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         Eisler Hanns:     more books (100)
  1. Composing for the Films (Continuum Impacts) by Theodor W. Adorno, Hanns Eisler, 2007-12-11
  2. Hanns Eisler Political Musician by Albrecht Betz, 2006-12-14
  3. Hanns Eisler (Contemporary Music Studies)
  4. Hanns Eisler: Eine Biographie in Texten, Bildern und Dokumenten : mit 235 Abbildungen (German Edition) by Jurgen Schebera, 1998
  5. Das schwierige Handwerk des Hoffens: Hanns Eislers "Hollywooder Liederbuch" (German Edition) by Claudia Albert, 1991
  6. Hanns Eisler: Musik e. Zeit, d. sich eben bildet (German Edition) by Albrecht Betz, 1976
  7. Hanns Eisler (German Edition) by Fritz Hennenberg, 1986
  8. Probleme der Volkstumlichkeit bei Hanns Eisler (Berliner musikwissenschaftliche Arbeiten) (German Edition) by Karoly Csipak, 1975
  9. Musik und Literatur im Exil: Hanns Eislers dodekaphone Exilkantaten by Kyung-Boon Lee, 2001-09-01
  10. Hanns Eisler by Christian Glanz, 2008
  11. Hanns Eisler, "Johann Faustus": Das Werk Und Seine Auffuhrungsgeschichte (Musikleben,) by Irmgard Schartner, 2003-06
  12. Hanns Eisler: 's musst dem Himmel Hollenangst werden (Archive zur Musik des 20. Jahrhunderts) (German Edition) by Maren, hrsg Köster, 1998
  13. A Rebel in Music: Selected Writings by Hanns Eisler, 2000-02-01
  14. Rebel in Music by Hanns Eisler, 1978-10

1. Classical Net - Composers - Eisler
Hanns Eisler. ( 1898 1962) Hanns Eisler was born in Germany, but his (Jewish) family moved to Vienna when Eisler was 3 years old, so by upbringing and training he was Austrian.
Hanns Eisler
Hanns Eisler was born in Germany, but his (Jewish) family moved to Vienna when Eisler was 3 years old, so by upbringing and training he was Austrian. In 1919, after a stint in the Austrian army during WW1, he started a four year period of study under Arnold Schoenberg , who thought very highly of him. Eisler's time with Schoenberg coincided almost exactly with the transition from atonal to twelve-tone music, and after Anton von Webern and Alban Berg he was the first to write in the new technique. In 1925, Eisler moved to Berlin, where he became involved in the Communist and International Workers' movements, for whom he composed a considerable amount of startlingly new-sounding choral music, combining the atonal techniques he had learned with Schoenberg with elements of jazz, cabaret and popular political songs. These compositions ("battle music") were intended to influence the feelings of performers and audiences alike, and to change their attitudes; they offered more than mere entertainment and enjoyment - the beauty of the music was to enhance their usefulness as a "combat tool". Eisler worked throughout his life in an atmosphere of tension created by the great political and aesthetic conflicts of this century, and is distinguished from his contemporaries by his strongly held political positions, and by his unceasing interest in what he called the "social functions" of music. For Eisler, music had to be first and foremost a communicative art, relevant to its time and place of composition, and he was horrified by the distance, the hermeticism and inaccessibility, between modern music and its public, as exemplified by the music of the Schoenberg School.

2. Hanns Eisler: Life
Hanns eisler hanns eisler hanns eisler hanns eisler hanns eisler hanns eisler hanns eisler hanns eisler hanns eisler hanns Eisler Bertolt Brecht Bertolt Brecht
Caricature of Eisler from an interview in Literaturnaya Gazeta, Moscow, in 1935.
Life of a revolutionary in music
Hanns Eisler lifeline: 1898-1962

BBC Composer of the Month

Interview with Wolf Biermann

Jascha Horenstein remembers Eisler
Eisler in the McCarthy Era
Hanns Eisler on the meaning of music

"Someone who knows only music, understands nothing about it." "A composer knows," Eisler wrote on the eve of his expulsion from the United States, "that music is written by human beings for human beings and that music is a continuation of life, not something separated from it." On these pages you can follow Eisler's: early years as a World War I veteran and Arnold Schönberg protégé in Vienna. break with Schönberg in the mid-1920s and conversion to a communicative style of music engaged in great social and political questions. close personal and professional relationship with Bertolt Brecht. exile from Nazi Germany and ten-year sojourn in New York and Hollywood. deportation from the United States during the hunt for "Reds" in the entertainment and music industries. return to Berlin to again join forces with Brecht and continue the search for a communicative style during a period of social and political upheaval.

3. Hanns Eisler
Hanns Eisler Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites Mini biography. Hanns Eisler was a German-Austrian-American composer and lyricist Discuss, Hanns

4. Eisler,Hanns
Eitler Esteban eisler hanns (18981962)
Find: The Database Home Page < Einfeldt,Dieter To the Index Eitler,Esteban >> Eisler,Hanns (1898-1962) Sex Male Comments Divertimento, Op. 4
Written Duration Comments Publisher Universal
Inst. Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in Bb, Bassoon, Horn Grade Comments Prepared on Fri Aug 22 11:03:30 2003

5. WIEM: Eisler Hanns
eisler hanns (18981962), kompozytor niemiecki. Studia w Wiedniu u A. Schönberga i A. Weberna (1919-1923). Muzyka, Niemcy eisler hanns (1898-1962).
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Eisler Hanns
Eisler Hanns (1898-1962), kompozytor niemiecki. Studia w Wiedniu u  A. SchönbergaA. Weberna (1919-1923). Z koñcem lat dwudziestych nawi±za³ wspó³pracê z pisarzami ruchu rewolucyjnego, z  B. Brechtem na czele, komponuj±c dla nich pie¶ni, ballady, muzykê do utworów scenicznych. Po doj¶ciu Hitlera do w³adzy wyemigrowa³ do USA, gdzie wspó³pracowa³ z wytwórniami filmowymi w Hollywood i napisa³ pracê o  muzyce filmowej Composing for the Films , 1947) w 1948 osiad³ w NRD, obejmuj±c klasê kompozycji w berliñskiej Akademie der Künste. Sta³ siê sztandarowym twórc± komunistycznego re¿imu, autorem hymnu NRD i licznych pie¶ni masowych.

6. FBI - Freedom Of Information Act - Hanns Eisler
Hanns Eisler 686 pages. Hanns Eisler, alien Party in 1926. Hanns Eisler is the brother of Gerhart Eisler, known Comintern Agent.
Hanns Eisler
686 pages Hanns Eisler, alien German composer, was investigated by the FBI from 1942 until his deportation by the Immigration and Naturalization Service in 1948. In 1947 Eisler admitted, in testimony before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, to joining the German Communist Party in 1926. Hanns Eisler is the brother of Gerhart Eisler, known Comintern Agent. Part 1a Part 1b Part 2a Part 2b ... FOIA Homepage

7. MSN Encarta - Suchergebnisse - Eisler Hanns
eisler hanns . Seite 1 von 1. *, Nur Eisler. Weitere Ergebnisse der MSN-Suche zum Thema eisler hanns .
MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Suche ... Upgrade auf Encarta Premium Encarta - Suche Encarta Suchergebnisse f¼r "Eisler Hanns" Seite von 1 Nur f¼r Abonnenten von MSN Encarta Premium. Eisler, Hanns Artikel – Encarta Enzyklop¤die Eisler, Hanns (1898-1962), deutscher Komponist. Hanns Eisler Abbildung – Encarta Enzyklop¤die Hanns Eisler (1898-1962) wurde vor allem durch seine Zusammenarbeit mit Bertolt Brecht bekannt. Zudem komponierte er die Nationalhymne der DDR. Dessau, Paul Artikel – Encarta Enzyklop¤die Gefunden im Artikel Dessau, Paul Becher, Johannes R(obert) Artikel – Encarta Enzyklop¤die Gefunden im Artikel Becher, Johannes R(obert) Zw¶lftontechnik Artikel – Encarta Enzyklop¤die Gefunden im Artikel Zw¶lftontechnik Lied Artikel – Encarta Enzyklop¤die Gefunden im Artikel Lied Biermann, Wolf Artikel – Encarta Enzyklop¤die Gefunden im Artikel Biermann, Wolf Brecht, Bertolt Artikel – Encarta Enzyklop¤die Gefunden im Artikel Brecht, Bertolt Neue Musik Artikel – Encarta Enzyklop¤die Gefunden im Artikel Neue Musik Adorno, Theodor Wiesengrund

8. Keiner Oder Alle Eisler Hanns
Translate this page Keiner Oder Alle eisler hanns. Autor / Künstler / Gruppe / Hersteller eisler hanns. Titel Keiner Oder Alle eisler hanns Hanns Eisler
Keiner Oder Alle Eisler Hanns
Autor / Künstler / Gruppe / Hersteller: Eisler Hanns
Titel: Keiner Oder Alle
Eisler Hanns
Hanns Eisler
Rubrik: Kategorien Diverses Allgemein
Medium: CD
Rpo/Fender Jack/+-Romantische Welterfolge...

Patent Ochsner-Stella Nera...

Various-New American Country...


9. Eisler Hanns (1898-1962)
Komponisten-Infos....kurz und knapp
Eisler, Hanns (1898 - 1962)
  • - geboren am 6. Juli 1898 in Leipzig - gestorben am 6. September 1962 in Berlin - Eisler begann als Schüler von Arnold Schönberg radikal avantgardistisch - er schrieb Musik für Theaterstücke Bertold Brechts und komponierte die
    Nationalhymne der DDR

10. Eisler Hanns -- Éditions Théâtrales
Translate this page Hanns Eisler. Éblouissant intellectuel européen de notre temps, très important compositeur (disciple préféré de Schonberg), essayiste

11. RTSI - Il Coro Della RTSI
eisler hanns Fürstenau Caspar

12. Eisler Hanns
Translate this page Hanns Eisler. Autodidacte, puis élève de Schœnberg à Vienne, et à Berlin à partir de 1925, Hanns Eisler (né à Leipzig en
Hanns Eisler
En savoir plus

13. Pommer Max Czapski Jutta Eisler Hanns Hanns Eisler Vol 3-Kantaten Lieder
Pommer Max Czapski Jutta Eisler Hanns Hanns Eisler Vol 3-Kantaten Lieder
Hanns Eisler Vol. 3-Kantaten Lieder
Pommer Max Czapski Jutta Eisler Hanns
Audio CD
Gewandhaus-Quartett Leipzig, D...

Hauschild W.-d., Rundfunk-Sinf...

Staatskapelle Dresden, Herbert...

Pank Siegfried, Jaccottet Chri...
Remus Klaus Dieter Schwarzer ...

14. - L'univers De La Musique - Partitions De Eisler Hanns
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15. -A World Of Music - Scores, Parts And Sheet Music Of Eisler Hanns
SheetMusic, Scores and Parts of eisler hanns available by mail order. All sheet music, scores, parts and tabs of eisler hanns are available here. music eisler hanns.html
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16. Hanns Eisler - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Hanns Eisler. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He died in East Berlin. External links. The International Hanns Eisler Society.

17. : Eisler Hanns
Chargement de la page eisler hanns
Chargement de la page : Eisler Hanns

18. German 43: Resources: Biographies: Eisler, Hanns
German 43 course Web site. RESOURCES. Biographies. eisler, hanns. Previous Next. eisler, hanns. ( Leipzig 1898Berlin 1962)
RESOURCES Biographies Eisler, Hanns Previous Next
Eisler, Hanns
Bertolt Brecht's film Kuhle Wampe (1932) and a long-time collaboration with the playwright begins. During this time Eisler writes only music that makes reference to daily political events of the Weimar Republic. His first compositions for films are for the short Opus III (dir. Walter Ruttmann, 1923), Das Lied vom Leben (dir. Alexis Granowsky, 1931), Niemandsland (dir. Victor Trivas Kuhle Wampe, Dans les rues (dir. Trivas, 1933). Travelling extensively through Europe during the mid-1930s, Eisler settles in New York in 1938 to teach music history and composition at the New School for Social Research. Together with fellow-exile Theodor W. Adorno he writes (1947). Between 1942 and 1947, Eisler lives in Los Angeles and writes composition for eight Hollywood films, including Hangmen Also Die (dir. Fritz Lang, A Scandal in Paris (dir. Douglas Sirk, 1945) and The Woman on the Beach (dir. Jean Renoir, 1946). In 1949 he resettles in East Berlin, accepting a position at the Staatliches Konservatorium Berlin and composing the national anthem for the GDR. Until his death he remains a combative and impulsive artist striving to combine the composition of avantgarde music and political commitment.
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19. Internationale Hanns Eisler Gesellschaft (IHEG)
Internationale hanns eisler Gesellschaft (IHEG) The International hanns eisler Society Web site has moved to http// Please click on the address to visit us! ()
Internationale Hanns Eisler Gesellschaft (IHEG)
The International Hanns Eisler Society Web site has moved to Please click on the address to visit us!

20. Eisler, Hanns. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001. eisler, hanns. His music is rigorously crafted, witty, and expressive. eisler also wrote the book Composing for the Films
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