr. in "The Evangelical Witness" states that Henry Sr. was alive at the time of his son's death in 1872 and his age was approx. 80 years which makes his year of birth around 1792. He was "a native of Ireland, and having spent some time in Philadelphia and other parts of the United States, came to Canada and settled on a farm near Brampton." Henry Sr. outlived all of his sons but one, John Pearson. (Pictured above with wife and child) Henry Pearson (Sr.) married Rebecca Donohoe (also spelled Donoughoo on some records - her father may have been Mathew Donoughoo - he appears on the 1837 Ontario census for Toronto Township on a lot near Henry Pearson Sr. Rebecca was born 1791 in Ireland and died 1885 in Owen Sound, Ont.

    138. John McGuffin (1974, 1981): The Guineapigs
    by john McGuffin (1974, 1981 In ireland in 1971 there was deliberate and careful use of modern torture techniques, not merely to get information but to perfect
    The Guineapigs by John McGuffin (1974, 1981) Originally published in London by Penguin Books, 1974. Paperback, 192 pp. Out of Print.
    2nd edition Minuteman Press, San Francisco, 1981. Paperback, 75 pp. Out of Print. The first edition by Penguin sold 20,000 copies and was banned after one week by the British government and Reginald Maudling. The 2nd edition in 1981 updated the fate of the victims and named the torturers, but omitted two chapters from the original edition.
    A complete compilation of both editions is now here available for the first time. Feel free to download these pages, but if you decide to do so we would like to ask you to make a donation to Irish Resistance Books , in order that IRB can publish further works. (Note: We are not in receipt of any grants or Art Council funding.)
    You may not edit, adapt, or redistribute changed versions of this for other than your personal use without the express written permission. Redistribution for commercial purposes is not permitted.
    From the back cover (2nd edition):
    The Guineapigs in the title were fourteen Irish political prisoners on whom the British Army experimented with sensory deprivation torture in 1971. These 'techniques' are now outlawed, following Britain's conviction at the International Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg, but have been exported and used by Britain's allies throughout the world. This book first appeared in 1974, published by Penguin Books in London. It sold out on its first print run and was then abruptly taken off the market following pressure from the British Government.

    139. John Ireland
    The Guinness® Collectors Club. john ireland. Born print!) Visit http// to see examples of john s work.
    Guinness Collectors Club
    JOHN IRELAND Born 19th March 1949 at Aldershot Hants and attended Farnham Grammar school, Farnham Art School and finally Ravensbourne College of Art and Design. He lived and worked in London from 1971 until moving to Norfolk in 1976. John has two sons, two sheep, a dog and a wife Tessa and has worked as a freelance illustrator since leaving college, principally for magazines and publishing, with a little bit of advertising. In recent years. A lot of his work has involved caricatures including collections of sporting personalities and a weekly drawing for the TV Times for over nine years.
    The 1981 Calendar
    John writes:
    'I had been asked a few years prior to 1980 to submit ideas for a Guinness Calendar but nothing came of it, and when I was asked to produce roughs for a W. Heath Robinson pastiche I was initially reluctant, suggesting I could do something in my own style. When it became obvious that they - J.Walter Thompson the advertising agency - were set on doing it their way, I decided that it was better I should do it rather than someone else mess it up and do Heath Robinson a disservice.'
    'There were similarities in our styles, which is presumably why I had been asked in the first place. I had been interested in his drawings since I was a child, having bought his books at jumble sales. The whole job went amazingly smoothly and following a guided tour of the Park Royal Brewery, it was left up to me to decide on which elements of production I should highlight.'

    140. Reid Genealogy - The Reids Of Gawler
    Descendants of john Reid and Jane Liningston, from ireland to Australia 1800s. First settlers at Gawler in 1839.
    The Reids of Gawler Welcome to Fran's Genealogy Site which is dedicated to my Family History Research starting with John Reid my Great Great Grandfather who immigrated with his family from Newry, Co. Down, Nth.Ireland to South Australia in 1839 and was the first settler at Gawler. Reid Index - Index to Geneology Report.
    Spouses Index
    - Index to Geneology Report.
    Genealogy Report

    John's Ancestors
    - Reids in Northern Ireland.
    John's descendants
    - A brief history.
    Related Links
    - Links to Genealogy Sites, Message Boards etc.
    Contact Details
    - How to contact me and Site Download. If you can provide details on any of these people or their descendants I would love to hear from you.

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