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         Ryder Winona:     more books (49)
  1. Winona Ryder: The Biography by Nigel Goodall, 1998-12
  2. The Winona Ryder Scrapbook
  3. Winona Ryder by Dave Thompson, 1997-02
  4. Winona Ryder (Real-Life Reader Biography) by Valerie Menard, 2000-11
  5. Winona Ryder by Us Magazine, 1997-09-01
  6. Winona Ryder (Who's Hot!) by Evan Keith, 1992-09
  7. Timothy Leary: Outside Looking In: Appreciations, Castigations, and Reminiscences by Ram Dass, Andrew Weil, Allen Ginsberg, Winona Ryder, William Burroughs, ... Huston Smith, Hunter S. Thompson, and Others
  8. Rolling Stone Magazine March 10, 1994 Issue No.677 Winona Ryder Cover by Jann S. (Managing Editor) Wenner, 1994
  9. Rolling Stone Magazine May 16, 1991 Issue 604 Winona Ryder Cover by Jann S. (Managing Editor) Wenner, 1991
  10. Winona's Search for Sanity.(Winona Ryder)(Brief Article): An article from: New York Times Upfront by Jennet Conant, 1999-12-13
  11. Ryder, Winona (1971): An entry from SJP's <i>St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture</i> by S.K. Bane, 2000
  12. Actors From Minnesota: Prince, Judy Garland, Winona Ryder, Jesse Ventura, Jessica Lange, Mike Farrell, Kevin Sorbo, Lew Ayres, Richard Dix
  13. Thieves: Theft, Winona Ryder, Marc Dutroux, John Edward Robinson, Fritz Haarmann, John Christie, Malcolm Hardee, Charles Sobhraj, Fred West
  14. Romanian-American Jews: Elie Wiesel, Naomi Wolf, Art Garfunkel, Winona Ryder, Solomon Schechter, Harvey Keitel, Vladimir Tismaneanu

141. Joel Mowbray On Winona Ryder & Los Angeles District Attorney On National Review
September 30, 2002, 1225 pm winona ryder’s Bum Rap Actress targetedby zealous prosecutors. acing a trial in less than a week
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    September 30, 2002, 12:25 p.m.
    Winona Ryder’s Bum Rap
    Actress targeted by zealous prosecutors. acing a trial in less than a week, movie actress Winona Ryder is trying to overcome ten months of unrelenting media scrutiny and public humiliation, all of it operating on the assumption that she is guilty of shoplifting charges. Maybe she did steal some clothes and a few purses, and maybe she didn't. But that's become irrelevant. Since her December 12, 2001 arrest, Ryder has been portrayed by the DA's office as a serial shoplifter with a drug habit who was caught red-handed on camera. But a careful look at the undisputed facts paints a dramatically different picture. Of the three main elements of its trial in the courtroom of public opinion, the cheapest personal shot is the felony count — one of four total — for possession of a controlled substance. The "controlled substance" in question was two individual pills of endocet, the generic version of Percocet . Her lawyer, Mark Geragos (who appears frequently on cable-news shows), has provided the prosecution with Ryder's prescription for Percocet, but the DA is sticking her with a felony charge because she had the generic equivalent instead of the name-brand drug listed on the prescription.

142. Winona Ryder
Translate this page AlloCiné Célébrités winona ryder. © Columbia TriStar Films.winona ryder. Actrice, Producteur exécutif américaine.
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DVD Actualités ... Célébrités Winona Ryder
Winona Ryder Actrice, Producteur exécutif américaine
Né(e) le 29 Octobre 1971 à Winona, Minnesota (Etats-Unis)
Remarquée dès l'âge de treize ans lors d'une représentation de l'American Conservatory Theatre à San Francisco, Winona Ryder effectue ses débuts sur grand écran à quinze ans dans le drame Lucas aux cotés de Charlie Sheen
Ce sont cependant ses rôles dans Beetlejuice (1988) et Edward aux mains d'argent (Edward scissorhands) (1990) de Tim Burton qui place la jeune actrice au premier rang des comédiennes hollywoodiennes, de même que sa relation avec Johnny Depp , son partenaire d' Edward aux mains d'argent
Nommée au Golden Globe du meilleur second rôle féminin pour Les deux sirènes (Mermaids) (1990), Winona Ryder tente cependant très vite de s'affranchir de son image de faire-valoir que voudrait lui coller bon nombre d'observateurs. Elle choisit ainsi des projets plus risqués tels que Night on Earth de Jim Jarmusch Dracula (Bram Stoker's Dracula) de Francis Ford Coppola où elle incarne Mina Harker, ou encore

143. E! Online News - Winona Ryder: Shoplifter Interrupted?
winona ryder Shoplifter Interrupted? by Mark Armstrong Dec 13, 2001,545 Related Links. • Just the facts Our winona ryder bio.,1,9249,00.html
May 30, 2004 Headlines First Look The Dotted Line Pop Quiz ... E! News Live
Winona Ryder: Shoplifter Interrupted?
by Mark Armstrong

Dec 13, 2001, 5:45 PM PT
Reality bites, indeed: Actress Winona Ryder has been arrested for allegedly shoplifting items from the Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. The 30-year-old star of Girl, Interrupted (and, yes, Reality Bites ) was picked up by Beverly Hills police at around 7 p.m. Wednesday after security guards at the swanky Wilshire Boulevard store purportedly nabbed her during a five-finger shopping spree. Police say she was caught with several articles of clothing and hair accessories, worth about $5,000. Ryder was arrested and booked on charges of felony grand theft and possessing pharmaceutical drugs without a prescription. The actress was released from custody just after 11:30 p.m., after posting $20,000 bail. a d v e r t i s e m e n t
Despite the criminal run-in, Beverly Hill cops described Ryder as "very friendly, polite, cooperative" and "a nice lady." (Even behind bars, she's just too cute!) At an afternoon press conference, Beverly Hills Police Lt. Gary Gilmond said security officers witnessed Ryder leaving the story with $4,760 in unpaid merchandise. He also said the store's security camera caught Ryder trying to remove sensor tags from the clothing.

144. E! Online - Fact Sheet - Winona Ryder
starry sizzle of summer. winona ryder. get the goods. search for winonaryder products • movies. • collectibles. Birth Name winona Laura,128,27,00.html
May 30, 2004 FIRST LOOK: The News in Brief
Streisand Pays Up

Michael Gets Court Date

Moore Keeps Lid on Berg Footage
Fashion Police:
Onetime wild thing Carmen tries to sow a sweet new image
Watch with Kristin:
Are star TV pilots doomed before they even take off?
The Awful Truth:

Cannes pics, disaster flicks and raunchy reviews from David Cross
Winona Ryder
get the goods search
for Winona Ryder products: movies collectibles Birth Name: Winona Laura Horowitz
Birthdate: October 29, 1971 Birthplace: Winona, Minnesota Occupations: Actor, Writer, Producer Claim to Fame: Feature film debut in the coming-of-age dramedy Lucas Significant Other(s): Matt Damon, Actor; introduced by Gwyneth Paltrow at a New Year's Eve party 1997; separated April 2000 David Pirner, Musician, lead singer for the rock group Soul Asylum ; together from 1993-96 Johnny Depp, Actor; engaged to be married February 1990; separated 1993 Family: Father: Michael Horowitz, writer; editor and publisher Mother: Cindy Horowitz, educational video producer; writer; married in 1982 when Ryder was 11 years old

145. - Winona Ryder Lends Her Celebrity To A Legal Cause Clbre
winona ryder s handlers would have preferred that their controversial client besomewhere else Saturday night anywhere other than a downtown LA art gallery
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Posted 9/7/2003 7:54 PM Today's Top Life Stories Durham minister seeks DJ's ouster for 'Idol' comments Bassist Simmons denies anti-Muslim remarks Barbra Streisand must pay $177,000 Tentative trial date set for Jackson case ... What's this?
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146. Free Winona "Classic" Design On White T-Shirt- Black Print
as featured on the cover of the july 2002 W magazine modeled by Ms. ryder herself.Click here to see the many differenct possibilities for the Free winona shirt 1-Printed T-Shirts 2-Blank T-shirts 3-Accessories ... Show Order
This is the original "Free Winona" design. A classic, as featured on the cover of the july 2002 W magazine modeled by Ms. Ryder herself.
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147. Heathers Movie With Winona Ryder, Christian Slater @ The 80's Movies Rewind -- H
Written By Marty Contact. Since the movie Beetlejuice I have lovedWinona ryder. So Heathers was an instant favorite of mine.
if( document.write('i Page Is Loading...XPlease wait a few moments while the Heathers page loads.It has a lots of cool info, pictures, trivia, filming locations, links, DVD,Soundtrack and Movie Poster stuff and more.It is worth the wait, we promise... :)) ')
Heathers (1989)
This Film’s name, if you don’t already know, is Heathers.
Veronica Sawyer has three major problems in her life and each one goes by the name of Heather.
You see Veronica is one of the popular kids and yet she doesn’t want to be. Veronica works for the Heathers doing odd jobs for them... y'know, forging notes and letters.
But Veronica, deep down, hates the Heathers and wishes they were dead. This is the main plot that continues through the entire movie. The only good thing Veronica has is her Diary. That is until Veronica meets the new guy at school...
His name is Jason Dean, and he has that James Dean "Rebel Without a Cause" kinda feel.
Of course Veronica falls instantly in love with Jason. The only problem is that Jason is a Clyde looking for his Bonnie, and soon he convinces Veronica that she should assume the role.
Jason gives Veronica what she has hoped for, the death of the head Heather. But as soon as one Heather dies another assumes the role. Is there no end to Veronica’s problems?

148. Crowds: Agoraphobia: An Alphabet
Doctor makes house calls. Vidal Sassoon doesn t. Friendly neighbors. They rein a coven. ryder, winona Ultimate method actress. See Kleptomania.
Agoraphobia: An Alphabet
R is for
Rand, Ayn.
(1905-1982) The thinking girl's Danielle Steele, usually read by male M.B.A.'s. Russian-born novelist who appeared as an extra in Cecil B. DeMille's King of Kings (1927) and then went on to write large and eventful books such as The Fountainhead (1943) and Atlas Shrugged (1957); the use of recurrent initials for her main characters led many to believe that the author's thought was a systematic one, an illusion furthered by her founding of a school of philosophy. The central tenet of Objectivism may be paraphrased as "But enough about me-what do you think of me?" and flourishes at the University of Chicago. Her final wish was that she be commemorated under a large dollar sign.
1965 movie directed by Roman Polanski starring Catherine Deneuve as a manicurist who carries a rabbit head in her purse. Her London flat has elastic walls, and the lack of central air conditioning sends her, during the sticky English summer of love, into a frenzy of interior re-decoration.
Rosemary's Baby
(1968), dir. Roman Polansky. Mia Farrow stars in this harrowing tale of the difficulties of finding decent housing in New York. (see

149. Winona Ryder @ FANSITES.COM - Links
winona ryder page @ FANSITES.COM. There are 53 links for this star. ScrollDown for winona ryder Links Menu. Choose Link Type to View
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150. Winona Ryder & Rob Downey Jr In 'Scanner Darkly'
winona ryder Rob Downey Jr In Scanner Darkly . Tue May 04, 20040847PM winona ryder, Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson and
[Tue May 04, 2004 08:47PM]
Winona Ryder, Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson and Rory Cochran are to join Keanu Reeves in the drama A Scanner Darkly , according to Variety.
Richard Linklater will direct from his scripted adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel.
The scenes are to be shot in traditional live action undertaking, but then Linklater will turn the footage into animation, much as he did with Waking Life
Tale concerns an undercover drug officer (Reeves) in the future who becomes addicted and develops a split personality. Novel was said to have been influenced by the drug experiences of the author, whose books have been the basis of such sci-fi films as "Total Recall" and "Minority Report." More On 'A Scanner Darkly'...
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151. The Smoking Gun: Archive
This is the probation report prepared in connection with today s (12/6) sentencingof winona ryder for her conviction last month on grand theft and vandalism
This is the probation report prepared in connection with today's (12/6) sentencing of Winona Ryder for her conviction last month on grand theft and vandalism charges. Along with biographical information and details of the criminal case against Ryder, the document includes a remarkably detailed accounting of the actress's drug use. According to the probation report which you'll find below, Ryder received prescription painkillers from 20 different doctors, including Jules Lusman , a Santa Monica physician whose license was revoked today by California state regulators (the Ryder probation report notes that Lusman was being investigated for overprescribing drugs "to his patients, many of them celebrities"). A Beverly Hills detective is quoted in the probation report as saying that he suspected Ryder "has a drug problem" and did not want to "find her slumped over in a car with a needle in her arm." The report also includes hearsay information received by Beverly Hills cops that Ryder, 31, had been involved in prior shoplifting incidents, including an alleged caper in which Ryder and "a famous female rock star" had boosted clothing following a fashion show. We'll let you know when Courtney Love files the defamation lawsuit. (27 pages) Due to the report's length, we've broken it into two parts, with the first 15 pages below (along with a link to the second part.)

152. Winona Ryder Current Month TV Schedule
TVNow presents winona ryder On TV April 27 thru May 31, Eastern TimeZone Used, Adam Sandler and winona ryder star in a new film.
TVNow presents
Winona Ryder
May 27 thru June 30
Eastern Time Zone Used
95 minutes- R, USA, 1988, Video, SS, In Stereo, Adult language, adult situations, brief nudity, violence
Directed by Ernest Thompson and starring
Robert Downey Jr, Kiefer Sutherland, Bruce Dern
Mariette Hartley, Winona Ryder, Joanna Cassidy
Christopher Wynne, Keller Kuhn, Steve Foster, Mert Hatfield
The turmoil of the times catches up with two buddies who entered college to avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War. Thu Jun 3 12:05A on Showtime Showcase Mon Jun 7 11:45P on Showtime Showcase Sun Jun 13 12:35A on Showtime Showcase Fri Jun 18 10:30P on Showtime Showcase Mon Jun 28 12:45A on Showtime Showcase Alien Resurrection 110 minutes- R, USA, 1997, (CC), Video, SS, In Stereo, Adult language, graphic violence Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and starring Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, Ron Perlman Dominique Pinon, Michael Wincott, Dan Hedaya The part-alien clone of Ellen Ripley joins forces with mercenary spacefarers to escape from an alien-infested ship. Tue Jun 8 10:00P on Cinemax Sun Jun 13 04:30P on Cinemax Sun Jun 13 11:30P on Cinemax Fri Jun 18 01:30P on Cinemax Fri Jun 18 10:00P on Cinemax Mon Jun 21 04:00P on Cinemax Tue Jun 22 03:15A on Cinemax Sat Jun 26 09:05A on Cinemax Wed Jun 30 10:30A on Cinemax Wed Jun 30 08:00P on Cinemax Beetlejuice 120 minutes- USA, 1988, (CC), Video, SS, In Stereo

When she wasn t in front of a judge, she was in front of a camera promotingSubaru products. These ads go back to 199697. For Subaru. Out for a drive.
When she wasn't in front of a judge, she was in front of a camera promoting Subaru products. These ads go back to 1996-97. For Subaru Out for a drive
Archive ... Contact

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