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         Bingen Hildegard Von:     more books (100)
  1. Hildegard von Bingen's Mystical Visions: Translated from Scivias by Hildegard von Bingen, 1995
  2. Hildegard von Bingen's Physica: The Complete English Translation of Her Classic Work on Health and Healing
  3. Scarlet Music: A Life of Hildegard Von Bingen (Crossroad fiction program) by Joan O'Hanneson, 1997-04-01
  4. Hildegard's Healing Plants: From Her Medieval Classic Physica by Hildegard Von Bingen, 2002-05-11
  5. Meditation Chants of Hildegard Von Bingen by Norma Gentile, 1997-06
  6. Vision: The Life and Music of Hildegard von Bingen by Hildegard of Bingen, Barbara Newman, 1995-11-01
  7. Vita Sanctae Hildegardis =: Leben der heiligen Hildegard von Bingen. Canonizatio Sanctae Hildegardis = Kanonisation der heiligen Hildegard (Fontes Christiani) (German Edition) by Godefridus, 1998
  8. Das Hildegard-von- Bingen - Kochbuch. Die besten Rezepte der Hildegard- Küche. by Wighard Strehlow, 1996-01-01
  9. Hildegard Von Bingen: Webster's Timeline History, 1914 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-02-20
  10. Lieder. by Hildegard von Bingen, Pudentiana Barth, et all 1992-01-01
  11. Hildegard von Bingen. Die Biographie. by Eberhard Horst, 2002-06-01
  12. Hildegard von Bingen 2009 by Unknown., 2008
  13. "Die brennende Vernunft": Studien zur Semantik der "rationalitas" bei Hildegard von Bingen (Mystik in Geschichte und Gegenwart) (German Edition) by Fabio Chavez Alvarez, 1991
  14. Gesund und schmackhaft kochen mit der hl. Hildegard von Bingen. by Ellen Breindl, 1993-10-01

1. Patron Saints Index: Blessed Hildegard Von Bingen
HILDEGARD von BINGEN. Also known as Sybil of the Rhine Memorial 17 September Profile At a time when few women wrote, Hildegard produced
Also known as
Sybil of the Rhine
17 September
At a time when few women wrote, Hildegard produced major works of theology and visionary writings . When few women were accorded respect, she was consulted by and advised bishops popes , and kings . She used the curative powers of natural objects for healing, and wrote treatises about natural history and the medicinal uses of plants, animals, trees and stones. She is the first composer whose biography is known. Founded a vibrant convent, where her musical plays were performed. Although not yet canonized, Hildegard has been beatified, and is frequently referred to as Saint Hildegard. Revival of interest in this extraordinary woman of the middle ages was initiated by musicologists and historians of science and religion. Less fortunately, Hildegard's visions and music had been hijacked by the New Age movement, whose music bears some resemblance to Hildegard's ethereal airs. Her story is important to all students of medieval history and culture, and an inspirational account of an irresistible spirit and vibrant intellect overcoming social, physical, cultural, gender barriers to achieve timeless transcendence.
Hildegard was born the 10th child (a tithe) to a noble family. As was customary with the tenth child, which the family could not count on feeding, she was dedicated at birth to the church. The girl started to have visions of luminous objects at the age of three, but soon realized she was unique in this ability and hid this gift for many years.

2. Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List - Hildegard Von Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen. (1098 1179). Additional Information More information on Hildegard; Bison Publishing s Hildegard Page; Hildegard von Bingen Discography.
Hildegard von Bingen
German abbess and mystic, one of the earliest known female composers. Hildegard's musical and literary output is immense, including religious treatises, plays, and "abstract" music. The latter is monophonic, in the style of Gregorian chant, making use of the primary forms of the time: sequence, hymn, etc. Her melodic contours are consistently original; being based on mystical visions, they usually have an ecstatic quality.
~ Todd McComb Additional Information:
Responsoria, Antiphons and Sequences /RCA Deutsche Harmonia Mundi Editio Classica 77020-2-RG
Antiphons and Sequences /Hyperion CDA66039
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3. Hildegard Von Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen. Hildegard of Bingen by Sabina Flanagan. Other Information Hildegard von Bingen was Abbess of Rupertsburg and a mystical poet and singer.
Hildegard, von
Hildegard von Bingen
Hildegard of Bingen
by Sabina Flanagan Period: Medieval
Born: 1098 in Bemersheim, Germany
Died: 1179 in Rupertsburg, Germany
Nation of Origin: Germany
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Major Works:

Symphonia armonie celestium revelationum (a collection of her poems set to music)
Ordo Virtutum (a morality play) Other Information: Hildegard von Bingen was Abbess of Rupertsburg and a mystical poet and singer. She began to record her religious visions in the form of poetry beginning about 1150. She also provided melodic outlines using a primitive system of neumes that have allowed contemporary scholars to create educated guesses about what her music sounded like. Hildegard is known for mystical and florid interpretations of plainchant. She is one of the first identifiable composers in the history of western music. General Bibliography: Kennedy, Michael, The Oxford Dictionary of Music, Oxford University Press, 2nd Edition, 1997, ISBN: 0198691629 Reese, Gustave, ... The Rise of Music in the Ancient World , Sadie, Stanley and Tyrrell, John; Editors, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians

4. Patron Saints Index Commercial Page For Hildegard Von Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen commercial page. Hildegard of Bingen, 10981179 A Visionary Life by Sabina Flanagan $ 15. 19 Paperback, 256
Hildegard von Bingen
commercial page
Hildegard of Bingen, 1098-1179 : A Visionary Life
by Sabina Flanagan
, 256 pages, June 1998, Routledge
It is the great virtue of Sabina Flanagan's cool, scholarly, and reflective biography that it sets her story so firmly in her own age....A woman of electrifying visionary power, fascinating, often enigmatic and clearly of great presence, she was also a woman with a will and prejudices of her own....It is as such, wrinkles and all, that Sabina Flanagan presents her to us, and we must be grateful for the historical balance of her picture.
Hildegard of Bingen : Inspired Conscience of the Twelfth Century

by Regine Pernoud, Paul Duggan (translator)
, 256 pages, June 1998, Marlowe and Company
Admirers of Hildegard's music will find little about it in this respectful life of the influential abbess who advised princes and plebeians, preached to great effect, and corresponded with Popes, giving one of them what amounted to a dressing down for negligence. The text offers little about music, but provides considerable information on the politics of the turbulent twelfth century, and on Hildegard's visions. She wrote, or dictated, descriptions of what she saw along with explanations of what it meant. These texts are covered at some length, and they are interesting for what appears to have been an almost surrealistic gap between the visionary's highly fantastic, sharply described images and the lucid, humane religious principles she derived from them. There is no trace of modern skepticism in the author's treatment of Hildegard.

5. Hildegard Von Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen. Hildegard Von Bingen was a pioneer in science, philosophy, and music. Hildegard Von Bingen has been claimed
Hildegard von Bingen
Hildegard Von Bingen was a pioneer in science, philosophy, and music.
Hildegard Von Bingen has been claimed as one of their own by Catholics, feminists, musicians, scientists, and New Age devotees. In reality, she was a woman ahead of her time, but one deeply attached to tradition and mindful of her duties to the Church. Hildegard was born at Bockelheim on the Nahe in 1098. Her family was one of wealth and nobility, and probably went by the name of Stein. Her father was a professional soldier under the Count of Spanheim. Her parents, Mathilda and Hildebert, dedicated this tenth child to God, and from an early age she learned to sing and chant in Latin, though she was not taught to read and write. Hildegard began to have supernatural visions at the age of three, but did not reveal this gift to others for many years. bodyOffer(26763) At the age of eight, Hildegard was placed in the care of an anchoress named Jutta. Anchoresses were not average nuns. Their life was far more solitary and brutal. They lived alone in cells, having food passed to them through a small window, and spent most of their time in meditation or handiwork. Jutta had been a woman blessed with material wealth and beauty, but had turned her back on the world in favor of the religious life. Hildegard emulated Jutta for the rest of her life. She was invested with the habit of St. Benedict while still in her teens. When Hildegard was 38 years old, Jutta died, and Hildegard was made mother superior. In 1147, a vision commanded her to move her convent and eighteen sisters to Rupertsberg, near the town of Bingen, on the left bank of the Rhine. Approximately 20 years later, she founded another convent on the right side of the Rhine at Eibingen.

6. Hildegard Von Bingen (1098-1179)
Brief biographical sketch, caricature, summary of religious compositions, and Naxos discography. of Bingen

7. Hildegard Von Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites. sound clip(s). video clip(s). Hildegard von Bingen.

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Hildegard von Bingen
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17 September
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Hildegard of Bingen
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  • Palle Nielsen - mig skal intet fattes (2002) ... aka Palle Nielsen - I Shall Not Want (2002) (International: English title) Beautiful Mind, A (2001)
  • Filmography as: Composer Writer Writer - filmography
  • Unsere Besten (2003) (TV) (uncredited)
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    8. Hildegard Von Bingen
    Hildegard von Bingen Were her visions actually halos? Hildegard von Bingen was born in 1098 on the farm Bermersheim near Alzey.
    Hildegard von Bingen -
    Were her visions actually halos?
    by Mark Vornhusen Deutsche Version
    Representation of the first vision in “Liber divinorum operum“.
    The upper wings are equal to the Party arc. The wings below are equal to the upper tangent arc. The figure is formed by the upper and the lower sun pillar. The lamb in his hand is the sun and the snake beneath his feet is the 22°-ha1o together with the lower tangent arc. Hildegard von Bingen was born in 1098 on the farm Bermersheim near Alzey. In order to remind of her 900th birthday, in 1998 various exhibitions and lectures took place and also the media reported on Hildegard‘s life. The centre of Hildegard‘s life was formed by lights that she saw in the sky again and again. She interpreted them as visions sent by God and described them in her books. After 1 had already come to the conclusion that St. John of Jerusalem‘s revelation can be led back upon a halo display, I began to examine also Hildegard‘s books on halos. Already at first sight it became clear that in her visions there are lots of parallels to halos.
    Halos are geometrical shapes in the sky which are caused by refraction and reflection of sunlight from ice crystals. So halos are just made of light. At rare occasions they can reach a dazzling brightness.

    9. Hildegard Von Bingen
    HILDEGARD VON BINGEN Born 1098, Bermersheim, Germany Died September 17, 1179, Rupertsberg, Germany. Abbess, mystic, musician, and writer.
    HILDEGARD VON BINGEN Born: 1098, Bermersheim, Germany
    Died: September 17, 1179, Rupertsberg, Germany.
    Abbess, mystic, musician, and writer. Composed plainchant and wrote learned treatises on natural science, medicine, and theology.
    Was Hildegard inspired by divine visions, or did she suffer from migraines? The question has been asked in this century, but the answer only reveals our own view of the world. Hildegard's reality was indeed one of inspired visions and these visions reinforced a powerful will to succeed that made her one of the most remarkable women of the Middle Ages.
    Hildegard enjoyed a relatively privileged position as abbess of a wealthy convent. At the age of 8, her parents sent her to a local convent for religious training. She eventually rose to the rank of abbess, and succeeded in forming an independent convent near Rupertsberg. Over the course of her life, Hildegard managed to educate herself far beyond the knowledge demanded for a woman of her rank. Significantly, she passed this knowledge on in the form of learned studies of natural science, medicine, and other matters. At the same time, Hildegard was a mystic, experiencing visions of what she called "the divine light" from an early age. These visions were accepted as authentic by the church, and this added to Hildegard’s stature. She exploited this by being an outspoken advocate of all she believed, even to the point of confronting popes and emperors when she thought they were not following God’s will.

    10. Hildegard Von Bingen
    2008, 2009. Website style Hildegard von Bingen. Picture of Hildegard von Bingen. (Sent by Peter Lang from Music on stamps). Born 1098

    11. Hildegard Von Bingen
    Hildegard von Bingen. As much as the name of Mirabai in India, that of Hildegard von Bingen spells reverence in Germany. Both saintly
    Hildegard von Bingen As much as the name of Mirabai in India, that of Hildegard von Bingen spells reverence in Germany. Both saintly ladies had a tremendous influence in their respective societies, Mirabai for spreading the message of the bhakti movement during the 16th century, and Hildegard von Bingen as abbot of the benedictinian monastery on the Rupertsberg near Bingen on the Rhine, as a mystic, medicinal healer and advisor to popes, emperors and princes. Both are considered one of the most important women of the Middle Ages. German News is bringing a tribute to Hildegard von Bingen on the 900th anniversary of her birth. In 1098 Hildegard von Bingen was born into a noble family of Bermersheim (Rhinehesse) and was educated from her eighth year onwards in the benedictinian monastery of Disibodenberg. Her education basically consisted of instructions in singing of religious songs and handicrafts. In 1136 Hildegard became the abbot of this monastery and founded new monasteries on Rupertsberg near Bingen and in Eibingen. As highly sensitive person with a deeply inquisitive nature and scholarly disposition, she wrote numerous treatises on theology, natural sciences, medicine and general knowledge. She also became known as author of musical compositions and religious songs. What a powerful mind Hildegard von Bingen must have had that her mystical experiences, her writings and her musical compositions are still relevant today!

    12. Hildegard Von Bingen
    HILDEGARD von bingen. © 2002 Jeff Thompson.
    HILDEGARD von bingen

    13. Hildegard Publishing Company
    Hildegard von Bingen. Posted By Karen Downing Date Friday, January 30 2004 I purchased some music of HvB recently

    14. Hildegard Von Bingen
    Hildegard von Bingen (10981179) text. Known as the Sybil of the Rhine, Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) was a German abbess, mystic and writer.
    Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) text K nown as "the Sybil of the Rhine," Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) was a German abbess, mystic and writer. She was born to noble parents, who promised her, their tenth child, to the church. At the age of eight, she became a novice under the abbess Jutta of Spanheim at the Benedictine Abbey of Disibodenberg. On Jutta's death in 1136, Hildegard succeeded her as abbess. About fifteen years later, she founded her own independent abbey, against the wishes of the local Church authorities. Although Hildegard was highly educated, she saw herself primarily as the instrument of God's will. Throughout her life, she experienced apocalyptic, prophetic and symbolic visions that she eventually codified in three large books. Hildegard's writings include theological, medical and botanical essays. She also wrote lyric works, letters, lives of saints and the morality play Ordo Virtutum, or The Order of the Virtues. About eighty of her vocal compositions survive. Hildegard's Ordo Virtutum relates the dramatic struggle between a Soul, the Devil and a host of allegorical Virtues. The dramatic text and vocal setting are fully notated. Since sacred vocal music of the time was accompanied by instruments, it is likely that the Ordo would have been as well. The cast calls for 20 female singing roles (the Soul and Virtues), a few male singing roles (Prophets and Patriarchs), and the non-singing role of the Devil (which may have been played by Volmar, Hildegard's secretary). The piece was presumably performed by the nuns in Hildegard's convent. It appears to be the oldest surviving Western work of what may be called musical theater or opera.

    15. ClassicalPlus Composer - Hildegard Von Bingen
    Hildegard von Bingen

    16. Hildegard Von Bingen - A Discography
    hildegard von bingen (10981179) - A discography. Conception research Pierre-F. Roberge. For comments, additions and corrections Last update 05/07/2004 Horst's website, one
    Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) - A discography
    For comments, additions and corrections
    Last update: 05/20/2004 This is to the best of my knowledge a complete discography of Hildegard von Bingen. It will be regularly updated as soon I am aware of corrections or additions.
      I suggest that you refer to Roland Horst's website , one of the most complete sites on Hildegard von Bingen. There you will find many links that will probably answer most of your questions. It is also worth mentioning the book "VISION, The Life and Music of Hildegard von Bingen", compiled and edited by Jane Bobko, Penguin Studio, 1995. An overview of Hildegard's life can also be found in the periodical "Goldberg", 2/98, pp. 24-35.
    This discography lists Hildegard's work according to the order stated in Barbara Newman's book " Hildegard of Bingen - Symphonia, A Critical Edition of the Symphonia armonie celestium revelationum" (Ithaca and London Cornell University Press, 2nd ed., 1998). Hildegard composed 43 antiphons, 18 responsories, 4 hymns and 7 sequences, 2 symphonies (virgin and widows) and three unique pieces (Alleluia, Kyrie and O viridissima virga) for a total of 77 works.
    This discography is divided into three parts: Part I lists all the works attributed to Hildegard von Bingen. The entry refers to the

    17. Hildegard Von Bingen
    O Mary, artist of life, hail! By recreating wholeness, you have convulsed death itself. hildegard von bingen. from De Sancta Maria In Praise of Mary. The Human Soul. The Universal Human. The Tree of
    O Mary, artist of life, hail!
    By recreating wholeness, you have convulsed death itself.
    Hildegard von Bingen
    from De Sancta Maria In Praise of Mary
    The Human Soul
    The Universal Human
    The Tree of Life
    Background Music by Hildegard: "Oh Shepherd of Souls" by Hildegard"

    18. Hildegard Of Bingen
    The Life and Works of hildegard von bingen (10981179) Introduction. hildegard of bingen (1098-1179) was a remarkable woman, a "first" in many fields.
    The Life and Works of Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)
    The Early Years
    Hildegard was born a "10"th child (a tithe) to a noble family. As was customary with the tenth child, which the family could not count on feeding, she was dedicated at birth to the church. The girl started to have visions of luminous objects at the age of tree, but soon realized she was unique in this ability and hid this gift for many years.
    The Awakening
    During all these years Hildegard confided of her visions only to Jutta and another monk, named Volmar, who was to become her lifelong secretary. However, in 1141, Hildegard had a vision that changed the course of her life. A vision of god gave her instant understanding of the meaning of the religious texts, and commanded her to write down everything she would observe in her visions. And it came to pass ... when I was 42 years and 7 months old, that the heavens were opened and a blinding light of exceptional brilliance flowed through my entire brain. And so it kindled my whole heart and breast like a flame, not burning but warming... and suddenly I understood of the meaning of expositions of the books... Yet Hildegard was also overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy and hesitated to act.

    19. Hildegard Von Bingen Links Page
    Itinerary. Recordings. Events. Private Sessions. Biography Sponsor Info. Writings. hildegard. BookStore. Links. The self portrait of hildegard was drawn by Rodney Caines



    Recordings ...

    The self portrait of Hildegard was drawn by Rodney Caines
    I believe that singing, chanting, toning, prayer and healing are all one and the same. We are creative beings, responsible for our bodies, our emotions, our thoughts and minds. What we give our attention to we give our energy to. By consciously and intentionally using sound we discover ourselves as co-creators.
    - Norma Gentile
    "All the arts serving human desires and needs
    are derived from the breath
    that God sent into the human body."
    Hildegard of Bingen for more information on Hildegard von Bingen Hildegard's Musical Notation /Sheet Music (her original hand-written score,the Gregorian square note version, and the modern printed versions) Hildegard Chant texts (the original Latin texts Hildegard wrote,and English translations)

    20. Hildegard Von Bingen: A Who2 Profile
    Christian visionary, composer. Vital statistics, very brief biography, four good links.
    HILDEGARD VON BINGEN Christian Visionary/Composer Hildegard of Bingen began having visions as a child, but it wasn't until she was in her forties that her revelations in Christianity made her turn to composing. She founded convents and wrote plays, liturgies and hymns in praise of saints. Incredibly prolific, she was also considered a healer and early theologian and she was venerated in the church. Her compositions continue to be performed and recorded today. Hildegard of Bingen
    Good introduction to who she was exactly Hildegard von Bingen Lyrics
    In Latin and English, plus with some Hildegard Web links Hildegard of Bingen
    Focus on her work, with details on her music St. Hildegard
    Detailed Catholic Encyclopedia bio Birth:

    Germany Death:
    September 1179 Best Known As:
    Medieval prophet, healer and composer
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