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         Delius Frederick:     more books (105)
  1. Frederick Delius: A Research and Information Guide (Routledge Music Bibliographies) by Mary Christison Huismann, 2004-12-15
  2. Frederick Delius by Sir Thomas Beecham, 1977-01-28
  3. Frederick Delius, 1862-1934: A catalogue of the music archive of the Delius Trust, London by Rachel Lowe, 1974
  4. The Collected Writings of the German Musicologist Max Chop on the Composer Frederick Delius (Studies in the History and Interpretation of Music) by Max Chop, Philip Jones, 2002-03
  6. A catalogue of the compositions of Frederick Delius: Sources and references by Robert Threlfall, 1977
  7. Frederick Delius, 1862-1934: A reprint of the catalogue of the music archive of the Delius Trust, 1974, with minor corrections by Rachel Lowe, 1986
  8. Der Briefwechsel mit dem Hause Breitkopf & Hartel, die Briefe von Frederick Delius an Nina und Edvard Grieg und andere ausgewahlte Schreiben (Deutsche Hochschulschriften) (German Edition) by Edvard Grieg, 1997
  9. Frederick Delius. by Philip Heseltine, 1974-06-03
  10. Frederick Delius & Edvard Munch: Their friendship and their correspondence by John Boulton Smith, 1983
  11. Frederick Delius & Edvard Munch: Their friendship and their correspondence by John Boulton Smith, 1983
  12. The Search for Thomas F. Ward, Teacher of Frederick Delius by DON C. GILLESPIE, 1996-03-14
  13. The road to Samarkand: Frederick Delius and his music by Gloria Jahoda, 1969
  14. Frederick Delius and Peter Warlock: A Friendship Revealed

1. Frederick Delius
Frederick Delius. (b Bradford, 29 Jan 1862; d Grezsur-Loing, 10 June 1934) Updated August 6, 2001. ex.) Frederick Delius (with quotation). Free Software
Frederick Delius
(b Bradford, 29 Jan 1862; d Grez-sur-Loing, 10 June 1934)
Updated: August 6, 2001
The 38th Annual Delius Festival in Jacksonville, Florida March 5 - 7, 1998
What's new Chamber and Instrumental ( last updated: Feb 12, 1998 ) Choral ( last updated: Jul 7, 1996 ) Orchestral ( last updated: Jul 7, 1996 ) Songs and Vocal ( last updated: Jul 7, 1996 ) Stage ( last updated: Jul 7, 1996 ) Bibliography (partly in Japanese) ( last updated: Sep 27, 1997 ) Life (in Japanese) ( last updated: Jun 16, 1996 ) Farewell Mr. Fenby (partly in Japanese)
( last updated: Nov 6, 1997 ) Topics ( last updated: August 6, 2001 ) Delius' Music on THE NET
( last updated: Nov 29, 1997 ) You need MIDI Plug-in for MIDI files Brief CDiscography
( last updated: Sep 12, 1999 ) under construction links:
  • Delius website by The Delius Society
  • Bill Thompson's Home Page available some works for MIDI. including... "Idylle de Printemps" "Prelude to IRMELIN" "La Calinda from KOANGA" "Serenade from HASSAN" , and others.

2. Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List - Delius
Frederick Delius. (1862 1934). Frederick Delius Frederick Delius was born in Bradford, England in 1862, to German parents. Julius Delius
Frederick Delius
Frederick Delius wrote music that is ephemeral, elusive, and sensuous, and although he is sometimes called an "English Impressionist," his is music which reflects the composer's emotional reactions. Delius owed most of his popularity to Sir Thomas Beecham, the British conductor who became his champion, and who insisted on performing Delius' music in concerts and recordings. His primary musical influences were Grieg and Wagner; in his biography of Delius Beecham speaks also of "the influence of the scenic grandeur of the Scandinavian peninsula . . . his own secret affinity with high and lonely places." Since Beecham's death Delius has not had a similar advocate. Frederick Delius was born in Bradford, England in 1862, to German parents. Julius Delius, a successful wool merchant who had moved from Bielfeld to Bradford with his wife Elise, named his fourth child (of fourteen) Fritz Theodore Albert. Fritz Delius, who loved to explore the nearby Yorkshire moors, grew up in a musical home and later wrote that "my father loved music intensely and used to tinker on the piano when he knew he was alone. He was a great concertgoer and he often had chamber music in his house." Julius sent his son to business school to prepare to join the family wool business while also providing violin lessons. Fritz showed a marked preference for music but he and a friend persuaded the elder Delius to give them financial backing for a Florida orange grove. The two young men settled at Solano Grove near Jacksonville, where Delius met organist Thomas F. Ward with whom he studied music while absorbing the songs of the local black population. Years later he wrote that he was "demoralized when I left Bradford for Florida . . . In Florida, through sitting and gazing at Nature, I gradually learnt the way in which I should eventually find myself . . ."

Bedeutende Bielefelder Personen Delius, Frederick. EMI Electrola FREDERICK DELIUS. Frederick Delius ( Frederick Theodore Albert Delius (1862 - 1934) - delius frederick (1862 - 1934)
  • Bedeutende Bielefelder Personen: Delius, Frederick
  • Frederick Delius (
  • Frederick Theodore Albert Delius (1862 - 1934) ...
  • 4. Frederick Delius
    Frederick Delius Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites Discuss this person with other users on IMDb message board for Frederick Delius. Find where, Frederick

    5. MusicaBona | Classical Music Shop | Frederick Delius
    Venta online de música clásica checa - Venta de CD - Otros compositores - Frederick Delius 1836-1891) delius frederick( 1862-1934) Demantius Johann Ch. 1796-1869) Loewe Frederick( 1901-1988)
    Title Composer Composition Interpreter Catalog No. Advanced Search

    Ensembles and Orchestras

    Wind Quintet
    Frederick Delius (1862-1934)
    Fantasia on Greensleeves/English Folksong Suite etc.
    William Bennett - flute, Iona Brown - violin, Neville Marriner - director, Nicholas Kraemer - harpsichord; The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Sir Neville Marriner
    2 CD
    Usually dispatched within 3 days Price: $21.30
    Orchestral Works

    Welsh National Opera Orchestra, Sir Charles Mackerras
    2 CD Usually dispatched within 3 days Price: $21.30 The Dream of Gerontius/Sea Drift/Hymn of Jesus John Shirley-Quirk - baritone, Peter Pears - tenor, Yvonne Minton - mezzo-soprano; London Symphony Chorus, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, The Choir of King's College, Cambridge, BBC Chorus, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Richard Hickox, Benjamin Britten, Sir Adrian Boult 2 CD Usually dispatched within 3 days Price: $21.30 Compositions Frederick Delius A Dance Rhapsody No.1 A Dance Rhapsody No.2 A Song before sunrise A Village Romeo and Juliet, Music Drama in six scenes ... Two Aquarelles Last Update: May 25, 2004 About Us Current Exchange Rate List Security Claim ... Cesky

    6. The Music Of Frederick Delius
    Frederick Delius and his music THE MUSIC OF. FREDERICK DELIUS. NOTE In order to expand the Delius site, I have moved the files
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    NOTE: In order to expand the Delius site, I have moved the files to a different server. The above link will take you there. Please let me know if you have any problems as you browse the site.
    Thank you for visiting.
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    7. MSN Encarta - Search Results - Delius Frederick
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    8. Bücher > Delius, Frederick: Preise Und Angebote Bei Idealo
    More results from Søgeresultat - SØGERESULTAT, Du har søgt på forfatter=delius frederick, Se detaljer. bestil. CD. Læg i kurv. Delius, Frederick Koanga (standardtitel) Koanga.

    zum Preisvergleich
    Gottfried Kruse Noetzel Sondereinband The Music of Frederick Delius
    zum Preisvergleich
    Melvin Rea Tectum Verlag Microfiche F. C. Delius. Studien über sein literarisches Werk.
    zum Preisvergleich
    Friedrich Christian Delius Stauffenburg Broschiert
    zum Preisvergleich
    Klaus Henning Oelmann Hänsel-Hohenhausen - Verlag der Deutschen Hochschulschriften Taschenbuch Elegie As-Dur Op 47 (Delius). Flöte, Klavier
    zum Preisvergleich
    Boehm T (Komponist) Musiknoten Satirisches Erzählen im 20. Jahrhundert : Heinrich Mann /Bertolt Brecht /Martin Walser /Friedrich Christian Delius
    zum Preisvergleich
    Ludger Classen Taschenbuch Friedrich Christian Delius
    zum Preisvergleich
    Karin Graf (Herausgeber) Taschenbuch
    zum Preisvergleich
    Taschenbuch Das Opfer der Hannah Delius
    zum Preisvergleich
    Josephine Schade-Hädicke Bach Gebundene Ausgabe Der Liebesknochen des Stefan Delius zum Preisvergleich Stefan Delius Broschiert Das Opfer der Hannah Delius zum Preisvergleich Josephine Schade-Hädicke Gebundene Ausgabe

    9. Søgeresultat -
    SØGERESULTAT, Du har søgt på emne=delius frederick, BOG. Læg i kurv. Delius, Frederick, 18621934 Frederick Delius and Peter Warlock a friendship revealed. Frederick

    10. Delius, Frederick At
    Wednesday, May 19, 2004 HOME COMPOSER AZ Frederick delius frederick Delius. Orchestra, Top of Page^. La Calinda Koanga 4 mins.
    Home Composers Work Search Calendar ... Help Search by All Composer Work Title News Advanced Thursday, May 27, 2004
    COMPOSER A-Z Frederick Delius
    Frederick Delius
    Orchestra Top of Page^ La Calinda "Koanga" - 4 mins.
    Orchestration: 2222/423[1]/timp.perc/hp.[bjo]/str
    - 8 mins.
    Orchestration: 2222/4230/timp/hp/str
    Arranger / Editor: Thomas Beecham
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    11. - L'univers De La Musique - Partitions De Delius Frederick
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    12. - El Universo De Las Partituras De Musica - Partituras De Delius F
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    13. Frederick Delius Website - Homepage
    This website is dedicated to providing resources and information relating to the English composer frederick delius. delius composed
    Welcome to the official Delius website
    This website is dedicated to providing resources and information relating to the English composer Frederick Delius. Delius composed songs, small-scale instrumental pieces, orchestral pieces and operas. The latest news can be found on the News section. Here you will find current affairs in the Delius scene worldwide, including Forthcoming Events, Record and Book Reviews.
    Backing this up, you will find the Delius Society section, with information about how to join and interesting Links to other related websites, including some members' personal sites.
    These are the two vibrant, changing parts of our site, regularly updated.
    Also included on the site are a Biography Collected Works Bibliography and Discography . Contributed by the Delius Trust and the Delius Society in partnership, these are designed to provide a small-scale authoritative introduction to his life and music.
    We hope you find this website interesting. If you have any comments why not send us an email:
    The Delius Trust;

    14. Frederick Delius (1862-1934)
    frederick delius The frederick delius Discussion Group was launched to facilitate discussion and news/information posting with regard to
    Frederick Delius (1862-1934)
    Biographical Sketch
    Fritz Theodor Albert Delius was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, England, on January 29, 1862. His father Julius was a wool merchant, and although he never considered music a proper livelihood, he encouraged its performance in the home. Young Fritz played piano and violin quite well. But off he went to college, after which he worked in his father's wool business for over three years as a travelling representative, visiting Sweden, Germany and France. His travelling around, and his frequent straying to romantic places like Norway and the French Riviera, resulted in a cosmopolitanism (and even an occasional anti-England bias) that was to stay with Delius for the rest of his life. Delius' interest in music continued to consume his thoughts, to the neglect of his wool-biz representative duties. His frustrated father allowed Fritz to move to Florida, USA, to manage his orange plantation (Solano Grove, south of Jacksonville). The young romantic Delius was to absorb the unique natural beauty along the St. Johns River, as well as the rich harmonic vocal improvisations of the local black slaves. He obtained a piano, met local music teacher Thomas Ward, and immersed himself in music, again to the neglect of his father's business. Delius was to later write: "In Florida, through sitting and gazing at Nature, I gradually learnt the way in which I should eventually find myself....(and) hearing (the Afro-Americans') singing in such romantic surroundings, it was then and there that I first felt the urge to express myself in music."

    15. Delius, Frederick (1862 - 1934)
    delius, frederick (1862 1934) Born in 1862 in Bradford of German parentage, delius was sent by his father to Florida as an orange-grower.
    Delius, Frederick (1862 - 1934)
    Born in 1862 in Bradford of German parentage, Delius was sent by his father to Florida as an orange-grower. There he developed further his earlier musical interests and eventually persuaded his father to support him during a period of musical study at Leipzig Conservatory, where he met Grieg. With continued paternal support he moved thereafter to Paris and in 1897 settled at Grez-sur-Loing with the painter Jelka Rosen, who later became his wife. His final years brought blindness and paralysis, the result of an early syphilitic infection, and his later music was dictated to the young English musician Eric Fenby, who became his amanuensis. Delius had a strong champion in the conductor Sir Thomas Beecham, who did much to bring his music before the British public. The musical language of Delius with a characteristic harmony and lyricism of its own often has a rhapsodic intensity of feeling. Stage Works The stage works of Delius include the lyric drama Koanga, a love- story set on a Mississippi plantation, where the heroine, the slave-girl Palmyra, rejects the advances of the overseer in favour of a prince of her own tribe, Koanga. La Calinda, from this opera, is a well known orchestral excerpt. The opera A Village Romeo and Juliet, based on a novel by Gottfried Keller, is generally known to concert-audiences because of the familiar orchestral interlude The Walk to the Paradise Garden, as the lovers walk together to a village inn. From the later opera Fennimore and Gerda comes an orchestral Intermezzo, arranged after the death of the composer by Eric Fenby. The opera Irmelin, first performed under Beecham only in 1953, offers an orchestral Prelude for concert repertoire. Incidental music for James Elroy Flecker's Hassan has again provided items for concert repertoire.

    16. Chapter 9: Jacksonville University, Jacksonville
    Return to Main Menu. frederick delius. Koanga. n.p. 19851897. Manuscript score. Jacksonville University. Jacksonville. Carl S. frederick delius Collection. From March 1884 until September 1885, frederick delius lived at Solano Grove, located on

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    Frederick Delius. Koanga . [n.p.] 1985-1897. Manuscript score.
    Jacksonville University
    Carl S. Swisher Library. Jacksonville University is a private, independent, coeducational, institution, offering a wide range of baccalaureate degrees and selected master’s degrees with approximately 2,000 students. The University traces its history to William J. Porter University which opened its doors in 1934 as a two-year community college in downtown Jacksonville. Within a year, the institution was renamed Jacksonville Junior College to identify more accurately with the city. In 1944, the college moved into the Kay Mansion in the fashionable Riverside area of Jacksonville. By 1950, the college relocated to its present site on the St. Johns River on a beautifully landscaped 260-acre campus. In 1956, Jacksonville Junior College became Jacksonville University and shortly thereafter merged with The Jacksonville College of Music. The library was built in the early 1950s with two later additions and named for the head of Swisher International of Jacksonville, maker of King Edward and Swisher cigars. The library contains approximately 500,000 cataloged items in various formats. On campus is the restored home of Frederick Delius, which once stood on the banks of the St. Johns River south of Jacksonville at Solano Grove. The university has participated for thirty-four years with the Delius Association of Florida and other organizations in an annual festival of Delius’ music, along with a composition competition for young composers. The Swisher Library maintains a separate collection of Delius materials related to the composer and the annual festivals.

    17. WQXR: Classical Music Scene
    Biography tracing his path back and forth across the Atlantic as fruit grower, bohemian, and composer of noted operas, choral pieces, and other works. From the Grove Concise Dictionary of Music entry at WQXR radio.

    18. Frederick Delius
    Name Nationality Lived Delius, Frederick English Delius, an Englishman who settled in France, was one of these names that kept popping up in the books I was reading about Debussy. Oddly enough, the first piece of his I listened to remains my favourite, the Songs of Farewell for chorus and orchestra. This is a truly beautiful and uplifting setting of five poems by Walt Whitman, a man whose poetry has inspired several of my favourite works. There is sadness but also optimism in both music and poems. In a Summer Garden , where a sort of Walt Disney animation music meets Impressionism. You will find excerpts from full-blown operas like the utterly sublime Walk to the Paradise Garden La Calinda , the supremely sweet Intermezzo from Fennimore and Gerda , the timeless Intermezzo and Serenade from Hassan and the Irmelin Prelude . And they will surely contain the pair of pieces Summer Night on the River and its popular sister On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring This last piece is really relaxing, and features in a superb radio play by Carole Rosen, which was broadcast in about 1984, called The Brass Cuckoo A Song of Summer is also the title of another fine, short, Nature-inspired work which begins tranquilly but grows more animated, a property it shares with the folk-song based

    19. The Music Of Frederick Delius
    Works lists, discography, reference information, sound files, picture files, links for frederick delius.
    "The last great apostle in our time of romance, emotion, and beauty in music." - Sir Thomas Beecham
    Last Updated 3-8-2004
    Welcome to my Delius site! Frederick Delius (1862-1934) composed a wealth of singularly masterful musical works. I hope you enjoy browsing through the pages, pictures, sound files and links I have collected here. E-mail me with suggestions, problems, or comments. Special Thanks to:
    Jeff Gower - Jeff Driggers - Graeme Fyfe - Bill Early - Bill Marsh - Frank Lieber - Harry Froehlich - Harold Diamond - Derek Cox - George Little Bill Thompson
    The 2004 Delius Festival

    in Jacksonville, Florida

    Feb. 29, March 4 - 7, 2004
    Recaps of all Delius Festivals since 1961 "SEA DRIFT" by Frederick Delius
    was performed live in concert by the
    Saturday, November 8, 2003
    Stude Concert Hall, Rice University Campus Houston, Texas The concert also included "A SEA SYMPHONY" by Ralph Vaughan Williams Review by Bill Thompson Review by Charles Ward in the Houston Chronicle NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD: "A VILLAGE ROMEO AND JULIET" plus Bonus Documentary Film: "DISCOVERING DELIUS" Released Sept. 9, 2003

    20. Frederick Delius - Biography
    With all his outstanding works completed, frederick delius died at Grezsur-Loing on June 10 1934, his wife outliving him by just one year.
    Delius: by Achille Ouvre. Biography Born in England 1862
    Died in France 1934
    Buried in England 1935 Fritz Theodor Albert Delius
    was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, England, on 29 January 1862 to parents who had come to England from Bielefeld, Germany. Julius, his father, was a prosperous businessman in one of Yorkshire's great Victorian industries, wool. The home was a musically cultured one, and, as a boy, Fritz learned to play both violin and piano proficiently before he reached his teens. After attending Bradford Grammar School (1874-8), he spent two years studying at the International College near London, and then some apprentice years in his father's business. These were characterised by a growing frustration with business life, and in March 1884, Fritz persuaded his father to let him try his hand at cultivating oranges in Florida, USA. His plantation, Solano Grove, was some hours upstream from Jacksonville on the banks of the St. John's River. Once there, he quickly secured a piano and found a local source for theory lessons, a Jacksonville organist named Thomas Ward an important early influence. He also absorbed the sounds of the singing of negro workers, which were to be documented in his

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