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         Winslet Kate:     more books (81)
  1. Glamour Magazine Kate Winslet December 2004 Issue by Glamour Magazine, 2004
  2. InStyle; February 2009 (Kate Winslet) (Love Your Shape!)
  3. Glamour Magazine February 2002 Kate Winslet by Glamour, 2002
  4. Time Magazine March 2 2009 Kate Winslet by Time Inc., 2009
  5. Vogue July 2005: Kate Winslet; Fall's Perfect 10
  6. Entertainment Weekly December 19, 2008 Leonardo DeCaprio & Kate Winslet/Revolutionary Road Cover, Twilight Sequal, Cult Classic The Room
  7. Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy, 1996
  8. High Society Magazine June 2009 Jenna Presley, Kate Winslet, Eliza Dushku
  9. Dog Train CD: And 16 Other Improbable Songs by Sandra Boynton and Michael Ford, 2006-08-10
  10. Sense and Sensibility (Highbridge Classics) by Jane Austen, 1995-09-01

61. Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet
Heavenly Creatures (Créatures célestes) (P. Jackson)
A Kid in King's Arthur Court (Gottlieb), Sense and Sensibility (Raison et sentiments (Lee)
Hamlet (id.) (Branagh), Jude (id.) (Hardy)
(id.) (Cameron)
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62. Matt Craven Interview - The Life Of David Gale Movie Premiere
Interview with actor about the dramatic thriller, costarring Kevin Spacey, Laura Linney and kate winslet.
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Subscribe to the About Dramatic / Romantic Movies newsletter. Search Dramatic / Romantic Movies Matt Craven Talks About "The Life of David Gale"
by Rebecca Murray
Matt Craven at the Premiere of "The Life of David Gale"
More of this Feature

Kevin Spacey ('David Gale')

Laura Linney ('Constance')

Gabriel Mann ('Zack')

Melissa McCarthy ('Goth Girl/Nico')
"The Life of David Gale" Premiere Video - Interviews with the Cast

MORE INFORMATION ON "The Life of David Gale": "The Life of David Gale" Photo Gallery "The Life of David Gale" News, Trailer, and Websites Gabriel Mann Interview, Photos and Movies Kate Winslet Movie News and Websites Related Resources Calendar of Upcoming Releases News on Upcoming Releases New in Theatres or on Video Movie Reviews ... Casting News Elsewhere on the Internet Universal Pictures MATT CRAVEN ('Dusty') Can you describe your role in "The Life of David Gale?"

63. Ben De Lisi Interview
Excerpts from a discussion with the designer of kate winslet's much hailed 2002 Oscar dress offer a biographical profile and relate his design motivations.
Ben de Lisi Interview November 19, 2002 Ben is casually dressed in a cream cable-knit jumper and jeans and I find it hard to believe that he is 47 - especially when I consider that my parents are only a few years his senior. American born, De Lisi moved to London in 1982 and five years later, established his own company; making his first debut at London Fashion Week in 1994. The typical 'humble background' story is true in Ben's case.

64. Home Page
Analytical review of the plot, setting, theme, and structure of the film starring Kenneth Branagh, kate winslet, Derek Jacobi, Julie Christie, Richard Briers, Michael Maloney, Rufus Sewell, Billy Crystal, and Robin Williams.
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65. Winslet, Kate Previous Question List
Find out about volunteering to AllExperts, Experts winslet, kate. Volunteer Answers to one of thousands of questions. Topic winslet, kate. Subject, Date, Expert.
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Experts: Winslet, Kate
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66. Titanic - Fartyget Och Filmen
Svensk sida f¶r RMS Titanic och filmsida f¶r Camerons storfilm, Titanic, med Leonardo DiCaprio och kate winslet. „ven information om fartyget Titanic med bilder fr¥n orginalet samt vraket.

Fartyget, RMS Titanic

James Camerons film, Titanic
Du är varmt välkommen till Stefans Titanicsidor. Jag har delat upp allt Titanicmaterial i två delar.
Mina sidor om Fartyget RMS Titanic med beskrivningar och bilder om detta "Drömmarnas Skepp". På mina sidor om James Camerons film, Titanic hittar du allt du vill veta om filmen,
och huvudrollsinnehavarna Leonardo DiCaprio och Kate Winslet. Jag har även en Nyhetssida med allt nytt kring RMS Titanic och Camerons film.
Här finner du även de senaste uppdateringarna av mina Titanicsidor. Anslagstavla
för dina Titanicfrågor Läs Skriv
Med ramar

Utan ramar
Stefans Hemsida
Denna sida i Svenska Titanic
tillhör Stefan Danielson Nästa sida Föregående sida Nästa 5 sidor ... Slumpvis vald sida Vill du vara med i Svenska Titanics Webring Senast uppdaterad 2001-06-04 , sedan 980313 E-post:

67. Winslet, Kate: Kate Winslet
Find out about volunteering to AllExperts, Experts winslet, kate. Volunteer Answers to one of thousands of questions. Topic winslet, kate.
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Experts: Winslet, Kate
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Topic: Winslet, Kate
Expert: Sarah Packard
kate winslet
is kate winslet really on a diet? and is ENIGMA coming out to theatres or is it on video? when is it coming out?
Answer She's just trying to lose her pregnancy weight like any other mother, nothing major..."Enigma" just debuted at the Sundance film festival and is still looking for a US distributor, but I'm sure it will get one in no time, I strongly doubt it would go straight to video, especially with big stars and producers like Mick Jagger and Lorne Michaels, not to mention a big director like Michael Apted. So far it's gotten very positive reviews from Sundance. No-one knows exactly when it would come out, that depends on the distributor and tons of other things. Probably sometime this year though, I'd guess. -Sarah, aka the abbagirl-

Titanic star kate winslet has wed her boyfriend, American Beauty director Sam Mendes, a spokesperson for the couple has confirmed.

Who's in the news?
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A statement from the couple confirmed the two tied the knot while on holiday in the West Indies last month
Photo: ©
Click on photos to enlarge The Titanic actress and the Oscar-winning director began dating in 2001, a few months after meeting to discuss a possible theatre project
Photo: ©
9 JUNE 2003
Titanic star Kate Winslet has wed her boyfriend, American Beauty director Sam Mendes, a spokesperson for the couple has confirmed.
The top secret ceremony took place in the West Indies, while the two were on holiday in late May. According to a statement released Monday, the wedding was witnessed by just three close friends and the bride's two-year-old daughter Mia.
Twenty-seven-year-old Kate met her Oscar-winning husband in August, 2001 as they mulled over a possible London theatre project. In November of that year, the famous pair confirmed they'd begun a romance.
“We’re very happy, unbelievably happy,” she said. “It’s one of those unexplainable things that we’re together.” The marriage marks Kate's second trip down the aisle. Her divorce from husband of three years Jim Threapleton became finalised in December, 2001.

69. Screenonline: Winslet, Kate (1975-) Biography
winslet, kate (1975). Actor. Vivacious kate winslet, from a theatrical family, has much in common with her screen characters.
@import url(../../../css/bfi_global.css); Winslet, Kate (1975-) Actor Vivacious Kate Winslet, from a theatrical family, has much in common with her screen characters. Just as she purposefully throws herself into her performances, her gallery of forthright young women give their all to make things happen. Many turn out to be lost souls: the deeply troubled Juliet in Heavenly Creatures (Australia/New Zealand, d. Peter Jackson, 1994), the doomed Ophelia in Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet (UK/US, 1996), the long-suffering Sue in Jude (d. Michael Winterbottom, 1996), the feisty Madeleine in Quills (UK/US, d. Philip Kaufman, 2000), even the adventurous young Iris Murdoch (Oscar and BAFTA-nominated) in Iris (UK/US, d. Richard Eyre, 2001). Others eventually rise above the storm: the determined Marianne (Oscar nominated, BAFTA winner) in Sense and Sensibility (UK/US, d. Ang Lee, 1995), the spirited Rose (Oscar nominated) in Titanic (US, d. James Cameron, 1997), the part that made the actress internationally famous, the determined Ruth in Holy Smoke (US, d. Jane Campion, 1999), the restless Julia in Hideous Kinky (UK/France, d. Gillies Mackinnon, 1998). But they're all single-minded in pursuit of their dreams, whether valiantly struggling against the constraints of circumstances or simply trying to survive.

70. Iris - Un Amore Vero -
Recensione del film di Richard Eyre con kate winslet e Judi Dench. A cura di Alberto Cassani.
Alberto Cassani, 14 Marzo 2002
Un amore vero
di Richard Eyre Film su questo argomento ce ne sono stati diversi, negli ultimi anni. "Iris" ha il vantaggio di raccontare la storia (vera) di una scrittrice, forse il tipo di persona che soffre di più a perdere l'uso della lingua, e di raccontarcela senza patetismi esagerati, a parte le brutte musiche di James Horner, e senza dilungarsi all'inverosimile come spesso fanno dall'altra parte dell'Oceano. Titolo: Iris - Un amore vero (Iris)
Regia: Richard Eyre
Sceneggiatura: Richard Eyre, Charles Wood
Fotografia: Roger Pratt
Interpreti: Judi Dench, Jim Broadbent, Kate Winslet, Hugh Bonneville, Eleanor Bron, Angela Morant, Penelope Wilton, Sioban Hayes, Juliet Aubrey, Joan Bakewell, Kris Marshall, Tom Mannion, Derek Hutchinson, Samuel West, Nancy Carroll, Saira Todd, Juliet Howland, Mathilda Allsopp, Steve Adis, Emma Andy, Timothy West, Stephen Marcus, Pauline McLynn
Gran Bretagna - USA, 2001

71. Screenonline: Winslet, Kate (1975-) Credits
winslet, kate (1975). Film TV credits. DARK SEASON14/11/91, 1991, Cast Member. DARK SEASON21/11/91, 1991, Cast Member. GET BACK, 1992, Cast Member.
@import url(../../../css/bfi_global.css); Winslet, Kate (1975-) DARK SEASON[14/11/91] Cast Member DARK SEASON[21/11/91] Cast Member GET BACK Cast Member Not a Second Time Cast Member Don't Let Me Down Cast Member I Don't Want to See You Again Cast Member You Never Give Me Your Money Cast Member You Can't Do That Cast Member Family Matters Cast Member She's Leaving Home Cast Member Can't Buy Me Love Cast Member TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS Cast Member Get Back[1/11/1993] Cast Member Get Back[8/11/1993] Cast Member HEAVENLY CREATURES Juliet Hulme The LITTLE PICTURE SHOW[08/02/95] Interviewee THIS MORNING[08/02/95] Guest SENSE AND SENSIBILITY Marianne Dashwood A KID IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT Princess Sarah JUDE Sue Bridehead The GABY ROSLIN SHOW[13/04/96] Guest HAMLET Ophelia TITANIC Rose DeWitt Bukater [young] HIDEOUS KINKY Julia TFI FRIDAY[23/01/98] Guest HOLY SMOKE Ruth Barron FAERIES voice of Brigid QUILLS Madeleine BIG SCREEN[10/11/2000] Interviewee X CERTIFICATE Interviewee ENIGMA Hester Wallace CHRISTMAS CAROL THE MOVIE voice of Belle IRIS young Iris Murdoch THIS MORNING[09/11/2001] Interviewee WAR GAME The LIFE OF DAVID GALE Bitsey Bloom credits

72. Index Of /titanic
Immagini e filmati tratti dal film con Leonardo Di Caprio e kate winslet.
Index of /titanic

73. Holy Smoke
Site officiel fran§ais du film de Jane Campion avec kate winslet. Synopsis, distribution, carnet de tournage.

74. Sim Clothing By Josie
Mostly clothes and heads for women, although there are also some for men. Features kate winslet and Charmed skins.

75. Kate Winslet Biography
Detailed biography.
Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. // Show bread crumbs navigation path. breadcrumbs('five'); //> FILM Biographies DVD DVD Rentals ... Video Chart Frames not supported
Frames not supported KATE WINSLET BIOGRAPHY Born: 5 October 1975 Where: Reading, England Awards: Won 1 BAFTA, 3 Golden Globe and 3 Oscar nominations Height: Filmography: The Complete List Kate Winslet is one of the UK's finest and most successful young actresses, a point proven in 1998 when she became the youngest actress ever to be twice nominated for Oscars (for her roles in Sense And Sensibility and Titanic). Yet she's more than just a celebrity thespian, having for the most part shunned major Hollywood productions in favour of smaller, more interesting, and often British pieces. Having at school weighed 185 pounds and suffered the nickname Blubber, she has also famously decried the pressures put upon young women by society and the film industry in particular. Kate Elizabeth Winslet was born on October 5th, 1975, in Reading, Berkshire, to father Roger and mother Sally Bridges-Winslet. She has two sisters, Anna and Beth, and a brother named Joss. Acting was in the family. Two of her father's forebears - twins - appeared in vaudeville. Her mother's parents, Oliver and Linda, had run the Reading Repertory Theatre, and her uncle Robert Bridges had appeared in many productions, most notably as Mr Bumble in the original West End version of Oliver! Her father, too, was a thespian by trade (Anna and Beth have also followed this path), performing mostly onstage, but also appearing on a couple of episodes of Casualty, a show that provided one of Kate's earliest appearances.

76. Winslet, Kate
kate winslet, 3 Nominations. Actress In A Leading Role Drama Titanic 1997. Actress In A Supporting Role Iris 2001 Sense and Sensibility 1995.
Kate Winslet 3 Nominations Actress In A Leading Role - Drama
Actress In A Supporting Role

Sense and Sensibility

77. Quills - La Plume Et Le Sang - Macht Der Besessenheit
Site officiel du film de Philip Kaufman avec Geoffrey Rush, Joaquin Phoenix et kate winslet. Histoire, bande annonce.

Fox Suisse
Fox Schweiz
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78. - Entertainment - The Adventures Of Kate Winslet - March 1, 2000
entertainment > movies News Lists More Editions myCNN Video Audio ... Feedback
CNN Sites CNN CNN Europe CNNfn CNNSI myCNN CNNfyi AllPolitics Languages
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More than 11,000 killed in India quake

Mideast negotiators want to continue talks after Israeli elections

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The adventures of Kate Winslet
'Titanic' star gets down and dirty in the desert
Winslet says she tries to live an adventurous life through her films By Donna Freydkin Reporting for CNN Interactive March 1, 2000

79. Kate Winslet,kate Winslet,kate Winslet Images Gallery,kate Winslet Gallery
Links to kate winslet s picture galleries, biography, filmography, trivia, wallpapers, screensavers and more, interviews and more. Suggest a Site.
Celebrity Gallery Actors Actress Music Artists Models ... Athletes
ACTRESSES : Kate Winslet

80. - Entertainment - Kate Winslet Reveals Toughest Role - April 3, 2001



CNN TV what's on
show transcripts

CNN Headline News

CNN International

EDITIONS Asia Europe set your edition Languages Spanish Portuguese German Italian Danish Japanese Korean Arabic Time, Inc. People Fortune EW
Kate Winslet reveals toughest role
LONDON, England "Titanic" Actress Kate Winslet has told how being pregnant was the most difficult role she ever had to perform. Morning sickness, swollen ankles and a bad back made the whole thing quite a performance, she says. Kate, 25, who gave birth to daughter Mia six months ago, has written the foreword to "Natural Pregnancy," a new book by midwife Zita West. Says the actress: "Before I was pregnant I though I knew exactly how I would feel confident, blooming and sexy the way celebrities are expected to feel. "Not a bit of it! Pregnancy turned out to be one of the hardest things I've ever done, physically, mentally and emotionally." Kate says she ended up feeling "more like a large red London bus than a film star". Natural Pregnancy is published by Dorling Kindersley in June. RELATED SITES: See related sites about Entertainment Note: Pages will open in a new browser window External sites are not endorsed by CNN Interactive.

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