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         Scorsese Martin:     more books (100)
  1. Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: A Musical Journey by Peter Guralnick, Robert Santelli, et all 2004-11-01
  2. Martin Scorsese: A Biography by Vincent A. LoBrutto, 2007-11-30
  3. Martin Scorsese: Interviews (Interviews With Filmmakers Series)
  4. The Philosophy of Martin Scorsese (The Philosophy of Popular Culture)
  5. Scorsese by Ebert by Roger Ebert, 2009-09-15
  6. Speaking in Images: Interviews with Contemporary Chinese Filmmakers (Global Chinese Culture) by Michael Berry, 2005-09-16
  7. A Personal Journey Through American Movies by Martin Scorsese, 1998-12-07
  8. Conversations with Scorsese by Richard Schickel, 2011-03-08
  9. Martin Scorsese: A Journey by Mary Pat Kelly, 2003-03
  10. Martin Scorsese: A Journey by Mary Pat Kelly, 2004-08-24
  11. The Films of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro by Andrew J. Rausch, 2010-06-16
  12. Martin Scorsese (Directors Close Up) by Andy Dougan, 1999-04-22
  13. Martin Scorsese (Masters of Cinema) by Thomas Sotinel, 2010-11-10
  14. Scorsese on Scorsese (Directors on Directors) by Martin Scorsese, 1996-10

1. Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies, A (1995) (TV Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies, A (1995) (TV), Martin

2. Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites. Martin Scorsese. Martin Scorsese ., Martin

3. MSN Encarta - Search Results - Scorsese Martin
Encarta Search results for scorsese martin . Page 1 of 1. 6. Magazine and news articles about scorsese martin *. Encarta Magazine Center.
MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: logoImg(''); Encarta Subscriber Sign In Help Home ... Upgrade to Encarta Premium Search Encarta Encarta Search results for "Scorsese Martin" Page of 1 Exclusively for MSN Encarta Premium Subscribers Scorsese, Martin Article—Encarta Encyclopedia Scorsese, Martin (1942- ), American motion-picture director, whose best films have reflected the Italian American experience of his childhood in New... related items actors in his films admiration for Alfred Hitchcock American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award award he received at Cannes Film Festival ... Martin Scorsese Picture—Encarta Encyclopedia Picture from Encarta Encyclopedia Golden Globe Award Winners Chart or Table—Encarta Encyclopedia Found in the Golden Globe Award Winners table Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) Chart or Table—Encarta Encyclopedia Chart or table from Encarta Encyclopedia Gangs of New York Article—Encarta Encyclopedia Gangs of New York , motion picture about rival New York City gangs in the mid-19th century. Directed by Martin Scorsese and released in 2002, the film... Magazine and news articles about Scorsese Martin
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4. Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese gawedziarz, iluzjonista i obrazoburca, jeden z najwybitniejszych filmowców na ?wiecie,. Wybierz wersje jezykowa
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5. VoiStars : Scorsese Martin Sites Officiels Et Amateurs, Photos Et Biographie.
scorsese martin. q. scorsese martin. RECHERCHER. Vous avez recherché scorsese martin. Nom scorsese martin, Date de naissance 17/11/1947.
Scorsese Martin Nom :
Scorsese Martin Date de naissance : Lieu de naissance : USA-Flunshing, Long Island VoiStars a trouvé 1 sites pour la recherche 'Scorsese Martin' Voici les sites de 1 à 1 Martin Scorsese
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6. Scorsese Martin: Gangs Of New York
Translate this page durata tre decenni e di oltre tre anni di lavorazione, “Gangs of New York” è già entrato nel mito per i dissapori tra il regista Martin Scorsese ed il
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L’ultimo kolossal Frutto di una gestazione durata tre decenni e di oltre tre anni di lavorazione, “Gangs of New York” è già entrato nel mito per i dissapori tra il regista Martin Scorsese ed il produttore Harvey Weinstein, i continui spostamenti della data d’uscita (slittata a causa degli avvenimenti dell’undici settembre), le difficoltà di montaggio (pare vi fossero cinque ore di girato, poi ridotte a fatica sino agli attuali 165 minuti). I temi prediletti dal celebre cineasta italo-americano sono, in questa pellicola, presenti al gran completo: l’interesse per le comunità etniche di New York, la centralità della violenza, l’importanza della religione, i rapporti fra classi sociali, il fascino ambiguo della criminalità.
Film complesso e corale, girato con notevole spiegamento di mezzi, “Gangs of New York” trae ispirazione da innumerevoli fonti: il Dickens di “Oliver Twist” (e della omonima versione in celluloide firmata da David Lean), il Griffith di “Nascita di una nazione”, il Sergio Leone di “C’era una volta in America” sono quelle più evidenti, mentre a livello figurativo costanti appaiono i riferimenti alla pittura tedesca ed olandese del diciassettesimo secolo (Rembrandt, Bruegel, Hals).

7. Scorsese Martin: Gangs Of New York
of love followed by three years in the making, “Gangs of New York” is already legendary thanks to clashes between director Martin Scorsese and producer
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The last great epic A ten-year labour of love followed by three years in the making, “Gangs of New York” is already legendary thanks to clashes between director Martin Scorsese and producer Harvey Weinstein, constant changes to the date of release (put off because of the events of 11th September), editing problems (apparently it had to be cut from five hours of film to its present 165 minutes). The famous Italian- American director's favourite themes are all present and correct in this film: his interest in New York's ethnic groups, the central role of violence, the importance of religion, relationships between the social classes, the ambiguous charm of criminality.
A complex, choral movie, filmed with the deployment of considerable resources, “Gangs of New York” draws inspiration from countless sources: the Dickens of “Oliver Twist” (and of David Lean's film version of the same name), Griffith of “The Birth of a Nation”, Sergio Leone of “Once Upon a Time in America” are the most obvious sources, while on a figurative level there are constant allusions to German and Dutch seventeenth century painting (Rembrandt, Bruegel, Hals).

8. De Niro & Scorsese: Martin Scorsese Biography Page
MARTIN SCORSESE has been one of America s most critically acclaimed filmmakers for more than 20 years, and he achieved cinematic success with movies that
c/o Artists Management Group
9465 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 519
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Official American Film Institute (AFI) Lifetime Achievement Award Press Release

MARTIN SCORSESE has been one of America's most critically acclaimed filmmakers for more than 20 years, and he achieved cinematic success with movies that reflect his own Italian-American Catholic upbringing. Scorsese was an asthmatic youngster who spent a great deal of time in movie theaters. He was studying to become a priest, but dropped out of the seminary after his first year, and eventually landed at N.Y.U. film school. He made several well-received student shorts, including It's Not Just You, Murray , his first gangster movie, and Who's That Knocking at My Door , which starred a young Harvey Keitel. With fellow Little Italy native Robert De Niro, Scorsese made the gritty and disturbing Mean Streets and the brilliant and terrifying Taxi Driver , the movie that supposedly drove John Hinckley Jr. to try to assassinate Ronald Reagan (he claimed he was trying to get the attention of Jodie Foster, who played a 12-year old prostitute in the film).

9. Scorsese Martin - Regista - Stars On Web
Translate this page English version. Martin Scorsese, Martin Scorsese Information page - Biografia, Filmografia, Foto, Interviste, Links, Premi - Lingue Inglese.


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  • Articolo del 27/09/2003 : BALDWIN: LAVORO LAVORO LAVORO
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  • Articolo del 18/02/2004 : SCORSESE INSISTE SULLE GANGS
  • Articolo del 06/03/2004 : DI CAPRIO RIVALE DI PITT
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  • 10. KRT Direct: KRT Faces In The News
    scorsese martin DOWNLOAD 300 dpi 3 col x 8.5 in / 146x216 mm / 497x734 pixels Chris Ware color caricature of director Martin Scorsese. KRT 2003.

    11. Martin Scorsese - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Martin Scorsese. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Martin Scorsese (born November 17, 1942 in Queens, New York, USA) is an American film director.
    Martin Scorsese
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    Martin Scorsese (born November 17 in Queens, New York USA ) is an American film director Critics and film scholars have called him the "greatest living American director," and several of his movies occupy spots on the American Film Institute 's list of "greatest movies" and the Internet Movie Database 's list of the "top 250 movies". Although he has much admiration and one of the most recognizable names in the film industry, he has never won an Academy Award , just like the late Stanley Kubrick thumb Scorsese originally planned to become a priest, and many of his movies bear the stamp of Catholic upbringing. He was bitten by the movie bug at a young age, and has admitted to becoming "obsessed" with movies, an obsession apparent in the three hour and 45 minute long documentary film A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies . A sickly child, he spent a lot of time recovering at home, watching the goings-on in the streets from his upstairs bedroom window. A great deal of his childhood was spent in movie theaters, and he resolved to become a filmmaker when he grew older. Scorsese attended New York University 's film school ( B.A.

    12. Scorsese Martin - Intervista - Tempi Moderni
    Tempi Moderni I film del 1998 INTERVISTA A MARTIN SCORSESE Probabilmente, "Kundun" segnerà veramente un punto fondamentale nella filmografia di Scorsese, se è vero che il regista di "Taxi Driver" e di "L'età dell'innocenza" sente oggi un po' esaurita la vena che lo ha legato ai personaggi di strada e di mafia italo-amercani. Ma non dobbiamo ingannarci: il giovane Dalai Lama di "Kundun", con la sua serietà e la profonda mitezza, in fondo rappresenta una faccia opposta ma complementare a quella dei compulsivi e nevrotici personaggi precedenti. La sua costante ricerca di pace, saggezza e di illuminazione spirituale ci sembrano oggi come la strada, la scelta, la possibilità che la maggior parte dei suoi personaggi non hanno mai potuto intraprendere. Che cosa l'ha spinta a fare un film sul Buddismo?
    Sono sempre stato affascinato comunque dalla religione. Lo stesso impulso che mi spinge verso il lato spirituale dell'uomo è quello che mi ha colpito nel Buddismo, anche se io non sono un buddista praticante e rimango cattolico; però, soprattutto la parte della compassione e della tolleranza del buddismo sono quelle che mi hanno più colpito. Per quale motivo ha dedicato il film a sua madre?

    13. Scorsese Martin - Intervista
    Tempi Moderni Interviste
    Se ce ne fosse bisogno, Martin Scorsese conferma con lo strepitoso "Casino'" di essere uno dei piu' grandi registi cinematografici dei nostri tempi. Il suo talento e' pari soltanto al suo amore sconfinato per il cinema. Ascoltarlo e' non soltanto un vero piacere, ma una grande fonte d'insegnamento per tutti coloro che, in un modo o nell'altro seguono il cinema da vicino. Se ci fossero piu' persone come Scorsese, disposte a sacrificare la loro vanita' e prosopopea interamente per il cinema, sono sicuro che i tortuosi meandri delle crisi del nostro cinema si dissolverebbero in breve tempo.
    Scorsese ci insegna quale sia la forza dirompente e la concretezza dell'azione generata dalla passione. In un'intervista lei ha parlato dei personaggi di "Casino'" come di persone che peccano d'orgoglio. In che senso?
    Martin Scorsese
    : Come sapete, "Casino'" e' tratto da una storia vera. Queste persone avevano un grande talento in quello che facevano. Il personaggio principale, Ace (Robert De Niro), e' un giocatore d'azzardo straordinario.
    La storia e' ambientata a Las Vegas, che e' una citta' senza limiti, che consente tutto e piu' di tutto. Le azioni che compiono questi personaggi li portano a volere sempre di piu'. Alla fine questa loro voracita' li porta ad esplodere. Cosi' portano alla rovina tutto cio' che li circonda. Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci) ottiene cio' che vuole con la forza, commettendo omicidi. Ace lo ottiene invece attraverso la manipolazione. Abbiamo quindi i due elementi centrali che sono i soldi e il potere. In "Casinò" si parla essenzialmente delle sete di potere e della distruzione che il potere porta inevitabilmente con se quando non e' controllato. Avrete notato che spesso nel film i personaggi usano la parola paradiso. L'ironia e' che in realta' il paradiso, tradotto in quello che e' la societa' americana di oggi, e' la citta' del peccato.

    14. PriceMinister - Casino (Vf) (VHS) - Scorsese Martin - DVD Et VHS D'occasion - Ac"winPmMain"; Accueil Livres / BD Musique DVD / VHS ...
    Tous Supports Tous DVD DVD Zone 2 DVD Zone 1 VHS Code barre / EAN Par Pseudo Tous champs Titre Réalisateur Acteur Inscription Mon compte Panier Aide 1 625 000 membres Parrainez vos amis et recevez des bons d'achat ! Recevez nos promos : 5 375 700 produits en vente Envoyez cette page à un ami
    Catégories DVD Zone 2 VHS Action Aventure ...
    frais de port
    Achat VHS recto verso Casino (Vf) (VHS)
    Réalisateur : Scorsese Martin
    Editeur : Tf Parution : 22/04/1997
    Meilleur prix : / 3,28 F Prix d'origine : 99,00 F Nb d'articles : occasion
    Acteurs : De Niro Robert Pesci Joe Stone Sharon
    ... Opinions
    Voir tous les articles Occasion uniquement Neuf uniquement Collection uniquement Classer par : Prix Etat Note Annonces au meilleur prix Comme Neuf - Prix : / 3,28 F - Economisez
    Vendeur : Cannot (4,9/5 - 17 ventes) L'enfer du jeu...Le paradis du crime. Voir les questions sur cette annonce Comme Neuf - Prix : / 3,28 F - Economisez Vendeur : SPYDVD (4,9/5 - plus de 500 ventes) - Envoi suivi Voir les questions sur cette annonce Comme Neuf - Prix : / 3,28 F

    15. Scorsese Martin - Video E Foto Di Scorsese Martin
    Translate this page scorsese martin - Tanti risultati inerenti scorsese martin. Foto di scorsese martin, Video di scorsese martin. scorsese martin. Cerchi scorsese martin ?
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    Scorsese Martin
    Cerchi Scorsese Martin ?
    Scorsese Martin Sei in: Celebrita' - S Scorsese Martin
    Scorsese Martin
    showLinkToNextPage(6,'Scorsese Martin') showOtherText(6,'Scorsese Martin')
    Qui trovi pagine relative a:
    Chris Cranston, Corso Salani, Costa Salvatore, De Bernardi Giulietta, Eduardo Ciannelli, Emma Sjoberg, Franco Rossi, Frigoni Lorenza, Kimberly Mcarthur, Kristanna Loken, Lombardo Sophia, Mandy Michelle, Minetti Marco, Natalia Paris, Priscilla Taylor, Russo Angelica, Dallas Cheryl, Alberto Dalbes, Giuseppe Fortis, Guy Jasmine, Morino Jone, Steal Krystal, Johansen Linda, Ratliffe Lisa, Bittar Marcelle, Lynn Cialini Julie, Broderick Matthew, Another Level, April Summers, Elena Prezidentova, Fess Parker, Ichiko Sannomiya, Jason David Frank, Jenny Alexander, Ken Shamrock, Rati Agnihotri, Sue Bird, Yagudin Alexei, Max Asia, Crudup Billy, Taylor Chrissy, Ray Elise, Duhamel Josh, Cavazos Lumi, Buffer Michael, Clift Montgomery, Wyngarde Peter, Thompson Sarah, Carley Suzanne, Jones Tamala,
    Queste sono solo alcune pagine scelte casualmente:
    Chris Cranston
    Corso Salani Costa Salvatore De Bernardi Giulietta ... Kristanna Loken

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    16. : Scorsese Martin
    Chargement de la page scorsese martin
    Chargement de la page : Scorsese Martin

    17. Martin Scorsese, A God Among Directors
    A comprehensive martin scorsese site, loaded with the most up to date information about martin scorsese and his films. I only wanted to be an ordinary parish priest." martin scorsese
    Martin Scorsese, A God Among Directors
    "I only wanted to be an ordinary parish priest." Martin Scorsese
    Table Of Contents
  • The Holy Grail of Scorsese
  • Cabbin' Fever A great article about Taxi Driver
  • Acceptance Speech Scorsese's Acceptance Speech for the John Huston Award
  • John Bryant Tribute Congressman John Bryant (D-TX)Tribute to Martin Scorsese at the John Huston Award for Artists Rights dinner
  • Scorsese Influence on Others A message that passed through the Scorsese mailing list about how Scorsese's films have affected the author's life.
  • The Screenplays
  • Casino Partial Screenplay...
  • Voting Booth
    The Rest of the Series
  • Gods Among Directors - Main Page
  • Quentin Tarantino, A God Among Directors
  • John Woo, A God Among Directors
  • Robert Rodriguez, A God Among Directors ... E-mail The Webmaster This page is ©1996 by Kale Whorton
  • 18. Martin Scorsese And His Films
    A tribute site to legendary filmmaker martin scorsese, with photos, filmography, news,and links. scorsese and His Films. This is
    Scorsese and His Films This is an unofficial fan site dedicated to the legendary director
    Site Selections Send Fan Mail Biography Filmography Photo Gallery ...
    PlayHut Toys

    19. American Masters . Martin Scorsese | PBS
    ALICE DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANY MORE, the black comedy of AFTER HOURS, and the burning controversy of THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST, martin scorsese’s uniquely
    F John Cassavetes had a profound influence on him.
    Clint Eastwood
    Gregory Peck
    Internet Movie Database Entry
    Unofficial Fan Site ... Filmbug Entry

    20. Martin Scorsese
    by Marc Raymond profile of director martin scorsese martin scorsese has been acknowledged as the greatest American filmmaker of his generation history of American film, A Personal Journey
    Martin Scorsese
    b. November 17, 1942, Flushing, New York.
    by Marc Raymond
    Marc Raymond is a PhD Candidate, Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture at Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada. filmography bibliography articles in Senses web resources
    Martin Scorsese has been acknowledged as the greatest American filmmaker of his generation. The evidence of this critical acclaim is abundant: Mean Streets Taxi Driver (1976) and Raging Bull (1980) are all listed amongst the 360 Great Films as selected by Sight and Sound and the British Film Institute; Raging Bull was selected as the greatest American film of the 1980s by American Film and Raging Bull finished second in the voting of Top Ten Films of all time (behind Citizen Kane ) in an international poll of filmmakers in Sight and Sound in 1992. His lack of recognition from the Academy Awards actually adds to rather than detracts from his reputation; after all, Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick were also all denied Oscars. With this acclaim by both filmmakers and critics alike, Scorsese has been able to accumulate a great deal of cultural prestige and power, despite the limited success and at times outright failure of his films at the box office. Scorsese’s prestige also comes from his championing of film preservation and his efforts to ensure our "film heritage" is not lost. As he ages, Scorsese the cultural arbiter of taste has become as celebrated as Scorsese the filmmaker, as witnessed by his 1995 BFI documentary on the history of American film

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