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         Cardew Cornelius:     more books (39)
  1. Cornelius Cardew: A Life Unfinished by John Tilbury, 2008-10
  2. Cornelius Cardew: Play for Today by Andrea Phillips, Adrian Rifkin, et all 2009-11-01
  3. Cornelius Cardew: A Reader by Cornelius Cardew, 2006-08
  4. Stockhausen serves imperialism, and other articles: With commentary and notes by Cornelius Cardew, 1974
  5. Scratch Music
  6. Treatise by Cornelius Cardew, 1967
  7. Artiste Contemporain Britannique: Cornelius Cardew, Gilbert et George, Banksy, David Mach, Lynn Chadwick, Mac Adams, Richard Hamilton (French Edition)
  8. British Communists: J. B. S. Haldane, Kim Philby, Jessica Mitford, C. L. R. James, Cambridge Five, Cornelius Cardew, Alexei Sayle
  9. Britischer Komponist: Elton John, Andy Summers, Van Morrison, Chris Rea, Oliver Wallace, Lawrence Casserley, Cornelius Cardew, Karl Jenkins (German Edition)
  10. People From Winchcombe: Catherine Parr, Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley, Cornelius Cardew, Jack O'newbury
  11. Hochschullehrer (Royal Academy of Music): Ernst Pauer, Cornelius Cardew, Norma Winstone, William Alwyn, Oren Marshall, Michael Garrick (German Edition)
  12. Cornelius Cardew (1936-1981): A Life Unfinished.(Cornelius Cardew: A Reader)(Book review): An article from: Notes by Tom Bickley, 2010-06-01
  13. Compositeur Contemporain Britannique: Elisabeth Lutyens, Malcolm Arnold, Richard Rodney Bennett, Kenneth Leighton, Cornelius Cardew (French Edition)
  14. Music and Musicians From Gloucestershire: Gustav Holst, Brian Jones, Greenbelt Festival, Joe Meek, Cornelius Cardew, Pigbag, Jaz Coleman

1. Cornelius Cardew - Composer
Information on Cornelius Cardew British composer, etc
composer musician organiser about info works scratch ...

2. Cornelius Cardew
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3. U B U W E B :: Cornelius Cardew
Cornelius Cardew, England 19361981 (PDF, 1.9mb) Stockhausen Serves Imperialism and Other Articles (1974 RELATED RESOURCES Cornelius Cardew in UbuWeb Sound




(PDF, 1.9mb)
Stockhausen Serves Imperialism and Other Articles (1974)
Cornelius Cardew: Making Marx in the Music

by Kyle Gann ( from New Music Box
No other 20th-century composer so vividly inhabited the overlap of music and politics as England's Cornelius Cardew (1936-1981). Though killed 22 years ago, he had a tremendous impact on many colleagues in contemporary music, and his influence still determines much of how new music is seen in the context of the world political situation.
From 1958-60, the young Cardew worked as an assistant to Karlheinz Stockhausen in preparation of the latter's score Carre, and in so doing met and fell under the spell of John Cage. Cardew's magna opera to this day are two large, Cage-influenced indeterminate scores from the 1960s, Treatise (inspired by Wittgenstein's Tractatus) and The Great Learning, based on the teachings of Confucius. Another claim to fame is that Cardew was a founding member of both the Scratch Orchestra a wrangling, obstreperous collective of the 1970s that gave concerts devoted to conceptual art, improvisation, and scores of experimental and even bizarre notation and also the smaller, tighter improvisation group AMM, formed with Eddie Prevost, Lou Gare, and Keith Rowe.
Yet despite this stellar avant-garde resume, Cardew's life took a disconcerting left turn. In 1971 he began to study Marxism and, along with some of his Scratch Orchestra comrades, to apply its teachings to his musical activities. He was greatly impressed by English Marxist Christopher Caudwell's essay

4. Cardew,Cornelius
Carisi John cardew cornelius (19361981)
Find: The Database Home Page < Carbon,John To the Index Carisi,John >> Cardew,Cornelius (1936-1981) Sex Male Comments Mountains
Written Duration Comments Publisher Forward
Inst. Bass Clarinet Grade Comments Prepared on Fri Aug 22 11:03:30 2003

5. Carbon,John
The Database Home Page. To the Index. cardew cornelius Carbon John. Sex. Male. Comments nbsp. Dreaming the wild spiritwind dance a concerto. Written. 1989. Duration. 1200. Comments. Commissioned by Doris Hall-Gulati.
Find: The Database Home Page < Caravan,Ronald L. To the Index Cardew,Cornelius >> Carbon,John Sex Male Comments Dreaming the wild spirit-wind dance : a concerto
Written Duration Comments Commissioned by Doris Hall-Gulati. Premiered by Doris Hall-Gulati, Clarinet in Bb, and the Franklin and Marshall Symphonic Winds, Lancaster, Pa., 1990. Publisher California Philharmonic Association
Inst. Baritone Horn, Timpani, Percussion (5), Piano, Clarinet Ensemble Grade Comments Dreams within dreams : a concerto
Written Duration Comments Commissioned by Joel Bluestone. Premiered by Joel Bluestone, Percussion, at the Franklin and Marshall Chamber Winds, Lancaster, Pa., Sept. 10, 1989. Publisher California Philharmonic Association
Inst. Piccolo/Flute (2), Oboe (2), Clarinet in Bb (2), Bassoon (2), Horn (2), Trumpet in Bb (2), Trombone (2), Percussion (2) Grade Comments Shadows and echoes of summer : a serenade
Written Duration Comments Commissioned by Catholic University and Franklin and Marshall College. Premiered by the Franklin and Marshall Chamber Music Society, Lancaster, Pa., 1990. Publisher American Music Center

6. CARDEW Cornelius - CHAMBER MUSIC 1955 - 64
cardew cornelius CHAMBER MUSIC 1955 - 64. matchless mr 45 *gordon mackay violin *bridget carey viola *anton lukoszevieze cello
CARDEW cornelius - CHAMBER MUSIC 1955 - 64
[matchless mr 45]
*gordon mackay: violin *bridget carey: viola *anton lukoszevieze: cello/conductor *alan thomas: guitar *rhodri davies: harp *marco blaauw: trumpet *andrew sparling: clarinet *david ryan: bass clarinet, piano *sarah walker: piano, prepared piano *dave smith: prepared piano, melodica *tania chen: piano *robert coleridge: organ *michael parsons: conductor, electronic keyboard *simon allen: vibraphone, marimba
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Sound 323
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[deutsche grammophon]
*CARDEW The Great Learning (1969) performed by the scratch orchestra conducted by cornelius cardew - recorded London 1971
*BEDFORD Two Poems for Chorus on Words of Kenneth Patchen (1966) performed by the north german radio chorus of hamburg conducted by helmut franz - recorded 1968
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8. WIEM: Cardew Cornelius
cardew cornelius (19361981), kompozytor angielski. Muzyka, Wielka Brytania cardew cornelius (1936-1981). cardew cornelius (1936-1981), kompozytor angielski.
WIEM 2004 - zobacz now± edycjê encyklopedii! Kup abonament i encyklopediê na CD-ROM, sprawd¼ ofertê cenow±!
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Cardew Cornelius
Cardew Cornelius (1936-1981), kompozytor angielski. Studiowa³ kompozycjê, fortepian i wiolonczelê w Royal Academy of Music w Londynie, ponadto muzykê elektroniczn± u G.M. Königa w Kolonii i kompozycjê u G. Petrassiego w Rzymie. Od 1967 uczy³ kompozycji w Royal Academy of Music w Londynie. 1969 by³ wspó³twórc± zespo³u Scratch Orchestra, wykonuj±cego muzykê wspó³czesn±. Kompozytor muzyki eksperymentalnej, w której du¿e znaczenie ma improwizacja; tak¿e autor prac o nowej muzyce. Wa¿niejsze kompozycje: The Great Learning , 7 czê¶ci, dla nieograniczonej liczby wykonawców (1968-70); utwory kameralne, fortepianowe, orkiestrowe, Third Orchestra Piece (1960); utwory na nieokre¶lon± obsadê.

9. U B U W E B :: Cornelius Cardew
1. BBC Documentary on Cornelius cardew cornelius Cardew Memorial Concert (1985) 1. First Movement for String Quartet 2. Octet 71 3. Treatise 4. Paragraph 1 of


BBC Documentary on Cornelius Cardew

Cornelius Cardew Memorial Concert (1985)
First Movement for String Quartet

Octet '71


Paragraph 1 of the Great Learning
We Sing for The Future

Cornelius Cardew was killed on the 13th December 1981, by a hit and run driver near his home in East London. On the 16th of May 1982 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall London his musical colleagues, friends and comrades came together to perform his music in a tribute to his life and works. Performers: Laurie Barker Alex Balanescu David Bedford Gavin Bryars Steve Calder Carol Chant Michael Chant Horace Cardew Walter Cardew Bob Coleridge Kate Collison Patrick Foster Maranda Cullylove Lou Gare Liam Genockey Gerry Gold Alec Hill Christopher Hobbs Peter Howe David Jackman Tim Joss Shelia Kasabova Francis Kelly Tim Mason Melinda Maxwell Ian Michell Tim Michell Janos Negyesy Michael Nyman Michael Parsons Geoff Pearce Elizabeth Perry Tom Phillips Eddie Prevost Karen Rhodes Keith Rowe Frederic Rzewski Brigid Scott-Baker Hugh Schrapnel Dave Smith John Tilbury Michelle Todd Emily Underwood Jane Wells John White Sylvia Williams Bob Wolford AMM Eisler Ensemble English Chamber Choir (Dir. Guy Protheroe)

10. Cornelius Cardew
Cornelius Cardew. Cornelius Cardew (1936–1981) was an English avantgarde composer, and founder (with Howard Skempton and Michael
Main Page See live article Alphabetical index
Cornelius Cardew
Cornelius Cardew ) was an English avant-garde composer , and founder (with Howard Skempton and Michael Parsons) of the Scratch Orchestra, an experimental performing ensemble. He is notable for Treatise , a purely psychologically interpreted score. This article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by fixing it.
This article is from Wikipedia . All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License

11. BEEP Discografie Entry For THE GREAT LEARNING
THE GREAT LEARNING, cardew cornelius. Additional information Musicians The Scratch Orchestra Brian Eno Vocals Cornelius Cardew Conductor. Index.
click on image to enlarge Year: Categorie: Collaboration/Classic Cover Art Credits: n/a Producer info: Karl Faust Recording Location info: Catalog info:
LP: DEUTSCHE GRAMOFON DGG 2538216 DGG 2561 107 Tracks:
1.- The Great Learning, Paragraph 2 21:45 2.- The Great Learning, Paragraph 7 20:30 Additional information:
Musicians: The Scratch Orchestra Brian Eno Vocals Cornelius Cardew Conductor

12. Cornelius Cardew - Encyclopedia Article About Cornelius Cardew. Free Access, No
encyclopedia article about Cornelius Cardew. Cornelius Cardew in Free online English dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. Cornelius Cardew. Cardew
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Cornelius Cardew
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Cornelius Cardew Centuries: 19th century - 20th century - 21st century Decades: 1880s 1890s 1900s 1910s 1920s - Years: 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 -
  • January 15 The first building to be completely covered in glass is completed in Toledo, Ohio, for the Owens-Illinois Glass Company.

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(In Detail)
Royal motto: Dieu et mon droit (God and my right)
Official language None, English is de facto
Capital London
- Total Ranked 1st UK
- Total (2001) - Density Ranked 1st UK Unification 9th Century by Egbert of Wessex Currency Pound Sterling Time zone UTC+0 National anthems Unofficial: God Save the Queen Land of Hope and Glory Jerusalem Click the link for more information.

13. Music 1955
.. cardew cornelius CHAMBER MUSIC 1955 - 64 cardew cornelius - CHAMBER MUSIC 1955 - 64cardew cornelius - CHAMBER
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14. Gleebooks - Treatise: 2 CD Display Music CD
Music Title, BACK. Title Treatise. Subtitle 2 CD. Artist cardew cornelius. Publisher HAT ART RECORDS. Binding Compact Disc. exGST $46.32. incGST $50.95.

15. Cornelius Cardew
Cornelius Cardew. Gregory Taylor From Brian Duguid BD1@MMCROY.MHS.CompuServe.COM. A postscript to the Cornelius Cardew information
Cornelius Cardew
These posts were extracted from the Brian Eno mailing list in response to some queries about Cardew. From Thu Jan 13 12:41:36 1994 From Johann Haidenbauer Fri Jan 14 03:29:20 1994 From: Brian Duguid BD1@MM-CROY.MHS.CompuServe.COM

16. Sonomu: Cornelius Cardew
Cornelius Cardew. releases. The Great Learning by Cornelius Cardew release details (1 related review / comment) (no press releases). related to Cornelius Cardew.
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Cornelius Cardew
The Great Learning by Cornelius Cardew
release details

(1 related review / comment) (no press releases)
related to Cornelius Cardew
Zammuto HOAHIO Merzbow Dumb Type ... Erik M

17. Cornelius Cardew
Cornelius Cardew. ‰¹Œ¹ AMM / AMMMUSIC 1966 (ReR AMMDC) AMM / The Crypt - 12th JUNE 1968 The Complete Session (Matchless MRCD05
Cornelius Cardew
AMM AMMMUSIC - 1966 (ReR AMMDC) AMM The Crypt - 12th JUNE 1968 The Complete Session (Matchless MRCD05) AMM Laminal (Matchless MRCD31) Cornelius Cardew, the Scratch Orchestra / THe Great Learning (organ of Corti 21) 1971,1982 Morton Feldman Vertical Thoughts 2 Steve Reich Drumming (Deutsche Grmmophone 427 428-2) Not Necessarily "English Music" (LMJ CD 11) Cornelius Cardew / four principles on ireland and other pieces (ampersand ampere 7) Cornelius Cardew / Piano Music 1959 - 1970 (Matchless MRCD29) Piano Sonata No 3 David Tudor Three Rhythmic Pieces for Trumpet and Piano (1955) Apartment House February Piece 1959 John Tilbury February Piece 1960 John Tilbury Autumn '60 Version I (1960) Autumn '60 Version II (1960) Apartment House Octet '61 for Jasper Johns (1961) Apartment House February Piece 1961 John Tilbury Piece for Guitar (For Stella) (1961) Apartment House Solo with Accompaniment (1964) Apartment House Material Version I (1964) Material Version II (1964) Apartment House Memory of You (1964) Apartment House Volo Solo John Tilbury Unintended Piano Music John Tilbury Winter Potato No.1

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19. Cornelius Cardew - Composer
Biographical Notes. cornelius was the second of three sons born to Michael and Mariel cardew. cornelius cardew Piano Music. CD from musicnow
British Composers Project Cornelius Cardew

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Father Murphy
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Biographical Notes
Cornelius was the second of three sons born to Michael and Mariel Cardew. His father was a pioneer potter, his mother an artist. The family moved to Cornwall a few years after his birth and it was from here that he was accepted as a pupil by the Canterbury Cathedral School which had evacuated to the area during the war because of the bombing. Cornelius began musical life as a chorister.
From 1953-57 he studied piano and 'cello with Percy Waller and composition with Howard Ferguson at the RAM and won a scholarship to study electronic music in Cologne for a year before becoming Karlheinz Stockhausen's assistant (1958-60), collaborating with him on Carre.
" As a musician he was outstanding because he was not only a good pianist but also a good improviser and I hired him to become my assistant in the late 50s and he worked with me for over three years. I gave him work to do which I have never given to any other musician, which means to work with me on the score I was composing. He was one of the best examples that you can find among musicians because he was well informed about the latest theories of composition as well as being a performer ".

20. Browse By Artist: CARDEW, CORNELIUS
Index of ArtistsBrowse by Artist cardew, cornelius. Artist cardew, cornelius. Title Four Principles On Ireland And Other Pieces. Label AMPERSAND. Format CD. Price$ 14.50. Catalog AMPERE 07 "
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Index of Artists
Browse by Artist: CARDEW, CORNELIUS
Artist: CARDEW, CORNELIUS Title: Four Principles On Ireland And Other Pieces Label: AMPERSAND Format: CD Price: Catalog #: AMPERE 07 "In 1975 when Four Principles was released, Cornelius Cardew was comfortably within his third stylistic phase of musical development. Unlike the groundbreaking experimental activities introduced through his most famous pieces Treatise and The Great Learning the music on Four Principles marked a repudiation of the musical avant-garde which Cardew himself had championed in England. The collection of 13 solo piano pieces on this disc represent a pivotal time in Cardew's work when he was poised between the strictest interpretation of Marxist aesthetics and the development of his voice within those aesthetics. What can be heard is a return to the music Cardew knew and understood: a beautiful music of clarity and eclecticism steeped in pianistic traditions and reformulated through the poetry, folk ballads, melodies, and resistance songs of China and Ireland that underscores his role as one of the most devoted political composers of the 20th century. This CD edition of the long out of print Cramps LP features original track notes by Cardew, new liner notes by Virginia Anderson and previously unpublished photographs of Cardew."

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