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  1. AIM, CMM 1-3 GUILLAUME DUFAY (ca. 1400-1474), Opera omnia, edited by Heinrich Besseler in 6 volumes. Tom.III Missarum pars altera by Guillaume Dufay, 1951
  2. Music of Belgium: Flemish people, Dutch language, Walloon language, French language, Guillaume Dufay, Orlande de Lassus, Josquin des Prez, André Grétry, ... César Franck, Guillaume Lekeu, Eugène Ysaÿe
  3. Cambrai: René Dumont, François-Xavier Villain, Nerviens, Cambrésis, Guillaume Dufay, Communauté D'agglomération de Cambrai (French Edition)
  4. Compositeur Franco-Flamand: Josquin Des Prés, Guillaume Dufay, Roland de Lassus, Loyset Compère, Jacob Regnart, Nicolas Gombert (French Edition)
  5. 1397 Births: Pope Nicholas V, Albert Ii of Germany, Paolo Uccello, Ausiàs March, Sejong the Great, John Ii of Aragon, Guillaume Dufay
  6. 1474 Deaths; 1st Dalai Lama, Guillaume Dufay, Ali Qushji, Henry Iv of Castile, Wenceslaus I, Duke of Cieszyn, Eric Ii, Duke of Pomerania
  7. A chronology of the works of Guillaume Dufay; (Princeton studies in music) by Charles Hamm, 1964
  8. Patterns in Play: A Model for Text Setting in the Early French Songs of Guillaume Dufay. (Composers).: An article from: Notes by Alejandro Enrique Planchart, 2002-03-01
  9. Burgundian School Composers: Guillaume Dufay, Antoine Busnois, Arnold de Lantins, Robert Morton, Gilles Joye, Gilles Binchois
  10. AIM, CMM 1-5 GUILLAUME DUFAY (ca. 1400-1474), Opera omnia, edited by Heinrich Besseler in 6 volumes. Tom.V Compositiones liturgicae minores by Guillaume Dufay, 1966
  11. Yale 1-5, Guillaume Dufay, Johannes Ockeghem, and Jacob Obrecht: Missae Caput by Guillaume Dufay, Johannes Ockeg, & Jacob Obrecht, 1964
  12. Dufay - Ave Regina Coelorum, 2 Motets a Cappella - Mercury Music by GUILLAUME DUFAY, 1959
  13. DUFAY AND THE LATE MEDIEVAL CEREMONIAL MOTET: An entry from Gale's <i>Arts and Humanities Through the Eras</i>
  14. The Burgundian School and The Netherlands School by Guillaume et al Dufay, 1968

21. Guillaume Dufay (ca. 1400-1474)
guillaume dufay (ca. 14001474). Inventor of Faux-Bourdon ; Member of Burgundian School. Born dufay. dufay. dufay, guillaume (c. 1400-1474).

22. GeoCities
Comprehensive introduction to the composer, his historical background, early life, career, and special focus on his contributions to the forms of chansons and masses.
Guillaume Dufay
c. 1400-1474
The 1400s Guillaume Dufay lived in France during a time of changes, wars, and new ideas. The Hundred Years’ War had been fought between the French and English since 1337, so Dufay knew of no other life than during wartime until he was well into adulthood. In 1414 to 1418, the Council of Constance met to resolve the great schism that had divided the Catholic church. In 1434, the Pope fled to Florence from Rome. In 1439, the old Pope Eugenius IV was deposed and Pope Felix V elected; Pope Eugenius IV then excommunicated those that had deposed him. Joan of Arc rose to power, was tried and executed in 1431. Guillaume Dufay’s time was full of conflict, both religious and political, and change. Early Life It is not known exactly where Dufay was born, or his parentage. It is assumed that he was born in Cambrai, since that is where he lived most of his life, and his mother lived and died there. His mother’s name was Marie Dufay, but his father is unknown. This could mean that Dufay was illegitimate and only came into wealth and a seigneurial rank because of his great musical talent. The fact that his mother’s tombstone was labeled simply as the mother of Guillaume Dufay, the canon of Cambrai Cathedral, supports the idea of his lack of patriarchal parentage. Dufay's Career Dufay’s correspondences and patrons illustrate how he was able to be at the forefront of the composers of his day. He apparently was in contact with such men such as Donatello, had extended correspondence with the Medici family, and gained many privileges as a result of patronage from the Pope. Because of these patrons, Dufay was able to command a certain amount of respect and freedom.

Outline of his life and works including developments and innovations that moved him from a Medieval to a Renaissance style. Also links to related Renaissance topics.
Educator of music
Guillaume Dufay was a famous Renaissance composer.

Dufay was born in Cambrai, France, in the year of 1399 and died in 1474. He spent the majority of his career in Cambria. He joined a choir with fifteen to twenty other members, originally. As the years passed, members, including Dufay, moved to other choirs for money and other such reasons. Guillaume Dufay was a chief figure of music schools because of his completion of education as a choir master, as well as being very well-educated in most aspects of music.
Dufay's large musical output contained masterpieces of every genre, or style and type of music. Some types of his were:
  • dramatic cycles
  • cyclic masses
  • isorhythmic motets
  • simply ornamented hymns

Some of Dufay's main changes in music were:
  • paths toward modern day harmonies
  • use of third intervals
  • new structure of staffs

He introduced harmonies which then brought out the melody in his works Dufay made the rules and imitations for the cannon. The cannon is a song or melody with two or more parts. The first group plays the melody, then the second group repeats it while the first plays a new melody or harmony, followed by the second group and the song continues in this fashion.
Guillaume Dufay was the first composer to use a folk song in mass. A mass is a group of songs sung to honour God in the Roman Catholic Church.

24. The Lied And Art Song Texts Page
Latin text for his setting of the Ave Regina Coelorum from the REC Music Foundation.
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Guillaume Dufay (c1400-1474)
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25. MacRAR Home Page
A compression program by guillaume dufay that works with RARcompressed archives, a compression method from the PC world. Provides drag-and-drop and MacBinary III encoding support.
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dufay, guillaume. dufay, guillaume. guillaume dufay "Se la face ay pale" guillaume dufay (c. 1400 - 1474) guillaume dufay Nuper Rosa
  • DUFAY, Guillaume
  • Guillaume Dufay - "Se la face ay pale"
  • Guillaume Dufay (c. 1400 - 1474)
  • Guillaume Dufay: Nuper Rosarum Flores (Motette) ...
  • Musik-Konzepte Heft 60: Guillaume Dufay GLEICHE KATEGORIE: INTERNATIONAL
  • 27. Polyphonic
    Introduction to the man and his contributions to multivoiced music written in a first person narrative.
    Guillaume Dufay and Polyphonic Music
    1425 to 1490
    Continue Tour of Composer's Rooms with Violini De Gamba
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    Come in! Come in! I always enjoy talking with you travelers! Let me introduce myself....I am Guillaume Dufay. I was just about to stop at this point with my composing. Sit! Sit!
    When I write my polyphonic musical compositions for voice, I keep in mind the medieval method "of composing each voice of the polyphonic composition successively. In this technique the top and tenor parts are written first. To the framework they create will be added one or more voices that will enrich the harmonies and vary the rhythms." In my earlier works, I mainly focused on elaborating a preexisting melody: paraphrasing. Now i am experimenting with a technique called "simultaneous composition; that is, writing all of the parts at the same time. This technique . . . helps to create the more homogeneous and smoother texture that is preferred by composers."
    I enjoy writing secular vocal music called the chanson, a form inherited from the Middle Ages. In these pieces, my "music exactly mirrors the complicated repetition schemes of poems such as the rondeau and the ballade. These compositions are typically written for three voices with flowing melodic lines arranged in clearly set phrases."

    28. Composer
    Brief biographical sketch, comments on religious and secular music, caricature, and Naxos discography., Guillaume

    29. Dufay And Lyrichord Discs
    Program notes, including libretti for several masses, from Lyrichord.
    Frederick Bashour, Alejandro Planchart, and Guillaume Dufay Tafelmusik by Hienrich Biber (#8017 Mensa Sonora) and in 1996,"Istanpitta II" and a forthcoming LEMS CD of chants of Hildegard Von Bingen, sung by Norma Gentile. He and his company, Dufay Digital Music, have in fact recorded and produced scores of highly acclaimed recordings for many of the top classical labels in the U.S. and Europe. Through his utilization of extremely rare tube microphones, combined with state of the art fiber-optic and digital technologies, his recordings possess a degree of warmth and presence that is second-to-none in the realm of digital recording. In addition to all his recording work, Bashour is widely known to EM enthusiasts through his column "As the CD Turns", which he has written regularly for Early Music America's "EMA Bulletin". In addtion to all his producing/recording schedule, Bashour regularly performs as a church organist and jazz pianist, and is on the boards of several volunteer organizations. Bashour wrote the following brief introductory essay for inclusion in last Fall's special anniversary 2 CD edition of two masses of Guillaume Dufay (1400-1474) (#8013 Missa "Se La Face Pale" and Missa "Sancti Jacobi"), performed by

    30. Guillaume Dufay: The Man & His Works
    guillaume dufay The Man His Music. guillaume dufay was regarded during his lifetime as the premier composer of the 15th century, a title that has stood ever since.
    Guillaume Dufay was regarded during his lifetime as the premier composer of the 15th century, a title that has stood ever since. He was one of the foremost representatives of the Burgundian school of composition and his contributions to the development of faux-bourdon and the cyclic mass are of particular interest. He, however, cannot be considered one of the greatest innovators in the history of Western music. He gained his fame not from daring novelty, but instead from an incredible understanding of all elements of composition. Life and times Guillaume Dufay was born in or around Cambrai (in northern France) circa 1400 and he died there November 27, 1474. He spent his youth as a choirboy at the Cambrai Cathedral, where he studied under and was influenced by Nicolas Malin, the magister puerorum of the Cathedral, and his successor Richard Loqueville. While Dufay never had any formal training, it is believed that he learned the art of composing through performing under these men, copying music for the church, and from varied associations with those older musicians who also knew how to compose. He remained in Cambrai until shortly before 1420, when he entered the service of the Malatesta family in Pesaro. He returned to Cambrai in 1426 only to leave again in 1428 to become a singer in the papal choir, one of the most respected musical establishments in Europe, in Rome. It was during this time that he established himself as one of the most important musicians of his day. He probably wrote the motet

    31. Guillaume Dufay: A Bridge To The Renaissance (MUSL 242)
    guillaume dufayA Bridge To the Renaissance (MUSL 242). guillaume dufay lived in a period of great artistic awakening in Europe.
    Guillaume DufayA Bridge To the Renaissance (MUSL 242)
    Created by Tyson Prince on 22 April 1997, for MUSL 242: Music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
    Welcome To Vanderbilt University's Blair School of Music
    Hello, my name is Tyson Prince, and I am a junior here at Vanderbilt double-majoring in Economics and Music. My purpose here on this web page is to provide an historical background into the life and music of Guillaume Dufay (1400-1474), one of the key composers who served as an artistic link between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Guillaume Dufay was born in the northern region of France, near Flanders (modern Belgium), a region that for generations supplied Europe with talented musicians. Like many other composers of his day, Dufay moved to Italy early in his career, hoping to capitalize upon the favorable conditions for music there. (Joseph Kerman, Listen , Worth: Berkeley, CA, 1972). Dufay spent more than twenty-five years in Italy, receiving the best education available, serving some of the most important patrons of the day, and learning from some of the brightest minds of the Renaissance. Indeed, during his stay in Italy he served the wealthy Malesta family of Pesaro, for whom he wrote numerous works. Later in his career, Dufay served in the papal chapels in Rome, Florence, and Bologna. As Grout and Palisca noted in A History of Western Music (Norton: New York, 1996), "He (Dufay) was exceptionally educated, having attended a cathedral school and received a degree in canon law from the University of Bologna. He was appointed to influential offices in the church, not because of his musicalthough he was greatly admired as a composerbut because of his learning" (141). Dufay spent his later years in the glow of this popularity at the French cathedral at Cambrai.

    32. Dufay, Guillaume
    This page contains basic and accurate biographical information and links to essays about the Medieval composer dufay. dufay, guillaume. PeriodMedieval. Born 1397 in Bersele, Belgium Other
    Dufay, Guillaume
    Dufay, Guillaume
    Period: Medieval
    Born: 1397 in Bersele, Belgium
    Died: Friday, November 27, 1474 in Cambrai, France
    Nation of Origin: Belgium/France
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    Major Works:

    Many other choral works have survived including 8 masses and 84 songs.
    Other Information:
    Dufay worked as chapel master in Cambrai before joining the Papal Chapel in Rome in 1428. He worked for the Duke of Savoy in 1433 and then joined the Papal Chapel in Florence and Bologna in 1435. In 1438 he returned to work in Savoy and then studied law at the University of Turin. In 1445 he stopped moving and settled down in Cambrai as canon of the cathedrals of Cambrai and Mons. Dufay composed sacred and secular works including many fine masses and chansons. Together with Binchois, whom he may have met in 1434, and Dunstable, Dufay is classifed as belonging to the Burgundian School of late Medieval/early Renaissance composition. It is unlikely, however, that he actually worked in the Burgundian court. General Bibliography: Kennedy, Michael,

    33. Musica Classica - Classical Music - Klassische Musik - Karadar Bertoldi Ensemble
    Karadar dictionary entry with life, major works and MIDI audio samples, illustrations, and related composer links.
    Guillaume Dufay (c. 1400 - 1474) Life Works Photo Gallery Home Page Guillaume Dufay Life Generally regarded by his contemporaries and modern experts as probably the greatest composer of the 15th century. After singing in the choir at Cambrai Cathedral, Dufay was briefly in the service of the Malatesta family in Italy. After a further period in France, he returned to sing in the Papal chapel in 1428. He was subsequently involved with a number of ruling families in Italy, including the d'Estes of Ferrara and the rulers of Savoy. Back in Cambrai he served as canon at the cathedral until his death. Dufay represents the generation influenced by the English composer John Dunstable . His warm harmonies and expressive melodies prefigure the music of the Renaissance. Guillaume Dufay Works Dufay wrote a considerable amount of church music. These compositions include eight complete Masses with one based on the most popular secular cantus firmus, "L'homme armé", one on his own secular ballade "Se la face ay pale" and another on his "Marian antiphon Ave regina caelorum". MIDI FILE - "Vergine bella"

    34. MSN Encarta - Dufay, Guillaume
    Already a subscriber? Sign in above. dufay, guillaume. Find more about dufay, guillaume from, Related Items, Other Features from Encarta.
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    Find more about Dufay, Guillaume

    35. Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary Of Composers
    Biography, major works, and links to bibliographic materials, discography, and purchases from Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers.

    36. Guillaume Dufay   (c. 1400 - 1474)
    Translate this page guillaume dufay. (c. 1400 - 1474). Die Biographie von guillaume dufay. Burgundischer Komponist außer daß er Chorknabe an der Kathedrale
    Komponisten Guillaume Dufay (c. 1400 - 1474) Biographie Photo Gallery Home Page Die Biographie von Guillaume Dufay Burgundischer Komponist: außer daß er Chorknabe an der Kathedrale von Cambrai war, weiß man nichts über seine Jugend. Später wurde er Kapellsänger unter den Päpsten Martin V. und Eugen IV. Seine Stellung gab ihm Gelegenheit zu reisen und brachte ihn mit vielen einflußreichen Persönlichkeiten zusammen. "Vergine bella" (4’06’’) Zu Ehren der Eheschließung der Cleofe Malatesta mit dem Sohn des byzantinischen Kaisers Emmanuel, Theodoros Palaiologos, komponierte er eine Motette. Er schrieb außerdem verschiedene Gelegenheitswerke, so die Motette „Nuper rosarum" zur Einweihung der neuen Kathedrale von Florenz; die „Lamentationes", als Konstantinopel gefallen war; und das „Ave Regina coelorum", das an seinem Totenbett gesungen wurde. "Nuper rosarum flores" (5’28’’) In seiner Musik ist er Dunstable verpflichtet. Karadar Bertoldi Ensemble Studio Informatico Anesin

    37. Nuova Pagina
    Translate this page guillaume dufay. (c. 1400 - 1474). La vida de guillaume dufay. Nacido en torno al año 1400 en Cambrai (Francia), desde los 9 años
    Diccionario de la Música Clàssica Languages Guillaume Dufay (c. 1400 - 1474) Vida Obras Photo Gallery Home Page La vida de Guillaume Dufay
    Nacido en torno al año 1400 en Cambrai (Francia), desde los 9 años de edad es cantor del coro de la Catedral de Cambrai, donde aprende música con Nicolas Malin y Richard Loqueville y estudia la carrera eclesiástica. En 1420 entra al servicio de la familia Malatesta, en Pésaro (Italia), para posteriormente (1428) establecerse como cantor en el coro papal en Roma. En 1434 obtiene el puesto de maestro de Capilla en la corte de Saboya. En 1458 vuelve definitivamente a Cambrai, recibiendo un sueldo por su servicio en la Catedral. Muere en Cambrai el 27 de noviembre de 1474. Su cuerpo descansa en la catedral donde desarrolló lo mejor de su arte. Las obras de Guillaume Dufay Lejos de ser un reformador, Dufay utilizó con una maestría sin par los recursos musicales de su época, elevando el nivel, sobre todo melódico, de la música de su tiempo. MIDI FILE - "Nuper rosarum flores" Tuvo la sabiduría de unir los elementos musicales franceses, ingleses e italianos, creando la síntesis entre el estilo tardo medieval francés y el protorenacentista italiano. MIDI FILE - "Vergine bella"

    38. Biografia De Dufay, Guillaume
    Translate this page dufay, guillaume. (?, h. 1400-Cambrai, Francia, 1474) Compositor francés. Hasta 1426 estuvo al servicio de la familia de los Malatesta
    Inicio Buscador Utilidades Recomendar sitio
    Dufay, Guillaume Inicio Buscador Recomendar sitio

    39. Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary Of Composers
    Biography, major works, and links to bibliographic materials, discography, and purchases from Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers.

    40. CDs - Dufay, Guillaume >> CD / Musik / Günstig
    dufay, guillaume Was suchen Sie? . PRODUKTFINDER , CDs - dufay, guillaume.
    ::: Sie befinden sich hier: CD / Musik / günstig >>> CDs - Dufay, Guillaume Was suchen Sie? >> [ PRODUKTFINDER ] CDs - Dufay, Guillaume Auswahl CDs - Miller, Glenn ... CDs - Mittlere Sonaten CDs - Dufay, Guillaume bei - IMPRESSUM

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